Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 20
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'iit; P«ge C.2-INDEPENDENT *· -i.\' ^--.^· iMtli, Mlf* TMI, Miy Jl, 1tl7 Meet Your Local Athletes m CENTENNIAL'S - PRESTON GRIFFIN jl Prep^Sprinter Pursues World Marks · · . JL , · JL ·..-' f · · - . · . · , · . i ' , - . . . , RILKY II'NKIL ' KrlMvl-- Paly hpwt--BM Iran. Bhotpul Alt-- IT. HrllM--3 fMl, » Iruhn, \\l|hl--llti itAurwt*. * -- B « i IIAHHV (IKAV KKCK I.ANCAMTKR . rtpar* -- Ci« Iraeh. . i-Mlll**-- BholpuL A«a-- IS. HrllM-- S ftll. · inchtl. Urlihl-- lio poundi. i Kiptrtrnr*-- Noni. IwlmmlM. ' KtMl-- FriMtrl.. All-- 16 llrllhl-- « fut. 10 Inch", llnamhi. -o'Nill won Ih. i llrfkllihii--orar, artir . Coail l^aiui HM Iholput t hlfhlr luniiiliil dun mm Illla .rt.r «ump.tln( for lha iiaaon, plaead aarond In Ilia »ar*lly Ihrou.hnul mini o( Coait Laaiui Ci. Hint flnali. thi dual mill iMlon. Rllir Hruln loph hit clo.1 III £0 kaa hll 63 1 III In. Ba. .hoi. (Ml Hill yiir. Prtvluyi KlpvrltiK. -- Cl* litlirmtn. Junior. ' lllihlithli-- Unoailir w. ilrond |i4ril wlr,nii tor Poly In friiilvli avinti and took oeaailonil lurn wllh unbaiU · n Ilia rranlyli nlar liajn. DAN PHUCUNUW Bihnl Jordan. Bp»rt--Vanity self. 1'o.lll.n--Flnl man. All"--17. H'ljhl--O rait, T iMl n'rujut~14fl pound 1.^ tlrrnin r*«nlgr. Hlihllihu -- Prochnow I Iha I'anth'M' liadlnx ron tindir ror junior noir liturili Dinny liaa -Mat ihort |nm« pulti and chlpa wllh Ih. Ui M IMt, . JAMK.H CKl'UP Wl-- DM Irtek. »»·* -- Broad Jump. · ' · · l»_ll. ':· l-- » (Hi. I Inctvtl. · i-- 146 pounui. f r · » I · H · Kipfriaan · NMII. Kophontora. Hlfhlllhl* -- Crump wal ·nt of lh« laadlna bread Jumptrt tn Iht ro4it l^agu. Ihli yiar and llHlihari (hint la Iht B«4 llnal..*- TOM RRDPKHN tobMl--WllMn. Hp«rt--Varilljr ·trtmmlnf, · Afa--Is. · H.lfht--· (Ml, 3 iMhia, · »I»M-- 1TI pound,. P I · v I · H a Kiptrimt^- Norw. Junl?r. Hlihllfbla --. t t a d f a r n rapptd a (IM miaon wltlt th« Brulrt lail(ri by wh**l Inn Iwna In ··coml plaea In lh» la»u loo.yard back' ·uok* avanl. J A H K I I ILOAN l-- Poly. Kpvrt -- Ca« Iwlmmlni. :»»!-- Bnaililroki. · , llrllhl-- B f«l. II Inchtl. , Ul|kl-- 137 poundi. Prtvhwa Ki|i*rlf«i«« -- Clt Itlttrman. Junior. HIlkllrMt-- Kloan i/ai tht ItadlDt brtaililrolit twlrn- Intr on Iht Itaiu* Cham* plohihlr Poly ttam and fla lih*l Mqond In Iht Coail Ltaiut fiOyard final. HTKVK 1.KVINE N(h**l-Jordan, HiMirt--Vanity Itnnll, 1-atlllaia--fourth Wan. .. AI»-- 17. ' Hrlfhl--I fMl, T Inchll. ' «»Uh(-- 111 ponndi. Hlcbllihia -- Xtilnt wai rjnt of Jordan'! top Itnnla irformtra Ihll Maaon, Bltva ilronf backhand and It flM rafrlavtr. ptrforir liat all ' By JERRY HALL There'! a good chance that an upstart high school lad from ~ompton will equal a world track record or two Saturday the Southern section GIF 'Inals at Chaffey, but what will make the feat even more monu mental Is that the boy will be running with a "condition" that md him flat on hli back juit ho middle of last week -- unable to even walk. . ! He's Preiton GrKMn, being hailed ns a phenomenon In his first few weeks of varsity prep competition. . .. . , ,,-,... Along the way to* these world records In the 100 and 200-yard dashes, the Centennial High lad w|ll sweep ailde the existing national prep records. He wiped away the ttate century standard last Saturday and his recent 20.3 furlong clocking Is up for recognition as a new U. S. prep record now, , All this has been accomplished under a handicap that has "We're going to do some work this week and make an all-out effort (or some big records," laid GUI, "He's 'been flirting with those big ones all year. It's just a question of time and I think this Is the time." "If all goes well Saturday he will do a 9.4--and quite possibly a 9,3," evaluated Gill, The latter mark Is the world record. "And I'm sura he can do a 20.5 Saturday In the 220." The fastest furlong ever run was 20-flat. ("Griffin will run a 20-flat ·ByJACKTEELE match alone would be worth MY TUKBAN, BOY I , Vlnce Reel, Wilson High's. «e Jaunt to Wilson's track. ·Uglily successful man-about- track, was sporting a turban atop his head and a smile'on OFF THE SMKESt his kisser when I dropped 'or a chat Mon- B o t h headgear :he grin' UStKled, T h e t u r b a n was Vlnce's way of officially ____________ . prohibited him from working nounclng that out at more than a slow troi the past two weeks, Griffin's trouble, ns exjilalnec by his coach, BUI GUI, is centered In the lower lumbar re- ;lon (of his back) that causes muscles to overlap In his leg. It has been diagnosed as a case i where a boy grew fast and ilaced too little emphasis on lack-developing exercises. But It's not a slipped disc. And he will grow out of It." The 6-3, 175-pound lenlor turned 18 Monday. It's said he s headed for SC with a year at Compton College, Griffin Is feeling so good now hat he has stepped up his train- lie pace to a fast trot. .*. r/.A/^'. We left Kerndale Resort on Clear Lake Saturday at 10 a.m. In a pouring rain. Twelve hours later we pulled In at home and It was still raining. Old we follow It down or bring It with us? The .first four days at the UV- \ve found rain and wind, wl fishing'very limited. Then 0 ital got busy and we had goo flihlng until Friday altcrnoo when more rain and wind h that part of the country. We found fishing very goo however. Three different day the Andersons limited out bass before noon. On sever other occasions we hacl.nea limits belore the wind kicked u , the lake and we chickened o ·nil ran, for cover. ^ . Wo t a w several crapp brought In t h a t ran betwee two and three pounds, and th «mali crapplc seemed to *· everywhere. And catches forked-tall cats, called blues u that way, arc exceptional good year. The cats are running to 12 pounds In size, The lake filled again th year, and you folks who hav planned a trip up that way ca expect good fishing. Incldenta ly, the Todds at Ferndale sa they have many · reservation from this area for the season. · · · · ACCORDING TO Monday' radio reports, the wind ha slowed ocean fishing aroun these parts considerably. It ev dcntly put a stop to that rur of barracuda off Dana'Point, a' though one of the San Clement boats hit a breezing school o logs off the clam bed betweei San Clcmente and Oceansld and was taking some fish, It kicked up the water around San Clemente Island to a poln where local boats had to settl for bass, but very good catche of them won? reported. Dltti for Catallna Island. Plcrpolnt' Sea Angler found a brcczlni school of small yellows and hat a few of them aboard by noon Han Clemvnte bo«U were VhaxMl f r o m their favorite · fishing grounds Monday by Ftndlfiton Marines. Roiult-- only one boat, the R««l Fun. had Miythlnr worth writing ·bout. It wu that bout that found baiTMuda olf the rlam bed. Oceanilde boats found bass and small white sea bass -coop era live dciplte rough water and produced fair catches for their passengers. Rough w a t e r e v i d e n t l y helped fishing at the Coronado Islands, as the,fish count ran «s high as 200 yellows per boat Sunday. Several counts better- Ing the 100 mark were made Monday. HAM's Mascot III, which leaves for the Islands al 6 a.m.. accounted for the top fish of the past week, a 49-1 white sea bam. The first of three derby qual Ifylng periods e n d s Saturday and It looks like It will take a £3H-pounder or better to partake In the fish-off. A total of 66,004 yellows had been record- · ed at the close of fishing Saturday. FRESH WATER . . . Heavy trout plantings are giving If- vine fisherman many weight limits with small spinning lures, worms, eggs and cheese bait doing tho trick. Bass have Jin ' Ished spawning and -are hitting surface lures. Many limits of crappln And blueglll are report' ed on worms, Jlcut and stream er files. An experimental plant of 10,000 r three- to ' seven-Inch channel catfish has been made In Sun Vicente Reservoir. Increased catches of blue-Rill are reported. Bns» fishing continue* good at Sutherland) orapple head the list at Barrett, and blupflll and crepple ·t Moreno. . v ,, · Reports from Henshaw show excellent catches of bass, blue* gill and crapple are being made In early morning and late afternoon, with surface plugs and flics the main fish-getters. Th lake now covers 600 acres will 40,000 acre-feet of water, whlcl teems adequate to keep the lak open dally for the season, Th camp ground is open to campers and trailer*. · · · :i · ' · ' ·*· f-'' BITS FROM THE LINE , We gave Bomber Bait Co.'s new 'Jerk" a good try at Clear Laki the past two weeks and fount It to be an excellent fresh-watei fish getter. It Is a shallow worklnc lure with the most tan tallzlng action we have eve: seen on any lure If fished llki t. is supposed to bo fished -small, easy jerks. Reports from the East Coast show It has been very effective on several species of salt water fish too. Several good catches of cal co and bull bass have been made recently fishing the outside of the breakwater, accord- ng to word from Plerpolnt ndlnc, where skiffs and outboard motors are available for his type of flshlnc. Freshwater ackle wllh deep-running plugs lave turned the trick, with the Ish running to eight pounds. LAS Bait Co.'s Mlrrolures has iroved very effective for this ype of fishing. Bass fishing should Improve t San Vicente In the next year r so, as 20,000 two-Inch bass Saints Open CDF Play at CC Today Roland Osgood, 5-1 leagu competition and 6-2 on the sea son, takes the mound today fo St. Anthony's as the Saints klc off CIF baseball playoffs agalns Jawthornc at Long Beach Clt College In a game beginning a 3. Chuck Webb will be In th bullpen for the Saints, boastln a 9-1 mark. Hawthorne, secon llaco finisher In the Plonee ^eague, ended Its season will WINS VOTE were recently placed In the res. rvolr. With thread/In shad ready established as a forage Ish, the bisi should develop nto catchableu by next season. Tankers on, All-State Listings o With strength evident In every vent, Long Beach City College :ood p r o f u s e l y represented londay In the all-California' JC wlmmlng selections. Ten top wlmmers were selected for ach of 16 events, and the VI- Ings placed as many as four of he 10 picked. , . . , ' - , ., Selected were: .''. v . GUI Ktolanul » ImiDli. IM fm. yl«, 40O frtt.trU rllir IMHII; J'rtd mb*on 00 rrtMtyl*. 100 frw«tyl., 40U f«ilyla rll.y tvami; B.lij. Harrlmn 00 Imitrla. 200 ir*»itrl*. 400 madlfy lar Uam. 7IMI Individual mtdl.rl am W.lur I2WI (rMiirK, «o lra vlt, 1MHI rnvur fraulrl.); Ioui · run (]0« fraailrli, 410 fraaiiri*. wt malar trvailrl*, ino ba.kilroMa, 00 iMck.lrolia, 200 IndlTlduvJ mftllay. « IrMalrla lalar laaml, oil Wailwl 40!., IDOO in.l.r IrHilyl., 900 HIKIdual n«lllrll Dlek Snnj (100 wkllrok., 100 U.k.traka, 400 mMU lay laamli Ployd Tltomaa (100 ba«k roka, 00 Ro|«r Oaultar 8-6. The Saints finished second li the Catholic league wllh a 12- record. They won their last 1 games. St. Anthony's starter with averages based on 2C games: R.Oi|0xl.B _.31* __..,3Q Roman.r/ .441 Colllni.u _.,35 U'.OMOOd.o . SOU Wibh.el 3« Canii.20 ,, 2KK . .la Adliah,lb ...... tw In-other first round pnlrlngs Compton High, the. No. 2 team In the Coast League, goe against Burbank Burroughs a Olive Park at 2:30. Coach Len Fisher hcs listed Dave Skaug stad as his probable mourn choice. Downey, the Coast champion draws a bye Into Friday's seconi round. Anuhel.n, the Sunse League tltllst, also has a bye today. Dinar pilrinnl Santa Ana *.. Ifonta. Mllo: Kama Barbara a Coala: Uulr ·, um Vlila va. Chafliy or Colloi Park va, Inciiwood. i. Aniiiopi Val ·Vhlltlir va .rd: Chuia TOMORROW IKTMMI rMrk '«·· ' Ma Ma~H · Wllllami. Hinilh (4). and William Nllaotil W'll. and Sliiphird HIITAKV LKAIII1K . _. ,..._ im mv--1 ti i . Lar'aon *isi7*and Prarwl; Blin- lir, Hiliai , and Bl.vini. r. rVflam* IHI M--S 1 ... 4*1 la--» 3 : Or.dy. Qrodl M, .n4 Plehfttoj Uatn. . . jr«r, Rukla (3), and F.rfc.r. , , i.un. u««i _. _____ . i«J s s : Niitnilta , , al. «lw--H T 4 Pibl.y. O'Connor |5), and Klaui; Hoi. owill. MfCall IB), arid Adlaah, Uflaii Rnitra .. .__ IM 191--11 T * Irnwn Mplf, (hMMti fHIO oal__l 1 Filaraon. rorlirmiMili, and WlllL.. unhi Oimland. Wa|Mr (9), and - lir IS), and Atnlp. Ex-Browns CM Dies ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. UP-o Carle McEvoy, 73. former ;eneral manager of the old SI, Louis Browns, died at a rest ome Sunday. - . ·..--- San Diego to Goior'Metro H«n Diego Junior College ww selected Li it tie-breaking vota of Metropolitan Conference baseball coaches Monday U represent the conference In the Houthern California playoffs starting today at Kmcnn dido. · Long B««ch and East Los Angeles, which both lost their final games, wound up tied with N»n Diego for the chain plonshlp, all with 11-S records. Metro by-laws decreed » telephone poll to choose the "most representative" team Han Diego's first opponent will be Palomar of the Smith Central Conference. next y e a r he will be taking a year's leave of KEEL absence from Long Beach to act as coach of track and field techniques at the University of Baghdad In Iraq. 1 Keel's 'appointment was made by the State Department , . . his boss next year will be the American Ambassador in Iraq. Following the CIF semis at , Compton Saturday, Mllllkan ' High's Jack Slocombe got off a foul put which went past the 60-foot barrier. .. Mllllkan coach Bucky Harris predicts his star shotputler will be more than Poly's Jim Smith can handle next year when both are seniors. Slocombe plans to bypass football next fall to concentrate on weight lifting to Improve his shot put potential One observer at Compton Saturiiny uld that Centennial's Preston (Presto) (Jrif- fln got off to 4 wobbly start In hU 9J5 sprint. "If that kid nver gets B. rolling start, hn'll run 9,3, hut easy," niir Inform' ·nt elulnmt. Among those eliminated In the semifinals at Compton were Pick Wilson, Chaffey, in Mile Relay At*gault "Thirteen schools, led by host Wilson High and visiting Chaf. fey, go to the post at 3:20 this afternoon In an attempt to crack the tough · national prep-four- man · mile · relay record. The mark of 3:17.9 Is owned by Lee High of Baytown, Texas, and was set In 1953. · · · ·-' ······ · Poly, Downey, Mlra Costa, La Buha, Bcllflowcr, El Rancho, Montcbcllo, Newport, Morning, side, South Pasadena, and Al hambra are entered. The event s expected to be highlighted by the work of the GIF's top one- lap artists, Wilson's Ron Boeckler and' Chaffe/s Norm Jehle. race before-this season Is over," ; said Mai Whltfleld recently.) » · ' . Last Saturday Preston was' clocked at 9.3 flnder some curl-. ous circumstances. The starting blocks were closer to the start-» Ing line than he desired, but ){'·$ flclali refused to allow him to move them. The blocks were In, · the same position as had beer set up for the class Cee race. ' Griffin was so cramped up^ keeping behind the starting line,, that he fell over forward on*o' and caused a false start. Ho was leaning back so far when they « got off to a good start that he., itaggered and almost fell com-" Inc off the blocks and had to catch the whole field. . , , And still he did 9.5. ' ; , · It was pretty well agreed by [he experts who were close at land that the poor start cost at east a tenth of a second and- ' probably two tenths. Add to, ' this the' fact that Chaffey Is 'ccognlzed as a lightning-fast · track and you have all the In-,, gredlcnts of a record-shattering ·· wrformance. .. . i The Bruin maestro will teach Downey's Danny Lopez and graduate studenU the , finer Wilson» Pltkin In the 880 and points of the spike sport. Poly'g Dex Glllls In the mile. Lopez 1 time of 1:55.9 was one of the five fastest run in CIF - · ' · * ' BONUS · In the course of a conversa- Seeds Survive in City Tennis Seeded players are expectec o get their rackets dusted of more thoroughly today whei econd round play in the lot! nnual Long Beach all-city ten Is tournament starts on the Lakcwood Tennis Club courts a p.m. . Dante Merllno of · Wilson llch, the defending champion as washed along with the firs ound survivors Monday when e drew a bye. All , seeds dvanced. ll«al!f»liB ^vniidi Barra. J1. _.. ohn ( P i , SO, » - l ; NMl IP) dar. Ham alton IP), 4-«. ··!, «-J: H.ll.r IP ir, Kurnl (Wl, dilaull: Paiunlo II* K, Wlneluutir ( W l , diraull; Bar J if, Wibb P), S-0, 64; HoUlon (W I f . Bui. IP) «-!. ··!. Pint round! Kabolk I J ) d.r. Johni n IP), 4*3 6.0: Gilii i P i dir rundal t i l a.J |.«, « - l ; Johnaon IW if. Barnard P I . 8-3. 6-1: W) dir. Bakir It-}, 6-3, 6-1! Odifard ~ . dir 'Biam U ) . 6u, 60: Hlontann i d.r, Mvln. (J), 4.1, 6.S: Pan jbrlnK (Pi dir. llornadaf |P, fl-t 41 Canarli I j k del, Bajrlnaton (P) 1, «-J, Clliiold I P ) dar, Harvai UI « 6-3: Wllllimi IP) ttl. llolilor W), 6*2, IM: Pitt (Wl d.f, Nul ll'i * 6-0: Kalon 'P) d.r. ll.ll.r I P I , «.|; Bakka (Pi da(. Pauanla I P i 6-3; arm. IP) dil. Bar (J), 'Soft' Job for Little NEW YORK W--Lou Little. ho will retire In June after ears as Columbia football oach, will become a consultant developing and maintaining adc and consumer -4latlons r a soft drink firm. Southern Association Atlanta in. Uobll. · N.w Orl.ani 1 4, ' Flaahvlll. 14, Ulll. Fork I. ' Chill.nooia I, U.mphl. I. · · * * '· * HEEL'S SMILE broadened, t n u'yeaVYnT^itkln's 1:58.1 too. when I mentioned that hs , lme wou|d naye won most mile relay team figured to bet-.,,,,,,,,,_ G111|s . m| , e tltrle . 0 .4.23.9 ter, or at least scare heck out new ichoo , of. the national high school record today. Vlnce will send Ron Boecke r (48.8), Wally B l a y l o c k ,, . . , . _ (49.1). Carl Ehmann (49,7) and 1|0 " *' lh · **»* |*! ch ."^ Jim Pltkln (50.8) out for the » ch "' |1 baseball coach Sunday I record In competition with 12 mentioned · boy who had been other schools. I offered a bonus "in five figures" i ,, . . .. MI K.'to sign a major league contract. 1 ' S .", wre i 1l K 1,1 h "That's ·' «· Brent," the Chaffey High, which ha, new^^ ..^ ^ CIF record holder Norm Jehle . O ff er . d ,, (48.3) going In the anchor lapL f e " _ _ _ i 4. n» 1*1.. fhattmt hna llfiU'CS against Boeckler. Chaffey four men at 50 seconds flat or below and the team's best Individual times add up to 3:17.3 .., six-tenths ot a second undct the existing national standard of 3:17,9 set by Baytown, Texas In 1955. The Bocckler-Jehls anchor City League ' Softball Scores MI nta MI ft--13 IT Ilaptliii Adult. (100 uoo o-- o I · Dalloni Xar.a * Dod|a 200 010 0--3 I* II Baptl Turliy laail*.* Dalrr .. . (* Jatkrabbln .. "You do?" I asked. " " i "Yep, our boy was offered $100.06." .* * * ' ST. ANTHONY'S, this city's lone representative In the CIF baseball playoffs · which open today, will carry some pretty fancy statistics Into Ils game with Hawthorne at LDCC, Leading Saint hitter Is center, fielder At Roman with a .4411 mark. Catcher Walt Osgood leads In RBIs with 21 Jn 20 games. Pitcher Chuck Webb *" carries a 1.46 earned run aver- ojage and has 83 strikeouts In 10 · games. Tiny shortstop Wes Col»| llns hit the ball at a .410 clip .... it.mi. Ulthirnn * VMBadabli trnoldl, FUllmfr A CtiMjia. ar»xn ,,, ..... ._ Jin «"l o-- · T " imbl.ri T_~ _____ Ml JOJ l-» IS 8 Oordon, Mock A Killr. Edflntlo A IUl*po!oll«i All* H»n1ms,n. 230 014--10 T ltM Mfl Jtt-- 3T U * Bn««r«ri Clt|g ,,...,,. 3T4 001--1.1 17 . .00 J4I-- * t Ump*; HindU/ U ,r, Tr. O rlip, t Of lira ?AA H*Mnirt ;ormUf CM" Ml.bndt »n4 1 . n'hrfl rhtm -- loo A40 n-- 3 EAA TMt«M. n ....... IM 000 1--4| on«. Kttn *n4 BiMmorti BUkt · and Alltn, ri nro*«ry ,, ww ooo o-- fl 4 [*rvtv Aluminum.... (HI 50fl «-- i 4 it M TiTlAfi Kllrhl* iM Jon« murMiiara ,,- Ml 4*^20 it N«ts\r*nt Y.Mith ......... 2f» 0-- 1 3 R.ih|t. II owl k and 11(11: Kudtow, An tr«Mn, WulfirMrR ami Armhtir. ithn*M ProdmC.TM KW ooo o-- 0 5 *#t Locktr .. .002 or? »--li 12 McDonald A .TM . . 0 0 2 or? » -- l i 12 B»n*an; Turlar. Bn 1--3 _, _ , Club B«wfl*"o --- 000 fl«nch«. RleNt inif ·n»i iM flrhnitdt, OUT. Ar At "arti ».»,.--niam. I, 7:30. 1 aptln Touth vi. lit Lulhiran; St4 ary Star v». 1.. H. Naval Hmpyaw Ham. 7. T:.V Malirtal vi. ^Enilnair At H»B|htftii Varfc--T iSo' 9M1 Pr.lhjr ·rlan vi.. Trlnltv p.*iltit, S:4 K , ISIF nd Amirlian vi. Dltioa. Al Admlr«l KM4--TtSO. fUtl SSt »i i- Bank or' Amirtra. nnia vi. Fnrl MHBArlhur' WACTl 4K iTnward Zlpk v* LMekvillai At 7:30. IXpl, «31 Ti. i2: a : 4 A Dipt, n74-3 vi, D*nl, a(^ Al VrLrmna Park -- T:30. Hum* atirfri TI. Ill Chrtitlani H4S. Wail da Cnutth n( Crirlil ··. UR, lit LDS. Salas in Easy "' 0-Round Win TIJUANA, Mex. a'.n) -- Lauro lalas, 127, of Monterrey. Mcx. cored a nnanlmou.i dcclslor vcr Noel Humphreys, 127, of Charleston, W. Va,, Monday ght In the 10-round main event the 'Tijuana Arena. Salas aslly won every round. do baDkilroki, 20O Individual mtdlir* P.UFMK (IM rxmirtlr. 2M bullifdr. Mll.y rajar liam)) John Axloa braaitilrok., zoo braaililwk.l i all» Uiakir (too rraa.lrla ralar »»ral LDS Volleyball Sel · Long Beach First Ward, dlvl- onal champions, will be rcpre- ented by two teams In the Lnt- r Day Saints' volleyball tourn- ment at Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday t h r o ug h Saturday, aul Cylllng Is . First Ward «ach. . - · · - / » . ; COKVAIRJ«n Diego IMMEDIATE OPENINGS AIRCRAFT ASSEMBLERS ( Men with Mechanical Aptitude .(,;:.;.' to Itqrn aircraft «$4mbly ! 200 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS . ' ' - In Convolr's expanding · F-102 and F-106 Interciptor Programs NOW! ·y. CON V AIR iM/v ' ' ;· , San Diego ] CONVAIS. II A OIVIIIOH Of OINUtl DTNAMICI CO«*MATION Here li your opportuntfy I to earn a top wage--$300 par month minimum -- · while you work on one of i the nation 1 ! top priority ' aircraft programil . You'll : ( live tn beautiful, imog- ' fr«t San DIegol -..- r .. . for 14 league games, In Legion ball last summer, a team composed mostly of Saint players whipped a team composed of Hawthorne players both times In two meetings. Insist on HIRAM WALKER'S^ the plutocratic capitalistic . VODKA 80 AND 100 HOOF DISTHUD FIOM C'AIM HIKAM WA1KEI I SONS INC» KOUA, IUINOIS Lively Hillman Husky Roomy Station Wagon Does Double Duty at Low Cost The British-built HDIman Husky hat a split personality: wllh the back seat folded down, It's a hefty cargo-carrier with 44 cu. ft, capacity. With the seat in place, It's a comfortable, . family-big sedan. Either way, It offers luxury of ttyle, con- . . struction and performance at amazingly low cost. The Husky his power to spare, handles like a dream, responds ^ to your gentlest command u stretches gas to amazing dls- ' ' tanees. Enjoy »fre« demonstration at your Hlllman/Sunbeam -, Dealer's. And If you're planning a European trip, ask him . about the low-cost Rootes Travel Plan. · , , :. .. Smart,' family-big sedan HILLMAN all new See your (actory-franchised Hillman/Sunbeam Dealer LAKEWOOD Pettyjohn, Bathlte, Inc. ' 6200 N. Btllflow.r Blvd. APPLY IN PERSON MONDAY thru FRIDAY Start of California Dept. of Employment . 1313PI»e, v,V Long B*oeh, CeH*. , ( . " Atk for Mr. Clay Adamt LONG BEACH Dale Brown Motori 2441 American Av«. WILMINGTON Suburban Motors 445 E. Anaheim Get Up to 40 Miles per Gallon . THE ALL NEW 57 HILLMAN SUNBEAM WE TAKE AMERICAN CARS IN TRADE ! DALE BROWN MOTORS 2440 AMERICAN AVE.

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