Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 15
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Moral Laws * · * ' . Summed Up Ef LOUIS CASSILS For thousand! of yean, men have asked what it '"means to Eve righteously. They have received Ion; - winded answers from | ttcrs and sages. Once in a great while, a' teacher has managed O sum up the demands of the moral law in a few memorable '. words. The Ten Commandments, which Moses transmitted to the children of Israel, repre- - suit one of the first and best c( these summations. But it is by no means the only one : fa" the Bible. THE AUTHOR of the New Testament epistle of James also believed m getting right to the point with moral in- is evil, hold fast to is food; love oae u- mto fewer thaa 150 words: ·Let Jove tx genuine; hate what what other with brotherly affee- 3 tion; outdo one another in showing honor. "Contribute to the needs of the saints; practke hospi tality. ·Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. "Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who ( weep. 'Live in harmony with an another; do not be haughty but associate with the'lowly; never be conceited. 'Repay no one evil for evil. struction.. ·Each of you must be - . . quick to listen, stow to speak (*«t take thou|ht for what a and slow to be angry," he ad- noble, monished first century Christians. -For a man;i "get d ^ ^, liv ee _ cannot promote the justice of | ab jy ^^£ n £ ta i, iP^/TS T^-'lL^hl It was Jesus Christ himself. ·IF POSSIBLE, so far as it CorvrgM nu Mnxtitoil rktort Strvlct. he. LENT: A CALVARY IN EVERY LAND Atop the barren Andes, Bolivian campesinos plod wearily towards a shrine whose three crucifixes are a reminder of the grim scene at Calvary almost 2,000 years ago--a scene which Long Beach area and world Christians are commemorating during the current 40 days of Lent, culminating March 29 with Easter. sordid, and the malice that :how who humes to excess, and quietly. t s ^ nci statement of ; accept the message planted!^, Jt ffieanj to ^ H M . .in your hearts, which can ' eO us. · bring you salvation ' I one day a lawyer came to -Only be sure that you acr K; ^ ' ' on the message and do not '. merely listen, for that would 'Church in the Wildivood? Tops Weatherwax Brothers Memories Advcntists Announce Campaign The Newbury Park Academy Choir win be featured today. 10-.50 un, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1001 E. Third St. It will be a Ictcabinatkn cf song and spoken word. Church members will renew their pledge of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol plus launching a commu- i'nity education program by : 'distributing 'Smoke Signal*." 'a publication that answers ['questions about smoking and 'tells how to quit The Five Day Plan to stop smoking is scheduled also within the conference in Ben- flower, Sunday-Thursday at 600 N. Woodruff Ave, with the same Torrance dates in the Recreation Center. Both list 730 pm. starts. The plan will be presented in Long Beach in April, according to Lora B. HarrJin, conference news director. "teacher, what is the great CGinmindent in the law?" ; be to mislead yourselves. v | JesuJ ins » t red without The kind of religion that "' hesiution: . without stain or fault in the| you shall , ove tht Lord ; sight of God °«r father is God u . ah ^ hear( , this: To go to the help of or-l^j u , ah ^ JouL w phans and widows in «he|r!^ thon your mind. This is ««« ! .distress and to keep oneseU| ^ ^ ririt Command . untarnished by the world. t^ 1C7lt . - St. Paul, in bis letter to the Romans, compressed a whole book on Christian behavior "And a second u like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. ~On these two command- .tnts depend ell the law and the prophett." , _liiiiiiiiiri[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii]iiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiniiiHMiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiti[iiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiniii£ lltul. tt · N«I4'«r«. told of · mo'« tKtn ^9 d'J. Not unuil:*'. It uttlti talk tit Jrft'irjtifiwl fnj irf I/it. t*r. lift ttmi ill Bmt vbr* tt ft^frztJ iht tmfu- »t!t «/ it fH. IJt iami 19 tim- itlf tttj J'J wmetlitt *c*T XT. SUNDAY, it 10.50 i.m. fASTOt W. GIUILANO WILL SFEAK ON 'IF YOU SHOUtD BEfOUE YOU DIE- THI FUJI imilll (WICK IIU l« lijKn |IY«, l«| Init fteek tof »· TIKP* Whit* Crn«** Jewish Holiday Due Wednesday The Festival of Purim, gayest of Jewish holidays, begins at sundown Wednesday for long Beach area and world Jews. Purim recalls the dramatic story related in the Biblical Book of Esther. Esther was a Jewish queen who saved her people from destruction at the hands of an early anti- Semite, Hainan, prime minister cf Persia. The celebration of Purim traditionally includes presentation of children's plays in religious schools, and costume balls for adults. IT'S R E V I V A TIME America's Befoved Evangelist DR. B. R. LAKIN Titus vilie, Florida Feb.23-Mar.l-7:30Nitely CALVARY BAPTIST OF BELLFLOWER By JOE MCKNIGHT WICHITA. Kan. WV-Out of 77 years of memories, one of the proud recollections for Lester Weatherwax is having helped a church and a song to international fame. Lester and his brothers. Bill. Asa and Tom. brought renewed popularity to a small Iowa church and the song associated with it-The Church in the Wildwood-" Althought that was two generations ago the song and the church continue to be widely known. The brothers, natives of an Iowa farm, had formed a q u a r t e t known as The Weatherwax Boys. Lester sang baritone, Tom the bass, Asa first tenor and Bill second tenor. They became well known in the earfy years of this century and traveled the United States and Canada from 1910 until 1921. A few years later Lester settled in Wichita. Still slim and unusually active for his 77 years, Lester recalls vividly the right in St. Louis when a member of the audience asVed the quartet to sing "The Church in the Wildwood." ·We were flabbergasted," he recalls. -It didn't fit in with our classical pro- i gram. But we sang it and i: the response was over: whelming." Their rendition song became so of the popular that within a few weeks the b r o t h e r s began bunding their programs around it. Each time they sang it they told the history of the song and of the real church in the wildwood. They knew it well for their farm home near Charles City. Iowa, was only a dozen miles from the place where the little church was built a century ago and still stands. Arabs Make Big Problem for Paper Travelers began seeking out Nashua and the tittle church about which we told them," Weatherwax said. ·By 1915-16 the church had ,, ,,,,,, ^ m teen restored to its original Jtjte Jews rejoiced last fan when ·We count it a God-given a document condemning anti- opportunity to have been a semhism was brought before part of spreading the story ^e Roma" Catholic Ecumen- and the song of the shrine." Of the Weatherwax boys. Asa died in 1940 and Tom Council in the Vatican. The council recessed with- in 1962. Williams. 90. died in a rest home in Iowa last Christmas Day. - - - - v Lester retired in 1962 THE SONG WAS written x »f t e r serv ing for 32 years in 1R57, three years before , s minister cf music at the construction began on the church at Bradford, Iowa. The congregation had been First Methodist Church of Wichita. organized in 1855 as the First Congregational Church of Bradford- The town is on.i i · 20th Anniversary LINCOLN; in. W»-- Lincoln out acting on the document, but Catholic liberals said it was r J5t a matter of lacking time to take it up. They voiced confidence it would be overwhelmingly approved at the faH session. Now reports are circulating in both Catholic and Jewish circles that the document is in trouble. According to one version, have been bom- opponents now extinct but another Christian College celebrates bardizg the Vatican with dire town by the same name has it* 20th anniversary May 4.| wlr nings that the document grown up 60 miles away. Starting in a one-room would antagonize Arabs and After rising to some de- school with 15 students in jeopardize Christian minor- gree of fame, the church World War II days, the school ities in the Middle East. began declining along with now has more thaa 500 stu- There has been no corres- the town, which had lost t dents and a modern plant on ponding wave of support for bid for a railroad. The town a two-acre campus. It traWthe document, because its ministers as wen as youths hackers have been taking hs who win work in allied re-'eventual approval for grant- disappeared but the church remained and became a rural church near Nashua, lowi. "The little brown church of Bradford seemed to be going the way of so many o f A m e r i c a ' s r u r a l churches," said Weatherwax. Then the Weatherwax boys began singing and teeing about The Church in the Wild-wood." ligious fields. ed. "ONt BLOCK NORTH Of COMPTON. ONE SLOCK EAST OF CLARK!" Alliance Church K. A, toymen. *f r«i»f»f Dr. H. Frank Collins, Pastor COLONIAL '·*n Ceiptl Assembly" TABERNACLE [.ANAHEIM HEV. a M*S. OUVtL T«rLO»S 10 SO A.M. «id 7;JO P.M. · £ Evangelist Fred Barter ? * PREACHING AMD SINKING £ :. tl wrowesOAY AND FBMDAT. 73* r «t *·* Churzh of Christ CENTRAL 501 Atlantic HE 2-1484 SEBY1C£S Sunrfa*. MS-- Bib'. c!.sse IS:5-- WonJiip 4:30--Ev.nfng WonMp Wi*Wty. 7:30-- kMw«tl i.ryTc. C»id» S- Do35«tt. UirmT«r NO. LONG BEACH M28 E. Artesla SERVICES Sund»y. 1:30--Worship ?.45--BiV# Gl»M ll:CC--WorsMp 6:30--Evening Wor»hi» 7:30-- Mid i.rvtc. "GcJl Et.rr,.! Worrf-- n.,»en to rFOX «.*» 7:30 A.M. Sunjjy JiKneh lat.r. Mink'.r GA M557 UPTOWN 3707 Atlantic GA 7-8974 SERVICES Sandiy. 9:35--Bib'. C«n«s: 10.45--Wervlrp; 7iO--Ev.nlr.j Wcr- »Vp. W.ire-.d.y. 7:30-- Mid-Weel Servlt.. TC:« * M. oil I M r.M. GUEST SPEAKER. DR. WM. TEAGUE Tfi» Lcng Btscfc Center tf Evi First assembly i» ^- i * ill f. Bk;nt»'n. Pistor Cor. lOti S Linjen «:4S A.M.--Sundsy Srfcoot HE ?«3 lor Frt« T rwtsoeftMicll I I A.M.--"Christ *· Mlncl* "UVorVer" (Sri tn · ierr«s| 7 P.M.---THE UMANSWtABLt OU ESTION"Oon Gctf H*vi ft* JUiswcrT* GLAD TIDINGS -- ASSEMBLY CF GOO -Carrier of South and Cherry R*v. Ann mder, Ptstor » «3 AW.--Sunday School 10.50 A.M.--Tnter Sctrti Tt-Pi«c« OrthnfTi ·nd JSVokt Criarr H*w S*xrhj«rt Seating i5V 7 P.M.--Rev. RUSSELL HAMER GUEST SPEAKER --United Brethren Pastor SElf-REAirZATION FatOWSHIP Oiurch of AJJ Rc'icioni TM r««cnip-- · *r leeu Exnrnrwd OC k. Ocian |,wd . Lang B«*di l W*tvln TMUISOAT, i r«.-nrvoT«mAL LONG 8EACH CHURCH of- RELIGIOUS SCIENCE *Ptii,»-r4 Cturcit rt ir-t Cl»wc» * »frr««« V ; ««t, Err*nJ Holr CRIST THEATRE 4275 ATLANTIC vu»c*r uivc t«« · GOD IS MY STRENGTH" DR. OOH EERTHEAU Surday School and Njrscry al 10:30-805 £. 3oth S* ·LAKEWCOO CHURCH cf- RELIGIOUS SCIENCE An *mii«tctf C*urc* 0* *· ChwrcH t* R«4l0inn Sc«nc« r Ernrst Hoi »n» w«ocjruff A w -BeTw**n Arfrii* Sout» V. . SUNDAY SERVICE 11:00 A.M. 'ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE" REV, CY STEVENS, UmV.r , fi'een S*ev*«i. AsifXii 1 * Mi Group · Jjnic* CHurcfc · East Side Christian Church Tin m*4 CftriM . "AN ERRAND Of NIGHT" North Lon^« Beach Christian Church ,-^-rJH?""' The Congregational Church FIRST FOURSQUARE CHURCH 1 ItS and Junipe'a ?:30 A.M. -- SUNOAr SCHOOL 10:45 A.M. "THE WAY OF FAITH " 7 P.M. "UNITED FOR PEACE" r*rreV«tic M«;s«q« fcy faster P.M. nso · / Biltv i r«5» Christian Single Adults "AM INTEJ-CHUfcCH FELLOWSHir , Vtf*i A fin* fer mferm«rioM fC J5 Iwwitej tl *ing'« «dutti, ·;«! 21-55 Sat, Ftb. 22«ri_7:30 PJJ.--film: "THEY SEAICHED FOR A CITY" --Social Pir-fcd Fo^cwi-- CIIUHCH Art important It aH fJl. Iff jt comfort tt'frem jou kmcv jfiMf f niter J Director txi t jrrst ?«^ J*r«7- t^gt fif jo»r flerfj's H'tskti 4rtJ rtfftgzcws. iiiusTi;.\si:x-pixo MORTUARY IEDONOO AVtNVl CHAPIl J4 I.Jo«rf« A.t. lc] !.»» Gt I IKS AnAMTlC AVE. CHAr-El ill Ma,fc A.t. HE I-7HI FIKST CIIIIISTIAX- Srh fid Locust, tcn^ i*cb t. E. Junfcir% 10:45 A-M.--"The Oinstian'i NaHoral (. t. »jr*m Jot* no 7 PJX.--'"!» Oiurch'i CJiallenqi fo YoutK" First Friends Church ·ntie «v«. f 3 § ( ( t 4T Oivrj C I. Sk.r-.. ftitcr II A.M.--"CCHJRA£oSs"MEN- 7 p.M.--'WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FORr fi-.fof Spefliln^ tt loth tm rr RIVAI KJH*V- Church of ReligiousScience II A.U. -- Sjndi, S«rvK. Tcu'b Ourci tnj Nuftcrt "LAW OF PROGRESS" t'--^Sf IAII MO AT CEII.TC1 !··. V«-f-c« t. lo,if. P.-,to» H I 2 f « i S,."J»f S-kr.ol--10:00 A.M. SUNDAY SERVICE --II A.M.. "Courage to Share" 7KX) P.M.--Young PecpVj Group CRUSADE CONTINUES! Except Mcrvfcy. 7JO P. M. "THE SALVATION ARMY LIghf of TrutK TEWPLE Or CHXlSTlAfJ STUDEBAKER ROAD Psychic Science Church CHURCH OF CHRIST 34 ) S'j4itt« IctJ fc. t *» » » « « . · » « . »«i MI r « WW. S. IR'/INE. 6UID1NS VIGHT TABERNACLE ·ntf oernr S.«. 1:30 1 II «JT.- 7 CO p U. f/ICH Jr. WJiS, JTi 1 ·^·i^'-Hi'l I-3HP THE CHAFa Of FEACE i.oco socts ON RELIGION Spirituals! Church C-5A1.-A- The Problem of "ANYTHING FOR A BUCK" 11 ^.M. Su»J.» ScW Ctii.l Ojr« Iff.: tafl'e* tl £«·*.'£· »f» WllllAU UltDfUA, Pntar I I *^, CIS A 111 A m C. M. mm. PB»T f m. LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN CHURCH JLUOS BUYtltt niUTU 10* uunown IOVUVAIS . UNIVERSAL MEMORIAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH n LI»DE» AVC. IMOCK C«.t nmo»r ur/icis L ·'·eft. f«t - » T UITVKI 7 » rji. [An. «it.iuui ilix w«*un tnr»gr«ni Mm. .]· f J*. · *rt. Wm. WrtB . I. a PJI . - A4 ««·«· Iwlct SMITH ACRES cf BOOKS '

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