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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 21
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Little Sport Hollypark Handicap . - . · *·, ,,, · - .- i · By ROY BETZ. ITKHIIAV, M A V ll~*lk liar I.IKTMI I V I I I I I I K I I ill- t I'm* I T IB I 1 M · H K r K H K . M »!. [Filly Champ Tops Field for Milady Mnry Machrec, winner of the (Illy and nmro championship last] year when she annexed the' Vanity Handicap, tvlll open «' campaign to retain her title today when the (aces seven other '. -older misses In the $22,130 Ml' lady Handicap at Hollywood Park. The six-year-old daughter of Moonlight Hun will pack top weight of 122 pounds Including Jockey Johnny Longden. Facing tho El Peco Ranch star will be tho Mrs. Ada L. Itlco entry o( Tucker Up and Bcautllllon, Gun ., Fly. Nooran, Candy Dish, Myrtle ·" anil Coverlt. Mary Machree won the seven ; (urlong Santa Monica Handicap at Santa Anita last winter, bout- Ing 1 Triple Jay itnd Our Betters , In J..22. She also finished second In the Las Florea to Miss Todd, run at the same distance as today's feature, six furlongs. Pucker Up's debut sow her * finish three-quarters of a length N book of Miss Todd In 1,084/5, track record time, Beautllllon ' wan third In that overnight race and then came back to win the ' World Trade Week Purse last " week in 1.22U. The only other meet winner . / I n - . " t h e lineup Is Myrtle, who 'bugged the Dana Point Purse . la«l week in H fast 1.09 4/3, .The 57.500 Bewitch Purse will bring out nix top-notch allow, aiice racers headed by Hoyol : llrlar. Flll»T HACK-nVK H HIJIXIN. | 1H, MAIIIKX rilJJKK. Kill.* U.IM I'nb, Ibid Fanfare 8 1 T»v.n« I KlnlocK I KoollUl Qtis Qualifies for National PGA Meet » Former Hccroatlon Park as- the National Professional Golf Consensus IT h Il*|tr«ill fTatllKlicliU ................. 5 HlumtmnK lllrk * Y u r k t . 1 Royal J . v p l n t N * v » r \S Ou!1*n Muwir THiilKUcl.h _ ft HWMI i LAW.II Irt Tnnch*llf l ^ w t ) ................ .. 10 1*1 »· U»BBi4tn ... ......... ____ 3 U'*|| Aw-iy inilt*..i, 3 lU-riiirK*. ( I l i n n a l i ) ........... _. I BKTJ! M S I | VAUOM (111 | TKHHV · | IIIIIJ.V ( I B ) | CI KuiinhllniHIli I rll.mhll.iHlk [ 1'lna i Hairarik HoyilLrilii rilumbllnftilk HlumbllogBlk I HtnmblElllad lUirartl j Htfradl l i l t ) Itoy.ll.yfflt I KiiyalLyila it Wlnkln'L**ulaaj KmlKTant Kamy I TanTarlao (Ivlilahflwaap | KHiny Wlnkln'lxnilMI Wlnknl.ulaid Kmlxrant Famy 1 7 , I Amamtai.a. I Immigrant ( 4 WartmMt.tai ThundriliiHk rlllllh VVMlrnlllnlea KablllmilW. Tin-Tin WaalrnBtataa Hlilgh HoniiPKtlll MrwIniNUIta I tlralriiMl.lall Thumlratriirll I ThurrtrMrtj llomaPla.!!! 1 Klll.l, |3| llav.tulimff KIKraa flfltlll.l TTiirowiaT" Wi'la"' | IliinnUblny ilinlaai I Uuonhawk l)aralo|fnant Orilnanea HtnlHl HonaatAbbay Htnlt loll I ll.nt. IKIInwlM . long | Hlrt'anall I H l U n w l M ( I D ) « l I Cu*mot,»* (4) I Huv.lhrl.r I lioy.lllrl.f I H«»IHn lltli.nllr (liKintla oiNkntIA I I'.ul'iDlmondi l'«ur«l)lmnnil lll.uior. I I'.ul'plllrnonJ H . i v . l H r l . r (1 (llnnlli (7) I a.piKhtlUp I riivarlt j Puckirllp ( l « l HMUIIlllon (7| K'omll Ul I J . I I K l i m t { TitrinB ' I SunorUiiMn I FlltUKk I Tavahm I Jimtnam I T«v«n« ( l u -· | J.IIKI.m. I I ) I Klrilotk ( H I I have a picture of that scene in the Copacaban st Thursday morning, the one that splashed six mem era of the New York Yankees into the headlines. Here Is the picture: The aycrs are sitting at a big la- with their wives, enjoying o entertainment. Two hcro- orshlppers, made bold by a w slugs of the old grape ( rge over and Intrude. The hero · worshippers arc If-gchnokkcrcd, and wholly moxlous. They are leaning er the table, arms drapcc round their respective busebal ols. Most of the players tr .Istnnt pro Wayne Otis Monday flced a 71-71--142 to qualify for Hanks Turns £.P* f\f\^ HP " 1 500 Iracl 142-144 MPH INDIANAPOLIS UP -- Sam Hanks of Pacific Palisades, Calif., who hopes to qualify Saturday for his 12th start In the 300-mile auto race May 30, demonstrated Monday that hi experimental Uelond SIWC!H! 1 one of the fastest can. at tin Indianapolis motor dpcedwa this year. He turned six consecutive laps. at speeds ranging from H? to · 144 miles an hour In the ultra low car with horizontal engines The speeds were unofficial, Karller. torrential rains hoi en* Association championships for the third time. Otis finished In a lie for 4th among the qualifiers behlw Chlno's Zell Katon, who shot l 63-67--132. Katon's rounds In eluded nine birdies and only one n t bogle over tho tough Candlewoo( Country Club layout. Others qualifying for the tourney, lelng held July 17-21 at Dayton, Ohio, were: Karl M a r t i n _ TI-H7--1S .lua KlrkwiMMl jr. ,,..,, 71.7(1--Ml J i m m y ( M u r k HmlUt. 115. j »«r« I*n r I»nlia. 144. 149. Kd Hamilton Illao 'i' added a new hazard to the -·. mwedway. Thousands of angle , worms wcro left stranded on the east straightaway when surface water drained. Crcwg of work ' men picked up the halt, mostly dead, one worm at a time. The debris, and a wet spot on top of a new vehicular tunnel ' kept the track closed most of the jluy. Tony llcttenhausen, former national champion from Tlnley J'Hi'l4. Illinois, and Jimmy Day walC of Indianapolis, both took Inpj-nt more than 143 m|ih. Bet tenKaUscn did his In a Novl to be driven by Paul Russo, and Daywalt worked In a Ilelse Special,- Crosby Tourney * * to Be Expanded, PH/es lo §40,000 DUNEDIN, Klu. O -- Ding Crosby'i Pro-Amateur golf tour ' nament In California next January will be expanded to n fourthly event to Include a 72-holo PC! A ·co-sponsored champion, tthlp. with total prize money amounting to J40.000. the Pro- fcuslonal Golfers Association announced Monday. The enlargement of the event from three to four days will not affect the customary 3-l-holo Pro-Amateur event, which will carry $10,000 In prize money. A total of $30,000 will lie dlstrib- uted among the leading finish. cr» In the 72-holo PGA co-npon wired tourney. All proceeds again will go to charity. Three-fourths of t h e 280 entries will be taken from the · PGA'i 1957 list of leading money-winners. The o t h e r entries will either bo Invited by Crosby or by qualifying for the regaining places. Mason's-Specials ».f I n I Hat-- H« I.Mlir . Mr II-- .r U -- M«n»ll»f u n.»l n HpnHl-- CIM I" Ilk. TH-- ria. u in. Racers Unilc in Safely Campaign MONTE CAULO Cfll -- Ten leading automobile racing drlv era on the European circuit Monday handed together In an association to work for their own safety during races. Louis Chiron of Monaco, a re tired driver, was elected prcsl' dent of the new association which will be called the International Union of Professional Pilots. Juan Manuel Fanglo o tlnii and Fletro Taruffl of Italy were elected vice presidents, Chiron, acting as iokesirmn for the group, said the organlza. tlon would have representative! In each country where major races are held to counsel race organizers on the steps which should be taken for the protcc. tlon of the drivers. . . . . . . Holms Hoard Pick** -'· Track Hall-of-Famers Seven athletcs'and nine coaches Monday were selected for the track and field hall of fame of Helms Athletic Foundation, Tha athlttai namatl br tha board! Artilna HaJin. Mllw.uKaa Allilttlr Club a Marl MubtMinl, M l r h l K a n ; Kortlir, fork*!!'. 0.?'5. B*'MltUall. M f « iar.«y ml haw Ynrk A.C.; J. J. KI«nnK«n, Kw Vnrk A. C.: and Parry irllnin, Jnlvar.lly nf Boilth.rn rallfnrnla. Tin cuarhtll MlrhMl II, l l l « ( l l Bill ar, lt«troll Unlv«r«lly; l l » e l on, Wa.hlnaloi Van! l l a y l a l l , Ignore them, but the two oados" stay put, tuning In on elr conversation -- probably uttlng Into It. Finally, Hank Bauer gets fed i. He tells the Jones boys to ke a walk. 'Whnssa matter?" asks one the Jones boys. "You too xxl for us? Big shots, eh? ell, I don't need you guys." There Isj) little shoving, may, be a punch Is thrown. As a result, the Yankees, the players and their manager are embarrassed from coast to coast. Coast League Averages K a l l a r l . HP ,,-- Taimar, HK .-- l'«taraon, nil «. 141 JIW..I.., llnd _. M Hllkn. 1^ --.-.- HI l»,'k, b.TM 11" K u K a k . HI1 U3 Powli, Van 1« t.Kain'tlu, M l .... T» Artami. Purl K .li.H. ll«d ... i:iH Aar'Toniunli, 8P'_ l i t ~ lenaen, Van . HI I - M I I I , I l K C l - , I I I i'Ta7«'!'i-uti _r." ··· BATTING All II IIR HIH II 3 2 2.. 11 7 ·I li a 'ii II J 111 31 II 13 , .JJ' .3J .JJJ :i l ll ·2 12 a iJ 1 4 (l 2 la at V',% :i:i #i i Van NF -«. l l » d .... I'airaun. HF . . IU laJl, ll«e IW I. AndnHi. I-* I:M iRrHlrr, l l » d . H» irwn, Vnn 115 41-lrlHI.**. l l M d 1 1 1 14* «7 1U 3.1 .42 41 l t d 44 7) in u .am .Jlh .jij !ito ^JOl .Jllj ,il** ,^V , . A. JOMI HI) ,, Frlcml. V«n _.,, MtUovktl, BU ^.. -tobmton. bU ». llyiin. H*» oltrulf, HO _ H*vmn, K*n. .-.--. itttn, M , · m K r V«n - Whltf, VMH .... rqott, Hori .... KrnaKii. IVrl .... Jfnl'lm. I-A 4 1 , .1KI .an .11* ; Harry I,. Ulll. Kanaaa H l a l . ; !"a _ _ . n ; Ii«rnl« ML... O*ori* U HW* r»tty; Knrl J. Ixuli UlHIT i J. inunivu, \/,n. John J»oota, Okl«. LONG LAYOFF fien. Duke . I Rests Hoof " CAMDKN, ; X. J. IUH) -- Ofii. Uukn, thn Calmni'I Kiirin ixilt who nil«wil lh« KPII- lucky Ditrby nntl l'rr»kn«» NtKhm becnuM) uf nn InjurtMl left front foot, Monday win wlthdran-n from Nt»tnril»y'« 730,000 added Jerwy Htakm tit (lurden Htatn anil prohaiily won't mil In Ilia Juno 15 Ilel- iimiit Ntakn. Jimmy Jonn, ' C a I u m e t triilnnr, Mid im. Duke iinHl- «l a "(rood rf»t and prolmhly won't ho rarlnir for , two month*." , ' " HB mild % X-ray. - nhowrd ·Juat" hut that Ihr colt uiiulil Iw takrn out of tralnlnc to g\\"t him » chance to recover. · · · , · , K«nn*dr, ***· - '^ K M V , H. U I? Un^n. I., A. - 4| Uydmi. IHV«ii). Bl hirlili H. F. ~- **·( VfT\». l""rt. _.... M -mlt, Vane. .. 2J Mil, IMtwa, .... 41 UMlti. V»lif- . 4* Hrinlthaci, .'it. 24 HfltrH, I n A. - «H ·imnl. 8. I. .- 21 lunl. (*. K. . _ 10 Mtlrra. lll/wil. IT ailiiy. f . 6 '2t ·amon. Vine. - 1** irlfe. lllj'wd,' All lunxtr, H«M. -- 4U ·i*. | fc A. _.. 1,1 ·nrM, i« A, ... :*:* K l f l y , 8- F, :i2 I'BmUrur, V*n, 1MTCHINO If HH HO W IT J . KM* .11! That ponveraatlon I tin tloned » paragraph above In not .entirely flrtltliiim. You wte, I have heard nlmllar one niyiwir, and I've been emhur- rannl to death for the athlete* uho were forced to put up Hi III the Nuloon Nalliin. J have seen Walcrfleld hHvIn dinner with hlrf wlfp In Valle restaurants, t have seen th hero-wonihlppers Intnide. Firs they arc polite. But then, fort fled by beverage, they Iwcom star athletes themselves. They tell Waterfleld what wn wronc the day he had all thon passea Intercepted In San Fran clsco. lie was getting rid of th bull too soon, they advise. Then, bellevlnc themselves t the funniest thine »lnce Jo Miller, they punch Waterflel on the shoulder and chuckle It never happened to Va Drocklln." ThrouEh It all, I have watche Dob sit with a pained and pa tlent smllo on his face. He al ways lets the Saloon Sailor rtl tils course, knowing he wll eventually wander awny -- hi evening complete, because h will be able to tell the boys I the office the next day that h "straightened that Watcrficli out." Them I* an old laying In ·port* that the payfliK en*turner In entitled to hoo mid cheer athlete* at hl» own dli- cretlon, I buy that n hundred per cent. Thin iiertalmi, however, only to tlln field of competition. When a man has ployed hi game, and the fan has paid hi mck. It ends. No athlete owe fan any further obligation-whether It le In a barber sho or a restaurant. I hope I don't sound toe luffy about this. Out I'm sur you would see my point mucl ilearer had you observed wha have, hundreds of times Famous figures In sports, Inter ·upted, embarrassed and bored )y falsely-courageous fun-lovers Come to think of It, the thing las got me so sore I'd like to okc a poke at those Jones Hoys myself, , (Tune In Boh Kelly nightly Ht 0 nil KMI'C) 44 4 » I..10 5;'i1 Fair Racing Meet - ~ 11 II lit 11 21 ;t 14 ;i in \'l 2i 10 I I n t. I .t 1 1 2 t 1 1:^ Conducts Stakes in 3 Types Events in l i r;t:i « U 'J U 2.^1 H M t 1 I.:M t» si « ti i.:m Marlowa. r . l B I » W « , VillKI. 2 T 1'nllca, Vanr. .... ;i« I'tllfll*. H. F. ... M (.·ri»r. nirwd, :n HIlOM, P"»l. .- 12 Ur«tM, H«e. .,, 1H IK :i i» In ft it n 1J 2H 11 12 10 n in it Huihr* t I. A, ,, IH klrrnll, H. K. .-, ** M«M, 0. I). .... Mt IUVilin, Htft 34 " I*. A. . 44 in I!l n 23 14 t 2 I- 3 I a l i a a IT 23 i i : . ... _ ., u M a !i j . Fort. ;u ifi is a a .MI .... *tf 20 23 1 6 3.4U Score Well Enough to Prowl Sickroom CLEVELAND (^ -- Herb Score. Cleveland Indians pitch OP who suffered an eye injury when hit by n line drive, will be permitted to (jet U P ant * m° ve about hix hospital room today. That \VUR the word tonight from Dr. Charles I. Thomas, Cleveland eye specialist who expressed BntlsfncUon w i t h the progress made by the 23-year- old ace lefthander. Crepello Epsom Pick L O N D O N -- Britain'! lending bookmakers M o n d a y made Crepello a 13-8 betting favorite for the mile and a half Epsom Derby June 5, establishing him an one of the shortest priced entries In the 176-year-old race. ·*«-,- Texas League . A 11*1 in 9. I)»jl«« i. ",. Fort Worth 7. fUn AnlonW «, H mi 4 ton Ht Tult", rain. bin«*t|ofi at OkUahoma Cltf. lain. POMONA -- Another record shattering pure and (takes program, embracing the outlay to horsemen of 5371,575, wan an nounccd Monday for the 14-day Los Angeles County Fair racing season Sept. 13-28 by C. B. Aff- IcrbaURh, prc«Idcnt-manager of the fair. The fair, the only racing association In Southern California which offers all three types of racing--standard-bred, quarter lorse and thoroughbred--on the same program, will present 12 racei dally during the meeting, with two events each for the harness hones and quarter liorsen. , ., Once again · the Pomona Handicap, carrying a value of $20,000 In added money, will ilehlluht the stakes program. The Pomona will be contested on closing day, Sept, 28, Quarter horse devotees are setting their Bights on the seventh running of the Pacific ^oast Quarter Horse Association Futurity for 2-year-olds, -. -"^^^~^^^--~--^^~-~ v ; Paper Tiger Snares **Lincoln Downs Test LINCOLN, R. I. W) -- Paper Tiger, ^-year-old Bon of Stymie, came from last In the field of 11 to win the $58,600 Lincoln Special by a length and three quarters from Star Rover at Jncoln Downit Monday, Third went to Rockcaatle. The winner's time was 1:463/5 for, mile and n sixteenth on a slow track. Paper TlE*r earned $41,100 and paid $11,20. $6,20 and; J4.40. Star Rover led until-the last 70 yards. , .. ( i , - ,i 1.1 Ioutii« r«u! 4 Htttl* Up H ,\ir Tfyii ( M » M i I I Vmtm 11, ( I I - Uorcnui U K - v - T r t M * C ( V H k n Volilttt I«»rvfii tinol U n k l n R dibut t t-;|iil|intnt rilli*«t If Kvtn rir* at Kur hack l«lt -ilntt TuU|Ii iput (or dtbul MX ONI) K A ( r K -- f l V K FIJHUIN ,*»MJ. 1,% Winking t^MilM 1 Mti«.«» H l-«mr t ValtniutUi _.,, ,i* k»ld»n Hwttit iHkUH - U Had* l Y o r k i """Z", H fmn TarUn ( I « » M I _ 7 H a i t i * HiiR II*. Alurtnu) ..".."..""'! 3 I urkr'l I t t t r l t h f t ( Yotlii _ ft HittkoA I l l a r n m t i r .. 4 HahU F* .('·· (H. lir*nj| .... i K*| tUllivunt 11 Mr. H, II, (inillrtot K b* Mr ,Ion»y 4L*w|. 1 W i n Kl riui^ot* |,Klh*ri.} . . . . . 1 lit. ( AMUIKDH. ( I A I H I M 1 , I'l Hh 12il in ,v«rrn«lch*(l ha T «( l»t twn · _ iHKirly l«i " Fair wlnUr form, ltti*« up /rum wlnniuK riKur» It* wvalitii, ... I'iNir race* lo Iwtlvr, NuthlriR In rirummenil May IM plar*l trai -ow Nut w|t)i ItiU fl*ld. TIIIHII HACK--«IX H H U . M . N . 3 ji ThumltMtruck N « v * i i ... Hi Honi* Fl**l II 4UoniitiVnr"Zi-TM"."! II Jon**r «Yotlo ,*,,... li) AR»ura (Jf'n iMcL*.int ,, 4 Fttbllluiia W. Ill-tin.!!! H Unclft Hid 4Tahl«liclilt .. H Tin'Tfn Valfiiu«lB I Hillu HW»,i iHn 4 Twoiloca iJtU«*«i ;( (llr*mond» I I I . Mor»n H WlllMlUI IjMVt. U-*W ' F 124 Wright -ml Wurkt I liiiv* won I H(«4(1 tu iu all l)i* W H . CointJi off · ftuurl *f(urt, .. . W i l l fort-* th* limit. '. 124 Triit ami rmtol tmpmv*. 124 Heqt only ul.« h»rB« x l i D UitJ Hot rac* In *«t«c.fll.(in«. , I I . S ltu« plrkiKl a tnuKh f)«ld I I I ) Nut *)ff r«*nl f u r i . X l I U Ij*fk«ll lliAMl M l j III* Wliy, . . )1U Only a, lon^ihut fl,*nc». Kdl ItTII HACtX-h'j MII.KK. 3 111, I I.AIMIN(1, I'l KMK ft,1KMt, 4 Kl o om*llli (||«i II II until Ablwv M i « n t rt Jlm'a Jit t V o l « k » » ,4 Ordnanr* (Vul«k*t . , I Moimlittwk VaJ«nfU*,i|| 3 To|)|»l« i I M r t r r i '2 HI* HnlndlK ilUrrltir) I ft H.cklta J*a| iVrirbi 7 ***aii*r iun 3 Iown*r Iol. ...,,_.. .·i M i i t v Mountain i l t u j c f i r l i _ h HAVHI Hwt (I'orliri . H O«ntlmai Al ( T n n l p u c h l ) .., l^iM.NiioT--IMMINK'V IMH.I r .......^.^... HIM Winiiir uf twi, aturli f'«im» o f f an «aiv mc«, Wim In ilow l|m*. win try tun*»My rac*, Wnn Uit al vwil mlU. Chanr* If ·larli!. . Throw out Imt rar*. nr«m well un urea«itna KlRiir*! to w*«k»n KM if rnf* on* back Nut *n im(«o».mi* tx-rk. Lurk, th* w i n n l n n i-unrh KItTII IU( 1^ 4 I K . I 1'. M . M M I M i . ITHMK II.WK). nt* N * » * i i ..-'..,...'..... Ill N"l iiv«rnm(rli*d r !'· nut 11 (\'ii.*nii]Hii, _ 11» W i l l Kf*p Ilitin kr H JIIM'I lluy l H k U * ........ ".' It Cino cH*t*riuhi ____________ 1 Ml* Arm* |l*w|i) 4 Ard-»nwijv) iK)*v«H .......... 4 Kr»*|(im KOng (K ilortnni (» Toro-tUn (Tnnlgu/-hli ............ 4 Fho»nlK flight I York, _ ...... 2 DviinR Kiy f l l n r m * t f | tt Ixxll inincomtilllt ............ ., «1(H Cimlpntluti mm il**(i wir« 111 I-fii-k* lh« w i n n l n n |unrh I I I ! \V*l;lit off *v*n i m t f . ini K n l r worki In r»rrinintm1 li:t U'lii |.*4f *· idling 11H I.*!! tmi bad lo tw'trii* 111 N»v*r tr*«t Ihla kind. l i f t l-'rt.r Ahuna rar«« _ N I X T I I HACK--I, 1 , M||;K, 4 VII, tl*. C'LtHHIl |KI» A I , U » A N I ' K K . 3 it«.V«l Ililnr (Tahl(tufhO :..~~.T.~n? (Vmcn l i i f l t l y moiiiiit«n.l*.| 4 dlKnntlr lVa!*niu*lai ,, 117 }t**t Hk*» li all. a I'Mul'i Dlamonit Ularmati) ,, 1 1 7 Uniir* la*t ·t»rt I All Hh* V\'nM* ' O r * V , Ill Hrl'tum a bud rue* rt Htlilura U ) l t t f n r h ) xlO.1 W i l l n««il In* ll«tit w c l R h t 5 Tti* Hnn«1* iV«tik* 111 1/Jit in phmu ffnlih I-nMlNIHrT--TIIK NAMiN. V DESTROYED , INDEPENDENT-P»ge C3 t«| Imk, Caw, TMt. M. r 31, IMf Karim Loss Felt at 'Park Kadntf r flu u 111 r « fur the WMtk Ht ll»lly\vuad I'urk today hut the normally fe*tlv« alminphera ulll Im rut by n tlngn of gloom fur thn IHM of Knrlm, fain* nml cuntlitent 7-year-old griding. Karlm tvmi ilc.lroypd .hurt- ly after Imt Kalur.luy'n nUth rare, In w h I r h the hnror miu||H-d lilt "right lort\rg at the ankle. J o c k e y Kalph NflVn leaiied off to remove. HI inilrh weight an |OMilhl« (nun thn broken leg hut till! hrriik tvatt ton wrloiin. . Knrlm hail been fuvomj tu win Ihri rurr. . .tlimt I'ruhalilK Winner -- I'lirknr Up In Till. Hntt lift--Tuvuim In Hill. Dent Money rro»|ic-|--Tun Tartnn In 2nd. AVIti Parluy--KeRrHill In Jit to Development In 4th. LongiiiHit S|MM'lal -- Hello Swcrp In 3rd. . . . - The secret of a : real Martini · Is In Wolfschmldt's Vodka 'Wolljchmidl Ltd.. Dundilk. Ml, WdlOOpiool. 100%Cr«inH«utiilSpifiU Product ol U.S.A -|*. ' · ' " Service 5Sa MKVKNTll H*I»-MIX II^UV M A M H I A! 1 , I'C 4 n - I ' U f k t r ~ t f p ~ J T h n l K u c h i ' P m i J I N f t N . 3 VH. I F ll»K MtUMW AIllW.II, KIIJJKH A M P M A l t K N , 112 mT ·SffiitKi lu .!!·· Tit id. K n t r y cnulil run u n c - l w u .·'in* t n r l y ·[x«il, M H V nrnl rnur* d l n U m * H»t !···* « Nrlll IhrFM n Fly l l l n m Mrp Ada L. ·R--i/., MM,., 4 vit, i r, ( u t i M i M i . n HM; IO.XMI ( I. I I K Klrvlurk __ 1 HiNrti III (Tunln'iielil) ,..._.,," 1 J*U KUrn* il'nrtiri""".'."."*".**TM" 2 Our Will mm I Vn'mzlulm) _... Hun of llfl llrt 4 P«('» Itooh 'a.TM-.. H4 it t N a v y Ijnnk ( Y o r k ) . . . , . 11H (' 41 Hnow War !-·**·» |).1 P. 4 I'rlvstf Abnrv (Tottm ,, . i l l ) I) I IKn» Out (llarmau, . I l l Mi 6 UaM*n H»nr 4OH*M.M . l l H T U»N/!H^OT--NAHA.fiTM h j*l HtrtHm I Nam jo ipn* rum** o f f ..print win. Htnitift N i f t U M riinn*r. 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