Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 12
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i A-12--INDEPENDENT Mich, CKII., Sit., Mlrch II- lt« CONFIDENT LIVING What Keeps Some Folks Ineffective By NORMAN VINCENT PEALE This man had it good for atopinion of yourself. Don't go .ong time. Then circumstances changed and lie had it bad, really bad. But finally he came out of his tailspin and slowly ijut surely made a comeback. His attitude throughout the yourself. around telling e v e r y b o d y , yourself included, that you cannot do this and cannot do that. Don't play yourself down all the time. Stop minimizing '·MARGARET LLOYD TV Story Time Kids Love 1st Baptist TV Show whole experience was so admirable that I commented upon his ability to take both the good and the bad and bounce back after a really rough time. "The secret is not complex," he said. "I kept my : aith in God, in people and in myself and I kept on keeping on. That's all there was to it." Well, maybe that was all there was to it, but believe me it was plenty. At least it was in his case. He produced from his wallet poem which he said had helped him a lot. It is a poem .With an estimated audience of 40,000 homes, Margaret Lloyd, director of the children's ministry at First Bap- tist'Church of Long Beach, and children from the church, will-put'oil the second of a series of four "Sunday Story Time" shows Sunday over KABC-TV, Channel 7 at 8:30 a.m. 'The first episode last Sunday brought a very favorable response, it was reported, as did a similar TV series for children last year. Sunday's show, with a dramatic family format starring Miss : Lloyd and Gordon Nelson, plus Sunday School children Rene Omo, Daryl and Cheryl Smith and Karen Ken- nedpy, wll go into the va- riei^bf literary forms found in'the'Bible. Poetry, songs and biography will be "discovered," as well as a very timely, story from the New Testament. NELSON, who appears as the rather, teaches in the Sunday School in his spare time from · teaching junior high by Walter D. Wintle called 'It's All in Ihe State of Mind," md for clear thinking it is terrific: If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think that you dare 1 you don't; If you'd like to win, but think you can't, It's almost a 'cinch' you won't. Naturally, it is stupid to go around telling yourself how great you are! But between egotism and self-minimizing there is a sound middle grounc of healthy self-esteem. Once you get your feet on that you are on your way. Put youi Lrust in God. Develop sound Faith in yourself, believe in people and in opportunity, anc §et going. There's the secre of successful living! The saddest thing in the world, writes James M. Barrie is "that with such capabilitie we seldom rise high." Lot of people limit their possibi] ities by giving up too easil; when things get tough. Neve tell yourself--this is too muc for me. It's no use. 1 can't g on." For of you do you'r licked, and by your own think ing, too. Keep believing an keep on keeping on. · ' · . * * * * TAKE GEORGE Washing ton. He could have been lickec In fact, maybe he was, but h never knew it. Do you knov be your greatest asset or your that throughout all the Ion YOUR STATE of mind can school mathematics. Scripts are worked up by Miss Lloyd along with Vi Habershon, a local playwright. Also assisting in the production of the series are Virginia Hunt, elementary teacher, and Charles Tingley, the .church's eriuca- tio.i^djrector. -.."We think any elementary school age children will enjoy these shows, and get something from it," said Miss Lloyd. "We are centering this year's shows around various aspects of the Bible, in observance of the 150th anniversary of the American Bible Society." The program series is a KABC public affairs program. greatest liability. Which is yours? Your own behavior, how others react to you, conditions, events -- all are affected by how you think. By :hinking yourself down you imit your own possibilities and actually invite defeat. As ;his poem goes on to say: "If you think you're outclassed, you are;/You've got to think big to rise." In those two short lines you have the thing that keeps thousands upon thousands of people ineffective and miserable all their lives. It's called he inferiority complex. The nfcriorities people think they have are'largely imaginary which is why this type o thought pattern is called a harrowing campaign again the British, George Washinj ton won only two battles? had only two real wins. Bu he won the last battle--an that's the one that reall counts. The British defeate him at Brooklyn Height pushed him across the Ea complex. H is an assemblini of defeat thoughts around a fear center in the mind. To such people I feel like saying: get yourself a higher liver and up through Manha an Island, beat his arm again at Harlem Heights .an White Plains, and chased hi across New Jersey. Then, tl next year, they routed, hi again at Brandywine and Ge mantown. Then followed Valley Forg the American soldiers' wnrs most hitter experience, An that was when one of his young officers, N a t h a n i e l TOP GOSPEL GROUP A'COMING The famed Imperials of Nashville,' Term., with Jake Hess, favorite TV and radio gospel quartet, will make two appearances here next week. They put on a one-hour concert Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., in Calvary Baptist Church of Bellflower, 14719 Ardis Ave., near corner of Compton Boulevard and Clark Avenue. On Saturday, March 19, 8 p. m. in Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, they join the Stamps Quartet, the' Couriers and the Oak Ridge Boys in concert. Durocher's Will to Win in Church Life' James McKowen, pastor of Mr. Durocher were a membe First C h r i s t i a n Church, dropped in at the Chicago could do a great deal for him Cubs' spring training camp, and wrote the following ar- icle about manager Leo Durocher in the church paper. ' . * 4 * * I stopped in this morning or a few minutes tn watch he Chicago Cubs soak up of First Christian. I think w some of Southern California's ^ "Gashouse gang delightful sunshine. I also wanted to see in person one of my favorite sports' pcrson- if only in his relationship wit! National League umpires thi summer. But he could do lot for us. There isn't a majo l e a g u e manager anywher who wants to win as hadl as does this man. He playe to win when he'was with th S H alities for the past 25 years. There is no doubt about it, Leo Durocher has added a lot of colors and dash to the ;ame of baseball. I have been so intrigued with this man that I find myself almost hop ing for a pennant for the Chicago Cubs this year. I can't help wishing that Louis back in the '.Ws. had only one thought whe he led Giant and D o d g e teams to pennants. He gets u wanting to win and this di termination only gets hotti as the day wears on. Greene, saw seated in his .Lutherans ITil Death Penalty A Lutheran agency has joined the ranks of religious organizations called for abolition of capital punishment. The Board of Social Ministry of the Lutheran Church in America attacked the death penalty in a "position statement" that will be presented in 'June for approval by the annual convention of the 3,250,000-member denomina tion.' The statement upholds the inherent power of the stale "to take human life when the failure, to do so would constitute a clear danger tn the civil community." But it says that "the possession of this power is not to be interpreted as a command from God that death shall necessarily be employed in punishment for crime." .It argues that c a p i t a l p u n i s h m e n t should be abolished for three reasons: --"it falls disproportionately upon those least able to defend themselves. --"it m a k e s irrevocable any miscarriage of justice. who is with the Army in Viet Nam: Dear Rabbi Guthman: I was delighted to receive your letter and to know that you and the Congrega- lion are thinking of me and the other men over here in Vietnam. Your letter communication with me is a great morale booster, because of the uncertain conditions in this area. Being here for several months and seeing how the people live makes me feel proud and grateful that I am an American. We do all that we can to show the people near our area the American way of life. There is a large church here which also has a great bit; Jewish star on it. I've taken pictures of it. 1 attend Jewish services here and 1 certainly urge the members of our Congregation to attend services at home. My very best regards to all the members of Temple Sinai. Respectfully, the tent, general head in hands, at wit's end -- but undiscouraged. He won the final battle, thereby winning the vyar, and received at York town the historic surrender of the British forces. So don't ever close off your own possibilities by giving up just when victory may be within your grasp. Remember that promise in the Bible: "They that wait upon the Lord LETTER FROM VIETNAM TO TEMPLE SINAI The following letter-was received by Rabbi Sidney S. Guthman from a member of shall" renew their strength." the Temple Sinai congregation Keep on believing, keep on thinking, keep on fighting, keep nn keeping on. IDislrifculed lt« by The Hall Syndicate, Ice.) IAII Rlghli Reserved) "St. Lake's" EPISCOPAL CHURCH AManlEc Avp. M Sev*nlh F. C. Rellls, Rcdor 7:4S A.m.--Hc'V Conmuninn 9 r l O a.m.-- Family-Servitn I 1:00 A.M.--Mmnin[j Prayer and Sarmon Tues. I'.CQ a.m. Holy CommL-nicn V/ea. 7:45 p.m.--Service in Ho CWcri Thurs. 10 a.m.--Holy Communion Thuts. 10:30 a.m.--Healir.cj Serv. 7 p.m.--Daily Evening Prayer FROM THE PULPIT BRIEFLY 70,000 Delegates in '67, Viet Easter, Full Gospel Long Beach has won the id for the 1967 convention the Assemblies of God, hich is expected to bring 1,000 delegates to the city r the six-day biennial meet- g Aug.^ 24-29. Rev. Thomas Zimmerman, general su erintendent of the denom- ation, reveals that other ties seeking the convention ere Dallas, Baltimore, Hous n, Kansas City, Philadel- lia, Mobile and Rochester. And there were no local peo- e on the five-man selection ommittee!) Long Beach and akewood have eight thriving lurches of the denomina on, and there are others in djaconl communities. * + * * Bishop R e u b e n Mueller resident of the Nationa ouncil of Churches and enior bishop of the Evan elical United B r e t h r e n hurch, will represent U, S rotesUint, Angelican a n d astern Orthodox commun ons in South Viet Nam ai .aster, conducting services or armed service personne n Palm Sunday and during Holy Week. « · * * The Full Gospel Busines rten's Fellowship Interna ional will hold a one-day ally at the Lafayette Hole tarting next Friday night larting ils . 12th year, th ellowship has o v e r 3M :hapters in 42 slates, plu Europe, Africa and the Fa East, and publishes three sue :essful magazines. Work will 'oung people is at the cente Chrisfien Missionary Alliance Church 3331 Palo Verrtc Ave. STUDEBAKER ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST 3433 Studebaler Road Sun. 9:50 10:50 A.M., 4:30 P.M. Wed. 7:30 P.M. Jarfy Cowlarxd v/m. 5. Irvine ST. GREGORY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 4201 E, WiLlOW · (Bdween Palo Verde and Wocdrull Rev. Michael Francis, R«tor 7:30 a.m.-- Holy Communion 0:CO a.m.--Morning Prayer Informal Discussion on The Faith. Sunday Scliccl and Nursery 10:30 a.m.--Morning Pray* 1 " Informal Discussion on The Fallh, Sunday School and Nursery Wed.. 8 p.m.-- Evening Prayer ThLi-i.. 10:00 a.m. -- Holy Communion and Prayers for ins Slcfc M/SGT. THEODORE WEISS CANADIANS Please m e e t together in Recreation Hall a f t e r II o'clock services S u n d a y . Senior Citizens Church, 3rd at Linden. ·^, r '" ! " zavc^c THE SHOREMEN [You hav» heard tfcelr Sacred Recordings. Nc*r hear ihom in porscn. The/ I'nn nverv Sjnday, ^ot Seven in tha eveninn. And ' ^ t h e y ar« geod. Lofs of other good nrjiic alio. Come see. ; Morning V/onhip IO:EO ' Pailr Ponder V/. GMIiland ' sDOiis both services. families Go Tofriher SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER REV. RAY BIRGHAM Gcd Kfli qiven r^'n tra Ministry c : Leading peop'« info the Bap- liin oi tha Holy Ghost accord- i-.g fo A c t j iwo find ic-jr. SUN.--7:30 P.M: Guidlng Light Tabernacle 2094 CHERRY AV£. Parkcrest CHURCH of CHRIST Slid Pailcrest S t r e e t S.n S:30 I II .in. 7.00 p.m. Telclioo?--GA 9-0090 I -stc.- Rai'ant!. M'nli'er ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Ttrmfno and Colorado 7:30 a.m.--?:00 a.m. 4 II a.m. Koly Eucharisl 9:00 A.M.-Chwch School ? i II A.M.--Nursery Care Oallv: Morning Prayer, Holy Commun'on Evening Prayer Ccn'esslons--Firsl D.rr WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? Wfl 1/6 rt pcnplfi heVfll v,iln inilrimalinn of the miori. Our minds are burning with passions, hatreds, and perversion. Why? What I* IKU virus Ihrtf 'taa isl- ifed on tha brain ihat ssh men afire? Shall WB negin wih Tha Ki.isey Roport? or Lady Charter!y''s · Lover? or Peyton Place? Or would you lite to come on down (end you .would have lo coma down lo ft) A Car Called- Jesus? Lcavinq \}\e prinfod paga v/a could go to the movies for fha screen versions. And ihli, dear heart, h all peddled to our mindt under ihe guile of a r t and academic freedom and ihcn defended bv such writers as Paul Coatos! And (hen, view mi) ths wreckage, they asV, "Why cfo«sn't toa Church do soiietKing?" As a minister of Iha Gcspe'. ! visit fa'ls. mental InstituHcr-s and cemeteries, ficcAs. rpaqarires and movies are rapidly filling a ! i three. What flfG yni: rhinlinq about? What ar-3 ycu reading ? "As a man thinkelh. . . . so is lie." ""Thin!c on thoss things" admonishes the New Testament. Things pL-re. holy, and right. Th.o Gospel i; God's c'eansing agent the mind -controls the fife. the Calvary Baptist of Bellflower U7I? Ardis Wcflr Coniptc-T and Clart Telephone 925-37C6 FIRST LUTHERAN MISSOURI SYNOB Atlanllc Ave. al Ninth St.. The Rev. E. H. Schrceder, Pastor Services 8:30 end I 1:00 A.M. "WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO JESUS CHRIST?" SI. Luke 11:H-?B Sunday School and Bible classes lof All ASM ':« A.M their fine mission. » * A Lutheran pastor who as ordained 71 years ago ill address the Orange-Long each Pastoral Conference of ie Missouri Synod in Ana- eim Monday. He is Rev. harles A. \Vaech of Chicago, years, young, first of six vmg generations lildren (two in the Lutheran inistry), 16 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren, 2 great- great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild! Other than a slight hearing deficiency, he's in fine health, and his son reports that.riis hobby is "reading the Gffefek New Testament every, if Slay and playing word games.'^is Monday subject: "Reveries and Memories," a subject to which he is most eminently entitled, wouldn't you say? ,§t · · ' · ' UPTOWN 3707 Atlantic GA 7-897,4 Sunday School 9:45 A.M.--Worship 10:40 A.M. 7:00 P.M. . 10:45 A.M.-- "PAULS MINISTRY N EPHESUS" -- AcH 20 6 P.M.--COLLEGE YOUTH 6:15 lo 7:45 P.M.--90 MINUTES WITH THE MASTER Sermon by Minister --"DAVID'S CRY FOR CLEANSING" -- Psalms 5 1 Classes lor all ages--Special Teachers Woodrcw Gain, Richard Crock. Lloyd Hogan. Dorothy Lake Jams? D. Groves, Minister 4 2 4 - 4 1 9 1 Wednesday, 7:30 P.M. "Herald of Truth," KTlA, Ch. 5, Sun., 8:30 a.m. CENTRAL 501 Atlantic HE 2-1484 Sunday, 9:45--8ib!e Classes 10:45-- Worship o:30--Fvoninrj Worship 10:45 A.M.--MORNING WORSHIP 2:45 P.M.--MINISTRY TO THE DEAF Wednesday, 7:30 -- Mid-weel: service Claud" S. Doqgett. MinHler 4J7-6224 NO. LONG BEACH 1 1 2 8 E. Artesia ' SERVICES Sunday. 8:30 -- Worship 9:45 -- Bible Classes 11:00 -- Worship 6:30 -- Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 -- Mid-weal sen/Ice Jny Durbin. Minister GA 2-8S5/ LAKEWOOD 6500 E. DEL AMO SERVICES SUNDAY, IfMS A.M. and 7:00 P.M. -- WORSHIP 9:45 A.M. -- BIBLE SCHOOL Jaicph W. Whiie. Minister 429.027?: 866-61M St. John's Lutheran MISSOURI SYNOD W93 ORANGE AVE. 4?3-3W7 Rov. WaFfer M. Fshner. Polio' Sunday Warshlo S:I5 10:« A.«. S. S. and Bible clasps 9:M A.M. Day School: Grades K-8'^i FIRST CHRISTIAN 5ih and Locust, l.crq Beach J. S. McKcwen. Minister 9:30 A.M. .'-Bible School 10:45 A.M.--"THE WICKED FARMERS" 7 P.M. --"THEY HAD BEEN WITH JESUS" OUTSIDE ELEVATOR FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE NORTH LONG BEACH Christian Church 111S E. Market Rev, C. Tom S'ccMon "WHEN PARDON SEEMS IMPROBABLE" 9:30 AJA.--Church School * P.M.--Youlh Grwm* Bixby Knolls CHRISTIAN CHURCH I2« E. Carscn Erfward J. Read. Pallor 10:45 A.Vi.--V/orshlo Sirv'cr "THE WORD OF NEED" 9:3» A.M.--Sunday School; 1D;5 A.M.--Children's Church; 5 P.M.--Yo-jlh Groups St. Paul's Lutheran Missouri Synod 2783 Pa!o Verde S9i-4 Rev, Wm, J Facr-Jer, P«ior SUM. WORSHIP 5 A.m. i 11:li a. Nurierv ai Bolh Service! Sunday 5choof 1 a m A 10 a.m. Day School; Gradej V.-T PALO VERDE AVE. CHRISTIAN 'CHURCH 2501 Palo. Verde Ave. at Willow Donald L. We^erland, Pastor Sunday School--9:30: Worship-- 10:45 A.M.. 7:00 P.M. First Friends Church 850 AHar.Kc Avenue David C. La Shara. Pailo' '9:30 A.M. - SUNDAY SCHOOL I! : 00 A.M. -- "THE DYNAMIC Oi 1 THE CROSS" 7:00 P.M. -- "LIVING ABOVfc THE CIRCUMSTANCES" Grace Lutheran MISSOURI SYNOD 2JS W Wacflow Rd. O7-17M Rev. Robcr) Yt, Benlr. Paslor Sunday WorsHFD--8:15 10:*S AM. S.S. artf BIWe Classcs-9:30 A.M. First Foursquare Illh JuoJpero Rev. Billy Arfiim, P.iiltv 9:30 A.M.--SUNDAY SCHOOL IO:-iS A.M. -- "THt HOUR IS LATE" 7 P.M.--BOOK OF REVELATION--Series Lutheran Brethren Goodwill lndi.siry Cf-apel SCO W. Pacific Coast H«y. S S. -- 9:« AT/. (All ACH) M A.M.--MORNING WORSHIP 7 p.M.-EVENING FELLOWSHIP Wed., 7 o.m.--Prayrr Mcefln? Jofn 0. So:b«rg, Paslor 41S.W01 Cor. Lli The Long Beach Center of Evangelism sT First Assembly ·! God REV. WESLEY PAUL STEELBERG, Paslor || A.M.-- PASTOP, STtELBERG / P.M.-- DR. H A R V E Y M,ALISTER "THE RESTLESS ONES" fh. Moiion Picture That Te r s !l-e Wor'd of Tri,rh WAR. 16-19 -- 7:30 P.M. MAR. 20 -- 2:30 P.M. Bafeman Hall, 1 1 33 I Ernestine Ave., Lynwood Dcra':cr, $1.00 Res. Call 631-4247 Or Wri!e P. O. Bor IS73. Lyn*ccd TRINITY Lutheran MORNING WORSHIP 3:30 *rd II AA'. Cnurch School 9:45 A.M. Orval AwerVapiD, Pailo* HE 7-X002 Roberl Whcalley, A'loc. Paslor Eighth and Linden (LCA) Wed. Evoning Biblo Sludy 7:30 PASTORAL COUNSELING FOR SPIRITUAL i PERSONAL NEEDS-HE 7-«OT LAKEWOOD VILLAGE COMMUNITY CHURCH flnler-OenomlnaHonal) Romr Laulicnhlscr. Pastor, Ctnlralla * SunlitU II Blk. H. of Cltv Col.) 8:00.9:30-1 I A.M. -- MORNING WORSHIP "ON THE WAY TO JERUSALEM" Sunday Srhcol ?:00 a-«i 11:00 A.M. INTERNATIONAL Ch u rch of Re3 ^gioDS Science D1AI.-A-PHAYER 432-MM | | A.M. -- Sunday Service. Youth Church ard Nuriaiy "GOD'S PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE" KEV. JOSEPH XERR EBELL THEATER - 1100 EAST 3RD AT CERRITOS 7 P.M. -- [Mrect from Ghana Hear diver Swalm 9:« A.W. --Sunday School 10:50 A.M. -- Marnfno We/ship 18-Piecs Orcrvcitra -- Teen Choir Nursery Allcndanf All Servlcfl--Amp!« ParXIrvo-- SeaH-ng Capacity 450 "Ona of Calffo/jiiYs Moil Beautiful Sarmfuariei" GLAID TIDINGS l.. : \v ASSEMBLY OF GOD CORNER SOUTH 4 CHERRY ALLAN SNIDER. Pillar {National Lutheran CojncU) LUTHERAN CHURCH Of THE HOLY TRINITY [A.L.C.| G A 4 - 3 M 3 1900 E. Caison at Cherry Philip Nash. Paslor Wo-ship Service 10:30 A.M. __ _ Sunday School 9:15 A.M. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SV.~ST£PH EN~LUTHE R A N~C~HU RCH REV. A. E. CO*. Paslor Sunoav Services. 8:JO ana I UMt /..M. .) 162? Pine Av«. HE6-796S J34-7VS5 Schcr.i. V:30 A.M. sT.TlMOIHV L U T H E R A N (A.L.C.j WoodruiTat Arbc-i Rd.. LaVe.ood Or. Gerhard L. Bcloum aixj J. Orvllle Mosbe, Paslors Cnuicn: «mi? and 4f /««-Parson«wt!: «y-l3/J ;nd »-9iW WcmiD $:3j wl II-- Sunday School Bible Hurscry fc:30,9:**and II __ vTiriHERAN CHURCH IW Clarr Gt 1 3956 rA L C I . Elder W. Oscarswi. PMIo- 8:30 and I I :00 A.M. Worship Services -- Sunday Vn Nurstry Or« l\ Boih ServlcH 370 Junipero __ __ OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN (Al.C.l 370 Junipero GE 4.74OT V. f. B-erle. Pastor-- A. O. SlorvicV Visitation Pastor GE 9-5463 Sunday Services, 8:45 I I A.M., Sunday Schoc.1. 10. Nursery Proviaed IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH "Lutheran Church in America" 345 E. CARSON GA 7-4390 IRVIN R. MOL1NE. Pastor TWO SUHCAY SERVICES--1:30 and 11 A.M. Nursery Care at 11:00 A.M. CHURCH SCHOOL (All aaesl ADULT FORUM :« AM. WELCOMEI _ BETHEL LUTHERAN (A.L.C.) 700 E. 70th St. " ME 3-5039 RGV. Frederick Masted, Minister Worship 8:15 11:00 A.M Sunday School 8ib!e C'ass 9:40 A.M. ST. LUKE'S £V. LUTHERAN CHURCH IL.C.A.] SS33 c. Ward'ow Road -- Lo^Ii r. .V.s.-ri Pa-lsr -- v.'orshlo 9:30 anj 11 A.M. Sunday School fall _ Nursery Care al Bolh Services HA 5-4006 . _ . Tho.-npson. Assoc. Sctxjol (all aoes) 9:30 aid II A.M. _ __ GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN I LCA) 5872 Nao'es Pia:a "At Ihe Marlrva" Goodw'n T. Ofson, Paslor Worship, 10:45 a.m. Sunday School fall ages), 9:15 a.m Nursery Care at Worship Service 438.0)29 Th, Tho Su 1 io'"1 of Lesscn-Sormnn Tomorrow "SUBSTANCE"' i Fol!o*inq Chi-rches ol CK-mt. Lci-,n1«it. in long Beach Are SrancKas cif The MotKe/ CJiu.'Ch Flril Ch-jrch o^ Chri?i, Screntiil In Boston. Mas^acnusalfi FIRST CHURCH Cr- CHRIST. SCIENTIST 40 fin Avenue Sundav ;l A.M.--Sur.ds* School.9:30 and II A.M. Wtuntsdiv 8 P.M. SECOND CHURCH OF CHRIS1. SCIFNTIST Cedar Avenue at Severvlh Street Sunday M a m fl",d 5 D.m. --Surdav School II a.m. THIRD CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 3000 tait Third S*«at SL-rxJav, 11 a.m.--Stmd«v School 11 A.m. Wtrf-M-iday^J p.m. FOURTH CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST ?0 Ful Mariol Sneel SufxJaVi 11 * nr.--Surxlav School II am. V/«driesdav, R O.m, FIFTH CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST M'l Nac'es P ale Suno'ay, 9:30 and 11 a.m.-- Sunday School, 9:30 anM1 e.m. V / e 6 Y ' ~ Sunday 3'3Yf t SIXTH CHURCH Of CHRIST, SCIENTIST 3401 Studehater Road «sday, 8 p.m. READING ROOMi -- F R E E TO THE PUBLIC T I O Locust Avani-a 3212 Easf Broadway 124 West Tturd Slreet 5618 Atlantic Avonus 3401 'aii.atni.H- tnnn . 492S Eeil Sncond Siren "THE BIBLE SPEAKS TO YOU" Sunday KFI 7:45 A.M. KDAY 4:30 P.M. KMPC 8:45 A.M.

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