The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 12
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 12

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 12
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12-A £lK <f5:il(ii-9to» flitil Friday Morning, September 22,1978 Television Programs (friday) ((Morning)) \—' ' jl! "*"7 -—-—- - - ~—^- f^/ 5:00 ©© PTL PROGRAM 6:00 8 NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY O9® NEW ZOO REVUE CD (B VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CB Q39 THREE STOOGES; LITTLE RASCALS 8:20 CB)O SUNRISE SEMESTER fi-.W .THE ULTIMATE KESONT USIK SOVtl • SHMON IHOSPf • OISIAH WIST • AMBtR HUN1 • ANNETTE HAVEN JOWIUIUI • J*£XW»!CK1 • MHlttiU • tUnmWXUWO • UUOU IWrt • XNTCMU . ^~«»,H1I IKMNIIIC -»~«»,»«tHDl,t in*m!.,._hO[Ui lOtHI— .^"7,"." ANTMONV IFINlm >T«.f«*l, ION) McVIT 't^.hflAMi * COt • »-~ t».c»i»w« *^»M>M' hltlttf ItPtUN • ft~i» *n. i,,,.,«Dnr ytkllWA* - ?-«..—»...,. m COt CH VVUMMI • I *M fell UIIICI OOTKNIl ^i^l CKHUlKr, .._ _,,„..,,_rm. > CM i/S —j Plus: John C. Holmes in "SON OF FULFILLMENT''! Matinees Daily No One Under 18 Admitted Late Shows Friday & Saturday 8 THIS DAY <3? RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING Q CENTER FOR OPEN LEARNING CBS NEWS VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 7:00 TODAY SPEED RACER CBS NEWS fISTER ROGERS TOM AND JERRY LEAVE IT TO BEAVER M. HOUSTON 7:30 POPEYE I SESAME STREET MORNING SHOW I (LB HAZEL I GOOD MORNING AMERICA 8:00 09$ BANANA SPLITS (8) © CD CAPTAIN KANGAROO (1Q, SD WOODY WOODPECKER CB95 LUCY SHOW 6:30 8 3& LEAVE IT TO BEAVER EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) CB© GREEN ACRES 9:00 8 PHIL DONAHUE SHOW (39. MOVIE Johnny Dark' (MON.). 'Oclongo' (TUE.). 'Stella' (WED.). 'He Rides Tall' (THUR.), 'No Sad Songs For Me 1 (FRI.) O CARD SHARKS (6J© ALL IN THE FAMILY CTfi'QD FATHER KNOWS BEST CD M.A.S.H. • CBCIC MOVIE 'My Favorite Spy' (MON.). 'Girl Who Knew Too Much' (TUE.). 'Treasure Of San Gennaro' (WED.), 'Meet Danny Wilson' (THUR.I, 'Long Ago Tomorrow' (FRI ) CB GOOD MORNING HOUSTON 9:30 O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (JJQCP PRICE IS RIGHT m m COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER 10:00 QO HIGH ROLLERS ©Q3 PARTRIDGE FAMILY ffi HAPPY DAYS 10:30 OO WHEEL OF FORTUNE Up ©CD LOVE OF LIFE O EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) CTO)QD ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW CB FAMILY FEUD 11:00 S O AMERICA ALIVE 3$ CALENDAR ) O CD YOUNG AND THE ISTLESS Brintj This Ad Foi 1 FREE Atlniission With 1 PAID Admission. Good lot these features only. Coupon HOI joud on Monday Night' (OPEIM7:OQ> DfflVE-IN STAR 78:00, RAQUEL MONDAY SI NIGHT ™DIRTWATEB FQ GALVE2 PLAZA c i^Si A 744-5228 BROADWAY AT 61ST EXIT EVERY DAY'TIL I; ; v,^ :30P.M.-$1.50fcvvs&& 'W ' *}"-. The first time was only a warm rig. 1:00-3:10-5:20 7:30-9:40 WILLIAM LEE HOLDEN GRANT It was the Deltas against the rules. NATIONAL UftUfE A UNIVERSAL PICTURE 6lH TORRID WEEK! 1:15-3:15 5:15-7:15 9:15 CHEECH & SMOKING CHONG'S WEEK! 12:20-2:15 4:10-6:05 8:00-9:55 '*?'«•.; d<J 03 MOVIE 'Kalian Connection' (MON.). 'The Highwayman' (TUE.), 'Weekend O( Terror' (WED.), 'Surrender' <THUR.), 'Rogue River'(FRt.) ~ ~ HIGH HOPES 0.000 PYRAMID 11:30 (£) © 0) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW CB fjT) MOVIE 'Silver City' (MON.), Talhe/ Is A Bachelor' (TUE.). 'The Young Don't Cry' (WED >. 'The Great Imposler' (THUR.). 'Ten Million Dollar Grab' (FRI ) CB RYAN'S HOPE Afternoonjj , ..^ -„-_.,. —// 12:00 . fD NEWS ERRY MASON OD ALL MY CHILDREN 12:30 OO DAYS OF OUR LIVES © CD AS THE WORLD URNS O EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3.30) tf<}@3 HAROLDGUNN SHOW 1:00 O'3$ F.B.I. 9910 GREEN ACRES IB ONE LIFE TO LIVE 1:30 DOCTORS I CD GUIDING LIGHT I GETSMART CBS?) I LOVE LUCY 2:00 ANOTHER WORLD FLINTSTONES PORKY PIG ., MICKEY MOUSE CLUB ENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 MIGHTY MOUSE M.A.S.H. EDUCATIONAL IOGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) [fOSSD MICKEY MOUSE CLUB ALL IN THE FAMILY FLINTSTONES 3:00 DR. WHO _ _ BUGS BUNNY; DAFFY DUCK O MICKEY MOUSE CLUB § 1© MATCH GAME • 03 SUPERMAN . ON..WED..FRI.) Batman (TUE.I.Aquaman (THUR.) DINAH _ SPACE GIANTS MOVIE 'Key West' (MON.), 'It it's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium' (TUE.). 'The Snows 01 Kilimanjaro' (WED), 'Tarzan And His Mate 1 (THUR.), 'Genghis Khan'(FRI.) 3:30 O ODD COUPLE ©@ffi FLINTSTONES O LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 6) Q DICK VAN DYKE LIUAS, YOGA AND YOU WOODY WOODPECKER GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 4:06" BOB NEWHART SPIOERMAN HEROES . © I DREAM SIX MILLION DOLLAR AND OF S MOVIE (FRI.) 'The Apple mplinQGang 1 8 SESAME STREET S3 TOM AND JERRY 4:30 MARY TYLER MOORE © KROFFT SUPERSTARS MYTHREE SONS MOVIE (TUE..WED.) American Graffiti 1 (TUE.>, 'The Hiding Place'(WED.) era m BATTLE OF THE PLANETS CB© BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 5:00 SCENE AT FIVE @ BEWITCHED i MARY TYLER MOORE © HOGAN'S HEROES _ MOVIE (MON.) 'Two Mules For Sister Sara' Baseball: Race For The Pennant (THUR.) ELECTRIC COMPANY CHICOANDTHEMAN NEWS ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 5:30 NBC NEWS BEVERLY HILLBILLIES © CBS NEWS ZOOM SANFORD AND SON Your HOROSCOPE Bernice Bede Osol September 2?, 1978 New ambitious aspirations will be awakened in you this coming year You will conscien- liously strive to improve your lol in life Your chances of succeeding took very good VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today you could find yourself in a predicament where you could personally profit, but may have to lower your standards in order to do so. Find out more aboul yourself by sending (or youf copy ol Astro-Graph Letter. Mail 50 cents for each and a long, sell-addressed, stamped envelope to Astro-Graph. P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y 10019. Be sure to specify birth sign LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Be a performer today, not a rational- izer. Instead ol searching for reasons why something won't work, take action to prove (hat it will. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Normally if you feel you're getting the short end of something you're ready to stand up for your rights. Today, you may be reluctant to do so. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You may put loo high a prem'jm on your independence today and do something foolish, just because someone concerned about you strongly suggests you do otherwise. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Others have more respect and appreciation lor your talents today than you do Believe it when they praise your worthy efforts. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) When you are in the presence - ol a certain individual, you tend to irrationally see yourself as somewhat inferior. Today you might foolishly let this happen again. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Don't be overly concerned today about doing things to please another if it goes against your belter judgment. Operate under your own high standards. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Too much deliberation regarding decisions today could be self- defeating, Your first thoughts are your best, so behave accordingly. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Be careful in situations that call for divvymg-up today. Unless the spoils are divided equally, someone will have hurt feelings. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You are very susceptible to flattery today. One who is aware of this may use shallow praise in order to twist you around his little finger. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Be discriminating today regarding disclosure of confidential information. Talk openly to persons you loVe and trust, but be tightlipped with others. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your self- discipline may not stand up today if you are tempted by things you know you shouldn't do. Steer clear of situations where it could be put to the test. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) Bridge Blind leading the blind WEST NORTH * Q86 3 V AK86 » J942 4 4 EAST + K 102 » 7 2 • K873 + A J7 5 9-22-A ¥ J954 « Q 1065 * KQ1083 SOUTH » AJ9754 V Q103 • A 4962 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South West North East Pass Pass Pass 44 5* Pass Pass Pass Pass South 1 + 4 NT 64 Opening lead: *K By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag Jesus' advice, "Cast out FAMILY NGE PINK PANTHER TRADEWIMS TBAOEWINDS SHOPPING CENIfft FAYE DUNAWAY TOMMY LEE JONES No one admitted once fhelilm begins. FRI-MON THRU THURS. 6:00 & 84)0 SAT, & SUN. 12:30 - 2:30 • 4:30 • 6:30 • 8:30 the beam from thine own eye before thou see the mote in thy brother's," applies particularly well to what today's South had in mind. South ruffed the second club in dummy, led the six of trumps, finessed his jack and squealed like a stuck pig when West showed out. "Where did you find that splinter bid?" he asked his partner. "You did have a singleton club, but ten high card points is not enough to warrant going after a slam." North's splinter had been a decided overbid, but was just a mote in his eye compared to the beam that blinded South. South had gone right to a slam with 11 high-card points on the strength of the knowledge about the singel- ton club. A decided overbid, but the slam was a wrap up. South should have led the queen of spades from dummy at trick three. East could do no better than play his king. West would show out, but South would ruff his last club, finesse against East's 10 and make his slam. A Kansas reader wants to know what an "Undouble" is. A term coined by Dick Frey to describe a double of a slam contract to tell partner to save against it unless he can beat it in his own hand. .Very high level expert bidding that isn't of much value. INEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. I 26 NEW - Old Favorites *r SANFORD AND SON Mon.* Fri. at 5:30 pm tav. TO© MY THREE SONS CB ABC NEWS «^ IQ> SL ((Evening)) 6:00 I®OCB NEWS I BRADYBUNCH FOOTBALL: INSIDE THE O CD NTURES O OVER EASY Host: Hugh Downs. Guest: Art Linkletter. S NEWLYWEDGAME 5BS NEWS TD CAROL BURNETT AND :NDS Guest: Anthony Newley. 6:30 O MUPPETSHOW I© I LOVE LUCY NEWLYWEDGAME )Q BEWITCHED I MACNEILLEHRER REPORT _ © CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS § P.M. MAGAZINE © SANFORD AND SON GONG SHOW 7:00 O O THE WAVERLY WONDERS 2 JOE AS MATCHMAKER -',- ON WAVERLY WONDERS _ 100 rm — ADV. GUNSMOKE THE NEW ADOF WONDER WOMAN On the eve of a huge concert date, a kidnapper nabs teenage heartthrob Lane Kincaid and, while demanding S2 million ransom, escapes notice by substituting the superstar singer with his twin brother. Guest star: Leif Garrett. (Season Premiere; 80 mins.) G MOVIE -(THRILLER)** "Sorcerer" 1977 Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer. Four losers on the lam tackle a suicide mission in the jungles of South America. (PG)(2hrs.,2 mins.) O WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW © © MOVIE -(WESTERN)" '/j "Man of Conquest" 1939 Richard Dix, Gail Patrick. The story of Sam Houston, the founder of Texas. (2 hrs.) CB© NIGHT GALLERY CB DONNY AND MARIE Guest stars: Bob Hope, Olivia Newton- John, and KG and the Sunshine Band. (Season Premiere; 60 mins.) 7:30 PO WHO'S WATCHING THE KIDS Angle and Stacy invite their new neighbor, Larry Pacnell, over for dinner in the hope of persuading him to tutor Angle's tough-talking teenage brother, Frankie, to read and speak better. Stars: Caren Kaye, Lynda Goodfriend. (Premiere! 2 WHO'S WATCHING THE - KIDS / ESPECIALLY — scon BAiom _ Tt3O PM — ADV. Q WALL STREET WEEK 'Growth Stocks Finally Pay Off Host: Louis Rukeyser. Guest: Eddie C. Brown, Vice President of T. Rowe Price Associates. (60 mins.) 8:00 O O ROCKFORD FILES A country recording artist is double-crossed by his business managers, who have involved him with rival mobs in the Chinese-American underworld. Guest star: James Shigeta. {Season Premiere; 60 mins.) Q O) MOVIE -{SCIENCE FICTION)" "The Mole People" 1956 John Agar, Hugh Beaumont. A race of underground creatures threaten the world. (90 mins.) (JD O CD INCREDIBLE HULK David Banner turns to an attractive psychiatrist and discovers they have a need for each other, a situation that leads to romance and marriage. Guest star: Mariette Hartley. (Season premiere; 2 hrs.) O FRIDAY LOCAL 'Sex Education In The Schools, Public And Private' CB © MOVIE -{HORROR- DRAMA)*"A "Brides of Dracula" 1960 Peter Gushing, Freda Jackson. Blood-lusting Dracula seeks his prey in a girls' private school. (2 hrs.) CB FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE 'The Bad News Bears' Stars: Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal. A ALL SEATS "SUOKNLY WHILE SHOOTING, A HUGE WHITE SHARK TURNED OH A STUNTMftN AND MINGlFn SCENES ARt FIRST RATE?.. N.Y. TIMES Eaten Alive 8:10 Only former baseball professional 'becomes the coach of the junior-league Bears, ages 10-13, a clumsy, confused and urj- talenteo 1 collection of born losers. (2hrs.) 9:00 Q O EDDIE CAPRA MYSTERIES Lawyer Eddie Capra volunteers to help clear a young woman, who was seen fleeing from the site of a burning building in which the body of a prominent physician is discovered with a scalpel slicking from his back. Stars: Vincent Baggetta, Ken Swofford. (Premiere; 60 mins.) O MOVIE -{DRAMA)" "Silver Streak" 1935 Arthur Lake, Sally Blane. Young mechanical engineer tries to get boss' acceptance of radically new inventor and ideas for transportation by mail. (113 mins.) Q THEPALLISERSGIencora's support of Ferdinand Lopez's bid for a Parliament seat irks Plantagenel, who makes a public statement that neither he nor his family endorse any candidate in the elections. Lopez consequently loses, provoking the Spaniard to demand compensation. (60 mlns.) MERV GRIFFIN 9:30 Q © BASEBALL Houston Astros vs San Francisco Giants (3hrs.) 10:00 GOGDQCD© NEWS O DICK CAVETT SHOW Guests: Comedy writers David Lloyd and Marshall Brickman, Part II. (10)03 GONG SHOW 26 THE GONG SHOW V; New on 26! Mon.- Fri. at 10 ptn _ *PV. CB © LOVE EXPERTS 10:30 O O THE TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Guest: Tim Conway. (90 mins.) (D O CBS LATE MOVIE The New Avengers: Target' Five top agents have all died within a few weeks and the doctors insist that they died a natural death. 'Dillinger' Stars: Warren Dates, Ben Johnson. O JAMES MICHENER'S WORLD 'Spain: The Land and the Legend' From the mountains and forests, to the fabled cities of Toledo, Granada and Cordoba, James Michener traces the history of the land chronicled in his novel 'Iberia.' (60 mins.) © © LOVE EXPERTS CDMOV!E-<DRAMA)" "Puzzle Of a Downfall Child" 1970 Faye Dunaway, Roy Scheider. The story of the gradual breakdown of a neurotic young fashion model. (2hrs.) CB © MOVIE -{ADVENTURE- DRAMA)"^ "City Beneath the Sea" 1953 Robert Ryan, Mala Powers. Two American deep sea divers are hired to dive for gold bullion aboard a sunken ship off Kingston, Jamaica. (2 hrs.) CB MOVIE -{ADVENTURE)* *V4 'The Double Man" 1967 Yul Brynner, Britt Eckland. A C.I.A. agent poses as his East German lookalike. (2 hrs.) 11:00 O MOVIE -(DRAMA)** "Two Mules For Sister Sara" 1970 Clint Eastwood, Shirley MacLaine. A whiskey-swilling nun and a rough, tough mercenary gunslinger collide. Action and adventure combine with comedy during the 19th century revolution in Mexico. (PG) (105 mins.) © © EL HIJO DE ANGELA MARIA 11:30 O ABC CAPTIONED NEWS 12:00 QQ THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL ©© PTL PROGRAM 12:30 NEWS MOVIE -<DRAMA- ROMANCE)" 1 /! "Chubasco" 1968 Richard Egan, Susan Strasberg. Drama of the San Diego tuna fleets and a wayward youth's reformation 00 mins.) CB © MOVIE -{HORROR- DRAMA)* "Curse of The Stone Hand" 1964 John Carradine, Ernest Walch. A stone hand. changed into a human beast, comes to life, throttling the unbelievers. (100 mins.) CB BARETTA 'It Goes With The Job' Tony Baretta is marked for execution by holdup man Vic Jackson after the detective slays Jackson's brother during a robbery. (R) 1:00 OSD NIGHT GALLERY © © MOVIE -{WESTERN}" \<t "Tomahawk" 1951 Yvonne De Carlo, Van Heflin. An Indian scout fights for Sioux territory at a meeting of chiefs and commissioners. (2 hrs.) 1:30 O NEWS CB NEWS 1:37 2:10 MCUK! 2:30 CB© MOVIE (ADVENTURE) *• White Goddess' 1953 Jon Hall, Ray Montgomery. (100 mins.) 3:00 © 0j) MOVIE (COMEDY- MUSICAL) ••' 'His Butler's Sister' 1943 Deanna Durbin, Pat O'Brien. Boss falls for his butler's beautiful sister. {90 mins.) 4:10 CB (S> WANTED DEAD OR 4:30 © Qb MOVIE -(HORROR)'% "Scared to Death" 1947 Bela Lugosi, Joyce Compton. A story about the effects ol those who confront a murderess with her crime. (2 hrs.) 4:40 CB® WORLD AT LARGE 5:10 CB @ DISCOVERY NETWORKS

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