Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 11
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Curtis Studio Mrs. John Leo Appel Jr. Young Says Pair Vows in Pasadena Many guests from L o n g Beach attended the wedding ceremony in First Methodist Church of Pasadena w h i c h united Hildred Meliss Arm! tage and John Leo Appel Jr The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carleton ·Armitage, formerly ol Long Beach, now residing in Pnsadena. The bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Leo Appel, flew from their home in Rye, N. H., to attend the service. Given in marriage by her father, Miss Armitage wore a traditional white satin gown which had been worn by her sister for her marriage in the same church. A three-quarter- length veil and a cascade of while roses and stephanotis circling a white orchid completed her ensemble. ·» i; «. » MARCIA SWOPE of Long Beach came f r o m Arizona State College in Tempo, Ariz., to serve as maid of honor. She was attired in a princess- style dress of emerald green satin and carried an arm sheaf of red roses with red ribbon streamers. Bridesmaids Ann McKnight and Mrs. Richard Boles were gowned identically. Robert Brotherlin served as best man; Thomas Armitage and Charles Gerry s e a t e d guests. After a reception in t h e ' church cloister, the newly- married c o u p l e left for a honeymoon in Acapulco and Mexico City. They will reside in Rye. The bride is a graduate of Occidental College and is affiliated with Gamma Kappa Thcla. Her husband, a member of Phi Kappa Psi, is a graduate of Dartmouth. Mrs. Otto Louis Strobel Pair United in Downey Church Rite Two-hundred-fifty guests attended the d o u b l e - r i n g ceremony in Seventh-day Adventist Church, Downey, which united Norma Jeanne Batson, daughter of M r s . Alpha Porter Batson, and Otto Louis Strobel, son of Mrs. B e r t h a S t r o b e l , Whittier. As she repeated vows after W. G. Guymon, minister of the C h u r c h of Christ, Whittier, the bride was gowned in a formal dress of White taffeta with appliques of lace. Her veil of illusion was held by a pearl headdress. Mrs. Ellen Batson, matron of honor, and bridesmaids Evelyn Stewart and Beverly Adams wore emerald g r e e n pcau de soie gowns with matching headbands of net and pearls. Barbara Gaston and Jane Exley lit altar candles. * * i;= + OTHERS in the wedding party were John Cauffman, a e s t man; Frank Bosomworth and Keith Openshaw, ushers. The bridal pair received at the church's Beitz Hall, !hen left for a honeymoon in Hawaii. They will reside in Santa Ana. The new M r s . Strobel, dean of girls at Will Rogers Junior High School, is on eave of absence for the remainder of the year. Both she and her husband are graduates of Whittier Col- ege; she is a member of Atheneans. Don't Patch a Manicure A patched-up manicure is a sign of slipshod grooming. Whether you are a housewife or a career girl, the tasks you perform daily will cause your nails to split or break and your polish to chip. The easy way to "make do" is, of course, to use an emery board on the uneven nail, and apply a new coat of polish over the old one. IF YOU'RE faced with a last-minute engagement, this often can't be helped. But don't fall into the hnbit of patching up a chipped manicure. Beautiful hands are important to all-over beauty\ And unless your nails are well cared for, your hands won't be lovely to look at. A patch job just won't do. Take the time to remove the old polish. Soak y o u r nails, take care of the cuticle. Three OES Units Report Palos Verdes Chapter 310. Order of Eastern Star, will welcome members al a re- obligation meeting Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. in Palos Verdes Masonic Temple, 5155 E. Pacific Coast Highway. Chairman Amelia Ritz announces that an invitation to attend is being extended to all Eastern Stars. Long Beach Chapter, OES, will meet Friday at 8 p.m. in Palos Verdes Masonic Temple for its courtesy night. Isabel Berkhan, worthy matron of El Patrol Chapter, and Elvert Herman, worthy patron of Palos Verdes Chapter, will preside. Ruth Clark and Cora Lee Goodwin are co-hostesses of the evening. Jewel Club, OES, will meet for a noon luncheon Thursday at 124 W. 14th St. A business meeting will be followed by an afternoon at cards. MISS PEACH How Columnist Reduced Rapidly, Still Felt Fine! By DR. GEORGE CRANE CASE D-468: Daniel, 24, i next to the youngest of ou five children. Last summer he fast-talkei me into going on a diet. Bu he knew I wouldn't responc well to a positive type of re ward, for I don't have any great yen for any special gif or prize. So he decided to prod m into action with a negativi goad. "Pop," he began at the din ner table that fateful night "is you aren't down 30 pound in the next eight weeks, then you must take Mom and go to Europe with Dr. and Mrs Goff. "What do you say? Is it a deal?" Well, I was out on a limb And he knew I wouldn't go to Europe even if free tickets were handed me, for I prefer :o see America and spend my money here at home. So I consented to. the deal And I knew I'd get into rea: action with that hazard lying ahead. * * * WELL, I started on my f a m o u s dehydration diet wherein you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days. It was midsummer, but I allowed myself a total of just one glass of fluids the first day. And I decided I'd rather divide those eight ounces into two half-cups of coffee. Meanwhile, I limited mysell to 1,500 calories of food per day. On the second day my fluid intake was raised to two full glasses of total liquid, including coffee. And by the third day, I went up to three full jlasses. Sometimes, if it was hot and I sweat a great deal mowing the lawn or doing other manual labor, I wept as high as four to five glasses of fluids. But I was surprised at how comfortably I lost weight. And I never felt any excessive thirst, though this eight- week diet ended on Aug. 16, ri|;ht in the middle of the summer. * * * * I USED NO drugs to pep me up or speed up my metabolism. 1 don't like to prod my faithful heart into excessive action, for it is my stomach that needs to change, not my "motor." For breakfast, I'd consume two pieces of toast which I covered with crunchy peanut butter. I'd use cream and two spoons of sugar in my coffee. That satisfied me quite well, and I kept on that standard breakfast for the full eight weeks. For lunch I'd take two or three thin slices of cold minced ham or other sandwich meat. But I'd wrap the meat in cabbage or lettuce leaves instead of bread. I could then feel pretty full with only 300 calories of such meat. For variation, I'd take a full cup of cottage cheese (200 calories), sometimes with a spoonful of jam or honey thereon (25 more calories). ~ tf * :;: AT SUPPER, I'd often have two fried eggs, two pieces of toast, plus coffee with cream and.sugar. If you take your coffee black, and without sweetening, you can save about 100 calories and apply t elsewhere. 1 usually had 200 calories eft for a late snack before bedtime, such as a banana or a glass of milk. Hot dogs and lamburgers arc also good, as well as easy to count (100 calories apiece). When I went to the office, carried my cabbage leaves and sliced meat, thereby avoiding the temptation of restaurant fare. And I stayed away most of the time from amily dinners where food is )iled high. At the end of my fourth veek 1 was down 15 pounds. knew that 1 could sweat off he final five to 10 pounds, if iccessary to meet Daniel's By Mcll LOM *" ch ' "'"" Tl """"' f '"' *'" M INDEPENDENT--Page B-3 [-·VOU SAY ARTHUR 15 A \MlSSPeteH \ POORCONVER5ATONAMST? fwt'tl H \ t -- . J TRVINS T/~) I TRYINS TO TEACH HIM THEARrOF SMALL TALK/ PRETTY \ 6OOO. KIP. A LITTLE SMALLS NEXr TIME. CE3 Pattern 8378 3-8 yn. lemands, but I kept going lown pretty well, so I didn't estrict my menu or fluid in- ake further till the last cou- 'le of days. Then I made up my final ew pounds and got under (he vire. And 1 looked 20 years ounger! By BARBARA BELL Simple lines and bold contrast highlight these sew-simple mother-daughter frocks. No. 8377 with our PATTO-RAMA is in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Bust 31 to 40. Size 12, 32 bust 4% yds. 39- nclr, % yd. contrast. No. 8378 with our PATT- 0-RAMA is in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years. Size 4, just 2% yds. 35-inch; % yd. contrast. Two patterns. To order, send 35 cents in coins to: Barbara Bell, Long Beach Independent, 367 W. Adams St., Chicago 6, 111. For first-class mailing add 10 cents for each pattern. Print name, address with zone, style number and si/e. Send 35 cents for your copy of the Fall . Winter issue of our complete pattern magazine Basic Fashion. Here's a Real Dandy By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I am a 46- year-old bachelor who is in ove with a 27-year-old woman with two children. Her d i v o r c e (fort w h i c h I a m f p a y i n g ) i s ( pending. t I bought her a new car and s p e n t m o r e r than $1,000 f o r " clothes for her md her children. She says she'll m a r r y ABBY me when she's free, but in he meantime I don't see much of her. She saves every Saturday night for me, but every Tuesday she dates her old boy friend (she says she's .rying to let him down easy). On Wednesdays she goes out with her boss. (She says her ) o n u s depends on Thursday nights she this.) "free ances" with the girls. Sundays she reserves for her lusband because he likes to see the kids, but he stays al night against her lawyer's orders. My friends say I am eing taken for a ride. Am 1? DOUG DEAR DOUG: You are not only "being taken for a ride"--you'll be lucky if you don't get hurt in the traffic. * * z # DEAR ABBY: 1 am a sopho- Hints * nomemaker By JANE CARVER smooth the rough edges and npply a new coat of polish. A fresh manicure is not only a beauty asset, it's a morale jooster, too. You look your )est only when you've taken he pains to cover every small detail. (Advc-rtlsp.mont) Stops Constipation Due to "Aging Colon" New laxative discovery re-creates 3 essentials for normal regularity. As you grow older, the internal muscles of your colon watt also age, Iho strength lhat propels waslo (rom the body. Stagnant bowel contents become so dry and shrunken that they fait to stimulate tho ureo to purge. Relief, doctors say, lies in a new laxative principlc.Old style bulks ai;d nioiit«nrr.s may create pas, take 3 or 4 d.ijs for relief. Old-style salts ar I drugs cT/imp and gripe the entire system. Of all laxatives, only new COI.ONAID gives you its special 3-wiy relief lhat works only ofl the lower colon (area of constipation). (1) COLOKAID moisturizes dry, hardened waste for easy passage without pain or strain. (2) COLONAID'S unequalled rebulking action helps re- tone flabby colon mu«c!«. (3) An:' CoLOMin acts gently, on the nerve reflexes that stimulate the vital "mass movement" ol your lower colon. COI.ONAID relieves even chronic constipation overnight: is so prntlc it was hospital proved safe even for expectant mothers. Ard COLON un won't interfere with absorption of vitamins or other food nutrients Get COLONAID today! Introductory size 43f. SATELLITE SIGHTED Gary Dromgold gets a "fix" on nearby satellite-with an assist from Mike Templeton--to impress earthlings Jane Stone (left) and Joletta Bergdoil. Four look ahead to space age themed parties at Call's Fine Arts Center Wednesday and Thursday for their Sophomore Dons and Debs and Beaux and Belle dance clubs.--(Staff Photo.) THERE ARE many inter esting ways of using onion besides the usual recipe treatments. S p r i n k l e instant minced onion over orange and grapefruit segments; add a tablespoon or two of wine vinegar and brown sugar and chill for several hours. You've a most unusual and appetitz- ing relish to serve w i t h fall ments, game and poultry. * ·:· ·-'·· * CHICKEN EVERY Sunday? Yes, if you wish, but ol'tener .00, especially when conven- ently p a c k a g e d frozen chicken parts are available at your grocers. No cleaning required, no cutting, just cook- Alpha Phi Mothers to Assist Drive Plans to assist chapter members in the annual Heart Drive will be made when Alpha Phi Mothers Club of Long Beach State College meets at 8 p.m. Wednesday Club fo Sponsor Public Dinner Seal Beach Junior Womens Club will sponsor a ham dinner from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Seal Beach City more girl. I'm not especially beautiful, but I'm not exactly ugly either. Let's say I am about average. Abby, if I had my wish, I would wish that I could turn into a boy every time there was a school dance. J would go around and ask all the broken-hearted girls sitting on the sidelines to dance. "ON THE SIDELINES" :'f # * -}: DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who refuses to leave her house because she is afraid her 18-year-old daughter might eat something. This daughter looked like a b;iby elephant a year ago Her mother took her to a doctor who put her on a strict diet. The girl lost about 60 pounds, but she still isn' skinny. My friend says every time she leaves her daughter alone she finds empty cans of spa ghetti and pork and beans and she can't trust her. We have had many argu ments over this because I say the mother can't be a police man all her life. I'd like your opinion. GOOD FRIEND DEAR FRIEND: You are right. Although overweight is a physical problem, it usually has it? roots in compulsive eating -- which is an emotional one. Standing guard 24 hours a day will not help. The girl needs to see a psychiatrist. ·i-- * * * DEAR ABBY: For my 12th birthday last year I was given lear Results of Statewide School Study Findings of a subcommittee appointed by the state to make an extensive study of|| the schools of California were discussed by Dr. William V. Liiwlor when he spoke before members and guests of Gaviota Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution recently. As a result of t h i s study, state legislation will be introduced covering all grades from kindergarten on. The study was conducted over a period of more than a year in different areas throughout the state, Dr. Lawlor said. X * :l: * DURING THE business session, conducted by Mrs. Rus- M. Brougher, regent, Mrs. H. P. Dunlop was named as delegate to the 69th DAR 'ontinental Congress to be icld in Washington, D.C., \pril 18-22. Alternates will be Mmcs. A. [.. Murray and Roy Harmon Wolfers. Delegates who will attend! the 52nd California State Conference at the Statler Hilton in Los Angeles, March 'Cooky Shine 1 Is Next for Pi Phi Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club will have its annual Cooky Shine next Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. H. B. Crosby, 4325 Faculty Ave. The Cooky Shine, a special fraternity celebration, is a favorite of all Pi Phis, actives or alumnae. Hostesses 'or the occasion will be Mmes. Joan Knotek, Neil Philips and C. R. Woodruff. Reservations should be made with Mrs. Crosby or Mrs. F.. R. Straten. a bike as my one and only present from my mother and father. I had an accident on it and haven't ridden it since. My father wants to sell it. I think I should get the money from it as it was my bike. I wouldn't spend it foolishly. Just on clothes. Please answer soon. EDNA DEAR EDNA: I think the money should be put in a bank--in your name--and you should be able to spend it with, the approval of your parents. * v ·;· i- WHAT'S YOUR problem?" For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this paper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Wednesday Lunch Long Beach Auxiliary 71, United Spanish War Veterans, will have noon luncheon Wednesday in Veterans Bldg. Velta Hunt presides at 1 p.m. VACATION MINDED FLY ... MEXICO CITY 10 DAY ALL EXPENSE TOUR Total Price -- 269.00 ACME TRAVEL --5004 Faculty LAKEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER Phono MEtcalf 4-2700 I Long Beach · Santa Ana ng. Try this recipe: Thaw I j l S - l R , are Mmes. E. J. Weller, package (1 pound) frozen chicken breasts, drumsticks, F. C. Murphy, Charles L. Carpenter and R. M. Brougher; at Soroptimist House" on I H a " w i t h " le p u b l i c i n v i t e d ' Dinner chairmen, Mmes. Benny Rapp, William Sandau, campus. Arrangements also will be completed for a theater party March 16 at Long Beach Community Playhouse. Hostesses will be Mmes. Harry Howison, W. S. Shi fa- ley and Ruth Forgie. Marx Dressier and William Deeley will be assisted in serving by junior a:.d senior i members. Tickets may be] obtained from any club member or at the door. highs, or wings. Place in [alternates, Mmes. W. H. Gil- irge skillcl. Combine '/· c u p i i j S i A. F. Bonzer Sr., J. W. canned chicken broth, /, c u p J B n i t t o n . A. H. Lyon, Fred D. chopped onion, 1 tablespoon ward, I.aun L. Storm, E t h e l ' salt, dash each of thyme, marjoram, and black pepper. Pour over chicken. Cover and cook an additional 30 minutes. Makes 3 to 4 servings. MONEY Classified. Loan" for the cash you need. CENTER, that's See "Money to Alpha Phi Alumnae Long Beach Alumnae of Alpha Phi will meet Wednes-j day at 7:30 p.m. at the home: of Mrs. Scott Gillespie, 7012 i E. Ocean Blvd. All alumnae are invited to attend. j PALM SPRINGS NATURAL NOT MINERAL WATER · Turho .Jet Swirlpooi Bath --·== · Contour Tubs · Rock Steam Rooms · Inhalation Room ·Two Therapeutic Pools · Foot Swirlpooi Imrtin Roorm · Moling, and Scotch Mill (Reservations phone FAirview 4-3351) to till Hurt if Film Spring: Indian Kn. ni Tinquitr, thrown (Cafeteria COMPLETE LUNCHEON DINNER SPECIALS MOW., JUES., WED. ONLY, 11 AM.-S:30 P.M. -- YOUR CHOICE -BAKED HALIBUT FRIED GHBGKEN SALISBURY STEAK -- INCtUDES -Cols S|AW or Carrot Sfllad -- Mashed or Swco* Potato -- Vegetable -- Bread or Soft Rol! -Pudding or Fruit Cobbler -- CofOo or Tea "A CROWN CAFETERIA fOK TH£ Q(/tffV CUT' FREE PARKINS · HOURS: II A.M. to 8:30 P.M. 10! ALAMITOS AVE. · LONG BEACH * HE 2-5000 uffiimS' hails Revenescence by Charles of the Ritz Even the y o u n g e s t skin is nicer with Revenescence . . . wind, cold, heat, steam and just general living can destroy natural moisturizing agents. Protect your complexion . . . keep it young -- and younger with Revenescence under makeup and at night! Revenescence Creom 3.50* to 27.50* Liquid Rovenescence $6* to 17.50* Buffurns' Cosmotics, Sfreef Floor *plut Fed. fox

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