Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 6
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V6--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Uni Inch, Clllf., Thun., Frk V, IM» HUMPHREY URGES NIXON ABANDON NATIONWIDE SENTINEL MISSILE PLANS WE CAN 'DISEVFLATE WITHOUT DEFLATION,' SAYS MARTIN INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS.TELESRAM [PMJ-A-7 Long IMdt Clllf., Tnurl, Ftk. V, 1H» MINNEAPOLIS (UPH -Kormer \'ice President Hubert H. Humphrey urged the Nixon administration Wednesday night to aban- uuii pl.iiis in deploy the Sentinel antiballistie missile around the nation. l h a t . he :aiii. \vuiilii "lead us buck ;o the darkest davs of the cold war." He argued that deployment of the SlO-billion missile system would scare off Russia from entering into an agreement to stop the arms race. Moreover, he said, it would be futile -- the miasik-s would be out of dale by time they were in- sialled" Defense Secretary Mel- Yin R. Laird has ordered a hall in construction on siteo for the ABM while the matter is studied. But he has expressed an expectation thai work will be resumed when the study is completed. In a speech prepared lor delivery as pan of the University of Minnesota's international week program. Humphrey contended: "If we begin to deploy i!)is system, we will inevitably raise doubts in the minds of the Russians about our intentions. We will force them to improve their own offensive mis- sile forces, thereby postponing further a freeze in the arms race. We will add new uncertainties to a strategic balance that can remain stable only when each side is satisfied it knows (he composition of ihis balance. "Anything we do to disrupt that strategic stabili- ty." he said, "will lead us back again to the darkest days of the cold war." He said that while the presently planned "thin" Sentinel network would cost $10 billion, "a full system, directed against ih- Soviet Union, would initially cost in the neighborhood of at least $40 billion to SBO billion dol lars or more." The "tain syslc m is designed 10 »uard against a nucleai attack by Communist China. Deployment of the Sentinel would only spur Russia to develop more sophisticated offensive weapon* as a counterbalance, he argued. "The offense can always be a step ahead of the defense -- our generals and scientists agree on t!ii;." lie said. At the same time, post- puning deployment would noi mean ending research on ABM technology, Hum plirey said. WASHINGTON (Jft -William McChesney Martin Jr. concedes thai the Federal Reserve Board which he heads moved loo far toward easy money last year. He promises Congress Wednesday ihat the board will hold a tight rein in 1969. "I think we can disin- llate without delation," Martin told members of the Senate-House Economic Committee, in a hearing spiced with criticism of the board's recent policy. "This has never been done before, but 1 hope we can achieve it."' To flatten out the price-wage spiral without causing serious unemployment and a business recession, he said, will require a gradually intensi- fied restraint, not an abrupt braking. But the slowdown effect of the 10 per cent surtax already is perceptible, Martin said, and "a further slowing seems highly probable'' until midyear. Then the country will have to guard against a resurgence of private demand and more inflationary overheating in the second half of the year. "Whether such a surge in demand will in fact occur cannot be predicted with any assurance, but it would be foolhardy to increase the risk by adding the fuel of easy credit." Verbal sparring between Martin and ihc committee chairman. Rep. Wright Patman. D-Tex., a regular entertainment feature of the annual hearings on the state of the economy. brought occasional titters from the spectators. Patman. an easy-money advocate who is Martin's oldest antagonist in Con- L'lvss. opened his question period by assuring t'ie Reserve Hoard chairman he was not waging a vcndoi- ta against him. "I have never charged you with anything bad." Puiman said. "Just mal- feasance." prompted Martin, in smiling reference to .1:1 incident at last year's hearing. "I have accused the Federal Reserve Board of malfeasance, mmfcasjiice and misfeasance," Patman conceded amiably. Then he lit into Martin -- using the terms nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance -- for allegedly having allowed inter- est rates to rise so high during Martin's 18-year chairmanship as to be an "extortionate, disastrous" burden on the public. Interest rates paid by t:io U.S. Treasury have doubled during Martin's regime. I'atman said, and ;his alone will cost the taxpayers .SS billion this year. I he chairman speeded his flow of words each time Martin acted as if to speak up in reply. "You have been the most costly public official in the history of tht world," Patman scolded. "You have a terrible record." Patman used up his full 10-minute questioning period -- and later on, a second one -- without asking a question or letting Martin reply. one day only Fashions, Second Floor WOMEN'S DRESSES vol. to 12.00 0 . 7 7 Wone'-.'s c 1 e C!''.d two piece dressc- 1 : i'i n r.o-'ed fabrics ana coiO'i. Sizes 8 to 20. WOMEN'S DRESSES val. to 20.00 W O T ? " : o--e end *vo piece and j ei 8 iu iS ^-.a '.-'·':· :o 2-! ; .;' /, an colors. 9.97 -ie! Sportswear, Second Floor WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR reg. to 21.00 T.77 Women's ccelate jump suit dresses, shifts and two piece suits. Sleeveless acetate suits in solids ana prints. WOMEN'S EVENING WEAR 3.99-7. to 17.00 Women's evening shells, skirts and sweater shells in silver, gold, white and black crepe. WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR Famous Label 1/3 to 40% off Women's wool-cotton knits creslan tops, cupns, skirls and sweaters. WOMEN'S VINYL SPORTSWEAR 1/3 to 50% off Women's washable vinyl jackets, skins, capris and culottes. 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Outstanding voice Ca^r-or. v.-o,en jacquard bedspreads, iiJ: :vze :·': pknd:-, y-pe'. solids ora : i ; - . » - iies. MARTEX-PEPPERELL HAND TOWELS to 2.50 if perf. 59 C From the looms of Martex-Pepperell comes this outstanding selection of hand towels, cotton terry at itr, best in solid colors, prints and jacquards. MARTEX TUB MATS I. 3.50 if perf. Save more ihan \'i. Minyte i'-perfec' : or : '.·-. r o v.-av impair wearing aualitiSj. 203* wide rorqe of i-r/'C! colors. 72x90 BLANKETS 2.99 5.00 if perf. 72x90 thermal weave Market?, snjggiy v.·-.]··· ·.'. ·.·,,·.- ter -- so delightfully cool in lum'ner. Intimate blei-d of rayon, nylon and cotton bound m acetate binding. 72x90 size in wide color range. ASSORTED PLACE MATS reg. 1.00 and 1.25 J 7 Special purchase of assorted place mats. Select from pebble effects, the new wet look plus many more in big assorted patterns and colors. LINEN KITCHEN TOWELS teg. 1.00 59' f . r s t qjai:ty 16x29 .:· palters a-d col- Sewing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Third Floor F.·· 19.00 up 29.00 up r-r ; cleaners 19.00 up Housewares, Lower Floor 2.95 Laigs plostic -.vastebaske!: 1.97 i'2 95 Dependable G.E. percolators 8.88 4.95 Stainless steel steak knives, set of eight 2.69 4.95 Four piece cutlery set by Flint 3.99 5.95 Hibachi for easy broking steaks 3.99 2.95 Stainless steel eyg beater;, 1.98 5.95 Cai Dak laundry c a r t s 3.77 PRESTO PRESSURE COOKER reg. 17.95 I I./ / ^ '.'.OOvGri, 6 qt. si^tl fea- ,. ··'-·. ·· c.-;:,u r e faster, bel- Draperies, Fourth Floor 6.99 Antique satin print, A$" X QA" 5.99 Antique satin print draperies, 48":54'' 14.99 Slipcover, i o'ton prints, ^ofa or cha ; 6.95 yd. Upho^p.-y fabric. 54" '.vide 4.98 p". 'iier curtains, 24", 30" lengths 2.49 e.'i. 100% dacron'i-' poiyesie- nog ao' ix».e'i. 4i",;8i" special Useabie re.T.i-.unti, up to 3 ydi . . . 4.99 pr, . . . 3.99 pr. . . . 7.99 pr. 1.68 yd. 1.19 pr. 99cea. 59c ea. TABLE OF CLOSE OUTS M 2. O f f and More T i e r c j r t o ! · · , por,o : .-. ti'Tippries, window shades and I Oil 3. Furniture, Fourth Floor SLEEPER SOFAS 109.95 reg. 239.95 Fu!i size sleeper sofas, choice of covers and colors. Makes f u - l S'.'.e bed with innerspring mattress. Fantastic '.aije! Lav ciuy a* this price. LOOSE PILLOW BACK CHAIRS reg. 1 19.95 OO.UU Io·--···' ::··.'O-'' '·,-;'· f ··;·. ail with snepherd c^'en. Q i ; - - ' i - : : i.,j/e'i '.-.: ?"···:, 'ong wearing fabrics. 299.9 j Conteri'oorc: / :-jios, 100" long with heavy tweed cover: 188.00 229.95 Ou.lted lo-.e ,0:.', with loose pillow backs.. 133.00 209.95 Dual purpose corner group 1 38.00 219.95 Walnut finished bedroom sc-t, 5 pcs. ... 144.00 FRENCH PROVINCIAL BEDROOM SET reg. 69.95 ea. 48.00 ea P c Choice ct post?" bed, f o v r drawer chest, four drawer flrf.,'^-. !)'_,.j.;i-v' :ih r ';. d'-vs-, desk bookcase or corner ;"95 H:',r. i / 3 - : - - i.-...-c! roc- e-:, ·,.-/! covers 66.00 V9.95 Cn..··-·· --.I -·:·· ,..- .- -i - 18.00 7 V.95 5 p:. o.i ete -". r ·.!· proof tops 58.00 39.95 Wa.'./ i-'ineci record cabinets 24.88 89.95 Wair.jt fmis-.ed hutch bookcases 69.95 29.95 Brass tree lamps with three lights 19.95 39.95 Oil paintings 29.95 69.95 Twin size quilted mattress and box spring .. 38.00 109.95 837-Coil mattress and box spring sets 69.95 DU PONT NYLON CARPETING reg. 7.95 yd. 3.99yd. 501 DuPont nylon carpeting with double jute backing. Choice of colors. shop fridoy 'til 9:00 p.m. he 2-7451

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