Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 19
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v: , .« v , Tucson Daze RealEstate Transactions Nov. =4 And 5 , - . , ; DEEDS Quit clulm deed, John O. Fh«bu« to Byron M. Gtbion, L JO..B », Ewanway Adta. " · Story M. Milan and R. Dwight Hlllll to Elizabeth F. Doyle, L« 11, 12. B t, ¥11001-- Addn. Sheriff'* deed. J«rom« P.-Martin to John C, Phebu:, L 20, B B, Swanway Addn., - enue vigiiipi 55 cen.tr, f, *" r ' · Havry R. Fugh »nd wile to Georg* C. Kline »nd wife, L 4, B.,25, Jefienon- Park Addn, revenue itampi W.JO. , - Jean Burcham. Lyon to'tlnlveraity Methodist Church of Tucson. L 8, B 3,v Mundo Vlita Addn,,- revenue" atamplt $2.75.- jnisabethiT. Doyle to. Henry M, Milan and R. Dwight Klllln, La 11, 12. B 9, Palomar Addn. *' ' · v -Efne«t"B-'vVaught and' -wtfc.to .Clarence W. Cushing and wile. Lv4, B 7, Catallna Vista Kesub.. revenue stamps (13.73. Pedro R. Vasiu« to Pedro .B. Vasquex and wlie, Ls 2, 3, 4,-B 165,:'City.ol Tucson; Ng Ban Sing et al to'Llm TKung Ton' and wile. Eli o£ I. 4, B 2, Arcadia Sub., nue stamps 55 cents. Home Development Co. to Toodoro Teso L 8, B 87. National City Sub. No, 7, rove nue stamps S3 cents. Ruth Harris Xeenan to lisa S. Ebeling, part of S 19,' T 13 S, R 13 E, revenue stamps $2.20. . ' Deed and "assignment,'Hong Moon Woo_ and wile to John McKenzIe arid wile, ..part of L'J,':B'3, Farmington;'Addn,, rcvenu- stamps s.1.10. _ Gorm Lottlleld to Ruth Harris Bruner. part of S 19, T IS S, It M E, revenue stamps 55 cents. Margaret May Hicks to City -of Tucso part of S 10, T 14 S. H 13 E. Lindsay BaKer and wife and Evo De Con clni and wile to Tucson Gas, Electric Light and Power-Co.. Ls 15,-16,iB 11, Swan Way Addn., revenue stamps $4.40. , Grant deed, Ida S. Burgeman to Louis rilhman, Interest In part ol S I, T 14 S R 1! E. . ' Grant deed. Ida S. Burtieman to Bae Braden, 'Interest In part ol S I , T'14 S, R 15 E. x Grant deed, Louis Flshman" and Huld_ Fae Braden »'· Ida S. .Burgeman, part' of S 1, T 14 S, R 15 E. Adrian Contreras. and wilo to Ramon Garcia'Morales and wife and Manuel Mo rales Vega, L 18, B 4, Elysian Grove Sub revenue stamps $2.75. Harold E. Cole and wife to Charles L Taylor and wile, part of Ls'4. 2; and all of L' 3, B 64. Country Club.Manor. ' Fernando F. Timbres and wife to Delno W. Keplar and wife,!,-11. B 5, Alvernon Addn., revenue stamps ,»l.ll., Broadwby Development Co. .to Gurnee A Clayton and wife, part of Ls 5, 6, B 10. Colonia Allegre Addn., .revenue stamp;; Ruth V. Long to Lynn W. Folger.and wife, L 3, B 35, Country Club Manor, revenue stamps .$1.10. · , ' ; · ' · GeorEe Buford Lynch Jr. and wife to Laddie W Galhouse and wife, L 7, and part of L 8, B '5, Broadmoor Sub.,'revenue stamm $2.20. - '- "··· T. S. Construction Co. to Hym«n StTAtm and wile,- part o£ Ls.10, 11, B .17 Hoffman Addn.. revenue stamps $9.80. Quit claim deed. Shell Oil Co. to Albert S. Scott and wife, part of L 7, B 1, Parcel 42,'Pastime .Acres Sesub.- _ 'Elisabeth P. Doyle to Clarence H. Kuhl- mari and wife, part of B 12, Olson's Addn. Clarence H. Kuhlman to ElisabeJi F. Doyle, part of B 12, Olsen's. Addn. Irven E. Gee and wife to George A. Gallagher, port of S 23, T 13 S, R 13 E, revenue stamps 55 cents. ' · William W. Wooley and wife to Joe N. Harris, part of S 27, T 13 S. R 13 E. Dale Sexton to Joel M. Brecheen, part of L-10, B 2, Grantland Acres, revenue stamps, $7.15. REALTY MORTGAGES 1 Charles Blbct to 'Bertha Bergold Knight, $5,000, L 4, Colonia Solana. . University Methodist Church of Tucson to Jean Bureham Lyon, $1,900, L 8, B 3, Mundo Vista Addn. . Beulah Fan- to E. B. Bunell and wife, $8,500, part of NE!4 of S 34, T 14 S, H 13 E. Gurnee A'. Clayton and wife to Allied Building Credits, $8,100, part of Ls 5, 6, B 10, Colonia Allsgre Addn. ' Lynn ~W. Folger and Wile, to Marshall Mortgage and Trust Co., $5,850,. L 3, B 35, Country Club Manor. · H T. Belcher and wife and R. L. Belcher and'wife to Frank Braxton Kldd'and wife, i.OOO, Ls 8, 18. B 55; National City Sub. James W. Garrison and wife to. Andrew Beaucage, $1,000, part of S 2, T 13 S, R 12 E. George A. J. Keller and wife to South- em Arizona Bank, $4,550. part of Ls 1, 2, B 40, Olsen's Addn, Joe W. Tang and wife to William Fora- strom, $2,500, part of La 2, 3, B 42, Buell'6 William A. Arnold and wife to Gertrude u. Wheelwright, $2,500, part ol parcel No. 11, NZ!4 .of SW14 of S..34, T 15. S, H 10 E. Thelma Van Home to Leo'-ardo Moreno et rl, $8,500, Ls 3, 4, 5, 9, 13, B 230, City of Tucson, ' . Jerome P. Martin and wife to V, M. Gibion, $10,000, NE',4 of S 8, T 14 S, H 15 E.'-. ' RELEASE OF REALTY MORTGAGES Adolph L. N. Eghoun and wlf l .to George C. Provencher and wife. . Paul Z. Hart and wife to Pearle Hart. .,,, ... , Occidental Life Insurance Co. of Call- LONDON, Oct. 31. (U.PJ--Informed lon ua to Bruce T. Wiley and wife. sources said' today the United ·"· "--'-· -* ·" «- J-vr States has 'informed 'Britain that ^^^ K , this country's share of. Marshall E^H , E d wife. aid funds will be cut substantially. "-- "··-·-' American Marshall plan officials ~ Pa ^"^ 8 , e 7ArthJr cTsears to Rich ·vert hinted that European recov- ards Development Co., LS 2, 11, B 4,, and ery. plan benefits may cease alto- i. *a = winterhaven sub gether for Britain because- it has made such rapid strides toward ,,,,,.,,,,, ieMU ,.,..,,...,, .. recovery since the pound was, de- Perry P. Menzies »nd-wife.. * _ . ._ J ...,, . . ^.T »,^«« Martina] release. Mildred J Get our your s levis, strap on your -guns, and. come out to Old Tucion Daze, next Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 4' and 5 are the orders ot Jack Snell. , . Snell, publicity manager of the Junior chamber of commerce, sponsors of the event, warn that'It's going, to "be no place for the faint hearts. It's a rootm', tootln', shootla 1 affair. The Tombstone' and Tucson Vigilantes -will battle f or'supremacy In' the most exciting part of the event. A complete program will take plac,e In -a new outdoor amphitheater made Tsy scooping out an arroyo and the main dance floor. This year, according to Snell, a loudspeaker will insure that everyone attending will be'informed of every event taking place. Over 2,500 persons -are; expected to attend the week-end event. ·Buses will be .running and parking-space will be ample. _ Murder Trial In Second Day PHOENIX, Oct. 31. (U.PJ--The state continued. its case today in Its "attempt to' prove that Mrs Elaine George murdered her com panion in~ a "lovers' quarrel" last New-Year's eve. The trial- entered its second day of testimony before Judge Fred C.-'Struckmeyer in Aiaricopa county superior court. Mrs. George, phoenix divorcee, is accused of fatally shooting Clifford Wfflett oh New- Year's eve. In opening testimony yesterday, the state called six witnesses, including Dr. Harold Wood, pathologist and director of the laboratory at Good Samaritan hospital. He testified, that! the. bullet .from a! .32 caliber, revolver "which struck Wlllett caused death In a few seconds. In opening statements to the six-man, six-woman jury Deputy County Atty.- Arthur Van Haren said that Mrs. George killed Willett In a "lovers' quarrel." The prosecutor said the state would not ask for the death penalty. Defense Attys. Harold Scoville and Walter Craig said the defense would be that. Mrs. George did not kill Willett and that she did not know .of his death until she was returned to the scene of the crime by a police officer. One of .the early state witnesses, v Joe Rhodes of Phoenix, said that he was.directed by a highway patrolman to go and get Mrs. George, who was seen .walking down the road-a short distance from where the body was-found. Rhodes said that v'lien he approached the wom- nn, *he was hysterical and asked, "It he still'.walking?" Other witnesses at the scene said ·he was hysterical and emotional when taken to where the body ·WM lying.- . .-. - -. .-. U. S.. Will Cut !Aid To Britain where ^v 000 ' valued .little more than a ago yaar ftjf . · . iviunjuuii AKicuai:, *J«, "i Britain is certain to fight any Henry Postema. and wife, ·^ * .. .. ., _ ··:: l.__ jZ MsiTtrinAl r*]»flse. BVai cut in its allocation 0^'grounds ^^-^-^t Marginal release, B. H. Solot to Jennie lease, Allied Buildlne Credits to that such a step would start the ,,,,,,,,, nation on a downward trend again, schwan. Informed sources said American ££*£^vrZiw^^'v**'~°i~^ Officials told Chancellor Of . t h e 6 _ 3 B , 0 , colonia Allegre Addn. Excheauer HuKh GaitSkell Of "the . Marginal release, Leonardo Moreno et al topending cut two. weeks ago and , ~ ^- »·"»- he promptly relayed the word to ^ 0 ' ^iVcoMded^lth the visit to * j^^^£t-.« * T London of Richard Bissel, deputy ^European recovery .administrator, on-his way back to Washington from an European tour."-'. , Dobn-nski and wlie ana uoroiny ^. j-TMu- Prtae Minister Clement R. Att ryndd, part of I...Z5, B S, Miracle Mile less-is expected ; to issue a state-Mr %· ' UTILITY CONNECTION* Ch«rll« Carter, 68JJ Nogslei Highway ·Mr.. Richard W«oa, «« Del Moral,/No. B Mberto RO.M, 10U W.^ColorwJo; L. D SoIand,CM4tr/'8»,--No.~S; H. I-.^Outnrie 910 "E.' 13tb;* Elsie'Kb«p,3«S« I. Olenn tarl GermekMVW E.- 8th; Harold Holiappl* 143 E. Prince, No. A;' Wendell SMnbakken 151 N. Iodge; Victor Nelson, ^27 X. Btt ', N, · Kautenbwrger, 2003 E."'lst, No."": Jrs."'Haiel- Norton. 2557.1 NlTremont^iH"/. regory, 2643 N. TUCSOTU Halph Dill, 1 5«1 . Tucson; Milton Bagwell, 2*18 B. McTee, bnald. Savage. 2301 S."th;.Pred Clemento 305 N. Margaret; p. A. Uevere, S801'"Z Linden. ,7 '' *· " ' *'Matthew Johns, 2017 S. Fremonfc Mr» lay '"White; 1618' Dodge;.Xr». -A^Lipnljltl 430 N. Dodge, No. E; A, B. KadeVKO I label; M. A.;Gallcr,"1362,N. Country Club Baiter Freyer, 25D E. PaBtimo; Acme'Op cal Service, lia E. Broadway; W. ,L twin. 2925 N. Stone, No. A;.Els]t Gober J4S S. '6th; Toft Loos, 1D23-S.' Arizona; H, D ooper, 2501 £, 3rd; Venture Gamez, 141 Clubview;.-Wm'..Crbne3; 3937fPaseo Dorado L, Baker. S12! Z. Speedway; Dora Green erg, 122G E. Lee, No. 3; A, H. Valeniuela 49'E:"22nd. ' Mrs.'Guy Cannam..437-W.! I!striet/No.,B [rs., Erna,'Goeller, 2503 E. ; Blaclclidge;-I,, :R crrnillion, 130'N. Olsen;. C. W...Gushing 00 E. Edison; C. B. Woods, SIX S. 2nd ora Lehman.'2731 N.'Hopl; Oscar; Aledft 42',i N. 13th; Henry Freeman, 2180 E earst; Ben Peters, 3013 S. 12th, No. 2 heresa Taggard,''1520 N. 'Santa Rita: K' W inapp, 40:251,4 E. Ft. LowellliChristlne Cobb 15. E.-;Sipeedway;\CharlM' Brockman. 81 W. Jadnti); Bud Anderson, 2042 N,.Oracl d.; W. A.' Catto, 2403 S'. Pluminer;'. J.'L rior, 1107 De Mosi Petlre : Rd.: · Pionee Cleaners and .Dyers, 27 S. Scott; W. E lister Jr., -3973 E. Desmond; R. N chwartz,'. 2805 N. Tucson, "No.' 3. E. H. Pet«OT, 3637 E. Flower; J. L. Mur ny; 3739.' Calle Cortez; :Mrs. .M. .C. Con elly, -2817 Devon Dr.: M. C. .King, '2628 ,E opper; R. D. Suarez, 229 S. 5th; G. H eynolds. X315 E.' 9th; Robt; Schmitz. 252 Treat; Edw. Boaba; 4S17:E; Wlnsett;,Bo 'cEven 6SB Taurber -Rd.; John Zacharek 530 N. Santa Rita; C. L.: Williams. 119 E Istrict: L. H. McCombs, MB22 N.'10th; Mon ic Wright, 363S, S. 7th: Maple Jones, 160 9th;' W.'B. Wyner, -1825. Adelaide, No. A Robert Musser. 180S 'Si Olsen; 'Wnlte Wvera, '12014 E. 28th; John Klrobel.· 203 32nd: A. C. Wnrdiari,. 1235 E. Halcyon C J|-De' Forest, 2545 E, Beverly Dr.;. Mrs Hamie Green, 830-E. 3rd; Mrs. Zelda Weln stein, MM E. Tlh; Adelina Boverini, .262 . Campbell; .J.-F. Dutton, 1025 E. Silver '. M.. Cotton, 290] N.: Stone: E. C, Hobln on, 1378 -N. Country Club: R, L. Hennlng 515 .N. Columbus; "J. B. McKendry, 810 :elen. Robert Zazueta, SE! N. Meyer; A. D. Dud ey. 25,16 S. Treat; Gunnar Nelson, 3301 E 2nd, No. 2; V. D, Campbell, 2713 E. Water . H. Peters, 480S E. 12th;i. V. CasUlss, 535 V. 36th, No. B; P. E. Rocheford. 2631 N -ucson; H. V. CecU.,2523 S.,4th; G. S. Bell 504 E, Fairmount, . Hymau Coplns et al to Jake' Cauelraan to Harold L. 'state"Mutu'al Building and Loan Assn. and wife to Harold "Marginal reiase,... Edgar A. HogerJ to ·etiy f . luciiMva «"" - pr^i^. . Marginal release, Mildred A. Present .to Jennie Schak. Marginal release, Lnura C.'Carrigan to "Marginal. release, Francisco Valenzuela ley National Bank , v, t v.» c M. De Young and wife. Partial release, P. M. -Arcnd Sr, to Irvan CONTRACTS FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE Frank H. Sydow and wife to Albert J. Dobrynfiki "nd wife and Dorothy r. Dob- Conclnl Bnd B ruce M. icto '^^ i^.^v^w..-.. p -- -~ -- 2x o p e cc-ndni ana wye ^Ov- ^rucc .»i. ment on the impending cut. soon. Harrls and ^^^ £ 17 B 4, country ciub Informants. said the extent,of the reduction has not been de- cid°d. It will be.fixed in negotiations .between Marshall plan officials " and representatives , of the British treasury. - :' Altogether : Britain so far has received $3,750,000,000 in Marshall aid to buy food, raw materials and machinery in the United States and other dollar countries. P I A N O S EASY TERMS HARMONY HOUSE 204 N. STONE - ,Tests - marking ^the 10th *.annua cierice talent search will be- con ducted In December 1 at" Tucson/high ichool, F.'M.'1-Wfiiting," biology in tru'ctor, has'announced. '~h ' The Science clubs of America ad minister, the tests "-while .Westing fouse issues the awards". Each.yeai 40 trips to' .Washington, p. C., are granted. In Washington after .lonj nterviews, a grand prize, a $2,100 cholarship, Is awarded to the 'most scientific" person." Also issued are "many other cholarships and awards. The school's, first year in enter ng the contest, 1943-44, resulted n a trip to Washington for .Wil don -Fickett and also a scholar hip to help in his first year, al the University of Arizona. Since then , sttfdents -who h a v e · won lonorable mentions are Arlene My erson and Mary Lou Du Bbis 944-45; Jack Vosskuhler,,Bill'Viet nghoff and Ted Bushuell, 1945-46 ^aul Orth ' and Jerry Detwiler 946-47; Adrean Van de Verde and fefferson- Davis, 194b49. - Any student interested' in com jeting in the science national tal ent search should see Whiting for uirdetalls. . JVo Lady If Croaks Aloud When Tickled Youths Held In Tuna Fish Theft Three youths, are 'being, held ±'o ederal court for allegedly takin . .case of tuna fish at Red Hoc! iunday. U. S, Commissioner Thomas Me Cay yesterday · ordered J o h r Fisher, 18; Charles. Williams, 32 and. a 17-year-old held :becaus F i s h e r and the juvenile ar charged with breaking into a box car and stealing a case of tunafish Williams is accused of receivin~ part of the stolen property. , - All three were riding the trail at the time of the offense. The are now in the Pima county jail each under 51,000 bond. * ^sss^ss ugaaa VNUTRILITE Food Supplement HAM KBDD1E, Agent and Distributor A031 E. 8th, Tucson Dial 2-0083 Broadcast Monday through Friday 9:40 a.ro. Dial-1450--KOPO 1 mum 1»% Ctthra , , 1 5 Tutiiiy ivinlni, o « H , " l « » 4" SpienceJ Talent ''- r 7 '"' j , ' " - -' - ' ·'"" Tiests Are Due LONDON, Oct. 31. W--A scien tist in Panama passed along an important tip to British, science today about how. to distinguish, between gentleman toads and lady toads. The problem has been vexing some British doctors who use toads in pregnancy tests. Gustav Engler, of Almirante, in i letter to the British Medical Journal, said it is eusj'y -solved when one keeps in mind that only gentlemen toads croak when tickled. · : - ' · " ' ' PIANOS SEAGONDOLUR MUSIC STORE 264 E. Congress '-, Ph. 2-5031 'ijf you can:afford a piano you can afford a Kimball" ACROSS 1. Droop : 4. Destiny 8. Valley 12. South, AmencaJi · river It. Earaaiss 14. Youth beloved . by Galatea [5. Shellfish 17. JOK ' LS. Stfr .up colon 19. Mountain pierced by the Steplon tunnel 20. South American shrub' . ... Swamp 25. ·Parasitlo plant Insect ft. Mala sheep Deep del* ' Gaza Medieval iflk fabric Mala of , certain animal* Sloths More certain Landed ·propertj Flowerless plant Large bnndlei .Salted: Phil. Islands -Legal claim ·Retired · . God o( Love Musical them* Peer Gynt'i mother 0nit of fore* Indigo plant Favor! to Solution «1 Yetterdiy'i Piizzli DOWN 1. Salt - . ' 1. Phlllpplm rnountalu «. Pratt 4U F««tlT«I i. Revoke » 3S 43 SS 53" 43 S3 5t 24 7 3» SB .. I. Bxtrem* ftaT T. Abstract belnlt t. Tropical ttulU, «. First grain leaf abov« th» rrouna 10. W1M inteal 1L, Princely __ ' V.tallan tumUj 18. stop '19. Tibetan prlaiti ZO. Liat ol »ctor« 2L Optic; comn. "·form 51. Uzard ot chansrlni -- : color ' Si.. Oriental ihlp captain !«. Chair* 29. Roman road ID. Bird of th« pill .family IS. Day: Spanish S4. CiviUan flreu 17. Part of a flow«r 49. Meaning iL Gum resin :4S. 'Extorted · inoiiey-froiB tt. Light 45. EuEslan in, 48. Greelc letter «. Light mtrok* 5fh Employ (L Harden 4f Ntmtiotutu 10-31 Initiatives Would Cost 120,000,000 BISBEE, Oct 31. (ff)-- Arizona taxpayers would have to pay out $20,000,000 a year if aU the u " a ~ tive measures on the ballot for the general election Nov. 7 ; were P8 TWs' estimate was made here last night 'by Speaker Ray Langham of the Arizona hou^e of , rep, resentatives. Langham was guest . ipnaker at the annual dinner meeting of the Bisbee Chamber of Commerce; He declared the initiative procedure has become one of the most ·pressing dangers to constitutional rights in the state, as under the · present law pressure groups- can put across measures to serve their own purposes without offering ' arguments for the opposition. tinder the law as it stands, the Globe legislator explained, spon- - sore of initiative, measures may have their-farguments printed in the state publicity, pamphlets; but opponents may not. · ' Op I OB 'IBOW . . T S1I N. StoiM. Flu MSU · COMPLETE FU1SERAL $100 »1UW They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo BROTMERS-/AS A FELLOW/MEMBER OP THIS GLORIOUS LODGE"! A5 YOUR SUPPORT N SJEXT WEEKS \ | CITY COUNCIL ELECTION! FOR A \\ C/.NDI04TE WHO STANDS POR ' -''MLL-THE PRINCIPLES OF THIS - SRE4T ORDER^I Kf^OlVl C ^UWT ON EVER/-BROTHER MARCHING TO TME'POLLS AHD \OT1NG FOR YOUR ?A\- AtiV FELLOW CARIBOU, E4RQUAR BLORSH I.COMETDEVERX SAW THt'iGU} OR 8LQFISH ' HERE BEFORE", TRYING TD'RAISE A DEFENSE. FUMD SELROM BROTHS?" ,, TO EVERVWINS;'. BUT ME OJLV SHOWS UP AT ELECTION r 'TIME TO HUSTLE" IF HE DOES GET ELECTED, 'THE ONLY TIME WE'LL SEE HIM US IN / PARADED . PULLCTHE BROTHER CTC*nWEM /AFTER . COUNTED e JOK VAWOKM WHAT VOW «AK1 WHAT YOU TALKHW -THAT* OUR vamtmt' i~, J£6T FOUND OUT, WHO YOUv FILLAS ARE /, I'M SHORE SUPPRI5EO.' AM'flt OOWT, CARfr-T ASSOSHIATE INTfKVIIW 7,THANK,YOU. WE HAVE -FIMI«H.» S" NOTMIN5 RJKTHfRTO ·ft OUT.' SfT' DISCUSS. BOPAIONG CASSIDI HE WAMDERED IN WECE BY MISTAKE; BUT FOUND ME WAITING FOP-HIM; THATS WHAT. WE'QC GOINTO FIND OUT. THAT BUZZARD W6-COCNERtD ; 60T BY US SOMEHOW FOX/H6..,. »v Chic Young I JUST WAMT TO GET THE SANDWICH DOWN ENOUGH TO FIT MOUTH WHAT WORD DO' YOU WANT ME TO LOOK UP FOR YOU? PAPA IS ALWAYS TRV1NG-TO IMPROVE HIS MIND BLONDiE, WILL vou PLEASE BRING: ME THE BIG STANDARD DICTIONARy? ,, 19/0 KITJ; inlum -flavin, mC Milton Canif. STEVE CA1WO1* ANY \ NO, MAJOR CANYON- QUESTIONS 1 EVER/THINe '-QUITE . ,· CLEAR/ »^ :·CHEETAH ANP1 WILL FREQUENT THE CAFES AMP RESTAURANTS .WHERE OK3SI5M05T TO-APPEAK. N\} CHEETAH UM SEEN 6K05, WHO HAS . WE THREE SHALL SEEVg A* COIWAUESCEN75 A55ieNiP TO THE MILITARY MI551DN iN.INPO-y CHINA... MEANWHILE CHEETAH : ' WILL AUERT US, THE AAOMENT ·SHE SRST5 M'SIEU (5PO5, WHOM WE KNOW TO BE IMTHE LIEUTENANT 600R AMP BEEN TRAN5-5HIPPlMi3 ff. RyiNfi-OFFICER SALT, WAR COOPSTO THE ij TH15 WILL PE OUR " " " AFTER WE ' BUT M.6R05 MM N2I LAMP... i^faf SEEN CHEETAH... $T GASOLINE ALLEU .You-win, kids! What'll it be? it quits and K home. It's quieter tonight than . I thought It would be. DICK TRACY THE HIGHWAY WHERE B. O. PLENTY IS EMPLOYED ON THE KOADCREW. ' QUITTING TIME- LETS CO. VOL) KNOW, ao, IF SPARKLE KEEPS ON WOWING THEM CVER TELEVISION, YOU'LL 6CON BE SO RICH NOD WONT HAVE 70 WORK ON THE AIN'T NO DAUGHTER OP ^INE GONNA SUPPORT ME. : VOU'SEE, fM PUTTING MONEY IN A TRUSTY FUND PER HER TO USE WHEN DCSOU W NOT-TpNIGHT. WANT TO W ' BROKE MY GET 'A J CLASSES PAPER. FMORNING. CAINT- B. 0.?J READT1LL.IJET NEW ONES. M-MAMMV )S GONNA LOCATE )j - ' U P ** HER EYEBALLS IS NO SENSE KETCHIN' A NEW BAPP/1N T SADIE HAWKINS CAY RACE, FLASMIN' FIRE-7-THAR'S ' SMOKE COMINi'OUTA - AVISION/£-SHE DOME WHIRLED - HER EARS.r-TMAR SHE. FU3PS//"- SHE DONE LOCATED THREE -nMES/y- A-MUTTERIN' TH ' SECRET WORDS/I' OMLESS WE IS SHORE '"·jjp 'Alex Kayrnoxd MEANWHILE, IN THE SHUTTERED VM DORPE IF THEY } SO WH5RS.MDU PLEASE... BUI 60, I / N06C7V OPES WITrf ME 'I'LL ' HADLE THIS CASE ME \"-y ^--Yza^Mam I'LL DROP IT RIGHT NOW! B :,.SO THAT'S AL WE KNOW...THE AWN ' ' YOU'VE LOCXEDMEjDEAi? / ICAN'T, IN! WHV? / BE4R TO (l" SISNED HIS INITIALS, CL.V., TO WE NOTE.. I BELIEVE I WOW WHO HE IS... I AM CALLING ON HIS LAVYERS TO LEARN WHED-IER'I AM. RIGHT! Harold Gray UTTLEORPHAM JUKX BREflKFAST BRR-R~ LAST, NK3HT. WTTH A FIRE SOW" IT WflS-REAL COZV HERE- SaOWF U2SK' t GOT FRggT ALLOVFR M£- COM1H' WORK OUTTH'KINKS

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