Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 5
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 5

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 5
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Pily For Liz, Hot Scorn, Called For By Billy Graham 1 HICHMOND, Va. (UPI) -Evan-|actress Elizabeth Taylor w a gelist Billy Graham said '. today I more to be pitied'than censore . It is predicted that within the next 15 years, the number of vehicles on our nation's roads will jump 'from the present 75 .million to 110 million. Manufacturers of automotive products use the advertising pages of the daily newspaper to inform, the public of latest developments in. their field. In I960, for instance, they spent $196.7 million for newspaper ads. for shedding another husband. T feel that she is to'be pitied named Dodeledales, but. towns- and prayed for rather than scorned." Dr. Graham said. He also told a news conference he feels that present efforts to merge some Protestant denominations, while they might not be fully successful, can lead to better understanding among c h u r c h ments in Latin America. groupp. 'A lot can be gained from such movements, he said, even if they are only exploratory. Dr. Graham, here for the semi- NAMES BERKELEY, Mo. (UPI) -There's a street in town here folk call if'Doodles Dale Lane. 1 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, said Protestant churches have been carrying on vigorous move- · The next (our or five years, he said, .could tell whether communism is going to be successful South America. HUMBOLDT STANDARD Wed., April I I , 1962, Page 5 FOR EXCITING DETAILS Bomb Scare Trial Slated For Solon SACRAMENTO (UPI) - Assemblyman Charles E. Chapel, R- Palos Verdes, accused of giving a false bomb report on an airliner, Monday waived preliminary hearing In Municipal Court lore. Municipal Judge Elvin F. Sheeby bound the case over to Superior Court for trial at an unspecified date. Chapel's counsel, Richard H. Hoffelt, said he expected the date would be set within one or two days. Chapel is accused of telling a stewardess on a Sacramento -Los Angeles flight March 15 that he had a gun and nitroglycerine in his briefcase. The plane was cfc layed nearly an hour while authorities checked the report. Chapel said that his remarks were meant:as a practical joke. To Your Good Health by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Sir: Will Four di'ops iodine daily in a glass or wat be good for health or do harm? MRS. J. P. I'"m sure you're referring linclurc of iodine, the ordina kind that is an antiseptic. Ewe under unusual circumstance (here is no danger in th amount. For one thing, it isn much iodline. Pure iodine is solid, and the tincture is on :he amount that is dissolved alcohol. To prevent goiter, most of lab'itually use idoized salt--I table variety that has a trace lotassium iodine in it. This is [enerally used that most of buy that kind of salt witho thinking about it, and we mig lave to do some shopping aroun Brand New of famous TYREST Yours at White House! B E A U T Y R E S T QUILTED New, lovelier floral pattern cover on this tuftless Beautyresr, choice of twin or full, mattress or box spring, regular or extra-firm. $79.50 BjADTYRESTlELEGAiVCE A very special mattress for very special people, the loveliest satin ticking we've ever seen! This is the finest mattress we've ever offered. The ticking is special, the glamorous satin damask brocade in delicate powder puff pink. The quilting is special, filled with dacron polyester to provide the most luxurious sleeping surface imaginable 1 Twin or full size $100.00 Beautyrest...the happiness money can buy! New covers! New borders! New comfort! It's oil here in brand new, better- than-ever Simmons Beautyrest, now more than ever your best mattress value. Just look at the sleeping happiness only a penny more per night can buy- firm, buoyant support to every part of the body so you wake without ache and wonderfully refreshed. Single bed comfort in double bed because there's no rolling together thanks to Beaulyrest's independent acling, individually pock- ted coils. Tesl after test has proved Beautyrest lasts 3 limes longer than ordinary mattresses. Come choose your new model Beaulyrest today, sleep your happiest tonight! WHITE HOUSE Furniture / Appliances E U R E K A ARCATA in fact, to find salt that isi iodized. However, the amount of iodii xe need is very small. Someboc lias described it as what would absorb by smelling t cork of an iodine bottle once day. Wliat we need is only "trace." Occasionally potassium iodi is used as a medicine, but th is a far cry frori saying that like any other medicine, is "goc for health" in general. On t other hand, there are some im viduals with thyroid disorde who have to avoid excess iodin For them, the few drops a d would be too much, and som of them even avoid iodized salt. For the great majority of I a little more or less iodine, on we have the necessary "trace doesn't make any difference, am aware, however, that a so of folklore grew up about iodi at one time, and some peop even made money by selling pi containing a small amount of suppose that's why I contin o receive letters asking about 'daily ration of iodine," or a fe drops of tincture of iodine vater. Well, it just isn't nece ary; it doesn't help and it us ally doesn't harm, except occ ionally. Tincture of iodine is a good di nfectant. One drop in a quart vater, allowed to stand for ninutcs, will make it bacteria! afe for drinking purposes. '. act, that's a method the arm as often used when troops ar lit in the field and they aren ure whether water is safe rink. Dear Dr. Molner: What cause mall children to have worm nd why must tiley pass 'Jiroug o large and long? Do you kno f a medicine the! will cut then p so they cannot be seen? The et on my nerves. --MRS. A If you will just get your think ig straightened out, you ealize that the important thin to have these children trcate get rid of the parasites. S ake them to your doctor an ave your nerves under the doo nat until youve got the job done These, obviously, m u s t b mndwodms or tape worms luch less common than barel; isable pinworms). There is n ledicine to "cut them up." Dear Dr. Molner: Will leukem a always show up in a blood tcb nd blood count? --STEADY EADER. Ordinarily, yes. However, wit ertain treatments, the diseas an go into a period of remission n this phase, presence of th !sease can for a time be diff ult to prove. For that reason ases should be followed care- ully. ow to get rid of leg cramps am Dot pains? The answer may b mple. Write to Dr Molner are of this newspaper for a cop f the leaflet. ' Ho'x TT Kto!) \jt ramps anj Foot Pains," cnclos g a long, s'llf - addressee amped cnvulope and 5c in coin cover cost of printing am '.ndling. Dr. Molner welcomes all mai om his readers, but because o great volume received (!aily is unable to answer individua :tei's. Dr. Molner uses readers .ters in his column whenevei issihle. FREE BOOKLET "How to measure time with tape" Stenorette'-TD Ontr $ 219 _ » 50 Comptde wftfc Fully transistorized. Flick-of- thc-thumb microphone control lets you dictate, hack- space, review ... and if yon say it wrong, erase as you say it A G A I N right! Error- free dictation with A Sten- orelle makes it easy for secretaries to do everything right the first time! BEARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT 2104 - 4th St. HI 3-6361 3 days only Bistrins special spring clearance bargain! famous brand mm PANTS each at one low price 699 Frankly, this low price of 6.99 is unheard of when it's used to sale price a group of sweaters, skirts, and pants of the quality we're of- fering. Regularly priced as hjgh as 16.98, these pastels must be moved to make room for new spring items. On sale at all three stores, you'll recognize the famous brand name from the labels. You'll be able to buy a co-ordinate outfit for less than the regular price of one item. Hurry in now, while these items are still available. Arcata, Eureka, Fortima IMS 3 ilavs only

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