Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 16
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CONFIDENT "LIVING Driver Finds Salvation After Stumbling Start By NORMAN V. PEALE tin advance," the minister re- Job to another. He Thriffirjg human stories are'plied. "I caa do that." about us duly. Tale this surprising one: It was a mot-ing day. The Rev. Evans yishea and family was leaving Illinois for a new parish in New York. ~~ " van driver The moving asked. -Got ready?" "Yes, everything's ready. 1 don't know if you're a pray-l ng man or not." he explainedjwife bore him three children, unaware that he was talking;but he treated her abom- o a minister), "but these inably. "She was a ftxx leasehold goods we're mov- woman," he says. "But *WeU, there b one thing that has to be done before we roH." ' "If you mean paving you are part of your family abused her and swore at he e v e r y t h i n g tf e --so before we move them and cursed the kids and 'm going to ask you to'pray chased them out of the hous with me that we get themjand made life hell for every safely to your new home and body.' DR. S. DOUGLAS ' WALTERS Preaching "HOW BIG IS GOD'S LOVE?" Rev. Atec E. Nichols. Pastor V/oriWp Services 9.00 10:55 A.M. EVENING YOUTH GROUPS Ml All AGES "No," said the driver. drinking. took to chasinj gambling, '1 women. Then he got married. His that God may bless it." · · · e -' EVER HEAR a moving man Then he got into a braw and landed ia jail. His wil left him. But even that didn talk like that? This' minister [bring him to his senses. had not and was astonished. I ia time he remarried. B He caned his family. It andUf, wife he had two children, the van driver prayed togeth-| Ba t he treated her as badly er. And when the same minVoo. Aftir several years of on- deGvered the goods he again happiness she finally gave c prayed for God's blessing. Thanks. Fred." said the Rev. Mr. Jones. And he . added. "Fred," I can't live th kind of life any longer. I love you. 1 know you . ·Yemjnust be a very religious ^ i good man if you jus ·*·*-" ' would. Tve p r a y e d . a n irayed, but nothing change 'm leaving.** man. *I\e been one of the worst men anywhere," Fred answered. -But by the grace of God I'm on the way to being better." Reared in an atmosphere of quarreling and bitterness Fred grew up cynical and rebellious. At his senior year. He left and drifted from one smal] FRED KNEW from th quiet wiy she said this tha she meant it. There came ov i a dreadful sense of wha First Brethren Church STH and CHERRT CHARLES W. MATES. 0.0, Paitor ?:30 A.M -- Sunday Sttieol 11 A.M.--EVANGELIST BOB COLLITT 7 P.M.--'UNDERSTANDING OUR TIMES" Dr. Charles W. Mayes, Speaking We Operote Chmtioa Ooy School--tOl Stuianti of life. He fled into* Smoking Enter Sin Category Now? Religious leaders are seriously debating if it is a in to smoke for the first time in more than a genera- on_ This particular moral issue ippenj to strike very dose i home. Many clergymen art Law leact. CaU, latortar. fee. B, IW4 TAKES CALL The Lakewood Church of the United Brethren in Christ, 5735 Rocket St, has called the Rev. William M. Todd as its new minister. The Rev." Mr. Todd has served pastorates ia California for 14 years and is a graduate' of USC. He win preach'his initial sermon Sunday at 11 ajn. heavy smokers. And some who do not smoke are reluctant to take any stand which might make them appear to se killjoys who are ever ready say "thou shall not"* to pleasures. There Is diversity and re- traint in the attitudes of rotestant. Catholic and Jew- New Group Claiming Top Growth rrtu Intenaneaal The Unitarian Universalis Association, formed in 1S6 ish leaedrs toward the SG"s Avt report. (^ beginning The most forthright moral S u n d a y and mMmnation is encountered [ c o n t i n u i n g Bellflower Qiurch Sets Revival INDEPENDENT-^. 1-7 Choir Features Fellowship The CD-voice combined choirs of LaVerce CoQege wiH be the featured attraction Sunday. 6 r m , at the First Churth of the Brethren's All Family Fellowship Program. 3332 Magnoiia Ave. 4 The Rev. C. LeRoy Doty Jr.. pastor, said a pothick snack wiU open the evening. Laymen and laywomen are scheduled to make short talks prior to th* choir program. This Is the 23rd tour season for the choir and recently it has been featured on Pacific Coast and national radio network programs. Dr. B. R. tjerm of Titus- vflle, FU, will be the evangelist in an eight-day revival at C a l v a r y Baptist Church, 14719 Ardis a denominations such as the through March Methodist Church and the? Southern Baptists which have traditionally f a v o r e d abstinence. "A responsible stewardship a the body demands a dean ireak with that which harms the body and destroys health," says the Southern Baptist Christian Life Commission. 'A Christian should also be concerned about setting the right example so that the young are cot made to stum Me.' The Methodist Temperance Division cites similar rea back yard, so miserable tha by a merger of Unitarians and Kaa ' for '" conviction tha K. ,W,M k»rrfw eMr,V \,,--. i.-... ,,!.:_ »~. it s "immoral to smoke." he could hardly Then he remembered h« ! jay had somewhere heard about! |Universalists, laid claim to- to being "the fastest had somewhere heard about!_^. religious denomina- people whose lives had been]*. . 6 . . ,, changed. So he found himselfi 11011 m Ae Mtl0 ?praying. "Dear God. dear From its headquarters " r _ y _ _ . _ _ . ._!, From God, Tve had it I don't want Boston, to be like this any more. Please change me, God." A strange peace came over him. Then he returned to the in the association re- North Long Beach BRETHREN (1* SI. xd Oron Dr. 6«r» a P«*. Fn 1 1 A.M.-- "THE SINS OF IGNORANCE 1 7 P.M.-- "THE IMPORTANCE OF GOD'S LAW bouse and hesitantly told his wife. Her eyes fiHed with Dr. L a k l n s k n o w n h r o u g h o u t t«. HIM outstanding Garfield Baptist WtS.c« A. O'ton. f«stor tOiO AJJ. ·THE AlTAIl Of INCENSE' 1M tM. IEV. U!C dSON Unic* WDrllng *M tf* Son jlrtvicl coutirn!t tnj Wt^t- *r Eurcp*.) Oiurch is located ) Uocli E. of Sarrii Ft on 23rd .id 1 blocb S. o! Wi.1c« on CI.F:«X . America as an pulpiteer. For 14 years he was the pastor of Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, and the speaker for the "Nation's Family Prayer Period"* on WLW. Cincinnati Services are scheduled at 7:30 each evening. Special music will be cnder the direction of Billy Aven. minister of music. The Rev. H. Frank Collins is pastor. Berea Baptist IO IMm Ivt c* MtU CAN o. i»«!Neicm. rotor » 45 AX.--S^day School IIKM A.M.--MorniBa Sarvka JOT tM.--Ckr"nt;» EnJiavor 7^0 tM.--Evanlng Sanrtca leased figures showing that its constituency grew from 2*3,033 in 1962 to 257,021 in 1963 -- a gain of 5.7 per cent The news release pointed "Christians are obligated to be good stewards of the life God has given them," he says. "Equally important is my influence on others, my responsibility to set a right example for my brother." What do you think? tears and she said. -IT! wait out that this growth rate is to see if thus is reaf rnore than seven tone* that Strangely enough it was of the entire Protestant corn- real and it was his big tern- ««*y. and more than trice ins Point. I heard him tell this «l*t of the · Roman Catholic antaring story at a meeting!Church, as reported m the under the auspices of an or-(West Yearbook of American ganization known as -Faith at Churches. ORANGE COUNTY Jt*Kl» K»»W a^.i. ^ Did Anthony, ter.or soloist, pianist, WORD recording artist. Evangelist Pete RTggi with a message to f«ens. A'amftc. rVenii Charci 12211 So. I Garden Grcve EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN h and Temple. *·*· Alexarvier McCandess A.U.--Sun. Churck ScW S.M P.M.--You* F.!!CW^;F» 10:15 A.M. 7 P.M. --DR. FETE R1GGS " ' '· W.i. 7.-00 f.M.--5V« S»-Jy *ni Work.' It was the kind of meeting at which individuals stand op and bear witness to what God lias done in their lives. Fred is a good example of how a person can start Irving a better life and keep on living it. He discovered the truth of a statement of Jeremiah: 'IVTien you seek.Me with oil your heart. I will be found by you. says the Lord." (Distributed 1964. fev The Han Syndicate. Inc.! (AH Risritl Reserves) Long Beach Area on This Schedule? Protestant. Catholic and Woman Confused About This Order LOUISVILLE, Ky. «i -- A woman who just moved here found a job at Central School Supply Co. On the first day, she rushed into the manager's office am! 7~T1 IWGNOLIA CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN JUNOAT SCHOOL »:« » «. _...,.. II A.M.--"ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE" Mefftodisf Churches Grace 3rd *~.4 J^nTparc--Rev. SUn'ay C, l^t Service MM AM. and IIJO A.M. _ . D i 11 Hi ir.i Freeman--Ktv. G. W. Stamp East Long Beach s.i via AX.--Wonr.;? ichso A.M. CaHf. Helqhfs Biiby Read at CV«n;« Ava. Se-..»:3a 11 A.M.--Dr. P. ILWouJer,e«n; Atlantic Ave. At'ar.*)c and 15th -- Riv. Rollo E. Durham Sarvicl 10:50 A-U.--Sun. Sctiool tJ3 A.M. Silverado Park Belmont Heights Spring and D«ta--Rev. Ja:l R- Harper Se-vTcn:iManj II A.M. Dr. George U. R a j n 3ra and Tar Sarvicei: 9:30 and UA-M. 4300 l.r.Pover Blvd.--Rev. Sldr.ey J. la«i=a Lakwd. Community s trv ; c . : JM ,ni 11 A.M. Los Altos North Long Beach 5950 t Winor--Rav. Dor.i'i Locrar Service*;9.10:10.11:IS AJJl.lS.S«m« Hgcr 54*a and Linden--Dona'd t. Coola. M Llwd. Trinif/ 5650 Dunrcbin-- «e». tloyj U",er u Servicei: 1:39 a*J 11AJ*.--S.S. Same Hour Moore Memorial Jri tnt Ijnjan--Kev. Kobert Servkei: 11 AJjI. Sun. School. :45 A-M. First S.rvfc.n: ». 11 AW, S^ft. School. 1. 10 A-M, ALL SAINTS IPlSCOPAl CHURCH TtrmJn* end Cator«rJa *r*. J«rrrcs E. CMrolt. Rector 7:30 a.m.--Holy Communion r.LW «.!«.--f«risft Ftmir,f £iK**-rrf 11 a.m.--Mom inff Pravtr ·ni Hory Communton 7:30 »-m.--^ vcnwnf 1,00 ·.m--AAiM tesolrer*' C1«» Mart. 7 fc U «.tn.--Hot* Cammunloii Tun. 7i3S i.m.--School of Religion *'*4-» 7.00 .vm.- ttofy Communion FrU7:30 S O a ·Starlonj Df »e Cmi '.--«on. lhnin* SaL ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH ATltnttc A**. «t S*-*ntl» ftt«. F. C. Btltlu. Ktdor r«5 A.NL--+tofK Cotnmuntoti t 10 ».m. -- Family S*rvkt 11:90 Prdytr and Scr-man Tw«v, 7 i.m.--4+ohr 1 Communion Thuru, IS A.M.--Horv Communim 7Hun. 10:39 *.M.--H«»Jirg Service 7 f.m_ Daily, Evtnint Pr«vcr BETHANY BAPTIST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL · Bemenfary · Junior High 2244 Oari Av.. -- GE 1-1W3 MEN WANTS) loAItanaOur MEN'S BIBLE OASS SUNDAYS--I-3B A K. ta |M CMnostone Room First Baptist Church TBTB end Pine Good Teadima. Minlc. FetlawshiB ;* u. ;· Our Ne» Qiurck tni Sunday Scnool Fecfttiei MORNING WORSHIP 9.00 and 10:30 AM. . "Now Then, Do It!" «* AH 7;OQ P.M. "The Glory Which Shall Be Revealed in Us" First Baptist of Lakewooc Harold S. CarUoa. Peiter 5336 Arbcr Road ST. GREGORY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH am c. wuio» Bew««* File Veroe i. Voaarutn It*. Ulictieet Francn. 100 e.m--Hofv Corwnunloe U.OO e.m.--Mornin. Prayer and Sermon i r». wrt -- \.niri M--a,m.--Thun.--Holv Communlo ionaw Scnool wunenr · 10.00 A-m. Servict First SundAv ( ~ HOfv Comntunio _ far Further Orthodox Presbyterian 500 E. *A* AKTONIO DRIVE KEY. IAWUNCE *. ITICS. Wn REV. LOUIS KNOWLES. Guest Speater I I A_W.--"TTie WelUprlnq of HappTnesi" 7:30 P.M.---TJia Atheist Answered" FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH lOfh and Pine Dr. Frari M. Kcpner. Pasior 8:30 and IliO AW.--IDENTICAL SERVICES "TOUCH NO UNCLEAN THING" Dr. Kepner preaching at all services 6:45 P.M.--ORGAN RECITAL--Dr. P. StacV 7:OOP.M.-"A QUESTION OF PROFIT AND LOSS" We Invife You to WorsriTp With Us at "A Friendly Church With tha Gospel Messags" ewish leaders of the New York Metropolitan area wfll meet Tuesday to consider orming an interfaith councfl to work for racial justice. Similir councils on religion and race are already func- joning effectively in Detroit, Toledo. Chicago. Washington and other major cities. There's a man trying to get funny. He bought a lot of school supplies and wants them charged to Christ the King." The maanger assured her everything was proper . . . that Christ the King is a :atholic Church. FIRST LUTHERAN Tri lav. £. H. Schrcedar. P«-,tor Ser/Irei 1.30 and 11 «0 A.M. ·THE CHRISTIAN MINARET 1st Tnets. «:VT Sunday ScTiaof an4 B.tie Caun tor a4 aces * *5 am. Nyrser-v Cere dyrino *:30 Servce St. John's Lutheran MISSOURI SYNOO ·6vl C«»Nt AVE. C* }CJ7 Fa". Walter U. Fehrer. Pester Sund« VorOum 119 and » A.M. V S. and B tie Claret l:» AK. Bible Presbyterian nil 1 ELM. IONS »EACH KEY. KC6EIT CICUKSOK. fiSTCl 11 AM.--"Tre Sheet Anchor of Our Liberties" 7 P.M.--"Studies in EpfiesTans" Sjrtdn Sdiool « 3» AM. ftrlnrutiv. I P.M. 20th CENTURY REFORMATION CHURCH UNITED PRESBYTERIAN ST. PAUL'S LU1HERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL pA ssourt Iv^toa 2291 9*'a Verd* Lon^ It9-I Rrv. Wm. J, Factirr, f^ror at tan CE ·urc Sjni:*.' WarCi'D i · m. ft It is *n*- Surcav Icf cot » · m. t M · m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE StbjecJ o? lesion-Sermon, Tomorrow "MIND" . Fr-J Oiurck of Ovrit Sc^rfst. !a letfen. MauacrLiartt f IRST OfJRCH Of CHRIST. SCltNTISl 443 Elm Avenue SECOND CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCilNTlSl Cedar Avette at Street THIRD CHURCH Of CHRIST, SCIENTIST 3000 Eas' Thiri S*ee« KXJITH CHURCH Of CHRiSI. SOENTIS1 101 Ee-,1 Ma-iet Street in. n *»L-U»«H» lOeot. Hi aM II « · -»e»»uHT. I .«. FiFTH CWRCH Of CHRIST. SCHNTlST SI7I Nas'ei ' a - e lirav. t.» * Tl AM-tar*n laaa. · » ar H « m- SrXTH CHURCH Of CHdiST. SCIENTIST V!OI Studabalar Read . n ».* -$"Mav VJieei » U an* II * M. 27etivldav t ~ J* IEADir tCOMl-rKEE JO IH£ 119 lecui* A»»«ii« "» *·'·' l-««*»«i IJ4 Wet* TkW Sfcetf S' 1 · Afan»,e Aven.« 140I Sturfelalar leal «S ta.t SeccnJ Sfrea "THt ElELE SPEAKS TO YOir KH. 7:45 A. M. Swxiay KGES. 9:30 P. M TRINITY Lutheran MORNING WORSHIP 1:30 tr.t II A.M. Ckurt. School 9.45 A.M. Orver A«r»«m». r^--or ME »_«X! ·ofaen BffieaTirr. A«oe. e^loc Wad. Evening tlt'» Study 7:30 EgMh arvd linden [LCA] Christ 5225 Ha/far Ava.--Ha». Join Sonnar Service! and OiunH Saioot-«:30 t II * M- Emmanuel fcth 1 TarmFno S«rylcn t * 11 Rav. Ffancts A. Ihc Rrst United 5A 1 Afantic--«·». Ma'scn WaTM.r icrvlcn tl AM.-f 30 lt« i(M.-»«d. 7.» Grace 1333 LKuit A»«.--Re». DavTd Mita;a«i Se^wicw TC.3C A-*U Churdi School t:30 A.M. No. Long Beach S333 Oranqa Ava.--Ra». t'xltri G. Irv 1 IV-Olvdl Sdloa »:» * Second 242S L JrJ St.-- trt. dctt. H. Prantica S«r»ice» t.M t 11--CnprOI ScMol «:40 AVM. Westminster J474 f i:\fic A»a.--Ra». W. W. G-ian'aa Urvlcet » 30. II A M. CXurcH Sctinn « 25 B E T H A N Y B A P T I S T C H U R C H l A CoRMrvifiva taptiit Cburcb 2244 Oarl Ava. al Staarnt anj lot COYO*«I Dr. WiH^ara J. McliKanrv. F»ttor · Dr. Saofqa A. Co-a. Agee. t:30 AJJ. HBLE SCHOOL t t.U. THA1NING UNIONS 10:45 A. M. "EVANGELIZE OR FOSSILIZE" 700 P. M. "HANDWRITING ANALYSIS" (Nuntry {or «1 Servicii) WEDNESDAY--7JO P. M.---'HOUR OF POWER- FRIDAY--PASTOR'S BIBLE CLASS--7:30 P. M. EVERYONE IS WELCOME Yea art ntittl lo worship at COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN 6th and Locirit -- Downtown HUGH DAVID EURCHAM. D.D, Pastor 9:30 and llflO A. M. "SO HE WAS CALLED. CARPENTER'S SON" I/ C«. HUGH DAVID ILJBCHAU Kunerv an O'M Care ar lorn Serveei 0 A.M. -- Oiurcft kfteol tor Al Aoet -- Evenini Tlv "Wriglcy Heights Baptist 1 t,M · m.--Ofl*.jn'i St II ·-«.--AtfuW IS. 9:15 end II A.M.--DUPLICATE SERVICES ·Xearl H Heart T» »« wn CXrilf P.m.--IN5P1HAT10HAL HOU' raptor Jorkrwa peahi -- KelievrT AaoTitm Vittort weicaine SupwvliaJ Munarr CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS BAPTiST CHURCH Pastor. Wil!ard W. RIgqs |GAJLJ.C| 11 A.M.--"WHAT ART THOU DOING HERE?" 7 P.M.--CHARLES FRERICH Gueit SpetVer--Youth Dire'.tcr Nursery for Both Services 41)0 Lutheran Churches GA 4.J111 INatlont lutfaral CotncJ) lirTHERJ CHURCH Of THE HOIT TRINITY L CARSON AT CHERRT (AiC ....... a, ServKei. 1:1 S md I0:« AM. $.«·/ Scr.otJ. »:M A.M. ST STEPKAN IUTHE«AN CHUSCH 1421 Pa A... HE »-796S Me'ir H. OKU. 'aitof--GA t-3411 ServKei. »:39 «nJ 11«) AJ-I. 5uiJa» Scncel. 1:M A.M. ST. CHURCH "*.£·*,, c,:JSLV«" 1:30 ind IliX) A.M. WerA'p Septet -- Sunrfay School MS CHRIST IUTHEHAN tAJ..C| 4500 Ste St. t C-JI SAVIOUR S lUTHERAfJ JAJ_C) 173 J a n,p.r. DE 4-74M V. }. I e-te. f liter-C. T. Ci^J. fat f«t=r, 6E t 5441 Sunday ServIcaJ. 1:45 t I! AM. Sundiy Scrocl. ia Nars»rw Prwde er. 7.» »m. . LUTHER/J» CHURCH "li*era» Oiurcl « America 14S L Carsoe. OA 7^3W Marti. C Oils. Suodar Servkel l:» A.M. aid It US A.M.--^:40 AJ^. Sunday Sc IUTHERAN lAi£J T O O L T W S t . W E J S C 3 7 frani E-WUco.. farto»--UE 4 19iO WorAIp I:M an J 11 AJ4. S^Jar ScW. I b'» Ct-.i. 1.43 A M^ ST. IURES EV. IUTHERAN CHURCH (LCM H A 5 X 4 UT. OtWET IUTHERAN (l.CA.) L Elii.srM. Ca-ntbal. Pa.tor WtrsMp; I:M t II A.M. (Winery 4«CS South St, lale«o; 1O 4-51U w TO 7 7 S I S-Xay Sekod t 4 S A M LAKEWOOD FIRST (United Freiyte'Un, UJA.J 19S5 St^datalir Id, Unj leack. Tel. 4 2 M C 1 1 9:30 and 11:00 A.W. "A VIEW OF THE CROSS" CKjrcIl ScficJ ani Njnery Cere IcA Servian U'.mtftn: Nortert A. Mole. WuUana H. Jcrn-,oi United Church of Christ SAY SHORE COMMUNlTYB.imc.r,i Shor»-Rr,. uirto. G. TM Tateaa M Cranade Gabre'ien. Senncai "JJ 1 II ajn. LOJ Aftoj UrJied SSS3 Atferte*-- Re'. Murray T. McKerl Jr. Service: 1 JO and II am. Woodruff Urefecj rWI Wscxfcvff--L Wa'.a'ani fatror WorUtip: t JO. Ourcl School 19:30 First Congregational TK'a-d and Cedar Ejr.erson G. Har.gen. DD. 9:30 AJvl.-Chwch ScKod "THE CRISIS OF POWER" Dr. ErTrerw* G. Han^a* «JO anJ II A W.--Dvpfita'a Servkn Nkf.ary C B - * {cr amail childraa 4 30 PM.--TAMO.Y SUNOAf FVEM1N HCCJ* GUEST--IEV. IUEIEM SHEAIES, U r a: %]I1ERIAN BAPTIST BELLFLOWER ·Ul IEUKONT J. IUCCKE **!CMT. FUTCI tervlrei tOD t II A U. Sunder taiool t:» «JL CALVARY I«C OTTO *. «rlVt«. f»STO« AtOLt r.» fM. V » * » *»«- IMMANUEL Cf AM i kei II * M- t /:» /.M. RRST TI«T« t fine n*Nr Kirxo. PASTC* jervnei I 30 t II * M. Vmaer VJicol » AM. WEST LAKEWD. LOS ALAMITOS tO*»«O KIEfE*. f»»TO« » :· j_«.ai ; Jcfc_t 1 «l^«l Cren I lloon^f.«« DEK*:S ft ;CE. W fltUr ServKn U 0A.M. 17.31 fM. tin. IdL t A M. MATTlt lervHei It Southern Ilapfist- WALNUT AVE. BAPTIST AV/C AVt ta UB»-»I« »B«V-t t- later. »esw ; . -err. 1*9 am. I vm. -SI tO-111 »l«v-«ra4».» ERISTER WD/ORLM. SOCITHKH BAPTIST Id J». lanf tee .'fcC. CanKmk-Mt ICaa-ramr. »«v f »*» t . . Wioav VMW » 45 A a». Fvenmt l»on»» fJH. . eror»ii» tl:o» A M. Trauim* IMMaj » ««. Service »e« .» PJ«- »l'i"en» rrevHW TRUETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH is tt.vr 11 '^"^ · - "* * . . -n Don Nate · Diferencl Tee tereve" . A * - . . » j«.-- T»Am;»6 UKIOII wig. RRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH CA 210.? Horlh Urv *«* IMO Oremn «=JIIT O. MUOl-1. Peitcr II A M--Jftonitof «--,--,«C» O» MAYtr* "7rif* T «tio* for 1^* 0*f !· Al S«r«rc*i' Mr*?. larv*» Worcnt. tarvloa at M tarvba

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