Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 15, 1967 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 17
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Radio Television MONDAY, ' ' Monies Comics DON T ' Jf » · l Average Alicia Meza, out E 24th St. correspondent, reports the epitaph on a hypochondriac's tombstone- I TOLD YOU! IT'S THAT-TIME 'of year. ·· when students are beginning to' wonder just what in : lKe heck makes "01* Teach" tick. And wonder all sorts of OTHER things about teacher, too, for that matter. Which Is why we called this meeting. · A n enterprising--if unnamed--young journalist at Tucson High School came up with an interesting article in the .school paper, The Cactus Chronicle, some few issues back. The article, based on a "recent survey," gives a revealing (well, kind of revealing), profile of the Typical Tucson High School Teacher. { S h o u l d the image seem somewhat blurred, it's because Misters, Misses and Missuses are all lumped together.) He.favors "Peanuts" in the funnypapers, the story tells us, prefers steak, tunes in KCEE radio, and enjoys the Dean Martin Show on TV. He says his lucky number is 13. . He is 42 years old and was bortfm March--or lAugusl. t -, / ' . . - ' '· ' ' : . ' tFneind teacher has been i ' ' · ' ' , . · ' . · ? ned for 20 years, has two chilr dren, ; .two" cars, a dog, a'cat;; hair and eyes both of browh, : · \ and has made one--just one- trip to Disneyland. When he isn't at school, likely you'll find him in his white, six-room house, cprnplete^ with a lawn. The mate of the species stands 5-foot-10, and weighs 173 pounds; his female counterpart is a neat 5-foot-5 and tips the scales at 134 pounds. Here are ; a few other comm e n t s the THS journalist makes: A teacher looks mainly for genuine effort, enthusiasm and courtesy in. ;a student. "Most students work hard and have freedom of thought with a pret-, ly good sense of humor," said one teacher in a complimentary mood. Another said, "The ideal student studies hard, participates in athletics, is active in student affairs and manages' an occasional date." The survey revealed that the t e a c h e'r's ' worst complaints about students were that stu- · · They /dp^'t^n^^t^j--^. jbe- T come interested! in something/' / And there you have it--the teacher--and a glimpse, however unflattering, of the student. o o . b FILBERT FRAPPE says his sister isn't really' spoiled, after :..-' all. ' ' '' "It's just the perfume she's wearing." 0 0 0 AND MAYBE it happened here during the long run of "Dr. Zhivago" at the Catalina Theater. A little old lady put down 75 cents and demanded a seat for a showing of the film. '"Sorry, ma'am," the cashier said, "but the lowest admission price for this film is $2i25." "So who is this Dr. Zhivago?" demanded the little old lady, a note of belligerence in her voice, "some kind of a fancy specialist?" Action, Please! If yon have a question or a problem to be solved, involving any governmental agency or public matter in the Tucson a r e a , write to Action, Please, care of t h e Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing a n d must contain, your full name and address (which will be withheld from publication on request). Curbs Vary QUESTION -- E n j o y your column very much. I came here from the south shore of Massachusetts to live. I'll admit some towns, do not even have sidewalks, but here could not the sidewalks be made even to or adjoining the curbs? .Also, at street corners, you might come across a curb at the level of 6 inches, 12 inches or 16 inches.-Stacy Ellis, Box 2512. ANSWER -- Safety governing the placement of sidewalks is the main factor, according to the. city engineers. They and the public works department are opposed to placing the sidewalks adjoining the curbs and thereby adjacent to vehicular traffic. A mis-step by a pedestrian or a miscue by a vehicle and there's an accident. Providing a few feet between is safer. Standard procedure is for all curbs in residential areas to be six inches high unless a drainage problem dictates otherwise. On arterial streets curbs a r e eight inches ; high unless drainage problems enter the picture. That is how curbs are installed now. .._ . ( i However, many of the older curbings were-'installed under much different conditions, handling drainage in a much different way, and therefore vary to q u i t e a degree in height. It would be senseless 'to replace them as long as they are still serving their purpose well. Dogs Roam QUESTION--I would like to know what to-do about a bunch oE dogs running loose all of the time. They mess up our place (Elvado Road) front and back, tear up the plants and drag all kinds of junk into our yard. There is a big, light brown dog on this street and the owners let him loose in the early morning. Across from our place they have a bunch of loose pups. --Name withheld by request. ANSWER -- Sounds 1 i k e a happy hunting ground for rabies control personnel, which is exactly what they will do: hunt for violations in your area. If you will call them at the time you see the dogs, it will help. Cleanup Promised QUESTION--I would like to. know what could be done about a lot on Mann Ave. and Golf Links Rd. At one time it used to be a nursery and storage for : apartments nearby, and it looked somewhat orderly when it was fenced. The past month or two the fence has been removed and all of the refuse that was Jeft there has been pulled out into the streets. Wind has been blowing the plywood boxes over the streets so the area looks like a junkyard. Could you please see why this property is not cleaned up? Why is it that the city passed a law that all garbage c a n s 'must have lids and this is not followed, causing garbage to be strewn all over the ground in this area? I know the inspector who rides around checkng on refuse trucks has seen this condition. -- Name withheld by request. ANSWER--The inspector from the City Sanitation Department specifically will look for this con- dtion in your area. Also, the department asks that you phone in any violations at the time you see them. It will take the necessary- action. The storage yard you refer to now has been cleaned up. The shanty has been removed, and the yard will no longer be used for storage. ANN LANDERS Bride And Groom Will Sing At Iowa Wedding Dear Ann Landers: I know you are originally from Sioux City, Iowa. Will you please prevent another Sioux City girl from doing something which is utterly ridiculous? I do not know the young lady personally but I am enclosing a clipping from the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. The girl I am w o r r i e d « V*A n f ic- TV if i c c Tmy a f As ^011 C8.H see from the clipping, Miss Iowa plans to bs married, to a young man who is studying for the ministry." Now" 'the next" part is what worries me. She said, and I quote: "Singing is-my major talent. My fiance and I are going to sing.'Because' before..the. ceremony, we will sing 'The Wedding Prayer'' "during' t h e ceremony and The Lord's Prayer 1 after we are pronounced man and wife-^before we kiss.," Maybe Miss Iowa'didn't read read those 'letters' 'in' your column from the goofs who sang at. tf eir own weddings. I hale to ·ee this lovely girl do something dumb. Please tell her not to. -A SISTER IOWAN Dear Sister lowan: The girl did not write to me, and I would not be so presumptuous as to tell her anything. What T said about people singing at their own waddings still goes, but this is a matter of persona! opinion. If Miss . Iowa --. » _ «._ _ » t l Vtnrrn of VlAr U/0H- · .waiua iwvon »"·' "·· ··-- · ding -- and if she can get a clergyman who will allow it -it's perfectly all right with me. Dear Ann Landers: About the letter from Irving's wife -- the woman who complained because her husband drops by his mother's house every morning on his way to work, and telephones her every night before he goes to, sleep: Please tell her she should be thankful it is only his mother. ' "My'husband has had another woman '6n the side for four' · years, I always used to get up and fix him a nice breakfast. When he started to see this wom- an he told me I should stay in bed and sleep. 1 suspected something was going on and I was right. He calls her every night from the downstairs phone after he thinks I have fallen asleep. The poor sap must believe 1 am deaf, dumb and blind. I am not asking for advice. The mother of five children doesn't have any choice, but it ' might help women who are married to mama's boys to know that a mama's boy is rarely a cheater. They have a lot to be thankful for. -SECOND BEST Dear Bsst: You are right -- a mama's boy is rarely a cheater, ..jind while no onp. gets the. oppoiv. »tunjty;.:to-f chpos.hM .'particular brand : ofe'^ublicVv yp»r ' "letter might l^-a^cdnSiort- to ·Irving's wife and ^otKeiTS'iwho share her :pr'obieito/^^^ for-: writing. - j;be ,;gjad to ··£ .Ann jLii m-i*" , M *;?*.*vi x» i / i f .«*--*. T . newspaTpefi;i§!btosmg.a;self - addressed, sta r mped : ~envelope. ® 1967 Published Newspaper Syndical* ,'-- v - ! tvi^Mv.- s ;^:Ai v''.-.i V^'-'Y ?·;· .4. £ ·' ik-CM^'W'^V?^^.^^ -^ · - · - · : ·:.' 8 GREAT STORES Sroadwoy ol Sponith Trail f 22nd Strett at Country Club 18305. 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