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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, February 24, 1920
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Carbondale—-"Athena of Egypt 1 VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY. FEB. 24, 1920. NUMBER 114L. PRESIDENT SHOTOGICS ADDRESS WAS POWERFUL AT MEMORIAL Describe* Development of Patriotism In Individual—Discu*»e* Adventure in Youth »nd Longing for the New Experience*—^Describes ' *'E m'ot'ioiiaj : Exp«rlenc*« of Soldier* prom Civilian Life to the Front Lines on the Battlefield. WARRANTS REFUSED President Shryock began his talfc at the Normal Memorial service Sunday with a word in regaid- to the events of-the last few epochal years, includiig; the World Wa- He then paid high j rf|f) TllflOC tributes to those whoi ( lost their Jives f |J|| |J|UoL in. the strugglp and to those who re L eponded to their country s ^all Then taking up a. brief analyses ( of the great emotion ot patriotism! he pointed out the love'for adventuie in, the youth, those at this enviable age wheu-thei war bioke out He spoke of. the child <JeTeloping the spmt of ad venture when he gOes~ into his first dark ro6m This was termed the be giiming- ot that fearful i>leasure_ in the human mind. Later in life 'this s-pHM- take graver*form as displayed by young men in ..time of war In. ad venture-are'two-lmportanti-elements— the .love for the unexpected or sur- DINNERS SERVED NET NICE SUM FOR „ LIBRARY FUND Those. interested ilk the Carbondale public library movement will be glad to know that tie dinners served during; the.;Sta~te-.Faririers', Institute netted", a profit "bt $188. i •<« • All seryices required to prepare the dmnei s-,-*ere willingly donated and like, dinners.'. will .be served during the SiOutherli Illinois Teachers meet me which will be held here 4.j>ril 1, 2 aid 3; Thei.proceeds'.wiU be added to the libtary iund prise and the "element of~danger~fir yolved. President Shryock said/'Servicemen are the height of this adventure." In the .noble response, it was not all for adventure. The love of country Begins in youth, the love for ; ,the material things, "the rock and rills' — true it is. With things anj.home vicinity and schools, delightful" association of the "moments of exultation" are cherished ,as i,part.;of love for cbuntry.The experiences gather around all in life. Then 1 with this : . o\ir country is a. democracy, everything is open .for tbe most humble .to go to the top. That's. .America. Here a high tnbuEe was paid the Ameri-can.j,Liegibn:. "The speaker -said he trusted the country's future to the Aferican Legion, without question. • President.Shryock..took the..soldier WITH BLOCKING DRY LAW ^^ * -»e.i*- Remarkable Launching Sidewise of Ve^d 95JP* Cent Compke Papers to Arrest County Of- ^ficials jFor Conspiring to Prevent Enforcement of National _Prohibition Re^ fused in Absence of Special Instrument- •• F^rom j Washington. Special to Free Press: " MARQTJETTE, Mich., Feb. 24.— War-rants -fpr^arres-t-of -ProsecuQng'.Attor- nery'Mii'rtiri^-jrcDonpugh'and about a dozen o"ttei including police au4 dep i IV Sheriffs o£ Iron county on, charges of conspiring to obstruct the prohibi taon enforcement in Michigan w.ere r,e 'fused'. Commissioner .Match in: absence of instructions from Federal District Jifdge"^gession& or Attorney General Ealiner, 'following application prohi- biaon, Agent Dal"jrmple QHIOAGO, ffl Feb 23 — Maj A V Dalirymp)e,Feder al Prohibition Director for .-the Central - States, left Chicago late' today with a party of prohibition agents^ for Iron .county, Michigan, where county officials are said to have .'o.v.erpowered,i_gpyernmerit~'agents ;: and taken counterbrand liquor" which had been siezed-by the government men. ;*We are not starting a Wild West Nine thousand tix hundred ton steamer City of Sherman launched at Pensacola, Fla The vessel went overboard 95 per cent complete arid I* the second vessel In the world to go overboard with steam up and sound. Ing her own salute The vessel was named for the city of Sherman, T«c, one of the first cities to go over in the (Victory loan drive ' • W.J. BROWN NAMED TO FILL VACANCY Office Made ..Vacant by, Dallas Meisen- heitner Filled by Appointment of Township Board of : Appointment. The township board of appointment composed , of Supervisor Solomon Crawshaw, Justices of the Peace J. J. SEEKS BILLION MORE Could Collect That Amount*by Spending $3.000,000. Roper. Tells House Committee of come Taxes That. Eluded Revenue Men, In 'ttT hm^non Pot 2J—\Yitli tihe e-c pemlirure-' of S3,OIK).000. • aOditipnal moiiey -the-nareairof intonial revenue show and we do not expect any armed Romertson, O. P.. Louden, E. M.'Wil- hopes to • collect' ?l'.(IOO,'00(i.O()b :m -the most .'eloquent -and graphic resistance," Maj. Dalyinple said before >ierms in his new- emotional expert- '. ^^S- -"". we a ° ™eet resistance, iences in training.' 'With the hope'.ot j however, we will be-prepared to cope adventure in the spldierls heart, to the coast and there ready to sail £6'r~for- eign shores. *The great experiences. and thrill .of.;th&;.op'§an_.H-iier • fqr,-Vt : h'e: ; 'first time. .Out; -in th'e'imiddle-vp'f 'ttrei. ' with the situation-. : I mtend to arrest •Prosecutor McDonough of Iron county, Deputy Sheriffs and .the police 1 roffici.als o£ Iron River/and place them ;in jail, cliarge wi& conspirarcy to in- ocean surrounded by a tumult of ;: se>s : on all sides. • Here the littleness of'the •human is felt. The lurking danger of . submarine attacks" Finaiiy" tlie vision of,.a foreign land for the first time-,'.in^ this big emotional experience. The final climaxja the,- ; great '* drama—the ,first sound of'T-thei'^elching. guns at the front. The c6n'tinuai.'ro£tr-.of:.thund- err-- The : spread.:,otjdea,th^a^n ,^ic-_ Uon Jhe-bpy^^u^.f ace,, ^.TJie^wonder- - r t ure'inotiona:i--expierieiicBSrOf ?a r lite. on ;the front—aife and death, equally un- Certain. : -; (in conclusion Mr. Shryock\spolie'of • the sac'riflces'at home—of the'relatives -of the boys in battle. The black hours 'of ady.eraitjr'ibVoffi!armies/ .The mo-; ' einltJti^C^tlv.iietgryV^In tihis •connection .-^he "• spbief'r/oi ^pne;. -pf^the most bitter and black hours in his lite ' At the beginning of the.great German ^offensive. •• ' ATTENDS GRiAND- ': DAUGHTER'S" FUNERAL :Mrs. Mary White, daughter", Pearl, 'and son; Marvin,,-went to Herrin yesterday because, of ..the .death of the former's granddaughter, Lillian Es-' tella, 16 montUs' old baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John 'White. The child 'died shortly after 6 o'clock Saturday evening,'following a short illness ot pneumonia. The mother, who has ' been seriously ill with pneumonia, shows slight improvement. HOME RULE, BILL DELAYED Three Changes Cause Postponement of Introduction .of the Measure in Commons. London, Feb. .24.—Tlie Irish home' •rnle bill, which was scheduled for in- |troduction 'in- the house of common-: :today, has again -been • delayed -ami may not be introduced'nntil the end of ithe week.' ~The delay is due to three •important' changes in/the' bill, which are being kept-secret They affect, *; jlp said;' the boundaries : of Ulster. • 'flnniice and ttie control'of customs.' -ter|ere with'the'-car-ryiu'g out o£ pro• h'ibition laws. H4ROLD JONES PASSESAWAY Harold Roscoe Jones, aged 28 years, died at his. home "four mile's "east "of 1 liams .and Willis Perron, has just appointed. -W. Jj. Brown, .city :clerk, -to succeed Dallas Meisenheimer/'deceased."" 1 This is twice the board of' 6p.- pointment has met'' for appointment of officers'to fill vacancies'within-the" | last two ' weeks,. The last' appointment was that of George Skelcher. to-.fill. the-vacancy.of highway, road commissioner, .made'iva- cant by- the-removal of Floyd Brown from-the'city. •• •.. '•••'• • ;'•'' ! ' While 1 'tMs appointment 'has : filled one "of -the vacancies made bjr^ tjhie. 'death of'Mr.•• Aleisenh'eimer,'the..oth'er office, that of clerk, of the'.city court 1 yet .^remains unfilled. . ..This will',.be ; .an-.;appoin.tment made -by Judge Herbert Hays of the city court. This appbiiiitment will be made : 'soon, it is stated. : •' •" •'•'" .-' p 'tliat'lin's psraped 'the revenue collectors':' .•""• •••••• • '• • i..." ' : 'Th'i.s'iV'sl!i1i ; <l b.v ; D;iriiRl- G. 1 Roper, fliifef-'of the hinrenu, in i?:;.noO.Or.O'jti;rn cnrried in'^lve'-'-iYiinunl lEgislnvlw:,' 'exooiif ive" nri(V jiiilici;Vl' appropriations bill under- considei-Jitioii in the liouse. . . . " » • 000,000 ing, Feb. 15, 1920. His death fo'lkjw- ed a two we'eks' illness of influenza :'and pneumonia. . ^ ; '* The -deceased .was the son of • Mr. and/ Mrs. E. C. Jones, prominent farmers east'iof.ith'isicity; He. was,.^ member of Antopchj Baptist" church !', of TJnibn county.v''.He •w^ ; jibrn;an.d. : reared on a farm three and one-half miles east';: of Carbondale. " . •; He was married in November, 1910 to Miss Mabel Ward. To this union was bora two children. He kas- : a husband, a dutiful father' and sori.-He is'survived- by his wife audHwo children, Wernon, 7 and 'Harold, 5 years old; his parents, one brother, ; James. A. Jones,-:a farmer east o£ Carbondale; ' one sister, Mrs. Lester .Vaughn, Cambria; 'five half-brothers, B. J. Jones, O. E. Jones, of Los Angeles,. Calif., A. S. Jones; Carbondale, G. W. Jones, .Carternlle, and 35d Ben- ilett, Elgin. • Also four half- sisters, Mrs. Frank WiHiamson, Elkville; Mrs. Jasper James, Carbondale, Mrs. W. 'E. Lane, Herrin; and Mrs.. James Elders. Besides a. host of relatives and friends. Burial was made at Snider cemetery. - I. W. SOLITARY CELLS Six Prisoners- Punished for Throwing Food in Jail Corridor at Montesano, Wash. Montesiino, Wash.. Feb. 24.—Six of the ten uIloKcd Industrial' Workers'' of the AVoi-liI, on : trial he;s for the murder of Warren Grimni, Centralia armistice diiy punide victim,-.passed a tiny 'in'-solitary eonftndinerit'foz' throw- !ne their'fooiS-'into ihe^jaB corriBorV': 7 ^ BIBLE CLASS 'M.EETS^.f'' ' ' ' '.' MRS. BAKER^S LAST EVENING .'•' The. !philathea. _Bib'ie 'class" : .p'f ...the Baptist phurch : met ;at, L the r homei,of their teacher, Mrs. Roscoe Baker, : on West Elm.- street .last, evening -.and spent, the time in- a- social way. Music : : Those present .w.ere: Misses ^faiikie Ethiertoni Hazel' : Slu;-'~GladyS' : jWiiirj cheater, Edith'. Oarlock;" Bee s'lU£Hazel ^.ridge,,.-Madge.';Trput,". i . Wanda,'. Sizemore,. ;Edith .Hails, and Lucille: Carter. Colored Soldiers Meet Tonight ^tp Orgatiize 'The colored former soldiera sll 'are urged to be present : at the Free Will Baptist church at 8. o'elock.this evening for the purpose of organizing.a colored-American Legion Post. Important questions.' for the colored boys will come up and it will decidedly to their interest that they attend. TO START NEW REVOLUTION Party Formed in Mexico Known as "the Organized Government of Mexican Freemen." Aguia- Priera, Sonora. Mexico, Fgh. ' received here bring to. light the .formation ,of a new. revolutionary :party iii Mexlca,-'. known as. "the .reorganized government of .Mexican freemen." ••• . - . ... - -The proclamation calls upon pntrio'fr. ic Mexicans: to join the new 'revolt, scheduled for May- 5 on CIncos : ' de Mnyo, a' Mexican 'national holiday.'i •-.- ! . .tbat Aye:,iieetl .-750 more filled, auditor-!? . and- ; SO .; qild if .tonol t- auxil j a rfeclerks i/tp 'f erretj piit, tjiese.. titles, ;It will.irequire :about,.,l?3,Q«!:OOQ,..for. .the •, p.rojecfo'''-:-.;.':,. '; ROUKANIA iRK'ED : BY 'RUSSIA Demands'-"-AlVre's ;Make ; 'Kn6wn 1 ''Their Starrd on Pe'ace ; M'b'yes'b'y' '' '!. ' - ' S.niail .Nations'. " ' , : "'' . --. £oridoh,- ! iFeh'."-24.- ; --Tnrki:'.v : ''w:Vs ; ''t : pifi- tiorarily 1 disciirtled tiy^'fhe" snliject.'.'i'o'r. discussion'By the' ;'i!lie<r siiyrome.'fnun- cil, plfice .being iiifa'n (o';i (llscuailpii: o'f the Eiissiaii, KitiinHnn-u-itli' thl> rep-, rcscntatives of. Uoumnniii," Who', are anxious to'lcnow' what 't'ie"pi)\vers"ln-' tend to do ns'regards Russia. The Roiim'iinians. are tupre'se'ntcij :is saying they'are. •unwliling.'to 'n'egotl- nte 'with the bolshekivtiin'til tliey' know whether^ they will have, the "support of the |pprl.'- 'They 'are- urgently request-. >ing. a-definite' statement of "the policy either-.'of- the powers themselves toward Russia, or the attitude they, would'"take..' : to'war'd smaller- countries' who might to make' peace with the soviet'government. . As-far''as-is known, no assurances were given the Roumanians/' •Offers Cash Prizes for Babies. Cincinnati, Feb. 24:-^-B; E;'vStewart mnltimlllipnaire Kentucky •mah'ufac- tui'er,: awarded' a series of, cash prizes tofbe^ mothers .whpi.bring " ' ' Milo Hindman, Son of Early Carbondale Resident Dies East-of Jlere Milo Hindman a farmer residing 6 mile^ east or this city, died. Sunday pt Johnston City following an operation. He was a sou. of William Hindman, one of the early residents of Carbohdale' The deceased is a step son of Mrs J H Haley Arrangements for the'fun eral services have not teen announced He was 63 years old i ' iiys. Bnfi the 'n«t result .shows a payment' tn i he' .coveriiiiieiit of $200,000,000 'in --adflJtioiis'il -raxdS;' : rft'e:;'micl';vthat toti'r nim"i.vsis,; ,'hat; there. v is..lQSt for fhe- •ffoverhnfe'nt ' nS<ire flfriii ' '.$3 ',t)00,00p.- 000 in monej?i'H3at:Sus6tiito be brought Into the treasury in 12. months' time. "'We Hnci 'Rp'ttn "'PSfiuilnation that , t}v ri-thi rds • ttf, i>i« » un assessed^ taxe^jle .tm a : '/grfliip : i.<vf liib'out liT.yoOl'^a.tetutnl These -nre the ' so^cal.leil • oonsolidated • returns — tli:it is,-, returns '6f cdrporn- .WiinS' of- 1 'a-l-V'ikJn'ds'-. 'which 1 'Kave jafitfy suhsiflinr-y •five' to . 'per .retu.rn. , :!;These > .1 5,000. , consol idated ' returiiK represent... probably 100,000 in-' dlvidnal: > eompany, / r-eturns.^,.; ;•: .,- •• TWO IDENTIFIED !N ST. LOUIS AS MOUNDS SEN ATE PASSES RAIL BILL; NOW GOES BEFORE WILSON FOR SIGNING Bill Passes Senate 47 to 17 ( Which Provides For Re, turn of, Railroads to Owners—March 1st is Date For Return of Roads. Washington TeH 24—The last act of legislation requited of cougiess to provide for the leturn of the rail roads to their owners was Completed when the senate -voting 4T to IT, adopted the confeience report on the OummlnsJSscfi bill The bill having been previously approved by the house now goes to the president for his signature With March 1 fixed as the date for the re- tnrn"of tlie roads, the time 'allowed for the president to study the meas nre, Is extreme!} shoit The Vote was as follows ' ' Ayes—Batt Brandegee Calder, Cap per Colt, CUmmins, Curtis Elkins, Fernald Frelinghnysen Hale, Jones CWash ) Kellogg Kenyon Keyes Len root, Lodge, McLean McNaiy 1s TeISOn, New Page, Phlpps Polndexter Smoot Spencer Sterling Sutbeiland Town send Wadsuoitli AVairen and Wat son Republicans o2 Beckhnm Flet"hei G-u ola^s Myers Phelan Pomerenp rinsrteYl Robinson Shields Smith (Ga..),, Smith (Md.), Underwood, Walsh (Mont) and Williams 15 To_ tal foi the bill 17 Three Republicans Oppose .Bill. - Noes—B'ornli, France, .Gronna,' Republicans, .• 3..: .Ashursf;...;Dial, "'Gore, .Harris,; Harrison:,: Johnson (S..-D:), Jones,- '(N..;M.O, .Jtlng,. McKellar,. Nugent. , Overman,-... IPittman, Shcppard: and . Trammnl;"33emocratsi..14: • Total a'gainst';;the hill,: 17.:- - . ; .'••• .-,.-.•.. '• • ..••'There, was .considerable speculation indulged'. >In -hy ..members - of vcongress.' Interested In- i-he,He'gisla;tiori. ; ns to whether pr 'not'.tlie. presideiit'.'wtll'isigri'.' it. • This .speculation- 1 waR.ih'creused by study'-of/the''two elttments--of : opiiosi: tioiv:to"the- 1 measure which, were .(level- oped during the''senate' debate 'oh '-the conference report. ••-.• THe- chief- opposition- comes 1 'from '•the-fprces't of -organized labor,' who • desire • to -have government, .'control!; extended for.'two years more in- order -that"a--thorough j Bns one of j h te Stl .may'«be.; roade/of flfe-T.on^-Stj,^-region., ___ wv _ ... jo -ffiz*^.^ *FMJ!®l&wfe roads 15 Persons Identify ersjas Bandits Who Loot-' ed'Mounds, HI., Bank of $7300—One Accused >H*. Blue Bird Holdup. ST. .LOUIS, _Feo _24^Chartes PL .Watson, 29 years: old,'who gave Ms- residence as 716 Fine street, was arrested "last n-lghi fcy ate Si^Ixnnav police and is'being..h.eld in connection] with-the'eearch forthe tbreeTaen<-:whcB. h«ld up the First National Bank'or- Mounds, HI ,on February S, when $7300?in' -cash and laberty-Bonds: w.eife.stoles.. '.•The-arrestof-Watson fpllbwedicKKra— ly upon the identification yesterday** George Baskowitz 28 yeara old, 8082" Cozens avenue,-andlHarry J: Colemanv 38 years old ~bf Toledo, Qhio, as two oC the bandits who roboed the bacfy Laskowitz and Colene,an were arrested last Fnday and property ^alued at $9000, consisting of tnree a,uj;oinobilej5» cash and. diampndSjJs^eld by the pa— lice. .Watson/; who was arrested" by D&-- tective Sergeants~Ho"dge and Lemke- nieier at-;the -corner-of Seventh nandi r Pine streets,, admitted that'he'Jtaew liaskQijritz -and^Goleman. and-'thatiJte- ••wa<a riding with'^them-in a machine nn>- Illinois 'on February- : 9, -the day .ofi.the- bank robbery. He also admltted'jthatr he .was present at the automobile accident atTOlney, nr, -wSen thp~car" in. which,.he^ Laskowitz and Coleman; were ^driving,,collided-w;ith : a,macbiiie-: driven toy an Olney jeweler Following the accident, he said he*"went toJPaduCcth Ky, to npit hia parents Laskpwitz left for Lou sviHe,Ky ,_ he said ; Watson, as well as-.Laskowitz,,an4* Coleman, denied any connection withj the robbery. Laskowitz also has been identified? as one of the three men -"vho held up; an-assistant paymaster of i.the Bluebird? Manufacturing Company on February- 14,, taking^ a total: of $9772 in cash. "Ai-negrb :scrubwomaii : employed ate the Arcadia dance hall, Olive street and' : Garrison avenue; after v-iewing--the-' prisoners,' told 'the' police that'Iiasko- witz had a remarkable resemblance to-one of. .th^. robbers .who, held, un andS.' robbed; thedance.ball. of. 5J1941-6'n,'.E.e£- • ruary 9' Her statement isibeing^dqujft,- • ed-by the : police, however,, ^because: of" the fact that the •banb-roWberynfTCt Mounds and the holdup of'the'dancing: establishment occurred at : 'pTacticalisr the" same time'. . ',''_','"•'' " . : -" """' the '' policy - -.-. <, •ln'-tliose^stRte> r 'wlK > fare badl'x ; at tlfe ' contlne'ritfil'-systems •tinaer' : the' : 5'>S'' per .cent giiarnnric".pro^isidnl': '••-••»> :-' A number of the Democrats 1 ln : the senate, and— house - who opposed the measure areGalijeady^lanning ,fo;brlng pressure to bear^upon th*e presiilehTf to ' get. 'hin ri.,-:-:Labor '.Caught •• Napping.' The celerity Hwith' which . Senator Cummins, chalrmairof tlie committee. preyall'M'-upon "th'e' 'senate' to' act'ujipn *e cO^eWnce rep ! 6rt"caiigiit'th'e'l '.owes ot 1 '' J 6rg^.fi ( lz'ed - 'Uibor^ ! happiug!. '•'' • •-"They' had plianHed'to' h6Td S'seftes.^^ group . proposals' 'f6r ' Tvagij ificreas'es' ''aiifl- ''-ti out;:a' ; pl'an ,'bf nation' .ti) i: 'prevent ''the Conference •'repori?' : on j -'" the : rait'rb'a'd measure ^from becoming a law. •' '' : " .'"iSen'a'tof 1 Cummins "caUeVi''''np' : thc.-cQn- f eren ce ! ; 'reiorf 1 - i niihecl i'tilery A f t er.;'tiie senate'.' ha'd'-'listeneci 'to tlie : rHadiii'g ' of WaS | h'iWstpri'S;fh'refl'eir : iicii1r'ess/by''S : cti- ' ' | ator •Pomei'eneVof .O'liio. : Tlie''(iebat(;" fan througli'ou't'"*!!!. iliiy r 'iim] 'the! vote by .\vhlch' 'tn'e report' •was'-a'dopte'd \v'a's taken, ht. 6:30'p. in. .••••"••••'•• '•••<•:'••::' .'Tlii-6ugli;oirt 'tlie .clebntc ;;Hie 'provisions most siih'jecfcil to ' attiick.Vniid, criticisni; iiziSre'.'those ;provSdirig foi\ the 5^; per cent "jfiini-'anty ana' the restriction^ 1 clesigrie'a to'Vprevent strikes on the part of tlie railway employees.. There was also geiierai "criticism" of' Samuel Gompers'. and tlie' American Federation .rind" of ;the 'policy of the organization in; seeking to prevent.. "the enactment of ..the bill.. •/ . ' -.•'•.» Senator,,. Quinmlns aefend.ed. the guaranty "provisipn_;.by .saving tost it was not a guaranty at" all, but' mereljr a "d> . rection".:; too th e-( interstate .• '-. commerce- Cpmmlsslonv to adjust -the Jate*. sd, Mutt .a , return, ofiiS'/fejiper cent' shall be.'de: rtved.::U: .':,• ; ~::;; : ".^ : :.;,.;•-',;;, : ,,,_ i; " •' Democrat Defend*; Bill. '.';:.';. P.'-<f • .perverted iii charactei; -sfi^qii • come the means .of ..afenyjjig" right PS" justice to any. class of cit- •- ; Izens.". , ."..'/ \^...'. '*^'".' '..."'' .',.,, .. f Referring to tlie lajjor Ib'oard' proVid- ; p»l (frtr jn the' niiV. h*a' «';i1<l •'''' • i " ! " 1 "'^ |fl.\*o Jnthe oil,.he;jU,v..,.-." :, j -"It. ifg" ,iastonishing.'lfha^'t'h'^o.fcfjr ''p&= - - ganizatlons,slipui'd"agsnYue, '' H. 'j. J; —'' -i l '- — 'jll: !_'',.'_' •! RED; FORdES: Bpishevikl:.. Seize.. :!cit'y ^fter^U ^''' . _Breake. '•iohdpn, J.-eb.'.'.'24.— Bo'lBheviifr -Tofces. have seized" Murmansk Tnd sliippirig: 'n-.'Oie- lia.rbqr tliere. followiBs^a.: : reyo-- lutioh' '"wliich broke. out at that "po'rtr Saturday, afternoon; -aecordinjr to a Lloyds. 'dispatch.. 'fiym 'Vai'do, KortfSiy_ - News"bf 'tlie;;' cuijhire ! .w:iy : bi'-oflght- to -Vnrd'o .by a 'Russia'n' ' stennier from-.. •Murmansk in cliarge of t-.vo British •> and- four Belgian oflicer's.' -: 'it .was- "the -'only- vessel to bscaiie'sejjzu'r^rliiit'WBs-.-.. riddled'- with; nincliine-gnn''m-e and' the-.'' cantaln' was 1 wounded." '.. : '" ' ' BIG BOMB FAILS TO EXPLODE. -'• -..! • .• •»• ' ' —• ;—:.-'' •, - .U^ Attempt Made to; Blow ; .Up Cpnetabu--- ,lary Barracks in -Ballynahihch, -' County'Do\yn ; ^ : Dublin, Feb. 24.—An . attempt wafic-- made to blow up the'constabutary bav^-- racks.'in- Banynahinch, County , A: gelignite ,bomb, which.-'had „„„„ placed,;. Jailed to.iexplodp. ' TJie • townai preyion^lyi .had been isolated by cut- tihgiltie/telephpiie. wires and blockings the; rpads':'leniaing. into -it with treeu.. A-. large; tprce.'pf police, was sent «iere~ 'from. Belfast.; . ' -> "

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