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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 20, 1976
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2 * Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., April 20, 1976 F A Y K l T t V I M . r , A K K A X S t S Number Of Women In Major Symphonies Increases J WASHINGTON' (AP) . -- [women's ' m o v e m e n t not .yet lire's Ihe latesl statistic for having influenced long-standing the record hook of the women's employment patlcrns cannot be movcmenl: Ihe number of dc, :nwed wilhoul further women instrumentalists _ u i ma- study." The league's study classified a ninjor symphony as one with a budget o[ §1 million or more; a metropolitan orchestra as one with a budget ot from $100,000 to $1 million: an urban orchestra 1ms a budget of $50,000 to $100.000; and a c o m m u n i t y orchestra ' has a budget below "Orchestras with the highest $50,000 yearly, budgets, longest seasons and The study counts more.llmii 6 jor American symphonies has increased 36 per cent ( in the past decade The American Symphony Or- rbestra League, winch came up with (hat conclusion, also found women concentrated in UIOSQ orchestras w h e r e pay is I li lowest. most generous salaries tend to have Hie fewest women musi- ^- clans." the study said. "Whelh- women now .serving in major orchestras as principals or section leaders and indicates that - er this is a natural reflection of the number of women princi- * "the kinds of work hclnjj · sought pais and concertmaslers also Time For Clean-Up? The scene on the f r o n t lawn ol the Sigma Alpha Kpsilon E r a t e r n i l y hoiise .on the University ot Arkansas campus looks as if spring clean-up time was far over due, but the t uiineQiipl appearance of the f r o n t of the house and (he debris piled In the lawn was part ot (he fraternity's cele- lira lion ol a camuus festival. \Fighting Continues Through iTruce Agreement In Lebanon BEIRUT. Lebanon A P ) -- I 'A new cease-fire, agreed. 16 The itfsw truce supervision com-[ under Syrian .pressure during mittee said today that Palestin-; the weekend, was to have gone Obituary ian troops would form a buffer force between Beirut's warring: Moslem and Christian streol ·fighters, but meanwnilc the fighting raged without totup. Police said about 100 persons were killed and 160 wounded _by m o r t a r , a n d rocket, lire during t h e ni°hl. One of those killed was fhe 16-year-old grandson of Pierre Gemayel. whose right- wing Phalange party has the largest Christian militia in the .year-'old'civil war. . - Police also reported that inio effect at midnight Monday. Gut the deadline made no difference in the f i g h t i n g i n . t h e capital and nearby mountain towns. Decisions made by the loaders were not transformed into orders to the hodgepodge of street armies, reflect ing tbe leaders' tenuous control over their forces and their distrust of each other. As teftist Moslem and Palestinian leaders met Monday night lo discuss ways of enforc- ! MRS. CLARA BLAKEMORE Prairie Grove -- Mrs. Clara Helen Blakemore, 81. of Prairie ve, died todav at Tulsa Okla,. Born Aug. ~25, 1894 a' Prairie Grove, the daughter o Robert Owen arid Susan Pierson Hannah, she was a member o (he Presbyterian Church. Survivors include two sons Frank of Prairie Grove a n Robert of Tulsii. Okla., . om daughter, Mrs. Jane Coones 6 more than 150 persons were 1 ing the cease-fire, leftist gun- kidnaped but that most were men were attacking Phalangist released after a short time. Mrs. Rufh Orion Awarded Prize For Chess - Mrs. Ruth Inez Orton of Fay- · elteville has been awarded the - "Brilliancy Prize" for zonal · chess performance by the U.S. · Chess Federation. The award was Sheridan, one' -sister Mrs. Nora Carney 'of Prairi Grove;'eight grandchildren three greal-grandchildrea. Funeral arrangements will b a n n o u n c e d b y Luginbue Funeral Home. announced many months after the 1975 U.S. Championship concluded at Milwaukee, Wis. International Grandmaster Arthur Bisguicr announced the awards for the annual p r i z e , awards following his evaluation of The particular game which won the Fayettevillc woman the award was an exchange variation of the Ruy Lopez, which Mrs. Orton International plavcd Master against Gizela Gresser of New York. The bril liaht portion of the game aivoi-i ved a very long series cf forced exchanges, or so-called Russian sacrifice, which transposed i n t o an. endgame. . The endgame position left her a pawn down, yet stragetically "in a "won" position. The second prize, 'the "Best Played Game" was won by Greta Olsson of C a l i f o r n i a . Both positions in the Beirut port area. Similar^, long after Gemaye! subscribed to the truce, Christian g u n m e n were firing mortar and artillery shells into Moslem positions in the charred downtown hotel district and nearby commercial streets. The truce supervision committee is made up of representatives of the Syrians, ' the Lebanese leftists and Christians and the Palestinians. It is to put together joint Lebanese- Palestinian patrols to enforce the .cease-fire, but sources in Damascus say Syrian President Hafez Assad will acid Syrian troops to the teams if necessary. In Washington, White House Press Secretary Ron Npssen said that although the Ford administration opposes "military intervention that could lead to a Middle East war," Syria's role in Lebanon has been gen- era'lv a constructive one. Thorp are an estimated 6,000 Syrian troops in Frontier areas in pastern and northern · Lebanon, and Syria also controls about 7.QQO men of the Saiqa P ^ ' n s L i n i a n guerrilla organization. ' MRS. NANCY 11. U R Y M O N Springdale-Mrs. Nancy B Drymon, 69 1 o f . Lowell, die Monday at a local hospita Born J u n e 16, 1306 at Lowel the daughter of A.O. Elanora -Main Wood, she wa a member of Glad Tiding Assembly of God Church. Survivors include one John Henry Drymon of Rogers three daughters, Mrs; Bern ice Patton ami Mrs. Lenora'Patton, twill of Pea Ridge, and Mrs. Ronnie Anderson of Springdale: one brother. E.D. Wood of women, or a factor, of the Mews Briefs Bike Stolen The theft of n 10-snned hicvdo ,a .reported lo Fayelleville iolicro Monday by Robert IcCain of 3001 Wcdington Drive, McCain told police thai tbe .ike, valued at $140. was taken 'hursday or Friday. Kicks Pass Twins BL.OOMINC.TON, Minn. (AP) -- For many owners of professional sports franchises, win oss records are for the recore books -- but the importan hing is how many fans you get ;n (he ballpark. , · T h e fledgling Minnesota Kicks of Ihe North American Soccer League have passed the Minnesota Twins of the Amcri can League in season ticket: sold. As of last week, the Kick had sold 1.600 season tickets while the baseball Twins sold '1.400. And Kicks lickc manager Gail Messing said tha tally went over 2,01)0 on T\Ion day. But, noted Twins public rela Switches Staffs WINSTON-SALBM. N. C (AP) -- Vito Ragazzo has bee named assistant football coac at Wake Forest, moving lo th Deacon staff from the Univer sity of North Carolina at Chap el Hill. ncrciised'in croups M'ith smalt- r budgets, classified as mclro- olltfln aiut urban-community rcheslras. The d.ila that l/!d to ic 30 per cent increase in in- Irumcntalists was not imme- lately released by the league. It found that in the period 964-74 the number of rcheslra managers increased 54 per cent in metropolitan or- hcstrns and 100 .per cent in ur .m and community orchestras }ut it said the figure rcmainei elalivcly constant in major or hpstras. with two women managers now. The sludy found that six von io .n -T" serve as orchestra music directors, The league, also did a more recent samilins which showed iial in 1973-74, women constituted 42.4 per cent of the rs in iirban am 1 community orchestras. 'In 1974-75- it found that the number of worn?n in metropolitan symphonies was 40.6 per ccnLwhile 24.5 ncr cent made up major orchestras. Request For Power Rate Increase Filed UTTLK UOCK (AP) -agreement mirier which Arkansas Missouri Power Co. wi!! put a requested $1.8 million general rate increase into effect under bond on April 2G was filed Monday. The agreement, Hied with (lie slate Public Service Commis sion, provides thai if the PSC eventually finds _llial any imrt of the increase was not justified, the company will, refund excessive amounts collected to customers with 10 per cent interest. Slate law allows utilities .to put rale increase into e f f e c t subject lo refund when the PSC hasn't issued final rulings within 120 clays after their application. Arkmo filed ils application in December, The General Assembly in January amended the law to 150 days, applicable only to utilities that filed for rale in- State Awarded For Resettling Retoees Hua Kuo-Feng Denounces U.S.- Soviel Policy TOKYO ( A l 1 ) ' -- Premier Hua Kiio-fcnK ilcnounccd U.S. anil Soviet the Mklillo Easl in Iiis first public address since becoming premier -.11111 first vic-'o chairman of the Clii- ROCK (AP) -- Oov. David Pryor returned Monday frum Washington with a special award from federal officials for liie rnle Arkansas and Ft. Chaffec jiluyal in rcsettlinj! South Vietnamese refugees. Pryor had jjono to W a s h i n g - ' p o w e r s have bcon 11: ton to talk with olficials about | losc ,] in llicir ac«re: relief (or people wlio arc faciiil! t[ lc ir conU'iilion for licRcmony eviction from nursing homes ; n (|iis region, and they aro because Ibcy TM lonijcr qualify i bring mn.e uisrn-ililod uiul f u i t l tor federal aid since other ben- u, c K om|! toufiher and .wuRb- [U?5e Communist party. "The t r u e colors ot the sup/rr- fnrlbei 1 ex- ision and creases after the taw went into effect. Arknio already is collection $359.022 ,of tbe proposed SI.8 million. That's the amount the PSC said earlier Arkmo could collect on', an emergency interim basis to recover tbe increased costs of buying ]xwcr wholesale. efits havfi increased. While there, ho received the surprise award from David (M-'Mlmi snid. Monday night at 'banquet in Peking hononiifi. Two Local Women Injured In Accident 'i'wo Fayeleville women were hospitalized following a 10:03 p.m. Monday accident involving Matthews, secretary ol Health, Education ami Welfare. "This award is not really to me," Pryor told reporters at the Litllo Rock' airport. "It is to the people of Arkansas for the role they played one year a^o about this lime in replacing 55,000 Vietnamese refuses." Ft. Chaffoe, located near Fort Smith, was one of tour relocation centers used by the 'ede'ral government to resettle the thousands of refugees who poured into this country aflcr tbe collapse of South Vietnam. On the nursing home matter. Pryor said he thought he woulc bp'able to "sum up" the situation in about three weeks. their and scmi-trniler o Pryor spent an hour Matthews, who assigned two of iiis Egyplia Mo'harak. Vice President Hosm I l u n said Egypt ami other Arab nations "used oil weapon and dealt heavy Wows al Israeli Zionism and ils supporter and abettor, the begc- rnonism of lb/) superpowers in the 1973 war. , · r . Referring to the Soviet Union as "lhat ruthless and wicked superpower, lie said Egyptian aides lo .work witb Arkansas leaders. Pryor said Matthews Pres^cnt Anwar Sadat's recent termination of the SovicL-Egyn- tian treaty of friendship and cooperation was "a courageous and determined action" which set "a brilliant example for the people of .the Third World. 1 Sadat said he canceled the treaty because the Soviet gov- prnmcnl refused to supply him with ncw arms unless he reversed his pro American policy. Shutdown Continues SAN FRANCISCO CAP) -Leaders of slrihins city em- ployes said today the "only way out" of the three-week la- Agnew'j Novel On Market NEW YORK (AP) -- Spiro T. Agnew's much-ballyhooed^novel about a future vice president lias something for just about everyone: · an ambitious politician, a liberal adviser, a beautiful Cabinet officer, Israelis, Arabs, Russians anil Chinese. It is-one of those books thai seems designed to make people wonder,-"Who do you suppose he's really writing about?" -The bnok jacket describes the writer. "Th/; author, Spiro T. Agnew, lives' in Arnold, Maryf s m d . ' i i n t f a r i n m i l e s from Washington, D.C. He travels the world' He was formerly car truck at Mie intersection Hwy. 71 and Zion Road. The women were identified b police as Mrs. 'Alberta W. Hannah, 66, of 319 Ila St. and Mrs. Eva Ice M. Nelson, 67, of 2,1'J E. North. St. Both women were reported in good condition this m o r n i n g a t Washington Regional Medical Center. . Mrs- Hanna. the driver of the car, tohl police that she was westbound on //ion- Road, attempting lo t u r n onto Hwy. 71. She said she did not see the semi- trailer rig, which was northbound on the highway. The d ri vc r of th o t ru t:k , owned by Arkansas Besl Freight System Inc.. Cresenl J. Nichols, 50, of O'Fallon. Mo- told police that he was traveling Ontario. Calif.; children 16 16 grand- great-grandchildren. Funeral arangemenls will announced by Sisco Chapel. prize winning games be published in the forthcoming issue of Chess Life and Review. bor dispute that has shut clown vice President of the Uniled all public transportation is "intensive, round -Irys-clbck negotiations." The 344-page book. "The Canfield Dec is ion." Es hei ng pub - Hshcd by Playboy Press. PublE- ,... cation date is May 17, but a EDWARDS AIR FORCE , Playboy Press spokesman said BASK, Calif. CAP) -- Secretary disribution to bookstores start- Test" Flight about 30 milcs-per-hour heavy rain when the accident occurred. Nichols said the trailer was loaded with 41,000 pounds of baby Food. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld piloted the Air Force Bl super- Youth Arrested In tonnedion Wiih Thefl SPRWGDALE -- A 14-year- old Springdalc you'h was arrested in connection with the thcfl - of a flat bed t r u c k Sunday niphl and then again Monday, The truck, \vbich was loadeci \vith bricks, is owned by Ross Viva- ria. It was taken Sunday night from a residential construction . site at 1315 San Miguel. The keys were in tbe t,nick,' Vivona reported tbe theft, and polic recovered the truck Monday morning behind the Enda- cott-Wigfjins A n i m a l Hospital, on West Huntsvillc Avenue. Vivona was notified but d i ( i not move Ihe truck because the keys were m i s s i n g . The t r u c k was still al this location when it was taken a second lime. This time, Vivona found the truck himself, with two Icenatje hoys insitle U"e vehicle. Tbe youth in the driver's scat was arrested. Iwo !n tared In Collision SPRfNGDALE -- Two persons were injured in a two-vehicle collision Monday morning on Pleasant Avenue, just north of its .diagonal intersection with Jlwy. 71, The driver ot one car. Donna Lee Greeson, 20, of 504B Morrison Place, and the driver of the other car. Billy P. Mills, 36. of Route 6 were each released after treatment al Springdale Memorial Hospital. According to police reports. the Greeson car was following tbe Mills car south on Pleasant, Mrs, Grceson said she t u r n e d her head to check the traffic, car had MRS. C A R M A MCCARTY HuntsviHe - Mrs. C a r m a Christie McCarty, 78, of Hunts- viile, died. Sunday in- a local hospital. Born May 21. 1897 at Renlonville, she was Ihe daughter of Thomas F:. and N a n n i e Azoree Henry Baker. S u r v i v o r s include o n e daughter; Mrs. L. L. (Betty) Lincoln of Rogers; two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. A graveside service will be held at 2 p . m . ' W e d n e s d a y in the Huntsvillc Cemetery under (he direction o[ · Brashears Funeral Home. MRS. COOKA R. CUMR1K bomber during test flight here and (hen predicted ih'jf. r-iTfsc u-i'l na5s a con- versial S1.5-bHlion budget re- est for the project. Mrs. 87, of Cora Bryan Cumhle, Fayetteviile died this thinking tbe pulled c-nto Hwy. 11. When she turned back and saw the Mills car still stopped, she u n a b l e lo avoid s t r i k i n g vehicle in Ihe rear. morning at a local hospital. Survivors include two sons, Frank of Fayelteville and Roger of Waynesboro, Miss-; three daughters, Mrs. Kathryn Ebbrecht of Fayelteville. Mrs R u t h Lavona Tuckcl Hiawatha, , Kan. and Mr; Gibson of Shirez. I r a n and two sisters. Mrs. Rose Lewis of Prague, Okla. and Mrs. Jessie Cox of BakersEEetd Cal. Funeral services will be I p.m. Thursday at Ibe Nelson's Funeral Home Chapel will burial in the Liberty Cemelcry near.Greenwood. Found ed ISfiO . 212 N. East Avf. FayeUeviHe. Ark 72701 PnblittefJ dairy and Sunday e« January 1. Ja1y i. TiankjjMn3 z Christmas Second Cl*$« Posiajje Paid £t Fjyetleville. Ark. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS flit Awoclattd P/esi ii entitled tx- clorively l the me for republics, tko ot all [t*al ne»f primwJ In (hi» Prairie Grove Registration Set P n A I R I E GROVE -Prospective s t u d e n t s who will attend kindergarten in the Prairie Grove schools next year will register al the elementary school Friday. A l f c h i l d r e n who w i l l be five years of age on or before Oct. 1 arc eligible to attend. Parents and g u a r d i a n s are a^ked lo bring the child's birlh certificate and immunization record for each c h i l d , Kindergarten classes will not m e e t - F r i d a y a n d kindergarten teachers will assist with the registration. Persons unable to register on Ibis day may register at the school office from May 10-14, Children who did not allend kindergarlen but who w i l l be in the first grade next, year are asked to register al the school office during the week of May 10, school o f f i c i a l s suit!. SEc£l» copy d*ily lOe. So ad ay 2£c tJA Mkl! In Washington, R*nton. Madison Cora- U** r A r k , Adilr Co., Okli.) 3 monthr t 9 * I mocthi , 18 M ! "EAR ".';::....../. ».w C,\y Roi S««lc« MM Drills Stolen -- " Two drills were stolen from a house under construction al 1315 San Miguel Sunday night o r M o n d a y morning, police said today. The drills, owned Construction by the Vivona Company, were Three Car Accident On Wesl Sixlh Sfree A rural FaycUeville ma s u f f e r e d " m i n o r injuries in three vehicle accident Momlii afternoon in the 1200 block \ West Glh Street. Patrolman Jim Acker iden tificd the man as Z.L. Thoma 53, of Route R. Injuries t Thomas did 'not require erne gency Irealrncnl following (h 1:43 p.m. accident. Acker sflid Thomas was (b driver of a pickup which wa s t r u c k in the rear by a Iraclo trailer rig driven by Michai I,. Crum, 23, of Bedford, fo;va Crum said he was wefilboun i 6(h Street and didn't Thomas' pickup stop in traff behind a car driven by Mr Beverly P. Vimderpool, 2ft, 2R10 Rolling Hills Drive. By In lime he realised lhat Lhe picki and car were stopped. Cm said, he couldn't slop his t r u i before hitting the pickup ai knocking it into the car. Money Sfofen An uiK/olerrniueil a m o u n t ch R nge wa s reported stol from three .soft d r i n k machir at Hie Ft am aria Inn, 2901 N, C legc Avc.. late Saturday nig Motel employes told Faycl villc police Tuesday morni til at the Ihrce machines we taken from an unlocked room al the house. apparently opened witb a k No signs of forced entry coi I be f o u n d , poFico said. ATT Asks For Private Lines Rales Increase WASHINGTON (AP). -- merican Telephone Tele aph Co. is asking the Federal immunications Commission lo ·prove proposed rate in- eases for interstate private nes effective May 19. ATT filed the ncw rates, in iat has come to bo called the ·lo rale case, late Monday. It ill call the new system "Mul- .suhedulc private lines." ATT said it WOUIH nissti in- reases for most of its 20,000 rivote line customers. Bill the mpact, like lhat of the hi-!o riff it replaces, ts expected to all heavily on national news ire services. Tbe earlier proposal, w h o s e ill imposition bad been de- lycd by a court order, would avc increased wire costs lo he Associated Press by $1.3 lillion annually, or 3'! per cent. The impact of Ihe ncw pro- osals on wire services was not lelailcd by ATT, but the pal- em of increases was similar lo lal in the old proposal. Short haul private lines in ircas away from major cities would bear the brunt of the in- reascs. This type of service makes up the hulk of the news icrvice leases from ATT. An ATT representative told The " ~ ler Monday would he higher lhan n the previous plan, Inil he did not. attach a figure lo his statement. ATT said if - the FCC ap- iroves (he new rale this would ed about 10 days ago. It retails for $8.05. The Afjnew hook is the latest in a scries of novels by welt- known political figures. William F. Buckf/jy Jr. and f o r m e r New York .City Mayor John V. Lindsay also have published novels this year. · The hero of the Agnew novel is Porter Newton Canfiold, 48, vice president of the United States in 1D83 and a potential presidential candidate in 1984. He is married -- unhappily -Eo a wife named Amy who more at home in Philadelphia society than in the political atmosphere · of Washington. He has an affair with Meredith Lord, secretary of health, education and welfare. Canfield's machinations and those of theipeople surrounding him stretch through several countries in a complex plot that Is sometimes difficult lo keep Two Car Accident Al Intersection Two persons -received minor injuries in Vi two car accident Monday afternoon at the intersection of West Avenue and Lafayette Street. Patrolman Gerald Brad toy denfificd tbe injured as Frank V. Zinke, 17, of "817 N. Jackson Avc. and W. Elctan Whiter], , of Prairie Grove. Injuries to the :wo did not require emergency troilmcnl following the 3:QG p,m. accident. Zinlu: told Bradley that he was eastbound on " Lafayette Street with the green light, when he saw that the car driven by WhEtcri was about lo run the light. Whited said he was southbound on West Avenue and didn't notice whether Ihe light «*as red-or green. straight. Agnew resigned the vice presidency Oct. in. 1973, nftcr pleading no contest to a charge of ircome lax ovflslon. He f i n - ishrrd the novel and delivered it to literary arenl Scott Meredith last November. Meredith dc- clinerF i" say how much Agnew was paid. Go rage Vandalized SPRINGDALE -- Roscla Sparks, 2706 Eidson, totd police her overhead garage door was smashed in and dislodged from its frame Sunday night or Monday morning. Nothing was stolen from the garage. Damage lo the ([oor was estimated al $300. very receptive to dmntf something about the situation. The 'governor said the two discussed .an income waiver for veterans who ma'v be precluded from receiving Medicare. Martha Mitchell Fighting For Life NEW YORK (AP) -- The May issue of McC all's maga zinc says Martha Mitchell "i; now gravely ill wilh ;bonc-mar- -row cancer and is f i g h t i n g for her life, in self-imposed silem and near isolalion:" Nick Thimmescb, author ol t h e articje, said Mrs. Mitchell was "thin, terribly weak ami, until recent surgery-on her hip, bedridden -- anil - a l m o s t help less." Mrs. Mitchell is the cs 1 tranged wife of former U.S Atty. Gen/John Mitchell. She is a native of Arkansas. The article said she had hai no visits from Mitchell s i n e she was hospilalizcd last N'o vember, a n d ' s h e "also is alien atcti from her 14-ycar-oli daughter, 'Marty, who baa re fused to see her." . "No one -is admitted lo se her except her son and a fe' close friends," said her riocto a t ' t h e Sloan-Keltertng Inslitul for Cancer Research, at Ne\ York, "There have : been man people 'asking lo see her, bt she. declines most of these quests." Jay Jennings, 28, Mrs. Mi choll's son by a previous ma riage, said a cousin of h mother, Ray West Jr. of Pin B l u f f ; .has visited witb her a tbe hospital. She now is being treated r the Hospital for Special Si fiery at Ncw York City. She fe and fractured her arm sever weeks ago, according to a bo iiHal spokesman. Thitnmesch said Mrs. Mi chell "lias accented no pboi calls and lias opened only small number of the hundrc o[ letters and telegrams pil« cardboard car ten in h room. The Soviet refusal sent Satial lo was t( ie Chinese, who have agreed AP thai the 1 increases un- Ihe proposal announced Bias Lawsuit Filed Against UALR LITTLE ROCK (API -- A lawsuit filed Monday in U.S District Court accuses Ihe- University of Arkansas at Little Hock of discriminating against female instructors and professors in both tenure and [romo- iOMR. Caroline Campbell of Ltllle former mathematics at UALR, filed the Car Hits Train LOWELL -- The driver of Honda Civic was slightly .injured Monday afternoon when her car 'collided witb a Frisco train al (he south railroad crossing in Lowell. That rail road crossing is nexl lo (he Stcele Canning Company. The driver, Mrs, Naomi MotfilE, -1-1 of West Fork, was t a k e n by ambulance lo Washington Regional Medical Center. She WFIS released after treatment. supply him engines and are iwrts for t h e MIG jet gblcrs be got from Russia. ow KgypL is shopping lor olh- 1 arms, Hua said the Chinese ppvcrn- ent "will continue to imple- "lit. and implement even bet- , r, the revolutionary line in reign affairs formulated for bv Chairman Mao Tseng." Despite his mticism ot .S. policy in the Middle Easl. was assumed Ihis meant cnn- nued rapprochement wilh Iho uited Slates, Japan and W,!sL- n Europe as well as conLin- ccl .hostility toward tbe Soviet Inion, - . HUH also denied that Mao 3 mphasis-on the class strupcla andlbc camnaign against for- \cr First Vice Premier Tons tsiao-ping and his associal^s wild stow down China's eco- omic progress. Celebrity Skiing PAHK CITY, U t a h CAP) '-n "awards luncheon lortay .·rapped up the Jill SL 'Jobn- 'aul Masson Celebrity Ski laces, which were held lo raise lonoy for the U.S. Ski Team, icadcniartcrcd here. The learn headed by singer fal Ames look first place in al- imc team events Monday, fol- owed by the teams headed "by actor Hugh O'Brien, television Same show host Tom Kennedy and Sam Melville of television's "The Rookies". Other celebrities participating in the competition included comedian Buddy Hackell, former astronaut Wally Schirru, author-narrator Lowell Thomas, actresses Jane Powell. Rcncc Blakcly and Cathy Lee Crosby, Congressman Jack K e m p nf Ncw York, football player Merlin Ol.scn and aclor Richard Roundlree. IVATCll HKPAIK _ _ . . - . S WTF, T S Rock, instructor suit. add $4 million ion in annual ils $.114 mil revenue from private lines, fn a separate but related action, ATT also proposed $3 million in increased revenue for its Telpak .shortline bulk service. The announcement not detail how added charges would he divided among specific customers. However, under the previous proposal, Ihe major news wire services alone would have had 1 their costs increased by $2.4 million annually. . The suit said UALR refused to renew Mrs. Campbell's (caching contract for Ihe 197576 academic year "for the sole reasons that she did not possess a doctorate degree and to prevent her from obtaining ten "j re , " The suit said UALR docs not follow the same policy with re spcct lo males and has pro' motecl and given tenure to male nslructors and professors who did not possess doctorate degrees. Mrs, Campbell began teach- g in 19G9. Tenure is automali Hy granted ro an instructor aTler appointment lo an eighth year of full-time service. .Cars Egged Nick Hopper of 1223 Stephens St, told Fayctteville police Monday night that two cars parked at his rc.sidencc were KnlaLEcrcd with raw eggs Monday night. One of Ihe cars, he said, had several eggs thrown into the interior. HMD of M! Sir. Graham iUoadvllle, Certified Hearing AW Aiidiolnglsl, who has serviced (his area for over 12 years, will he in I'ayellevillc at Ihe Townhouse Mnlel, Z15 Norlfi College Avc., Thursday, April 22, 1976 -- 1-4 p.m. to Demonstrate the Latest Zenith Hearing Aids "Living Sounds" H E A R I N G AIDS 10% Discount on Batteries, Repairs and Service- All Makes BETTER HEARING AIDS, INC. Fort Smith, Arkansas 815 Garrison Ave. Phone 782-9850 MISSED YOUR PAPER? . WE'RE SORRY! If you ranno! reacb your TIMES carrier ·PHONK 442-6242 Daily 5 to l:30 p.m. Saturday -1:110 to 6 p.m. Sundays to 9:30 a.m. DIrKlo;$of Funaral Sarvica 52T-5000 ___ SERVICES: ^^ RALLARf), Mrs. MnKle - Arrangements ponding. CUMflfK, Mrs. Cora Bryan Thursday, 1:00 p.m. Chapel of Nelson's Funeral Home. In torment, Liberty Cemetery, I f!rccnwoof, Arkansas. JOHN EICHLER Home Life of New York hai completed all the requirements to be certified as a Qualifying Member of the 1976 MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE an Independent, international association of life Insurance agents, Membership reflects a commitment to continuing advanced f due at ion (o holler .serve (he ' nancial security needs ol families, individuals and isinesses.

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