Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 9
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"ONE OF THOSE THINGS Tax Man Aware Not Popular *-.·' By DON BRACKENBURY .,V^ V .. I. P-T Lo Antiki lureM 'V-"The .tax colector is-never going to be the most popu laf man in the world," U.S. Commissioner of Internal Rev- enugvSheldpn.'S. Cohen admitted Friday in Los Angeles.' · ^ejjertheiess, 'C o h e n as- ~ sertjd, the American tax sys terngys basically fair and is "the envy of the world." This year, he told a press conference in the new. fed Jrease-Rate , Slash Urged for Marina L O S ANGELES (UPI) -An advisory commission rec prnmended Friday that gross business leases at the nev $32--million Marina del Re; be drastically reduced to at tract small businesses.' . T h e Small-Craft H a ' r b o Advisory Commission's rec Cjmrnendation was referred t tjjie cpunty supervisors for-ac tion;. . ' . . . . . · 'felj! r 'approved, the commis sion's plarl would .cut /th jtefgentage taken f r b h f th n\vher's gross prpfits ; fr " v1 thepresent 5 or 6% to vVArthur ,G. : Will,'.acting;'director, ·'·'said the. proposal Moonship Module Back at Downey Plant of -N A A-After Re-entry Test »/ ral Building, the Internal evenue Service will collect 122 billion--and 97% of it vill come in'voluntarily with lie tax returns. "And it costs the U.S. .tax- ay er . only one-half cent to Collect aid. $1 of t a x," Cohen By LEE CRAIG . :A*rovMe Idrrer Charred from its exposure to temperatures twice-as hot as molten lava, the first Apollo spacecraft to fly in the nation's, program : to land men on the moon relumed to its luilders at North American Aviation's Space Division at 3owney Friday. Preliminary analysis indicates .the l},()00-pound com: mand module passed its test with flying colors when was fired into space last Feb. 26 atop a Saturn IB booster LMlf MM*, CHIf, IH., Mvcll It DM INDEPENDENT--P«g.f,.A-9 THE 38-year-old commis- ioner said that automation if the Internal Revenue Serv- ce' is now virtually complete. All business returns vere handled by computers ast year, and two-thirds of all individual returns are computerized this year. "By January of next year, all returns will be computerized," he-said. Use of computers is making it possible for the IRS to cut personnel and expenses, despite . the continuing in- V of returns because to begin the Apollo flight pro ;ram. "There is no evidence structural damage," Dr. seph Shea, of the Aeronautics and Space Administration, said at a press conference. 'The heat shield shows only expected charring, with no indication of significant harm," :ie said. There were, however, a few minor malfunctions will be closely studied before the next unmanned expanded ' p o p u 1 a tion and economy, Cohen said. 1 ; . . ·'. An average .of two million new returns are being filed each year, Coheri said. If it were, not for computers, the !RS . this year. ; \ybuid need ' ·;· · - --- t( j '· 12,000 ! irio're Shea said. 300 Participants in L S B. Kite-Flying Tilt Today More than 300 kite fliers arc expected to turn oiit af 1 p.m. today for an afternoon of competitive kite flying~SE'the foot of Coronndo Avenue. Sponsored by the Long B e a c h Recreation Department, the annual contest features the first, second third-place winners in tests held during the and con- last month at 52 schools and 22 parks. Spectators will bo able to watch the competition from the bluff above the beach. The only requirement for entries is that the kite must fly. Winners will be chosen in a variety of categories from the largest to the smallest, the steadiest flier, the hcst decorated, the most comical and the highest flying in all age groups. Navy Air show Is Toro Open House Sidelight El Toro Marine Corps Air Station's 23rd birthday as a Marine installation will be celebrated today and Sun and an apparent leak occurred in the glycol system which left about three pints of water -SIlK PMIe command mo- would encourage; small les- s'ees to 'open' marine h a r d- ware shops, snack bars and other' small businesses. 'Mermaid' on Beach Sea Cow, as Usual f rprti ' 7,000 workers. . . . , ' In the Los Angeles ; trict, 5.8 million individual returns were filed-fpr:the'.i964 tax year. T h e 'district collected more than $6 million in revenue, he reported. CpMPUTERS*also make it easier for the IRS to keep a DURBAN, South Africa tff) --The first "mermaid" ever reported washed up on the South-'African coast puzzled local residents .at Umhlaii. · r Th%.-8-foal : bo.dy later was identified, by Durban's. Ocea- ijPgraphjpj.Re.seprch, Institute a s ' l h a c o r a dugong, the sea mammal .said to have given rise to' the mermaid legend. ·Experts said it probably was swept south by the Indian Ocean Cyclone Claude. One window'was fogged SCORCHED BUT UNSCARRED, first California-built Apollo dule tested ih space is shown in background at North American Aviation's · Downey plant as Ed Offenhartz of AVCO, at left; Dr, Joseph Shea, center, NASA official, and Dale Myers of NA\ discuss capsule's recent flight ordeal. in the spacecraft cabin. Also; one .of .the.two-re- action control systems failed, apparently because electrical : ; malfunction, and less power was generated as the capsule was. fired back into the atmosphere to simulate tal mission. ' ' " · ' · · . · , Preliminary data- iridica(ed exterior temperature' on.' the moon. Re-entry speed, therefore, was "only" 18,000 miles an hour, or some 500 miles an record on prior audits of a hour less than planned. How- Navy Ships in Port taxpayer's return and avoid repeating an audit the fol- lo%ving year. "We know this is annoy : ing to taxpayers--and it's not productive for us," Cohen explained. ( Cpntrary .to,, wliat s o m e taxpayers believe, the computer does not determine who has claimed too great a deduction, or similar matters, the commissioner said. "The", computer is impartial," he-said. .The IRS programs the com- ever, this was adequate to evaluate performance of the heat shield for an earth orbi- Ship Bought by Australia^ to Stop Here The guided missile destcoy- cr HMAS Hobart, purchased by the Royal Australian Navy from the United State«La^!a cost of $45 million, wiR'arriVe In Long Beach Monday^prior o leaving on a shakedown raise to Australia. ·-^"' The Australian consul-gen- ral's office said the -137-foot lip will spend a week at the 'avy Shipyard, the announcement said. The newly appointed "Aus- ralian consul-general fpt^he vcstern United States, fjyjeil ruscott, wilt make a courtesy all on Capt. Guy Griffiths, ommandtng officer olilthe lobart, shortly after the ship urives at 2 p.m. The Hobart, commissioned on Dec. 18, 1965, at Boston, is he second of three destroyers plane, then trucked to the Downey facility. Engineers now will care- spacecraft.hull-reached 4,000 fully analyze flight effects on degrees. The environmental control system maintained the conditions expected when the cabin temperature at under 90 astronauts return from the degrees, according to Dale Myers, NAA Space Division vice president and Apollo program manager. The spacecraft, 'retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean following its historic flight, was flown to Long Beach Airport the capsule to, verify design predictions. Some 600 measurements, recorded on instruments in the spacecraft and telemetered to the ground, will be reviewed. Also, core samples will be cut from the heat shield and studied to measure charring and ablation effects of the re-entry. On t h e ' next unmanned Friday by ' Air Force cargo flight, the craft will be placed into a low trajectory which will carry it almost all the way around the earth before it splashes down in the ocean. Added systems will be aboard, among them the fuel cell and guidance and navigation systems, to check Uieir reaction to rigors of space. First three-man o ' r b l t a l mission in the test program is slated for early 1967, also utilizing the Saturn IB as booster. First flights with the mammoth Saturn 5 moon rocket will be in 1968. day with an open house and an airshow featuring the Blu Angels. Identical shows will be giv en both days. Gates open a 10 a.m. There is no admlssioi charge. The Navy's precision flyin team, the Blue Angels, wi begin their show al 1 p.n each day. After their 50 min ute shows, Marine Corps air DREW PEARSON Saves Dodd Embarrassment craft be demonstrate mrcliased by the Australians "rom the United States.. " In a series of airborne opera tions. THE STEP TO TAKE whcnl turn to in the you want help . . , 'Business Services" Classified Section. f OR EXPERT OVERSEAS DELIVERY, ( ARRANGEMENTS" CIRCLE ® MOTORS AT IHE TRAfMC C'RClF J ) t 4 Ubowcod 6 *d . GE 4 i*- ' WASHINGTON--Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had more of a hassle than the public bright have a confidential Acme Advan Biyll ,n f| _^ §enner : .,-- · Qeiinlnston Blue-jjr.:... Pier 10, Nav. Sta. realized over- whether to investigate Sen, Tom Dodd, D- puter to single out any tax Conn., for his dealings with a j P(er 15, Nav. Sta. _,., ..- -Richard _..-B.U. NSY BrvcVCanyon . pier 15, Nav, Sta. avtterruil ; Pter 9, Nav. SN Giblldo- Todd -Shtnyi cao* ~ pier 9, Nav. Sli C-arterHall · · ·· B-2, NS Chandler ; Clmarron ._ _.. Col lei I. . _..PHr.», Hav. Sta. Comslock , Belhlehern ShJoyard ·aril sta. __ Ptcr 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , . . . ningham -- LPier li Hav. Sla: e . - -B-33, NSY 8SfiS"£.- " · "I! Pfer 15, Nav. Sla^ return which varies by more than a certain percentage of a normal deduction, for example, he explained. "This does not mean that these returns are wrong," he said. ."It only means that they should be looked at by our staff." . Cohen said 38% of all ,re T ihenko Embattle Erarov Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Ore., backed Fulbright vigorously. But Pell suggested that Ful- Colonel McElroy says that as assistant U.S, naval at- .eMay, however, is a pretty turns audited result either in no change, or a refund to the taxpayer. "That's a tribute to the American taxpayer," he. as- West German agent. Dodd was saved, thanks to [he intervention of Senators Russell Long, D-La., Claibome Pell, D-R.L, and Stuart Symington, D-Mo. They rallied behind him vigorously to preserve the sanctity of the Senate Club. The issue of. Dodd's operations .with a, .West German agent at the time he was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was raised by its chairman, serted, "because these returns in place because it . . , Henderson C__ Holllsler Hull Isle Roval !_"--I-Pler 15, Hav. Sta KSV __PIer 14, Nav. sta. pier 7, Hav. ira Pier 1, Hav. Sla Bethlehem shtpvard Pier 15, Nav. sis Pier 17, Nav. Sta ^~ prer IS, Nav, Sla, . Pier.15, Niv. Sta lar; ,,. BetNetiem SMpyarc Paoe County' Persons' "Z:rZ:Beth!l __ ,,__ pier ~ we "the first looks like pick William Fulbright, D-Ark., at a closed-door session, talk with Dodd to get his explanation of the facts. "I'll have no such talk with Sen. Dodd," replied Fulbright emphatically. He added thai the matter should be handled in the open, not on a confidential basis. The matter is much too embarrassing for Tom," saic Symington of Missouri, "What's he embarrassed about if there is no truth to the newspaper accounts?' asked'Morse. . "His wife is so upset tha she's in the hospital," arguec Symington. S y m i n g t o n apparently didn't know that Dodd had good electronics expert him- .elf, haying built his own stereo set and two speakers. Because of electronics, a unique friendship has developed between the crusty re- r ,TM Icier 1, Nav. Sta Pt. Dellance BJ33, NSY: _,, Pier 15, Nav, Sla, something is wrong." * * * * COHEN a c k n o w l e d g e d however, that "there are always individual citizens who are going to a b u s e their rights and not meet their obligations." "That's why we have an enforcement s e c t i o n," he added. . Getting back to the prob ' mild resolution merely to ask the Justice supply any Department information ache in Lisbon. He is Lt. Commander Rodion Cantacuzene, whose grandmother wa's bom In the White House when her grandfather Grant was president. When she grew up she mar- UUbU W \ . L t T ^ . l * I L II1W 4-i^Ul.J 'V f -- ~ ,,. | tired Air Force Chief of Staff ped a dashing cavalry officer! and the. dapper young lieu- enaht colonel. McElroy !s probably the only Air Force officer who tells LeMay to go :o hell. He does it in a deferential tone- however, and always saying, "Go to hell, sir." .Sometimes he tells LeMay: sir. Let me A SUPER VALUE at DOOLEY'S! n the czar's army, Prince; Cantacuzene, who had fought one of the last great cavalry battles in the Crimean war, described by Tennyson in his famous poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Princess Cantacuzene, how about 90, is still living in Washington. Her grandson, Commander Cantacuzene, Fulbright proposed a very told several people that his had , regarding Gen.- Julius Klein and reported to the Justice Department as quired by law that he had written speeches for Dodd. lem of the r ___ - ___ u. er, av. a. k Counlv ---- Harbor Boat Works ___ , __________ Todd Sftldvard Pier 9. Nav. Sta. Fellows Stewart Reeves ,,! Pier 16, Nav. Sta. Roncadcr - Sub. Pier, Nav. Sfa. Sedowkk County Harbor_ - ' Toiovana .. Tcweri Turner Joy Vammen VYatke .'^ . ~ -Fcw-shID fntormall- Ie[ep4»na U2-5333. isV __.B.6I, NSY iPler 17. Nav. Sla. _P!er IS. Nav. Sta. n. ft a.m.-lo tax collector's C o h e n com"popularity," mented: "We tell our employes to be polite and kind, even to the abusive taxpayer. It's the right thing to do -- and, besides, madder! it will m a k e him Ship Arrivals, Departures SEtS IN POUT b/ Marint E) lerth Opefatr W )7B VrtlMman SSftS IN PO-HT «j b^. Marlnt Exdiarv* DUB to San For ,Mar. 14 San Fran i3p Co. -Mar. 2 Oleum C« Mtr. 11 Coos Bsv ~_"W Leiasoi Oil CoT^ZlJAar. 12 Yc ^Vnc HumWe Oil A Refining Co. -- ti? Hawaiian Plat..-. Jane ilove (Nor) J WWlnev (Bge) Lena Lucfcenbach _. La Charenfe (Fr-Tkn Mlnot Vic lory He«i,irl.rnKr./el (Gerl _ , m. JKf. 12 San 6:._ Line Mar. n Vancouver - -Jlion Co -Mar. 11 Sa; Oieoo tTT -?» Slalei Marine Lines _Mar. I) Yokohania i LBllYD ReouMIc of FrarK« Mar. 17 Padeete 1« A L Burb.nk.1 Co.__,Mar, ,.Sal«jn ..eutiarl Oriental Jade Ocean -Anna ~)*tmar -- POftllldl --_.^__-Pauline .(Lib) ,..-^- _ laV." Salo^ .,, ,J No7 (femia:i"Llovtf Ln, \1 San Frai "' -- isa or^nt Ovtrseas Line _JAar. 11 San Fran 107 Msrlli/ne Oveneai Corp _Mar. 14 Aruba ZIZr:ZZ^-LB« Calrnar Line Mar. 12 SM F/an Y 1 ...!'."%,« Lu-nriPhiF -"==2" ^V" 1 Prtntisr Patricia (Can) -LB» PrPncw: «W«*F*: IGJJ, ----rr_--LTJij 9 . ,, War. . ne Co of PIVI __..Mar. is Cririjw /Aar. 11 Poi Rff* LBJ-Threatencr Just Talked Big, Says FBI CLEVELAND Iff)--Federal authorities said Friday their investigation s h o w e d that Kent State University Freshman David Virtue had just been talking "without thinking" when he a l l e g e d l y threatened the life of President Johnson. Virtue, 18, of Niles, was placed on probation and re- eased to the custody of his Barents when he appeared in J.S. District Court. Assistant U.S. Atty. Robert J. Rotatori said if Virtue stays out of trouble for the next two years the probation will be dropped. Virtue allegedly threatened Johnson's life in conversations with his landlord last month.- wife was in the hospital but when they called up to send flowers, they learned she had not been there at all. Pell suggested that Dodd was not present and the mat ter should wait until he could be present. This caused another senator to remark that Dodd was almost never present at : ahy session of the Foreign Relations Committee. "I thought we were sup posed to have a committee on ethics," s u g g e s t e d Morse. "What is it doing?" Morse said this ironically, but friends of Dodd's seized on it to demand that the Senate Foreign Relations Com mittee wait until the Senate Ethics Committee had acted. On a motion by Sen. Long, given a chance Meanwhile the 'iSi^fSS.)"'" _-~L L . 8 WJ Z'ik.TtrtWC ti 'vScsFEEEE-^H m Sv';K!, su Li?e S» r oT ::: E^-=L^« ll Y^Lln a , T ^_ S _ J /.r. I) S,,TM Fsffl ~ : -- ift TS3 KFSSfJSA anS!^ VJM ftAru (Jig"~ ' *·" YamajhliS-SNnnlhon Ln Mar. I] Sin Fran _Mar. 12 s*n Fran * Mar. 11 San Oieoo . Mar. 13 Saloon re --Mar. 11 Manila Serv Mar. 74 Horr'ulu ..--Mar. 13 San Fran WasYilnSlon Yamaferv VesleT le Calmar Anc. -Mod lane. (Lib) 2: Sl^,"t H? f.BTT U:i,"Caper LB« VESSELS DUE FRIDAY From ODerator _Loncjvlew Calrnar Line -OD - ^-Neoova WaltenJui Line °" -- ' I^ Slejo Slaies LlM __ Huerime Stales Marine Marine Llnei _-_i«V. u" Sl'Mji imTSan Fran U.S. Bmk Carriers Inc _-_ _lncW. Oiaka Javantl Shlpotoe Co Lt ShSS ffl C T^nl3,'l n ,cf lr 2M.r. 13 FerMsie ^^IcTLMjIlMnl . ProWent Ltwt Mar. U.San Diteo n Jolt r) M ·" Sahril 4-_-^Vc*c*ani- .. Fran-P-- .. ~:sin Frarj JsMiin' 'u'ni'^-~--~-^Mtr."] MODELING THE ELVES GENEVA (# -- Fans of the Swiss yode! are organizing a m a s s i v e howl against restriction of yodeling time on the government radio. A group spokesman said: "Before the reorganization of the radio, there were 20 hours of y o d e l i n g a week/ Now there are only four. We will protest." supported by Symington an Pell, it was agreed that Dodd should be notified of the dis cussion and to answer. Foreign Relations Committee would wait for the Ethics Committee to act. Since that time, Dodd has! 1 been informed of the debate! and his chance to answer charges against him. Despite 1 this, he hasn't been near the Senate Foreign Relations,! Committee of which he is a member. UNIQUE FRIENDSHIP --', Lt. Col. Eugene McElroy -has flown to Los Angeles to help; install some special electronics devices in the palatial j 1 new home of his former chief, Gen. Curtis LeMay/ McElroy is the electronics!' expert who wired the Sanj Francisco apartment of Sen. Barry Goldwater during thel Republican National Conven-j! :ion so Barry could listen to.| iiarh operators during GOP debates. McElroy also checked! Goldwater's hotel suite to be sure it was not bugged or wiretapped, · |i talk, sir." Colonel will leave soon for the Amer- old son Terry has caught the ican Embassy in Lisbon. "You ain't no general," he once told LeMay. TILE CERAMIC ot any banjo." Referring to the fact that yet been sold to the movies, Colonel McElroy suggested, 'When we lose a couple of more bombs over Spain, the book will get sold." getting the great : greatgrand- son of President U. S. Grant Even Elephants Can't Remember All The Changes in the INCOME TAX If pachyderm* how problem, hew about people? Tha «cny aniwer--laic* your nlvrn lo (LOCK. Our ryitim o checking ·very return meant yoa vrill rece'nre every Tegfl- Imale decfiKlToil. Cone in todoy eUAIANTEl We guaronlee cxcarale priaaralioji el every fax retar Ameritt'i Lirgeir T»x Service wllh Ov«r 1000 Ortie«t IHGUWOOD 54I W, Cinlury o'bvt -- J165 atittfi crovi P."H S'li * nri n 5-91 r NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY SYLVANIA 1966 19" Color TELEVISION Deluxe Wood Grained Cabinet Sylvania's 19" Color Roll-about offers unmatched convenience and : enjoyment Qt o wonderfully Low Pric«l 50 399 ,TJm«r Cltclric Clock «d Di!«i« Kolloiott In* Oflhtal el litra Colt FREE DELIVERY, SET-UP, 90-DAYS SERVICE IH YOUR HOME and FULL GUARANTEE ^e Mart J075 LONG BFAC'H BLVD.- NORTH LONG Bf ACH Mo*. t Fri. 9 to ? -- Tuos., Wed., Ttmrs., Sof,, » f» * SUNDAYS 10 to 5 ;

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