Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1930 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1930
Page 4
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Att o cm A E»i*«w w^r**. A **• A JOKE HOPEFUL f ••'•• *y WStsftt it. BAtftn, C«rre*po«*M»t. D. C., June S.—lent Hoover's business survey ice has found American indus- :kea by fl. hearty public con- in the future, struggling suc- lly to overcome the temporary ;*b&ck It received from the stork- et crash last fall. ft revetw of existing conditions Blore than 100 linos of business public by Julius Barnes, con___i chairman, the following out- nding trends were announced: 'Large American industry continues tsarry out the construction pro- .am forecast last December. f'Cbntmued capital improvements pporte<l by large-scale financing idence a 'confidence in enlarged hire earning power and preparation it. **?'ln America and Europe there are dences of increasing reservoirs of •^cumulated credit with consequent licreases of interest rates, and re« ting benefits for production and trlbutlon." ; JThe conference which issued the re- was called by Mr. Hoover last 11 Immediately after the historical :cent of stock values appeared to mace American prosperity. Jft the current report virtually every e of domestic business was found tiding its own, but foreign trade ipects were not found so conductive optimism. niln April, the report said. American tbreign trade reached the lowest level " seven years. This was blamed on commodity prices, import restric- ,j, political disturbances, and low "iness levels is such" leading oom- Trcial countries as England. Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, and India. '^Building and Loan associations are «U|ing a good business, the report said; Wirings totals remain practically un- Mkanged, with normal withdrawls; and vjper cent more life insurance was tfcrchased last April than in April, flSu'pplementing previous reports on lUblic and utility construction, the ference said non-residential build- i was approaching last year's value. iwever, the value of home building „, May 23 totalled only $460.000,000 as Compared with $867,000,000 in the same tyjriod last year. MBullding contracts of all kinds let •ft far this year were valued at $1,913,- t .OOO as compared with $2,310,000,000 •the same period last year. tf.iA.pril production of automobiles was Aliid to exceed any previous April, save U|39, and magazine advertising , for Mfcy showed a gain of 6 per cent over f y, 1929. n the face of generally lower prices, tae retail industry was said to show substantial improvement and many f res were reported as making busi- B gains over last year. Mii IRENCH WILL MAKE iHOW OF STRENGTH By SAMUEL DASH1ELL, Staff Correspondent. June 3.—The consummation kjjf France's exhibition of her Mediter- ijitnean power will take place at PaH a Jaly 14, when the independent Fi-ench- '^kerian army will parac! 0 . :n full pano- Jjly and imperial .^rr.ndeur on the oc- sion of the iiational holiday of the JtepuMic. ....(, excuse for this display of the __lrica.n forces will be forthcoming colonial exhibition at Vincennes, which •wfll attempt to impress insular French ~~ irisians with the fact that France is B second greatest colonial power in 0 world. y sending President Doumergue a large retinue of parliamentarians to North Africa, France intends to/ leave no doubt in the minds of jjpjitieal observers that she must be i^pkoned with henceforth as a world pMwer of the first order. J"The Algerian centenary is merely ',',* i> 'pictorial disguise under which the ( France is assuming the role in .a of ancient Rome, which was ted by Mussolini in Tripoli three ']• JLTB ago. • It is reported in semi-official quarters NCd UPON ATlMt Paul M. Warburg, internationally* known hanker, after graduating from a school in Hamburg, Germany, accepted a position with an expo rting firm. His duties ,' included sticking labels .on stockings • and other merchandise. that the result of the Algerian inspection by President Doumergue and the cabinet will be the unification of the North African colonies and protectorates. Morocco, Algiers and Tunis, and that the political exigencies of the Moroccan and Tunisian protectorates will be worked out diplomatically with the Sultan of Morocco and the Bey of Tunis. French colonial psychology, as revealed during the visit of President Doumergue, shows that France will make every effort to join her North African possessions with the Sudan and Niger, and these with the mandated colonies of the League of Nations, inherited from the World war, into a powerful African, federation. DON'T SUFFER FROM CONSTIPATION Prevent It This Pleasant, Healthful Way Beware of the frequent headaches, the listless feeling, bad breath and sallow complexion. If allowed to continue, constipation may get its grip on you and serious sickness can result. The poisonous wastes in your system must be removed. Kellogg's- ALL-BRAN is guaranteed to do this—safely, completely. Just eat two tablespoonf ul&' 'daily—recurring cases, with every meal. Poctors recommend Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. Because it is ALL- BRAN it brings complete results. better than habit-forming drugs or pills that are often dangerous. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN not only prevents and relieves constipation pleasantly—-it also supplies your blood with the iron it needs to keep a healthy color and a strong body. Ready-to-eat with milk or cream. Delicious with fruits or honey added. Use it in cooking. Recipes are on the package for muffins and breads. Sold by all grocers. Served by hotels, restaurants and dining- cars. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. _ . M ALL-BRAN Improved In Texture and Taste 7 Stick Reed or Fibre or Reed Porch or Sun Parlor Suites All full automobile spring seats, finished in the newest finishes. Coverings of French cretonnes of (he 15test designs and colors. Davenports of extra length jhese are all full sized suites. Three Pieces, $50.00 to $175.00 Odd Chairs and Rockers, $9.99 to $45.00 e still have a few of the special Fibre Rockers at $9.99. SUMMER NEEDS Porch Rockers Standard Refrigerators Porch Gliders Philadelphia Lawn Mowers Porch Matting Estate Gas Ranges Porch Runners Porch Swings t!\ej)lhing thai is new under the Sun .lor llic Jiuu Arrow Furniture Co. 1430 llth Ave. A, W. J.OIIHKN, l'rt». Dial 2-9537 JIOM1.K E. \VKSiTUKOOK, bee. WEEKLY HEALTH TALK By 1JH. THKOnoltK B. AW'EL, Secretary of Health, Pennsylvania. "A few weeks ago prominent eugen- ista met in Mnnhattan to discuss the problems of generating children sound In mind and body. Many important subjects were discussed. Of course, tho outstanding question was the health of those who were likely to become parents. Healthy progenitors, healthy children. The importance of this rule cannot be denied. Selectivity on a biological basis is bound to develop a finer and healthier type of individual. But there are other matters that rould also be wisely considered In this connection," said Dr. Theodore B. Appel, secretary of health, Pennsylvania, today. '"It is one thing to be born healthy and sound. But it is another problem to stay that way. Health officials for years have realized that the battle has just begun whdn a baby, sound physically and mentally, has been ushered into the world. No more eloquent proof of this fact can be found than in the intensive solicitation that official health agencies have exhibited for the babies and young people of this country. Prenatal and well baby clinics, tuberculosis preventoriums, anti-diphtheria campaigns and vaccination against smalljox are but a few examples of the extreme concern that is exhibited for the nation's young. That the efforts have been more than justified is proved by tho magnificent, and in many instances the spectacular, results that have been thus attained. Unfortunately, however, the problem does not end when the young people have arrived at the age of discretion. "Being no longer under parental control, the young person chooses his own method of living. Too frequently he is guided by the example of his parents. Late hours, excessive use of mild stimulants, indiscriminate eating, lack of exercise and fresh air, and in short, a general disregard of the fundamental rules of existence, are by the force of example, impress- ed upon them by tho older folks. Arid to all of this are added the high speed arid nerve-wrecking pleasures and pursuits of thft present age. Such conditions where they obtain do not tend to develop sound and healthy parents. • "There are, therefore, two good reasons why older people should be Interested in their own health habits and display for themselves as much intelligence in their own welfare as they do for the children In their homes. First, they will be better physically and mentally by living sensibly, and they will at the same time be setting an example of which their children will later be much in need. "Let .the work of eugenics go on and increase. But the main problem of those already in the world is to attain health and continuously work to keep it." flBSf RADIO HBAtftffilS SCHEDULED POft TODAY (Copyright, 1680, by United Press.) WJZ (NBC network) 8 p. m., (E. D T.)—Pure Oil-Lopez hour. WJZ (NBC network) 8.30 p. m., <E, D. T.)—Llbby world tour. WABC (CBS network) 9 p D. T.)—Mardl Gras chorus. WJZ (NBC network) 10 p. m., (E D. T.) —Westlnghouse salute. WEAF (NBC network) 10.30 p. m., (E. D. T.)—RKO hour. m., (E. WFBO, Altoona, 8.15 p. m., (E. S T.)—Altoona High school commencement exercises. Fresh—Pure—Delicious I! SALAM TEA "Fresh from the Gardens" n In Packets and Individual Tea-Bags 773 w Quality At Attractive Prices A Saving In Every Purchase at Shaffer's Potatoes 7> Fancy New No. 1 Ibs. Penn Alto Butter Churned from Pasteurized Cream 33 43 The Best Butter in Altoona Cottage Grove, a good Creamery Butter, lb. 41 c Has a Delicious Flavor Look for Triwheeler Coupon IO C > / Cocoanut Buns .*. ,. Doz. 2OC Crispy Crackers Pkg. 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