Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 27
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f) L««»l N«t!C« 4U1S7 ' CENTirlCATE OF FICTITIOUS NAME Th» u»l«r«lcn«*' or. th«)r OFFICIAL CITY FHINTINO NOTICE OF AWARD Of CONTRACT rurrulll U lUMlutloi'ef Aw«r.i No. (,-lUS P( tb« Cllr Council ol . Clir ol l^uc IkMh. aduuled Ituller AteBue, Complon. California., larth ft, 1X3. llrectUc thU noilce, uader ll« Ilctlllous firm MOM ft noUca It hereby ptea that UM saW 8 4 r ALLEN * SONS . a»4 that 'ulil lltm U compoieit ol llw (ollvwlnc ftttoia. vlwM unm In full and pUcn of rrliltntt are M followi: U« b 1 Duller Atenue. Coronton. tttUorriij. Shirley Juno Alftribiiuli. UII5 !Iutl«r Atenur. Complon. C«4l!ornia. IJatrd March 21. iKi ir OuuKcll In oi*a teaaloa on the lllh dir of alaxth. IHt opened, eiamlneii and fuNlrlf deelared all tealed lroloaala «r blda olfert4 for In reet. Ux follovuc vork. lo-wlt: Th« ImproTemerit of Alleys block rajl of rulr-Mtenth Str between Kortoa Street and B^^e-Wauvoir Stalei oi CsiUifints* Couatr: On-ati. Msreb. 1KJ. befor* u-e. · NoUrjr labile tn and (or. " State. i-tra-HUllr the « ------- -- , KriUd,,to Ihf within Inttniment Tn4 afkno»ltxlcfd they ei (ruled lhe ""-IIOBEIIT r. m-uto. ,SKAL) Comrton. California Mr rnmmlailon uplre* I/JI/IJ53. itir. IT. Art. X 10. IT. IHi HO Llil NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. SO. P-JJJS In the Sui-trlor Court cf tl» State nf C»IIIornla. In and for tl« County AIMIK. .~. . . . Notice Is hereby ..I"" 1° tlti lion hailnt claims ar,tlnst th« said decedent tn III* Mid rlalms In the «Ifl« of the, clerk of the. aforesaid rourt or to present them to the undersigned at th*. office of John* son i Johnson. CO Kim ATtnue. In th* CUT of lone Beach :. In th · ' Ccruntr. «hlch latter of . fice" II the place ot business cf the undrralined In all mmtter* pertaln- Ine U faid tiUte. fiuth claims with th« nwessary Touchers roust be filed or presented as aforf ciIJ mtthln six rnonth* aftrr the first puhllntlnn of thd notice. DatM-iltrcIi H. IKS. · AUGUSTA K. AD AIR Kiecutrix of th« will nt i-ald d»*fedent. JOHNSON 4. JOHNSON Attorney-at-Law 60- Elm Avenue Lona Beach 2. California Puh Mar. 3), 27. Apr. 3. 10. 156: NOTltE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE On Ike ll"lh*dar c"f"AprlI. 1%J. al 11:00 A.U.. at th* main entrance to the Cltr Hall on West nroartwsy In tlie Cltr of I»nc Reach. Elate of c',f|fo,a.. HANKW AMr.ll.CA NATIONAL THUST AND SAVI.VIS AS'-OCIATION. as Trustee und-r I)«-4 o Trust dated SeptemNr 1*59. eimited br At-AX IIOSS i MAKCr. K. KOSS. husband wile as . . s Joint tenants, and retorted itt»cr JO. 15o» in I'-x-k T3S2 n MTtnib, Street, la th* Cltjr of Lone Urarh. California, br ratine the roaderajr with I'ortland cement con* fret* fir* Inches la thickness; con* structlnc Portland cement concrete curb, cutter and sidewalk; and dulnff all nectaaarjr trading. And therraftrr. to-wlt, on th* 27th dar cf March. 1KJ. raid Cltr Council awarded a contract for sstd h* lowest, recular. re* bidder, to-wlt: Sullr- -llller Contrartlnc Comjvsnjf. a cor- jtoratlon. at th* prices specified In ts prortnsal and bid on fll* for laid work, tn-wlt: 10.471 {Vi. Kt. S- I'ortland CVment Conrret* I' a T e* m e n t . Includlnc preparation of eut- rrade. per square foot __| 0 « II.WJ.S5 117 si. n. S* Tort* land Cement Ccn- cret« Fitter. Inelurllnf: prepara- " are font _". O W IM.: Eldewalk. Includ- Inf preparation nf a u b c r a d e . per sriuare foot _ » Lin. J1_ rottland Cement Concrete C u r b . Includlnc preparation of aulr. crade. per linear foot 2 Manhole F r a m e Announcement* ith Cover reaet ,,,.... ,, «» .trade, each__ HOD aforesaid 1 Cleanout F r a m e ) vlth Cover re»et tn crade each _.. Mrfl 5.01 Cu. Tcis. Concrete Removal, per ruble yard ItM 115(0 HOCK Pace »3. nf Olf.clal Count)- of I-os Anceles. Callfornli fav'r of "^uSTraiT K. VIB snd I.UI.A UAK V1O. husband and wife as Joint tenants, by reason of the iTearh of certain obllcatlons »e-| iurfd thereby, notice ol whlrh »a« recorded on December JS. Ml In I^iok M»ll. 1'ase 955. of Olllelal Itmrds of Mid Los Anceles Count)'. -A III 1*11 at public auction lo ll.e Mrh'st bidder for caih. piyaMe In J Trees moved i p I e t r, Includinc tlie work of di»- posinc of the re- moveil material?, fur the total aum -^fi ('u. Yds. Jload- way Kzcavatlon. Includirc clearlnc and crushing, r-i* ravatlon and cltf* poiial of surpluit earth and duinc all nereajMrr work other It-ms of tl.e bid. per c u b i c jard ---- -.92 ("S.ll TOTAf. USTIMATKD nlD IS.IiI.2 Dated I*or.c lieach. California Uarrh ?3. IKZ. \UMIKT U. llEAimVELL ( K K A L I _ Cllr Clerk NOTICE~If5viTINO"'biDS FOR TIIK IIU'IIOVKJIK-VT nf SAN ANTONIO IIHIVr; UK. Twnn:." LONG nivcii r.oc- 1.KVAIID AND ORANIU: AVK- NfK I!T TUB INSTALLATION Of STRKirT IJCIITINO IN THE I-ITT or I/).NO I;KACII. CAI.IKO]'.MA r o v e n r t n V implli. aa un H warrant)-, eif"" ··r,;' . pursuant In statute and t to till' 'f.»«r»jli.n crlli'snlutlnn No. C-K'21. ltr--w.lutir.n: r-.^T.r,,,,--. Ih. In'te'rr.t ronvey..l."f tl.e Cllr ·' I-»nc laih th. and now held by Hi" «ald Tnistr-|l!""lutlnn ..r.l-rlnc tlie -.orK lir-re Mid Deed rf Tru.t. In and matter mentioned, adopted on th «. followlne .le-«il».d rropertr. K»i -lay of Msrth. Ih.:. the CU, - - - ,.t Iinc Iarli.l* r-uncil f.f laid City Invites an. situated In the City O.unty of Los Anteles. ttate ol Catif^rnla. I.!-.It: The South W feet of Lot (I. Cherry IuleTard Trart a« fr map recorded In Book M. I'at-s k! and t« cf Maps, records In 111* 1 v.tllce ot the county recorder i.t said county. KXCMT there, from those portions of said Und within a strip of Und 11O fr-t »IJe. lylnc W feet on each lda of tlie followlne described center lines: Iteclnnlne at a p.)lnt In a line that la latallel wild aud SO feet easterly, measured at rlcht ancles from the ea»t- etl- line nl Lot 1. Tract 4W. ·»» |»^r map recorded In book S» pace- 13 of maps, »Mch (viltit 1 Is North OMS'llf 1 West alone ' said pirallet line 1J4.W feet fn.m the eaiteriy prnloncstlon ' ..f the renter line ot Mlh stret (.· ICi-.lli Crxtl a* s'.nun on fal.l lilt mrntion-d rmp said point of Ite-annlnc lM-lnc the becmnlr.c nf a rune «f..a\e to the ra?t tanfrent tn »*|.f|«ralle| line slid havinc a radius of 1M fe«t: tli-nre southerly alnns said rune r.ys* Icei: th'nce South SI* I. r.ifl ZM 42 feet til tli- l-cll.ninc of a curve cnnrave to the »eit; t«u*U'Qt In said last mentioned .ma." and ha.tnc a radlui of ll'l feet; thence S"Utl*erly alone said last mentmn'-d cune c*D..s tn IIS |"ilnt ot t«ncncr with the lentrr line of Cherry Avenue as shown on al»»\e menllor.-*l map of ll.e Cherry lU^ulevard Tract. a« condemned by the of Los Ancflfs In fait- will rnr'ire r-raled proivisal* bids at the office of th- City Clerk Room 101 of Ih. City Hall. In sal Cltr until 10:SI n'rlr-rk A.M.. o Tuesday, tl.e :|h day of April. UK at which tim« said bids will " ·uhllrly oi--ned. esamin^d and lared by said city Council, the followlnc work, or Imprt ment. t» wit: Inrtallir.e a street safety Hi Inc system complete, together with -·---·-,. conduits, wire, cables . _ luminalres, lamps, ballasts pull l-nies and other appurtenances and doinjr all necessary work I: the follow Inc street: SAN ANTONIO DRIVE (Vtwern Lone ]acti r-ulevard and Orance Avenue exiejitinK ativ of the Iniprnten.en ti*-reinati.^e d'errit-*d already com Alt of the work aforesaid si tie done m accordance with i t» tlie lln-s and crades shown Plans L fperlflratl..ns No. r.*! for !h- Imprairment of £an An " ' Drue between Lnre Iar ·ard and Orance Ai-nue ti the Inslallallon of Hreet Llehtln in the Clly ..f Ixinc Heath. Call ". on file In the office of th City Kncmetr. Said plans an .p^«Ifl.ations are hereby referrei l.i lor a full and d-lalled drsrrlp ti"n rif said prrp.*sr-d wntk. mpm.rment. and lor the- descrlp linn of Hie line and rrade tr whlcl ll.e work Is 1n te done, and ar marie a part h-r^of. ttie same a iouc fully F-I forth herein. Co|ii« of said I'lans I Sr.*clfica- l nn.LiAMV--Jor«rRT ions No R-:^!£2 may l*e obtained Rite, iurv.ved ty w. " - - tit-ter. Wr». GSartrt FuiiMol Notlcti IPmonalt tpiFsBlztV, 1£t£ C-VV^^a^fiTO Mbll Bvur-i tM-U-ltlJ thr-N iiacral Directors 00 BOX REPLIES: B4J52 at Tie lr.Jeper.Jent. ''·»· Telegram olHt. (or ilia fol lowing boitt: R421I G9I74 NISI3 G-ftlS P-5IU H45M P4332 H.65II Hli54 H.7064 H-70II I»7U MOM P-97H Cemcterles-MaujolcumsB UNN. 1 jTpC'^.."5~.*x*1» lnt*.-f.TT,.?«l ·ett -o C-KMtioo ptet. win MH ·11 er ,Mft._ME **'tJ-_ ribTi"Vi Crctn'Mitli-. »Bb etc**. _Nr*»·_ci»jfe. Bowd- C* *n7 OV PAN ION crvrt F«t«t ttwn ttno.f4.n--A tiop«. jR»*n. TOt-1 Income Tax 9 B-9679 MI; MC05I H-9700 B-I04I? H-99S7 R-542 R.1U7 R-I006I D-90II S-6571 5-4744 S-II64 SI7J4 C-II70 J-4711 C-1IIO J-5557 J575I J.IOOO) 5-10061 5-10095 L-9040 L-IOOIJ T4500 L-10052 T-4503 1-I007J. T.4675 D-1154 0-flSI D-flS? D-7II4 D-7H4 E-7133 MI7I F-4517 F*ISI F.700 F.7ISI T.D42 M-535? T-7I7I M-43» M4520 W.«734 M-70OT W-10040 M-WI W.I0082 M-7677 W.IOISI Funeral Notices BAILEY--M«bH C^ »« II. ct 4VX S-tnvener. S-jsTV-.'.K.t tv djuoh'*.'* tlilarb-Hti Cr*ndJll. ftfrnetc Lvon ion. or. Wiui-trd B«'-ey. Mcrio- tcrvict *t UnUerHtV B*otii Chu«*T.ft, KM CMtwin, Vkf*vtV-Uy 4.X pm. F-tmily rriu«t.i ttor+ tons to MtmorUl CftgrcA f ' ArrtnpfTTivnts by . CHR.STtHSEH PINO BROWN--S-myerO-, Wt 7fv cf tm Ben* Avt. S-unrlyrt by wit, PtsVl r.; wni. H*rvey J.. Ef"t.t F Frank L.; «*Uijt3h!fr, Wi tiiI»Mni Rob-rwon; trcfr-tn, tlmcit 1 D».e; slsttr. Mm K-Htwrrti Brewn. $»rvic« Wf*it»- *"" CHAPEL IliTravtl H»-erS end »*· - . nedn-rMe*. II «JN. *l BM CMM* cmmtNStM ring K)REST UWN MORTUARY On* Arrangtmtii. for Undtrt-tliiig ·nd C*«r.«Ury 3Jrt Wt:.9n OI-M.a 4 »N 44flLV.-o.nAyt, CEft"tv* I 311* HOLTON 4"SON t!i!ti and Lacust HE aw/» _^^_^ "SHEETARTMeFADYEFT it'S NOT TOO LATE FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP WITH YOUR TAX PROBLEMS WE ARE LICENSED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS leadrg Our fickf tor Over n YEAHS-JiNCe 1X1 MartY mutate «- but very te» CUEUCate OUR TAX StKVICt MAC FRANKEU LLB. SIE OUR NCARLST OFFICE BELLFLOAEO. IB1 Aic-wra Bl IJmt t 01 Lkwd I VfAaUl V27I rORRANCE ITOS Cier.Uie* B Mini N. 01 Arteual His. (Jint W. ol Harbor Bl I .~ ... OUH OFUCts art ocen y 10 tncrudirt-i Saturday and Sunday Corn* M at vour convenience-- Aowntme-lti are NOT necetiarv fOUR~TAX~IETURf~PREi:'AR"ET THE CONVENIENT WAV IF! YOUR HOME Train**) a evcenerKe-l tlarl. PCRMANLNI OFFICES Wag* Earntr--Lonrj Formi Federal e. State--Both ,10 HA 17111 BRITTON TAX SERVICE Etiaolivbed 30 Yeari _ iNEEDS ASSISTANCE Wilh Your Tax Rcfurn? CALL MARY NIXT HA 9-4S4 Bct.1-1^ - S-nlll Binrn«tt . S*»Un 7 (Uyt a wvrfk. Diy er ev«f.n4 Y O U R H O W C e OR M V O f F I C I liAASE-Marle H» ao« 41. ol ! Jott. Survived try rartba-Kt I'lUINO-- Mra. Mary Hrtik ol 34, Corona Ave. Service Y-ednev oay. II am. al Saint Lt«t t rix- c-eal ChurOi. HOLTON 1 SON. ctirecto-t. _ . __ el Stol __nt Army-;" manner, AAf». Ata'f S Ob-oikl. Rotary Monday 7 Dm lAKEWOOD WORTUARY CHAPIL. Ma»i ef Peoyiem Ti*vJ4Y I am. Sail Jo.epei'l Caltxjl.c Churttl. _______ HORTNAGL-LIIY F. Ol ISM E. Urd St. Survived by runtand Lerer*i; font, oarlei. Hyrvr-i A:ter| Scott; OMiriteri.. Mr« Jr'da Harm. Mri. Beatrice Rebms. Mr*. Grace La : ng. Mr» Marv Dan f!»; lll't'l. Wl. RoiUta Icon. Mrs. El.ia Ha-ib'n Jtryiit Ti*tday 1 cm. t. B Ut W.rd L D V Churtll. SPONO- BERG MORTUARY,_difrl.nO._ LOOAL^Conilave'E.. el tat Call- lomra A»t. Sundved by r«nba«d. Lawrtnce. Gravtvflf lirv ( tf H am. Oihdait . . l Pafk. Gltndora. SPONO- BERG MqRi0^5Y_diKt : PFTER-- John H. el nerrn Brae*. Survived by w.le. Clara: dauonlrr. Mn. Ooroniy Wailfr; toni. Lloyd. Wiber and Darwin; fhfeo mlrn and mree bromers. V.MITE'J CHAPCL. INCOME TAX SE«VICt Ctt FULL BENEFITS frcr a'l alfOw*bie Ord-xtier.! a. ether TAX SAVINGS Your HOIT,* a! Your Con.-tfl'l . C._J^ FitZDatrk.l__ UN SI77 SUPER TAX SERVICE C C. Prwff-om-ti. Covt. (J official, 20 vn. co. (fan T REPEAT client*, low a.g fn i!.7;Pitr.f.iSL!IcAY.i» 7TH"STrTAX SERVICE SMITH 1 WHITNEY 3l75E.7lr.SI. 434-4-102 144 E. t-h' HE°; »S;"'HC "t'im Open DAILY_*_a_i-i._t3_s_p_ m c. BPOADWAY ts m. ta« »· Re'.red Pevenue Olc. C A I e f l ROJT_M. BIRO R«. Ht Sit] INCOME TAX "SERVICE li vour ho-*, former In'erna Revenue agent. Rea». CE I 3J?I INC.~TAX. at vour hor-*e" or ollite S.nce '41. Lew tee. Oar Evev Sji- _A-I Account.rig Sery. _ CA 4 3131 INWOVE TAX ACCOUNfTNO SEBV _ _ awer Blvd. "Vo a'»7i II TO~rew cl.entv--Thurs 1 Sun ^_Pn-dhom'i Ta« Service S Airtv INCOME TAX -- FeUcralVd'sta'e _Yoi;r hocre lt_cetired. HE JaCIC E»PERT INCOME'TAX SERVICE ' vouf home. ,1 up. EveCE !-«:. Personals 11 THUBSOA* cfl real 4aex* jl UM.I44 M» lack Y NICHIS CINDERELLABALLROOM ^Cf»t» t_nm_J..9.^iUiAt»Htti* i _ MO'RGAisl HAIL 1*1 M M'P VW .·»· V«vr l*rU»f l-Trk *h+*i. kntrt-KMt a, Mi-n m-ntaftt*. Koomt iiitt ·*-,*· r aft** tor M«'l P*y «"*-fi Contact irt f-ow tor vour ftv cryatiefi. Pttrti* ** P-wkMO. US Loan* _ _ Hfc l-JHi "COMPLETE DENTURE SERVICE "rpa.rf ¥.*.!« Vw W»=l II Monitu to par peinun rv»«k Dt. C, *. VARVCM _ s»fry »t. · OA ? RECORDINGS MACE -- We3d.ntn. ¥««,·.». comtet. reclUlt. Tac«« duotxitfd (ttereo er -*^ . aural). Pft-mi. rtcord* jv-V ··«.· recortfi reoroiic^L IlflS 6r*rj A»t.. Torranct. C«J|t, TE Si-)?* :UN7~TCAlTHFUL LXERCISE, NEW FRIENDS «t ABC DANCE CLUB. OK E. Afi-thv-m. L. B Call GE 4-1W lor your FREE BROCHURE REWARD -- WIII-Mryi-rttnan wtM CHCked w -SfiiwrM m*» CA f*l ruarv t bttwrtn 1»1 cm. if. Wilmington. Picatt call thu num ber_w»vTe'* *r»l J__C A_i-K*0. wiDowTlw. S'r, ii» ibi. »ri ear. me. Se*M n-tt man. write Ov». Ind. PrfiHet. Bo!_*· IW "BANKRUPTCY SERVICE Rc-nonatu-*. MA iMJl; PU - fni lONELY P*oct* t-rtktn.1 Irientfthio Write Bcverl/ OO-H CKrt). PO BQKJ77, Be-inower^C*!. TO i-HH AA ALCOHOLICS ANONY'MOUS AREA OFFICE - DRINKING PROBLEMS _CALL |jE^"" COPRESPONO wit*» eooot-.e *e an «on. mrv -CLUB CONTlN tJ*TAL-^ P. O. Boi **-*e- j t. B. 11A FLY · j j La-X Itatt. tall. AjcH I. lsa INDEPENDENT--P«g« D*I ~'. J i. t .D.?dkr(Wom.l 23H.lpWon..d.Wom.l 2HtlpWo.ttdtWo.,.. 24 Social Clubs MEET NEW FRIENDS Clara Lore el Long Beach w eive you new Irlendi 1 new hope Cornt In I, meet VI. Let vn rntro flue you to me riohl people f PEN 12 to 7 PJA. i dar« a «n-k A M to II SUN. HE S-7SI HE 3 J7S4; ,L 4M4 fM. ' ~ OBJECf-Oroanlied to a«ltl un married L»die» 1 gentlemen »· St adiuil to sing e ex'ttmcc. _ORBrT_CLyB 5SQ E. 4TH fjUlRRIAGE or rorroan-onhip. Ir-.troducff. Free brothure. "THE CONTINENTAL." 411 Hcarlwcl Bidg. L. B. HE S-T7?4 ~ ' JOitT INDOOR SPORtS Ftirikailv Handicaoeed Club HE 3 4731 or GE I 7t77 Lost and Found 12 UNTACCCD DOGS I CATS IMPOUNDED AT LONG BEACH ANIMAL SHELTER Location 3X1 E. Willow M. r GA 7-977V. Houri 9 · m. to S D.m //oodjf ttirtnrati Fnd*y, 19 *m to 4 p.m. Sundiv I. r-oiid«v». Impounded J»4I Miird. m*ie. b'k. ft »ni.. 1100 L*mt . -._ ... Sh«s. mi«., fern.. Wtv. 1 t*v-1900 A!t«vttic -^ - M.trtL, m*ie, trl.- 3100 Atl»nt.c . .. --.--. K 23 Miird, mjie, red-- 4SOO GwvJf* Miiml. l*m , tri -7700 Stevel. 1 K-J3 AA'-rd, Irm, t'h. wM -3000 E. Willew K-72 .Murd. trm., trv- MOO L* J*ri K7I TO VEGAS ON THE FABULOUS Hacienda Champagne Tour 80.PASSENGER. 4-Engine Airliners (Radar Cguipc-rf) » Diet Win.Io. at Sir Han* $24.50 INCLUDES: HIT SHOW I 7 COCKTAILS at New Sre-it-er Hotel MINSKY'S FOLLIES OF l»2 -- Bottle el -- Airport hotel limo. Iri Vegas. -- Ceil llncl. ctubil. -- Dtwf^it da-vn*"' """* -- Free lound trio air Irans. Gloria Carpenter*! "Fajhtons in Flight" Every Twttcf AFTERNOON AND EVENING DAILY FLIGHTS FROM LONG BEACH L A. INTERNATIONAL BURBANK O'NiU .net. Abort Plui Dli. Room (DbLOcc.) $3I.SO * * Dunn t »U nat'l t*'(rt ISoncred For retervat.ont (chetfuiei. c» Long Beach HA 5-1269 Los Angefes TR 7-3456 ·Si AcM- Frl., Sat I. Holidtvi Not * cotxtuttedjauf. FLY FREE VIA TRANS GLOBAL AIRLINE AS GUEST OFEL REY RESORT CASINO SEARCHLIGHT. NEVADA urtimut wiau CERTIFIED L StRVICE m c. KMT. f-. vn. HE »«n ACCT. De« nee. em Rife a, boMir.1 elk _ ACC Trout. W «Dm __ UM FIRE Ka** Ok, fip ___ I2U ve CiaiMSCI*. t»ualtY e.O. UiC Ce-L LMAerwnter. e» _ UU ·» file VH. rrw reoorli 1100 CtAiMl iecv. a»e »cen MEMO Clerk. C O eio BtLLINO Cleft, talc lite Cit. In e» l)E»I. MM RN-Med |r. car _ _ UN-- ivo»-- «9« eoert WCD iKtv. o/pn. S/H -- INWCetvellke _____ »300 LVN re* MO ee _______ »J.» MtO anl-reutn-e ------- »»0 lAB-Memall no ----- lo uu ^OV"-t»SM«nljr_...._.. ... ...... «.« CANNON'S AGENCY Fact, .mee-' fee ..... $1.60 O'c. betinrtefs rv tee -- S^ ir?i t/FlrnW* DWv. TO ·TO/ Pacllic Mynl. Pi. tU 7 1131 "BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY I? PINE. RM. 1201 HE 5 1711 TOP PAY -- BEST JOBS School Instruction 22 IE N SOME TRAIN IN PRACTICAL Approved School - ELECTRONICS Teit Inipector 17 .1 Elect Math I to 10 -ll Auamblef 4 la t «.«. Radio. TV Repair--J to 4 mot. technician 6 lo 9 mot. Lev* Tuition -- Ea»y Terrm free Platement Service CALIF. TECH. TRADE SCHOOLS S52J ATLANTIC N. LONG BEHCh CA is«; Authorlied by Suet, et F*vtt lm.truit.on lo Ittue and conter'ef or d'Diomat tor lr.e afjove FIRE RATE CLERK CLAIMS CLERK MIU. 2 YRS. Of. REQ. * ncelKr.1 Saury ti r^ot.l SKarlra « New Modern Office A r»e« Cariuti FaalJlr Xay. Utthr. » to S GENERAL INSURANCE CO. OF AMERICA 111) C. Van Anton* _0r., L. 1 GA jt?ill°NE 4MCI ""NURSE-- INDUSTRIAL Ne» War.1 lacllily hat an Inter ettirta and chailene'flg ootitien Ifi an eirandlna perionne* attirltv lor an e-oerieixed Beoj.terM Nune. Previoin induttnal e«oe'^ r-xe prefe'ted. l-Vnl M able to trr« Will be re)DOn.'bie far D'»- oeria-y aM F.r.taid. Will car. tic)Da*e In tafety and eroua cro- gramt. ar«ly PERSONNEL DIPT. MtN WOVEN -Tram Now Burbank TR 7-2158 Lockheed Air Terminal Long Bedch Terr., rn *.. ma'e. tan L V.FII.--4430 Cundry . Terr., m;"., tern.. IrL-- 730 r. 4Sf*i . . . _ Mlied. tem, tan-- lioocaroenla .. . . _ - K ^.LtAVlNG tor C-hicaoo, Kt J_take_t ihare eipene». " HA 5-M27 Airport K ii Dead FUNE1.AL HOME JWBtOrJtr. «rh Servko wedrteiaa'y ROEDER--Georg» W. ef 4ttl Ha^ey \V*y. Survlwed fcy w.fe. Ler«n»; tliu«.*t*Cft. Mrt.' fraixn Ann Penroie, Mn. Rctvi Itxre R. Crady 1 ·* irtnfrb.l · B£ w'm^Pey. Mar*in A. Jor-n- ^VEWOOD'MORTUARY . aiHWOOORUFFAVL _ WHITE--Mrt. Jcjiii'R. ! cf JMI Sit.* Sf. Survl»e4 by (Uvg-Mff. 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Grocm) FLCCTPONtC ASSEMBLERS ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS PBX L IBM OPERATORS CASHIERS-CLERKS-STOCKMFN OFFSET PRINTERS -- LITMO D*/ Cf fveninfl CU.I«t -- ApOi» Wett Coatt Trade Schools ttt4 Afl*-it,c, L B CA 4-33-1* 2706 E AtontJr*. CmcM. NEfCJIJ "i, Bellfl. TOJI-fH an No*~i:am BIG^Pay^ arbarrt Moss Colleqo : or Real Esfafe Knowledge Inttrixtor 30 vr» e«petler.te, and former War. ci Board of Realign SHOP AROUND-lhen STOP ·" REOISTLR tn th-t school tTi. RENtWABLES m' CONTRACTS ESCROW* APPRAISING ...FINANCING tn S wetM. Men. t Wr-J-- / pm. PutJ'C inviit^l Call for free ei . t).'l. Kee«.ti t Sun. HE ' carf.e'd Ave. 7300 carf.e'd ( _ De*d :oonty Ptxmd. I17CV I. Hbimane S-x.f*y. TO 2-».!i7 LOST-- J-mo -«'d ma 1 * fiver grav pfx^ie. Amwrff to name ef tctrcy, V 4100 bth. Ofeflon Ave. Child's .pet. La.t teen * o m.. Sat., _Mar._30m,_.i:ti7.ti. Be»ard. LOST, ora* or tilvtY pooHf, toy, vie. ot Canon 1 wooorutl. Lakewood. Antwers t« JuJ/. Reward. HA L^P. C.OLORLD MASSLUiE _n /_C. Jejth H t ^»_«! "AAisACE 4 COWO-O»t. «. W C«n». WO L. Irrj St.'HE 1-4) ANNOUNCEMENT OF FUNERAL SERVICES b [t «iH..u.fil ITJ s"i(AM ba. tntra-rrd 1E_MUI _ H» L t __ _ __ _ V.FSI S, ml E. Pacific Cll ll«« Hn._l_9_i. Na Sun , Mon^JlE t LOST--m. even. Mar. M. laayt * vc'vet evet. bag. contain - _ _ e.enptlon ' __money._Rev.ard. LOST--Bla(lt' m.n.ature pood:e. vie. of All noton 1 car«nill. Lalevrood. RtV.ARO. _TO MISI OST--Brown toy pood ! e. vie. on ._ '': SfX! o^T 1 ^l S ht %«;Sanitariumi, Hospifals." ^'XV.^'^'^ Horn" 2"! IIM Pacific A.e. ... rHru Friday . am. f» It art. 1:10 pm. 10 3 » pm. HARVILL CORP. ItCTl 4 1714 NOTICE TO JC3B APPLICANTS Tfe LOMG BEACH INDCPENO LMT. PHESi ItLECRAM doe, pot (\now:n.i« MtCBt rxio war.)d advert i, erf^ntJ from t'rmt o« "«· bVft-.* Federal waoc H»i' La*. K »rev otter ie»» than tr* legal m.nm.jfn xtagt. It V9U * F e covered ,irrm. or - PORTRAIT STUDIO ftr c 40 »it*i uUt c* *« (tarn pny aftJ S«I«S. V* AU*» «»tr*g« V Cn«ix» f»f aJ V Pff««n« APPLY: MAY CO. LAKEWOOD IBM Tab Operator Wiring tiptri«iH« on 402 or 602 helpful SaUry «p*fu Keypunch Opr. PART TIME Bcfmont Savings Loan 5200 L 2nd St., LL Cal Mn. Gilford GE 4-3451 or SP 5-2351 it -rhovf ac , - tfin u* or c't"ef -v ti*it'e» ot rr-e U. S. eparffsen ct tat-or. tail cr «n*t «·« oe p^f*m«mt s local otl re a* ·il.M Atlari'C Avenue, Lor«o Beach PBH tvpi,t.retm».. v*t a»e anii to loca'e a-, e" C'ent PBX ty t.» rrpucf oyr pftntT. D'sve v.*io It le^-fir 1 .. tor fea,on» ti he*iTi. WLunt b« »er neat, per- and t p-eviou eiper.enie. can Mr. lei wrd tar aoooTtmenl at PA I OJi PBX RECEPIIOHIST inorl Couriei -- free Plaement CLASS NOW SlARtING L «. BUSINESS COLLEGE 434 L.B. Btvd. L.B. Hf. * 4.1] "rTOTEr-MOTEt-APTrHOUSTS Managers Tra nlng '-Cuaranteed' °ST I ARTYRAI'NING TODAY _ Ours cc.t no more. "Corr'e lee" 1IJ4 Panlic. HE S 1411. CAJ »M HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE One ot trie cwett schooH m th't a'ca-- thooianci cl oratfja'rt. , DAYS-- 9 A.M. Man. Thun. 1 EVES-- 7 P.M. Men. Ir«,,r». Any Cl-m ' t) LESSONS-FULL COVERAC.!' COSTS NO MORE * Actvanced itud* -- V.fd 7 p Cl I tor dr'ailt 1 ttothu't Ci.untir ..t IV'S Anfi ri.-r ( ourt t'a-e Nn. .. . _ _ _ _ _... K.r tlie ru'l" 1 " °' r" rlr - '·"Hf at «!! otlice nf ll.e City Kntlnr-r: tl..ns e--ur-J h)-sal,l UeeJi'f Tnnt.'li,»,m .Mr. City Hall. In-Jii.llrr te» rhartrs. an.l ei-l ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,-._ _.... ,, r ,.. '"»-.^».i 7Ki^? 4 ::y,^.J:i!-'i'-»-. TMnl£*««%'«* jtd»- a.*.«r*.«m.rnt dlm-kt. ami for ·7..V.iV vii* .-.ta.-nii'.r viTinVAt""' a.«»r*.«m.rni diriu-rt, anil lor ¥un«*°rv^^i'ivivrs ATI ° NA i^m-rr i.*rtirular.-ihlrl. Itrvolu- TccS.A^JIJ 5 . TM,,..* *'"" rr U on file In th-- ASMJCIAT10N. *; Trujl.e ( i f f l ( ( b rf , he ,,,, CIf k pf M 39J6WOODRUfFAVE.. jaui el'.?* "**E * 8 ** ' ANCLAHO -- H-irdld 1 SXO L. Bro-xlM-iy. : { tv ten, U-r-vca W.; i 1 W*rlc-n A. DfeVi; S 9 r maynt-. * dren. Service vvedne^tM.'. 1 00 . i pm, Pey. Virg I F- Pirrhi ; ;, Moi.eiri ^apel. { LOST--BIjKk fa\n»i* rerlrr ID.V ruccy. V'C. Vi-ooaruti piae, P flo.*«r, PfT-f*fil_C*'I T0_.r3474 LOST--T«vi C-Xkef Sc**i ei vr. L wood REWARD. Nt «4I1D IDtNTlFYlson, pitted uo"on Coy^» p*rlmoJof._HE SVUI KtVS 1 PING. l*g~CGU 4J?? .-·?(! HE *.!.««. rit CE MW LO^T--Or-v-fle'ryxJerairDiewe. V'C · BeMflowfr t Carton. H*.9fQ2t 13 CONVAKSCCNT HOSPITAL PM Supervnor . 34 nr. car MODfRN · MOOLST RAT! S im Cr-eiliut MC_IS4t "tOS ALAMITOS SANUARIUM Over :l VLARS eipeneme »: care ct i-e aoed. CE.IU7/ ' itw f ernWrxKf "Corva'eieent Hfti.n r - !__ pi'al. 14 nour. KM nurnrj care UllYIHg REAL ESTATE CLASSES 4 Week Cuurie--slarl An-t'-r-e I eveninfi ila*..ev-Mon l v.e-1 7 ta 19 pm. Be our gue*l at «n» I ML PLAUMLNT S C R V I C t FUtLTIML OR PAPl-TIMi For (niermatren a. Hrrxhurs ta: M O O R E REAL ESTATE SCHOOL 4111 L._Carvsn _ HA_rir.*on 1141 "JOB SHOP TRAINING ''K-nowi-rOfje It S-xtet" ft Auto M-Ktv*rt-» ;. Vitl-J.r.9 C Au-o Tran,miiior.i i D*» 1 Lve. tliMet aito In t, IOU w ffiX .. NCR Grocery {heciert Piut n lob retra.nn-8 prc6'«v"»l $UCCE$$ ( Tfad» School*; '^BeufrO^fr Bfllflci * tr 1*0' t-Jtlli VtN-Letrn'to retwild" **l 'ttc,* r by won 11*9 on Utf motif. (u\ tomer tar. H etrit D» tj rre'f. j tion in automotive feid. f-o l-Ji- elf i free p!eweTe«.i .*r.-.(.» i MIOWLSl T B A O t SCHOOLS i 1/3i long BfMf. Bl*.), S G LO t4704 LO »*M i $ t , 1 . rtiana- i-MJI HAIR STYLISTS PREFER RENO GRAO WITH ADVANCE STYLING C O I O R S 1 COIFFU"" * IrCIF . Crr.c'n Bl.. Cc'-. ~'~" V/AITRESS 0 rxng rewm eiptneni*. fo» IUI.4W1 D.rwitr Mou'f O-50.1 lob .or figM o tl 1?0 e W,iic* «t'cr 11 noon ~ "HAIRSTYLIST PREfER RENO GRAD. With ad-ancacl lt|U-j. qerial ab.l.ty. HE itLHORAI'Hf R. W.. eiper.ente. Wul Irr-e 41 wordi per m.nute. Vtorfhand IW word% tier m rnjte. B-gnnna »»u r v .Ml per month Mc.-jl-'r .nciea^et to V434. UM437.I t-l. ill. " CORSr.TllR · Temccrary or rarl lime rede appliance iirm. Salary open John A WeHotr CO. «4» Cm "'APp'oFNTMENrGIRLS t a r l »'l per »«rl ma. rg ar po.ntmentl Irom my « « * . * NUP5FS. I X P I R . It'LL 1 Pa»T.tli' POWER SEWING · : .MACHINE OPERATORS Urce^'t,/ needed far local iWfk. ivunf be e»rerleneed. CALIRDRNIA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE J3 1 3 Plna Art. Wina"e» "W HOSTESS Cicetient eDOortun.tV Cor rom., on ho.tnt-c.xt.tail «aitre.s. Muit be e»perler»cet for a taontmmt call THE CAPTA1N'$ INN Persw-tiH Ott.ce _ CE 11404 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Too deal, cwafunteed utary p*u* tine bofxrt plan. You can ma** mo*» ev P-eref wert from PUT be*u- titul ».r-ct3r.d ettite. davt of eve- nmot. Catl UN 17477 or UN t 7MI or aooJf Superior Food- Oittrlbu- tort, tt-e Law I. Comn-erte b'da. 1«J4 Pioneer Blvd.. Norwa-t. ___________ ....... 'GIRL For Insurance Office 1 o rl eftite. Aoe X to 41. tm- p*ovrfent In oeneral otfire wofk Mithin pa.t year deiirabic. '·'^.t t»r« if »yrjn. e«ellenl ocoor. tunity far notit erl. Lakewood aiea To i J!«. __ "BEE'WILSON AGENCY low CASH nc TvDUt. conrton, mature- 1J. F,C K.or.. lyn.ood _ -- «.»». A»rrr.0«l». LvrrMuwvI . -- tl..* Trainees. Comotoo _TM ---- il.7 lrwo«tor Traineet -- -- f « I.HOJ L B. Blyd . Lvn. N_ty. »«?] ~ XLNT OPPORTUNITY (or etrenenced tteno0rat«er. Lttibti.hed l-rm-- 1 man eft-te. IBW tirrwriler. Dutiet iix'woe- OA *,TJ4 . Refer encc! r 2 2 - A - ' "SCHOOl Le*ii: trotrer. Riy. CarafJoc f. W*» Service Tuesday. 7.31) D^n.. ».n Cr. Weve'l S. Trelti e rnnM'i-tlTjFilAL'HOME ? S t ,.T'i,*^J ' r T;;r3.. b *.";I:-r '""·"OStS-learnTo'reia-. concen UL/UIN rVJINtK/ALnurvic ! M^e;, Ra'rjri; filter, r i tra , r memo,,. fi c , c we.flnt * mil «. CBISPO !'V. " . it *Ti «*.2 I r-lar-ee haati .·- uroblen-t. Private .iryerrr-en-. «e.V""ite. | r'.'S.t^."-:.-^'^ f.n 1 Re-i '_*· .-0-.VJN CA_)7t; .Hvpnjslj -_!S"- .- _ . ' * R l t BUOSIIIS KJ HI. . MAXWELL'S i PACIFIC DRIVING SCMOOI I Home I., lenor C^en, I..'"* »=TM.^---.. _ O A l » . l l ;,i"";Hclp Wanted I Worn.) 24 |M -, C , ,.I,UMIST .or ·».-,. HOUSIHtfTR lor r p e . ' L ^ "···!·-.'« t j '' 3 cri Idren f t. 11. 7.1} till I pm I i I . »'|'t t r"* Wfl'l t+*t VW ( f,»t (X"at. A ;«i». !·! " KEY" PUNCHER Pf«*vn3*oo Rt'-d noeriefie. "TELEPHONE GIRLS HI! Ho e.wierKe rerenary Actly IM1) LiCIIior. NO»» 'j-n IfrU am or 4 19 a p m GENERAL OFFICE ·O-XI tyD'.t I'e-'nur'.Mf .po. lion Ail Mrt DfickUu, (,A 70V11 EXP. COOK'S HELPER Arxxy tnat. Saitr Re«lajrant O(r«n at F.i-S-H'.E'R f M T t O Y M E N T AGENCY T»p-.t, W.»"V.«*on . . . t I C Bocktitrper J Nurie--Surgery RN--Cat Rsrj. Only · 1 shitt. Salary open ..Jrull Gablet Hotpilal UUO So. Wooorbtt Ave. _Bellllo-*er . COSMETIC DRUG SALES TRAINEE felleae Stuo-it Carl T»re MIGDALL PHARMACY Mll_Atlanfic A»e,_N^LB. Rtrt -- "HoKtt 3 fo II; II to 7 StUryll/I Wawtomahc tnerea\et Pahd Vast *t.0ni. Ml'diVl »' *· Kaletla Community Hoip.Ut JA 77'« «r TVV_JM.l " H A R B O R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY MI w. Ot»*i» iird. HEM;«J OODCR DfSK TYPIST. e«P»" · tnCirtB. O 3. lot.-! ..*^ .VAlTPt SSI'S -- «*«.,· Iftrt, l-xal ^ fffi' COOKS Vf". ViO^tn--Tort Ni rtn«:vt, t*t\ US rf Hf mo. (sAINNA Imp'O.-^*.!! A9W* 3U rim. Lonfl Be»h Mf J 1 «H ADMlTTlNG'tUtti, }:»1IOO Ih M , d^* 1 »k . rxmern 1*1 eip t ttD'Afl. DK.if.v-t reep*'on IM manner, Anoty H'0 Honda Hot- pitjil TO I 4'41 Downev*. -BEAUTY"OPERATOR All around or STYLIST - - '-jr moflf n ««·»'»- i boo-Ti for rent. . m t i.-«vn Mon . C..I HE *·»« _ ._ i, ,yr-e HOUSf x f t*'LR, fu'i ih.i'9», i"» ·'·'-V'.? "i t"3 no., toi'.,! " ^ |M JK S ?^!«, M V'i l .'1v' Gr?/,,r ^""l-i-'en^S '·" rfl'^.'Sn,-! ^. HV-M.ii.-.....'Bet.-,». i,,.;;r.»r-0,,,«.-.,, vour fi/i-Twrl-il Part.. Farrily reguetti ,^ to Eiceotionai Crt.l- fl'.»i't Feunc-Ution i: U. M. LINNKM.. Tru«t Ofrtrrr i:- K. V. WlXKKI.HAUKIt A-J-i'tint Tru«t Offlrrr , l«r. 2H. 27, Apr. 3. 1%: :i)-UJl. 'itr Clrrk of Hlil; it'itv nf I»n,t Ilrarh. fUM Pity Oi-uncll hn i.tfrm.n.*.1 an-1 li-^lar'-d thtt FTi*l tnnd»! Ill* IKJU-J to rrpr-»*rr.t »»«fh ».«.·*·.».«· V ni«nt f Ilftjr (50) ilolUrit rr oier NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE |rrm*lnmc unpaid for Itilrtv da)' Ntitife- Is li-rrrbr Ci^rn by th*; aft*r thv !*.*» nf rrronlatlnn 1 Intr »l 317 N- -U*r VI.»t» ATP., of MM wnrk, nr lmpnM.-mnt. a* \Vilimnct..n, rAlif^rni*. that »ftt r prmM* J in raid I'.p.-olution of In- ll.r tUt* ( April .T, 1W2 he will iint:.Btl. ·" fr any lifr.ts. llat-il- Funeral Notices . ttirt, nr obl-rillon?. lnrurr.-d by ·ny' ^r-fon* otlur than hlm?flf. l.itfd April 3. 1%:. (·iEnedl JOSKIMI HOIlKKSO^ ruh. Apr, x 4. s. ma ct-L.n. i. _ NON. RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice 1* herehy clTfn ty the .jnder«Irned. Hobert .Ueckwnrth, re . . at 61-S rtdler. , ewo-^d. - . . California, that after the date nf April S. 1963. »c will not »* re- rponMMf. for any deM*. liabilities T f-bltpatloni Incurred by any per- foii* other than hlmvlf. DaUd ilarcli S). 19t,2. " 'SiEned/nOIEEnT l.KCKWOr.TH Fuh. April 3. 4. 5. !?.: " OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING NOTICE OF PUDLIC MCARINO ox I'norosKD HFAMu.ut..\. DATIOX TO A M K N I I TUB "CIKCm-ATION KLKMENT Ot' THE CIKNKKA1, rLAN-HIGII- WAVS AND fr.KKWATS" OK THE CITY OK I.O.VO IlRACII. fAJJVOUMA. PO A3 TO DF I.KTK T H K I I K K H O M A VMX* KNTI.T DKSinSATEI) SFC- JlKNT OK TIIK OAr.DKM I:HOVR FREEWAT ALICN- MCNT. Tlie trnrrr.ltnns for Ui»» *fnrf?»M worlt. nr lm.'n»emfr.t. i»hall l-«» rii'J ami takrn unde-r and In arcf-rdmr* with thai! portion of tt.* Ptrr^tji an-1 Hictiwa)* Cod« f the KUt« of Caii- fornU known and dfsirnttM as thr "ImuroTrnifnt Act of 1J11". I*ur?uant to l*art 2. Chaptrr 1. Artirlt* VII cf Muntclr*! Cod-* -M tlie Cltr of Lonr Hraeh. th* City CnuRdl. tr ItfMlutlon N*o. C-»195. has ».»(·?rutnrd and detrrtnlnrd th«* (ren»*r»l prfTtlllne ntr rf p^r dl-rn mar*i and orfrttmtf macn tor tarh rraft or trpe of Ialv.rrr. workman fr mechanic r-Nulrrd In th» r^r- fnrmanc.* of puMic work. A ropy of MM I^^Iullon 19 on file In 1.V off|.r»» of ihr cttjr Knctn^er. 8iM Joh rlajtylfiralluni ami crn»*r»l rrr* Tatllnc ratr nf prr rtlftn wares and nvfftlnv wi-r^s are Inrort-orat^il h»*r«*in ly r^frr»*rr»» th»»rftn wilh like forr-f and r f f t t t a« If t*vr*ffly 9-l fi.rt.1 t.rwn. Any -mntrart fiTeundr-r f hall prottil** that the Contractor inm.t rf-mplj- with th» r*-n*T«I prfTtlllrir ritr df f»*r di-MTi wac^s and f.t»*fllm»* wa^ft as ·{·Deified In Mid Jt-f-oluUnn. must file with rath rf- POM| or bid a'rh-fck payable to the of th* Cltr of Iarh. tr a rr-ttpnnflbl.* bank. fir an amount whkh vhall b** not * NOTICE 13 tlEREnr C. I V EN tut tm (lit p*r c*-nt of U.» a«t«- that Ih" City riar.ninc Comn.iJ.'ion.cate r.f the prnp^ul. or a corr-irate of th City of aU-nir IWach. Califrtr-lFur-tr Inml In favor of th.« City In nla up^n th»- recommendation. «ndi.,itd annxint. and patliifart«iry to tt.» at tLe Ir?t.inf* and r«^uc«t of thi b *itf Knstn**er. nr a t-'nd f^r Mid City Council of MM City, will bold amount and *·· i-ayabl*. -McnM hy a puNic hearinc on the prop*al tn th* lld't*r and by t w o (21 purtMl.*.-. j»nvM th* ··Ctmilatlnn Klfm*nt of.wtin rhall jnvtify. b*-rr.r.» any offirrr th* General I*Un -- IHshwaya andjcomrt^tent to admtnliter an oath. In Krerwaya". Lone H^ich. CaUfomlaJdoiihl* th* tuM amount and over as raid plan ts delineated on a and ahov* all statutory ei»mptinn». certain map on Airplay and or^n) l.tds must te rubmlltcd on In publlr (nipecllon In the ofuce.forrns provld-M t-Vrrfor. wMrh will nf Mid City I*lannlnc*, furnished by tht City Crclneer Koom 203. City IUH. by drletlBC upnn application, therefrrm that pre'ently designated Tn* Citr Krirlneer vhall fit the varment of th* Cardan Crove Kre*.mm* for tn« commencement rf rr.n- way westerly fmm th* Ijo« rerrlloaUtnurtlAn at r^l nwr* than ten itOt Channel tn raclf.ft Coast Hlrhway.tdays from th* date of execution of NOTICE IS FURTHER «IVEN th* contract by th-j City Enjine*r that said public li**rlne will t* ami for rnmrletlon cf such wnrk h*ld at th* hour of 9: A.M. on to th* Mt IP fact Inn of the City Kn* the 17th day of April. IK3, In the'tln^r within on? hundred, twenty rv,imctl OsmMr. flo^m J"l. C t t v j i l 2 ^ » d»v-t from Mi-l «1»t* f.f ei*- Hall I»nr I«h, California, at cut HIM. If td* "ity Coiincll of inn* »r.-1 pit.-* all f+Tt*n* 'I s * City of Ix»nir I^eh or-Ji-n any Intfrefted therein may appear and «-rk Incidental \n th* maklnc and h* t;*»u.l tti-rr^T! ·rr.nrirmtnr r-f th* aj**»fnvr.t. the HT ORDER OK TIIK City Man- Contrart-r rhall rnmpleia *ai1 wr.rk nmr»»lon. fift"'n flit diyi aft-T the I»ATKI this yutt day of M*rrh.'m»kinr. of ruch f.rder. 1H2. WKRN'ER . n. f*T»tarr nf u.» ritr inanr.lRC rr.rr.rr..««1*« »»rrn 51. April 2. 3. 1HJ I't Trn» Cltr *'' I-^-nC r^»eh r-»i»-*rT.Mt ·." richt to rrjrrt anj and all bid*. rutM at Ix.rc n*arh. M« r»th ·.«¥· rf M-m*., 1-W.2. MAnGARJ-TT U IirARTWKL--.,, PKAI.) City Cl»rk f.rT.'Piir. April T. .1. IXJ O r ~ l » R f . Wbag Fatnilu funeral ~ ^Directors 1250 Poeific Av*. HE 2-5101 BARNES--Lilian C. 1771 Ave. Service V\ rdnev-Ur, 1 O.JTX. Oitday Chaeel. OORAN-lra V^ of Bue^a Park. Sennet and Interment, W-uv ita. Kan. het-3. I FLANNICAN-K14 Therma. Ro F m, St. M«TtreW.. C*l'*Mi'C rnnrtt PMHiem MM-i TU-Md*y, rX am. St. M-fW**'* Catiol.c Ctwrcfi. CARorALO-p«'.yi. ?i r. icr*. SI., San P e d r o . GraveixM ·ervke Wednesday, t to a m . fort Rmecrant N a t ( * n a i JONtS-Newiand P., tni Pfif- b*f SI. Service WemetJiv. II am., at rVemertat Moto-Ml Oapei. Familtf reo-etH cwv tr,ta..,ori t* rna TO Tf* tteart OkMffcfrh fv»d. Me* nerial HSJC lai. LtNNOM -- Bavrwid, Ml 1 * W. 7V.ll St. Lot Anoekl. Poor/ V.eOn.ivl*v. I P m. pitdtv Chacei. Regmem Man Thurv 0tf. f am. Saint .Va^Ml't Ctitirth, nrm a n d Vermont, JMlTM-TfV"»n B, IM? Ca-form a S»f *' e Tve«»r, 1 1 an. OUav C^a^e1. t a m , O'ldav WINalOW-- Irvif* 0. -)*Tf Cer. ntei. Senrkv Twrtdaf. 1 »m, O'dr* OaoH. DILDAY FLOWER SHOP ME I 4)11 0r HE 2*lfOI WmMaM~Th-.^a'.%M.VVm. ' MYrNOTlC~UCMNiefAN~A~A E. H ru.i.vaTtr .cT-T..,, i« c. i' C "" % ^: r « Bro * n .'rn.?'., 5 :";.,,,: 1 ?^,.!,,?' Insurance 14 .,, £ ,,,,c,.,,n,. «.,, AUTO--.WE INSURE ANYONE * reo-irdiftt ol aot t'or referd 17 PAY PLAN LOW R A T F * Drivef* l*fmt f n. reio. proof .V Soord. Guest Homci 20-A Arbor Villa Guest Home Hit vic-tncie* for me-i or women j HAMPTOM-- Inl-ft tm et Mr. -wd AA'*,. WilliJ-m R. H«r.} t ta-v lU C Akrrtdr* Bt.d, f Cw^Dtoo. Prl*-l*e ieryi(t w« i he'd. r LAIir.HHM-M.-.^rj. UV Cff- * ntot Ave. Survived ty vn, t Jo.eoh P. .v-d C l a r e n c e , - I unirt.ured .»( e to-fit horvtt fvrni,bt«a _GA 41C7Q7 JAPQSSC 711? AJi4»nT.f tOW montWy rt'et -- Auto intur a-ve Any rnk. StM.e. Pitnria Ripe*i«i*t; b r o t h e r . f-J o r b * r t And»*..o*.: t^tfi · . r , e n e v l e v e Mthe*». Ajre. TrrtvM Plleoer a-vj Cl*ra Crir.rr,.r%; IfOVCI 14 o'tWdchildrer.: A g r «* a t 4061 At'ant.c * v e, ie-8 Heath or refmanent on -i n oveek dJrt CL I tJ-M .VANHO. La-sJet la u'l eKUv |.ne 61 tCD Qwl'.'/ I "0»"« f-wn* p^rly p'*n. Na ir.,fi*m-w-. (OMPLLIL CARE OF LLDLRLY Dr mi an'l. PAi toveiy*. .«. V***.\*V\f? toR*' M '.NSPtCTIOH INVITED |i * RT ff, rrN i 5. .JJW Santa « . CA *»ll - - . B. tC '-*--" RtLIABL^ person M_t.^ar^ef, 1S»JTM' ^jft,'" H T^»»| J 3D p 'm ' ta IJ«I E. J1J*^ } orn .. I, In O"' hori* - - -- rX, am. ADDly at RM Syp--fintervCent of Nur»e». " ' tetsre. e***^**e^t_ho^pif-' ' '" hei I e- Tiwr ~SAI r s!_ f l , GArl e'a 14. TT COTTAGE for cc'e. elderly roiki M a lovely rftl nome. Xlnt. c«re 1C* O».o.__ GE I_907I c'f.rFRFUL refirve.! rxxre, lor eit my IMy. 3* hr. caie, n'nt food GPOOM GULST f»OME. Bii Amb-ui.i*ory._J_.c.fily. VOL. Cai OAvervporf S 3X1. Ait; RT T i w r " s A i r s ! _ l o r Mr - iJ «-._ . _ . ' JEWELRY UC H O U S C K C C I L R - N - f t »*^'v w 4, r..dren. t to U V ' t Pfl.*'*! SV» C M T R R y tow L bath. TV. »1» rr* Me* CABHR'm t«fet lor ·mactiyer'it P 0 '* Bfl . OR ' e . 1 *- 1 "" I tell-gent o r ) wear. See ovf M-hOUSf KEf f'LR, m^twff. (,«w)e4 l cnry IJOO mo ogAfj..-v» | lf r,m.»d M^t coc... dn»e L««e t" . We tr-tm. Mr. Cl*rk. ».r 4 «*».lt | \vnte_or J*t P'e. CE J / H / | SALESGIRL" ~ drirg ttore eip. Aroy Tret Drug t7U GaroVn Cro*e Bl«J I o^^ .- I fl-ty. . | F L Y M/V Lror-Ma7..r . .e? v/. it * St. S e r v i c e Ti*«ay. J tx T prn.. P*.f. F. C. Benvn Bf .- , In o 1 1 1 e I a 1 1 n B. Mflt'eiJ i ? l--AMrfw, 4V) Roy e. Survived by ton, _ d*urtr'er»,, iiAbel - DJM. Pib*rt «nd J*ck; ftt.«ri. ., M»ry Turner (**d K»te Do^e; V i o'f-nVMtd'M S e r v I r e ^ wedne^a^y, u-co a«, RJ- MILLS -- R-*«fEi-land. M*4 tfi% CPVO'M D.w^n.%t. Sur- · wen by wrr. Je*w; «r*i, ' rrord.M P r bretr*'. " Servif* Friday, U 00 ' "EL CAFITAN- -CAS'NO -- V.4L.1B LAKE H'WIHORNC. NEVADA Champagne Tour $10 2 Sil'tr DolUn Fr*» Iftfly....?! a!) *'r tranio. rourd trip A CrUn-.o-t^e «r»f.J en rcutl ir your ,vouvenir criv v irw»one o t^i ft Oin^.er ft 1 Coklaiii ft Llmo tervit* ft Loyrtje e^frrU prne^t' ft O'er Vj m.lNoo doUori paid in 1 jAttp'.t every TrmridJ*'. (Overniter) incl. atxivt faur + deiicioui M*-n or B«cc-n 4 £991 trr.ikfa.t. ., Oei»»e room. ,r M » 0 ^ _-.s« MCC.V.: I0t "'- * ct ijjLr" «"- lt) V^rToo*"; T?.' W ?; ,'i -DAILY FLIGHTS- r *evfi Ltxioe ftll nrOE e f - v D*w1 Long BfKfi ft Burba*.)., Motteil't C^ace*. "I SoetHI Jyndjy A M . Pitprf --*-- t! For reterv-itnint a. tfh-ritLi'e r*" '^r T A'T"Se f ?r.i D nC-',KJi Long Beach HA 5-6309 XZS.rrlSX.SXi.y-**^ 105 ANGELES TR 7-SMI O' tre your fatal Travel Ayl lf*_* ·"_'!SALESrtOWf M -- Be.ivry uyo ct itm.jtory lady... CC_» S*.|l_ Sl. + ci L *-7w^ltl!^E W iJU f '' FAC10HY,~rutte7eiD "ll J4 ISr."* ' _ J I M EMPLOYWINT AGtNCV PART'TIME WAITRESS AlxiK UMt S. Cla't, Bj'IHo.. " COCKTAIL WAITRESS You-ig. altrali.e._ln_L._Oe»i Loons 21 TAX TlME~LOAM LArT" G E T , 100 CASH NOW1 OnTy J5.00 If Repaid in 2 Mo. Piymtntt --Or eel any ·mour.t wo to !J.SOO| --termi TO 34 r-x»r..M (T-ort- arie-vl tcr rOur to-i' *,t#*\ arra^oM. DMk wo r.* mofey or '^LOCAL'LOAN co. Our S4fi Yiar K4 E. rn St.* 2nd floor Corner 4-ft 1 Lotu.t H.r 14111 A.k tor Ed Sr^etan, A/mr. School Jnstruetipn 22 FREE PLACEMENT {or GRADUATES. Bo a D A R t r N O t R SPRING SPECIAL ". CROC-CHECKERS TRAINING | April J« CailJ}]0744 HOUStKtlPl R, motTierie.t Ixj^e ) rrtt unaer S. it»* tn. tTO rer week. Call TR 4 HSS A-n^t m, an. «. FULL'llMC BOARD, riwn- ».*-*'l --«*get, to I o*it No vrvckina or drint inj. llwd.^arei HA_S-1ti .OVCH*'e4' tar mo'rl ·orrrent tra n na. S* CU-.Ul ca ,,..,.I'c'-tr w.ti o"«e"drl»ma aMo*- rr")..^.^.'^ 'ii.%. S ' COUNSELOR TRAINEE Aumcy e-icefieit* Cn^-lt'e, .ny nr-^* A en* en me tvn* "tCCp "rMn OTwrnT ArncT HE I01CI Operdtor*Manicunst for buiy t*kewood Beauty Si'ei. Na tonoi-jina required. HA SM..I STEVENS I M P l O T W t N T ^ A C C N C V ^ :iV I. Ct-wr-rton BL. CC'i NE t) 1-11 6OOKKtEP£RS"ASStSTANT [ xi'f RlCNCf D. Arety In pe't-on. LONG BLACH lURN'TURL W4 L-.V.,! Beach B'vd. GENERAL OFFICE F*\t f*t.t. l.te ilSorltiand. Sl»'f At 1J« mo. l-Wjne Mr. Bore". HI" /Q»i4 *··· infenrew _ ^ GENL7INSUR. AGENCY * Vrt. *fp»f. Ph._ HE_? Mil JISKPR." full cf P*' f * im «- B **»- Rauir-ocr. GE 1 14^. L Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 . . . » b« 0 "TV»7i-M AreJ/ a m cnl_ M3 Ire. "·'*]; "' ·«»'· Marlel, *400 D»nelan(l _Cleane-l Ann. J77I L J. BI_..L B. I""-- See Mr. Da,,l. t - »-e'l M. Dowiev i*jr»i,-*i , try tnftt. Alan A art-j Syrlr^r · '·*··**-*.'*·· itre-.. 1 ) g r e a t i rli». 4 M Dm,~Mcllelir'. TAYLOO --Mlrrv J I . 1411 , l?--i St. frr-ierr/ T i ir---. Heacfl Twe*fl«/. I W / p r-i. Rev. (hai'et VI CViaa ' clt.clatr.a. Mont'11 triacei. , Mvrr:e Ave. i*fvKe Tve«.*v. L II 00 r-aon. Pev P a u l M. f A I Han'r.0. Wjtteiri ; tnaoei . _ _ 'S--Laura. Serv.ce will' be armourx en FLY FREE * (POUND IBIPl SILVER FLITE TO Miipah Hotel t Cavna IONOPAH. NEVADA $10 CVCNINC OF rUN PACKAGE incit: rha-Tpaowt, (·'rvo tervice. B-xt. 13 n t t t f t . 2 Cxi- PHQIO FINISHING IlLLP CAUF:REG:NURSE arn..'HOU'.l.|r.LrPCR-.Mi Care. D.a i teiel in Pe'i. require.. ·-· etc*.. ' BE I n L. B. - *f Stirling A _ _ _ . __ Lltt hov\tkrfp-nx maitur* wrxrian _ ., HOUSErC[ *'! R ft fare cf J t-ot\ live t-n Pf'f'fncei. Ca'l afer Gr IJUJ St*I Bra^h »3« t *· Mtmlocli C r;8 from Long Bssch t, Burba TR 7-370I HA I 1215 PRIVATC FLIGHTS AV*IL'Dl.t " GOINS'lO US'vlGAS? HAIR HOUSE 144 IjlUKI INN M0*0 A Ore.!!. Be-ie-3 L-e%ert inn} » l l » - A t l l T - f / 0 B A I I i DArl 10 A J W .S PM. r, . nrr.irMiY/-- c/~Ljr-.--M KANs: MACHINf Firwr-I f I'l " BARTENDING SCHOOL! i.r».,--vrd *,.»«, i.r,i H, J-J t UreM-r.r. L. B. HE I·,*«' '"-""I* lait«ot-I cura H A I I . M MOORE SCHOOL i'T'c.'f «'r* .«' Si'..a 1 "" *4t C. 71M Hf J W * j COVf ANiQN tor eoert.- 1*1,- Srwtrl Course* A S^aWU'd m O'drr t-vl.- ivr'efred Of. *!»* DC rruTiriu *" *' LVM fflf O'*l ttrg«try i F4T Park, Nxrukeeoer *^o . Cue.t rsixna. __Ht JiWC .-ixm ht'p". Atinr Poct"B«»r. Lot^ GE 1».^ not l^r K r r PF R--Livt w. toy * Aiam.tot. ^t'.Mf 3 ' MACHINE Cnorcv-er blu-t prmt 1 tet UD, eiper. cref. Call K-L_S^I7I HOUSEKtrM.R room 4V,d board Live in Rett Utdrr O LO4J«C w r D "ASST. I inrt" tar'l o'rl olc t,\O n L*'e*oo4. MA f 1474 Alto f-if hop Cl 14114 ...,, BAarS.IUR. I.r.c'.t o r l 11 i t'A', r-crv-e. own tramp GE 101.141. , . O*le_l_eerm(e_ RlOERS W-.VM la t-A. t-» ftr HouLMora-Apr. HOUSES Oirt-rr p.*oo'e pre'erred. f Z ttrmt. START TRAINING TODAY Ov't coif ro rr-ire fl nore l*w Pa^if c MC JI4ll_A_3 v**4 Y.OVLM Arm COUntl'e-1 A H.l, irvtep. F^ei* le-rgrarrr- BAHtrtS'lN DfMANO ( nowl 71 wee* courts. AMt* · » « C f » COltlOt o. Lonr) Be«h. ME l.4; Ml Itlll 6«v RiOESJ *anie-l v.c at ^mw-*yr d-v-rt covrte _ T a LA.^Ce-t'er fa-lf. Try J4II1 1 ^ALL~"6A evhrerr. ta tfiare. Bac* J TO «177;}_VrHlTr:OWB »O*6cH.i^*x's_|tTi .~ PO.NH NOHIrTl CAIT" tONTKACTO". KMOOL ' OtIVt At, OrVH lp JffSJ)! IW» flHt^Vt. _Mr »l-Ji; AaNTCD~e.4t.e-/*ri rs New'va** CIJITAS; *- SDIVATF S-»'e T w jura ' Kecr-^^t -· Ik4v*rv--l HA S ^"fc^^ instruetlen' 22,HelpWonted (Worn.) 24 -.lllllllirillHllllllllllllilllllllLt PBX TRAINING COURSE HigS School Gradyatt Etpsrisnco Preferred. Mutt Hove S^ortl-oncl 10 lo 100 WfM Type tO WPM Estelleet So'ori- and Fri«is le«efill i Aluminum Co. = of America = lilt AIM* As*. = Verso.. C.I,I. Z An e^uai ec-c-xH--"*v e^e.*«ver £ nllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll? BE A WESTERN G!RL! Register Now! TEMPORARY OFFICE JOBS No Fie-- Good Pay TCWP TTritT OewKle-rt L.I. I ta I . n . ri «i 1171 nr. TtMP IffNO Taint. ··· I " . txel. II II dr. girlinc, lit W. Ocean. In. It, L I.

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