The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 6
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"W J . 1,_? > • •> •"•»..' - V" ftfttt firwsfte ©sent?, fhttwfajv u- '•• " " '"• *' Miss In •:i- Jerry was WSt'msn Mtt uitt- >«em«fe rt<* cuwe* ft ft«a a ' I6h«fe tn * lr ftomfc. It LSfaj-ertci the ceremony," The brfle'te t Wb cake and punch were ssefvwl Sweeny Hi holdill * M - A. in tf . » tfyrtil hoiffers. i» Barbaf* Ray iic.o .1. me university 01 fiown.... hvher* she \«Ss a~ine.'«bfi# of Gu^ton Lanyard ftlnft and ,ie ef A. 1." 10. <1 JT1. fuluelMMI |"f1^"*1 — - * . _ - > , traditional marches atfd I ^A-*j, 1*^ „»._„ fopanied Mr H. O. Spent-, LQf6$f lariflllKJ s he sang "Because". ««•*»•»• ^vniiiniy _— _ ( _ aw __. w ,. " 1 For Use With Non-AeidJ/Sfljstables "51 *».- ,.^_. «_,... *„- ... .. I.L • >. S5 v4f t*». flit, . .-jjjj?.. fiSfat* ail altar Banked with fcasltets of White gladioli and tvhite carfiatio«S flanked b> Vhite cslsdiums aft* Sentha palms and lighted by tall white taper: in multiple cShdalabra, Miss Jo Ann McKinney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs ci>de Ellison McKinney of Sweeny, became the bride of Ralph JRajrttond fiewberry, son of Mrs. Ralph Dewberry of St Petersburg, Fla. Rev. Glen fichols led the touple ifl the double ring ceremony, held June 6 in the church. Mrs. A M. Anderson played the t - accom The bride, given TrfmatTiage' by her father, wore a gown of ice blush tulle and lafleta the _ barque bodice of the ice blush The latest method for cHn-.pod. Wash llttffBtighl had a portrait necklirie outlin- ning vegetables is # olie-step ends and «ut into l-ln« M by folds of tulle and over- cold-pack method) according to Pack SAW feealtt tt&mj uua> laid by Alencon lace motifs. Mrs. Gsraldine S. Lee, Sraz- *'eafl lars 16 { irtch at 1WS. The lace draped over the top oria County Home Dsmanstra- Covtt wfth boiling watert *gmf cf the brief sleeves, which tiOft Agprtt. i leaving I irtth space af \m v.ere complimented by point- birectibns are simple , , .-ton of the jar. Add \ teaspoon J , ga ^ tlcts - an M into the As an example, take sa*p, *alt to pmts rtd 1 teasipsan to back. The full gathered skirt, beans. Begiri by washing All luartt. over underskirts of tulle and pint or quart jftrs In hat sttapv dose jtf with two-piece lid taffeta, ended in ballet length , vvater and rinse well. It« not, ai» d P'ace it in the pressure Her veil of blush illusion fell necessary to sterilise jars siftce «anner. EahaUst tanner for 10 Irom a coronet of Point de es-'the pressure canncr mu*l be! mln u te s, close peicock and pro' prit seeded with pearls. Her u8*-d irt canning all non-acid cess «* 1* pounds pressure — •""•ttuet was a cascade of vegetables. > - plftt jars 20 minutes, quart jars stephanotis and white earns- Use only fresh, young, fender, ** minutes. Remove canfler tions centered with a white Beans, the; bean should jost, frSi n'heat, let pressure return Si t. » b * DC 8ihning to form in the to iero. open petcock, take off Mrs. Roger McKinney, serv- n* 'lid and remove the jars. ed her sister-in-law as matron « *.. """ ^ ~~~^~' this new one-step method can also be used for canning fresh lima beans, carrots, cream style torn, whole kernel corn, black-eyed peas and summer squash. ; For further information check with your local home I demonstration agent, Mrs. Geraldine S. L«B, at the ceurthause — ... .„,, 04S-rrtairbti •* *•« ^~4 * of honor wearing a gown of sea-. /Vl f CC I V***t foani green taffeta featuring ,'AVAWO Vw>M-l>7l> princess bodice with deep Brazorians Plan ' 1S Honored Bronze,'Markers |By Shower For Vef aiutnc o. jucc, at me courinouse »-»«o, utu TTISC ui or Box lit, -Angieton, Tejta*.! Angieton picked up her sister, You m»» i,i« A «^.k ,- ^farJMiss Linda Sue Stager, before _.. —c,— .1 a group . iT-V'X* 5? •"'" u " 1 poppy of her friends hosted a person- tale for theBratoria Auxiliary al bridal shower;- 'of the James Anderson Amer-i twenty guests \vere present lew Legion Post *6l was made at the party and-were enter?/« ';JameaSpiller Jr., pres- tained by the hostesses, Mrs. »«**. at the Monday meeting L. D. Hafden, Mrs. O. D Cok» L ,w« group. - cr and Mrs. G. M. Smith, at A Joint project war discussed Mrs. Smith's home in North and plans were made to pur-, Freeport. chase bronze grave markers for • ~ " Lgeion Auxiliary Votes patents 6fwh are.stsrtleJ, i.8ft ,thW ttm >Wtt the* LJ Grood Instolls For Heattft New Officers » apple"* ,t but , day =— of 1U eqiUva- -. to ptovid^ the ., _ M C recommended for maintain- ,. MfSi «• C. Harpet 1 «c!8d ati Ing good nutrition. ! Installing officer for the grojp . grojp A food tonsumption torvey with lh e n«w officials for the six week*' field trip in Colo UO v Wl, 1T4OJ 1 ) *W«»| *41**u » VSI **f plication in thi .afflce', 41 ra* Basra at Witff IfiglhwfM Jjf 1 the Star* t>t Text 1 *. m which i! . applies fat a perWit to n «s«Permtt No. 1438 .n the fal* lawlng particular*; (4) the rate of dlvetslaft peFmft frbfii fcer second " pef r ft»mik at wH under | ail parties UOfl clible bie be ihd fat . pesing the |rl plication pfOtesH place Brazoria Mr. and Mrs, Bill Wise of. iccv f/ci pci:uiiui &IIID wiji uc accomplished by ihereating the protest! witn HI ptffljftini facilities from six («> fh« applleiWt f , v —,„. ,.<,..„. ..= o,,,- 91,000 gpm ptimpt to* eight tftH&rior to hearffl LlLl^SE.i*? 6 * m T>?*>'&M«to gpfti ptUHpi. (tt ApplV their reWoftt** «3 ^ (ttflplnit cSnt propose* to construct a 1 such >othW It "H^ft ftftff the- next. ; point on its existing water sup- Such heart «Mm IV auwn Ms W canal or ditch, said i (ram time | point being approximately ISO'place ta «b6Ut)fe*t west ef th* flSrthwest ear- until such i'In* hinds,«*? of Peter Bet-irana L*b5r S.'been fn«l« reiam , if «uWfntef, Kb * retiirfi pbint in the" BrUzon, plication u IW ( toy «T»hat wan- River located south ««• 9S* 20",! Water fcngffte** . BStlfute p*r>' wwt 1,714,23* of tft* southeast right, equitable 1 'arid cent of all corner of the S. F. Austin Five ] Given tinder «M i rlafai ot eal- ! Sfftiatia County, Texai, all be- " >.^.~ ' -'inrmore fully set out In >ald „. „ , appiicaiidn. <Titfdl fioftfri tit Au&itft Permit No. 1336 authorize* thtt the 18th diVtff MU, .. tne «ppropriauan of _ w«w R S M, IMSoh,Cfttlm.n froih the Channel In Freeport Bratoria Harbor County, A S50 donation to the Braz- .~jV«t~, , ^ oi-ia County Crippled Children's » •?» JL"?ti W " "'"'"ed. Association Was discussed and, „..,.« , a large-table on which voted at thl Tuevtav nh»M l . Ji ! lr ' anamr ' ! Cemeteries. A com-, the gifts were placed. Sea-foam ; meeting of the Lake i.ckfnn ' L ast card w «« ' rom Niagara SS-3T*SK" take ^^S£.^!^^^ A / r ;j^,^5W? 11 ' punn ** rado, KCliticui jaeaira >t D»le HartU have ;|***«, t»Uege for summei » —-j—'j*ehool. Bath are racing the mil- cnases were studied over a "--'"ry; mrs. u, w. Tracy, tfea« and Mrs. Bob McGllliard and itary servift stal in store for **ek'« time, one in four was, s lT ef ! Mr *- Don Downing, wor- j family, stationed at Castle Air {.them. „,' [«6l - feceiving recommended' shi P chairman; Mrs. Pete 1 Wea- Force Base. , f Wayne Bamby and Bobbv rtmntltles of vitamin C. Except y, er '.f t1Jdv Chairman; and Mrs I They postcarded home fromfSchwebel, A4M students are *°* <alclum (obtained largely F er l ld , , H »rdlng and Mrs. Ty- poinu of interest along theftwih working.for tni'ummer **» milk), this was the,»m- ler ,, Ba «f *» gfaup leaders, route, including the --'rand lit Dow, Bobby Is also attend- " «--—-.-Canyon and the site of the ! lng extension ciassses at night Cliff -.Dweller*..'- ' ***•*•* *• »•---• -- •or «-»»«.MBIVM vioaooca ui nigni. B«h C. F. Abendroth and hi* - . ••• •> of other Kenneth are rough- Mr, and Mrs. John Albritton's necking with an oil company nt mdst often short in di-! *J W .- ^arrest Besne ot Ffee- judged in relation to nu- port > "Wrict CWT secretary, ""*' "*-" recommendediby was a « UMt at th« Installation. Council. the National Clh-US fruits are rich enough in vitamin C A OOOO PASS •--•-"- ">- v'vj,*.*.*. r uciis . were arranged 10 lorm "was decided that the Aux-, scallops around the table and »«•» would not meet during;a hanging ceiling effect over at th the „___,.. les and two '•« «ic ncn enougn # ««.*^^, ^"** moo » _ to yield a day's LEWlSTOtt Me.;— (m—Jo- « « .1 j su PP |v in one average serving i se P" A - Carrier, 7J. who was f j XniiC f 11 ? 11 •* * ? hole orange er;;a l?roundskeeper for-Sates CoU k JUIIa'halt.granefrult.'But it also l«[lege teams for 40 veai-s before . . - "'reshmentsl ,- 3 he honorec w / g Panted state eftftvrtita tohln ^corsage of pink glam- Houston July J6-28 whilfetthe mother of the i Delegate* Wre Mrs ^ gr<om both ' J a B h frl' h(1 -^i. ?• McDon-' Mii« lavirila Brock, daugh-JP, t ' es ? nt in sl»»ifieant ..quanti-|'j!* recent'^^ retlrcmentJWcej(«ed r_ . . of ^ ^ d j^'^'Sjties n cantaloupe,strawberries,!"lust the advance Christmas ck,. Stratton Ridge Roa3; i P^^-PePPe". turnips, rut- *ft» he wahted ~ a lifetime .. . •*' Pennsylvani* ter o h ™ ! « *L«V f , hi! ' «other. , Brock, ' be July alas whilfetthe mother of the i Delegate* Wre Mrs ^ LutUlai ormerly r l ride "YJ 11 ' gr< 5 om both 'wiHKriii^l^H^'lS^IW 1 ?* 1 *" 1 Churcn - .^ven f -pink carnation corsages ; Mrs. Melanie Danohaus and ! D ead< H '? no ^ " «*« iiH i! Rev - * nd MTS ' J - C- use guesu 01 nis mother,, Brock,, Stratton Rid*e Road p or *»o". peppers, turnips, rut- st«t" he i; J -J'oebstle, and Mr.'North Freeport. sails today on'l bagas : tomatoes; vegetables of .oass to l h £ 0 ,"5£' ly rector 8f .the Queen llizabe»h for a two |th f, c ; bb age family like,brae. 3v«nt«. rfseopal Churcn. Hemt. month tour, of- «:„,««. ii,d £ oll> brus f el s P ro "ts and cab.! — , .:? htttfAl anA %iM MVAJUAI afl Bates' athletic Churcn, Hemt. month tour> of" Europe and £""• •"""?=' «i«»ui» ^ing in^candinav^a. Mfes Brock wOl.^W « rf *« .•"«" Only you Automatic Ice Maker »/// L«M>A»i»B10 N U TRAYS TO FI N U W A It R T U S F i — • • —— —*»«•• ••• **. Wilson entertained Rev. and Mrs. W. T. Roberts at lunch Tuesday as a farewell gesture to the .pastor of the Ftart Methodist Church ./who KM ,fiow been Itrarigferred to a position u a«- toclflte paator at'the Bellatre Methodist phurch. • < Monday night th»- Brawrla Rainbow Girl*' Auembly met • i(? r . Ithe ». fil \ t raertl «* »t which |KaU ej Futch presided M worthy adviibr. Brazoria college students are getting let for profitable summers. Travis Votaw. junior at the University of Wxa*, U now on group stu- spinach, musta'rd and turnip greens. Of thes* latter ' — VAN B - m _ ^ lc« Mak«r J\uloma|loa[|y ?• Filli with water; 1 21. Freezes fee Circlw, 9« Empties and stores Ice Circles in basket <•• 5top» wh«ri b»«''»t is foil. Homemaker By United •- «* w * To remove hilr oil stain, from wallpaper, plaw « ideajt [blotter over the tpotv Tn£ press • hot iron on tie blotter, "hi* usually will draw out tK. 1 After wMWnTflrfnW such u «wwt«« «lov?«, teal them^rii bag* and pUc« In « dMn «r for 48 hour, befo^? Th« freeze treatment hel Leftover roll* United wtth;« topping piece of cheeM go welt with Mupi and taUd*,* Food poiioning i« man com* moq in the •ummeitim* b*. 'eration. food* giving the roo»t 'trouDje «/« cream or cmMrd- filled pastriei, dl*he» with cream saucea, cr*i|me4 tfRffhiMl meat »nd egg Ml»d« *nd eoW -"•Md mwu. No moving parti to wear 40% lower operating cost W Serves warranty is twiw as long ai M/'Otter erator guar«it«e. One year on entire refrigerato .'MirioiMl years on swled-i average serving is needed to|, m , n M ",_r .,,,„„. ., - --„provide enough vitamin c m Maine toffns, the chit, dally. i"* were told to wi»h the Vtiamln C Is «ot stored i n ' drlvers *'*<*>* ,wern|ng." and the body Itahouldbe supplied! ?°° d evening." Th'e> driver* on « regulw daily basis, re-| dldnlt like to be ignored. minds Mn. Geraldlne Lee, * —~ °' County Home Demanrtratlon j,Govefnment run by women Agent. ^ • -tjs called vmauil^l- III UlttC,Ui Id VQUIHj' Texas, and no additional appropriation ot water Ji reauest- •>d. , A hearing on the application, STAtE WAIPBR AttEST: Audrey Slrandtman, OF S May 43. 30, June », 1.1 The Community Calendar JU.VE IS j7:30 p (n —K of P Lodge No. 473, K ot P Hall, Freeport ,:30 p m.—Bmtosport .Concert Bund Rehearsal, Dow Plant B Cafeteria :30 p.m.— r*ke Jackson Business tt Professional Women's Club, ttndveit House. Lake Jackson . '" 7:30 p.m.— Freeport American Legion, Legion Hall, , Fre»pntl ," iiOO PJH.—Knights of Columbus, Barbecue commit* tee meeting, K of C Hall, Freeport :00 p.m.— Angieton Veterans of Foreign War* Meeting, Legion Hall, Angieton !00 p.m.— Freeport Rebe- kahi lodge MO. 357, IOOF Building, Freeport,,... :00 p.m.—B«zot1a 'Masons Stated Meeting, Brazorla FRIUAV, JUNE 14 2:lJ p m.-J-Brftzoi«port Rotary Club, *»pft CWj J I Shrine Club. Angietsn Motor Company :30 p.m -Oujt Crtwt Bup- llcate Bridge" Club, Dow Plant B Cftfjttrla i:0o p.m.—Alcoholic* Ahony- mo'js, Anglfton l*g(on Hall SATfRDAV,' JtJNB U :30 p.m Bratosport LlttlS Theatre oenerni Meeting, Little Theatre House, Ve-'sco MO.VDAV, JU.V6 1» ;30 p.m.— take Jaekaan Lions ciuo. Llndveit House. Lake Jackshn ':39 p.m.— Lake JtcKaon Jaycees. j«yc<e Clubhouse, Lake Jackson 1:30 p.m.— west Columbia American Legion. Lsglon Hall, west Columbia ':30 p.m.-PMUn SUters, FreepArt Temple, No It . Mteting K ot > Hall, Freeport ; MONDAY, 'JUX* 11 ,r!»0 tvm— Rainbow airls . Meeting, Mktonie LOdg*, FVttpOrt f -. l^ Cpjinlr' C»U Fretpott 3-1311, Extenilon 224 f»r Untlnr Presented as a public scruictby The Dow Chemical Company AW cowimiiiiH-nttNMTuMs «A«'T» O»OM-AT xtw tow coil', «r A MMOMnurum t ' 3 Texaa Division \ It's got the A lorrcn >n.Hc VriM M »««ii I* !l« p-t—- TTTTW rir«*-*iw v •«» „ ft b|0u*im t«p. naiinti, w4 while ibflytgt fftliit Jt JUflh^ i__ _?j *7- t*^_fr^./5"f i^rjf" * w*. (6u( it't o famd to To know a Chevy In aU IU glorr, head one into the open*-the nun mountain* tn« better. Yw'U toon •*• why 10 many people dou on that imooth ture CheVroltt »' •pome and itout-hauted power, Chevy '• performance make* thmr dollar* look big! , <-,,< You don^have to urg« tJUi e«r along. A Chevrolet come* alive you with The. wheel raponda in » to tight corner* or tura back road « Chevrolet ease over ruts that w like barricades to letue « M , youuaetlxe ;v<, iaSS^f" b * -cs "> ?1 .1 ,fl^j>/i • fi-" "''* ' 1 * kf> >*."* ,"j*: J-^s

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