Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1976
Page 14
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U · NortKwn) Arkanw. TIMES, Monday, April 19, 1976147-- R»ol Iitata-- «er Saltf 47_Real Estate -- For Sate FAH.MINGTO.V-3 brfrtxim home, sculp turM .slias catrc. larse lot wtfa n:ce sarfpo.,- Located. In wie ol the jioMt tseWftillal areas.' dead end pavwJ street, Call Kathy -VI3^370. F^im ACRES-botwv«i UnTOin *nd Prairie Grove on K\vy. R2, good Spnas. bojjiliful Tx-'itdins sites, ideal rommfrrcial tocilSon. Optksial 12C.Q Mc*»?* Home with roci fireptatv and rock toundatlco. Priced to EdL CaD Jwn 4tt«£5. RJMSE MLXXOWS AND CATTLB-- 171 acre lahn. Bi acres in fcswc. gwd Rrrins*, 14 nvle frontage rei Cov* ,CrwX. fetvch minncw poods, three stock por-ds, elce 4 bedroom home with beautiful licw 0! "valley and creek. South ol Frairi* G rove. CORNER LOT -- in beautiful Winston Wox!U oxilainins 2.65 acres, level with gaping back and pl«itj of shade tree f ACRES, HWY. 15 EAST-P 1 lh WT^lcdi two bedroom house. Ovanruns for first home or for rcUrenieni Los el, setting. 1 Jut east ot Happy Hollow Rrvad Excellent buy To wnly 517.500. Call Franl, tow 521 -t*3. REAL ESTATE 442-6225 2556 Mt. Comfort Road ri!«ig Twnlt Bailey M1-T63 CLEAR C R E E K VALLEY HILLS Practically new. Oedar conlempw.!?} home on 1 6 acres. Ordy 7 tuoollii old beautifully carpeted, 3 BR., 1 halhs Larsia Imrsg-kiKbea srea with huee M live store fi rep? ace lhat rites M Iwt lo a beamed cathedral ceiling. Kitchen ha gorgeous all-wood cabinets complete with Cfcm:ng ransc. Large pantry. plenlJ ol stora g?, and three iund«:ks thai overioo); the weeded, sloping tcirain A millVon miles awsj-. jrt. less than 13 m!n. to utj-. :" : " STRETCH-OUT In IK'S 2'le^d. 230 *^- H- home. Tire place. Lare* lot .with mature *had" lre=s IwV loan to qualified Gl. 1'riee oaly Kli.KO. - QUALITY IS EVIDENT This bMiKiftii all bricV home Is kcal^ 47-- R*o! Estate-- For SoU ·_·. F-1288 FREEMAM REAL ESTATE CO, F-1288 - Rcomy. 3 bJro«n*, 1 bitfu, lh-uijr, dintns, uiUJU- and an exlm large ^.VxH 1 rrom with Jts icivale patio, (JidinK dxMr lor that srocW peraon in t«r · tife (mothoNn4aw» 2.0M wi- f|. «ilh sSnsle sarape Tor only M7,5«, See this dew- ra1or*i h«ii* «ith draivs, Mrpcts, asd jfwial tvdsprc.ids !nctoicd..Oall Cooivc Kobb nl 521-SXiO daj^ of -HJ-X-OS nights and "i*l Reorsa Do It." FREEMAN frjl 521-6300 i-filBs, TM s «ii«. IF YOU WANT A QUALITY HOME- YOU WA.VT A MELTO.N HOME3. 5J7.KO-- 542,000 17JT SIOUX CT. 3 BR, wparnlo rttnlng, '£arretcd. al extras you \v\u!d wand firvplac*. calhcd ral oHlinss, custom cabinets by Darrell LXJIIMJH OF S1OU.V «.-. ClIEHOKEi; 3 BR. covered forth, carried, all extras. Ba - now S; pick yvxir o«n colors. Sc* our hcirnes by OjiriJiB 1 by duriny ih* day, or call builder. . · MELTON HOMES ' 442-2826 : 521-3895 VETERANS! 8^% INTEREST-- - 1-K3 DOWN PAYMENT Lwr Own rajiiwrX-- FIL\ i: Ctmventlonil l^t us show j-oo theic beautiful hnmcs Iwaled in Scquoyah Woods. Th«a' three bedroom, 2 full bath homes are «n struct ed by 0(Us Harris. They ol/er both a Foinul Uvirg roora and familj room with fireplace OR «ia larse living area Mlth (ii«p3ac«, P(.w-"i**sion Immpdi ale -- priced in mid SiTs. Call Venson Tarvcr 531-6611. nights 5Ci-3W7. R-2i7-73S ; ;/R ; iCED^ TO SELL1V In- the -low- 30's." Tastefully .d«»ra(«J three "twdraom.' 2 baih home located w U?a Unc. This homo has aver 13i sq. · ft. of heated ard cooitd space, an^ is situated on a rievviy landscaped yari on a qu^et " strcd. Call today Jo Anr* Stantwrry ' 531-66U/ nights 44?-6613. B-30 _ . « NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVERAL UMER COXSTRUCTTIOM 3 B*Jro«M/ a Wl b*lM. e*Tre(, 4lih. vrashfr, dlspoul. ' electric rinse, ccatral h^it and air, *ll btlck, '«r»pt«« or*i«i»], DouNt wood pAcded dcol1« £»«««· $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan-- Ne down paymeal · rHA Loan-- Low down payment BUTtERFIELD SCHOOL 'DISTRICT Turn west it Sooth aide ol Drive-In Theater, Hny. n North. H mile west Into addllloo. · - - . . , WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 . INCOME PROPERTY ; ^reHorJ invcfitmmt. Wdi local cd, nwd- ujii sit einobito hom« pirt Qly ultll ties. tiic« landscaping, dw« (o Payctte- \1IIe and Sprinpdalc ar.d lor^frd In A beautiful countr- selling. Myst we la appjvcUte. Call us today [or an app-^nt- mctrt .Greene Realty Oo.- I8CO Kwy. 68 West, Springdale. AR. 75M292. SUNDAYS -ON Y O U R .', OWN DECK Mliile yvur husband \vslks lo the EO! c-ourse Irom tk'-s boauti till t\e\v Ihrc bedroom two baih contempora r' horn v-ith «.\tra qualily in OTC ol FayeLle-' s mon ropuia^ new additions. Laig op« Ii\-u:g area .with raUwdral wiirng native stoiw IirepJacv, fuliy carpete* custom . drapts,' ih«mop«tie wiidwv twili-ia appliancvs. gets of ilorayc, ex lence in Swcetbriaj- Addition for on H?,KO. Call 521-12S, Legal NoHces NOTICE - ' NO. P76«3 : IN THE PROBATE COURT O WASHINGTON COUHTV. ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTAT OF ; AfBbfl Sutlon Wasson. AKA Mabel Wa»H)n, deceased ·gerf NoffeM University Part. DaUiu Counly, TCXBI Dale ot dCAth: M.irvh 16. 1972 An Instrument cialcd Ocinbcr 26, 1961, ni on Ihe 81 h day ot Ape)!, 1976. od- lll«d (o pivbale AS C-« last will oC G ' Above nnmed rfecedwl. jind Ihe nrteHlfiTieJ has .been Appointed e« ulrix thcrcunilcr. A conteil ol Ih*. pro- a1« of Iho ulll can be elkctcd only y tiling a veUUon villhin Ihe lime ravldcd by law. , All (terfoai having claims agnlnsl Ihe slAtc must 'exhibit ihehv du!y vrrintd. a the undenlsrcd wilhln sU months rom the dnlc of Ihe first publication this notice, or Ihey shall bo [orcver inrrcd And iiirtludcd from auy benefit n the ostal*. This notlcu (irat pubHshed 19 day of pril, 19T6. MARGARET WASSON o Wade, 1 McAtKsler, Wade k Burko. ' . I'.A- 20 E, Center Slrcel : Fayetleville, Arkansas TZ701 2Tc; 19^25 WARMNO ORDKR IN* THE CHANCERY COURT OF YAS1HNGTON" COUNTY. ARKANSAS BOBBY FAY SOWDERS. PLAINTIFF f , VS. E7fr!31 ROSAIJ EDWARD SOWDHUS, DB- 'E.NDANT The dcI«Mlinl Is wamod io appear n Ihb Court wllhln Ihlrly days and answer, Hie complaint of 1 ha Flalnlill in (he nbove enlltfed cause. WHness . tnj- hand and seal ol this Court Ihii'ioib day ot March, 19T6. Almn Kollmeyer Chancery Clerk Seal) EC 29 April 5, 12, 19 Survey Indicates Cotton Increase LITTLE ROCK CAP) -- A survey of planting intentions in dicates lhat Arkansas, farmer? intend to reduce plantings of soybeans and rice, but increase cotton and sorgbum acrbagc this year. v , . The Arkansas Crop and Livestock Reporting Service said the survey was conducted April 1. The agency said 'low prices for most, grain crops caused Farmers to return locoltqn: production. ' r ! The survey indicated that farmers would plant - 4.35 million acres of soybeans, a decline of 8 pcr.cent from 1975 · I - ' : ' . , _ . Becker Speaks ToAFL-CIO Convention ;; HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) -Bill Becker, state AFL-C1C president, said Saturday thai ihe state's "right to work'" law must be changed "before we can begin the economic .trans formation of this state." Becker made the remarks al the stale AFL-CIO convention Labor forces have. begun a peti [ion drive lo put an 'aniendmeh to the right to work law'on Ihe November ballot. . The right lo work law prohib ils union shops -- ones requir ing a worker to be a unior member before he can r b* em ployed. The amendment hackee by labor would a l l o w closed shops i f - a majority of. the em pfoyes of a firm vote for on and management agrees to it. Becker charged that spoke- men in favor of the right I work · law were misrepresent^ the facts. He said Allen Nison president of the state Chamber of Commerce, and James Pre, \feal, president of the Assoc ited. Industries". of Arkansa \nt spreading "garbage Alexander Comments} On Trumanh Garden | BAY, Ark. (AP) -I Rep- Bill; texander. D : Arl., said Satiir-;. ay ha "deplores. . .the un-; American regulation" thai pr*-[ ents Mary'' Summers, 78, of- rrumantl from keeping a gar-j. len at her apartment in a fed-/ ·rally financed housing project.; Mrs. Summers was told byt he Trumanrv Housing Authority, ast month that she had to plow; ler garden ·- under because · it: violated regulations. .;,; "This policy strikes ' at the; very heart of the independent, and self-reliant spirit of : Amer-^ foa that made this country, strong and viable a n d profitable." Alexander said during--a- Bicentennial rally speech. N o t . only is it a policy lhat is in er-.. ror.,it deprives this lady^of h« last vestige of human dignity. ... "I wish more people ini this · country would plant a garden,»-- he said. "I wish more people, would demonstrate the self-re-; liance that this '8-year-old ladjr: has demonstrated with-her «-, sire to plant a garden. I wish; more people would he too proud to depend entirely on the federal government for their livell-- hood." 1_J Classic Position Miami Torn soccer plaj'er Oscar Villarruez assumes I h e classic lifih posiliim in Iiallct as nienilwrfi of the team prac 1 lice the art in hopes of building up (heir muscles for the coming season. (AP Wire- photo) _ _ _ Cotlori 'is. expected to occupy 1,150,000 acres -- up '350,000 acres from last -year..-Rice is expected to be seeded on 750, 000 acres, a decrease of 135,000 acres 'from 1975. SAVE NOW with ULTRA STEAM CARPET and FURNITURE CLEANING CALL NOW $19.95 Ph. 521-3620 ,,,. _ ,.«i«d I*. 3 BR.. and 214 baths. FamiJy rcnm.wnh firapUce. tor- " . carp«tjig thrcu^boat. » apprcdate, - See this · NEAR UNIVERSITY Nc* olier, 4 bedroom. 2 bath txtn«. C^rpcled living rwm and mister bvl- Toom. Lai« kitchen wth pantiy. Ce Q- trai heat and. ait 1 . Loveb' warden- area. A:BEAUTY IN SPRINGDALE Inimaciilate. 3 BH-, bnck home with 2 b£t£i5. douKe Firage. arid rttain link teicvd j-atri in Uw wfH part oE I ior ally SM.OCfl. You will enjoy the - -- cle-icj ajid beauty of Oift kitrtiMi. the adjoining lar?e d2i[y area, and dKfclr jaragp. You will be surprised and please. *.t" the spaciousness o! .the ' bedrooms. 1^4 bathrwjms ol tfais home.t 'r CHOiceVioT ' Large lei in li-juerarfd School EXiirict vvh db?* 1 irjoai. On dead-ead st . GOOD SPACE VALUE- SBR., 3 bath bom «fcas 21CO s^. ft. livisi? spac«. lilies tangly room with fcrepiaCR. AddiUona] room could be u'Jl Jzyl as 4lh BR-, olfice, or 5tndy. Comer Vt wJst lenefd backj-srd. Price 131,900 Associates 3535 N. College Lmdsey "Developers of ; ' Hyland-Park'-'- J.-W. Cabrf Vfraoa Tan'er , B. L. Lewis Jo Anne Stanberry Hal Mtxllin Q Ciuse m Brooks 531-3667 " 521-5700 442-S613 5U-4KB 521-7.-J2 "'413-26 IS FATTCETTE HOUSE AND 94 ACRE THREE UARGE BEDROOMS, /EXTRA IARGE BATH WITH TUB AND SHOWED. EXCBLLEHVT-LOCATION FOR SECOND B.Vrj! .BETWIES TWO" END "BEDROOMS. VERY MCE KITCHEN WITH PLENTY OF COUNTER SPACK BREAKFAST AREA OVERTXXJKLN'C BACK YARD FROM : PICTURE WliSTX\Y. : NICE SIZED FOMAL LIVKCJROOM. 1VAL1, HB\T AND ATTIC FAN. U\ T E LN THE CITY WITH COUNTRY AT- KO5FHERC, PRICE-J17JOO- THANK YOU... Polly Martin Associates e Faucelte Jr. Eobbje Halbroo'rf Sylvia DanJrth G. C. FauctUe Virginia Bowers Cathy Boyd Eichaid Ala yes Joe Bacltus Rzy Buoeli Res, 521-7539 Hcs. 413 2227 Res. 442-W35 Res. 452-2277 Res. 442-630-5 RM. a21-a371 Bes- 413-M69 Res. 442-CW7 H*5. 521-HM5 F-1290 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO. F-1290 NORTHRIDGE ADDITION Or,]y 3 years old and In imroacuJate con tiJon 3 Ixdrnom, 2 baths, forma! lining iwm end fireplice in d«u Oietriu] fat cfce-i with breaWist area ar,d exceptional cabJnel work. Al [ this v.-;th ?ara Ee b?-?VmbaIl court, extra storage bmldinj and attraclive 1 arjdscafr.f. Call Cforjc Rofab M 3?I-6aiO dsj-s or 4iJ^2«6 nights to see this atUBCtive 1-JW sq. IL home (or csly 134.KO, ar^-S "I*t George Do It." "FREEMAN .Tq 1 . 521-«300' 3263 N. LOVELY " FAMILY HOME established BElgabortiood. Large livi oni. formal diniaff room, library/family 1 bedrooms, 3 baths.- Large tei J42.000, Coll 443-2510 FOR SALE BY OWNER 3! acres al] io«!d R*2 -- Frontage t- "Lim Tl/tad, ^aswnerrf. lo ffd Missouri Rd., appro*. ',a mJle eoat of NW Arkansas StalJ. Call 52M7S9 07 521-J5GO. REDUCE3- -Ntw I23,5CO. ISM. Mission. cdrcom, wntral air and heat-'" Wai[·(· wall c-arp«. Ir.durfts refrigerator, Etve, waster t drjeJ". S21-4W1. FarmsJeod First First time ever lis'.ed pvuly PD-12 . with 3 year lease oci ad- diLior.iil 65 acrts. Lar.d ail highly proved, ^rass gators. 2 dwrttogs bams, corrals and worlyng chutw, 10 pcr.ds ar,d K.OOO broilfer capacity. Every- Ihin? worfcng ard m?.l3Tj3 mor.^y. O-AT^r Outstanding dairy farm RO-57 TxicaK-d in w,e o I the best farming JevH aotes, ?i rTiiTe r,( Vackt/vp Irrrr.laje. New dairy barn, ar.d pood home, ar.d cily "iveter. TrtrtHMlous trrfome prodaeer. This is a Honey RC-19 B«aul:luf r** home «i 44 let*] acres within 5 of Sprir.Kdalc or Rogers. Home :« simply fasmKicent. spacious, brick all electric; 27CX) wf. It. ol living ' art-a n'here r/ tjtpe-ise has bt«n spared. i5 acres' uni mprcrv«l knd 1 n ^forrov area with orer Vt mile ol load fror^ag" Priced. a( I35.0W with E«xi terms. us ]osr can be ytyur gatn! Horn ?d en Ml. Gsylor. Build year own replactmtnt on this Uire* arJ a hal :rcs cr.-ferloola ng on* ol the pr*tfifS' K-A-S in (hf Boston 'Alia. Have fourxia ^n. bisemcTjt. drlvew-ay, tw.crtte waits ar.d drilled weil to rfart with! iK" fclop mad Jninlage on Jtojcj'e F cveotWn?: hjUs. rftcto cr£fk spring palure ,30 acres more or le» $16,3W with sorr^ WmiS- 12)^2 Mobile trf»rr^ ar^J five acr« ,Wf Uie blaeto'-^ M:r.eral Springs road, lias limber arxl spring and exis'jni! finarxin^. (SOW total r-r**. ;12QO Acres of Investment RD-40 ^^^ ^ii^^J^^v °-?*« ^7^ *i»^ ^°» «. ' * **^3 from West Fork with 10 acres, a acres ur.d«r /erx:e. 1 mil* «.f( ihe acWp n a cour,*y road. Sll.Wj. V/oter - Acreage - Older . Home This OT.C has it all., cre«k, Whili ti^tr. trees, bluff, gowl rAtxlMi, writ, «·! ar. two bodrtxTn r.d bath home only.!' nile (Al Hiway 71 wi ^.re« acr«s arxl Neat Clean As A Pin lh of GrecrJard. 2 bedrw ·, cer/ral hw(, air condnkx'.ed, Vi acre lawi. Gv/1 (, Ideal r« iremcnt or frr sire iljrjg to tttfrtiHft, Ifas three bedrm home, r n , about 4J ist* in KO'/d grass lha Clir/jis riv«r running lhr Ihe prorny. West ForK school d:st J52.W) with ter^S., "Wjw* ^*«fc. ^*C * **» ^*Y - " *» · · *!,*·-- **o»- ^* *^a* **fe , *tJ*^ -·«·*' ^ ·^^r*^^.* *i'4^/ * ^i^.^ ^.^ ^^s-* Hilph Pendenrrafl--Ml-2371 I^e Howard--75I-£)M Art Clark--751-372t Ed Berry--751-1037 ;lv* Rucfcer 731-03%' We're glad to have been of service to you in the establishment of your successful new business. CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT 442-6242 ,

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