Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 25
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Ship Arrivals, Departures ACTIVI VISIILS IH P0«n ' 1 M MarlM fill null JtBI Fred OIK* Une __Aanl 1 San Fran _m Same Bros. Tewlna __Apnl 1 Reeduerl in Sea Land Service Inc. Apnl 4 San Fran ·II Hemoutf Amer. Une April SM Fran .t? Standard 0,1 Cat-April J El in Helland Amer. tine -April 4 San' Fran 1)4 Canadian Owl Lute April 4 Powell XI Wererhaeiner S/S Ce. _-lndel. Jll wvcrfiaeincr VI Ca Iron. '" MaHon Nav. Ca. ____lnoet, Wcvetnaetner i'J Ca. -_lr_ei. - . Slates Marine Line Apnl isan O'ego BM Inierecean Une April J Le He«re .Ml Hammond Lumber Ca. Had. _IO» Pac. Far Eail Una »--·' LBI Kotnhlre K. K. Indel. B» N. Y. K, Um -------April 4 Yokohama .III Deldo Urw April 4 San OfWJ Anc-ln w. H. WKkertnam Ca. Apnl 4 Sekaren .IBIS Calmar Une , April 4 San Fran . II* Roval Mail Line April 4 Antwerp J»E Femville Line April t Mania .101 United Operator! Inc. --April 1 Arvba .110 Mei. Petroleum Corn. April 1 Sauna Cnu Meian Maru (Jap) Mana Fiancuca (Men Manonla . MorrnacMH- . Normweltem Victory , Norfolk Mem (Jap) . pnil Antonio Luna (PtiMI . Prnldcnt Jetterson . Prnldent Lincoln _ Ritwro Maru (Jae) . Steel Designer ___ Saarland (Gar) To«ca (5wd) vvangararta (Swd) . WH lee IChirvil Yvgela (Dan) IH Maritime Ce. _ 7 Cmenada tBJt Miltul Line Vte Qa Navtcra Peninsula inner. IjiMatMn N» Co. _ Indel. 144 Moore McCormacfc Une Indtf. _ let statn Marne Une -April 1 San Fran _JJCB OS K. Une __Aprtl S Ntw York _LB4 Maritime Co. el PHIL Apnl 4 New York IJJ Amer. fin. Une ______lndci. IH A.-ner. Prei. Une , Inrfl. _LB»I Nippon Oil Tanner Inc April I Stockton LBI Statn Marine Une _prll S le Pallke FAN FARE By Walt Ditsen L.B. Gets $1,311,487 as Sales Tax Share ' Long Beach's share of sales-tax collections for the final quarter of 19C1 amounted to $1.311.487. the State Board of Equalization has announced. Tax distributions to other helm. $081,374: Buena Park, Los Angeles County cities in clOded: Lakewood. $348,937; Lynwood. $101598: Norwalk. $174,340; Palos Vrrdes Ei- 019; Garden Grave. $292,302; Legal Notlct NON.nESPONSIOIUTY NOTICE Nolle* li herebr rlren br the undrralgned Jack V. I'errr. realdlni at 1321 I'rteraon. tone Beach. California, that alter the datt cl April t MS. he will not b« refponilble tor anr debit, llabllltlr*. or obllia- llona Incurred bjr any rxraona other than himself. Dated March 31. IM3. (·Icned) JACK V. PKRRT Pub. Apr, i. a. 4. 1M3 (it) L.U.I. icratlona executed the aame. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. 1 hate hereunto et njr hand and afllied IK eal of th« Superior Court the dajr and year In thla certificate ftrat aboTe written. V1LUAU R. SIIAnP. County Clerk e»»ll Ily M. uurroilD. Deputy ·ub. Apr. 3.10.17. H (U)-UIU. IB11 Hamtwrg Amer. Une _AeHI I Emeneaa ,,__,.,-,,.»...,;· nc rnnpnniTinM Bin Welltn « Une . April J Portland CER T'FIWTE OF CORPOnATION l« Pac. Aintr.cca Direct --Awll 1 SvOnev FOR TRANSACTION OF VESSELS ARXIVINO MONDAY FrMn Operator Deo te Sail Far ....ny'Fioan (III] LB4 .-- Prnldml Pierce LBJt Torrcy Canyon ILlD-Ikr) 44 . C. CamaaneU Cnna«_llUM _1] FM e S S Ce. __!__ A»nf J San 'Fran BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS _IW itandard Ffu.1 I. S/S Ce. An-. San Fran NAME THE UNDERSIGNED CORPORA TION doea hereby certify that It Is conduellnc a hofpltal and leaslne and clinic, buslneaa located at M E. Arteala Bird.. Bellflower. Cali fornia. Loi Anrelu County. California, under th« fictitious firm name of Bellflower 21-Hour Medical Group, and that aald firm ta composed of the followlnc corporation, whose principal place of buslnesa la Eldanaer INor) LB14 San Fran wntlM lanen Une .-Awll J Acapirfco HuXttnm (Ikr) t; _ . _Po.nt Welll Standard Oil Co. __Crll 1 El IMnodo Knkasan Man (Jap) 2KC _Yekonama MtvN Une April 1 New Ypk -Kuwait Barracuda Tank Carp. --April 1 Kuwait VESSELS DUE TOARRIVE TUESDAY train Oatrater Dae te sail Far ArnericaVMirv (Jap) 171 Siniei b~~i~ K. Line April San Fran Alaska Ctdar. JJJ..,.__- 4 _Jan_piegii W. iR. Charnbertln Ca. AgrU.4 Pert Ortord IttTlr) ill ArrwavBay Marine Tranut. Une AMI! 1 Yokceiama aa follows: Crelton c. M. Uvanoi April 3 London Fir (tfse) Anc Cool Be* Oregon Gml Towing Co. April San Diego Kongiholm Itlor) IB; _... Port Albeml Canadian Trannpt. Apr. 5 Port Alpeml - - - · IBI7 Galveiton Smno.hon Une April 4 Yokohama Tokyo Mar.Trade Corp. April 1 San Marcn IV Yokohama tvron Agency Inc .April 1 Maniatlan Pac.. Coa.1 Tramol._Ce.Apnl 4 Okum ,, Maru (Jap) Lamvntt (Get) Arc _ Lotmlos (Lib) Anc Lempoc (Tkr) I4» _ -- N«m Vovagcr (Ub-Tkrl ^ UmmSard Mobil Tankers Ca. April S Mena Anmadl Naen cnmenger (Ub-Tkr) 172 _Dumal Texaco Inc. April e RH Tanvra Protoktltot (Ub) Anc New Orleans Terminal Metali Inc. Apnl 4 Yokohama P. S. II IBM) US Cool Bay Oregon Coail Towing Ce. Apr. S Con Be* Sllathot (Grk) t7 ____Yokoriama Orion Shpg. 1 Trad. Apr 1 Sin Juan Bay steel Admiral LBf u*~ York Hmmlan Une Apnl S San Fran (Her) Anc _San Fran Far Easter Marine Trerapt. Navy Ships in Port Today Advance Ktnfttr P'tr 9 Novatota 7176» NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 74-F-ttM On the 3th day or April. 1H2. at 11:00 A.M.. at tbr main entrance o the City Hall on West llroadway, n the City of Lon( lieach. Stale if California. HANK Or AMERICA JATIONAL. TIIUST AND 8AVINU3 ASSOCIATION, aa Trustee under Deed of Trust dated February K. K1. eiecuted MURIEL U. S MUVVIT ^__«_____ _--^--_ r'rr F n « * « O I B _ «_ *%----Trr:.r_rr:^^!^4°^---- Bwck But'ernut Cacapon Cowards. Richard S I. nervy Engage enhance t»ani Eicel Fortify NAMB OF COnPORATIONS: IIOSI'ITAI. I'ROPEKTIES. INC.. ST. HELEN'S IIOSI'ITAU PIIO- fCSSlONAL, LAIIOliATOKIES. I'llINCirAL, 1'LACB OK BUSINESS: »: B. Artrala Illtd.. Bell(Inver. California. WITNESS Ita hand thla 2nd dajr of April. 1MZ NAMB or conronATiox: nos- PITAU I'ROI'F.nTlra. INC.. ET HELEN'S HOSPITAL AND mo- FrSSIONAI. LABORATORIES. (Corrorate Seal) Signature and title of authorized officer or offlcera o the corporation. Mra. Hrlen Rich ardion. rtetldent (all 1 corpora ttonsl. Todd Shipyard STATE OP CALIFORNIA ) Berth J1;COUNTT OF LOS ANOELES ) M B4U»| On Uila Sid day ot Apnl. A.I) .TedajliMJ. lefore me. William !. Sharp i,"' I County Cleik and Cletk of the Su ZMl\P"t«r Court nf the Slata of Call »"lSonila. In and for the County o _pier f,I/a Aneelr-f. perronally appeared .Feitewi I Stewart Mra. Helen Rlchardaon. known to .Submarine Pier m . t n t« the preaident of the cor DrvdottL.NSl'.lnorallona that executed the within ocXlNiY|p 0r , l | )n , t P,eTE Siis!' Mtrun " nt B« poratlona therein named, and ac n-u knowledred to me that such cor Legal Notice by G. 11ITH. . C. SUITlt and husband and Leaal Notice wife, and recorded on Uarch 7. 1KI. n hook T-16??. paf S'O. ot Official Rrcordr County of Loa Anicelei, California, rlten to wcure an In- dehtrdneal In later of II. n. HOI! ERTSON and MARGARET ROB ERTSON. husband and wife aa ten anta In common, by reason of tlte brrarh of certain obllcatlona aecured thereby, notice of which waa recorded on December 27. 1MI. In look U-920. pace C74. of Official Recordt of aald Loa Ancelea County, will ar-11 at public auction to the hlcheil bidder for caah. parable In lawful money of the United Staler of America, at time of aale. without eoTenant or warranty, exprera or Implied, u to title. po»eailon or rncumbrancea. the Intereft centered to and now held by the aald Trustee under *ald Deed of Trurt. tn and tn the followlnr df»crlbed property. ·Ituatrd In the City rf Lone lieach. County of Lo« Ancrleii. State of California, to-wlt: An undlrlded i;:/1920thi. In- trrot In lot 1 In tlock 51 rt Alamltoa Ceach Townrlte. In the City of Lone Beach. County of Loa Ancelef. State of California, aa per map recorded In book 53. pace 11. ot lllwrl- lanenua Recorda In the office of tti« county recorder of aald county, described In the deed from Richard T. Terry recorded June 4. 1SJI. In book 41737. pace 157. of Official Records. which deed recitra that · crant la made of the exclusive rlcht to occupy apartment No. C on the first floor of the apartment tmuse buildlnc. located on aaid land, aa shown on ilat attached to raid dred. tocether with richta of Incresj and eicreva to and from aald apartment and the use in common with othera of the public portions and equipment of aald bulldlnc as described In raid deed and which deed reserves and exrepta the use of all apartmenta '«· rept Apartment No. C. EX- CKIT the ea»t 12 feet of aald For the purpom of paylnc oLII rations aecured by aald Deed o Trust. Includlnr fees, charcrs. and rxpeiuea ot the Trustee, mdiances If any. under the terma of salt Deed of Trust and Interest thereon and SI.37S.CO In unpaid prlnclpa of the note aecured by said Deed $211,148: Costa Mesa. $149,' 160: Cypress 57,260; Dairy land, $1.745; Fullerton. 5211.- tates. $7,231; P a r a m o u n t , $37,069; Rolling Hills Estates, $13.091; Signal Hill. $65314: and Torrance, $444,409. i Legal Notice NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENCAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Marrh 2*. 1HJ TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN: Subject to Issuance rf the license applied lor. notlre Is hereby riven that the underslcned proposes tn sell alcoholic bevrraces at the premises. de.Vrihed aa fr-llowa: Ml -on Kast Seaside Illtd. Lome Reach Pursuant tn such Intention, the undersicned Is appl partment of Alco HuntlnRton Beach $50,261; Los Alamltos. $7.541: Newport Bcacit, $124.945; Santa Ana. $715,902; Seal Beach Collections for O r a n g e $8.813; a n d . Westminster. County cities Included: Ana- $50.817. INDEPENDENT-?*TM D-l I. IHI ttitf ^ titl Leaal Nellce NON-HMPONtlBILITV NOTICE Nolle* la hereby iltea by the undcrsUtti! Claiton N. llauiea! realdln* at U.8.8. Hector e/o rM I'.o . Ban Kraaclsco. California, that after the date ot April 3. 1KJ. he be . . responsible for any rr obllcatlona In- will not debia. I i « . curred by any persona other than hlmaelt. Dated Marrh 31. 1KJ. (slcnedl CLAYTON K. IIAUREII l-ub. Apr. J. 3. 4. IM1 »tl UU.I. NON-RESPONSIDILITY NOTICE Notice Is hereby clten by the linderslcne-1. Kent nichards. reald- Inc at lull Koswell. Ixwc Deach. California, (hat after th- I«i« ot April J. 1HJ. he will --1 r- rt-· sponalbl* for any debts, liabilities or obllcatkms Incurred by any per- aona other than hlmselt. Dated April 1 IK2. SIKnrd/KKNT RICHARDS IMh. April 3. 4. 3. IK] Ct)-LIM. , applying to the De Alcoholic Rereraee Control tor Issuance by transfer ot an alcoholic tfTerace license for these premises as tollowa: OX-SALE HEER Anyone desirlnp to protest the of such license · may file * of Trust, with Interest to the date\ terlfled protefl with the Depart of sale. Dated March 27. 1K2. RANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, aa Truttee By A. L. BRCHAN. Trust Officer. By MERLIN W. COLE. Assistant Trust Officer. men! of Alcoholic Bererace Control at Sacramento. California, statlnc grounds for ilrnlal aa pntTlded by law. The rremUes are now licensed fur the sale "f alcoholic bererae'S. Th* form of Aerification may lie obtained from any office of the Ix-riartnier.t. PAUL P. HAMILTON and HELEN M. JIERRIMAN Pub. April 3. 10. 17. 1K2 (3D L.B.I.'Pub. Apr. 3. 1W2 (It)--L.RI. OUHIT I J H For Singtt Adulli 3 0 - 5 5 CODE OP ETHICS In pinonol cltanliniii: proper drtu ond btlio»ier for oil occai.ont. Ii proptr conduct and rtiptct to-ordi our fellow I. mtmberi. | In good tfiougMt and clean longuogti fo eipre.i our* I* telvtt. *J W« mu»l irioro tipcntes cf *Kt Club by paying duel A promptly. I* It ii tht duty of each member fo remind hit fellow mem ber of Mi obligation to follow tfui Cede of Etfi.ct. NEIGHBORHOOD CONVENIENCE: you are near the NATION'S LARGEST FEDERAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AMD 10SN atsOCIATIO*! tLEVEN CffiCtJ _ McAAerrtl «·»'"'*·· Moore, Samuel N Morion- ..... ___ ..... ai Legil Notice 4IS121 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME The umlr-rsicnrd do certify thr-y ar^ rnndurtlni; a tu'lnepa at 52-J rtiaVrmrn Mrrrt. Suutli Cate. Call fiTnia. untlrr the tictltlous firm "'H'AL-K scorn INSTRUMF.NT COMPAST and that said firm Is rnmpoird of the following t^rsonf. whoye namea In full and plarra rf resldfnca are aji follows: llupert rarl Herrlnr. I1II2 Park Lane. Carton Orore. California. John Delhert 1'arrllh. »S»J Ilo' liian. Apt. H. South Kate. California. Kutrne Nrll ritratlr-n. 14510 Fan Ilomrra Way. Hurra I'atk, Callfur^ ma. Datr.l March 3. 1M:. lltlr.KRT CARL HERRING J l l l l . N Ilbl.liKUT 1 ' A F i l i I S I I EUHENE NKIL STIIATTON Flale of California. Ln« Ancel^a County: On Marrh S. I9SJ. t»fote me. s Notary I-ubllc In and fcr said State |»rsonall)- arr»ar»d Ilul»rt Carl llrrrlnc. John Ivlt-ert I'arrlsh and Euctrje Nfil ftratton known to me tn te the |er»on!i whose nam*s are fi»lwril»et lo the within Instrument and acknowledged they executed the same. CI.EO II. l.EWF.LLF-V (SEAL) Notary I-uWlc My commission ^xrlrr-s (I/27/1M1. April X I". 17. 54. 1?»I ( I I I 1..I1.1 fttmal Insurance I'crsons ages 1 to 80 years ore now cligibia to register under a plan of burial insurance. Costa only a few'cents a day. In time of need, regardless ot how little lias been paid, the plan pays the. face amount as specified. For example, 5500 was paid recently on a funeral bill when only $4.58 had been paid. Issued by an admitted legal reserve insurer. Good nt any funeral director in tho World. Other plans also available. For free information mail coupon today. THE MOTTELL'S AND PEEK PLAN ·[COMMENDED Iff :MOTTUrS t PUK MOnTUm: : P.O.Box inO.tcrjEcothl.Calif.j \ritanfurniiHfruinftrmation': - " -- 'TJ I . . . 'Spot' Ad 1 , that !i. Good rotet. qood reliiltl. i Colt HE (-1111 o«J tee. [ ladepeaeteat, frati . Tele- from Dliplen/ Air. Depl. Cindy's listening to flowers talk Do flowers talk? Cindy knows they do. In a quiet, friendly way they say -Hello! We're here. The older she gets, the more Cindy will find companionship, and wonder, in things that grow. Gardeners understand this feeling best of all. They've worked their fingers in warm, musky soil. Watched a shoot catch its first sight of day. Standard has been gardening, too, for over 30 years. Today our ORTHO Division makes 60 product's lo help gardens grow better, more easily, all over the world. To give a lawn that luxurious look. Help u tree wear its mantle more proudly. Or coax a cascade of blooms from a rosebush. Standard's gardener-scientists never stop looking for better ways to nourish and protect your garden. In laboratory and test plots they're experimenting and proving. Out of this research have come many gardcning"firsts,"\vhich you can share by reading the ORTHO Lawn and Garden Hook, available at garden supply stores. At Standard we're interested in everything that grows ... whether it's a hillside's bright blanket of flowers, or one proud little plant in a window box. planning ahead lo serve you belter STANDARD OIL COMPANY OP CALIFORNIA

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