Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 10, 1966 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 12
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THURSDAY, MARCH 10, T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MM II DESPITE DEMONSTRATIONS Radiant Princess Beatrix Weds Man Of Her Choice By JAMES F.KING AMSTERDAM --tf»- Crown Princess Beatrix, the future queen of the Netherlands, married a handsome German diplomat today in a display of royal fidelity to romance despite politics and the past. · The bridegroom, Claus von Amsberg, 39, grew up under Hitler and as a youth served in the German army. He became a prince of the Netherlands, entitled to an annual allowance of 300,000 guilders ($83,300), and his name was changed to the Dutch van Amsberg. ' A simple civil ceremony in Amsterdam's city hall preceded the glittering church wedding before a gathering of Europe's dwindling royalty. Beatrix and her bridegroom were solemn and showed slight traces of nervousness during the first ceremony. But once the mayor pronounced them man and wife, Beatrix broke into a big smile again and looked up fondly at her husband. He smiled back. A slight driizle began to fall ; as the royal procession moved from the city hall to the ancient Westerkirk (West Church) for the religious ceremony. The crown princess and the new Dutch prince smiled and; waved in response to cheers as 'they rode to, the church for the, religious ceremony. The strain began to tell on the couple. Beatrix was deeply moved' and appeared on the verge of tears as the minister delivered the wedding sermon on the theme "Narrow is the road which is leading to.heaven, l a m your Lord, follow me." Von ' Amsberg looked grave. ·· The "minister, The Rev. Johannes Hendr'ik Sillevis Smitt; made an indirect reference to the protests about the mar- riage as he gave this advice: "Is it possible to face heartless criticism, to face disrespectful threat without becoming bitter? Yes." Von Amsberg stroked his bride's hand as they took their vows. She turned to him and smiled. He seemed nervous. His hand trembled and he had trouble putting the ring on her finger. Beatrix took over and helped. Both smiled -, at the fumbling. The traditional "to heed and obey" was not in the ceremony. The new prince responded with a quiet "yes" when he was asked to "promise that .you,will love and cherish her . . .that you will never forsake her, for better, for worse, for richer, ;for poorer, in sickness and in health, and until death do you part." Beatrix took the vow to "love him and be' his helpmate, as a wife should be to her husband." . Amid the pomp and pageantry a restlessness ran through the Dutch nation, where five years of Nazi war-, time occupation left deep scars. The heaviest security forces in this ancient city's history --about 110,000 policy a n d troops -- were strung along the royal route. Beatrix's wedding gown was of white satin in fitted "princess line" style with, long sleeves and high neckline. The train, starting from the waist, was 15 feet long and seven ' feet wide. She wore a short veil and the tiara of pearls ,and dia T monds her grandmother Queen Wilhelmina wore when she married a German, Prince Hendrik, in 1900. Mayor Gijsbert van Hal, in pronouncing Beatrix and her choice man and wife, touched on the tenseness of the day and .those ahead. Speaking directly to the new Dutch prince, he mentioned the "many hours which were certainly not easy for you" and said: "I am certain that, as more people meet you and our nation comes' to know you better, their confidence in you and respect for you will grow." He reminded the crown princess that the royal family "must keep up with the times, they must never lag behind the evolution of the times, but they must also not _ anticipate them too much." Europeans watched t h e . ceremonies over television, in the countries covered by the Eurovision network. The emphasis of the day was on youth, with three youthful reigning monarchs . and their queens present. All were from countries occupied by Germany during World War H. There were King Baudouin of Belgium and his Spanish- born Queen Fabiola, K i n g Constantine of Greece and his Danish-ten Queen Anne- Marie, and Baudouin's brother-in-law and sister, '"Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxembourg. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II · was represented by Princess Marina, the Dowager Duchess of Kent, and her daughter and son, Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael. Another absentee among the invited guests was the Soviet Ambassador who was reported ill. But Red China's charge d'affairs Li En-Chu was there. The government proclaimed a national holiday for the wedding day of the strong-willed crown princess whose secret romance caught everyone off guard. Only 150 persons--the select few--could be seated in the town hall, along one of the capital's oldest canals, for me civil ceremony. The certificate of marriage was signed by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard, who stood by their daughter's "choice from the heart" in the heat of the controversy over her romance with a German. Von Amsberg's uncle, Baron Julius Von Dem Bussche- Haddenhausen, was one of the witnesses. A 21-gun salute by the cruiser De Ruyter started the day. Carillons of the 14th century Oude Kerk (Old Church) played from the moment the bridal pair left the royal palace in their golden coach. But shadows from the past hung over the royal wedding day. The Westerkerk (West Church)--scene of the religious ceremony -- is only 50 yards from the house in which Anne Frank kept her diary while hiding from the Nazis with her family. These shadows have clouded the marriage since Beatrix revealed her plans to marry the German diplomat last June. He and his family were cleared of any direct association with the Nazis after the war, but 'he served as a reminder to the Dutch people of the dark days of German occupation. The new prince of the Netherlands comes from an aristocratic but not particularly wealthy old German family. His 'father was a coffee planter in Tanganyika (now Tan- Royal Wedding Day Grown Princess Beatrix and her bridegroam^Claus von Amsberg, walk; froiij "the.; : Roysjjl-., Palace in Anxsterdam;this morning on trieir -jis.jf i to the ciyil ;ceremoi]|rthat-v preceded the church wedding:; The princess is wearingia.go^rti of white:sa$fl'with ··,:·/· long ^epves^and high neckline. A'Mra »f pearls and diamonds secures her veil. 'Her.train, which starts at the waist, is .1.5 .feet long and seven feet wide. zania)|Sid was interned there . with all other German nation- i als by the British at the out-; break. of World" Way ; IL He- died fe^SS; Von Amsberg's; mother; was fiie former,- Baroness ;von. Dem Bussche-Haddenhausen. ; The Dutch Government Information Service, in an official' biography, of ; the bridegroom,., stressed .that he was; drafted -arid "saw So' action." He was captured by the Americans ; 'ih Italy in May, ' 1945, and ; was a driver and , interpreter : in POW camps in i%5. The engagement was announced five months later. There was . an uproar, but parliament finally approved "the match. Campaigning to gain public support for her choice, t h e princess made whistle-stop tours of the country arm-in- arm with her fiance. The couple got warm recep- tions, especially from y o u n g Dutchmen. Beatrix said frankly: "We understand what the people feel and I would ask for time, peace and confidence for both of us. Everybody has a right to speak out. We understand that many people find it difficult." See story, page 1 --AP Wlteohoto Queen Sheds a Tear Queen Juliana of the Netherlands sheds a quiet tear today at Amsterdam City Hall as her daughter, Crown Princess Beatrix, is wed in the civil ceremony to German-born Claus von Amsberg. . · . at a Swiss^$kfetesort in January We Reserve the Right to Correct Printed Errors Open 8-6 Mon. thru Fri. *·? Sat. Closed Sunday Thursday Friday Chocolate Macaroon 3016-22 E. 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