Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 25
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New drug for arthritis available next week UCK cin.. Fn.,M.rth it, it» INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PMV-6-5 By BEN ZINSEK Medkal-Sclenct Editor Naprosyn, a new drug (or the t r e a t m e n t of rheumatoid arthritis, has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration [or m a r k e t i n g in the United States and will be available s t a r t i n g n e x t week. The compound, also known as naproxen, Is a prescription compound. It was developed by Syntex Corp. in Palo Alto, and a company spokesman told the Independent, Press-Telegram Thursday Hi at the drug is "probably the top research development achieved by Syntex scientists since the compa- ny established itself here in 1964." Naprosyn, introduced in 1972, already has received excellent notices in medic a l journals in f o r e i g n countries and is being prescribed widely in m o r e than 35 nations. The company says Ihe compound has been able to significantly reduce the manifestations of arthritis such as joint swelling and pain. And it ha? been able to increase patient mobility by decreasing morning stiffness. Naprosyn was administered for the first time to humans in July 1969. Since then it has been tested in human trials in the United Stales, E u r o p e , L a t i n A m e r i c a a n d t h e F a r Easl. More than 200 studies in 15 c o u n t r i e s involving more thnn 11.000 persons have been completed or are in progress. The drug is also known by other names -- Naxen in Mexico, Proxen in West Germany and Naprosyne in France. Syntex noted that live million Americans have rheumatoid arthritis, and each year there are 600,000 new victims. According to the Arthritis Found a t i o n , 50 m i l l i o n Americans h a v e some form of arthritis, and 20 million of these require medical care. Supervisors will review plans Dunes set to expand .Proposals to r e v a m p Newport Dunes, a resort on county-owned land at Newport Beach, will be rev i e w e d by t h e Orange County Board of Supervisors June 23. "The plans call for an expansion that would include two hotels and rest a u r a n t s , p l u s some commercial areas and boat slips, which the lessees said w o u l d "decrease" t h e b a c k - b a y waterfront area available to public use. County Counsel Adrian Kuyper advised the supervisors that while adding more boat slips in this area might be profitable, and meet a demand, there is the chance that such a Couple face trial iii Jboy's beating death A Garden Grove couple, accused of the beating death of the woman's 2-year-old son last November, will bo tried before a jury i" Santa Ana Superior Court next June 7. Judge Kenneth Williams signed the order Thursday after Donald Lawrence Teusher, 25, and Jennifer Eastburn, 30, pleaded innocent to causing the death of Jason Patrick Eastburn. Teusher was arrested after doctors at the Orange County Medical Center, where the boy was taken for treatment, told police that he had been beaten. Teusher was charged with murder after the boy's death. The mother was arrested two weeks later and accused of being an accessory to the death. development w o u l d not meet standards the state law sets for public availability of tidclnnds. In addition lo the additional boat slips, the redevelopment would include dry storage of boats and a boat repair facility, all of which would require an environmental-impact report, Kuyper said. He warned that unless supervisors closely e x a m - ined plans and kept control of d e v e l o p m e n t s , "commercial use could reduce the public areas to a point where they are incidental to and serve only one purpose--the commercial." "Such r e s u l t s a r e clearly in violation of the statutes," he insisted. He warned t h a t "the guiding principle is not solely what is financially feasible" on the county- owned back bay property r e g a r d l e s s of i n c o m e possible. PfBLIC NOTICE IH71 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT TfrWH TV foltaviae PCKOQ 'AMBASSADOR HOTEL at in N. Frit* A« , Wilmington. California WM. Babarbkai Dbaiji Bhal P*W, 117 N. FrtW AVT . Wilmington. CiWoinia WT«. This btuiitfss is coodocted by irj icdi- \ i d u i L B. D. PATEL Ttiii slalemtDl was (lied *1th Ihe County Clerk of Los Ang«L« Coualy on MarthMW. ar. 1J. 19, X. Apr. 1. VTA Ht) LRI mis SHERIFF S 3 ALE NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY UNDER EXECUTION NO- SOC SS «M -WEI.TS FARGO RANK. N.A , as 5] cial Administrator with General Powi of the Ernie »t Gilbert C. Nee. Deceased. Plaintiff vy JOHN W. CIIUNG and AMAUA CHUNG. KcibaaJ and Wife, ' I. PETER J PrrCHESS, Sheriff of the. County of Los Angelei. do btreb; certify that by rirtoe of ifl e«cutlo» isiued on December 19. 15(75. out of Ihe Superior Coart of the Sojtfi . _ _ : . . Coe.ily of L/ii An^ries. Suic of Califor nu, upon a jodgmeat ra Ihe above eoU tlod act ton, showing a balance hi the i mount of M24r7.W*tLered oo tite 22* day ot August. 1974. in (aver of WELLS FARGO BANK. N A., as Special Wmlo- tJritor wiih General Powers ot the EiUte of Gilbert C. S«, Deceiwd JydgneW Creditor, and on Pebrjarv 5i Ulh. 1371. I duly levied vpoa all the right Ulle tod lateral of JOHN W CHUNG and AMAt.lA CHUNG. Jao*g mrni netrtrvri In ukl action in In property hereinafter described as (ol PARCEL I. Real property located at 12*0 N. SJD Gatnei. San GabrH. Ciliforaii. "The Kaiterly l»!«! of t^i 1! at Tract So. 7(1, In Ihe Ran- cbo Potrero GriaiJe ai per nap irconJed in Book 14, Patet 110 arn H I of Mapi. ta the oft** of the Cowl? Recwdtrof iaW courty EXCEPT the re f ro ra ibe Nof the ri y T70M frel thereof AISO £XCEJ"T 'therefrom the Southwesterly 2000 :fe*t them*. RESERVING the Grantors all «J. fat. mineral awt'or other hydnxart»» wtxUrKet lyiof brio-- a (Jepti of WO feet wi'JMtf ri^hl of iurfare rnlry PARCEL J. Real property located al W-fl Sumy Dnvt, Lor-U Reach, Calt- (oraja · Lo* « of Trad 17K7.M per reap recorded In flooli 731. Pafti I lo S uvKttih'eof jnapi n the «fftoe of "tV ecu ml/ recorder of *atd counly EXCEPTING the n t f r r i i ia U* oil. g*», petroktin, nephth* aM rxher bHrocartnn labitance* and mioe;- Jli in and uoter wtd Laid. bU with Mri the rutfil »f retry b aad r»a (hf ·J'jrfare r4 uid land. »Sir Pi hate ·(Krr'/^ire bee* re*erved u various '4c*di of reconj .PARCEL I: That portion of Farm J/1 39 of the Alamrtoi Trad n the Oly of U«« Beach, Cnunljr erf Loi JLngeto. State af C*Jrf*nlJ. n per ~tl MTI . of UucrCaoeooi Recorii. u "J3w (Xfiff of iht Coutty fcoriJfr of ^ari oxoity. boovVd by the folia 1 |ir.;dnnbed ILMI 'BepDW-K a I the ri'.tnertvHi of t! -wrtli»«tet1y liac of Parcel J. *0«cntH n lie deed lo the City of "Jncj Bearb. irconled on A^n. B ·1411, u Docuraefil So I Ifl D Boot , Tad oUtct of Be Coooiy .%nh ilr weileHy l:« of Xlraeoo .'J^rtnoe is «bov* o« uH map tS-nr* if-^-j iinj nf^th-J n\f T\J hr* 4o«h» !J IV *fii|14lfr*!tAilM .Coul » (be oofth*rly ^» of ifof «%V i in? of land, u ii Parrc) 1 of sa1 d^d '^-rrtrriy line bfej; a fen*, roo- ^i-*n *ji-1 ^rt bean ftf%r*ii "?/ »ni. If.Ort »ffKriy aEoM -Jw-.e. lryifh a ftr.traJ a-^!e of rt J2" y. aa arr duLaocf «f ** W 4»trf. ^entwd x Pirwl I *f dw ^KO Co . if Cal Jorau. lac . rfeorleii ·*n S«;teniber 11. l?r. ai Ix«netl No 1W a Book i»H Pa?e Ml, Qful Recordi. iVcct cor.-nsr^ · ttjf Ijod, (Jricriwd la Parcn I of cte d«d u tSe fit/ «f Loci Be*(h. rcmrded M Aui S, 1W1. n tkxv No 11» ui Book !*r*#. Pae fUBHC NOTICE 73, Oifirial Records, through a rea- ral anric of 13" E 1 M' an a r c dis- ance erf 137*5 feet, to Ihe true poiol of beginning (a radial Ine of laid curve from said point bean wxti 6r 26" easlt; Ihetw* cocUrodoa _..bwe4terly aloc laW oinrt ana ukl nortbeaitcriv line. ihrtHJfh i «nlr*J aicJe of 1P 52" 26". d arc " ir.rt of IW.78 firl. lo Ihe row! southerly corner of iSe land de* icribed b Parcel 1 tf uid land mtn- tiooed deed; thence along the. loulh- easleriy tine of takJ last nMntioDed land north Vf 33' Vf. east 19 5LS feet to the southerly l:r,e of the portloa ot Sute Slreel fa» P*ctfk Co*it HlRh-. ·1)1. ai d«cribcd in Parcel 2 of Ihe dwd ta the Oty of latf Beatb. rtcfinlcd on May 1, J933. as Dwu- mrtit No 611 in Book I2179. Pa^c 100, ot saM Official Record*: ihence along said Highway, north ST M i5'. eait 1SS M feet to the we*!eriy trmi- wis o,' thai «ruia curve, rebate hvesteriv, tiieenl lo snlJ scatb- rHy lice of State Slrrei, and h3i.ic{ i radius of 133 iff 1. as redtcd. yj coursei "Kflarth" and "path" of ihe ofd to Ihe Slate cf California, recorded on Mircb 8. IMI, at Docu m r n No 10;* in Bock LSMO. Pace IW. of OfficliJ Recordi- Ihenre joulbeaiterfy alor.g uid com, tbroufh i ceatnl angle of ST 24' ]*, an arc distance ot ]K.'K l«l to the beftnnlaj of a Un£ecJ curve, coa- raye nortieiiteriy.TukiB( a radious of H7 (fft; thence toctlbea'iterly alone takJ Uil mentioned curve, through a ceotral aerie of r 2V ZT. an jrc diiUnce of «JW feel to the moil oorerly corwr of ukj Uu-1, deKribed io- Parcrf 1 of Ihe abort- cienllooed deed io Robert Chuciraw Con.inrtkvn Co of California, Inc . Ihenc* aloajf the Drtrti*e«f/ly l i w ftf iat-1 liil mentiipod lanri. »uth IT* M' T. veil 76 42 feet to J poml ol cu«p with a Unaenl c-ir^e. conraw »orthwntrrly t h4viit( a radlu of W feel, a radui li!K of ukj cune fran uid pota! bem oortb T »' VT »eK. (bract DortStrly aVxig tavl carve, tbroujrh a reotral *cde of U* W VT, aa arc dlitanc* of Ja^l feel, UMBC« Ungeo ta laid curve, nocti S' W OT. »P« a n feet, to the be^nnlnf of a uijeet co/ve, co:v ravt wuihwtucrlj, bislaj a radiui of O 02 fttt, tbe«e aoilnweifrly jlonjt said cjre ihroufh a cer-Uil aasle of »' GO' OT, aa arc cfutanc« of ft BT f«1 in a une lhat bran sw\h CT Qfi *. can from the tne poT.t of ty^nnai. ihe nee woth f l * 0 1 JT wrtl n\ il feel to the Uue point of SUBJECT TO iQ ejjemew far ia- gre# and e[rrst ovtr a portico of jaV) Ijvl. ji deicnbed and pa » ted ai P*rtei J In Ibe d«d of Rohert Chtx-kno* Comu-jctini Co of Calh focnia. l(ic . a cnrporaltfrfi, rcmr-W ai lutrimeai N» liVlan Sepiitnber t) l?1". n R^-ot W»4. Pagr Jl|, DffKul fecordi, a tW otiue of the O*un1y Reconle; of laid cofjr.ty KXCEPT1NO. iESERVTNG AND R ETA WIN C. u B to Gra nlw. rti iKcrsM~ri and aulcci. aQ OB. pi aftrl other EI)rdr4ca.rVra idhjuatf* BJ, ovler or ti*t nay be, prodKed frwn · deptk t*t-r« ow t^n^rrd flOO fr*I f:»ra tbc roific* of laid laod. prowled tKat. cieepc n Seir Biift/r ie| «ut. i»ch ffMrriUoa jIuU not entitle itVj Oraotx. iLi iocctu«ri -x aiiipii. to *ay u« ot. or njhl tfl, or Co jny porllon of (he iirfate of sakJ lavl lo a depth of o» but^red uy frrt beio* [he urfare thereof. a»d (urtSfr ttrepucf ind revrrwj lo i»H pervo.t. thru HKcetK/ri and anlfu. ti rtt( to dnll Into. lhrou|b and acrc^i. aad to prodeec. ban aid UU oil. fii and , and ac:;*i tlit p^nwo d rbliei at a dfpth telnv "IOC" f«i fron ^ icr- lTf tVre/ from « f n \ . loci'fd ta that porwjtj of 11 id LiM vtuch lift j( a 4f^*h Vk* fio* tu-ylred U'rti f«t from ih* icrface iherwf jad froa »tDi VxatM i* rr oa pr'^rty 6«uid« ri tnnMartri of [be laid I*"*!, icfrthfr ··-fh the rlrtt t «e M rowk of fre inrfire of tiid lavl lavl ti a d*f*h of ^e krodred '1YH f«: ai u wreiury and coeYCffifal PUBLIC NOT1CK Politics District-elections drive gaining By BOB HOUSER ' Poll Meal Editor C i t i z e n s for District E l e c t i o n s a n n o u n c e d Thursday thai Ihe group has gathered 3,000 signa- t u r e s since the Long Beach City Council tumea down its request March 2 to put the district election matter on the June ballot. W i t h the new signatures, the citizens group has about 8,000 toward the 16,575 needed lo bypass the council a c t i o n and qualify the measure for (he ballot. The proposed measure would eliminate the current t w o - s t e p election process in which primary candidates run in each of the city's nine districts, with the two top vole-cotters of each district then running cilywide in t h e general election. Under the reform plan, candidates would run only in Iheir districts. If no candidate received 50. per cent plus one of Ihe primary vote, the two highest vote getters would have a runoff, bul still only wilhin the district. The citizens group contend this would lower lhc cost of campaigning, reduce t h e i n f l u e n c e of special interests, increase voter turnout and generally make council members more directly accountable to (he voters. The current petition effort has a May 28 deadline to qualify for next November's ballot. Persons wishing to obtain petitions in North or West txing Beach may contact M r s . Be a Chiswcll at -I2-1-8SM; In Soulh or East Long Ueach, Mrs. Pamela O'Lcary at ·133-75*55. Campaign h e a d quarters is at 3KU Colorado St., phone 431-7135. UDALL CAUCUS A meeting to set up Hie steering committee for the presidential c a u c u s of D e m o c r a t i c c a n d i d a t e Morris Udall In the 3lih Congressional District will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in lien's Restaurant" 2055 Uellflowcr B l v d . ! Long Beach. All r e g i s t e r e d Democrats are welcome. Additional information Is available from Jenn Harris nl ·130-7351. Used f a r m equipment wjjl. sell fast and easy with h Classified Ad. HE 2-6%9 , ' BELLFLOWER and LAKEWOOD- ^r^^^^4:^m^^ GOODYEAR STORES SAVE up TO ^A^^'You May f.*^/ Snve From '·;7.i $10 to $100 on .:· kk Selected. ItemsLf$ Wlh*v« pxirch««d i b i g th*r* of tha caikKf »(t*f c*do*d of Qco«r»l Ei«ctrlc AppJIvKM end TV that srv lolling Into the itat» light now...duiln« th* bl^n GE twnl of th» VMT. RMd Th*M if* Jv»t · ftw of th* out- tUnding vftluti...torn* with bl pfic« rvductlomF Som t\ raa- uUr low prk«...but*llir« truly r*«tvahJM. Hurry ki Tootyl ippartrnanl to the mineral and other nfihtx. described In ihe rtKrvailon immedlatfly ptectdlne- ind Ihe tan4 d*«ntei] in Parcel I of the deed lo Roberl Chuekrow Coutr'jclwa Co. of CalHoniLa, Ire., a rorporalion, Scprcmt*r 11, 1«7, in RooV 5S»l. Pa^e 331. of fcttdal Recordi b the office ol (he County Rercnier of uid County, for subsurface plpdbe par- po-j-i in and arrMi UM land, Uv jelher wllh (he right lo eorjtrxl. mainlain. oporale trA uv VK-K pipo- liws at may be ifltroduced into Ihe iubturface ot !iH land FURTHER EXCKPTING. RESKKV- 1NG ASD RF.TA1MNC untn Cranlor, its juceeivirs and anlgnt an ejtfmt-nt for (be bcncM of and appurtefljnl m the mineral and other nghti fcccel^arw^c reserved, for ia- grcii and ifnn ovtc. upon a»d acrnu A pcnlan of sakJ land, ai dc5rrlbed m Parcel 1 ia the de«d U Robert Ctuckrow Conuructlon Co. of California. Inc. corporation, recorded as lailrume»t No 1*W, in September 13, Ift7. ID Bock :. Page HI. Official Rectinlv in th* office of the Co-nly Recoro'er of ukd County. PARCKI. 1: An Fanned for the beneti( of and jppurtemaal to the land rtesrrtted LA Parcel I abore, for Ir.gmi ami tgrrn over. iVwg IDC across a portlw of Ihe inrf*ce of ihe land. oVicrihcd ID uid Parcel I of ihe tail ibovc-raerUiooed. de«d (o Robert Chuck/ow CflulrucUoo Co ol California. Enc . takd eaieeaecl beir.j moir particularly described AI Eof lowi: Eteffmtiac at the in(tr*«tba of lh northerlr I'j* of Pare*! 1. at de jcribei) in Book 1TO5. Paw JB. Offi tli] Record) ol laid Count;', with tl.i weslerly liar of Xlmrn« a trwwo nn ttirj man of the Alam:tn Trict; thence tvM 23* LS' XS*. »*u ]7.« feet tfl tbe hteriecuoa of the northerly 1:w of the W loo[ i t r f p 'A land, at deiciibed u Parcel i ia uld Bnok So IKttS. Page 32S. CHfJ- tial Recordi, f jahl rounty; ' a!on^ a curve, concave not j^d ha¥mj( i ridiB] of $04 teel. Ihr^A a cfrlr/ an^fe of »* »' IV, ao arc dUUnce of MSM feet, to the (ruf on i p.l i-rf h r n n r j i r ; Iheaoe oorlh 2T ir V\ r a i t JIS? f f f t , th«K« rvorlh W (7 1C, «eit it) M feel, irtence oorih 11' 4J CT, eait l5i r » M 31 a feel: Ihence iorlh tt* 17 VT. »eit ttn feet lo sakj mrve. r a d r u i of SW [eel, Wrxe lou'Jteatl- (/al anitie W r 17' IT. aa arr du- Tarvcf r4 J10I leet. In ir* true p^-Jnl of Ncgjnnier. uvd eawnrnt beo-g r t f j M i ^ f d by (hit ( r r u l f l nvxiif;fj [xin jj^reenveat belween I.aaraace B llik*. Ja»e M Bro*o and R^-[l Chock row CooiUnctna Co . of Call forma Inc . ret'ir-Vd \\Yt.*i *·* Dtx-ur.erj S'o BrB in B'-ok Ml(7. Pi/e VX. Offkul Reconft, btl o«1p u l l y rrwrved is the above cntrv t»wd d-«V recorded w Book SftW. Paft SI, 6f5cUl R«cardj, detcntr in( the eitrment other than abovr. aen icieaded. altered aod tMfit-d ta tx rttxilfrd 11 d«*rrlt*J IB Par cH t LA ii ip«m«H, recorded Novtmber ?T, ml, tn E'xik MI47, ?tft Vf,. OffriaJ Recordj, La ihe office of the Coealy Rrccrr of taid Cwaty. Thil cocYfyaBC* H erprenly made tvb)ecl v cnrttioti. cowlr- awi iai kaiei ot retorJ f fir/* la ue. tf lay. DATTD M i v l.l» NOTTCK K HCRE»V GIVES thai c "·- J --- J -- 1V Jth d a j f ArxJ. 1^5. . 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