Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1976 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1976
Page 13
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. J4--O»fl«, Cah * NN CRAMT10N · AKO EXGI.ISJI Bulldog nipple*, grand · ttf«, SiHer Sputi and Big Hen. 7 wx" J200 up. Prafrfe GIOVR, Art. W5 2i BOXKH Ptnj« _ Ma!* and fenttJe.~Favm fc white. G. L. Rune*. i-hon« 524-5179. 26--Far Sol*--Minoltan*co» 34--Apartmtnt* For Rant (·OHft] »nd iilvM- r silver services,, table*r). Everythln B l ly. All Rmui S*t* j nctibwli, crystal · linen* (clnth and r. thai »p«cJa] par- Oi* tr, +WR332. STRAW lor eate. Hvxie SNOW whit* American EsWroo, male. 11 mft. old, love* children, ha* had »hot* · AKC registered, price $», 4-13 4 Ml «l. 45 .: ttbm' 9 to 5 -- call M7-3J31 alter I ·, p.wi. *sk lor T. U. Porter. AKC REGISTERED Hovers, twly la ad . -May lBl.-»3. to. »100. 4W.77TO. STRBTL'H .STITCH MACHINE 1U5.W. "Itial's rl£ht you can buy . a hrand nw WHITE wuolidatcd Iota. SRTETCII- SIITCH tewing nwohlrtt tti*t dee* but- onholctt.' darns, monograms ar«d tews heavy malarial lor Kily, I1M.K. Th!« machine ij nationally advertised for over 1250.00 and carries a 20 Year PARTS and LABOR Guaranty. Hurry while lxts. E-7, Terms. UFS/Unll " . Frelsht Salo AKC BOSTON Terrier pup^ci well .,, nuuktd, KXIW low. good one*. Platt' - tiKC Rlac-V and tan DACHSHUND r*i Pits- Call 7S1-H9 after 6 p.ra, or T; ,; OM3 belore 1:00 pjii. - ( DOG GROOMNIO - All breed - 11 ; years ejcperlene* -- BonlU Vlawr -- Hiwiy 16 E. - Pfecti 1214331 or 4O- 2H2. 25--Home Nwh--Tor Sal* « vaster and dryer " BEAUTIFUL : oranR a Btrhi*,: rarf jtllnw Wfllw (or Ka*ter and hargfuiZ basXeti Blueberry plants, rhodnrtrtvirooj Ope . . 62 W. . . Open 99 Moo..Kri.. tLU 6:00 Sal. THE LITTLE WOMAN GARDEN Tiler.' 565. Garden spr JZ5. Hna,-. open arm M*vfng machine *W- Suigler MO *Unl -o-aiaUc, 8W. Mobile honw wheels', donuts and 5 tide, J15 each. Sony under da-Ji cassette playe HJ. -Fender Telec.vsWr gu*tar. £200. Ma shaU amplified. JIW, Antique piinl Irays. $10. Car lop lugsa*« carrier, $23. Call BEDROOM TURKITURK -- Pickup Iror a nice tekclton at all wood bedroom lurrjture A( super prices. For esAmp 1 .* « beautiful solid oak 4 piece bedroom set tor only $299,93. Many more and all His are nil wood oon-tUurtlon. E-7. Tentii AvaJUUe. UFS/Undled Freight Sales, Hwy. ,61 W. FaytUevill*. Open 9-B Moo.- Fri., UU «:DO Sat. . (PIECE Walnut · Very Rood · BEDDING · SALE -- We arc Marked te :-,«T rafi»r»' wilh all, sixes of orthopedic bedding! Selection and prlo«i have n · btifin bcU«r, full dzc octhopcdic nvitl und box !»pnngs only I93.M, Que«n sins -'- .M^S In good firm era tie ooty St4 and king sJic'drthopedic sets only tl». T.-7. Ternvr Avaihble. UFS/Uniled Freight Sal«r, KMT. 61 W. Fayrtlcvflle. Open »9 Moo.-Frl., till C;00 Sal. . DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS ; ,,;, r ' OUTLET STORE .. ;,; 327 So, School . .. . ';';-; Phono 443-2163- sym* by and «M our Cm »»l»ctk« of jtwd Immiure. W«w 2 p'«e sofa and cHnJr, food CO\'*T«. OAK ahA\-ings dump«l outslds yotu .WEED EATERS, JARI MOWERS LAWN GENIES Muriy Hill Helendale W overly Woods Apts. Furnlshftd.or Unfurnished i E\tra larae bednxmw choii alar or kinsslie beds) t Courtyard exquisitely landscaped with swimming pooi. paUa i Wall-to-wall narpetinj and drap* · Double closet in bed.-wmi« with i ' rage space · Central Heat r»d Alrca; · Modarn Vftchen with all including dishwasher (all ecectdc) t Laundromat wllh washers and drjert · T\vo Kuest puking- lots · Maid Service · CoivenJontly located lo UnlverHy public «civx!s aivi ihopptog *rei! Murry Hill, Helendale, Waverly Wood Apis, Mnhaccr Apt. C-l · or Phone 442-3722 Conner ol Hill L Putman cnienc** 47--Rwt tttflt*--For ScU NortW«tt Arkanuit TIMES, Monday, April "\9 f 197 ITITEni.I.E, A H K A N M S iSL time en lh« martwl, 4 b*AUIf«] odfd aorM w-iRh · lantartle riew with |arg« bediomu, 2 lul] bulh*. 5to3n .iiw: HTCA with fir*pl*«. boa Mrvrit o fnml donr Lo Root and Woodlid Jr. School», Call o for appolntrrtrtt. RS-SU. 47--R«l Eitof*--For Sal* 720 Sunset Pkotn ·ai-mt 80-A. Five Rooffl hrm« -- KKJnMd ^orch, Wcod-burnirig Tii*r!*c« -- BMU' IM ttchen. FcrtiJ* fanl« ITM, SiMwn iMnrc fruit trees. Bam. Ixufinjc Sh«d. .**· (enc« around enUr* W. Great %-i*w, Priw only 1*5,000.00. OMW will traofl property. 50-A. KMT WHt«y v,iih l«« 3w*r eld «" of IMWurt ATX! WJitor. Prio* only H3.' 500,00. Good larni*. 70-A. I- Some fconrii t*ndi lo*j o IMWB m BIL( And MxU R/A. on ut »Tia* el WhK« River. 10-A. 47--Re.l Eit*!«--For Sal* "You can't come in! The house is a mess and I look an absolute fright!" 34--Apartments For R«nt . . Beaa Baps. RetfoEar Heavy 'duly vlndl Hock«ra, Kood ro\** ' Uifd ch«M of drat HIM. U»ed ihi , . Only i *firtinf ft . S19.B3 139.9! W#ed-E*M*r -- Cuts with Firing lii* Full Year Warranty For Information or free demotiitraticn call. 7S1-1D62. 71-VS m It no aiiiver 1 Ml-7071. LAWN, EQUIPMENT SALES . O. Bvt B!l, Fa'rtt*vii[a, Art. A complete line of Weed-Ealcr parts suit* rixrtlng M tow ; QUIET APARTMENTS! Wire locallcfll GAillAND nARDE^S'S v.111 have one ar/1 bedroom vacajidca for June 1, 1076. mer, rates available for ftuderts, leta laundry facilities.' Call Mi-Mil FURNISHED apartments May 13. rental. One : bedrooms or cfticiiuxes, -iu;*t c to campus [or single sludent or mir couples. No pets. 4J2-SS55. ; OAHDt^ picwin?, bruit) housing, tree romovAL On weekffids. ConUct brfwcen 5 And S, Monday through Salurday, ra-3 and ssk for Ric*. JSED ran rond tiec Also river ho fill din, creek gravel, hillside srav«rf fisfone chat. Phone 442-9096. ' KEW SOFA AND CUAtll SHIPMENT. Teal's right «f have iust received a bra/id new iJifprnect of beauti [ul tola · ' laiwJ chair Kts in "a w-^e vnriely of colors and stylM. Prices range from £139.95,.. (1W.S5. . .$319.95 10 J259.M and ·rone b*wuiiWl cfltf** And «xl la marting si only $19,95 each. Cuh Terms. Uf-S/Unrled Freight Sales, II«-y. 62 W. Fayeueville. Opon 99 Mon.-rri,, ir.l 6:M Sal. IARGK DtNINC. ROOM SHIPMENT -- 'JfaV Just arrived and you now have a -,"»Tipfr seiertton" on any «1e. or aiie ifirai 1 need. Great buyn twh a« c cabineli as low as 4169.93. 5 piece : "eue Ml* flnly fTfl.EG,- All wood 5 :. Ainlns room scls only $239,95 and much ·.''more. Cash "or T*rn« Ai-allable. ' UFS/ UnltKl Fr*rght «*!«, Ihw. « W. Fay - - -jeUevjlte. Open 9-9 Hon-'-Fn., tin 6:00 Sat .{C^tGZ ^-®*© com JAWK SHOP TOWEK APARTMEWTS. 1 t 1 bednnr furnished ararfm^nts. Summer ram « lo University, rhoie 5214251 c 44M022. . bedroom lurnishfd apart- md wafer paid. AvailaKa \si ar.d UU. Keir Inv. Co, 37--Mobile Homes L Spa CM For Rent beJU+JM U*». 4 hud' MAPLE MANOR iwe Quiet Country Uv\ax B«OOOM Suburban LUe Style" ' , tltxn Ideal ?or The Family Four Float Flam StartJ it fUO . fcuOJ Iero*1l Holds YM* Cfe COME SEE OUR VILLAGE. ITS QUIET -- 513ADV AND FRIf^DLY. PRIVATE PARKDvG AND WTDE PAVED STREETS. \ I EBY · ATTRACTIVE TO RETIRED FOLKS. COUNTRY LANE MOBILE HOME VILLAGE PHONE 521-4666 LARGE m« bedroom, dishwasher, air- conditioning, qulel complex. CaU Vic aft« WI IUY AHYTKIMC Of V*U , AM fcri Viu Mt* 0?t»« ta Rtr»i - , ·' Jtwnjir-cotD-coiMi-cuni. MUIICAL IH1I1LJMINT1-1QOLI .- , : i f O I T I M I O O O O I ( 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 I IDS HW"AY II S. LOOKING FOR A PI ACE TO LIVE THIS SUMMER! 61ENDALE APTS. JM WLL HOIJJ UT1L MAY M * SPECIAL SU.\U.!ER RATES * FURNisuj-r.n * ONE BEDROOM .* UTILITIES PAID * l,AUNnnV * WALKING DISTANCE TO UofA * SWIMMING I'OOI- * NtGStT SBCUnm* GOARD POOT. PARTIES ON OCC\SION. A MCE PLACE TO LIVE. YCUR CHOICE LEASE OR MONTHLY. CALL ANYTIME "" 6633. 633 PUTHAN. NIBLOCK- RENTALS . Locations with 1 an d2 B^iroom Cur itshfd ontlK to »ei%'e your needs. 1. -\EnX£SHIP AND FAIRGROUM3S AIT., 1M5-1SW NelllpsWp. Quality aniU. all elect ric with di sin vast et a nd dis l»sa]. 2. MOBILE IIOMK. NiKocVs Mobile Rome Pfc Ail units with aii. No pelF. Call 5215323 35--Duplex For Rent 1 BEDROOM Duplex wiUi cenlral heat. central air, unrumlshed except stove, Kcralor, wall-to-wall carpet. $143/ th. DeposUi required. Call J21-SS7.: FUIINISHEI) 1 bedroom duplex study. Air (w.dilloned, [pnccd yard. O IK^LLDII oil '16 West, $125 month, Phona New Two and Three Bedroom Homes Villa MOBILE HOM£S Lease'With Option To -Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Entrance Across From Holiday Inn .CUSTOM BUILT TRAILER n large Iree Bturtd«] lo*. ervejimkinj leaver Lake. Like n«"-v ktf^d« ted out. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES concrete vault and sopUc tank busioei Or 13 acres with can laundry, cjr vt. and barter ihop. For details o*ll FAYETTEVILLE REAL ESTATE b *ihs lamily trth FP. PaUo. CH Ju!!e( Eave* *t 571-6300 or CENTRALLY LOCATED BRfCK NEED TO BE WALKING DISTANCE OF SHOPPING. ETC! THIS IS U-H-VT YOUR IXWKIKR FOR. FORMAL LIVING ROOM, FORMAL DIN- LSG. TWO BEDROOMS, IVi BATHS, KITCHEN AND LOTS OF STORAGE. SEPARATE BRICK GARAGE WITH COMPLETELY E1NCLOSED PATIO. THIS HOME IS \VELL CONSTRUCTED AND A VERY ATTRACTTVB DF-SinN. FRICE 127.00 WTTir AS- SUMARLE LOAN. IMMEDUTE POSSESSION. C A L L : VIRGINIA BRISTOW. OFFICEi 521-WO, HO.VtKi ·M25W7. SO VERY DIFFERENT by Warren Sea graves built on a hltl lot ith lake and inOunUui view. Just 4 locki from Washington .Medical C*r.t*r. tt iui*l ar/J private. Fine walrvut pin- binets, glau panels to blei " Interior the arvl xlertor IJv pan*! ·ing all Office 142-7081 5247 N. Verweia U1*41S 442-7101 2CT-33S! U3-2M* FREEMAN J 2 T - 6 3 0 0 N*. Cofleg J KING SIzo bed with spread t pUltw "-»17j, 1 larf* exalt drew*-r4-p« chwt at '·' dravv-ers, (70. 1 codrfail talrie. 60" in * :.length. W)- 1 Bo-«"t. ?100. Call Sn-3179 · ' "fKjrlScOOjioon.lTORJ^ 26--For Sa!»--MIscellantcut PIPJTO fc CMBW CAR parts.:Sandbug^y frame, 3-gpetA transnassion. Buick eo- Sine, WO. One large chair. Call 521-4468 alter_ 3:00.'^ · ·'. . MNB hopechest, one,year oid. like ne\v\ (75. Wash«r, needs repair. J23. Plmrte 521. = WJ3--ISM N. Uveretl 14-A. · GARDEN roto tUler 6 HI 1 . *75- Rfdins .- li»-n mbsvw J16S. 8x27 camp tialler J7M, low dollar. 443-4076. 21--Autombltvo--For Sals olhed iling Go nit. 521-5920 J1K H. CW.IWI IK-o/JIM.I TWO bedrtom duplex, central heat and r. washer and drjer corvnecUwa. ShaS irpel 1 hrou ghout. parbage djjr^^- Phone 4124738 alter 4:». Now Renting for Summer CUMM1NGS APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms . 443-4757 FURNISHED two bedroom dup! ler paid, available TIC Jlt CO. S2L977L 36--Houses For Renf BEDROOM unluniishcd, pnvat* he and hiosekeeping. Murt live niseis. S*nd inquiry to P.O. Box I POOL Tables -- new and awd -- lfx'j only Brunswick dealer -- eei id supplies -- 651-9770. IJfUe Rock, Art. METAL DETECTORS, GAHtlET, the pr»- [fiHiodla rholM. Treasure him tins rop- pUe«. Call Ahe Lincoln, Rogers. 636-C967. PIUCE* PAID FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE AND APPLKNCTa AI£O ANTIQUEa. SHOP UQ FOR TH» BEST BUYS IN TOWN. RA1CLIFFS FURNITURE rj. n W M Now Two BWITM TO Bfrr* Too. v · TAKING APPLICATIONS 1 BEDROOM . . . $115 2 BEDROOM .. $134 All utilities paid, unfurnish ed, qulel, family atmosphere WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. 1653 N. Lewli YOUR IMPORTED CAR AND MICHELIN zX Builtlo last he[in'ZX is . ed with e tee t for resistance lo wear., .powerful roadgrfp... precision control, Make sure you change up lo Michelin ZX.ihft numberons tire forlmporlcdcais. TROPHIES Bowling--learn sporls, All your award needs. PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College WEED EATER. IAD mo« ers. Law Genie. Sales, parts. «fn - lce. lawn equipment *al«. P.O. box 611, Phone 7SI-19T- 27--Musical Merchandise SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile Kiome Village flwr. 16 ti?paM Foot, laawlr?, p«Uoe, itoran Call Today J21-BM4 ^jsj*jQojO^ J ^^v^.,^.,... LJ i ^_ 1 1 _ 0 _^ Jv ^^ 38--Mobil· Homes For Sal* STACIGUS 1971 CUSTOM EXfX^rnVE '""-fl SklrteA, «n«ted, dra pes, mini washer, dri'er, extra nic« J5 500 BEDBOOM mitaml6l)od except relrigorator. Pay r*m UUIH.IM ;r month. Phone 4134332. STUDENTS ~ 2 BR oottaRe in q ktijside. TO minntes to caimpa*. No , available May Lfl. 442.9285. 10 ROOM fi bpAmom hon Ih. inquire at Rochlw : Center St. No phone 37--Mobile Homes SpacM For Rent J2xW OOVKNTRV molrile home rooms, partly JirniiUiDd and c asher and dorr, lake over p f laj.OI. Cali MOBILE irorae, wx b e d . bath, -complrtdj 1 carpeted, furnished CH/CA COUNTRY PLACE ar new all Brick rhr*« bedrcorn home with tw-o-ca r Garsff Ontral Vacuum System, tw-o baths. b;iilt- in V.lchen, oecitril air ixmdiUcnin*. On levt\ ncr* w-ith X'V*! p»nJ«ci. WM*. oil Mt. Comfort Rd. pall M tor arp ' ' ROGERS Thriving an a TWAT B*-av*r I^iw. lh : « fine, home Is localed ju« ri£hl. Thre« bifi bcdr^iomfl. Dining Room. T^f baths, oenlrj] air conditioning, all electnc Idl- ehen, two-car pAray*. Call Geri AUtn Ml 6703. -etiinK« 751 «M. OLD WIRE RD. 814 acre* ol ' f i n e Und just riirtit lor buLidmi Crty M'ater available. CVH De«x Hartley i2l-6700--enmff! «J6«fi. A REAL BEAUTY roorn honw near BnUerheld School, Deluxe Vi'all to Wall rArpel, Massiva \Vood-bumlnc fireplace. Two baths v,iih " irb'e-lop Vanitj-s. Tastefully deroraied. -*t Clas 1 squahly materials and Vitrk- itvship throughout, Priced laea than Jurt he oidinaiy HoKum house. Call r.!nda itanby--oSl-GTOO -- evenings 521-5*33. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE COMPANY ' Iral ,, . . io« N. Col legs 521-6700 nice litUe helr«re built im w we this belore you tnaiw jt^ur ove. Uited by L. L. SUtilon. Ml«00. OUT OF THE CITY BUSTLE . ?3) O-^n this neat 3 Mrm and den, I bath near ne»~ Twme 6n your very f" J ''a 211 iciej. carp cts and drip as, w»ah- dry o^iui., ranae. cesi. HbA, carport with florage. Move out now arad plant your Kirden, Uslcd by Wilmi CooUcfk. 321-B300. 331-7037 £v«s. WHAT A GRAND VIEW Beautiful Botson Ml«. In lh« d · ili actfi 01 privacy on HM^. 71 en Mt. Gaylor. 2JO lixnt on 71 tor an- ind tx\r stone buiJtUng lor small aiiop or *lor*. CalE Austin IMz£era]d it WLl 6500 for R ''Joo* M»". GET AWAY FROM IT ALL (33?l On thij eecludtd 215 seres. Ideal tin n J luj e love:*. gardeninS, or ju*t "iui el livin' '.' yet wily 6 ml. Iro^i lonn. N*ar nr-v S re-cm home, fireplace, range, car- f*Lng arj drapes. O'vTi*r'a transferred and offers (or JUST {21.MO. Listed br WBma Coollck 321-8300. or 331-7067 EYM; l To« . chain Etilt r«fl, ?7,3W. - , drjrr. nWned, lied - 14x70 MOBILK honi In cx'trcllent condil! ate. M]] 521.-3S53 3 bedroom. 2 bath \ BKVKRLY MANOR APAHTMEiNTS Summer rales. Healing summer and fall. 2 blocks to campus. S bedroom, ' Available June 1st. 442-iWO. WESTERN Hills Aparts men! s, 2 or S nulra 524 Cabbarf, or phone 52t-)7W. FOB RENT -- Apartment at TERRACE MANOR Available during summer terms. Phone 4U-S02S. VALLtY VIEW I Mobile Home Park] IARGE 1.OTS, PATIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N LEVERETT ST. 442-4367 QUALITY Baill 1?H. 2 bednwm nw me, central afr, cArpci. tie *j«ns _.._ chars, porches, Phcr.e 521-4M7 afX«r- iwoas. 521-5166 «vaiws», IDxS MOBILE Home, extra nice. Priced ' t#*\ thLj iv*el{. Call El-6«0. Bill Lazenby .. Les Davis .... Doug Hartley ,. Linda Lazenby Gen Allen . . . . 521-5833 521-8220 442.64X6 521-5833 751-8620 vo Not all real eifsls brokers s;6 REALTORS 3 . . · · REALTORS* bslong lo a pro'es- siojial organization, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS 5 . Only they SFB authorized lo lisa this registered membership mark. A REALTOR* makes a voluntary public commilment'to a Code of Ethics ... plsdges himcSlf to professionalism .,. continuously updates fcis skills and knowl-^ edge. Whenever you need s real estate expert, look (or the REALTOR* R. !t's your guarantee of professional service. FAYETTEVILLE. BOARD of REALTORS 521-8500 1985 N. Col leg* 440 ACRES about 7 MOBILE HOME SITE Kie. TTM covered. Paved it Cetttral icater ivstem. B*«t ol t Wood*. 443-2465 FURNISHED. LocS front porch. Air j'''pr»vate.. BeauUfnl «ixxl«l bluK. e Fai'etiMflle, mature couple. N'o . Storage space, rea*onablc. 442-S323. 39-- Offiw Space Buildings For Rent M285 EXCELLENT CONDtTION . na!L Julirt IDav FREEMAN SUPER RECEIVER, SUPER PRICE You can buy a profesaicnal rec*a' tlut has All UM features you've, alw; wanted at a price you can nflord! Ki AX[/FM reortlon ,AFC for drift free rewptton, 2 phoce (wok 1 UIK, loudntss (i[- ler and much move- for only SI39.M Uiai's ri^M only 1139.93 Uiji week only a1 United Freight Sales, TemM Availab p UFS/Uruled FrKghl Sales. II«y. 62 \\ Faj-etteviUe. Open 99 Moo.-Fri., till 6:00 SaL JUITAIIS, bui, maBdollns, vJattiu, vt. kin, relloc. nhelel**, QntM, eorontfj, mmp*Ls, rjarlaets, s**ApJicfl«s, drums. rdj'aoj and'many olbtt mtulcal la- menls. Ufa] biigalt*. Roehler Jewelry, 4 Eat Cenler ftr-«i. 28--Antiques--For Safe washer and dn'er. Phoni 60x40 For L«a Shopping BUSINESS . occllenl BUltDING kxatdbe. WMtgH« Mitr. WrlU U B«i P-W o/l Nonh^wl Arkusai TUTPS, P.O. Dnww D, FaretlerUle. Art, 73TH. 1,500 SQUARE f e K for [ea fsiional o!fic«, sho'AToom, o Highway 6Z Weal. Inquiri ·enl to P.O. Bo* S13, Fu v e for pro- warehouse, may b* IN SWEETBRIAR nmv 4 bodrtxwn brick been*. S hithr. intercom sjttem. wet bir. and «11 lh* extras. MK Z HBW 3 bedroom* mider crw«truc- LJOO, buy BOW ad diMM o*-a colon. IN LINCOLN M ^crai with 2 bedroom trallei houw Good f«K«. Pood. Outbtiildin^*. Phon« Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 miles West of Winriow on thf Bunyaid Road. Some oCd fields, balanc* Is wrw5d*d. Ft ncfs a r« pra ctf cjlly rvon- fstnc^t, ho-,vwer, the price ts colt J310.M an *cre. hirnish tHt* i nsursnc* . Oivner . will ccr*!d*r MHini lh« West » acrea for onJy tl^M an acr* Biy'tr miwl obtain «*~n ftnancsnif. CAU/ HEINEY, REALTY GO. Hwy. 16 East 442-9234 COUNTRY CORNER Ovntr will ft* BA U10 fiM flcrts M-ith about MO aerM fn open ran'j». TM-O broiler .house* »nd · 4 bedroom ?wm« South of Prairi« Giw*. IDftj L9I Acre eatllp ranch lx-At«d in 30 miles 'rt rai^Ue\*iUfl. Good im l»nd, excciknt paMure irvd p*«v tf M'ai#r. N[r* Vvn« and iood c?ut. BA 1063. An outaLartdin; 314 Acre c*U!« IM m »nA livestock (aciliLi**, Aboot 3U acrM of Eood paslure, Uk«, pondfl, ·print Gwd f*ndng. ' ' . mor* informatio e»ll FOR Sala By On For p*sre and try this compleldy remodeled bedroom, with atparate dining in e«ab. Cwiveni tnl t» irfiooli find t*rs, Iwded srilh «lra»- Hurry! Won't ias( at J16.:00. 442-2359. FOR Sale tvy Ov-Hir: IS «cr*i valley land ill In permJcet p«Mtir«. Wiih thir« ponda. N f i r iecr«ltan late. One mite vem paved road. Phoa« M1/M6 27K " DROOM BRICK, ietl, p*u' Mttlie Ni Ar«i. S3600 «quHy pjynwnU. Phoas 636-MM. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 " ; . , - · UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency ' Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom _.. . , 3 Bedroom Dishwashers Central Gas Furnished or COUPLE wanU lo rent unfumisJ bedroom house or duplex. P/efer 3'ard btH no: new-wary- Call Ken a 7700 wee foil yc. ^^w^^ 43--Real Eilafe 42--Wanted to R*rtt or LBCS* WANTE1: Want lo buy older home, s r dc, no«i 3 bertncxxns, No ajfenti rfe Call 443-1M6. 45--lots For Salt FOR SALF3 -- tar«a Jevd Irts rforAlart AddfUan. All city DUIiU able. Call Harrison Da\1* Springs) 53i-461. 2 ACRES ^ir^lVJ hv p«r«f1i)« "I wirfMMd .Ui'fija "Alltnllon Fu«l Savers: . You can save up lo 10% ol your gas consumption for more mil«« par gallon of gas 'ThtnkRadial...and Look lo the Leader MICHELIN CENTRAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS 315 W. Mountain Foyell«v!ll» 442-5342 Free pickup. Now pwn? 4Zc Lb. TU an- nunl bonus. Rend *].00 for 4.1 pale PRODUCTION BOOK, PEL-FREEZ RABBIT MEAT. Hogers, Ark. 727f*. WANTED; -- STA5IP COLLECTIONS. R atheri tic dust or inhrriled- WiU buy w Mil Tor jxxi. OaU Jack MotKnrf, 521- filJl, rfAS, 34 -- Apartments For Rent FURNISHED 3 bodroom apartment, near ranipoj, summer rates. 443-9SOI, 531-3S40. 1 ROOM furnished apartment. A1I utililEe* [Mwt. Acto** Fiom VA SiosritaL (75 j*r momh. Call 4(2-4WW, after 5: CO. MAPT.E PLACE Aparnronls. Nnr Glim tnor intes lor ultra -cvmWmrorary li^iriff 2 hodrciim (urWs*wd f air ccndilionM perfect location. SX'A VifSL Map!e. Oil Rfier 6;00, :-0 1-5052 or 321-1670, AVAILABLE May 30Ui arA Jnn« 1i1. 1 bcriroom famlsfied apartment rvoar Uir- vcrsiiy. S\xy tea summer or Irvlefinite, SIM, Phono Ml-^96 after 5jW, IL\7ORBACK PiAta Jbcdcooni twnfwiorfe furnished, sll bill* jwid-- poo!-- walW n ; distance to UofA, svaBaHe May 15 Phono 531^175 or SG1-1CXJ5. STUDENTS 2 BR cotl^s* in quiet num Irj-sirt*, ID nr.nulfts l» campus, tvo pel* AvaiTabta May lal. +«-««, I BEDHOOM furnished. GUI arvt walcr pa-:d, Jl« per nvmUi. Owe !* down cm^ . CAII a3M2l 5 or F21-2J 13 after 5:.W. NEW fniMXKR RATES! .TENNY LYNN APAKTMENTS now aooeptinji appl ·* Uons for on* Jiiid two bMroftm lnnriC^-1 AT Dnfumislwrt a par! menu (n ba reatb h^jrinnnU June. 1, 1976. Cta0« M UofA MOWML CM JH-73W MMT BM* Air Conditioning U n f u r n i s h e d Two Swimming Pools Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL I A U N D R I E S STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air ii Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAR ABIE 423.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APARTMENT FOR J U N E 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 OB pavement with centra] water «y»lei». _ free covered and test of term*. Wo£nji«i Wood*. 443-2465 " 46 -- Farms ft Acreages M ACRES slan-ji(! Lake Wilun «nd City Park, total prica |I6 PCO. Phone 331-5172 or BOTMiO. 0 ACRES. runrJnjt creek. mosUy noM- ed, «twll Aiwn, crmer finance. 3Q1-517J or 5J95232. S ACRES, large oak and h'rtwry tT««. nvwtly levc], f30] rtwn, owiwr linant*. D»n« 521^172 or ail J29Z ·rf ACRFS by wTicr, bwirtiful ruCf*. Kcrxl sprirc. rffiM to FflftieiUl?. H^Md dcfi'T), OWTIW [i na^ce or bariTiln for cash. S21-517i or KO-XSfJ. aft.OOO BROn.THl Farm, ft!) a«r«i, nld i Jedrtxm hnme, BocxS cor.djtiwr. Bwd Mn, CAtlle anil nwcri:ri«ry tndil*d. Tcnn5, fJ9,«X. 7M-«Ifi. SALE PRICED near UofA. Ertra nfee lhre« bodroom, 3 baOi, den, carpeted. wily IKJWO. UUI FIIA or VA. Dufgar Rtviliy 751-7222. 756-35MI. COU N m YSItiE livirvB in Gr«nfar^, ar.d of»rm of Ihit -J bwl^K^m ^ b^ih Kom*. ahundftrvre il worajte, sp.irtf«a kitchen «r,d hujw «nbut«ii. This IfkW M ft. flonr pi»n fits the nwwl di.wnm'nAl- in.! THJJ* r. Sun dwK , ya rd (cn«l in rou Kit MV, C*V»-M "'orftsfvip and 2 M yiraRP- C^n »s\um« a ?Lfi.OfO aor» a( " "i interft-* iwiced; *t $29,000. Phrti* Ki-TTM « UJftiJi. EXTRA SPECIAL Buyer needs lo sell. This beautiful hom« is ideally located in the Washington School Dislricl, City Park ond Washington Regional Hospital District. Approximately 2,000 sq. fl. of living area and more lhan average built-ins. Carpel, paneling, fireplace, game room, den, stereo closet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, fenced-in back yard. Attached garage with builtins. This is truly an exceptional home and needs to be seen lo be apprecialed. Pleas* call us now, ond lei us show it to you. · YANCEY REALTY p.O, Box 281 Hwy. 62 Downtown Prairie Grove, Ark. orncF, PHONE j«-2ira Boh Yaitey . ,, 15S Bill Y»n«y M4M9i A(Ui CV*e* . i«-3Ml . JAMZS W BAKER. BROKER BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1613 N. College 521-1300 WE Vi'ORX HARDEK HID GET RESULTS! TENNIS ANYONE? : ·sain when jtw move, into this tin* Huuerfirid Addillen home. In aMitiOo Us the tennis co«i. tH* home offers 4 bednwms, fprmal living ind dininj - roonv«, and a tost d other convenience*. Pric-fd in the 60'j. Fee wi appofrtmert ciil D6h Stride »t 5216300 or 521-443«, FREEMAN . . 521-6300 BEDROOM, Hi bilh. Urze Ihial roofflj "L" shape kitch*n And dining «r«, wdJi bjth wlh new pumps, wuill barn. ill f?nc«d. with 4W fe«. plus paved T0*d frcnUjce. About 15 miles from F«y. Mid »'s. Call 6433344 filter S. inTERSTRTC memBER EXCLUSIVE R X FOR RELOCATION BLUES! See photos and descriptions of homes for sale in your destination city . . . combine with new hometown information . . . blend with considerate services of our experienced staff . . . available at our office now! JRUMBO CO. CALL TODAY! FOR SAIE BY PRIVATE PARTY st**E tni'if cWeVen houwf (B'x375') KM homeslte or traits r space vatl Wiltr U[B. LMMted on Kwy. 62 between Prililt Grove and Farmington. Prica T7S.OW, r«- Call Ron Burns 846-2183 MORE CLASSIFIED ON PAGE 14

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