Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 13, 1958
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FEATURES INDEX Amusement* ...B-8 ClMdfled , E-l Comic* .......C-»-7 Domth Notfcet. .E-l XHltorltl A-12 Inside Out B-l Market* B-10 Pearson ...... A-12 Radio-TV ...... B-8 Shipping Guide. .E-t Sport* .......C-l-S Women ......B-2-J Mont HE 5-1161 - CU»ifi.d No. HE 2-5957 The Southland's - Jl Finest Morning Newspaper |T PAGES LONG BEACH 12. CALIF.,.THURSDAY, FEBRUARY^, 1958 ' VOL 20 -- NO., lo» WEATHER v Variable cloudiness today; and Frld»y with dune* of lain late Friday.. Expected hlfh:.'tbd»y, M degrees., Wednwday'i'Jhljhy 69;'low, .47. ·" HOME EDITION--I0« End of Trade in WASHINGTON. CAP)--President Eisenhower, -In an optimistic statement-on the economic, situation, :said Wednesday .that March "should mark the beginning of -the end of the downturn." Both GOP arid Demos e Tax Cut LEFT WITH BABY SITTER-FORGOTTEN \ Juvenile authorities in Columbus, O., Wednesday were looking for the mother who left these two boys with a baby sitter nearly three weeks ago and has never returned. The baby sitter, Mrs. Lois Kapp, said the boys were brought- to her home by the same woman but at different times. Johnny (left), about 14 months old, was brought first. A few days later the woman By ROBERT E. LEE (Independent 'Washington 'Bureau) WASHINGTON --President Eisenhower is fully prepared to use every weapon at his- command -- specifically including a tax cut -- if necessary to fight the recession. . · Despite the President's optimistic prediction Wednesday called "a fact paper" showing returned with Mike, 3, and said he was Wirephoto.) the son of her roommate.':--(AP Atom Weapon Lost in Georgia Collision SAVANNAH, Ga. «·)--The Air Force said Wednesday it is searching for part of a nuclear /weapon which was dropped by |a B47 last week off the Georgia coast. The Air Force said in a statement released through the Hunter Air Force Base public 1 information office: "Following a mid-air collision Feb. 5 in the Savannah area a B47 bomber jettisoned a por tion of a nuclear weapon _ off shore in the Tybee Beach area * * » * "THE WEAPON-was in trans portable configuration and no Fish Union's'Old Guard' Hears Chief More than 200 members of the AFL-CIO Seine and Line Fishermen's Union--mostly supporters of th union's controversial secretary-business agent, John Calise--met in San Pedro's Knights of Columbus HaJ Wednesday while adherents of a rival faction hootec and shouted outside. Purpose of the meeting ailed by Calise, was to explair o members current status o litigation underway to deter mine control of the union. Only members admitted wer Misses on Expl ^_ _. _ _ . OTT WASHINGTON Up)--The Defense Department said Wednesday signals from one of two radio transmitters in the American Explorer satellite apparently have stopped. · . The transmitter, originally expected -to function for from two to three weeks, was the more powerful of two. encased in the 30-pound satellite. The satellite was launched by the Army on the night of.-Jan. those holding post cards sent b Calise announcing the meet ing. About 30 others, brandish ing membership books showin paid-up dues, were turned away Newspapermen a l s o wer barred. CAUSE fishermen dead, they lasted less than 12 days. The Naval Research Laboratory, which has charge . of elect new union officers but hi tracking the satellite, said "today's Explorer passes over the minitrack system have produced no signals on the 108.03 band." It said signals continue to come in. strong from the second transmitter in the satellite. Predictions were that one would operate from two to three months. The second transmitter is still operating strongly on 108 megacycles with a power of 10 nu'liwatts. i SAID denied later entry tha ha. been suspended by the union' executive board" or were not in good standing because of viola tion of union rules. "We went by our records ani invited all members in ;gooi standing," he declared. .The faction opposing Calis 31. If the batteries have gone f s a group terming itself an emergency committee of th union. About 85 members of th committee met. last week a snag when they attempted t take over union headquarter at 261 W. 7th St., San Pedro Sam Ciolino, their, selectior (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 3 New ICC Member WASHINGTON' #» -- A.b McGregor Goff of Idaho? wa sworn in Wednesday as a mem ber of the Interstate Commero Commission. -L.A.G. SAYS:Automobile Costs Th* 21 p«r cant incr«oi« in insuronc* cost* lor automobil»» in Long Baach may b« but a start if pr»»»nt tr»nd« continu*. R«c»ntly w» z«p*at«d a »tat«m«nt by an innuranc* association ihat within a i»w Y«ari ih» annual insuranc* cost would «qual on»-1hird th« yalu* of th* auiomobil*. This is but on* of stvtral i«asons why driving an automobil* -ha* b*com* a dang*roui iacttr for th* industry. Only a portion of .th* incr*ai*d cost of Insurance is caus*d by incr*as*d accidents. Th* major r*ason (Continued on'Page A-12} which the search for the nuclear weapon is being conduct- · From' other Quarters,.'however, .came predictions-'that the situation will 'get worse .before it 'gets better.: Some economists expressed -doubts that the upturn will come as quickly;as-the administration believes;' ·"·';'. Eisenhower : expressed concern over joblessness; : .which rose'to :4H million-in January, and over the shorter work week iri. effect in some industries. ; But he said-he believed' "we · have had'most/of our bad news-:oh the. unemployment'front". "I am convinced that we .are not facing a 'prolonged downswing, -in ..activity," -, he -added. "Every-indication-is-that March will. see the -start of a: pickup in.- job opportunities." The President issued what he; of an employment upturn · by March, he and his -advisers : are by no means certain the econ- what the 'government is doing to foster economic-recovery. He listed public works-projects and omy will right itself by that highway ' programs, new de : time. If it doesn't, the Independent's Washington Bureau was informed, a n administration proposal for a tax reduction can be expected some' time after April 1..' This, at least. Is the current thinking of high government economists now busily weighing a number of tax reduction possibilities.'- ; -.- .' The desired effect, of a cut fense contracts, housing aids and softer credit policies. would be to give the economy a quick and strong shot in the arm. This means spendable dollars in the pockets of con- 'THK PRESIDENT has been to stimulate the-economy.- sold .on this as a general goal, it was ' learned. .Secretary of the .Treasury Anderson has agreed' to" go along with what- (Continued'on. Page capable of a nuclear explosion, hence there is no danger of explosion or radioactivity. The Air Force has asked the Navy to aid in recovery. Recovery operations now are under way." The B47 was from Homestead Air Force Base, Fla. It collided with an . F86. .Sabrejet in the Sylvania, Ga., area. . * * ' » , » · THE PILOT of the Sabrejet bailed out and landed safely in South .Carolina.'The B47 made what was termed a normal landing at Hunter AFB. Information officers said the tail section of the bomber was extensively damaged. The B47 make two' passes ""today^over carried a crew of'three. Tybee Island, the area in Research Laboratory says. Explorer Due at 3:44 Today WASHINGTON «P) -- The It will travel from southwest to northeast south .of San-Diego at 1:42 pjn. Pacific- Standard ed, is about 20 miles east of Savannah on the Atlantic Time and from west to; east Coast over Los Angeles'at 3:44 pjn. "IF :OTHER measures are needed, I assure you they will make it. . be proposed -- and in time,'!. Eisenhower , declared. ' As ,one means of improving the economy,. , Eisenhower unveiled Tuesday night a two-bil- li'on-dollar ..program for modern- isation of post office buildings and equipment during the next three to five years. Postmaster General Summerfield outlined the plan Wednesday to the Senate Post Office Committee where some Democrats criticized it as inadequate Private capital would finance about 75. per cent.'of the program, under the administration's plan,;, and the .-govern- merit;«^prbpqsed' contfibution.of $175 : , -million 1 '.'dollars; a " year would- be/"-contingent ...on- congressional approval of' a 5-cent rate'' for intercity' first class mail · ' . Summerfield told .the senators the'program "was not designed to. be a public works U.S. Satellite' Explorer will program as" such." At the same time he-said it would give "the economy 'a 'timely' lift." · *. » » *. . SEN. KERR (D-Okla disagreed with Eisenhower's, prediction of-a-March, upturn, and (Continued on Page.A-3,' Col.'l)' MARINE WIVES APPEAL TO CONGRESS Russia .Has ICBM, One Says; No Direct Teuton Hand in It C A M P FRIEDLAND, Germany' (01?)'--T w e 1 v e German scientists reached freedom after 13 years of Soviet captivity Wednesday., They .said R u s s i a definitely had an intercontinental ballistic missile but G e r m a n . s did not SANTA ANA--Morc than 100 -angry Marine Corps wives charged Wednesday that' Gen. Randolph McC. -Pate, the corps commandant, who has barred them from overseas residence with their husbands, recommends adultery.for his lonely married men on foreign shores. In an open letter to all congressmen, the irate . women accused Gen. Pate of suggesting that the men "make discreet use of female talent available in local towns/' .. The wives offered to give -the senators and representatives the names of three corps chaplains who they said had', overheard the general's remarks. ' *.- * * * BANDED together here to protest forcible separation from their , husbands, the .. women Wednesday formed a committee to expand'their local campaign on a national scale.through the open letter.' They demanded Congress Investigate Gen, Pate's .attitude on marital fidelity as well-as lis.authority for an order pl-6- hibiting wives from living abroad with' their Marine hus- jands except on a'60-day-"vis- iting period" schedule. Although the group 1 has -been campaigning locally for. several months, the women are reluctant to "identify themselves for jublicatlbn - for fear their hus- Dands will be penalized; ' Y , They charge that Gen. Pate 'countermanded" .an order by "ormer Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson directing that Marine Corps tours of duties be co-ordinated with Navy regulations permitting married men to.have their families with them on three-year overseas assignments. The * controversial order by the Marine Corps commandant jermits Marine, wives-to; visit ieir overseas husbands on 60- day "visas" . but "-no extensions are allowed. At the . time the 'order was given, Gen.. Pate said his men should not be -burdened with family responsibilities in order to be combat,-ryady at all times. The' Marine''WJ 1 yes noted that the- Air -Force's Strategic Air Command, also - on 54-hour combat-ready alert, have their families with them at stations Snow B at Mard By Auoci A snowfall, unparallele spread a blanket on the Gi curtailing the Mardi Gras fi ball fights 'in' Tallahassee, Fl New Orleans airport reported two inches on the ground, the heaviest -fall recorded since the winter of 1899. Tallahasee had its heaviest fall since February, 1886, when - two ' inches was recorded. ' . -. , · · * · * * A MARDI GRAS 'parade-was canceled-because of . the^.wea-th- er. Students at Florida State University broke from, cformi- - (Picture on pajre :-A-S)'. . tories '-and ' engaged in · snowball fights. Some Tallahassee residents found ..enough snow to build snowmen; . ' ' . ' ' ' · Winds -of .up -to 40-mph-,were forecast for Miami-and temperatures dropped into th'e middle 50s: ' · · · - ' . - · - . - ' · One and .one-half inches .fell at Burwopd, in southeast Louisiana, and ·· one .inch- in Mobile, Ala., as-, the 'snow, belt .'moved across^horthWest -;Flprida ' into southwest Georgia; ·' . -The noontime .-temperature, in New Orleans dropped -to. 35 and abroad "to improve morale and discipline." ..' · . . ' : Their letter pointed' out. that "war-could break^ out. '.during one of the 60-day, .visiting periods as well as at any 'other time." Re-enlistments .' of married men in the. corps will be '"rare' instead of the 'rule" unless the non-residence order js withdrawn, the 'women declared. lanket i * /~ v li Irras atftd .Preai-" · ; .' ' ;. . '' -' 3 since the 1880s and 1890s, : jlf. Coast ' Wednesday -night/ -olic- and touching off snow: a -- · ' . . . . . " · ' the- city had its first measurable . snow in more than 20 years. " . ' . . - . ' : ' . .* * · . » · » THE. 3NOW - FLECKED trees added . a-., touch to the pre-lieriten festivities, and many children, scraped '.the ..strange; stuff 'off 'cars and made -snowballs.'; ·-'.: ' . · ' ' . Orleans Parish. Cproner Nicholas Chetta-- ordered cancellation: of. the:-Krewe of Babylon's Mardi. Graslparade. Wednesday night because of 'the Hazardous conditions: Horse /racing . at 'the Fair Grounds was. called off : for the day.' Other, sections of ' Louisiana had^ice and snow.- Officials estimated, four or five inches of snow, fell' at.'- Cameron:- Lake Charles' '; had '.an inch, of 'snow, the heaviest ever- noted ^.there in "'the -month- ;of v .February. Schools-' were .closed, 'in iWest Baton . IRouge: 1 ; and ; , Liyingston Parishes- (counties)'. ·' ' " T The scientists refused to de- what work they had done far the Russians for fear of jeopardizing . nine more Germans scheduled to be released Friday. . · , An electronics remote, control, expert, Peter-Lehrtes, who acted, as -spokesman;, said the Russians definitely ' had .an ICBM and had used tfie experience -and discoveries of German* scientists who built the V-2 World Wai-II rocket-for Germany to develop it : But he said no German scientists worked on the -actual project or th'e Sputniks, -. -, - . · . » · * .;» ·, * .IN-FACT, for the-.past-two years, when the Russians made great gains in the^inissile race, captive German -scientist!: "did very little, of anything, Lehrtejf said; -. '-.;·; . .' - . ' · ',; "After, ytwo years. of doing nothing,, we Jiaye very, little'to tell,'!'" .Lehrtes. told newsmen." "Those of us who did' were not-allowed-to concentrate on..pur special, fields." Wednesday's, group' of .returnees included no rocket' or missile specialists.'It'was made,up of ' physicists, ·' high-frequency- technicians and' mathematicians,, most of .whom Jiad worked in radio . communications in World, War. II.'- . . . ' . . ' . .The" repatriates· said:they' always were concerned.only.with the 1 '·development.":of'"' certain part's .of'''secret .'projects; and i never were given exact irifor- imatiori on the overall, project. . , * » . « » , THEY SAID they were^ paid _ monthly · salary generally higher than 1 that -given'their Russian'opposite numbers. . ' With the scientists came eight, wives,· eleven; children,' a mother-in-law and a, maid.. Bohn Foreign Office' spoltes- ^ man, Walter. Stubbe.pleaded for ^"th'thi reserved reporting, i .-"Foreign and German, foreign correspondents both, have a duty to keep to the facts and ·not prevent^or disturb the release of the next group for whom we are waiting," he said. * .*-.;*. *· ONE OF. THE-scientists, Dr. Johannes Goldberg,\foriner : director -of. the Opta-Loewe radio, firm in Leipzig, said he was captured" in" -1945,' spent two years- in a prisoner-of-war cairip and then was forced 1 to work on."secret";projects! in?; Moscow technical 1 institute;.. He said: ih'1950 the.-Ruisians offered-;to let Wni -bring.: his wife to; Moscow if he. would sign the contract: I : was told I would'be put in - a concentration camp;" .he: said. He signed arid'his ..wife lived with- him in'Russia th'e last seven years. RECORDS RETURNED '.Those-important.House;records-rfthe;'tempestupus;. -special- subcommittee investigating'' 1 conduct ;'pf : ^ officials 1 , of the? FCC and .five other, government agencies were.'"back horned Wednesday. Here, "-·· Sen!, : WayneMorse- (D-Ore) is .returningr a trunk and boxes containing .the working;file of ousted .' ·committee .counsel,- Bernard Schwartz,- to Rep. · Oren-Harris (D-Jtrk),.newchairman;0f;theprobing . .group.---r(AB Wirephoto.) ! ' ' , ' ' ' . · ' ' . ; /; '·;'·'/"·'·· MORSE H^I) FGG FIIiES J Search Slowed by Mountain J)ew Distillers ;BRISTOL, Val '--. An bld- tim e ., mountain . Industry is hampering the i search -.for a Navy plane missing over, the Virginia-Tennessee- area since Feb. 2. . -·' - J- ''Civil Air. Patrol searchers reported, Wednesdayjthat quite" often smoke was .sighted; in the mountainous area, ""and investigations; were; : made- to. .see if the'twb'Navy men aboard. the missing .plane.- ' were- lighting signal, ".fires or ; sending ," up res. : · " · · . ; ' · . n 'each: Instance',' the search- ef»- said,i;the smoke 'came.'frcnn iires-: moonshiners.: were.uiirif to :stoke;up ; their»itflls; WASHINGTON - (AP): -- House investigators retrieved- -three' heaps of .secret .files : Wednesday, from Sen. Wayne. Morse- (D-Ore), who' said the documents show -the.-.Eisenhower administration:' is honeycombed. with political immorality. At the same' time .the investi; gating group : subpoenaed Dr. Bernard 'Schwartz, its ousted chief counsel, to testify 'today about his charge that a mem'-. ber of the Federal Communications Commission' received a money payment in' : connection o£ a TV license. SCHWARTZ TURNED :what he .called his "personal worte ing files" on a six-month . investigation over to-Morse-after Schwartz ,was fired -Monday night-by 'the House'subcomrnit- tee on.-.legislative -oversight; which is 'looking,into FCC and five other. : regulatory; .-agencies. In returning the files -to': the subcommittee,. Morse .called for a separate; Senate' investigation o f " alleged, pressure' .on '-the agencies by.-;White-. House ;-and other high ·'Republican":.figures. Morse's .proposal' got no^immediate'! support^ .-however,-: and the. inquiry remained i-in the House group's .hands.' . V ' -. . · . - · » · *·'":,«. * ' · . ' - . SPEAKER RATBURN (D- Tex) osaid he wantsC'the_ ;sub- committee'' to'., ; "real thorbugh · ^nvestigatipn'.';- 'and j^^g ; Bea(ch Wedne'sday^ not'just do "a-lot of pin-prick 1 , ; T^Q -wontViBr Bnrpflii foi 'ng."--' v '" '·' · - . : ; ; . "; : '-v- '.'Plainly smarting over charges by Schwartz and others" 'Shat (Continued on Page Ar6, Col:'2) WM^HWES ; WHEN WOMEN. WhatihaUy. fury . to- match;- a ' ' ' " · ' woman' scorned? Answer:; A/Marine Corps wife J^ on the -'warpath ^ wlien the ;geh- I.eral-.o f-d.e'r\s [hubby. uto -liv*- J alone and lik* .. ·::; . Like . t h- e eather,. those . gals in. Santa A n a h.a y e - for Friday. . But .actually; they are, 'just... ^'irig sentimental about-' the- Corps motto.". -.?·; '; ·;· When' they-say Semper; Fidelis,'- they, mean it ' .'·',!;)"·· Unfexpected Rain Adds .08 " .Unexpected- rain brought.'-.08 of-'an inch;-;of preSpitatlon' to .;-.The-Weather Bureau forecait ' variable cloudiness for:today.-d . .' Wednesdays rain brought^tii« season's -total, to. 8.90 Jnchei. compared; to 3.63;for the' lame period last year. /* : ' ' . . The Weather Bureau i»id there-was a chance^ of mbr« Irain late Friday. 'THAT $100,000;-raised:;by r Texas' Republicans- may."wind;'~ ' lip ^almost., anywhere); except^ "in ;the; possession-'of-..Demq- ; .crats. : :Page A-ll: . ;.."; ...'· \ "'A:NE3-R6'student-at.Little, ;Rock. ; ; Central ;· High; - School', ."has .been, suspended for..two t ', weeks,. with;-a' re'commenda- , 'tion , by · the .superintendent:. _ that, she ; be. expelled-forthe: ike to Have THOMASVlLLE, Ga.. Uft-- President Eisenhower - will.', be . greeted by snow.when'htfeomes to':-. Thbmasvjlle : today 'for -« . vacation. . rest-ofithe-year;. Pa'ge ? B-4.- ! ; falling: . .. . for_more,than.four ' hoursMn-thls'south'Georgia'dty, Wednesday,night, Jt-wai itill- coming dowhvat.;ll:15;.j)Jii..-.It · covered ; the ground, which w*r , dry when the snow itarted

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