Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 21
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l«§ ' I P t - " ' ' ·" OnBicfey CatcUng BrpugHt Smiles To Vote WASHINGTON, V Oct. 31." The", presidential '"hopes [ol-' many jnen'foi\1952.and later years -wiT -with 'tihe' ballots In next -Tuesday's'electlbn of -32 governors Gubernatorial- contests .'always ' liave-.some presidential tinge.' Tra ditionalljvthey approving grounds ^ which -emerge future; Presi dents-- and .leaders' with powerful voices' -In naming presidential nom tinees. And aside from the ,rlse an'd fall of .^individual political stars,-, a political party's capture of a state government is regarded as improving its chances ,to carry the state In the next presidential election, Of the 32 contests for governor to be.setUed Nov. 7, no fewer tnan 10 have ^aptuf ed especial national interest. 1 Tops, perhaps, are those.ln New York and.California. '. In .New York, Gov. Thomas.E Dewey, who carried the Republican presidential banner in 1948 . anc 1944, faces a hard fight in his quest for a third term as governor. His Democratic challenger is -Hep Walter.A. Lynch. Eyes On California ' In California, Gov. Earl Warren Dewey's 194S national running mate, seeks re-election over the challenge of James Roosevelt, There you have the'political big PLEASE NOTE name veteran fighting for survival In World War I, the United against th" threat o£ a son o£ the States army had 545,773 regulars, late President Franklin D. Roose- 728,234 ^volunteers Jffld velt, a young man who hopes his star Js only on the rise in Democratic^skies. Connecticut s G o v . C h e s t e r Bowles,'a "Democrat, is also tangling with a young hopeful with a big political name. Rep. John Davis · Lodge, Republican grandson of the famed Henry Cabot Lodge and brother of Sen. Lodge ofMassachu- getts, is seeking to unseat him. Bowles Avas price administrator in World .War II. In- Michigan, Gov. G. Mennen Williams, a Democrat who has drawnisome 'talk as a possible 1952 vice-presidential nominee.-is locked in a hard.campaign fight with former Gov. Harry F. Kelly, a Republican. ' Kellv came wit of voluntary political retirement to enter the race, reputedly with his. eyes on the senate in 1952 arid'hopeful of reaching even higher places.' Not Sure How He'd Vote In Ohio, the race is between Gov, Frank J. Lausche. (D.) and-Don H Ebright (R). -·'. ;-. ' -: Adding to: the. national interest · there is Lausche's apparent efforj to'keep the gubernatorial .'contest from- getting tied into. the. bitter battle for the senate. He said once that, he : wasn't sure whether -he ·would vote for Democrat Joseph T. .Ferguson, who. is attempting to unseat Republican Sen,: Robert A. ; Taft, No. 1 target of labor-Democratic forces in'the'congressional election. ' . : -' . " Feminists have an eye on; Arizona, where Mrs. "Ana Frohmiller, a veteran of 24 years as state auditor, is the Democratic nominee for gov r ernor in.a race "with Howard Pyle, Phoenix radio, executive carrying the GOP banner. Phoenix Film Premiere, Is Scheduled '.'Nov. 15 PHOENIX, Oct..31. (U.R)---"Sound of Fury,". : a-movie: filmed here last spring, will -. be premiered at the Fox ; theater. Nov. -15, it was announced, 'today.'·':-. Robert Stilhnan productions used 22 location scenes and.'-·' thousands of Phoenicians extras ;way. while shooting was under Funeral Services Set For Bisbee Resident Thou, ''while- thy -bahles wound ' thee cling, · - ' ' \ ' ShalTshow how divine a thing- , 'A'woraanJnay'berriade, 1 '.',| ' ' --Wordsworth. . (Ahove printed in response totfe quest -from a' subscriber-whb,"ias just given "birth, to "her first' child. Also '. called." to her attention, Is ·what Thackeray observed: "Is not a,young mother one" of the sweetest " " "Fe'can show us?") , . Brunettes prefer red, blondes prefer -blue. That's what a color psychology expert-states; Maybe he's right. His,claim brings'to mind the old song titled "The Little Blonde in -Blue" '. . -, George Borrett of Liverpool put-up the equivalent of 35 cents for : a 'football pool ticket and ivon.-S267.000. The first 'thing Mrs. Eorrett said, when hearing the news of her "spouse's winnings, was: "Now I can buy a waishiug .chine, ASKING Queries from clients. Q. What is the origin' of the saying: "I'm from Missouri; you've got to show me?" A. It was first said in a speech in congress by Rep. W. D. Vandiver of Missouri.- Q. We all know the maiden's prayer. How about - the wives'. prayer? Is there om? A. Only wives' prayer I know of is the following by Ingeborg Hoerner: 'Of'-alt-life's-'torments' Lordj "spare- me this The quiet sting of a dutiful kiss. mately. 3,000;OCO -draftees approxi- . . .The five largest cities In the U.S.A. In the order named, are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia,' Los: Angeles and Detroit.-If you name the sixth, seventh -and eighth cities .as qiiick as half a flash, you- don't have to send me a "stogie." SIDELIGHTS Gen. Douglas McArthur's father, Arthur MacArthur.i was r a colonel in the United-States army, at'the age of 19. Lana.Turner's full name is Julia Je'aifMildred Frances Lana Turner. The Lana' is' pronounced lah-nah .. .It was Sarah Berhhardt wlio-said: "If' a· woman has been loved,'hated' and'envied, her life has been worth living." How are you'doing; lady? CHARLOTTE IS BACK -Charlotte Greenwood. Is coming back-to Broadway. And in T a show Urgent Plea Made For 500 - C o f t oil Pickers BISBEE,-' Oct. 31.--An . urgent plea for. 500 cotton pickers was made yesterday 'by Mrs. Florence Kelly,'manager of the Bisbee office of the .Arizona state employment service. ; ' " ' "-"-·-·' .-' ' ·; The need is critical to-the Willcox, San Simon'and Sulphur Spring valley areas. Pay is S3 per. 100 pounds for short staple cotton, she said. Further information . may be secured . f r o m ' 'the employment office in Lowell Mrs. Kelly, Artist* To Address Bisbee Group BISBEE, v Oct.'. 31. -- Mrs. Ben Kelly,: well-known Bisbee-'.artist, will be'guest speaker at the Bisbee Woman's club meeting at 2:30 pjn. Friday. Mrs. Kelly will: tell of her recent trip to the Navajo reservation, where she. painted and studied the"life of the Navajo. The 'public ,s. invited; to hear her. . A potluck luncheon will be served-at 1 p.m;, with the business meeting following. Mrs. Carl Morris, president, will preside. by Cole,Porter! Earl-Carroll the'musical comedy "in^which Charlotte scored her' first' smash, hit. 1 Thafwa's "So LongLetty,','.She.was one of,'a brilliant cast Iwhich. -included May Boley,-Sal Skeily and Walter * Catlett." -"So Long ' Letty." was produced'Tjy v Oliver Mbrosco. Incidentally,'Morosco was the original producer of "Abie's Irish Rose." He also produced, "The Bird of Paradise," "Peg o' My Heart," and "Civilian Clothes'." Then he sud- "denly faded from the theatrical picture and died a comparatively poor man; ASIDES ·-The best dancer among Presidents of the'United States was Big Bill- Taft, who despite his 270 pounds -of weight, was quite .a graceful tripper of tlie- light fan- tasflc . ... Among the highly successful marriageK in which -the bride was older than the groom.was that of Elizabeth Barrett and Hobert Browning. When married .Elizabeth was 41, Robert, 36. PASSING BY Marguerite Snow, Cinema luminary of the silent film era. In the first film version of - "Joseph . and His Brethren" she played Potiphar's wife , , . "Rise Stevens. Only Metropolitan opera star ever born in the borough of the Bronx. Her first name 'in pronounced "Ree-say" , . . Branch. Rickey. Picturesque baseball- executive. Did you know that during his playing . days Branch was once a catcher for the New York Yankees ?'T3iat was in 1907. On June 28 of that year, with wrote Rickey behind- the,' bat; for. "the Yankees, vthe Bother'-team''Stole 13 bases. ""4- * ' " "·' ' BLESSED 1 EVENTS -'5. ; ,-, · *, Bosfonlan says there was a space of 14-~.years ''between the'blrtlrof her first and-second.childrerr. "Is1t * a record?" asks she. It Isn't. 1 ! know of a Calif ornian, who ^ had 1 ' three sons,each boml5"years,aparl:. That is, this-woman became a mother at the age. of 17", again at 33 and again at 49. -' - " '-" (© 1950, King Features) · . U.S. Rejections Of Canadians Are Small -MONTREAL, Oct. 3/1. (lP)--Oi some 1,000'persons .whose applications .for "entry, into the United States have been rechecked under tightened U, S. security regulations, only 2 or 3 per cent have been turned down by the consulate here, U. S. Consul . Ernest Mayer said today. The screening ··regulations'were put into effect following passage'of a U. S. antisubyersiye 'bill. Mayer said that the percentage of politically '-'unreliable" Canadians is small.. In Canada, he said, there are relatively few persons who -have joined Communist or Fascist organizations. American Legion Head Tours Texas WICHITA JVCLLS, Tex.,-0ct. 31. ")--The American Legions touring national-commander was visiting four more North Texas cities today. Cmdr.' Erie Cocka Jr. told a Wichita Falls auditnce that 30,000 sick and disabled veterans of two world .wars are waiting for admission to veterans administration hospitals.' The 29-year-old Georgian called the present 131,000-ted ceiling in VA hospitals "totahy unrealistic." 'Twos All Ham Any Way You Look At It KAKNAPOLIS, N^ C., Oct. 31. OT--Two amateur radio operators who made first contact-over the air were married yesterday with t h o u s a n d s of "hams" throughout the country ttmed in for the. ceremonies. Frances L. Brigman of Kan- nap.dlis and Jack E. Krepp of Franklin, -. Pa., · -were married; in "theJaride's home by Rev. Walter (J. Benson, 'another "harn." Lee Brigman, father of the bride, gave a running account pf the ceremony over a ham band. (Haitf'-regulations forbid-general broadcast.) · Miss; Brigman (W4KYI) and Krepp (W3LID) crossed frequencies last December.'Their conversations over the airways late at night (with other- hams listening., in) gradually took on a'aiore^per-: ·sonal note and the wedding followed. ."·'· . · ' : · '- Congratulations were still, coming in over the radio a half hour after t h e ceremony. . - . - · - . ' , - . . '-BISBEE, Oct: 31.--F,uneral,serv- ices will-oe held for Ange], Alberta ,opez, ,"66, at'4 p.m. tomorrow in Dugart Hennessey chapel. ^ . , . Sir.* Lopez- was bo'rh in 3Isbee, Aug." 2,-188-i. 'He was employed by iie Phelps Dodgp Corp.; was a contractor and"the last fiveyears was on the city of Bisbee maintenance crew; ' , · ' ; j ' Survivors include-his wife, Rita; two daughters,-. Mrs/ Mario Lopez and Mrs. Charles Leftault; and two sons', Robert and S. C. Lopez. . No. 14397 : NOTICE OF, H E A R I N G PETITION FOR PROBATE OF W I L L IN THE SUPERIOR COTTRT OF THE -'STATE OF . ABIZONA.:'IN .AND-FOR THE^ COUNTY OF PIMA In the Matter of the Estate of HENRY C. MORRIS, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that MARION LINDSEY MORRIS "has ffled in this "court a'certain document purporting to bo the Last Will and .Testament of Henry C Morris,' -together; with, his petition" praying that said document be admitted;to probate In this court as the Last WiUnnd Testament of said Henry C. Morris who; said petitioner scSi Is deceased, and that letters Life's Darkest Moment H. T..WEBSTER PLAVING HIS TRUMP CARD FOR AN INDIFFERENT LADf Chandler Farm Bureau Holds ^Election Tonight\ 'CBTANpLER,, Oct. 31. (U.ffl--The Chandler unit of 'the Maricopa county farm bureau, will hold its election meeting tonight and will hear speakers explain initiative measures appearing on the Nov. 7 ballot. " · -Ed Ellsworth, president of the Chandler bureau, said that Anthony 0. Jones, deputy 'Maricopa county attorney, would speak after a dinner in the Chandler high school cafeteria. LEGAL NOTICE 1650,'lit *he noui of eleven, o'clock !»· UIP forenoon of that day,'a1 th« main door il the Cjtv, l Eairin1h« CItv of Tucson, Plm» "ountv Ar/one I will in pursuance of Ordinance No 1224 o) )hf OrdlnnnMS ol the Mayor-and Council nt (hj,ntv ol Turaim sell at "publiP aurtlon. to the hlshent hiddei the mllowinB described narcel of land to- wit., That certain ailcv situate Between Lotj l and ,3 IE Slock 12 of American Villa ResuhdfHslon In the Cltv of Tucson Arl- zona, OB the ^ame appeors of record in the office ol the. Counts Recorder ol Plma County. Arirona. fn 1 3onk 5 -of Map* and Plats nf Pa«e 10 thereof LEGAL NOTICE testamentary issue there9n to ,sa!d petitioner and that same will be heard on Monday the 13th day of November, A.D.' IBM, at 9.30 o'clocK In the forenoon of aald day, at the court room of said court, in the Court House, to the City of Tucson, County of Pima, state of Arl»na, and all persons interested in 5aid estate are notified then and there to appear and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of said petitioner should not bo granted.' BELLE D., HALL, ·, (Seal) ' C' erk Doted October 21. 1850. Pub : Oct. 30, 31, Nov. 1, J, 3, 4, «, 7, 8, S,: 1.350. NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBT GIVEN that on Wednesday the 15th day, of November LKGAL NOTICE 1 LEGAL NOT1CK NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEMENTS All persons owning property he,reto- fore assessed for improvements, will take notice that an installment of principal and interest'will become due and payable on or before; the first (1st) day of December, 1950, and if not so'paid on or before said date, the same wiH become delinquent and five per cent (5%) penalty will be: added to the amount thereof. The following is a list of the Series Numbers and Names of Improvements on which installments will be due and payable as stated above: Series - Name of Improvement Number 137 Olson's Addition Sewer. District . ,- . 138 -Stone Aye. Drachman St, District Paving Sixth St. Paving, Park to Santa Rita Aves. ··' Twenty-second St. Dist. Paving, Cherry to Campbell Aves. Anita St: Davis. St.,District Paving ' / Southwestern Addition Sewer District iw Tucson Heights N. Sixth Ave. Paving Sewer Dist. 144 Country Club.Homesites Dist..Paving Sewer , 145 Broadway South Park Ave. Dist. Improvement . , Seventeenth St. Bean Ave. Paving · Block .142 Sewer Northwestern District ; Sewer Paving Drachman St. Sewer . Paving,' Park to Vine Aves. Mundo. Vista Momingside'Addn.:-Dist. Sewer Schumacher-Tucson Heights District .Sewer Mundo Vista Morningside Addn. Dist. Paving Fremont- Ave. Vine Ave. District Paving -. ; . Ei Encanto-Casas Bonitas E. Broadway Dist. Pavg. Sewer Olsen's 'Addition District Paving . . ; 'Campbell Aye!,. Elm to'.Copper Sts. Paving Sewer Bruckner's Addition Sewer ' . . ," : - N ' Tucson'Boulevard Paving, south of-Speedway Menlo Park -District'Sewer -. " .; Jefferson Park District .Sewer Driscoll Street District-Paying Installments as stated, above are payable at the office of the Superintendent of Streets, City Hall, Tucson/Arizona Publish October 30 and October-31, 1950: VOTICB latljt- Ctttilzm. Tu«d«y Ev«nln, Oct. 31, * 'LEGAL NOTICE I J; wblcn laid parcel.of.iand-wa»wacBt«d «s-» public alley under Ihe prnvlsloru- of wild Ordinance No 1214 atiove- referred lo ". Thf Mayor and Council reserve the 1 right, to reject any and all bids j- ' v D.t« tu. s* . (Seal) "· ' Cltv fierk Publllih' Oct 8. 10,-ll «.,!». 14. H'HJ Tl. 1B, M, 21 23 24, 25 26 'Tl. 2i SO SK Novi 1.-' », 3. 4. 8 7. 8, 9, 10 11 19.10 !·' _ · .. . NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEMENTS-AII.per- sons owning property heretofore assessed for improvements within the following Improvement Districts: ALVERNON ADDITION BEL AIR COLONIAL HEIGHTS DESERT HIGHLAND HALCYON ROAD MIRACLE MILE MANOR NORTH TUCSON BLVD. OLIVE PARK SAN CLEMENTE TUCSON BLVD. WAKERELD will take notice that an installment of Principal and Interest becomes due and payable on or before the 1st day of December, 1950, and if not paid on or be-Fore said date the same will become delinquent and five per cent penalty will be added to the amount thereof. BRUCE Bv ELLIS Superintendent of Streets Pub: Oct. 30 and 31, 1950.' -YOVNG WOMEN -The Air tines Need Yow Qualify for fine Airlines flight or ground positions through Central Schools training. Good salaries, excellent opportunity for advancement. Interesting duties in clean, pleasant surroundings. Meet-important people. Preliminary training need not interfere with present occupation. If you are 1.3 to 30, high school graduate or more, in good health; get complete free information. EFFECTIVE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE FREE TO GRADUATES. Mail-coupon TODAY. , ' Phone Mr.. J. K. .Burnett--Pioneer Hotel For Personal Interview Star^Citizen, Box 50* · ' CENTRAL SCHOOLS Airlines Division 1 would like complete infornjotion obout Airline opportunities. "S Name.. Address..."... City '...... Education... Phone.. ..State HELP. WANTED,' FemaleI0 HELP WANTED. Male ' 9 DIAL For Aid. 3JEPARTMENTB Ot XUCKOD Newspapers, Inc All cl*lm of error In publication «hal] b« made within 24 hours after .first Insertion. No claims will. DC Allowed for mor* than ont incorrect Minimum Charged tl 90 days -- SI JO Word I0»-ivord Open Sundays 8 to 4 Cancellation Deadline 4^0 P.M.- Weekdays I P-M. Saturday Aa L 4dphab«tlealry arransed directory of DUXlneis. specializing in serv- Jem such W contractors, landscaping, ·ncuums, ' ians, wathcrs. Ughtins and unfurnished Furnlshtd Btpatrln* PiintlnK for Sale Tor Rent Wanted bus Irtnctory Bui Opporfy Bui Proptrty Bui Jtentalt Blcyclu · Clothlnji ,-for Sal* UA Don C*t P«tJ 19 Pud* *Rancbas.7l · tmploy Aftncj, I · rum Randies 83 financial S«rv:. II Oueit BanehM for Salt MA ·Outst - · * Kotala W.lp Uali I Male r«malt 1A Ftmal* - 10 '· JTMliold Ocodi M · frlkpl Room* n · kou« tor Hint-,11 KOUMK tor Sal* M Op*n lor Sal* IS ' * Swap Montr Keal Bstat* MA Lost aad round Lots- for Sal* Money Loam Motorcycle! Mlso for Sal* U Mlsc for Bent »1A Out of Town Htntals HA Out of Town Property »4A Personals Ptry CKf. «t« Radios Musical Instr Real Estate-- Exchang* Wanted « Rest Bom» T7A Resorts" 7 Situations Wanted Mai* " Mile femtl* UA Temal* 12 Proparry Hiom Without Board - I I Km Board Wanted t4A Rm * Board 74 Trailer Court! iftaUsn-- · New Dud . Travel Oppor II ^Trueka. v -Por Sal* s -~ n For Hent HA Want to Invu114 W.nttd to Buy M Wanted to Heat H - GENERAL AUCTION , ^« buy for- .cash or sell for vou on commission All Rinds of furnitur* and household Items of value. Sales'Every Friday",- 7 p.m. 1110 S. 6th-Ave. Ph. 2-3285 TUCSON .AUCTION EVERY SATUKDAY-1. F M Wa buy furniture for cusn or sell [or vou on consignment 76 W. JACKSON 2-4371 NEEDS ARNIE RENTS crihs. hlsh chairs, strollers etc 1223 E 8th 3-0151 · BOOKKEEPING SERVICE TAX AND BOOKKEEPING SERVICE for small business. C. M. Morxan. Phone 5-6720. 3950 E. 2nd 'St. SMALL. BUSINESS OWNERS let me assist "you by keeping your books, payroll and tax records. Reasonable fee. M. A. Patton. P.O. Box 710. BOOK STORES booiu late issue -magazines bought traded. Book Nook. 47 W, Congress,. RENTAL library, erecting cards,, stationery · Swanberg's hooks 1028 -N Park Ave 2-7001 -_ CEMENT WORK EXPERT workmanship -- foundations, floors/sidewalks, patios, etc. Free estimates.- -4-0333. . - . - ; - - · CONCRETE floors, sidewalks, fndnts: curb; patio wall, g.50 up. Est, 5-7591, MASON. FLOOR CO. Concrete work, all kinds, colored floors, a -specialty. Free estimates. 2-22SQ. ·- . CESSPOOLS--SEPTIC 1ANKS E it M PUMPING CO Cesspools and septic tanks,vacuum- cleaned . Latest equip; prompt reliable' Dial 6-0191. HAYDEN EXCAVATION Dial ^-6451 Our Reputation -y«jr ;Gunranteg MASON precast concrete septic tank. Approved counto-dty FSA. $5S ·delivered Ph-: 2-2260. McCARTilV'S Septic system Installed and cleaned. Free Insp and estimates Licensed contractor 327 S Adams- Phone 3-1485 TONY F. WARD'S Cesspool - Pumping LICENSED -CONTRACTORS--- 4-1J33 CESSPOOLB; seoUc , tanks .cleaned: Ucensedjulumber " W Ganr Fib? ·«nd Heating :102r N 3rd Ph 3-3131 WARD BROS. PUMPING JtHOUE SERVICE- J CesspooU-'and^septic, .tanks 1 '-vncuuro cleaned: For reliable serv: Dial 2-2411. CHAIB RENTAL' " UU41 RilNTS chain lablej wcrv thing for-VOUT- D»rtv.^-oi31:-i···:- ·· - CONCRETE BLOCKS ' _ PERFECT'BLOCK CO. - Sine* W1 We Sold T\v* . 10 t. Umberloit Priv* PU1 3-«rn KBB WEBB,DIM. 3-2711 2H7 H 1ST AVE. ELECTRIC HOTPOINT · KITCHENS?!?. Dial 5-7471 ask for Harold Low at the G tie H -Electric Appliance Co, WINDOWS and doors weatherstrlppea. Aluminum awnings, ficreens-.remodel- Ing. Licensed, insured Skilled work, men.. Payments Jf desired Fre«, es- tlmatc. Dial 3-1530. * BATHROOM .remodel- -FHA'.. flnanclns For' estimates call · Pe'Ier L. Cooper. 5-5924. to-add an 'extra room, remoael or build a new home? Call Elmer B DQbson; een. contractor. Ph 3-4350 1st CLASS 'new constr Repair remod. Large-small 'Lie. sen contr. 3-5829 SUli- COS'THACT Wo.ck laying censed contractor. 3-8167- E B Baker Ph. , stucco work, pmtchlns. Good work. Reasonable prices, 5-S5S8. 1ST CLASS work New remodel, re- oair . Licensed 'contractor Ph 3-8459. HEMODELING, additions, or new construction. First-quality work only. Call ior free estimate. Carl Nielsen. 5-4066. .COOLING AND BT ATING COOLING HEATING, electflc .repair * r i trnuhlA vprvlrf Call W a r 3-tffl42 DETERGBlvTS NEUTKAt. CLEANSER, an All-pur- Dose Detergent -for Commercial and Household use $3.25' per cal For un- medlgte delivery, · call · 3-S232. BRESSMAKING alterations, shins ard suits, belts, buttons etc. Vi-Ans Sewing Service. 55 -E. Jackson. 3-6171. FAITH Originals, bard to flt sizes. alterations 1915-E -6th 3-4477 DRESSMAKING alteration household -sewing. 1030 E, Lee Sv. 3-8379. DRESSMAKING--Tailoring, sceclalu- Ine in alterations. 2609 E 5th 5-3619 RIjBCTRIC SERVICE U£NT A HOOVES CLEANKK Tank or Upright TUCSON'S ONLV AUTHORIZED. 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" 35T Toole : Ave.; Tucson. Ariz. ALL SHIPMENTS FUI.LY INSURED AT NO E3CTRA COST" ACHOSS tfle street : or. across . tne Nation Complete movins oacklng. storaRe snlppi"? service i Tucson Warehouse Transfer Co HO E gth St Ph Z-333T . Egtahlished IM2 j Shrubs. LawnZ Reuovatl: Park Nursery W \7st3o-e li ;ls. 3-3501 ;uuuis, J-JPUA JMUNCULAS and many other oulba RAJMUN an many o t e r o u a Sweel pea seed, ftye cran seed Mum stock and other bed fling plants A Violets Eastburn's. -3-0332 734 Z 8 "FERTILIZER, J4 yd --2 yds 17 DELIVERED.: PH. 6-0631 J»A1NTJSG OaOOKAXING INT£fUOK - ZXTJEKIOS. DalntlJIR.' mi-. nor repairs Promut. "eiflclent^rea- sonable service; -3-3412, 3-Q97T fAlNTING at living prices Time payment -arranged free -st' 3-9507 payment ^rranKgu r rer "M j-g^m INTERIOR exterior paiDUnK Blaster patching, jpraylni! fondexine. 2-3871 mSBIOfT^' exterior' painting 11.50 " or ijy contr Use ^Free'est. 5-7394 NEED A rellaWe painter^ Call or 5-409D tNTEBIOH i exterior palntlna pape tsjs Color specialist can 3-K\a tor exterior. IJcensed. re»SP Ben Hall Ph 5-««2« BOYCB- B WSLLSTCicensed nan«r- haneer and "painter Dial S-pOO x SLIMINATE oealln» onr briclc ,.jnd RAXIO WALLS ; PA1IO W»lli. -^cement work. Tlxn- ctone terraces. Frer- estlitial*-^ Ph, S-4T34 ^ *.i -·* ^ 1 ^ · HIGH concrete, block, Jl-M S' »».«. 5 'S3^0^ Jncludes all labor and material. Lie. Contr. 5-7581. - Tucson Pump- Repair Co; Sales and Service . Prompt efficient repairs and Installa · Aeents -for Byron Jackson .and Red* 3544 Los Altos Dial 4-0373 'REFRIGERATOR .SERVICE COMMERCIAL Se«rt«eration Service --any hour 01 the twenty-lour Call CLOVER-CLARK INC · 2-4628. FOK SSLIABLE service on all make reirlcerator." call- Prince Enelneer. Ino -Phone · ft-BSfi' RESTAURANT SUPPLIES t, RESTAURANT SUPPLY HOTEL _ 2f,T6 :s 4th Ave. ROOFING Tucson RoofinE i Supoly CO. 428 E 7th .2-1181 5-M15 SAVE on rooficc and insulation «.u work, euarantsed Freer "Kumares '' 3 grnJJ*§SpH.» CO HOFFMAN Roofing- Paint Co Re- rooflng 2513 N Stone Dial 4-0312. UUG.. CLEANING RUG furniture cleaning Carpet service. Stanley White. Phor.e 2-5163 SANIJ -AND GKAVEL CALL OUR farm ior top 'soJ gravel mortar sand, fill fertilizer Ige rock, tractor'for rent Ph 5-4458 or -0162. SCHOOLS AIRLINES Needs young men women. Men needed as Station Aaents, Radio Operators Radio. Technicians. Technical ^Ton-Technical Ages to 35 Girls needed as Hostesses. Commjni- catlonlsts. Reservatlonist. Ages 13 to 30. unmarried, high school graduates Interview, by appointment only. Can Mr. J JK. Burnett for appointment at Pioneer Hotel, beginnim: Tuesday moraine. Central- Schools . Airline Training n*_uiy3smn, ^_--. CESAinC ART STUDIO , Lessons in Ceramics 19 TM Campbell Ave Ph 6-1601 ONA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fully accwdited business 1 school- 111 E Broadway Dial 4-1021 1 E B ATLJfi GATLJNS SECRET AR1A1 SCHOOI 306 S 'Ston. 4-02S2-- Indlv · In^rucrion- COX COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Southern Arizona's Oldest and Finest 44S S STONE D1AL--2-23IJ1 SEWING MACHINES FOR EXPERT sewiEH machine repair- ln« call the Singer Sewing Machine Co Fret estimate PBon* and .our service man will call s THE ONLY Singer S«w1n« center in Tucson 1$ located at ^ Slngpr Sewing Machine Co. »8 E Congress St ' Phone 2-74BI PFAFF i sewing machine N sales -and .124 N 41h .Plai SPRINKLER SYSTEMS AWN sprinkling systems installed. re» estimates Folger's eh 5-'!"^ STORE EQUIPMENT" RtJSSMAN Com'l refril! Frank Samuels -Ptst ' STABLE PADS, TABLE PROTECTION with heat 4T waterproof, wasliable -uads S*r samiMes frer ets ^-1W^ IJTB" bath bRAlNBOABDS, . JV««, estimates D -U. or -.'i-3412. ,V'JKPHOLSTEBI«G C it M STUDIO--LIvinK room flirnl- turo--n«w, repaired--upholstered, ra E-- "Delano '-_Pone-' 3-8022. rtojlrinn. 4S«B.-sth Dial 3-1552 mx- riNIST; work at the lowest 3rt-wrJtMlcheri Firm" ?· * -Conr**** PISICS UPUtilJiTlkV and repalrUuj PiOC« J-Mli 2015 S.-4th. MAYTAG 24 HOUR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AUTHORIZED ' DEALER BEACH WASHERS «t A.PP. CO. 170 W CONGBESS DIAL . MITCHELL'S': ... pick-up and delivery service on n makes of washers Let experts repair your wasneis · 101 W CONGRESS Olal 2-761 Ext WELL PRILLING . CARL PISTOH TM...G CONTHACTOR 1 and S 4th-Ave. Dial g-7212 j:uLn diiu a tui ./^TC. b.iu« FOKSYT3 DRILLING CO 422 E: 1 Mabel ' Dial 3-3S31 422 E; MflOel · uiui j-ja. A"." A. McDANIEL, drilling contracto 120S E Rocer Rd Phone' 2-0. r j82 LOST AND FOUND LOST--Pekingese" male. Brown with black nose. Friday morning on, or near Santa Rosa Grant Ed. Name "Teddy." :Seward. Ft. Lowell School Caretaker, FOUND--Horse, speckled -white, no brand,- sA, Maple;. Grant : corner. ^-7153--5-2825. LOST-- Black Vldnity 1026 Catallna E way^ Phone 6-0644. Tan Toy Police £og Speed- PLATINUM bar-pin-with small dla- mond at or near University Stadium Saturday · night. - Liberal ward. Call 5-4206. FOUND Saturday Collie type female vicinity Speedway andvTucson. Blvd Phone. 5-7203. LOST - Black billfold " containing money, and check. Reward. .Return to 332 E. Laguna. ' ULTIMATELY Y O U WILL PRINK 'RAINBOW WATER LOST-- Binoculars. Miniature- si . chrome .plated In small, leather case, at or-.near.Rio Rita tavern Saturday evening. Reward. Phone 2-OQ3Q. PERSONALS X DIAMONDS X OLD GOLD X ANTIQUES . Cash Paid at Once Grunewald Adams WE CONGRESS , MRS. BROOKS- Born psychic Can UelD solv« »ll protlems .34M;N Stone: Meadaam" · gliiec .psychic confidential advice .tells important dates mid-chsntt-s 3028 Talnnount Teacup rtlgs Thurfeves Soc J-770B SWJiDISH MASSAGE steam bath, Acnes .Thompson «-S Fremont Dial HAKOLJJ. KYAN. Soeclsl Agent. jReo- resentinK PBnDENTIAL Insurance ComDan-v: of America^ Insure Your Hom*--tvi6rtJrt«e Loans"Phone -C-OFt72' SH5 NURSERY SCHOOL PH Z-IB84, -MBS ADEN 214 S · OLSG? - - MRS EDWARDS Psychic advice on all sutllects Ma S -th Pbone 2-MM LEARN TO DRIVE Arte Driving School 8-1383 er MOii , MRS.-LEWIS, Spiritual psychic" reader. ' Will- advise and help von on alliBroflerotV bosi- nsss or personal 'Hrs; 10 tja-b p.m 2513--N -Coimtry Cltib .5-5860 ROCK steam batlw3wedlsn,nvt««K« Colonlc Irrimtlon 2-9630 WHISKS STfcMGHT VOICE OF TRUTH , WORLD'S FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST LIFE ADVISER Mrs., Myrtle TRUE ADVICE, Even deepest mystery solved. No- heart so sad I cannot change to happiness. I'm unequalled unfailing advice. .: $1 SPECIAL READING $1 Daily i in trailer at Lacy'B Dugout. corner 5 6th Ave and Benson Hiway OPPOBXUNITY TO. EARN $25 weekly, for a few hours spore time Choose own hours. 3345 B, Speed way. '· - · ____^_^ SMALL PHY Play school. . kindergarten. Phone 5-01121 L. NEED QUICK CASH Turn vour Diamonds - into Dollars at CRESCENT JEWELERS 200 East, Congress Alcoholics Anonymous Dial visre Box REV. KISSEL- spiritualist reader null help vou 113 W. Laeuna 3-6316. MEDIUM td;AD£S Crystal Palm tstry card readings 200 E 33rd 5t DII'TICUl/r prohlems cnnflrientiall.i discussed -, Elizabeth Bullock, g-3174. ELLEN Stew irt chiroDodist Fool correction specialist 270 N- Church Ph 3-4931 EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 8 SERVICE, UNLIMITED 195 E, PENNINGTON- DIAL 3-873! HELP WANTED. Male CAHPLNTEKS 6t BUILUIWC. MECHANICS Bulia : Your Own House We furnlsB eastside lot and cm struction monev all for STr dn t-10 nionthlv Inn 29J7 E *i *it Ph 5-B43S TELEVISION servicing amaieur FCC license - Enroll, now Day - and 'eve Classes starl. soon 2-2050 evenings SUQ SALESMAN wanted, experienced Steads work, sood DMI 121 E Congress: Union Bricklayers Wanted Joo of lone duration in K Paso, Texas.; Present scale J2.50 Per hour Joo working five nine-hour davs Double time for overtime Robert E McXee General Contractor toe El Paso. Texas. SOAP SALESMAN" ODoortunlty -for man with rijint background to de- velon .into .Mncral sales manaser wltb -new concern; :Write -in. detail irivlnjr experience, .educationsace personal data · Ster-Citlzen Box 434 EXP SHOE SALESMAN in familv shoe store Part time Sat 3398 E Speedway. WANTED--Barber. Rood steadv, 1oo , Roosevelt Barber Shoo 02 E Broad- wav. Ph. 3--22DO ·E3CPEBIENCED ^salesman- with..car:to ^sell our complete line of furniture aopllancex ^ Permanent position u salarv it -cornm Western Auto SITD- Plv Co 11'S «til Ave ROOTE salesman for dry ^ cleaning open territon-. sslarv commUsion must tave.^ar Supreme Cleaners 2332 N- Stone. TRAINEE maintenance engineer Krad-. uate, supervise plant maintenance Good opportunity for vourur man wito Initiative.- aoilitv to plan." and 'leadership potential Previous maintenance experience not essential' Salary plus overtime approxlnurtely.131. 1 ) STL Month Contact-United States G-rasum ^Co. Platter Citv -Calif. AMBlTlotJS younit men see jid und5 FKESSER Schools. Central -School Airline., pl- .GLASS· »ntS BJemtn Bowver Motor Co.. 1237 In.^Stonej. NIGHT dishwasher, 1 must Jiave transportation or live nearby, ^olar Bar, 344fl R Speedway. - TOP MAN as manager,-for used cars. Musrbe'experiencec" a live-wire Salary fie comm. deal. Write Star- 1 citizen Box EXPERIENCED .salesman, hlch tjual- Ity men's wear.-Fxeellent'salary and ' Star-Citizen.' Box 502. f J P U r t U I l l L . V . OUtl-k-JLl^^ll, ^JUA I/I/". YOUNG MEN A«» VETEHAT1S . Ages .13 to 24 free to travel 48 states. Liberal wages', while training. No experience necessary. See Mr. Hodfle. 1 Tu'csonia : Hotel; --Man or young fellow to do general cleaniJig in restaurant. hrs. each morning. Ph. 2-2028. EXP.- BAKERY helper. Apply In person. 'Broadway. . Village ;Bakery Bro^dwnv at Country Club. Route Man. $45 Star-Clt. gox YOUXG WAN with fountain..experience. P olar Bar._ 344g_E. Spe edwar EXPERIENCED route, -driver. Aoply after-^:30 p.m. Peoples Fue] 'Feed Co gs.i St Marvs Hd HELP WANTED. M. R - SOCIETY of Tucson desires couple "to operate kennels- and office of new Plma j .County AnJmal^ Shelter Good salary and dwelling. Reply Hiving references and experience 5tar-CIt, Box 4Q2 : -v EXf, MAJ-E ,or female , heautician Weterncr -Hotel.- S-2753. or 2. single women Of single 'v/oman - and , man, to cook -and" manage kitchen and pantry in private boarding school. Good wages and accommodations. Star-Citiwen Box 505, * SALESPEOPLE for. Pima,. Cochlse Santa Cruz Counties.'Excellent earnings. Ph, 6-1985. HELP WANTED. Female IQ YOUrJCi LADY to wait On customers. Apply. Varsity Cleaner^ Laundry R21 E -3rd 4 attractive energetic ladles. 5 dav week. EO od pav, ra pid ad^ vancement; Apply 407 E. 9th.-8-9 a.m. OPPORTUNITY, to. earn ;$25. weekly for a few liours spare tiroe Choo:. Qwn-;-'tao_urs.^3M5 E. · Speedwgy. WHITE or 'Indian -woman, xe housework, live -in.-/1733 E : 3rd. STENO-EILLING -clerlr ·· CaM. accurate t y - o 1 s t :no shorthand.: necessary should · know office machine* and ,bookkeeping., aple- to handle fleta)] · assume, responsibility- flood --"salary ~ working', conditions. A4I reDlies : -arp ^qfjdpntiaJ- 'Star-Citizen tion selHnK"from vour home 'Must have- ownsohone; McCaU's and other leading tnana- ziues Local department store co- o»eration ·-.: Answer.-··fflvin« ohone mlrnber Star-Citizen - Box" 139Q; unji women.vsee ad .under- schools, ; . Central. Schools-. Itn-'e';-'Division. . manlcurkt..-Wanted Drush'la'K-'Beauty-.Salon:.Ph" 'W1231 WANTED B E A U T Y OpeflATOR. AKCADE BEAtTTV SALON, 49 ~ WOMAN --(witb child) 1 --.to -do- lUtht housekeeping cxchance-for room Ph ^HOSTESS -- CASHIER ^ . Experienced woman -lor part time work at 'exclusive' Carousel restaurant. Hours 5 'to 9 X Jn. E9one' «-027l . 9:3)J io- 7 or sleep In. "No heavy Jatmdry, *80 month. 2221 E _Sth,. . -- JExperienced on topping and presstag pants. Steady work. Supreme 'Cleaners **2332 N, Stone .^.i^iuurf -A^/wwu T. ****** ---- Sleep In let a£ time. *Must*ll!e~chlldren and »vc Jocai Teferenee^Fhone 5-fl217 WdSA*( for kitchen'help,'Live in. St. Joseph'! 'Academy. Phone S-51il, SECliETAIUAL position. Reply own handwriting stating 1 age, experir ence; permanency, salary expected, Local references preferred, v Star- Cltlzen. Box 1386. · ·__ ' DESIRE, mother s helper for young couple with'2 small children. Room, board and. small salary. Please call 5-6110. TO LEARN photo finishing, print a*- veloping and ceneral procedure, Ex- pericnco unnecessary. Star-CIt,. Box No. 500. waitress - car hop over -21 for nicbts. Ph. 2-3008 after S p.m. · ZXP. -CASHIER for cafeteria. New VorK Cafeteria. 235 E. Congress^ WOMAN for chambermaid- .general work. Live in. Cntalina Cunst Ranch, N.. Campbell Ave. YOUNG lady, neat, for soda fountain. Must be experienced. References Alcazar Drug Store. Grant 6? Maple. SITUATIONS, Male 11 ~ New, remodeling', modernlzlnu, " finishing. hanging doors, shelving, hour rate. · '2-44B7, -- With reierencefc and- chauf- feur'e license, desires ponering or job of any kind. Phnnc 3-6834. - -Watering - Lawns mowed - Housework - Babvsittin« - Ironinc - My home. 5-1977; . OUTSIDE painting. Bondcx 4c so. ft. -paint furnished. 3-S716. block laving, rougn, Bv hour. Ph. S-g)3Q._ Cabinetmaker FfnNh Carpenter Han* donrs. remodellnc Sr-Hh Ph 5-81136. 1ST CLASS-tool-die maker, production, working foreman plant : mflr-, design, estimate sell, supervise. Looking -for position or proportion. Slar-Cltteer. .Box 503 , BLOCK WOllK. naintlng./ carper.try work.-Cal! after 2, 6-1311. Clll. HIGH 777 CLASS SALESMAN,-grocery, 'mechanical, service" Have own: car. Would consider, position.- dlstrihutor- ^v,« nv n ««Ti/.« star-Citizen Box 501. ship or ^EXPERIENCED rout*' salesman .and professional driver -.of light or. heavy. Health excellent. Good references.' Ph. B-OB01 EXPERIENCED Ins. Agent interested. In securing position-with local general .insurance of/ice as. afient. 'Star- CltizCT Box 498: WINTER: LA'WNS. Shrubs, planted. Tree pruning, yard clcanton.. Ph. iliUAl'lONS. Femaia 12 TUTOKINGr BY- E:CPERIENCED TEACHIR 'CALL 3-9243 AFTER 4:30 MAIDS at your SERVICE For reliable domeslie help by tha nour^ day or ijermanent. · Re/, checked; IS41 E.- Edwy- Hrs: 8:311 to- S 2-8497. Curtains.any,style.wash.-stretch exp, Mrs" Gordon^ 1000 E,. Spring I-«9a2. T Y Pi Nfi .dictation UiT-mv home- E Prfnee - B/U3V ;SITTERS-,- adults' health cards.. Brcndle'*' -Parent .-SMters -Exfthang*. 8-0872- uK£S£MAiCER bener Kind Ref*r- ·ences* Remodellnc Formals Rea-v noKli vm N ^ ' FAMILY, · LAUNDRY~Tho -wav. YOU: like it--My home 2620 N Balboa.' 3-3089 SWEDISH C66K - Kxperlcncirl. de- tires cooMng Jn home witn children. Phone- 5-70TO/ J50NE-My home, quiet s*rvlce.-ivill pick up. Phone 2-1918, EXPERT -tram«l car* ^ven fflint; toy home "Any Uasls.-^Ooctor's references.* BrORdway-AJvernon district. Phone - - . · ~ ^~ 1VANT homewot*. No launtfry, t39 X. 'KACTICAI. nuraclMjeslrcc nltbt fiay work; Dtpendttl*. Ph. I-22S*. ·

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