Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 18
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'Rock Of Ages? Jmpen?ioiisFimstes Plane To Red Tide In Korean For Flight On Foot PRICE KAMEUNG, North Korea, Oct. 31. (*-It was a bare little clrarch Just around the corner from « bombed out electric plant. The snail building nestled beside the broad concrete highway running from Hamhung to the Sea of Japan. A cross on. top marked the building and announced that he had to walk Overdue on a return SighttoTuc- ...__ son, Jessie .Jlasingi)], 45; finally moving: the cans tram -their walked into the downtown airport i^g cases. «s » place;cf Christian -worship. Curiosity impeUeS us to enter--two There Show Schedule! correspondents and a iormer Kor- «an.law student .from Seoul. We had expected to find it empty, relligon rides rough seas In Communist countries. North Korea had had five years of Red rule. ... : To our amazement, -we heard the rl=h, resonant tones- of an organ Its sonorous'notes filled the little room. - · Then young voices lifted In hymn. ' Our eyes adjusted to the dim _, _ light. They took in -an ancienttooquou Trair-Mi. s:w, ,«:·«, pump'organ, four bare benches and « pulpit. 10 Little Girls Singing A voung man -was seated at the organ. Ten little girls lined the benches. None -was more than years old. The organ music and the singing- stopped. The young roan looked up, a question to Jiis eyes. The girls looked up, too -- and, like little girls everywhere, giggled. Through our Korean friend, we asked them" to continue. The music resumed, ever so softly. The organist nodded. The children" began singing again, ·",«·» *:S; ARIZONAN "Had. Hot awi Blue"--K», "Broken Arrow"--3HV T.-04, IE fLAlA -Renew 4* 3a Tiwra"--I. »3e, ft** »:»; Stag* Show--3:1», J:J7. «:M, STATE . ' - - · · "The Rouu at J^rankenzteln,"--1. US, «;45: --The House of Dtacula"' ' 739, 10:0*. · FOX-TUCSON "Til Get By"--1. 4:11. 7:15, «:»; "The CATALINA "A Udy TakM a Chance"--S:«, tM, FOX-LYRIC "The' Wame and the Arrow"--1, "PARAMOUNT "Copper Canyon"--12:57* J:14. S:JO» i'SO. ' RODEO DRIVE IN ·Treaiure Island"--7:10, 10:M; Street"-«:ol. «:15, Duke Of Windsor To. Visit Mother 1000 8. 6th Are. ·was no mistaking the hyran. Their young voices rolled it out, clear and strong. . "Rock of Ages, cleft for me . Before the hyron -was finished, a gcuffling intruded from- the rear the new of the church. Through the door Anne, th6 came an old roan^ ' t h e "Victoria T He extended his hand. The sing- j,e did not ing stopped. · · The old man reaehedlnto a dilapidated, .brief case and drew out s book. He began to. read in JCorean. Our: Seoul friend said" the old man was. reading from the New Testament.! · Another man entered. He from window to window with a mouthful of nails, tacking in dow panes which had been removed to safeguard them during the fighting for Hamhung. Talked of Freedoms Our Seoul friend, San Ku Lee, began talking With the little gathering.' ' : - . . . . He talked to them of democracy . . . of tha blessings it could bring to people . . . freedom from fear . . , freedom of religion . . . They listened avidly--the organist, the ragged old man, the little girls. The' chilly October sun cast the pattern of a cross on the floor. Then the two churchmen began talking. Lee translated for us: This had been a Methodist church. During the Red Korean regime, the Communists had banned reading of the Bible. But they had permitted singing. --And through the .old hymns like '"Rock of Ages," Christianity lived on in hearts of these Koreans Its spirit was kindled in the young After a time we left, refreshed by this testimony of faith under adversity. We took a last look. In the door · wsy our newfound friends--the old man, the young organist and the little girls--all waved goodbye. Above them, the white cross gleamed like a beacon in the light of a dying day. Radio Marking 30tk Birthday NEW YORK, Oct. 31."(ff)--While radio as a whole is taking cognlz; ance of this week as the 30th. anniversary of' broadcasting, no particular rework; observance has been scheduled. However, salutes to the occasion are planned in some of the regular programs, with many stations pa3'ing their respects \ocal- The period beginning last Sunday and continuing through Saturday is called National Radio and Television week; iri icp-operation with the Radio-Television Manufacturers association and National Association of Broadcasters. A feature Is the annual "Voice of Democracy"-essay contest, winners of which are to be. determined later. The actual ^anniversary.date is Nov. 2, which coincides, with the start of regular program service by KDKA-at Pittsburgh, in 1920 when it put oa the Harding-Cox election returns. Other stations on the scene in those early days were WHA of Madison, Wis., and WWof Detroit. Says Guam Interested In More Filipino Trade MANILA, Oct. 31. (#)--Gov. Carlton Skinner of Guam said today Guam Is "very Interested" in improving trade relations with the Philippines. . . . . Skinner said Guam especially could .use Philippine sugar, lumber, laborers 'and tourists. · The tiny U.S. territory gets its · sugar from Hawaii. . The Skinners are vacationing here. Oct SI, tfuke of Windsor today for a Uit*6«iay vteft wt«i mother, Asked s'-ssm on sfith street yesterday afternoon to town after his plane had. nosed up 20 miles from Tucson. port, left Tucson Sunday for Blsbee. At 9 »Jn. he hnd-failed to return as scheduled, according to Lester Kahl, airport manager. Deputy Sheriff Juliea Klpnis of the sheriffs air rescue patrol checked Bisbee and found that the pilot had landed at McNeil field near Blsbce. He left there at S; . MaslRslU final]}' arrived.on foot at the airport'and explained that his plane hart been-damaged; in a forced landing near he:-, Colossal Cave road. No Injuries--minor damage--accident caused by a loss of oil pressure. lives ,at the «ir show up' any corrosion, deterior- National Sunday ScJioo, Association To Convene Eyes Canned food -WASHINGTON. Oct. St. «t»--The army has developed ft system to inspect canned.food '-without re- JBnister WARSAW, Oct. SL (*"---Poland'* DabrowsM told parHanant the ao Polish ___ _^ ^ ^ and other coun- standard and. at 100 'tfcnes its "for* tries, where previously It had beer mer value. " valueless and would aid In ftght A week-end action by the Polish . «n-rencv--the sloty--has JotneJ tlon '-wpold. the Russian ruble on the gold value-5h capitalis ' ,, powerful -X-ray machine, hauled Jn « trailer, is set tip beside parliament (SEBQ sat the iloty/s an automatic' conveyer belt and takes.pictures at high,speeds value jrt 0.222168 grams of -.pure atlon, or other delects in the cans or the foods." The army said the system does a far better job than present hand inspection Currencr On Gold Basis _ _ . . _ _ p«r -wMt tS* niM«-~byt th« and increased the xloty"« -r»Ju» In G,- S. currency, item.' 0,0023 doffi to' 25 cent*. PHILADEUHU, Oct. The National Sunday School nsso-. datlon will open its fifth nnniisl convention here Nov. 2 with 40 leading Christian educators scheduled to address the three-day session, . - . - ' Sponsored bv the national asso^ ctatton, the Philadelphia Area Sun. day School association and the gelJcal Teachers' Training as- lon, the convention is ex- ,,,,,,£ to he one of the larcesi Sunday school conventions held in " ease-Jo recent years, a spokes- at *«a« When one whether he had a princess, the rt«3w "That is a private s H drove .to Queen ~ ' don-, residence,- JJaj-Uwreujjh house, car sent by a friend. Meet lour Friends tor Make CLUB LA JOLLA A Habit At Noon LUNCH-75' Ph. TUC50N-HOGALE5 BOS »OUTHBOUNO r*$ A.M. ' SER^CE LMV« fuel** 19!li A.M. 1HSO A.M. TSSS P.M. NORTNOOUNB t^S A.M. »(1S A.M. ,K1KS A.M. tt:JO P.M. tllJ P.M. Conn^tloni »t NomlM for Nifmoalllt xnd Quiymitt 4WI P.M. 5«Q P.M. 5s JO P.M. 1t:M A.M. .lavt Non»lM 4:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. ·:50 P.M. t;M P.M. 10:30 P.M. CITIZEN AUTO QreyhoBnd TermtaiJ Ph. S-0558 R O P E O DRIVE ID THEATR S O U T H O F T H E ; R O O E O G R O U ers more-than. $30,000 a month. ' PLAZA --WTOTO STAGE -- SODAr «n« TOMORROW "XOSMAB" SCHK GKEAI MAGKSAJf I»M3$i 4 6RJ5AX AG5C8 OP VAVnMJVJIiM! "AlfB OX Otm 8CBKJW MACKBO CAS'MttO vex TUCSON PHDNf ,WII NOW ·--.'. Hail* 1 WW.»*I* 4 IRDQtJQIS TBAIL^' MARION BRANDO nK$AWMGDT TONJGHT GATES 0:15 SHOW 7.-00 .IDatt^urntvJ ireasure Tsland i JL »~, tjJiFf jWltXiii COVER «5 tS r /f~ -- PLUS -- i, Prisdlla Lane Root. Cuftiininjs Alfnd Hitchcock's POT?? NnuiUiirHlttiKnar, GttATEST ADVENTURE OF THEM All! tout mm* SUIT FSfflEST BBJESCT LAST TWO DAYS MU-UMARR-CAR BXXRA ; ADDED ATTRACTIONS PERFORMANCES DAILY 2:50-8:40 starring Fanny Brice--tha original maket-you-want-to-spank rhoppet America'* foremost mentaJlst answering your questions oa IOTB --'· Marriage"-Business, etc. Next Attraction -- STARTING TEUKSDAY greatest thing for gags Hi Ma, Hi Pa, ju»t wanna *ay I owe, my tuccett fo you and-ihe TOOv i Qt 1ST ^Z5^//^«^2 f STONE orBROADWAY . . R«**It mdoptwi ttit'.feW tttndi art *n4 tfc* 25«at v»w« for ntbte l«»t Fetou*ty.- the rubl* h»d b*«a little, less than 19 cents.' \Y«mw radta ssid v on* new «y -would be Issued' for eael 4M4 8. «th ARIZONAN ""v THEATER ' r~ Matinw Krery D»y -- Artttltt* 4te -- Children 18r "Broken Arrow" --and--. %SL Rcd r M^ Blue Ttt***ay ««*»«£ Oet. tVI»i» 100 cJd itotys tarawi ia» bat th«t VD shop prices; would b* . »t thw* new ikrtyt t» ones. LYRIC -- tASTDAX-- THE ARROW* EEGOY" " "AU Qtii«t em th* "BAYONET TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY BIG HALLOWEEN P A R T Y Evening, .Oct. 31 All fte 5 to CliJWven In Co*ttt»» ON SPEEDWAY KIDDYL AND Jn»t E«»t of Blvd. Box 0«lo« «|J9--Show T* 4500 K, FUN FOR ALL!! BRING THE KIDDIBll HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY IGNITE!! CASH PUKES FOR THE MOST ORIGINAL COSTUMES . . . FREE POPCORN FOR THE CHILDREN ... (Parly vlH start HEAR THE SONGS THAT JOLSON: SEE THIS WONDERFUL PICTURE .. . See LARRY PARTI PORTRAYAL OF THE GREAT "AL JOLSQiX* £SD mx jfo. 2-it '50 Years Before Your Eyes" Narrated by'Arthur Godfrey R A D I O D I A L KCKA--13t» ETOC--140» EOFO--1450 I3XT--14M mr m YOUR DIAL 1; KVOA-NBC 1 6:30 ··j. NBC riTESDAY NIGHT d:00 Town Crier S:lt Hlchard HarknMi . «':30 Baby Snooki 0:49 Baby Snookt 7:00 Bob Hop* 7:is Bob Hope T:M Fibber McG«« . 1:« Fibber McG« i::00 The Hardy F«ml]y 3:15 The Hard.v F«mUy 8:30 People are Funny 9'M People are Funny , 8:00 One Man's Family 9::5 New 9:30 Cavalcade 9:4St Cavalcade . . . 10:00 Bis Town 10:15 Big Town 10:30 Reporter 10:id Temperance-Music 11:00 Strictly Collegiate 11:1S Strictly Colle«l«t« 11:30 Strictly Collegiate 11:49 Collegiate-News J:00 Siga Ott ABC ' £dwin C. RUl^odllna Elmer D«vi Music Vou Wa»t Music You Wat Paul \VhJwmao Paul nruteriiao National Guard chow U ot A Workshop On Trial . On Trial : Time (or Defense Time- tot -Def enj» Town Meeting- Town Meeting Erwln Conbam Remember News and Sports UN Hlghlljhts John B Kennedy Harlem Jambore* · .News ' Harlem Jomborti Two Beat Tlmt Two Beat Tiine News. ' . Sign O« _ , MCTCAL rulton Lewis, Jr. Sara Jones School Day* Mj-sterlous Travtler . Mysterious Traveler LeT Geome Do It Let Georxt Do It Red Ryder HedKyder HcadllKes I Love A Mystery Song of Liberty Song of Ubcrty Glen Hardy, Newt Lean Bock and Listen Curtain Calls Curtain Calla Silver Nocturne Silver Noctuma Silver Nocturne ' News slgo oa CBS Mystery Theatr« Mystery Theatre Mr. Mrs. -North Mr. Mrs, North til* with Lulgi iife with Lulii Truth or Consequences · Truth or Consequences Hollywood Music Hall Hollywood. Music Hall I^ank Eyman Kay Kaiser's Orch. News Jo Stafford-Hcf, jos TJniv of Ariz. Forum Univ. of Ariz. Forum . News-Henry Jerome Henry Jerome's Orch. Requestfully Vcura RaQuestfully Vouns Tempo Rendtxvoua Tempo Etendezvoua Tempo RendervDua Tempo Rendezvous JUuxic on ftfoonbeam* Mude on Moonbeams Music on Moonbeam*. · MudQ on Moonbeam* WKDNESUAI MORNDTO , 3:91 KVOA Good Momlnf 1:00 La.Hora Undcjina ' 1:43 La Bora Mexican · ,-· .- Farm Hour Farm Hour LBS October «. itsl CaaiUellzbt k. Wln«. Candlellcht * Win* United 'Natton* Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Tin* Fiesta Tim* Fiesta Time Fiesta Clme-rteira Concert g»n Concert HaU Ccncert Hall Concert Hall Designs In Melody Designs In Melody Memories In Melody · * LBS Commentary Four Knights Pipes of Melodjr_ Dance- Band Dance Band Cance Band Dance Band Dance Band' Dance Band News-All Night Partr November. 1,1950 KT AU Night Party 8:IX) La Uor« Mexican* . Du»ty r « Hltchta' fott New. ' nirt PI«*,IO from. . e, m rfTM e.^.-.^. · .. inr- UKI |NIW ^m AWUCATWN IAITI ro« wijitti i*. 2.-00 Pb. 5-1301 . 23JO N. Campbell LAST DAY! John Wayne -- Jean Arthur "A 1ADX TAKES A CHANCE" and Gary Grant--Lairalne Day - "MR.XUCKY" Fibber McGee Molly fun and -frolic at 79 Wistful Vista with the world's best loved comedy couple KVOA-NBC 7:30 COMING TOMORROW! ," M-G-KTs ·.tS AU-M«ple Alleys · Open Bowling Always · 25o Bate for Junior* ·.No Liquor Permitted - · Free Instruction* Every Sat 9 «.m.-10:30 ajn. · Grade A Fountain Service .· NewCentennial Uobm · Clean Rest Room* ·Ample Free Parking " · Phone In Yow Beaerratlon» SPEEDWAY Op«» Ell 'After Miflnlte. l\ 1240 N. Stone Ph. M6M TECHNICOLOR PRODUCTION : JUKEiiLTSOI PETER UWFORD-MABfiAKT O'BRIffl ELIZABETH MOR -JANET LEKH People are Funny Art Linklettw prove* monkeys 'aren't the craziest people KVOA-NBC Cavalcade of America Loretta Young-In the'stirring drama "Whither Thou Goeit' r ' KVOA-NBC Thrills-Chills 2 Big Hits B O R I S K A R L O F F Big Town ·city editor -Steve Wilson ··" * "* r 6:15 La EToro Mexlcana B:30 La Hora- M«dcana B:3'La Rora:Mexlcana Dusty'« Hltcbln' Port Dusty'a Hltchto' Port Doitft Hltchin Port 7:00 WaH« Up Tucjon 7:19' Wake Op .Tucion 7:30 BreaWan Newj 7:45 'Arizona Hl»hl!ght» Chapel in tha Duul W Despertador £1 Ccfpertador Old Pueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour Old. Pueblo Hour Serenade Sunrlae .Serenade Sunrise Serenade Serenade-New*' Naw«--Sport* Martin Afronxkjr Uornlnx Newi Musical Clock Local iNewi Arizona- Newv Sale«~ Today Eddy Arnold News of America Musical Oocli FranltGoss World News Fiesta; Time Fiesta Tfjne Fiesta Time Fiesta Time-New 8:00 Strictly Personal B:15 Melody-Go-Roucd ·:00 S%ar Guesilnf 9'.l$ Muflc for Tucson 4:30 Jack Bercb S:« Schools-Tell Me Sow Braakjartdub Hemlngwiiy. Newr Arthur Godfrey BreaXfut Club ' 43 Mlnmes front Broadway Arthur Godirejr BreaKlart aub 45 Minutes from Broadwaj Arthur Godfrey Breakfast Quo 45 Muiutes from Broadwaj Arthur Godfrey Liberty Mlnstrela. Liberty Minstrels Liberty Minstrels Liberty.:. Minstrels 10:00 Vlsitog Hours 10:15 Dial Dave Gairoway 10:30.Latin Bhythms 10:« We Love and Learn News-Brushes BroomjCecll Brown Brushes Broom* - . What's On-in Tucson Quick u a Flash · Melody Magic Quick a» a Flash : : MelodyMaglc Arthur Gcdlrey · 'Arthur Godirey Nevn-Melody'Tlmst Hosemary Disc Jockey's Roundtabla, r Disc Jockey's-'RoundUblaj Disc Jockey's Roundtabl*. Disc Jockey's Roundtabl*' Luncheon'dub Luncheon Club^Nev Freda's rootnote*: Freda's. Footnotes Democratic'Committee Strictly, Personal. Shoppln' Around · Music lor Wednesday Wendy Warren Aunt Jenny Helen .Trent Our Gal Sunday LBS Wew* Hollywood Gossip CoL Bunkhouse Ballads; Bunkhouse Ballads 11:00 Break'.the'Bank. Freda's Footnotes 11U3 Break the Bank Vreda's Footnotes 11:30 Optimist Club My True story n 45 New. My True story WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON" Glenn. Hardy' Susan : Taylor 1*00 Club: . 1400 Club Bi« Sister Ma Perkins younj.Dr, Malona Guldtni Lljht Suggestion -.Bo» Keynotes by Carle Inside Story LBS News U:M Double cr Nothlni 12:11 Double or Nothlnf 12:30 Shopper ' 12;4» Kid o»» New* Betty. Crocker Noon News Crosby ' Calling Art Baker l:o» Ui« Can B« BeauUful Casa Fiesta 1:11 Koad ol Ul« can Fiesta 1 J» Cepper ITounr* Family Can Plest* 1:41 Riibi to HappueM Case fiesta Arizona - News News and-Weather. Queen for p Day .Queen /or * Day Second Mrs. Burton Perry. Mason Nora -Drake Brfj-hter'Da7 Great Days in Sports Great Days in Sports Great Days In Sporta Great Day» In Sport* Ladies Fair. Ladies Fair Sicsa Time Siesta Time Nona from Nowhere News House Party House Party- Adams Great Day In. Sports Great Days In Sport* LBS News Blue Barren Presents 2:M Backstage Wlf» - l:u Stella'DaUaa.' l:M,Lor«nito Jonee .. l:« Ifouni tfiddar Brown Arizona Hayrid* p. M. Mayhem Strikelt Rich The Wax Works Arizona Hayride P. HI. Mayhem Strike It Wch The Wax Works : Arlion« Hayride Homemaker of-the Day News--Stars Address The Wax Works Arizona* Haynde ; Homeir.aker of the Day Tucson-Ref. 103 The Wax WorU 3:00 Martin Manner Music I:lt Portia: facee Ufe , «:3« Dr -Paul 1:41 Heart to Beart Arlione Hayride .Arizona Hayride-Nei Modern; Romances Modem Romances Sports land, News It's A01..Yours. y It's All : .Your» " It's All Yours Old .Pueblo Hour; Old Pueblo Hour OldTueblo Hour Old Pueblo Hour Today .in: TUCHOD Lenny Herman t Riders ot the Purple Se4N Joe Sodja Trto-Newi Wolcome Travelers'. r 4:1» Wtlcome Trivelei* 4:90 Aunt Mary 4:s jBowurd PyJe-La Hosi Bjmnlbal Cobb Talk Back Peace of Mind" T«d-.Ualone . It's AU Yours ' Hemingway* New* Anniversary Time Sam Hayes-Kewa. PJ4 Melodies Beulab Aaaembl]' oi God Build en.dMusie M«t the Band Meet tbe Band KT Kapew KT Kapen I:A) La Hora Mexlcana CIS New .Orleans..Music' MO News at the,, World - f:4i~Late* Afternoon News U of A News Musical New* Music Music " Mark Trail; Mark Trail » , ChiUeDfto! the Yukon CbaDeixe'ef thrYskon Bar O Ranch Klddlu KJub ' Newi-On th. gpot-Spu.Kiddl.i" Mub , Club U- . Sport* Final Idward X. Murrow Ntwa, TELEVISION -- Fhoenlx Statiosi KPHO-XV ; 4:00Bob Cawley,8how.r 1:N Notri -Oame Football Dime 11:15 All-A»»ee*»a»;l«jne of tfce.WrejT 430 Story:Tlme With OKatny Godfrey ,7:30 Fboenix Round Table 5:00 At Home With Jack Canadr ' I;00 »tar Theatre--MUtonBorle .6:00 Chuekwegon Time-. . 9:00 Orlalnal Amatcur.Botar.. t:ii Little Show 10:00 Late Newscast 6:» New* In T ocue- 10:i» Pulitzer Prize Playfcouae; ^"Tne Ceoton Jtoiy'V-IUobard Csrieen. e:46Intl.Nnrareel

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