Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 11
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Are Schools 'Scared' of Bible? * * * * * * * * * * * Three Years Later, Misunderstanding Fought ' * , ., By LES RODNEY 1 How stand things three years later on the highly charged issue of religion and the schools? Emotional reactions to the Supreme Court ruling of 1963 "keep most people from realizing t h a t ' l l is still perfectly legal to study (he Bible in public schools." So said Dr. Rolfe I.anier Hunt, associale head ,of the "National Council nf Churches' church and public school department, at a r e c e n t gathering of 2,000 Christian educators in Louisville. The Council has apparently taken the lead in an effort to give religious subjects their legal and proper due in school systems where there now may he fearful evasion of the very word "religion" through mis understanding. (Long Beach is not one of [hose d i s t r i c t s , a school spokesman t o l d the Independent, Press-Telegram.) The court decision banned prayers and Bible readings but not the study of the Bible as literature, nor the role of religion in the shaping of history and civilization. Faced with evidence of unnecessary timorousness by school systems and teachers Ihe court has gone so far as t o intirnale s t r o n g l y t h a schools have a DUTY lo offer such instruction as part of a well-rounded program. However, o b s e r v e d Dr. Hunt, public schools "will do hese things only if there is demand for them in Ihe com- mmity. Church members can lelp create such a demand, if hey are interested." REV. DR. *J. Blame Fisterj lead of the Council's public chool department, held that he court had actually done he church a great service by "orcing it to rethink its educa- ional strategy, and challeng- ng it lo provide religious instruction "beyond the ghetto of one hour on Sunday morn- 'ng." NEXT. WEEK Rev. LeRoy C. Doty Jr., pastor of Long Beach's First Church of the Brethren, explains the distinctive, some- limes nonconforming traditions of the Brethren and what they have meant to Protestantism. CXF 1 Greater emphasis on mid- veek released-time instruction ;OK'd by the high court) has jeen one answer. The Louisville gathering af- 'irmed for the record, and for he clarity of any overcautious luhlic school officials and .eachers, that the teaching of he Bible as history and litera- :ure -- and as indispensable Background material for the humanities--falls both legally and academically within the 'secular" sphere of Ihe public school. Put another way, it is teaching for religious conviction, not teaching about religion that the court decision outlawed. Said a high school teacher who has been leaching the Bible in his courses: "To keep Ihe Bible out of the public schools because it is controversial and because the public cannot trust the good sense of both the teacher and the pupil is a simple but questionable judgment." ELIGION Misunderstanding of t h c i I N LONG BEACH: court's decision has contrib-j uted to withholding a basic teaching tool, added Thaycr S. Warshaw of Newton (Mass.) High School. "Is it important for the student to learn what it means when a m a n is called an Adonis or a Romeo, yet unimportant for him to he able to tell a Jonah from a Judas?' A lack of suitable curriculum material has been cited as one reason public schools have been slow lo respond to the Supreme Court's invitation. In this connection, one publisher (Harper Row) is coming out this spring with a textbook for p u b l i c high schools entitled "The Religious History of America." The national chaplain of the American Legion, Rev. Alfred C. Thompson of Brooklyn, N.Y., pledged the Legion's support of the National Council in its efforts 1o give religious stihjecls their " l e g a l and proper place in the public school curriculum." There is no confusion in the Long Beach Unified School District on the court ruling, according to Dr. William Melchior, director of curriculum development. "We haven't shied away from doing anything we were doing before," he said. "We didn'l have, and do not have now. any courses on the Bible as literature. On Ihe olher hand, we continue as before to treat fully with the subject of religion in Ihe development of history. "I know of no feeling by teachers in Long Beach that they must avoid this. But let's be clear, we are talking about historical development, not in any way about indoctrination of particular religions." Religion as history, occuring mostly within history courses, includes some understanding of the origin and development of various religions, the He- formation, and in t h i s country, the religious background of t h e Pilgrims. "Obviously, you can't study the history of man without s t u d y i n g something of religion." Asked about the statement that public schools will read to public demand for permis- sable courses, Dr. Melchior had this to say: "I think this is an oversimplification of the processes of curriculum. Frequently there is in fact an interaction between schools and the community they serve. Most school people are in the community, and are aware of community feelings. We are not aware of any particular demand for courses on the Bible as literature in our situation." There are selections from the Bible, in some anthologies used in Long Reach schools he added. * THE DISTRICT, he said HAS shown a particular inler est in the development of the soaring ethical concepts ant liigh moral principles whicl are common to all the majo religions. "There is a genuine con MORNING WORSHIP I'M A.M.--Inn'oor II A.M.--OulnW "ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE THINKING STRAIGHT?" Rev. Mlecicmn S 7:00 P.M.--INDOOR SERVICE : Ferthjre Length Color Film: "LETTER TO NANCY" DIAL-'A-PRAYER 431-3521 ' EL DORADO PARK .COMMUNITY CHURCH 3i55 NORWALK BLVD.," LONG BEACH Rev, IVJIIfam Mlirfenn, Paslor R«v. J. pflmnTel, Youlli Educarton First Brethren Church 5lh and CHERRY CHARLES W. WAVES, D.D.. Pastor Now Meeting at Brethren High School, Orange Alondr«, Paramount fREE BUS Leaves 5th Cherry 40 Minutos Bofcre Each Servic- 8:30 A.M. --"LOVE REJECTED AND ACCEPTED" REV. S. WAYNE BEAVER 11:00 A.M.--"WHY? AND THE ANSWER" ' DR. CHARLES W. MAYES 7:00 P.M. --"THE TRUE SOURCE OF TRUE PEACE" DR. CHARLES W. MAYES cern to help the teachers along these lines. For example, \vi have prepared a guide to help elementary teachers, callec 'How We Teach Values.' " One r e a s o n why then wasn't much change in (hi slate dating from Ihe Supmm Court decision, Dr. Melchin pninled out, is the fact tha California law, well before Ih national ruling, specifically prohibited the teaching.of re ligious doclrine in the publi schools. The clear-cut slate cod reads: "No sectarian or de INOEPENOENr-PtvjuA'Ir. BAPTIST L K A D E R Dr. K. Owen White, past president of the Southern B a p t i st Convention, now Metropolitan Missions Coordinator in Los Angeles, will be the speaker for revival s e r v i c e s in First Southern Baptist C h u r c h , 5(540 Orange Ave., during the week of Sunday through March 20. Weekday services will he 10 a. m. and 7:10 p. m., with a nursery for children .1 and under, and intcrprelation for (he deal. nomlnational doctrine shall he taught In any school," and "No publication of a sectarian, par. [isan or denominational char Service Y Schedules f Lent Supper Forums^ An in-deplh Lenten program of four Friday fjijjbt supper forums for active duty servicemen and interested youth groups will be held starting next Friday at the Armed Services YMCA. A similar program la'st year was very popular. "",'. Following a hnmc-cnokcd meal served by hostesses nf the Girls Service Organic- tinn, Rev. Warren S. Nyhack. curate nf Si. Luke's Episcopal Church, will lead the discussions. He will use as his text the look -by Robert Short, "The jospel According to Pca- wts," The first three forums vill include the titles, 'The Wages of Sin Is Aaaiighh!", 'Good Grief" and the "Hound of Heaven." This is Rev. Nyhack's sec- inrt volunteer irwolvenicnl at he Armnd Services YMCA in ess than a year. A versatile hcolopian, he also enjoys the xvwcr of drama as was evident in his playing of Captain r isty in the 1965 production of "Teahouse of the August actcr shall be distributed or used for sectarian, partisan or denominational purposes In any school, except that noth ing here shall restrict the de velopment anrl use of sction library collections." Which lasl means that sucl material may he made avail ahle in libraries for referenn hy students. The slate code docs, on Ihi positive side, say that the teacher "shall endeavor to impress upon the minds of the pupils the principles of morality, truth, justice, manners, morals." REV. NYBACK Forum Loader setting. All Moon." He feels that young people today do think about he real problems of life, if they are willing to search servicemen to attend. are y.',c|- InteresJe'd young-adult church group's s h o u l d make reservations with the Program Depart: menu ''. ': through Iheir contemporary THERE'S a supermarkel of, values waiting for you every day in the Classified Section.! It's fun to shop this easy ; lime and money-saving way. Turn hack now. Berea Baptist-.;.'- (Independent) .inden *v« ~ ' . BA3R1N 9-15 A.M.--Sund«y Scr- 11:00 A.M.-- Morning Se. 4:(X P.M.--Chiiitinn EnrU 7:00 P.M.--Evinin.) ChristiaB Single Adults He 2-5407 Men 2 1 -i TONIGHT -- 7:30 P.M. FIRST RAFmr CHURCH -- lOlli ,nd Tin. Orthodox Presbyterian SflO F,. SAM ANTONIO DRIVE REV. LAW.1F.NCE R. EYRES. Cii 'II A.M. --"THE TRAITOR AT THE SUPPER" . 7 P.M. --"JEZABEL" 1:31 AM.--SUNDAY UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Christ S22S Hayla/ Avt.-- Rav. John Bmn.r Services Hid ChurcO School--t:M * II A.M. Ernmanuel first United 6ih fermir.o -- Rev. FraiKi( A. Rh^nrf'i Strvkti 9 S. 11:15 A.S.-CH. Scnool H.Oi 5lh Atlflniir Jamos R. Dcsrrer. Min^ isrvic« 11 AJJ1.-9:M »Pbie Schl.-V/id. Grace J 333 Locus* Ave.--RBV. David NaVnrjfl'.- n Servjrts 10:30 A.M.; Church School 9:» A.M St. John's 2345 Xims.-ir. Av«._ Rev. J, R a y Thompson. Srrvfcf! 11:00 a.m.--Sunrfav Srhoal, 9:30 4380 Orar.qs A/«.-- R»/. Richard G. I Geneva 2625 E. 3rd St.--Re-v. Robi. H. frenticf Servicis I:3C I, 11--Church School 9:0 A.M. Westminster Itf* Pacific Av«.~R«v. W. V/.Grmnlet Services 9:30. 11 A.M.. Church Schoe-l 9:3i North Beach BRETHREN'·- ' 6Ht V. And OfMOa '. Dr. Giorcl 0. Peek, Pasfof I 1:00 A.M. : '"THE MEANING OF THE CROSS" . · III _ -In, Way Into Li(i" 7:00 P.M. "HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE , HOLY SPIRIT?" Broadcast Every Sunday Nirjhl al S -- K B o l 107,5 FM "A BI5LS TEACHING CHURCH" LOS ALTOS BRETHREN 6«5 Slurni B«v. Harold B. Ptnroi!, Poster 1:10 A.M. - - Surd.ay ScW 1 1:00 A.M. -- "Tta Christian and Extra .Biblical Knowledge" R«v. Hmy Slut,. BirU 7:00 P.M. -- 80-MIINU1E WORLD VISION FILM "VIET NAM PROFILE" Depicting Ihe DfdrrM of God at Work in tha MioM of War FIRST -BAPTIST CHURCH 10th and Pins I-KANK M. KEPNER, Pastor 8:30 and 11:00 A.M. "A PROPHET, PRIESTS, AND A PAGAN HORDE" K6IG. 740 TM yoi.-r die I 1-M A.M. -- BIBLE SCHOOL -A clfl^ for r.vfiry rtgn (,-Ab P.M. -- ORGAN RECITAL -Dr. Peter Sl/ir.t 7:00 P.M. "IN ROBES WASHED WHITE" A Sli.riv i" lh« r,l R*viiUh~nn. Cofi'll irs^^a* ·*'!! r« qiv*n «l r wnn flHfr.n m w Bi'.inq for IliB.-n. Ihi) DR. KEPNER PREACHING AIL SERVICES COME WORSHIP WITH US AT "THE FRIENDLY CHURCH WITH THE GOSPEL MESSAGE" MORNING WORSHIP ;·; J: 8:30 A.M., 9:45 A.M., 11:00 A.M. TM£ 1 S U J 1 * (Sunday School for All Ages at Each OR. CLARENCE BASS Theologian, Author, L«r.ur«r Brutal Seminary 7:00 P.M. REV. MRS. TED PETERSON Mksinnflry Appointee', fo Argenhni First Baptist Church .-.| of Lake wood -U HAROLD S. CARLSON, Pastor ' '" 5336 Arhnr RonH B'od South of Del Arno and 1 Block West of BellflowerV' EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN J 7 i h and Temple Rev. Alexander McCandless 9:30 A. W.~S ; .-nf»y Church Srt,co! 5;00 P. M.--Youir, Ff-lr*jhii ICMS A. M.--Worship S's/vic- 7:CO P. M.--Evangelistic Sfrvic« W,dn«!djy, 7:CO P. M.--EibU Sli.o'y ord P r a y e r CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN L ei. __ 9:15 A.M. -. Sunday School II A.M. -- " A N EMERGENCY OF EMBARRASSMENT" First Methodist Church Sir. J, Poriii'. Dr. Prn.'r,' f. O'C^n-r WORSHIP ScRVICFS -- ·? *nH II A.M. I'JESUS AND THE SWORD" Dr. O'Connor fVaacrir-g JOY BRECHNER, Conlrfllfo, Singing Church Sclwil: 9 A.M. CWrrfreii; 10 A.M. Adultj Yftulh Grwoj--7:00 P.M. II Southern Baptist S i m u l t a n e o u s (Imsade M A R C H .1:1-20 jOu'JHm Bapllsf Church ei coop era I Ing wllh rh Long Beach-Harbor Association will « c --" -· ing SpetFal EvangellsHc Revival Strvkes n'rw Ihis Sunday, March 13, ancf w . ntohllv Ihrouch March 20. Their icrvkei ar« Dlwwed for Inn otnwa! pwbllc. In thai, regsro" IMS ol where you reldf, ihe/e will be a Revival Metling In vcur fret. Or. Grady Colhen, Executive Secretary for th* Sotiihcrn Baolljt Gener*i COMvenlion of CilFfornla, will b« dlrccilng the cruixtfes. Churchrs cocDErfllino In thTi eFlori trt lilted biMow, Moil service* * 11 I beo"^ n ffhrfv «l BETHANY BAPTIST R. Vi L"-n.'r) Pnrk" H ^! LONG BtACK: BflplM Ch..-r-h 5M(] O-^rn. A / r . (N'rili (.-.i-t, S . A i - h l "I Yfiff art hi vile d fo \\'*ar shift #i ' - ' Covenant Presbyterian C h u r c h TejntXir^ril/ Wltiino 4) Sixftl *M LMH*I Nrw Church H*me Rhlna A| Third and AH*nfic Huoh David P'jrch»m, CXD., P^^tnr ' - - 9:00 and I 1:00 A.M. :·;; "THE WAY THINGS ARE 11 .. · .. R-v. PAL! C. Johnunn. D.D. *J · 10 A . m . -- Ch'irch Schocf fftr A!! *gQ*, c r i l ^ (tit? n i . i i n t ] -,r.rv\r ~ : - 7:?0 p.m. - -- Outrigqett in W6s1mlnif«r HA!| .Lakcwood First Prcshytenan M.. l"\- J««rh 1:30 aH ll:00 «.m. "NO END TO BEGINNINGS': Church School flnd Hnr.«erv C»re BDlh Servicjtj REV. ARTHUR FAY SIIFLT7. MinM.r T-l. 4 2 M O I 1 Mefhodf'sf Churches Calif. Heiqhls Atlantic Ave. Silverado Pflr' Los Altos niin/ Ri-rtH «( Or^n^* Av". 5"=rv. T:)n. II ».in.-- Or. F 1 . R. W^nn.n'nfrq A»"ant'.c ISI'r--Rev. J. M«rvn Hf/'n Service 10:50 a.m.--Sun. School 9:30 a.m. Sprirg / D«l»d--Dr. A'ired W. Pinter Sftrvkfi^: 9:30 nnfj 1 I ft.n. Lkwd. Community 5950 1. Willow--Rev. David H. McKeilr.n _S^rvices: a^S^IO^ S.S. some hr. , JOO~Bs:!iio»er Bl.--Rev. f Service 9:30 and I I a.m. Belmont Heights 3rd and Te-rmirio--Rev. FrAncti Services: 9:30 ftntf 1 1 A.m. I ^«« D ^ ^ ^ U 56ih Linden -- Rtv. DunaW B. Ccot* Long beach church Schcol , :30 v / ) ,, hip9 . M , , ,,.,,,. Trinity First Rev. Ucycf Lsfier. Di-nrobin at South, Church School 9:30, Service* 9:30 I Sth Pacltit -- Dr. Dona'd R. Sa.-vice: 9:00 A.M. and I I A.M. F«^t I onrt rWrh, I llh and Freeman--Rev. G. W. 5t,.rr-p MST Long oeacn s $ ,. 3n m ._v/ ors h; p ipiso,^. ft, flr . 1f d end .Iimip»rr_»«v. St«n!«y C. Br-. CTraCe S.r.ic. 8:5 «M II :00 «.m. «nd 7:00 r .r Sir)r.i Hi.I Fwrl".l C'nj- niS fal ?0t'n ,'. |S.-!"«i Hi'l] V^Alr.-f Avo. R*nli-J Is ItOI F»ii 3iH r-i-.-t [Sfi ilhm 1 Lo p -T B ^ ^ t r- I . O M I I A : N^, r bnr.*b* Av«. Bapii-.i Cii':rfl. 24730 Nflrkrm. A... SAN PEORO: Temp'e Heiq'.n BlDt-l Cl-u-r r LAKEWOOD: BflOli'-l C.n'jrrh IE,.: l.,V,.r.-^| ^^'V^l'n^l A-; B'-d. 1ORSANCF: 77130 !.,,,,,,, Si. Srnlh»rn Birlil C'-.'-'n \' f H1 C'»'«h*-' A,.. Del Airo r r.L'"er f i Bapt-it C.^.-i'K 3911 WBS! 2?! Stre-.i , SI-.-1 274-t CUrV Ave. «t Dr. Wit;-n J. Mrliih.nny. P,«lr "March to Sunday School in 9:30 A.M.---Classes for all ages. CHURCH A f 10.45 A.M. "THANK GOD FOR TROUBLE" 7.00 P.M. BRETHREN HIGH CHOIR WEDNESDAY. 7:10 P.M. - - " A ^ M S T K O N G I S M " .'.'. '.} EVERYONE IS WELCOME .;'., ,1 Heights Baptist^ Dr. F. Jfthnton, PASlor' fC(Xi3/rv8llvel. 3?nd t, WJIQ'VI 1:V A.M. -- Ch'lriri/i'i 5.S. I0:« A M . -- AdulM S J. 9:I.S X m^S -- IDENTICAL SERVICES,:"! 7 P.M.-- SUNDAY MIGHT INSPIRATION \Vei. 7 P.M. - · A F-il.iinq Sludy c : lh 3ib! VlMlori V/clcome Children Love Our Nursery ·i -·· -f K i '- ^i^Xf^J^^^ e S^^^S^'^~^~/l. 5 Southern Baptist-- TRUETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH V/ARDLOW RD. a] 5AN A N E L I N C OR. CHAS. I- McCLAIN. Inl. f'eilo' SUNDAY WORSHIP--10:45 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 A.M. TRAINING UNION. S:« P.M. WED. 8 P.M.--PRAYtR SERVICE 'T«f Difference Is Worth the Uiilance" "Famouj lr F/lend ! in«ls' FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH iW Orenaf *v(nu* OA !·»«; North l.ono 8nrn ROBERT 0. HIKIHES. P«tiw TR11ETT L. BLACK. Wi"ilt'.r«f Muilc i E-lucii.oi V;OSHIP SERVICED--10:SS A.M. 1d :S5 P.M. suHDiv crnnoL «:i A M . BAPTIST TPAI»IHC. IJHIOM !:» P.M. " T R A N S L A T I O N FOff. TMF n^AF IH All. SERVICES" CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCW..... P^-c,'. Wi'Urd H. Riqg'. (G.A.R.8.C.) II A.M. "ALMOST PtRSUADEO"".'. ; ?M. · "CAll ED Of GOD" -' - L»rfi m K.Of-B. 1190 prt vn i / - . ? : - - ' -- ?.r. / . M Y- «fi*l, S-^f.r / W p,pn. . r-.- ri *.co r.M. AMEUH A\ BAPTIST BELLFLOWER CALVARY J EUGENE VVPIGHT. PASTOK Sirvl-". ·. 11:11 A M. It 7 P.M. S-jf.Ja/ SchooMO:OC 1A.M. 9603 B E L M O N T _ ___ ~SOuV7ril~UME~blTO A. ICLIEVER. Strvkel 11:00 A.M. I 7:« P.M. S S. »:» A.M. FIRST TENTH A PIHE FRA'IK KEPNFR Service! «:30 I II A.M. Sw.««y _ LAKEWD. TM£TM** uNivER"srrY fSARFJELO IMMANUEL EOWAKD XIEFER M.. 7:» P.M. 5.5. ?:45 A M . Jlil CHAIVHH TANDY SULLIVAN. PASTOR Servlctl H A M. * JM P.**. Sun School* A.M. TVS ind CASPIAN AVE. E'ARX BEG. c " .^ervreet 10:JO « m. fc / o.m. Sun. School ".nrj~7"]90"ST. 00. H»RRY~0. AN 5*rvlce» II A.M. .. 7:M P.»A. SA. -30

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