Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 23
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"Prosecutor Gives i Closing Argument in Montesi Case!; '-"/ VENICE. Italy W _ Public ·.'' Prosecutor Ccsare Palmlntcrl ' ' began his final areument Mon ' ' day in Italy's sensational Wllma i · Monteil death case. The trinl . ' h » · dracged through three · ' months of hearing: before a '\ three-judge court here. ··'·· There was no Immediate In ·.) (Mention how lone tho prosecut- · ; or planned to take for his sum-, mary of the complicated case, ':: nor what judgment he would ask against the three principal °*, defendants. . , They are jazz pianist Glnnpl- cro Plcclonl, son of a former ' Italian foreign minister, , cused of manslaughter * for .abandoning Wllma on a beach where she was found dead April 3,1, 1953; Roman man-about* . town Uco Montagna and former Homo Police Chief Saverlo Po- llto accused of trying to help , him cover up the case. Police Slay Bandit'(,,in Runh-Hour Battle $. · NASHVILLE. Ten.n. UIS _ Police, hampered by pedestrian*, and rush-hour traffic, finally shot and killed a liquor store bandit Monday afternoon after four separate gun battles in a teeming business district . ; | Patrolman Ernest Cattleman was wounded' In tho hand by the biillct-ipriiylnc bandit, Walter Taylor Mitchell, 36, n Negro, of Nashville, but more than 13 other officers escaped Injury. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTINQ OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING bo In accordance with Sped* Chief Knglneer. llcallcna WD-11.67. which .peclllra* 4. All blda muit be aealed lions are on file In the office of the ' Ueneral Manager and Chief En«l* where coplea thereof may be · Legal Notice NOTICE OF-NON. RESPONSIBILITY Notice li untlerilirneij hereby given by the llohart A. llryin, formerly reelillni,* it 2441 I'lne, Lang lleerh, California. tint ifter dm date «1 May It, 1U67, hi will not lie r*. iponilhle (or any ilebta, llablllllee or obligation* Incurred hf any jier- aona other than himself, DaleJ May 17. Wl. HlBneil/HOUAHT A. tlRTAN Pub. Way M, au, 21, 1957 (3t) L.11.I. obtained. All hlda mm! upon nfflc» be. aubmllted forma to be secured at ice nf the General VJanaffir Chief Engineer. 4. All hlda mtlit be aealed and accnmiunled by a certified check or liank drill payable to (he City Auditor of Long lleacli and drawn on a accompanied by a certified i liank draft iwyahle to the Cll Auditor of Long lleach and dn on a aolvent bank In Loa Angale Counly, or a satisfactory bond I an amount not leaa than 10% f luch bid, ai a guarantee that tli i contrac ifter auc Mil vent Long hank or a eatliractory bond In Loa Angeles County, contract la tendered to him (or nature, eiecule and deliver auc contract to tli Hecretary of ih Hoard of Water Cnmmleiilonera, to- Itether with a good and sufflclen nut iT/mm ma,i iu-,v in rum mil. ·· «.corporate aurety bond equal to 25^ guarantee that the bidder will, If,of the contract- price conilltlnne .warded a contract, within ten (ID) upon the f a i t h f u l |wr(onnanca days after «ueh contract la tendered aurh contract. Igelei In a n amount bidder will, If awarded within ten (10) daya not leaa than 10% of Mich bid. aa a to him for algnature, eiecute anc deliver alien contract lo tlte Secretary of the Hoard of Water Commissioners, together with a goof and aufflclent corporate eurety bone equal to 15% of tlte contract price ·ondltloned upon the faithful performance of aucli contract, 6. The Hoard of Water Commla- doneri reaervea the right at any lime prior to lha awardlnc of a contract to reject all bills. Dated «t Long lleacli, California, thli 16th day ' UR Ile of Ma , ay, 1«57. JIHKNNAN fl. THOMAS Qenerjl Managnr and Chief Engineer Long lleacli Water Department Pub. May SI. 1837 (111-- L.ll.I. NOTICE O r N O N . R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y Notice la hereby i denlgned John W al 3MI7 Bo Fund Approved for Study of;. Slides on 101: · SACRAMENTO Assembly Wnya (UB _ The and Means Committee Monday approved «n appropriation of 5300.000 for · « study to find out how to , prevent landslides on U.S. 101 north of Santa Monica, Assemblyman Harold K, Lev. · ( erlng (R-Lo.i Angeles), the bill's .' author, warned that "one of California's greatest disasters" could occur on the road U larc« masses of earth should fall at a time when auto traffic U bumpcr-to-bumpcr. In passing the bill, the com · mltteo amended It so that the . money would be taken out ol . the state highway fund Instead ' of the Investment fund. iven hy the un- Koherson, re- California, that after the' date ol May 21st. 1357, he will not be re HKinilble (or any debts, llalillltle, or obllgatlona Incurred by any |ier -ina other than hlmielf. Haled. May SO, 19.17. Hlgned/JOHN W. nOIlERSON Pub. May 31, 22, 33, 1H57 (3D--LIlI. NOTICE OP AUCTION HALM OF UNPAID HTCMAUK In accordance with Urn provisions of Hi* Wareliouw Ild-rlpt Law, them being duo anil u n p a i d itonie rliarue. o[ I1.N28.27, (or which Tin .Veil Coant Warehuuie CorgHiratlon a entitled to a Urn aa warehouse* man. nn the inercltandlm hcrelnatter leacrlbeil, anil due nullre, havlim been elven to parllea known tg claim an Intereit themln and the line ippclllcd In nuch notice lor uiviiwnt of iiuch cliareea liavlne ««· lr»d, nutlet la hereby given that heir merchitniilie, »l|f tw M ld at uibllo auctlnn at Thn Wrat Uoait Varelwiiiin CoriHirallon' w«r«lion«, Mer A, Wareliounea 7, 8 and 9. Lonn leach Harbor, California, on the hint (3rd) day of June, 1957, at U:OU A. H. Tl« merchandlM tn he old cotiitita of 16m Caua I.iilFf Czech Commies Claim Vote of 99.06 per Cent VIENNA. Austria W--Hadlo Prague said Monday 99.06 per " cent of valid votes In local elections throughout Czechoslovakia Sunday were cast for the Coni' munlst . controlled "national .. Iron." candidates. .Interior Minister Rudolf Barak. The outcome of tho vote was a foregone conclusion. Czechoslovakia Is H tightly-controlled · Soviet satellite. , Barak said 8,899,460 voters were eligible to vote and 8,834, 042 or 99.26 per cent did so. Of these 8,822,039 were valid and 8.739,491 or 99,06 per cent were for tho national front. lags containing t, each and ion Caaea Lliler li«Ki containing 13 each; stored by, or for, France. Re conilructlon 1'lan al th* above ware hoiiae. Weit Coast Corporation Pub, May 21, 27. 1857 (51)--L.H.I. . NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR K H I l M I H I I I N d AND DB* I.1VBHINO LIQUID CAUSTIC HODA tm WATER TREAT- MKNT, 1. NOTICE IS 1IK11EBY GIVEN THAT, pursuant to an order by (be lloanl of Waler Commissioner! of Ihe City of Lone llrach, Calllornla. blda will be received at the ofllce of Ihe (leneral Manager and Chief Knglneer. Room 40J Municipal Utlll- llea llulldlng, 315 West Broadway ' - lleach 2, .California, until 101 , A.U. on Thuriday, Jun , , al which time aald blda will lie 6, 1967, iiubllcly opened and declared, 'urnlahlng anil delivering to me City o' Lone lleacli Water Department approximately 350 tona of Imilil cauallo aoda per year. 3. Said liquid caustic aoda ahall he In accordance with Hnrclfloatlons WD-7.67, which specifications are upon forma to be eerureil at the ifflce of Ihe Deneral Uanagtr and Chief Knglneer. 4. All blda muit ha aealed and accompanied by a certified check or bank draft payable to lha Clly Auditor of Long llcach and drawn on a aolvent bank In Loa Angelea Coun- y, or · mttlifactory Inmd In an B, Th« Hoard of Water Com mlatlonera reaervee the right at an time prior lo tlm awarding contract in reject all blda. of . Dated al Long Heath, California thla IBth day of Mav, 1B57. HHENNAN 8. TJIOSIAH General Manager and Chief Knglnee Long lieach Waler Department Pub. May 31, 1957 (H)-- L..D.I. 41401 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Na, F 3681 On the 3rd day of June 1957. al 11:00 A.M.. at the Kut entrance to the Hall of JiiKtlca. Loa Angelea, California.. BANK OK AlilKIIICA NATIONAL TRUST AND BAVINUS A8BOCIAT1ON, a* Truitee under l)«d of Trail dated April 19, IBM, executed by Virginia llardeily, a w ,' ll ° w ( _·!"' . K TM"'?'» "· ·»"'·· «, , . I Official of Loa llook 447K, Itecorda of Paga the 292 of County Angelei. -California, given to it-cure an Indebtedneaa In favor of ^ohn II, Carrlaoia and Lupe J. Carrlaoia, huiband and wife, at 1olnt tenanta, by reaaon of the ireach of certain obllKallona necured jherahy, notice of. which wai recorded nn January SH. 1857. In Book S.H7S, Page 261, of Official Ilecnrdi of aald Loa Angelea County, will II at public auction to the hlgheit lea, at time of aaie, without covenant or warranty, expresa or Implied. to tllle, jioaeeeilon or encumbrance!, the Inlereit conveyed o and now held by the aald Trua- e« under Mid Deed of Truat, In and to tha following deacrlbed NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR THE IMPROVEMKNT Of ALLEYS IN BLOCK EAHT OP- WALNUT AVENUE BETWEKN SIXTY-K-IFTH STREET AND NORTH LINB Of TRACT *IM IN THK CITY Of LONU BEACH. CALIFORNIA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN (hat pursuant ro Statute and to Itesolu lion No, C-lta:«l. lleaolutlona of th Clly of Long Heach, the lleaolullon ordering the work hereinafter men tinned, adopled nn the 14lh day o May, 1957, Ihe Clly Council of ult City Invllei and will receive aealei iropoaala or bids at the office Ihe City Clerk, Room 101 of Ihe Jlty Hall, In aald city until 10:;« o clock A.M., on Tuesday, the 1811 day of June, 1957, at which tlmi aald blda will b* publicly opened examined and declared by nid city ,'ouncll, for the following work, or mprovement, to wit: Paving the roadway with Port, and cement concrete pavement, 1 ncliea In thlckneaa; constructing 8* J ortland cement concrete gutter; and doing all neeesaary grading In ha following alleys: on llle.l'n tin nfflcli of the'ceneTarln block eaat of Walnut Avenue be. Manager and Chief Engineer, where tween Sixty-fifth Street and Nortl copiea thereof jnay be obtained. jLlne of Tract 91U.'I excepting any .1 All hlda muit be submitted of the work lierelnabova described already done. All of the work aforesaid ihall he done In accordance with and to the llnea and gradea nhowti on "Plana i 8peclflcatlona No. 11-26IH for the Improvement of Alley! In lllock Eail of Walnut Avenue between Sixty-fifth Street and North Lin* of Tract BIOS, In the Clly of IxinR Reach, California", on file In the office of Ihe City KnElneer. Said plans and flneclflca.lnna ara-hereby referred to for a full and detailed deacrlptlon of laid proposed work. amount not leaa man of auch bid. u a guarantee thai tlie bidder will, if awarded a contract, within ten ( H I ) daya alter auch contract la tendered lo him (or ilgnature, execute and deliver auch contract to the Secretary of the Hoard of Water, or Improvement, and ipoai for , the de- , .- ........ acrlntlon of tfi» grade to which the , ..... ________ ... CommtaAtonerB, together with a Roodjwork la to he done, and are marie nil mfflclent coriKirate aurety bond - · · - - · equal In 25% of the contract price nimlllloned upon the faithful performance of purh contract. 5, The Hoard of Water Commla- alona reaervea the right at any time irior to the. awarding of a contract all bids. ) reject al. . . . Dated at Long lleach, California, thli ICIh day of May, 1957, 11RKNNAN S. THOMAS General Manager and Chief Engineer Lone lieach Waler Department Pub. May 21, 1957 (It)--L.11.I. NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR KUHNIBIIINCJ AND UK- I.1VKIUNO LIQUID CHLORINE X)R WATER TREATMENT part hereof, the name f u l l y aet forth herein. though Coplea of mild Plana t Hpecirlca- llona No. n-3664 may lie obtained at ·aid office of Ihe City Engineer, Itoonv 6112. City Hall, Reference l« hereby made to Hfao- lullon No. C-1C250, adopted by laid City Council of tlm city of Long Reach, on tha 1.1th day of February, 1957, declaring II" Intention to order ·aid work to IM dene, for a deacrlp- tlon of the work or Improvement, and the aaeeaiment district, and for further particular!, which Iteaolullon of Intention li on f l l n In the office of the Clly Clerk of aald City of Long Beach, Said City Cnuncll haa determined nd declared that aerial honda ahall OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING laid Clly of Ixinc lleacli. Hald Clly Council haa determine md declared thai aerial bonds iha be Issued lo rspreient each aasri ment of twenty-five (S5| dollin i over remaining unpaid for thlrt ilaya after the data- of the warran for the coat* and ex|ienie! of sal work, or Improvement, aa prnvldi In aald Resolution of Intention. Th* proceedings for the aforeaal work, or Improvement, ahall be ha and taken under and In aceordanc with that portion of Ihe Street, an Highway! Code of the Nlate of Cal lornla. known and designated aa th "Improvement Act ot lull". llirsusnt |o Part 2, Chapt ·i , ',,. Cll Article VII, of Municipal Cod the City o( Long Reach, the Cnuncll, hy lleaolullon No. c.lbOtt. haa ascertained and determined th general prevailing rate of per diem wagei and overtime wagea for eac ·it nr type of laborer, workma · mechanic reo.ulred In tha per irniancn of public work, A cop of aald Reaolullnn la on file In In office of tha City Engineer. Hal ob claaalflcatlona and general prevailing rale ol per diem wagea an overtime wage ara Incorporated Herein by reference thereto wit Ika Inrcn anil effect aa If axpreul aet forth herein. Any contrac' awarded nereundar ahall provld :hat the Contractor muit compl frith tha general prevailing rate o ler diem wagea and overtime wage ·neclfled In aald Iteaolullon.' lildera limit file with each pro- m. poial or bid a check payable to th order of the Clly of Long Iieacn Certified by a responsible bank fo an amount which ahall be not Irs ban ten (10) per cent of the aegre gate of Ihe propoaal, or a corporate aurety bond In favor of Ihe City In aid amount, and aatlafactorr to the Jlty Engineer, or a bond for ial mount and ao payable, algned by he bidder and by.lwn (2) luretles ·ho ihall justify, before any offl ·r rointieteiii to administer an oath n double th* aald amount and ovei anil abov* aUl atatutory exemptions, lllda muat h* aubmltted on forma irovlded therefor, which will be urnlihed . by lha City Englneei ipon application. Tha City Knglneer ahall fix thi. Ime for til* commencement of con- Iructlon at not morn than ten (1UI aya from the dale ol execution ol he contract by the City Knglneer nd for the completion of aucli work a the aatlsfacllon of the City En- Ineer within sixty 160) days from aid date of execution. If the Clly !ouncll of the Clly of Long Read rders any work incidental to the naklng and confirming of the aa* eaaniBiit. the Contractor ihall com* Inn said work within fifteen (15) aya after the making of such order. The Clly of Long lleach reserve* e right lo reject any and all bids. Dated at Long lleach, Calllornla, hll 16th day of May 1957, MAUGAIlCT L. HEAHTWELL (HEAL) City Clerk 'ub. May M, Jl. 1S5T (211--L.IU. ^le.''V,u.ld!n7^'5V.t n ' U r 1 o.l,..y:i l " T hl' 11 "«"""""""' .nteVillon xng Jieach ... Cullfarrla. u n t i l JM5' W o.-k ,",r A.M. on ThuraUay, June 6, 1957. an ,j {ftkri for the atnreeald ·t which time ·*.. Mil. Will mhllcly otwtiftl and ilrclarrd, and di-JlvrriiiR to tl.« City of Long JJfach Waltr DPP ,,,,,, ,,, ,,»,, under and In accordance Motorist Knocks ·Doim Palm Tree, Woman Injured , , A 31-year-old motorlit knocked down a palm tree here Monday after his car jumped a dividing Island curb. The driver. Frank D. San born Jr., al, of 1829 Paseo del Sfll. Palog Vcrdei, told police he "must have fallen asleep," A passenger, Charlotte E, 1 Stelt/, CO, of 6209-D Seaside ' \Vk., had her Jaw broken In the wreck. She was treated at Community Hospital. Tho crash occurred at 12:1C n.rn. on Ocean Blvd. west ol llaltxm PI. The car was turned over by the Impact, . r.'Adlai Quizmaster · ' for Demo Show ; A Democratic political quiz, · , with Adlal K. Stevenson as I 1 ' ((uizmastcr and a panel of ills- tlnculshed political personalities, will be broadcast at 8:05 l today on radio station KNX. Thn quiz U a feature of the . Democratic National Commit. ' tee's "Fun and Ftlndfest' 1 beinE ^ held throuchout the country tonight, and will be pre-recorded .. In order to provide a set of questions (or distribution at the ' Catherines, Panelists will Include former ·'·President Harry S. Truman: 1 ,Mrr. Albcn Borkley, widow ol · the "Veep" of the Truman ad ; ministration; Sea John J. · Sparknwn (D-Ala) and Cover: '»ior Foster Furcolo of Massa. chusctts. ··rty, allualril In lha Clly or lang llcacli Count/ ot Loa Angelri, BlaU of California, to-wlt: lot M In lllock "D" of Tract No. 13773, In tli* City of Ixine llcucli, County of Loa Ancelea, Htata of California, a» r*r map recorded In llouk 2U, Varta 4 and 6 of Main. In lha office of the County llecorder ot aald rounty. Kor Ilia purpoae of paying ohllga- lloni Mcurvd by aald Dred uf Trust, Including leei chargea, and u- liruaea of tha Trustee, adTancn, If any under the ternia ol raid Peed of TnjHt and Interest therron. and M.MJ.18 In unpaid principal of the note atcured by aald D»«d of Truat, with intercit |n iliti data of aale. Dated April .'ID, 1857. HANK OK AMERICA . NATIONAL TRUST AND " 8AV1NC18 ASSOCIATION, as TnmlM By L. T. rhTERSON, Tram Officer '-' By WM. 3, ALLEN Aanlitanl Tru.t Officer Pub. May 1, 14, 31. 1957 (JO-L.IU NOTICE TO DIDDERS Notice la hereby given tint tho 3oarU of Education of thai Lonr* lleacli Unified School Dlnlrlct, County of Loa Angelea. California, will receive aealed blda In tha office of the Aaatalant Hecrelary, room 209 AclrnlnlflralKin llulldlnE, IIS Locuit Avenue. Long Urach, California, up to 11:00 o'clock A.M., May 3l, ISiY. for Hi. l,,llnwlnK; · Bched. «:i028-»--- Maintenance lumlw-r Bched. »:«i05O-- AthUtlo equip. Inenl Sched. #30S5-T-- Ca»h reglileri ^peclflcallona and hid forma may he obtained In the office of the IMr- cha.lng Dlvl.lon. 1'rlce, fltneaa and quality being equal, flrit choice will be given to auppllea grown, produced or manufactured In thn jtata of Calllornla, and aecond choice to auppilea itartlallr grown, produced or nianuurtured In the Jtata of California. The Doard of tiducallon reaervea the right to ra- lect any or all bldi and to waive any Informality on any bid received. I.UNO 1IKACII UNIFIED ,,i MC1IOOL DlSTItll-T Inent approximately 670 tona of liquid chlorine In tun rontalnera per year and anproiltnatelr 12(10 pounda of liquid chlorine In IbO-pound con- talnera per year. 2. Bald liquid chlorine ahall be In accordance with Hperlflcatlona WD-K-7, which ipeclflcallolia are on file In the office of Ihe Oeneral Manaeer and Chief Engineer, where coplea thereof may be obtained. 3. All blda muit be aubmltted uimn forma to be acrured at the office of the General Manager and Chief Knglneer. 4. All blda muit 1" aealed and accompanied by a certified check or bank draft payable to the Clly Auditor of Long Ue.ich and drawn on a aolvent bank In Loa Angelea County, or a aatlafiictory bond In an amount not leu than 10% of euch bid, aa a guarantee that the bidder will, If awarded a contract, within len (10) daya after auch contract la tendered to him for alg- nature. execute and deliver auch contract to the Uecretary of tha Hoard of Water Coimnlaalonera. together with a good and 'nufflclent corporate Surety bond equal to 35*% of the contract price conditioned upon the faithful performance of auch contract. 6. The Hoard of Waler Comm aalonera reaervea the right at any lima prior to the awarding of a, contract to reject all blda. I Dated at Long Reach, California, 1 thla 16th !·]· of May. 1957. IIHEHNAN B. THOMAS General Manager and Chief Knglneer lanf lieach Waler Department Pub. May 21, 19S7 (ID-- L.B.I. NOTICE INVITING BIDS ran KUHNIRHINO AND DE- LIVEIUNd HYDIIATKn LIMB roil WATEH TBKATMENT 1. NOTICE IS HEREBY OWEN THAT, pursuant to an order by the Hoard of Water Commlaalonera cf the Clly of Long Beach, California, blda will be received at the office of Ihe General Manager and Chief Engineer, Itoom 403, Municipal Utlll- lea llillUlllll!, 215 VVeit Broadway, Long lieach 3, California, until 1»MS A.M. on Tlmraday, June «, 1957, at which time aald blda will b« uh!lc!y opened anil, declared, tor with that portion of tli" fitre**t§ _._. HiRhwaya Cmlfl of the HUf of Cull. fnrnla, known and drulgnalM u thi "Imi»rovf-m«nt Art of J911". l*ur*uant to I'art 2, Chapter 1 Artie.* VII. -if Municipal ; odr n th« city or txinc-HMch, th« rity Council, hy Itpnolutlon No, C-1606.1 hai a^. B-n*r.-l cm ft or typfl of iaborrr, workman or mechanic r-?fiulr*d tn ti-« P*r* formancw of puhlle work. A cony r tainted and tiroTatllnr; rat« of and nTfrtlmn th« p*r diem lor « of tiald . In nn fll« In office of th« City Knglnrer. Satd job clunlflratloni and (ffntral itrr- valllnfr rate of p«r dlrm waxm and ovfrtlme wagr*i art Incorporatpfl lifrfln by r-fferenr* tht*rrto with like forcp and tfffct KM If eiprtn*Iy hereynder Contrftclnt Any cohtrarl ·hall provMn mint comply dlpm w " .clflel frrhpral prevalllnir r«ti of In eal overtime wagea Reiolutlon. .,TM.c . Bltidem muit file with each pro- nal or bid a check pnyabl« tr the order of the City nf Lonu Hearh. certified by a tri . bank, fnr an arnouht w h f r h ihatl be not than ten (10) per cent of the, a gate, of the, propoaal, or a corporate aurety bond |ti favor nf the, City tn ·Rid amount, and aatlpfartory to the City Engineer, or a bond for Mid , amount -and JH) payable., algned the. bidder and hy two (3) by , who ihall Juitlfy, before, any officer competent to admlnliter an oath, In double the, Mid amount and over and above all itatutory exemptions. DldN muflt be mibmlttrd on form* provided therefor, which will bo ItimlRhed by tha City Engineer upon application. RESOLUTION NO. C-16138 A HKSOLUTION OP INTKN- TION TO JMI'HOVK THK Al- LKYH IN IILOCKH KAflT Uf TWKKN J U T R L I N O l i A L L D1UVK AND A N D H K W 8 DHIVE, IN THK CITY OK U)NU- JJ^CII, CALUXJItNlA. Tli« City C mm fit of tlm City of one llcac). r*.,olvri an (ollnwi: Hectlon 1. That ill* City Council trnda (o nrtler th* Improvement of LL ALLBYB In block eaat of Call- rnla Avenue, between IJurllnKhall rive and AmJrewa Drlvt*, by t^vtnt-t e roadway with 1'ortland cement nrrets 5 tnehea In thlckne»; con- ructlng KIB »errlr« lattrala of rough t at*«l pipe; doine all nt-ctm- ary gruQlng and any pthrr related ork rejulrfd, excrpilnR any of the ij.rovenient tierelnabova tleicrlbed ready compli-ted. ti*c. 2. That the afomald 1m- provrnient »h«U be ierforined in ac* cordanc* 1 with plaitfi. profllei, tic- tailed «lrnw.npfl and atwclficatlone Nn. Jt-2648, which dicunient.i are on file In the orrice of |he City En glne-fr. and reference !· hereby made id ilocumrnta for k dftailed OTFICIAL CITY PRIMTINQ foe. 'J, That Raid con tempi a tei Improve ment i* of more than In-ri ir ordinary publln heneflt, and »ali Mty Council hereby d-*tcrmln*n am Inclarea t»at ih« dlxtrlet to b« )»n« flteU thereby and to be aawtu-ed ti pay Ihe coil* and expeniea th*treo In ihown on Hap No. 411 on I HP Ir Ihe office of the Hty Clerk, to whirl ri-OriMjr«i l» hereby nuida for a de pcrlptlon of the a*aeaiment fllttrlct kiid that f i f t y ptr crnt |BO^ of th Incidental e*pen»*i, for laid lrhprof»v men! and twenty-flve per c«nt (25% nf the alley conntnictlon coit ilial * paid by Ihn City. re. 4. Notlei la |iei-«by |flten tha ptinuant to the provUlan* of 8*ctlni 2MH of th« fttreet* and HlKhway Code, the nwncra of more than alxty per cent (60%) In ar*a of Ih* prop* ·rty auhject to the MvCMmenf ' ··Id Improvement hav* ·lRn**d filed with Ib* clerk of tlie City Council a written petition for »*|[ have walwd In improvrment. and vent I pat Inn procedure of Jh« "Hpev clal Aaa^Mmfnt Inv#»tl[?atlnn, Llinl* ' ' and Majority J'roi^it Act of . aa contatnrd (n th« Hlre*(i and IIjRhwaya Coda, H*r. 6. Th* City Council hereby dvtermlncB and declar**! that t)i« proceed InKi fnr the · f arena Id Im* |irorehi«nt ahall b« takn under and !unuant to that portion of tha Street! and Highway! Cod* deilg* aa the "Improvement Act ol 1911." and th«t ..erial bondu nhall ie lirtied] In the manner and form irovlded for In aatd Htreeti and Itghwaya Code, bearing Intereit at he rate of «ti per cent per annum, 0 represent each awe**ment o| Twenty-five Dollan (|25.0o or over, remaining unpaid for thirty CM] after th* date of the warrant. Bald *erlal bonda ahall extend over 1 period ending nine yeara from he tecond day of January nex ccepdlng the next October (If- .eenth f ^Mowing their d*t* See. 6, Notice ll hereby given that in Ihe 25th day of June, 19') 7, at he hour of 10:30 -o'clock A.M.. at he Council Chamber In th« City fall, any and all- pereone having objection! to aald proposed Im ment, may appear before Mid Council and ahow caiiM In tlte ier prepcrlhrd by the Htreetn and Hghwaya Code, why aaid proposed mprovement nhould not be. carried nut In accordance with thla re«o- ul I on, Hec. 7. The City Clerk §h*N cer- Ify to Urn paiaage of thli reiulutlon md ffhill cauae th« fame to be nuhllihed twice In the Lone Heach ndependent, a dally newspaper clr* ulated In nald City and hereb eilgnated for ttmt puriote, and hall mute thla resolution to be oited In three (3) conipicunu* ·lace* In aald City and It ihalt hereupon take effect. The City Merk ahalL alao cauM to b« malted, ollcei of the adoption of thla reao* utlon of Intention In tl* time, form nd manner and to the nervnne ealgnated. all «· pmvlded by aal Improvement Act of 1911." 1 hereby certify that the forgoing reiolutlon wai adopted by th ity Council of the City "I Lon : ench. at It* meeting of May 14 9M, by the fnllnwlni; vote- Ayeg; Cminrllmt-n: HEEHK, Mr/ 91. t«7 INDEPENDENT-- P C-5 OfFICIAL CITY PRINTING . . WlCK.tiAKItlHON, HAKKK.HPONQIiKRG VKUMILLION. NOM: Coimcllnifn: NONR. Ah»fnt: Councilman: AIIK1W. MAHOAKKT I* HKAHTWELL (SKALf City Clerk uh. May 20, 21, 1967 (2t-- L.B.I. ·tby mad . ._. _ detalle. deacriptlon of itald Improvement and for the description of Die Rrade to which th« Iniprovement la to be made. Bee. 3. That Mid contemplated Improvement in of niort than local or ordinary public benefit, and Mid City Council hereby dpterm,n?n and drclarea that ttm diitrlct to IK b*-n«* filed thereby and to be, aaa«piied tn thereof on file In pay the coetfl and rxpenii In ahown on Map No, 434 _ ..... ... Ihe office of the City C.erk, to which n-ferenca Is hereby made for a de* crlptlon of the ajne»ment district. ami that fifty per cent . nf the Incidental exienieN for paid Improvement ihall ho paid by the City. Sec. 4. Notice In hereby given that pUrmiant to the provlBlonn of Section HUH of the Htieetn and High- waya Code, the owners of morn than alxty |*r cent (K(j in area of th« :roferty nubject to the a»ennment or eald Improvement have nigtifd nd filed with the clerk of the City "ouncll a written petition for paid mprovement, and have waived Investigation procedure nf the "Special Memnnent Invp»tlgitt.on. Limitation md Majority Profit Act of 1931". IM contained In the Streeta and Ilghwaya Code. Bee. fi. The City Council hereby RESOLUTION NO. C*16-UO A HKSOLUTION OP" INTKN- TION TO IMl'HOVK TUB KAHT-WKtT ALLKY IN HLOCK KA«T OF rAI.IKORNIA AVK- N t f K , HKTWKKN RIXTY-FIfiST HTKKKT AND 11 A R D I N » HTHKET. IN THK CITY OK LONG -UEACH, CALUX)amA. The City Council of the City ol onp Ilfarh r^nolvpft ax follow*: Hcction 1. That tiie I'lty Councl IntendH to order ()·· tmprnvtment ol Kapt-Weiit Alley In block ea«t o, (^allfornU Avenue, between Hlxty- flrflt Htrefl and Harding Htreet, hy c»nitructlnff K Inch Portland cement concr't" guttrr; paving tlm road way with Portland cement concret** 5 inched In thlckne»; dolntc ·! neceuary Brad 1 up and any other re- Iited w»rk required. exceptInK any of Ihe Improvrmcnt herelnabove, de Imp alr ifon Avenue, between TwentV'flf 8lrvet and Willow Htr**et! and eaa wait ALLKV In block .-··( nf (ln|i|« and willow Street by "conptnictin water pervlc« laterala of *; Inch an 1 Inch copper pipe; |aa aerrlc* la eral! of wrought iteel pip*; con ·tructlntr Portland cement concn ·Idewalk; 8 Inch croia jnitter; par Ing the roadway with Portland c ment concrete Inchei In tltlcknen doing all neceaaary eradtnpr and an other related work required, excei Inj «ny of the Improvement here! i UeacrlhedJ already complete! 2. That the aforeaald li provement ahall hm performed In ac oordancft with pi aim, proflln, de led drawlntfM and vpeclflr . ll-Z7lti, wfilch document* are o i In the offlca of the City En «er, and refprenr* It hereby mad aald document! for a delalle de!crl[ttlon of Mid tmpmrement an for tha ileacrlptlon \,Z Ihe urade t 'hlch tl.6 k Improvement, la to b- made, Hec. ar That eald contemplate .mprovemfnt la of more than loci or ordinary public benefit, and aal City Council hereby determines an declarea that the dUtrlct to be bene ___ ^ thereby und to to aaaeiaed t ay the coat! and expeniea thern a ahown on Hap No 44U un file I the offlca of t r « City Clerk, lo whlc refer*net la |mr*hy mad* for a de acrtptlon ol Ira a Me Mine nt dlntrtc and that fifty iwr cent ())%) ol th ' nta| «*:t)Fn!ea for aal4 Improvi nent and f i f t y per cent (0%) «. ha coi-t of the alley antrancea ahal j* paid ly t h i City. Hec. 4, Notlt* la hereby flven thi uinuaht to 11 HI provlplona nf Kectio AU4 of tha Hlrceta and lllfchway Code, th« own.tra of more Iban alxt per cent (*%) In ar*a of Ih* prop... nubject to th* aiaea»ment fo Mid Improvement hara algned an* filed with th* cl*rk of th* Cit Council a written petition for aali mprovement, and hav* waived In itlon procedure of |h* "8p* ·Mpumant InveitlRatlon. L-ml atlon and Majority !'rot»it Act o y:tl". ·· contained In th* Hlrett and Illghwaya Cod*. Hec. 0. Th* City Council hereby determine* and declarea that tli iroceedtngi fnr tha afurenald 1m irovement ihall hi taken under am lurmant to that portion of th Ureeta and Hlehwayi Cod* deulf nnted ii-the "Improvement Act 911," ind thit aerial bondft ahal ued In th* manner and forn provided for In laid BIreeti i llxhwaya Code, bearlnf Interest h* rat* of ill per cent per annum o represent eaah axaeBiment o Twenty.flT* Do Man (S25.00) or over emalnlnft unpaid foe thirty {'M ava after th* date of the warrant laid flerlal bond! ihall extend ove period ending nine yean from the aecond diy of January next iu» ceedlnR th* next October flft*«nth followlni their date. Bee. 6. Notlca 1* hereby given thai on the I'M!, day of June, 19.17. al Ilia hour of 10'HO o'clock A.M., ai tlm Council Chamber In the Clly Hall, any and all neraoni hiving objection! to aald proponed Improvi** men I. may appear before M]| City Council and ihow cauM in the man ner preirrlbed by the Htfreta and UlRhwayi Code, why Mid propowl improvement nhould not b-n carried out In accordant with thli rcwlu tlon. BM. 7. Tb* City Clerk ihall c«r* My tn th* paiiaffa of thli resolution ind ehall cau*« th* Mm* to b« pub- lihed twice In tha Long Bench In dependent, a dally newipaper clrru ated in Mid City and hereby dei|g natt-d for that purpoie, and ihall cau»e thli resolution to be poited n three (3) conipicooui placei In Mid City ani It nhall thereupon Ike effect. Tha City Clerk ihall alio cauM to be mailed, noticed of :he adnptlnn of thli rewilutlon of In- ention in the tlm*. form and manner and to the peraomi deelnnated, all ai provided by Mid "Impror*in*nt Act of 19H," I hereby certify that the fore- .olng revolution wai adopted by the :ity Council of tbe city of leach, at III meeting of May 14. 957, by the foilowlni; votf Ayei; Councllmrn: KEEHK, DKHMOND.KKALKU. WlCK.aAKItlHON, determine* and proceeding! for declare* that tlm aformald TOvemerit ihall he |ak*n under and ximuant to that portion of the Itreeti and lllghwayi-Cod* deilg* nated ai the, "Improvement Act of 911," and that aerial hoitdn ihall b« Miied in the manner and form pro* vlded for In Mid fitreeti and Hlch- irayi Code, tearing InlereU at the ate of alx per cent per annum, to e present each anupB^inent of Twen- y-fiv«) Dollara (S25,OH) or over, remaining unpaid for thirty CtO) \*ym ·crllwd already completed. 8ec. 2, That thn aforeaald Improvement thAtl rm performed In »c cordance, with plans, profile*, detailed drawings ami specification! No. lt-3722. which documents are on file In tlm office of the City En glneer. and reference Is hereby made lo Mid documents fnr a detailed detcriptlon of Mid Improvement and for the deacrlptlon of the grade which the Improvement Is to be made, Hec. 3. That Mid contemplated mprovement Is of more than local or ordinary puhllc benefit, and Mid L'lty Council hereby determines and leclftrei that the district to be bene- Ited thereby and to be assessed to nay the, cnits and ex|ense» thereof n shown «n Map No. 416 on file In :he office of the City Clerk, to which reference In hereby matin for a description nf the usesiment dUtrtct. and that f i f t y per cent (o% of the Incidental ententes for aald Improvement and f i f t y per cent (50',',,) of the cost of the romtructlon of - t h e illey entrances shall be pnld by Ihe City. Hec, ... that punuant to tin Section 2HU4 of the Htreet" and High- Notlc* In herf-hy given provision*! nf CITY PRINTING election and ahall remain open «jn- . , - llnuouilv from Mid tint* until 8***n ·.'. O'clock P.M., nf the aam« day, whan ; · Mid polls ahall b« cloa«d, encfpl aa · ' provided In Hectlon 0734 of the K)M» .;. tlon* Cod* nf the Htata of California, ," Bee, 3. That on tha ballot* to b« ' ' used at laid special election In »ddl- j ';' (Inn to any other rnattera required *; b/ law ther* ahall b« printed aub* f alanUally the. following: '. . MARK CROBflKS CX) ON BAI- 'f/ LOT ONJ.Y WITH HUHHlCn f- " RTAMP; KisVEii"*wrTii p'Ertr'; 1 OH I'KNCIL. (AHHKNTRK HALtXTn WAT 1IK kAltkEtrWlTUl'KH AND ' i INK on PENCIL.y "" ^ iNBTHUCTfONB TO^OTICnB To volt on any measure, a tamp , · a CCQM (X) In the voting aquar* i '' after the, word "TKS" or after »- th* word "NO". All mar In. e»- A rept the CFOM (X) are forbid- · . den. All distinguishing marka ' · or eraflurea sr« forbidden and ' . make ih* ballot void. · If you wrongly .tamp, tear or ' deface Ihl* ballot, return It tn , th* inspector of election and * obtain another, On absent voter ballot* mark a fronii_(X wjth pen or pencil. ; WATFR BOND · j i i ! PIIOPOHITION: I ( t : flhall Ihe city of t ; t : Long Heach Incur a j : . t ; bonded IndebtedneM T · I I : In the principal ; : t : amount of Iti.Mi.OOO ; ; i ; for the punioae of : : : i the acqultltlon and ; i t ; r/ntBtruction by aald ; ' : i : city of a certain nu- ; . t 1 : nlclpal Improvement : : i : and utility, to wit: : YE3 : ; : addition! lo and ex* ; ; ; : ten tin nil and Im- : i i ; prove me nti ot thi : ; t ; water aupply and ; ; : : dlitrl'iiutlun lyitem : · : i : of iald city. Including; i t : construction "f addl- : : i : llnnal dlitrlbutlon. ; : i : collection and trana* : ; ; : mliMlon malm, treat* : : i ; ment baaln, pumping ; ; ; t a tat Ion, and itoraga : :--: : tanki. and the ac* : : ; : quiiltlon of portlom : : i : of tiie water lyileiu : : i : of tiie I.-akewnod Wa* : : t : ter and Power Com- ; ; j : pany aervlng terrl- : : ; : Ury lying within : : t : the, City of Long ; : . : : lleach and also **rv- : ' : : : Inn certain unlnror* : : i i no rated are an entire* : : ; : ly or lubntantlaily . NO : t : aunounded by raid . ; i ; city, and Including ; : : : the aci.ul*|(.on of all : : i : land, right! uf way, ; ; t : pipe, fitting.., by- : , : ; dranti, pump*, tanki,: : | : valvei, marhlnery, : , t i equipment and other : : j property necenary : : t : for any of tlie fore- ; ; j going? : ; i Rec. 6. A croi* (X) placed In th* itlng aqilar* after the word "VK.S ' th« manner hereinbefore provided tall be, counted In favor uf th* doptlon nf the p»vpu*ltlnn. A tfntm X) placed In lie voting aqutn-a ter the word "NO" In the manner erelnhefnr* provided ahall b* count* d a galn»t tli* adoption of th* prop* iltlun. titf. 7, That the ipeclal bond elec* on hereby called !» hereby ordered )n*olidated with the general mu« clpal election to be held in tli« ty of Long Beach on th* 4th day June. 19^7. at which the qualified .ten nf Mid City are- entitled » ile. The election precinct*, polling roll rig booth* and offlrera of . VKHJI1LL10N. Noen: Councilman: NONK, Al4riit: Coiiticllmen; . MAIIOAHKT U HKAHTWELU City Clerk Pub. r«, 21, 1957 2O-L.n.I. O R D I N A N C E NO. C-3/37 AN OflDINANCK OK THE CITY OP LON(» I1KACII. CAL1- FOHNZA, OHDfcRINU, CALLING AND PUOVIDING KOU, AND (JIVINC NOTICB OK A HPK- ClAL MUNICIPAL KLKCTION TO I1K HELD IN THK CITY Of-' LONU JJKACII ON TUB ·ITIf DAY OK J U N K , 1957 KOH THK PURPOHK OK HUHMIT- T1N(( TO THK QUALIFIED VOTKRS OK HAID CITY A PROPOSITION TO I N C U H ItONDKD INDKHTKDNKSS HY HAII CITY KOH A CKUTAIN MUNICIPAL IMPHOVKUKNT, AND CONMOLIDATINd HAID HPKCIAL 11 O N D KLKCTION WITH THK GKNKitAI. MU- NICIPAI. ELECTION TO HE HELD IN HAID CITY ON THL HAME DATE. WIIEHEAB, the City Council of and llled wltji 111. clerk of llm Clly Improvement, and have waived In Council a wrlllTM »tlll., liV »i« \S roUNmL .jV THK CITY , t ,' I "A 'aollillon No. C.JO:i27, rn 'A llf:SOLUTION OK THK datn or rxrrntlon. If th Clly Council of th« City of Long n«r!i ordrra any work liKldftntal la thi ln«klnr and enndrnilnc of Hi" ·« a*iiment, the Contractor »nalt cnnv plole Mid work within flltran IW dava after the making nf »nch order. The City of IxtnR Brach reaervea the rlRht to reject any and all hldii, Dated at Ixine Hrfacli, Cnllfornla, Jly 1IKUTIIA I'AHUONH, tllle HIM day Pub. Max 14. 31, 1957 (211-- L..I1.I. inci.t Alii. Btrri-lary cily o( LonR Ufarli Walrr Dfjiart- tona a t ' . State Minimum ,Wagc Rejected SACIUMENTO Assembly Ways ' (ai!) -- Tlic and Menns v Committee Monday refused pai- laco to a bill lettlnc a itate- wldo minimum wage of one (lol- · . . lar an hour. The mcaiurr. Introduced by · Auemblyman John A. O'Conncll t · (D-Snn Diego), drew much op. *'· · [wiltlon because It made de. ·' ' tailed provisions for . enforce- · mcnt. Other details of the bill alia were objected to. r ' Another measure, ' setting , J1.10 an hour u a minimum wage, previously had been ap- -":' proved by the Assembly and ;. lent to the Senate. ' ; $100,000 Atom Fire £-"· LAS VEGAS, Nov. WwThe _'. Atomic Encrsy Commlulon said /V Monday that flW deitroycd a low and Into and away tronTraaer ·garacc and »hop hulldlnc «t the ¥0 ' r . "sldual chlorine, and conlro i 1 ballistic bornbtns range site ±1 «"« '..etwe'en* "i-oltj 3 »H5ii ^«'near Tonopah. with damagee«- TM»«' 1 pei-artment j. win Johnson *. \ ·im.t.ut .* cifVinnA Illeair NOTICE TO BIDDERS Nolle* la heritr filvrn Itiat tha 1 Hoard of Kducatinn of tlm Lrfiiii liaach UnlHtd Sthool District, County of Los Ancelca. Cslllornli. will rectlva acalad Llda In Ilia otdci of Dm Asalilant 8«Tetarx, rofln Stfl Admlnlitratlon llulldlng, 71! IxK-uil Avenu«, I»n( Unch. Call- fornla. lit 1 to 11:00 o'clock A.M., Juno 4. IM7, (or th« fnllowlnc: Hoharf,'!i.l---urrillur« Bchm. #3lUl-U-- Cafeteria * Camp Ill-Mill mrat * poultry Sclnd, «t^(H2.F Musical Instruments · · ' ' 0cli«d. tt'JMfi-i] Milk ahaka niarhlna Sclip.l. «a((7«-A-- Bathing aulti HjN-rlflcatloni anU hid forma may l)« obtained In Ilia offlca of Ilia Pur- cliailng Division, lioom ^rt Admin* Istratlon IlulldlnK. 1'rlce, fllnpis and quality halni equal, flrat cliolca will In Rlvan to iiintiilta crown, pro* tluceil or manufactured In lha Blata of California and aecond cholea to auppllea partially grown, produced or manufactured In tha Btala of Calltornla. Tlie Hoard of Education reservea the rlnht to rejwt any or all nlda and to waive any informality nn any Md received, 1X)N(I BEACH UNIFIED , · · PCIIOOL DiBTnicrr Ily IIL'HTIIA PAIIBONS, Aait liecrelary Pub. May Jl, J5, 1E57, (Jt)-- L.B.l. OFFICIAL CITV PRINTING NOTICE INVmNQ BIDS FOR XUHNlBIILNd AND DK- l-IXWlKil, J ELK M'-TEniNO . I-^IUU'MUNT. , '·NOTICE 18 HKHEnr GIVEN rllAT, pumuant to an order by- the L°* rrt . "' Wll « r Commiisloneri of M C fli°! '·"·? .U'ach, Calllornla. blda will be Mrrlved at the office yf lha Urneral Manater and Chief engineer lloom v\J Munlrlpal Utll. llea lluiminn, J1 West Broadway, Itint llearh 2. California, imlll 10:4: A.M. on Thursday, Juno la, 1957, at which time aald hldi will lw publicly opened and declared, for furnlshlna; and deliverer to the City ot Lonii lleach Water Department telemeter- nc equipment for reaervolr water evel, Inlet water pressure, rale of Inw ami Illtn «nrf B-VBV tntm PAB-.^ liydrated lime IKT year. 2. Hald hydratrd lime Khali 1* In accordance with Hperlflcatloni WD-fi-67, which apeclflcallona are on file In tha office of th« Uenera Manager and Chief Engineer, wher. coplea thereof may ha obtained. 3, All hlda muit b« aubmltted upon forma to In secured at the office- of Hie General Manager and Chief Knfflneer. 4. All bid. muit l« sealed and accompanied by a certified check or hank draft payable, to tha City Auditor of Long llearh and drawn on A BOlvent bank In Lot Anffelea County, or a satisfactory hond In an amuunt not leaa than 10% of auch bM, aa a ituarantea that tha bidder will. If awarded a contract, within ten (10) daya after luch contract la tendered to him for ilgnature, eie* ruto and deliver auch- contract tn tha Secretary of the Hoard of Waler Commissioner., together with * good and aufflclent corporate .urety bond equal to 2% of tha'CAnirac.1 price conditioned upon tha faithful per- 'ormanea of auch contract. . Tha Board of Water Commla- ·tonera reaervea lha right at any :ltna prior to tha awarding of a contract to reject all hlda. Dated s,t Lonr lleach, California, thli 16th day o? May, 19.17. 1IIIKNNAN 8. ttlOMAS General Manager and Chief Engineer Lone; liearh Water Department Pub May 21 1957 (It)-- L 11 1 NOTICE INVITING BIDS 1*OH KUKN1HH1NO AND DR, I.1VKRINO CAST inON KIT- T1N03. 1. NOTICE IB HEREBY OIVEN THAT, pursuant to an order by the Hoard of Water Commlaslonera of lha City of Long" lleacli, California, bldi will be racelved at tha office of the O«neral Manager and Chief Engineer. Room 403. Municipal Utll* ties Building, 311) Weit Broadway, Long Beach J. California, until 10:45 A.M. on Thuraday. Julia S, 1957, at which time .aid hldi will In 1 Kuhllcly opened and declared, for a irnlililng and delivering lo the I Clly of Cong Beach Water Uepart- ment l-ant-irun fltt!n-:s. 1 2. Raid cast-Iron tilting! ihall be C n accordance with Rinclflrallona 1 of May, US? ' ('Ity Clerk 1, 13B7 (211--L.ll.I puraiianl tlon No. NOTICE I N V I T I N G BIDS JTOH T1IK 1MPHOVBMKNT OF ALLEY KA8T OF KABHION AVKNUB BKTWKKN 1IUUNKTT BTKKKT ANFI TWENTY-FIrTH BTI1KET IN THK CITY Of LONG BEACH, CALIFOBNIA. NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN that, nt to matutn and to llenlii- . o. C-163^7. lleaolulloni of the Clly of Long Beach, the Itcaolutlnn ordering the work hereinafter men tloned, adopted on the 14th day o May, 1957, the City Council of aal City Invltea and will receive eealei propoaala or bldi at the -office o Ihe City Clerk, Room 101 of th Clly Hall. In aald City until 10:.t( o'clock A.M., pn Tueaday, tha 1811 day of June, 1957, al which tlm aald hlda will be publicly opened examined and declared by aald City Council, for the following work, o Sec. 6. Notice la hereby given that on thn 25th day of June, 1957, at the hour nf 1(1:30 o'clock A.M., at tha Council Chamber the City Hnll, any and all' peraona having , objection! aald proponed prnvement may aiipear before mid Lily Council and hqw came In the inner preicrllied the Btreeti and Hlghwaya Code why aahl pro- provemenl than be taken under and 1 -nuanl la that portion of the tnfta an1 lllgliwayit Coila dnli;- natPd ai the "Imiirovrnirnt Art of 1911," and Out aerial bonds shall IM IsmiM in the manner and foini provided for In said Streets anil llleh- ways Code, bearliiR Inl-rcil al the rate of six IV-T cont per annum, to represent each aeliei-iiie_lit ul Twen* jlosed IninrDveinent slinllld not l)o carried out In accordance with thli m-.lnl.ig unpaid YuVuiirly ,.,,, ... after tlie data of the warrant. Ha re rial Imndfl ·hull extend over resolution. Sec, 7. Th* City Clerk Hiall " tily and lo thn pagsage f tills shall cauae the to bo [·uhllihed twice In the Long lleach lally newipaper clr* i-ulated In nald City and hereby dciignated for that purpoie, ·hall can** thin resolution and Kinted In 'lacei In hereupon three paid City and It take effect, Thit ronin.CUOUfl ' ' City Improvement, vlti Conitructlnr Portland cement con crcta ildewaltc and gutter; '.._ r [h* roadway with Portland cemen concrete B Inchea In tblckneii and doing all nrcen»ary grading In th following alley; ALLEY ait of Faihlon Avenue be twee Hurnett HI reel and TwentyFlft) Street, excepting anr of lha work terelhabove deacrHwu already done. All of the work aforeaaid aiial t»* dona In accordance with and to .hfl line* and grad** nhown Tlmn * Specification.-. No. R*26?( 'nr the Improvement of Alley Kail ·f Faahlon Avenue tretw«*n IJurnctl Street and Tw*nty-F1ftli Btrcet, In h« Clly of Long lleach, California", n rile In the office of the City nglneer. Said plana and ·pcclflc-* Ini.a are hereby referred to for t ull and detailed de*crtptlon of aald iropoied work, or Improvement, and or tha deicrlptlon of th* grade to which tha work Ii to b* don*, and r* made . - .. * though a part h*r*of, the aam* _ fully aei forth heieln, Coplea cf aald Plana A gpwlflra* lloni No. R-3670 (nay b« obtained at aald office of the City Engineer, Hftnm 602, CKy Hall. lleferenc* I* hereby made io Heao- lullon No. C-U249. adopted by aald _ City Council of the City of Lonr . - ,, -,...._ ji Jieach, on tha 13th day of February, WD-ft*7. which ipcclflralloni are 1957, declaring Iti Intention to order . , pn fll« in the office of tho Oeneral said h Uanager and Chief 11 ------ " * cop xlmatcd at $100.000* · tliena Plant. ay tn muit bfl , where . ork to b« don«, n of the work or . . . al"the iitiaalu'llini of or a de* Impmvi* district. t» 'on file -ai - " o V j -- ;~i -- r . - - - - - - - - · . e B « f u r f a e t a a i o ( 2. SeJd Ulemettrltiff «(.ulpment offlc* of th« Oemrml )la,nac«r *nd n the office of the City Clerk ol Clerk ahall alao vaune la be mailed, lotlcei of the adoption of thli reao- utlnn of Intention In the time, form and manner and t» the persona df..itfMiited, *1| ·« provided by *al "Improvement Act of 1911." I hereby certify that the fore golnf* resolution waa adopted b the Clly Council of the City of Lon I ten eh. at Itl meeting of May 14 19S7, by tha following vnt*- : Ay«i; Councllmen: HEKHB, DEtmOND.KEALKH. , ' second day of line yeari from tl January 'ttext , . .-. . VEBMILLION. Noea: Councllmen: NONE. : Aluenl: Councllmen: AHEItN. MAHGAIUrr U HKARTWKLL IMEALI City I'lerk Pull. May M, 21, 1957 (2t)-L.n.I. RESOLUTION NO, C-H3H A HKSOLUTION OF INTKN. TION TO IMPROVE THE ALU:Y IN IILOCK EAHT OF OR1ZAIIA AVKNUK. 11KTWEKN ITOOLIIMIK STREET AND AR. TKS1A STIIKET. IN THK CITT OP LONO 11EACII. CALlFOlt' Tha City Council ot the City ol !«nng Ueacli reiolveH ai followi: Section 1. That the City Council ntentli to order the Improvement 01 lha Allay In block eait of Orliaba Avenue, between Coolldge Htreet and Arteala Street, hy constructing Port and cement gutter tt Inchea In thlelr neia; paring the roadway* with Port and cement concrtt* Inchei In hlckneai! doing all neceiaary grad ry gr ng and any other related work quired. ekreptlnf: any of tha Im* provement herelnabove deacrlbed al -ady completed. Bee. 2. That the aforeaald Im- irovcment ahall be performed In ao cordance with plant, profilea, de* ailed drawing*] and apeclficatloni 10. R*271ll. which documenla are on lie In the office o( the Clly En* :lneer, and reference Ii hereby made n aald document! for a detailed ·icrlptlnn of aald Improvement and or th* deacrlptlon of tha grade to which th* Iniprovcmthl la to b« lad*. , reeding the next October flfteeni following their date. ti?c. 6. Notice 1* hereby given tha on the 2Mb diy uf June, 19.'.:. a the hour of lft:30 o'clock,. a the Council Chamber In tlie Cit Hall, any and all perinni bavin objection! to Mid proposed Im provement, may appear before Ml City CouncU and nhow cauie In tl ier preicrlbed by the Street Highway! Code why aald pro 1 Improvement should not I carried out In accordance with thi resolution. Bee. 7. The Clly Clerk ihall cer tlfy to the paMaeu of tM- reiolutln ·nd ihall CBUH« th* ,»nnie to h imhllihed twice In the lying Hear Independent, a dally newipaper clr rulated In Mid City and hereb designated for that puruoie. an -.lull cau«« thla renolullon to t polled In three 13) conapfcuou ilacea In aald City and It alii thereupon take effect. The Cll Clerk ihall alio cauan to be mallei notlcea of the aditptlon of tli la reao llllloll of Intention III the time form and manner and to the neraon designated, all aa provided, hy aal "Improvement Act of 1911," 1 hereby certify that the fore ?olng resolution waa adopted h' the City Council of the City of Long lieach, at lla meeting of May 14 1957, hy the following vote; Ayea: Cmincllmen: I1EKSK, ' DESMOND.KHAI.Elt, , WICK.OARHIHON, ' i DAKEH.HPONUUEIIC, ' VERMILLION. Noel! Councllmen: NONK. Ahient: Councllmen: AIIERK. MAIIGAIIET L. IIRAHTWBLti (SEALI 1:lty Clerk Pub. May 20, SI, 1957 (211--L.B.I. RESOLUTION NO, C-l«3l A RESOLUTION Of INTEJ*. TION TO IMPROVE THE ALLEYS IN IILOCK EAST OP" OIlKtlON AVENUE, IIRTWEEN TWKNTV-KIKTH 8THKKT AND WILLOW STOKKT; AND EAST- WEST ALLEY IN HLOCK EAST OK OOLDKN AVENUK HE- , TWEKN T W K N T Y - *lrTH STREET A N D W I L L O W STREET, IN THE CITY Of LONU HEACH, CALIFORNIA. The City Council of th* City of jong Reach reaolvea aa followi: Section 1. That tha City Council itenrin to order the Improvement of i* ALLEYS In block eaat of Or«- OK LONO 1IKACH DETKRMIMNC THAT THE I'UULfc INTEIIKST HKUUIHEH AND THE PUBLIC 1NTKHKHT AND NECESSITY, DE MAND Tim ACQUISITION AND CONHTRUCTION OK A CERTAIN MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMKNT AND M A K I N O KINDIN08 llKLATINU THKKRTO"; NOW, THEnEFOllK, the City Council of thn City uf Long lieach ordami ai followi; Section I. Thai a Special Munlcl pal Election be held, and the MIH* ii hereby called and ordered to be held In the City of Long Heach, CHllfornla, on Tueaday. the 4th day of June. 1957. fur the nurpuite of ·ubniittllltT to the qualified voteri of fnid city a proiHiltl(n of In r.iirrlne iiulrtitfdiieifl and Utulng Imiiili of aald City therefor lit the amount hereinafter let forth, and for the object and i.urpoie, let fnrtii in eald resolution and herelnaiter itHted. Sec. 2. That the object and pur* poa* for which Hid indebtcdneia (· proposed to b« Incurred and bond! Iliued t h e r e f o r la mm f n l l n v i : WATER U O N D PROPOSN TION: The acquisition and con* n true tlon by tlie City of Long IJtach of a certain municipal Improvement and utility, to wi'_: addltiona to and exteniloni and Improvement! of Ihe water iup* ply aiul dlitrlbut-on lyilern of Mid city, including the cotmtruo tlon of additional diitrlhuilui., collection a n d tranpml»lon malm, treatment baiin, pumping Rtallon. and ilunKd mnki, and lh« acquisition o( porllom of the water ayitem of the Lakewood Water and I'ower Com* pany aervlng territory lying within the CUy Of Long U«acU and a.Mo i«rvlng certiln unln* torporated areai entirely or iub* itanttally aurrounded by *ald city, and Including the acquisition of all land, right! of way, pipe, ffttlngi, hydmiitii, jmniim, tanki, valven, ma:hliery t equipment and other property necra- ·ary for any of Ihe foregoing. Bee, 3. That tlm estimated coil f tha propoaed municipal Improvement described In Hectlon 3 hereof i th* aunt of SU Million, Eight lundred Kighty-four Thouiand DoU -n (16.8S4.tKJu00); that the amount f the principal of the Indebtednen o b« Incurred therefor U HU Million, tlwtit Hundred Kfglity-fnur Thou* ·attd Dollar! }«.fc84,noo.00. That the maximum rale of Inter- it to b« paid on laid lndebt«dbeii hall not exceed thn maximum rate 'rmltted by law, lo wit, five per ent %) |er annum, payable an- uatly for the flrit year and peml- nnually thereafter, th* actual rat* r ratea of Interval on aald hondi o b* 4*termlne4 at the time of th* aale or *a)e* thereof. That If the propoiltlon for th* ncurrlng of bonded Indubtednenii MO ubniitted recelvei the requisite umber of votes, to wit. two*thlrds f the vote! of the qualified voters otlng at ia!d election, bonds of Mid Ity lit not exceeding tlm principal mount itated In lucli proposition ,11 be limed and pflld for the bject and purpoia vet forth In aald mpoilllon. S.K. 4. That the polla for aald ectlon ahatl IM opened at Seven clytk A.M., of- tli* day of aald aci*L _ _ ection fnr the election hereby lied vhall bo the unie ai thorn ruvlded for eald general municipal ectlnn and sucli election! ihill b« Id tn all respects «s If them wrr« ily on* election and only one fnrm tallot ihitl Nt u-ed thereat. Hald prerlnrls, Billing placen and election offlcera will be aet forth In the or* illnance calling mid general niunkl- pal election, which paid ordinance will le adopted by thli City Council on May 22, 1957. and which will h* published In the Long lleach Independent on May 23, May 24 and Miy 25, 1957. tW, 8. That In all particular! not recited In thla ordinance the election herein called fhall be held aa provided by law for holding municipal election* In Mid City of Long Heach. Sec, 9. That the Cily Clerk iliall certify to the passage and adoption of Ibis ordinance by a vote of at leait two'thtrds of the, members of ·the City Council if said City and shall caiim Uil" ordinance to le, pub* llihed once a day for seven (7 daya In the Long Jiwirli Independent, a dally newni»aper printed and pub* llahrd In said City ilx days a week, and lo be poited In three (i) con* ·picuous places In the City of Long lUach und the name ahall thereupon taxe effect and be tn force. At least three of Mid publications ahall h« made at leapt ten (10) day* be for* the da tf of the election hereby called. No other notice of aald election need be given, I hereby certify that the foregolnr ordinance was adopted rty a vote of at least two-third., of the mem her a of the City Council of the City of Long Rearli at It* meeting of Mar 14. 1957. by the following role; Ayei: roimcllmen: DESMOND. KKALKH.WICK OAHUISnN.AHKRK, I.AKKR.8PON()1.ERO. · VERMILLION. NoeB: Councllmen: NONK. AbFent: Councllmen: llEKHr. MARGARET L. HKARTWULZf (HKAL City Clerk Pub. May 20. 31. 22. 23, 34. 25. 27, ' 1957 (7tt--L.H.I. ___ Announcemenft 00 INDEPENDEtn 1 . PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING' - .DEPARTMENT PHONE HEmlock 2-5959 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE ' For Sunday Adj · FRIDAY 5P.M. THERE APC BOX REPLIES -, At The Indep«nd*nl, Press. Telegram ollic* lor Ih* following boxei: l-JJIJi H-J.ll'ii H.33H: B-3ex« -3IH; -0.)5; 1.1142: .-3111; H-lOoDl J-J731; J-3IIU K-JII1; l^v.lhl; I.-21H M-344: U - 2 I T A : M.2347 l-3«lvj; l'-3047{ P*4it«t2; K-IITT H-2J03i H-34IS; H.3J,I*T; **-3tlT3 H-.IIII: H-Tlla, «-j;UU; H-jlOl K-2337; H-33U: H-J374: T.J1IM T-3»Wi T-4(N«I| T-4011; T-40H T.4ft*i); T-4IMI7. f-unerd Notlc«t ItotMrt C. ftr., Bf-M M HI. ft-trvlr* Tu»»- . - diy 2:00 p.m. It a MORTUARY CHAHBL, _ iml Julia of ditilhltr, «.··. Clartnr« Kob-if- L Mini *-a.t*r, Mr*. Mtnn Tomir* rtiio; Iwo Rrt.ndrh,.lr*n. Frlindl ' mix **" TU»I. allvr 12.0U Boon. In ll*u of (lower... fl»;« lo r«n- i"oo U ».m. «t *HOTtr.i.Lf* * ; PKKK rHAFKL, TlllKU AND ' Al.AMlTOH. , ^l-lHK'IN-Mitrvty H . 33 U Emp A*t. Dtrvtet at M*- . · mortal Pirii Chnp*l 3 P.m. Tut** «~ KlJNERAL BLnV- uv. 1CU

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