Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 13
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··*·»· S- +· t- *- t i Death Notices · MOORE--Dr. WUIiara Aus- tuC 75. of 1233 Appletoa St, died Friday. Servmnj U wife. MibeL Sen-ice Monday. ! r"V Patterson ttortuary. Snfvely 78. of 326 W. Fifth St, died Wednesday. Privite service w»s held by Patterson Snh-ely Mortuary. » JOHNSON--Russell Blake, ifajit son of Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS ( H u n t l a t t o n Beach) -- Mrs. Josephine Inman, 76. of SO Huntington Ave, died Wednesday. Sur- St, died Friday. Graveside service Monday. I(h30 ».m, Forest Lawn. Cypress. Patterson Snivel? Mortuary in REDDY--Mrs. Merle Qukk,| DeRUBINNI -- Eugene. 72, , .. ,,» ... TM.v ... -·--··'formerly of 1227 Dawsoo Harold Johnson, of 315 Adams riving is husband. O. C Service today. 10 a-m. Chapel of Memories. Norwai ARNOLD -- Joseph Ambrose, 54. of 2677 Magnolia Are., died Wednesday. Surviving is lister. Mrs. Helen Reilly. Rosary Sunday, 8 p-m. Ave, died Thursday. Requieia Mass Monday. 8 am, St. Anthony's Church. Paltersoa Snh-ely Mortuary la charge. MANK--Lewis E, 59. of 1753 S t a n l e y Ave, died Wednesday. Surviving a r e wife. Ethel; sisters. Mrs. Etta M c G i b b o n . Mrs. Geneva Moody. Sen-ice Monday. 230 pjn, Holton 4 Son Mortuary, 'PROFESSIONAL LIAR, 1 WOMAN SAYS Hoffa Accuser Called Dope Addict CHATTANOOGA, Tena. CB "i professional liar." --Edward G. Partin, chief) But a psychiatrist w government witness at James he treated him and a Hoffa's fory-tampering trialjaru friend . disagreed over' was described Friday as a|whether he was, in addition,! neurotic; a woman chaser and'* dope addict. Defense efforts to discredit. INDEPENDENT-PI?, n u»i SMOI CMC* UMTS*, r*. n. mt- cf Baton Rouge, Partin's former secretary, said she had ' . Dr. Magruder said Partin «« ^a, taking pflh. la ad- · . 1 .. . · *. . dition. she said. he once a Baton Rouge. La-Vis sufferujg from T sveh °'!j nc(we d tj, » ^ and i Ship Arrivals, Departures era! clashes between one of he was depressed, easily irri-j Terming Partia "a profes- iw»v. lawyers and the tated, tense and "felt he was:tioaal liar." Mrs. Smith was 'being imposed on-that he »** 'J 1 *" dozen witnesses ° · M-lu* ~» \jt * l k A . W.«t ,·_»* BV.. »r MarM Iitkamal ACTIYI VtSiEll M P«IT Hoffa's judge. Partin gave testimony linking Hoffa. International Teamsters' president, and others on was carrying too big a load." Under cross-examination. who said they wouldn't believe Partia coder oath. A "dose friend" had pic. **»«·· «ar» Uac) 'HESS--Mrs. Elizabeth A, ^7. of 17S Locust Ave, died Thursday. Surviving are sons. John, James; mother. Mrs. i~TM Orra Day; brother. John Day Church. Sheelar's Mortuary in teete; Private service today. Dilday charge. Family F u n e r a l Directors. KNIGHT -- Mrs. Mildred Rosa, 89. of 360 E. 56th St, died Thursday. Surviving are daughters. Mrs. Olgx Ketch- Atlantic Ctaaa%r (Grs) . SJSf trial with him with alleged he said he found no evidence tared Partia as a dope addict efforts to rig the Nashville that Partia had beea taking and a woman chaser. He is JOB Al r»rc« I defense testimony. Requiem Mass Monday. 9-JO L_ MrJ _ '0,3^ chaffia. Mrs. Opal Cross. Mrs. Orpha Po- *lfyer Brown CT*rl . Han leatarar «.« S t - M » t t h e ** Ftm'dy suggests donations to tie Pacific Hospital Guild. ^HODGES--Cleveland A, 8J. of 339 Golden Are, died Monday. Senice today, 11 *ji, Dildiy Family Funeral Directors. H * rHAUENSTEIN (Belinower) --Victor, 67, of 9710 Ramona A*»'e, died Thursday. Survrv- ing are wife, Marie; daughter, Mrs. Imogene Hewitt; sister. IJrs. Lorame RarJtm. Service today, 1 pjn, Christensen- MEEKHOF (Anaheim) -Trederick Dean. 2. son of Mr. and Mrs. James Meekhof. of 3545 Keffron Drive, died Wednesday. Service Monday, II am, Anahria Christian Reformed Church. Artesia Mortuary in charge. Charlie Baker. Senice Monday. 11:30 am. Rose Hills, Whittier. _J-»-» Heaiov* a, HoeoJI I _l.Brj -a.- Line . ua Standj ' ~ S former superintendent of two, ' «io state _ M Aflo»i« --,-- . oblt (niu«it tlr-Tkr) sidvit J«cku« .. . . Pres. Oulrtiw (p SdwUr Otit IIV4 . Sunnwlll* (Kofi T» JA»1« tfkrl _ . _ _ lata IKZ) Wllftura (Norl -. M.A W** Cross rtlfcj 1249.Yamaa.ura Mara (. I Amar. . J A/ntr. . ,, _*l Amer. President IS* United PR, ft* Military · =?9 S**"TM "-TVaTO. -IJrtTn: *-1, 2*. tot he had been taking |SO n refused to let the jury mental hospitals in] "bennies," stay-awake pills hear testimony from Partin's oTtl[Louisiana, testified he treated commonly used . by ' trucrestranged wife or a woman SS5! Partin as "a private patient in'drivers. , [who said Partia dated her 14""* 1962. ' ! And Mrs. Anne Mae Smith/year-old sister in 1962. wm Lmtn rn. zz. *wi r-rmn ffiin* L*v» FftL 32. Ian fr*« Trans Sen Fttx M, iw Fran *ie Mar. x 4*n Fr«i OGRAND -- Mrs. Alice Neeham. formerly of 1249 Loma Vista Drive, died Thurs-1 § ^ day in Pico Rivera. Surviving !o»nai IN«H L«« ·' J-..-V.-- !»,, r ..:_. l CHdadO.OuitoE:llti; _1* M«nr« SS C« . -- CJrwt _«b _ Anc Cammcrxlal M«ta!t Inc. Ftb 'M. San Fran _L*-T Yamainna Ura tm. U. San Dirao VI UELS DVC FRtCAT MOORE--Mrs. Virginia E, 50. of IMS Olive Are, died Sunday. Sun-iving are son. James: daughter. Mrs. Donna Tuesday. Sun-iving are is daughter, Mrs. Elaine Scheinert- Senice today, 1 pm, MottelHs Mortuary. BUTLER--Mrs. Nettie May, 93, of 334 Rhea Wilteten mother, Mrs. Ptarl Baker, brother, Ellsworth W. Welch. Private sen-ice today, pWRedando Ave- Mortuary Holton .Son Mortuary. ChJOa* D« Quito fCct t · I}Jium*v«nur« D**a **Jman (Swfll tBW _. i*n Diego frying A W«ftmcjfo« (TkrJ m _G»vioT» 1 M Twltlt (Tfcrl Kfl gl S*our«o iatmtna M*r» IJ BO) IBM _Uv«rpoa( -- Dv« ' Oiwn t1r« _Frt. 2* 'Diego C«n*4iM Go.1 Ltnt Feb. 33, PowtH ,,.-,,. *viOt» Tidewater Oil ti. Feb. XX Ann -- SS^fuSn ^ --·*-- ^ *'* - - H.Y.K. Lin* VESSELS CUf TODAY -- , i f . -- -F«ft. 22. Vokot.»mj .Ft*. ZX S"i FrM John; daughters. Mrs. Mary Woodard, Mrs. Alice Critier. Service was Friday, Shee!ar"s Mortuary. T\ 1 UcalllS v IT for January Up 'From Last Year Notice SACRAMENTO NON-RCSPONSIBtLITV NOTICE iTidrriipnr 1 Lrirtrr C. Monrot re- rtdizijr »t "S3 E. Lincoln, Wilmington. California., that after the date . . of Feb, 11. 19S4 he ! -- The , . r»*ponalble for any debts, Ka.bili.tirr or obligation* incurred by aoy Ltgil Notica Jffattbew fi. Ptritr. .Ocvm Pacjfic Coast Tramcrt. .. ._ -.HyB Frrt OtV*n Llr* ___FeI»! 3i iin Fran Fran Rirval M»J1 Ltn« Frt. XX tordon ' :::_·._».»»· Lrn« __. un (Nor} tsV-T - r .-- *» Thom« TJvt t«* AsKflc Ct, _Frt. a S»n Fr* tntt'.m CGtrl LB12 San Fran Norlti Cermaii Uovl LJI Fcb 34. Aralufl ;m«r Ane Port Camfii* Calmar Ltn« .Frt 22, .JrockV Uadr* Dated . . Fuadena Navy Ships in Port .- Pier W.Cowti ! f-UEdsM . - jltn»tort) MATTHEW S. PARXEB: jltn»tor Stata of ,,,,,, ,, ^ «ct be i^, Aarcle* - - Calif orti*. Californii Highway Patrol re-j ported Friday that the state's'ruv'r'n. si. st" traffic deaths increased 20, Cm Jaanarr K. 1941. tefort m«. Notary FTiHic ta anl for said ttrsonaHy appeared Matttiesr . e _ F-ier 1*1 E . fltr 1H Ctian«« . CJiefiurtB percent in January from the corresponding month last year. dme u CST2 Jwer SiJ Xrtei - c«n . r*rsc --^-- ·- . _ 3. Parker tno»» t« me ta l« the coianaa-_ l^O^P.OEl perKa whose same ia aubacribed to Coorti 3t--1X1 tha sritilm Instroment and ackaosrl- CarmeranJ . edred lia exemted the same. Cova . (S?al) RCBT C L . F er / t i c * * . Pier « Fartlfv .Jerni 34 G^.eJiei . Pier U Cuacal _ ft^4 Guide --Pier t-u Haven . ··S Hector . !sla ElTd. Apt I. _ _ _ . California, that after the data of February Jl. 19« he win _ _ . , _ . . ,, · not be responsible for any debts. Highway Patrol COmrmS-jiiabilities. or eblintirms incurred Bradford Crittendea.*''*w,'* r ,E? 1 " Ul "' t!: " " JA5FIR CEXZ HASRISOX Pub. Feb. Notary Publte FuV Feb. 1. I. a. 23. Ut «t) --I.S.I. ach Blvd.. Lorr Beach, imder th. r.rtltious stoner gave no reason for the in-1 crease in this monthly review of patrol activities- NON.RCSPONSICILITV NOTICE TV. »«**1. K» *M n-»r»' Notice la herely rlrti ky tbe IDC totals, ne saiO,. ·»ere illo j rrs i rB , 4 rorrttt f. Erjanv *r-;fhVfollo*in»enoM. whoie names 325 last month, and 271 in;j»K*i»«,j : i t J.L* i .£L 1 i I f ti !!;.. c ^r:! 1 " ?»? anl1 P""! «' "sidenca are _ _ _ _ _ Mar CERTIFICATE OF BUSINtSS. F I C T I T I O U S N A M E mdersfpied t* eertify they ~~~~..*. -.. ijj,,^,- ar. condacKEf a business at 3471 The newspaper Q ESDCCtador ««araiee -R.__K »._* T ^ _ » T...v * r * _ _ - MH^A name cl curr CSED eomprtaei ol January 1963. ·Soviets Han Fishing in Gulf of Sakhalin 1 T O K Y O C?) -- Moscow Radio said Friday the Soviet Union has banned fishing for lEufn* Pmrk CalilDmla. that after'. th« d«te of rcbr^arr 22. IKi. oei in not t* FP5poasiDle for any' · debts. li»t)illtlei. er nbllgktlcns ta-1' cnrrerj fcy aoy p*rjon* otJier "" ~ himself. Dated rebmary it, 1H«- rORRTST F. rUTANT. JR- rub. r*V 23. 24. 2S. 1964 3t-- LELi _ folio**: Harry C. dark. S50 t Crecttlcaf )r^. Compton, Califoraia, E-?tty Twombly. 223 Sa. Burri* LT?.. Cotcpton, CaUfomla. Catfd Jannary M. 1*»4. EETTT TWOXEX.T HARRT C. CLARK J, 1344, befort mr Gir/, II, Bears BOGOTA. Colombia said Friday an 11-year-old EW.^J^"^ has given birth to a nine-!C*!eSerna~cif» pound daughter ate the toi*n ! oiMurB~ of Agua de Dios in Cundina marca Department. The story said the mother iKS ··· v -- suffering ' frtl Plane .-. ._ , Porlerfie! d ( Prei1o had from been high fever since the birth ·eek a jo but that the was welt It identified the I On February _, -- . , _ C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS, a Notary Public ta and for said] FICTITIOUS N A M E [State, personally appeared Harry herring and flatfish in "Waters Tlie trnderstrned does eercfy ne.C. Clara, and Betty Twombly «nos7B ·.. ., _^ » »v. c«. ·«» r»^ 1* ccndurtirt a business at B3-.'8 t» me t» be tiie persons whcse OH trie Coast O4 trie ^OVICI «aT'r;ariJendale, PowBey. Calif omia.! names are subscribed to t?ie m-ithia T^i^fm rppinn tn rjrespr\'e UTider tl.e fictitious firm name oriastrument and acknovledx^d tney tastern region to presene| £vrERIOE rxx)£ HAEDWAKE leiecuted the aame. fisherj" resources. land that laid firm ia composed of I RtTH PALJIATEER ·The Moscow broadcast,«"«. f ?i'»'"?»· F«*»i »-.=o«_ii««;SEAi.) NOUTJr«buete.«d .for father as a 45-year-old Agua v , VaJle* Faroe resident per I . Pier HI t. * 127 I =^r;i5 full aad p]Vs cf residence Jaoan arki moni- ·* fc.iio»i: . _ . J ' {a .,^ E""" 1 -, Surman M. K.sren. 17HOS tpred in Tokyo said the newly u\e. Artuua. California. . , . Dated February 8. 1M, XORXAN X. KEWCU, State rf California. County: t»« county cf Loa -- reles. State c-f California. My rommissii-a expires 2/TT/1W7. Feb. C. a. liar. 7. It 1364 (It) LXI. NOTICE OF MARSHAL'S SALE No. US 171 I. . . ELAUGHTEB t aL Flaiatift banned tones included the Gulf of Sakhalin, Tatar Strait,.^ ^ KJ p^,,, . coastal waters Cl the Sea Of o« FKruary 00 !" *mt. before me Japan and southwest Sak-1,^^.JSfe ^^t'^^samissas. Defendant halin, Aniwa Bay, Terpeniya M. S«sreU kno»« lo ne t» be the By Tirtue of an eiecutio. lajmed " · . ., .f .. ,, . perso» vho*e name is subscnbed topi January IT. IMC by the Mo- Bay and Kamchatka Pemn-^e srithU tnstrnment and acsno«H«ldpal Court of L»n»; Beach Judi- 1 · · ·« executed the ««.me. cial District. County of Lna AB MICHAIX J EOER5MA.'C elel « St*te of California. Bpoa I Notary Publir State of fcdtment entered is. fasor cf J. A. California. Frincipal jSLAUGHTER. J. W PAKK5 and OCfice. Lea AnteVs GEORGE W. rtTiFTr. Fartners County [under the firm name and style c: sula waters. inenm. " Permits St. . ~ Bioii* Ave^ 117,150; S. enSneir. .James Manaffev. ai A»e_. .Htca (SEAL ·'Feb. 15. 2£ £9 Mar 7 1^1 (It, I OiiZ---,,,,,.- aks, PICOLLA W. HENDERSOJ or = T,r,^.-r^^i- . , r i M r t e »"* EEULAH HESDEJISOS a HMMAT^. ""^CT^^N^'E^"- {.UST'ir'J.SS 3lS*Z *^=, TM U-I^^ST^JS ^^isiffft^r^irVtJS? i of h^: at, l-ocf Eeaca. caul^nua._! ltTlflJ ,,3^ ^5 th , ^bi. utle an. i'aT r A. Nisnkian BEFORE YOU INVEST- CHECK PAST PERFORMANCE r C * n 'j t»" full and'pfaca cf residence is "Thomas" Soence, iw.mmlng peel. CB.aa fkiHovs: CaTliH A*e~ tl.VOO: Anmorrv Po«!s. coiv Wallar* V. Ereac. 3^733 Eahel- "'SSTi, Hardirv »«lmmm» tool. JUJ TM?i"t^i O '?JKSVi^* I in' Avs, C,BOi ix» Haven Pools. 1 "tra I enruarr 10 "F»d Cmni iwimming togt. SO t»e State cf California. Avi^ tax; flu* Haven Pools, cs**- I^ie ABtvIes Cuunty: -- _ -- UOT M. Oraar« HOI Tract. afap Book IL Face fl. as re- cordel la the office cf the LA- Co. Recorder, more eommonly knoTC ai 11J E. tlrt St.. Eeach. Calif. NOTICE IS HEREET G I V E N . S3... 2* 1 , " , ^, . Mollier. ane-ir«n. *C» Hesmer Hi. 15«; James «- west JI- mill actor. T. a- sr.^r r «-t-· »r,.-» of the Csjtet States. aH tie rltht 5^TM V i^v,?. ETASDER - title, and raterert cf aaid JuSrment I LegarNotice NON-RtSPONSlB!LITV NOTICE Notice Is irre*y rirea by the mderalsned Floyd W. Sonrer resid- t»r at HJ East Z=«t» St. Wilmiti »- ton. California, that after tie date rl February 20. 1M4 l« srCJ iitrt fce respcruibil* for aay dtVta. liabilities, or obrtkms tacnrred fey any rersnns other thaa titmsetf. Dated r«tmaryl»,19t« 1 JBlaTled rLOII w. SON^EB Pjio. Feb. S1.Z1.SX. 1K« at- S3013I C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS N A M E I The mvderidjmed does certify fce ia eonicttas; m hoslness at 3Q\4 E, TtB SL. Lena; Eeach Hid.. Calr- fornla. nnd«T the flctitptns name of, FAKKES accrued interest _ and that ai-ld firni Is ermpos.d of th* lf.-i-.TC rerv»i. srhose name fun and pFare c-f residence la as execution. aad roffts. Dated At Xxn; ZVach. California. Febmarr 4. :«i. 1XSUC K. KEATS. Marshal I Uucicipal Courts. Ixis Anxel^a County By Warrea C. Baiter. Deputy THEODORE C- LEE Plaintiffs Attorrey 501 T A M BISJ- Lena Beach. Caur. Frk. I. IS. 22. a. 1MI (f.) UB.L 510,000 ACCOUWTI erixia »» fM !·» al AXT HOHTK f i l l ( / ! · I I I M. insured savings Sove more and earn more -virh rhc First F e d e r a l ^ h f c r y C u r vavmgs ere insured to ST O.COO 00. A Ct-rt-ficott- cf Insurance protecting ycur -.Qvingv e^o-ns? low by i h e F e d c f o l Saving-, ond Loon In'-ura-cc Co'psroticn. sn mitrurrcntol.ty cf the U n i t e d States Government. -s pnnted in the inside cover of Our pD'-sbock^ It e i - plaifK how etich sovtnqs o c c o u n t is i n j u r e d J On* ef lit l«r«t infeofions ef a eoinpoiij'i wortli at en inveitaiBt is past performanct. The 1964 tei tooV truces tie Irstory cf tre^ "rssoe fistei on tie Nor Ycrl cni Americoa Stock Exckaeges, s'rres prkt rosjej sinct 1929 for ttocli end smce 1920 for lot is, fmitidt ty )«ors since 1957 en j capital ckonges since 1920. A* wrestor con fell ot a slartci '*« Kfir CB ^ ' fl * ' or ol1 BSBC m t-refc of lie last fhre jeors end tie dose for tit lost tvo years. Tie 19M lei Ewl ol$9 jfres t.« hsr-jtat prxt end tTirWend recori ef more tie* 1,100 rssotj ttaiti Over- Tlic-Csnter e«i a tlree-jeor nn-Joiri e» MaUoJ Fssd's. Order your copies ef tVn IW-pcje tool IcJoj! Get ece (or office -- eat for tone. ySF IT TO irWSnGATf fOSSHU IWfSrWWTS - TO CHfCK DMDtNtt AWD Cl?;fAf. GA/NS AT TAX f/Mff 1964 RED BOOK NOW AVAIUSLE TO INDErf-NDENT-fRlSS-TElE- 6RAM READERS FOR ONLY »t.CO. G.I your eepy ot tS« coiMtr't cour.ltr ex i^« fin* floer in tn« InitpenJeri*, PrtiJ-Tfttgrom BuiliJing 40* Pint AT«. Or yo» con era'tr ky noil «»Tng flu oecomponying FEDERAL (1st) SAVINGS Ostl Vat t r.w. F I R S T . a n d P I N L f H O N I 7-U11 13$ E- OCEAN AYE. U 0«r tear tmaoj EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A TEAR RED IOOK DEPARTMENT INDEPENDENT. PRESS-TEIESRAM 404 PINE AVENUE IONS 8EACH, CAIIFORNIA 90112 Pl«e.»t «end m* ecpi«» cf Hit "«« HM RED BOOKe* $1 per copy. Eneloitiit my eliee* for $ NAME __ ADDRESS . CITY STATt- ZJP COOE_ (CfecV er msfiey orders please. No caili er ifomps.l FINAL PRICE SLASH ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST MEN'S SHOPS ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDING NEW SPRING ARRIVALS From Hart Schaffner Marx, GGG, and Hollywood Clothiers Also Imported and Domestic Furnishings at Give-Away Prices 50% REDUCTIONS ON ALL FURNISHINGS SUITS from sudi fine maters al Karl ScJiaffner and Man, Holwood Oot^et. GGS. PetrocelC «rirj our fine Impori Kf«. REG. 79^0 MQW 39.00 ( C V I I C I I T I T O C X I "V*¥» J I . U U RES. 79^0 NOW 49.00 'RleVwTo NOW 59.00 REG. fo 95.00 NOW 69.00 REG. 100.00-110.00 NOW 79.00 REG. 150.00 NOW 99.00 REG. 160.00-165.00 NOW 109.00 REG. 175.00 NOW 119.00 SPORT COATS REG. 55.00 NOW 29.00 REG. 5940 NOW 39.00 REG. 65.00-7940 NOW 49.00 REG. 100.00 NOW 69.00 SLACKS REG. 1840-24.95 NOW 12.90 REG. 29.95-3940 NOW 21.75 REG. 50.00 NOW 25.00 Formal Wear Irtlea viet. from JO *· 1 1 1 9 1A I * ·a Oraai\ Men's Wear BROADWAY AT PACIFIC STORE HOURS: DAILY, 9:30 fo 5:30; OPEN FRIDAYS 'TIL 9

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