Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1976
Page 12
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Write Icdiy ' tfoi Cflmqltlc facti about our home study maiod, American School of CHcaito Boi ;243. Ultfe Rccfc, 7S307 Dafartrnest AT. -6242 Dffice Closed Sunday 3 hone Calls Acecpled Until UiOO A.M. Rich AildillKial ays . . $7.80 39* ; a y . . . . $1.80 9e i -SERVICE DIRECTORY- ! ttfmuni 3 llnci dally [or | \'E MONTH ONLY SH.IO (Rich Hnc-. J5.» | (Over 50 wx»tdf Be r?f word* CWS5IFIEP WORD ADS ; -- to itart Stwday are icoepttd ihl 1I:W Siturday. -- lo ' sLart' Tu-Tsday Ihiu SalurJiy re acccpfed ttntil 4 p.m. o.i the day cftiriv pjMEraLLon. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY -- to s!,irt .Sunday are accf[X:d ttil 4 p.m. Ttursd-iy. -- lo wan Monday » r* ac.-*p Ed ntI ·! p.m. Friday. -- to Tuesday thin Saturday re scccpfed vzitt 4 p.m. two days -- Schools Instructions chool where yon [ejrn to earn. 731 Somh /wait Pfoona 412-234. FaifJtevUle. All --lost Found XJST--OM b!Eck buU calt WO Ib?,, one lack whjiti f«u.xd Hereford 3?0 Ibs., phone XST Mised Co:iie, female, reddish ccl- ;oJ. has I D . w i l h Lho name Morla, Lost .oad.. Rcnard $30. call joio223 or ofll- -OST: M-ile Eca?!e, named George F Jack i: w h i l e with remon.facc. Wearing jJlar with halt iwmti lag torn of I. Lo5t er 5:W, " ' 'Ott SALE M lease rain operated taur.d- 3.-.- and · ftl iquarr fr^i of adjOiiiinE jifornialion cat! {4?.5o3Q. '1/7 \ RESrAURAXT-- Fayeucnllc: in- x'mparabie pnxiuct; exclusive 'ridpci 2 oCocks from University, Small Invert- menu t^-o can opomle. Phore 405-938- Z422. 10-- Help Wanted : IOUSE CLEAXING-lwrtreiKM. 442- R; C..-COU\ BOUTK S.' : leEnun. 'Cominb- S'fHK. E'^rmc «2-4 | »2. s _-M)ltS-- Ir.iUtim sire'.tiiiiis budget ireakir:; poirA? 3 or -1 hours a day wi j.-itiS yon a profitable incwmc. 1 For i a i s write Box 10, Wat kins Products, Inc., 5Vniona. ln. 55S37. E.O.A. H«nlsisit Janitor and Awlslanl rooy. Sririiicdale Center. p?-rt tlmo posiifxi to bo?in in June. J2.30 per hour, call 731-JM1 or apply at-Center on Airport Road, by April 2Ist, Enual Oppoi turjty Empicjer- AVON il on jO'Jr own tima. Call right a\%-ay 442-9836 Tltt; LINCOLN' Schools nsrd? clemcr.t prjicipal. Most bo ccnilicd in om idft edufaiian ard hold e-Iemwrta a -- Help Wanted 'NTKIl 11KLP needed. Appli 1 at Brnt' s Drive Inn, W5 \V. «h atler J:W i, No phone 0,1 1 tr. ITKKS anil vv.iUrcMc* Mfhd bch is op«i. Will train, alia cti*hwa,OAer. pi) 1 , in porson at I Jim's No, Crtlfg* RT T I M K hours-lull tinw esmtags. trticl «hfrs In TRI-CHE.M LIQUID IDHOIDEHY, no o\r«rri«icc nccejjsrj-. Ul'LK or Human wanlcd [ir childcace scs. Tiivalc hoaxing. 3 bedroom un- miJiTtcd. Send In«inli3' to P. O. BAt 60^ OW MiKDEU lelerfiono cverators, rart ie iiwk. t?,M an hour. Call 412-1377 B STAST JIanJgcr ot retail dolhirj! oiw. Full lime, permanent wnptoy- cnt. must be alitc to nutiaKC r*op!« tt lo scllp arxl \\^i!lns to wotX hart ust be nutun ar.d bondablc, e*vcd«i- prefctred hut nc eswnHal. CaU tor fr\"X»' 41I-T.'^5 Itw Nwv World--Mall. \V Sales hiMlcss ("ositrons nvallaWe n\ e average earnings, pi M iiiil work- ck' Fried Ctiicken. 314 No. ColLeS*. \YCARK Ccr(cr has position available ay l, (or harrt/ivorking parti time p£r- onfsl to Work as janitor, OATI houra flcr rto*ing, Anunximatcly 15 hours r week. Call 412-Tir;. ANTED for delivery, person with small r or eye to, part time, alternoooi cAl EM 1 WASTED -- part lime -- 6 nlshls vet*. -Miiil be derviid.ihlc. Apply in H-i-son, T^co Hut. 1?25 North College. o phore calls pK'iisc. OW Taking appHcatioiu for (lie Taro ro ResUuranl. Frwii 10:00 a.m.-J:W ni. Apply at ZH3 North Ccllc^e. XPBR1EXCED Mortgage U»n I'ioc«- _ r/CTtKur wanted for local niOTlsapc ficc. FHA, VA, and convenlimnl c\- _ ills lequiicd. 'Sor.d resume A: salary [ ·tccrrt in cvmfirferee (o Box P SI. N.W. 3 rk. TI.MES. ·ANTED: Expen'pnccd T.V. and stem) ( 'chuicfan to vvork in Faye(tpi"dla. Rood j orking cond.tiiKu . Paid vacation and j insurarec Send qualiB cat ions to M. K n- caiil, 691 Melmar, Apt. 1W, FayetleviHe. Iheom M o n u f a c l u r i n g Co. has L a A v Immediate, opeulng fo: » PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST ualificd applicant must [xt^psa a minimum ol tim years COBOL EXFERI- E.NCE CICSA'S AND DBOMB experipnca fhly. des-raKe., IlEiiimfts and BJ ary requjrements ihould ba sent lo RHEEM MANUFACTURING CO. 5600 Greenwood Road Fort .SmiJh, Arkansas 72001 {Alln: Personnel Oepi.) , ,' c/o Andy Babyak \SSE,MBLY mrlcers, !2.Zo per hour M start. S2.TO [»r hf" r in M d*i'S- Sunf eilcvilJo, Ko phone calls. ASSISTANT manager posiliors are available with Kentucky Fried Oilcken. Apply In person al 514 No. College. TR t^ITA' Dtiv«.In Theater LS hi ring pari-tlmc hdp. Apply et bov olficc between 7:00 9;00 p.m. nijihtly. No phone calls rleaae. "- EM'EHIESCKD truck X- diwtl meriian Ics, Cood PW and bc-nelUs- Apply a Rell LilenuUooal , Inc. Hi^hvray 71 South EXrKHIENCF-D ,Eodj-,nctwlrmsn. Gocd pas' and tonefilff. Api'ly at Bell Ir.ler- nalional.v Inc^-Hivy.. 7L.South, Sprinjdale or phone 751-7416- I^PN'-- Good hourly base plus Incentive, paid hospitaliialion, 11-7. Fuil or part- time. Contact Pam Ttdd. S21-43S3 8^00 i..^|SERYICE DIRECTORY^,; -- Air Condifioning -- FOR ATK CLEANERS. AIB CONDmON. ISO. I1EUTTNG AND EIUMIDIFIERS ·CALL SHELTON SALES AND SERMCK; ·-.^412- KM S.' ^THAT'S a heat pamp? CaU Tasctal Air Conl:tfon!a?, 751^)105. Comuiera'al i Re*- !dec1:al Sale* 8t Service, all mafcet -- Antiques -- J . - FUBNITUBE R^TOnATIONS fay eve '·' Dsvis Ktrm:!*:nir, repafrs, cxperieficM *- Lwrh up. Antique J. 3% W. DicXiML 521 -· W76. _-Aspha!f Work-- PARKING ItrtJ and driveway hullt 0 repair* d, gravel hauled. Motor grade -- Automotive -- RADIATOR REPAIR ENGINE: REPAIR, Braye?, T«n« DPS clfintJcal, Bofc Mares Auto Service 21'0 N. Catlanrt W3-(i57, 412^350. Bob i Slarhn ra£5. -- Bulldozing -- ' DOXINR-- Top Soil-- Cravel-Escavat on - '· BarfchM! and Tractor Work - Lar^«ap r . in-; - Leveling - Djmpti iclc Work - Poolings. Dn/ and Mwrnl J. C. Jonf* 443 -- Carpenter -- - QUALITY w-rk r,r. flddmorJ. rervXlcnn /...C^RPENTHV, ROOFING. PAINTLNf ·, IMrselir.g, sTiitt rw-X. alumlnam a'd^n *. ^r-d o'hcr sidiri?. Windows, add - ['or.s Hefptiincta. Ray Raxsdale, M2-7] '"" or 511-7370. , IF )0-J are INTER GSTKH Li l.o Bc. Ins, or TEXTURED CKILINOS call H B7I. i-: RKMODELIXG, rarr-OJl siMiUOTJ - pa *-» ios -- hrui« level SB:; -- roofing -- pain ; |ng- ITione 41WM6 or S21-W13. . -- Carpet Cleaning -- : --Concrete V/orJt-- ' HOUSE n'/:,s. P^'.L'-S. f1riv; wsys. fe * walks ar,d k/Jt.r,^. till Jim Rlsrcr ' Pati'/s, Drivf-'sys, K w a n J M Wills, B 1 MA CK M I.VETt CV)nc« Le f^jnil' »' PaHf), Driveway*.^ V.'alls, Baj t arjliir.e 443 4315', '52!^^. u CBK r - WK rxj co.i STR L-cno ; -- DIrf, Gravel, Top Soil -- * 4M CASK C-a*:irr with (jr-'Ur/f l'-:-d 7 fr S s-J tf^nap iru^h, Sonte 'jf !he Iv ' rop «ol] In ,VW A/kinsii, 412-1^23. an '. , 1 ! int. * -- Diri, Gravel, Top Sorl -- LTMKSrmsE gravel nM sard dc-ivcred Dave Duncan. 4^3-Wn a f t e r 6:00. TOP SOIL LBfESTONF, gravel ar.d sar, delivered, for hire. cr/ntractoH:! Dav D-jncan. 4434005 after 6:00. STFTVE Harris -- Backhtwi WOT)! -- ,1Xip ail. Rank and creek "gravel, ^11 rtln Fepiic tartk ard lateral lines Installed 442-9HW. -- Ditch Digging -- DlTClIwnCH trenching for vralcr, «as renrh. 3: H/' Minimum Joh, '^25. Gre JACKHO'k". and D-jmp Tnulc Wort Job -- Exterminating -- HAYES TH71MITE S; PFJST 'XJNTT10 Ji r*J~-cncc il Servift for t]Ti^!iiy cnniro Call 735 65H. -- Fence -- FARM - FB.VCIXG, cor«is ar,fl lM4!p -- Garden Plowing- , 7ir,2. rtwln?. yairt Icvrlin?, sathfnr,'! f 2T.12. -- GartJen T f l l i n g -- IAICJKN TI/.UM; wilft hra^y lillc e^ si'rvUv, Hauling 4133*17. -- Grinding -- O7.ARK GrindJag Service, 650 1 ontsvf nd. 521-a/OT: Carbide it hlgh.sf,«fl lv IftrilrJ) tooTs, chain sa'.is, hand an itdiori, piftr cultJn? kdrei. -- Handyman -- CAUPEMRy - PalnLIn? - HooRr mlnR - Vardj - Free Esllmalu - f 4!1 AW7. -- Hauling -- ·J'HASH HAUM.VG - TT(KF, T H I M % f l X C Cora/a r.d AtlJc Gr^wn? f;iM bt/ore « a.m. M- ullcr 7 p.m., 4 -- House Design -- rkle [v'ar.n.JU sorvicus -- Honvxli?l;nn i-L'.i- c'jr^'.nicti'-n. I'crt O l f n t I'xjx IT -- HorlieuHure -- KCOI/XIY B-VrKRI'IHSFl 1 : INC. ann' d n p I h o genius of OTI H-i^ts'ile d s;on- We am ApcialffJns In srcenhr, jrro'^-lr? mtd'a, anrt will mix any lo yoar spedficaUor.S- Open S tft Mor.tlay Ihni E'/Way Phine 52I-«70 cuWc Sttt \ermSrutite, 13,50, 1 ciUic r'-rJI,L(, I3-W. ft t-oh!c foot tfangn IX; At miMi, I7-M. ]W Ibs. hnmu^ p 5 3, ZJ fhs . tor-v; 1 , 75c. T^e CorncT Ml , Oimfftrt IV^sd a nd Ruppfa Lin - Landscaping-- I.ANDSCAPING -- Yaid cait, pruning fc rlih7i ng. snddmg, Becrtins. tree Inppin and removal . For i i ee estimates cal Wayne, 521-IW. 10 TLACi; AN AD IN THIS - . · $17.70 PER MONTH --Lawns Gardens-- * TOMI'LETE la^-n and yard care sen ce iiwinj?, cdginc, irimmrns- anythinS- Ca 4K2.TS7 0. 4X-MH. a.sTt fo. Chuck Ogle |J --Paint Paper- male, call ooilcct. Uncrtn 3H-36J3. " BXTERIOR pafnting, cca5on^b:c rate. references if needed. For free cslimai , A N Y kind of painting Inside or w.. FK Fahrjcalioii and Rstclbutlon, All type - of plasilci PrMWiT" made to ymr sr B ci [icatJwij, Special orders. Free consull ""'' · To "" ta " 1 '' aitlC t ^^ a "^ Wa- ' riUhiuiny jcrvicc LIGHT PI.UMBINO SERVICE ,-1 TACKtTT'S PT.UMBIKO CO. -- Roofing -- McCOYS ROOFING -- All types r,f nx Ir.S «1lh I year written j?ur ( rantfo. F ROOFT.-0. all klnflj, Hiwranleed, fr ' TO P/.ACK AN AD IK THIS f- SPACE WOUf.D COST ON NY s I17-JO PER MONTH i, 5pen Hv Gunrdt accuniy uuarai ARKANSAS Armed Guard State and (c -- ah! c Immedl nlely 24 Jioo t r« rvl ** -- Troctor-- - BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE (tall alter 5 p.m. 521-MM. - PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE n. rnoNE 52i-?r/g -- TRACTOR SERVICE PJ/^VTST,. discing, hrn,Oih03R:nz. f-a -- or small J^bs, Call 5«-61*7 after »:M p A: -- -Tree Service -- MYE^lfl THEF- SERVICE -- FrrtiliziJii, f u l f y -iuir*d. 2J jpars M * - -- VenclTan Blinds -- 5 - CAIdi Gabe Cooper ^or comp ^* WO Xi»K Prc^pecf, ParMlevll e. Ail V TO PUCK AM AD IH THW o SPACK V/OUI.D COST ONI.Y (17.70 PEH MONTH * PONYTAIL |g iff ,v "Don't take your fighl with Donald so hard, I'm sure it? a day or two he'H be. back here with his head stuck in our refrigerator!** 1 -- Situations Wanted 17-- Boats Marine iro'u'sh Friday Sl.W per day. Call M3- ~^~ »mpan!on. babys'rtter, or cafe «ork. iWa "ornially vrith G randmrMhers 1 Inc. 554- John* B3.1. . Prop, ..^. A -.. A ^. A ^^.^ ^. J ..-.. ^..^..X^^^s* t rai Ic 16 -- 5«rvlces Offered ^ FKEI i'ARD WORK -- leaves removed, mow- year' jig. trinunlnjr, cloan up. DtpenAiblc 353.3; urk ReabOnabfe prices f^tl EM 3113 or _j^^ H2.KI7. · Termites? Pests? ^^^···^M^M^ HAN Ray Johmon 521-3750 [ no answer, 521-S427 or «3-i671. 17 -- Boats Marine PABUGLAS Tndtut 1« Tri'hu ilh wlak-thru windshtclrt. specrfrai aehocnctcr, horn, s^wlllK it, convw «P and Ml ranvAS cover,' 55 h. on motor with allcmalor. c\i 2-6 salkm lud Unta. and DiU .Some ski equipment -- excelfe Ion, $2.000 CaU 41tM40, : -- 2 months slall r«Dl on llr rental, l»il Hridgc Marina. PhD 22, P.O. Ik« 93, Garlleld. Ark. -Camping Sporting .Goods - ' XJUNS, riHes, shotguns. Smith a ins and others, also police suppll o Pawn Shop W3 So. School. 44 tha New 76 Solid Sta APACHE Camper Trailers at Sines Body Shop 5 Old Farmington Roa Phone 442-26?! or. Rotcn.lraitcr \\1lh 13" whe^j v-ith ^7^77"?^ ---^"v-^^^s^vs. Oti rrf extras. Call M1-V151. 20-- MofOrcyciCS 16 (1. ASTROGLAS bass boat with trailer, 1975 YAMAHA \7. EO, excel «nt coa \-aricpua nrtiooal aox*wriM Itduded. Uon. 5 1 .S monthi cJd, nc.w rear t 756 6M1, ask for Terry. must jell. 5*JO or best olfar. 52I^6M, BOAT Docfcs -- built lo lart Installed at 1971 VAHAMA MOTORCT'CLE 350. IP yow site. Call 636-WM day or evenings. biXe for rale. JKS. Good shape Phone i CtS Sales, Rogers, 8JW. 0-- Motorcyelei · L " . ' . . M)A l^iO Cl, 3JO PM-cll«il condition. lOiltlrUl, c.triicr, ne^v baU«r', 1;0 or t oflcr. Wl-WtS. 4 YAMAHA 350 MX. new tranfiniLssIwi tu .icccAwdw. Phwia 53J-8376 allfr 3 ONIJA 1370 ri^C-O, PXCT nrtsliEcti], carrit-r, uwt bcsl oiler, MI-9W5. tciit rctwlUloii. b.illcn'. HSO VS. frcluiloj 2 helmets, havo to «ll. [oinR to sdKKjl- yfl'iy'Q alter 5 p.ra. T2 SU/UKI yM very clc*n a rftram H95. 73 HotKln IcnL coiidillon. t\ Phon aixl nins liXa SL100 In excel- 6I3-2M9. ' 1971 KAWASAKI 500 Very Tast. recent lop ovwhaiH never w-nx i k«J. f675, Mini- spare [Mrts. Phone 112.74lfl. 21 -- Automotive-- For Sole CO.MPLEI' El ,Y icinodcird ltW2 Checker Supcrbn In csraUcnl cwirtilkm. Hut nccda (yiKinc rerat«:. SfW as Is, Must M* lo believe. 443JL13. I'ICKUl' (nr sale, IOCS CMC. Rood con- (Iltlon. Phoiw.WW65.-H no aiMW*r. Sunday call Monday and Tuesday. SVANTED 75 VoJv« 16t or 7'l or 7a SI-B 250 D, Phone 501-7S3.7TH after 7 P,m, 1OTI FORD LTD Count rj -ITS. PJiouc 7J14W2. Squire, 9 pas- 05 CHEVY Super Spirt ·-113. Tunj ivrfert. I'honc -H2-15a. !«;? ^V 1U!S, Huns good. New tlr«. Sleeps 2. See to appreciate- Call 4-H- 4431, belorc 9:00, i alter 6;00 p.m. 1063 CHEVY plcvup, long, vvide bod. 6 ej-lindcr. Mi condition. $450. I'tionc 4« 2S83 allcr 3 on weekdays, 1M6 CireVV picVup 1 lor sale. Lx^n? vid gocd · condiKori. *W5. Phone 736-38i5. 1063 CORVAIR. fiood 1 ranapoitatlon. JL=* *I9 CHHVY Vt ton * speed, n«v wain runs Rood, S360. 4U-!076. rlcan low milwse, new radial tires Phwic 7M-M09- TO. 1957 Vi ton new motor, rflrtisls rtiocKs, clean ?550. «3-1076. 1M7 CHEVY V-B auiom filii! , !32S. 1 CIIGVV MW paint nrd overriauU ICv DEFAULT liins real good. $300, 41340 1952 CHEVY ',* ton. clea 413-407S. n, WSO. I«S \ second car, SI IDfifi CMC power sleeiinR. rcsl clean *=do and out. Must soil »75. .1«9 FUR HI '2 floor, (475- 4-W-W6. 63 KARMANN GWa lor food. Make olfer See a call 755-COOO. sale. Blacfc. ru Cs FOHD G alaxr. 2 door, vinyl roo power brakes aixl steering, factory s IC-00. I'hwie M3.2216. 1N8 CHEVKLLE Malihu 4 door. 1 mllM on complcle overfiauled. enp dependable and clean. $700. Call 5 CAD ILL/ vvilh blue leather l*« linn. Very lo\v rrrlpajp *.C C^briotet. SJ ed. v,ilh all 524-5240 or 524-6127 · Northwest Arkansa* TIMES, Monday, April i^, i.W« FAYrnEViLij;. AUKAXSAS . . --- Automotive -- For Sals 1. Air ]xftie-r braVM and stci-riTiK, wllmt rOJHlltloti. ntrvv rflJtal tires, n 52^5906. OT' VW 412 ^S'i^gwl, nuloninlic, small 11 rensWcr trade. MUST SELL, rhonc nuICK Elct-lra UniHrd. one W,T*T, v miles, can be linaFft-d. Phrsie ·!«· ai. 071 VOLKSWAGBN KAR!i!ANN GHIA -rivals A M / F M , Elratk. Exccllcnl. 1171*. On SALE f Oie\-y Sallwi wanon. ean, Kflrtfl ard tuns sood. air cwidJ Ktch-Sfx-cd »u» '* Wax Johs $19.95. EMMONS PAINT BODY SHOP 54S W. Ctnltr 531^770 972 S10-SJ DATSILN. M.OOO miles, wholc- te price 6 horse Ward Tiller. Phone icr 5:00, 521-1HS. 973 CADILLAC El Dorado Ojupc. while it h M lute vinyl lop. opera uinilowfi, heanlHul car, J1SM. Will ooivsrldtT trade. S1-H77. 4 WHEKI- Drive. 73 Ford Uronoo, llVt nc«* mxny oMras. J3700 linn. caU 1»- 4351 ask for room 136. ·73 MODEL Chevrolet. C-«0 Series Dump Truck, 2 loii w i t h pony R*le- ^ll charits Stacks. -H?.-7907. JS per day. 4 yaid truck JW ror day. Iniuiic al Soratl Auto Salrs, 103 So. school, sai-sexw. . ' . · 1974 CAMARO. one owner, 22.000 oneinnl mile*. 330, aulcniallc, air and (ull pmver, 2 barrel eai-burctor good mUeas«. fabric interior, 1iH vh««l, r*al clean. N«o lo sell. 4S3-4Z33 r "- : . 75 1TNTO \Vaton, power ilcerinR - i irafcw. Cuabm Intgiior. Many extras, PJICC Negoliable. Call Jnhn. 5753501, D:Cfl.5:00 or 521 E 036 evening* t \vee^M;t 1970 IMPAIA Chcvjulel, 2 door hardlop. dean, one owner. See t 975 Eartwocd or call 5214623. - .' , . . GOOD 13Si DODGE 'iS'ton pickup. iJ50. Phone 521-W70 after 6:W. 1DM CHEW lockup, - vvilh camper, .very ijod coikliilon, nts" Ures ar-d pv.n will dcwpt trade. Call 4-12-W12 alter 1972 OLUS Cutlass. Body l»nt, new front cap and scoiw other body v\ur Runs Food. Ixnv mileage. S750. IniW at 103 Sn. Sdnwl St. Auto Sales. CAR Painting and body work. Beawi able. Free estimates and all work g\i anteed. rhonc 751-3325. , , , HAS jwir auto Insurance Wen c relied. Bail drl\inc i«xrd, DW1, etc. \ can write j'our Insurance at A rBaaonab rate. Call sai-SJ-Wi 531-3522; "wenlngs WANTED Cari and "I'mclo for Parti AW Maka or Molel Hichest Prlcea Paid cam ud Warford Aulo SAlvtf* Phono M3'2M1 1 IS 9 ^ CLASSIFIED I BUSINESS DIRECTORY «4!iBsS A WIDE VARIETY OF BUSINESS TO HELP YOU! ··· ' ', ;y- *-.: ji , % · · , '· · - ABSTRACTERS BRONSON ABSTRACT CO. 1KC. comple!« THle S«rvic« 23 E. cealec S2U4TOO AUTOMOTIVE BUD'S AUTO PARTS Independent Auiomollvi Btil Buy On Fotclgo . Auto fails and HepaJr 521-1587 nvvy. 71 StxJlh (rail lh« Airport! BATTERIES VAUGHN BATTERY CO. ! Reliable Batteries Since 1318 53 Years in the Bailer/ Business 442-9567 W5 So. Sdiool BUILDING SUPPLIES · TRIANGLE BUILDERS SUPPLY Hft7- 71 S«j1h te\ W. North - BcnlonviUe. Ark. FayeUevl e , Phone Phone " CLEANERS « RAZORBACK CLEANERS · ond LAUNDRY . · Towels, soefcs, uniicni'tif, *he*ts . · Competitive ^ilh coin OT michlne FLOOR OZARK FLOOR CO. - OH N. Oo![fj(« Fay*Hcvlle Compile Line r( Ctrptt, Linoleum t- ' w 442-4451 FURNITURE i D E N N I S HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School 443-2316 «- ascd furniture. t GARDEN OZARK HOME GARDEN - CENTER (fcmplefB Sorplltj For Hrmie a) Tranship nd. Fayetlevi · Ganlen 5cr(l and lajidacAp« malcrijl GLASS " FAYETTEVILLE GLASS CO. J- 1725 No. College "' INSTALLATION B B rfwi ~ Sln/m Vfindrrrt -- D« DM^ -- Boll LfiCkJ. 52I : 8198 WE ARE PLEASED *m^ " TO ANNOUNCE OUR fc./ GRAND OPENING 3 BIG DAYS THIS WEEK: THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY . · Come Visit With Our Factory Representatives · Free Door Prizes ' - · Truck Load Paneling Sale . . · I n t e r i o r - Exterior Pittsburgh Paint Sale TRIANGLE BUILDERS SUPPLY A PHONE ' A 443-5261 ^^ · 664 W. NORTH · FAYETTEVILLE ^^^ OPEN 7-5 DAILY ^^^^L NOW O P E N SATURDAYS TILL £.00 J^^^^^L · P WILSON'S 66 HWY. 62 WEST 442-9661 PAT WILSON, Owner SPECIALIST FOREIGN CAR REPAIRS · TUNE-UPS U-HAUL RENTALS · TIRES, BATTERIES, ACCESSORIES fj^SpS^j · SRAKE SERVICE . V Wjjj : · COMPLETE SERVICE ^Mm OPEN MON.-SAT. 7:30 AM t i l l 7 PM ^Bifiljfc 1 - -- Machinery * Form Equipment ^ .., \NTED lo buy - Bl( Dutrhinan'.rMn e feeder system (or hfrai-j- l?f r s ; slcn niasl wniirt of a Hoppers jind ,00 [eel or chain and lioush, Call -831- r03. * "," TKKI'lLIAn Ttoier »G. For informa- cn BW-'JWOL ·'"* X^TED -- Will buy or rent a vliiw H' or' gooMiicck Ir^ller, wilh-?snes. io need Irrigation e*julrm«il «rJ Jifrvs. VO \' t n^le Irrixaltai syMtnie , ^#*A nd iron. Phone 4K-WM- W CASE track lotdcrt power ·hid 1 . 1 Gtod cndilion . Phone 4« 6S53. -·- arris Auto Said, Kfrgtxs, Arkansas, ·h'rjnc 636 OoM or 636 C6M. ,"-- ' 3 -- Livestock -- ForSal*"^ 4 RACE HORSES ".« FOR SALE . . T year oll Sallion by GO MAN GO'" Year old Reldltig by AZURE TB · V«r rtd slalHon by WDV BUGS il^ON Year old stall Ion by GO STOCKING MAN .. a oort condiUon-- Heady lo po lo pmno- 1 race track. All 4 hcrrw.-; lor 1(0,000. AT STUD ' ^ JOE DON REED .-- Rcidsleicd Quane chors* Sorrcll. jx.-k- ngJ. blaie, navwi mane and Uil. SirinS cohs \vilh cCTilL/malioo. dijpo*ll«i and reed. (Joe) \s ilic'airc of Tanan JM, one o (the. Iwp JumpiiiK horses in iTi* allon. Visilor* welcome, Booking avail- BOB FITZHUGH ':: : Hi, S, J!1. Comloil nd., F.)^. PhonE 521-77S8 r . ,.- 0 .MONTH OLD i!are mult, broken (« VAN TED ti Ter.t, paiiurc tor 2 -lo 1 ho«w. Pfwnc aflcr 5:0) -W3-11-W. AT Srim ·- RcxiiUtcd Iron «ray «iuart- crhorw. Bert, OWahoma Star, and -Poco ri;crx breedlnp. For iiilormaXlon. , call 442.63*2: ' ' ·-·- HORNED HEREFORD BULLS Service Age *£ RAGSDELL FARM ^ . Prairie Grave ·'- 846-3583 SADDLE called Eolden PalamInCu"vci7 (food ridinB hors*, «ood isith vhUdi en . Call .KL-3SW: evenings. ».- year green' broke colt. AAApIus .ffiord- linM. HW. Registered, marc, AAA breeding. StOO. Phone H6-MJ3 or B46-z:p7^ 24 -- Dogs, Cats Pan ; i DOG and Cfli Boarding. Larje oUldoor runs and Inyde facilities.. "At v home" care. Qnlhia JoTinson. W-$yJ2. GrMminj and TralnlriB available " -',1 ' i i » I ' _,' jF*L4 JEWELRY :r GARDENH1RE _ JEWELRY CO. CHsmortds-Cloeks-- Wa kh es-GI ttf 442-5562 = 2 ti\Sr CENTEil ; NEEDLE ART - , : THE J U N I P E R TREE i Crewel · !Iouiep)an(* Needlepoint MmPalute* HIT W. Sunwt Sprinfdal* ·'; 751-8234 : ALLEN WHITE - : SURPLUS AND PAWy,; Vie nny Mc*l Ani1h!w^',I New i Used Guns - . 75I-0060 "; WELDING : TRICO, INC. : : We!d[n? Enulpmenl Supplfe* locally Chvncrf fc OptrAted * Hwy. 62 W. 443-;4J!31 wasoN's 66'. - : DSPOHT WORK - I 442-9661 :; : B«J. « ' W. - Fu-MUvilW STEEL 1 OZARK STEEL CO. · Hwy. 71 South 1 Foyetl'evrlle, Ark. : Coll 442-7602 · UPHOLSTERY ; CLARK'S UPHOISTER1NJ3 DRAPERIES ' : ·Tor ' T*« , AWo Want Ttie »»«(· 751-7426 | SWO Rrty. 71 So. Spriacrfala PRINTING SOUTHWEST P R I M I N G CO. "We ca.l Handle All Yoar Printing Nee4s" 2H) W. IXcluoa , Fajeltevi!l« Coll 443-37.91 WINDOW WASHING BB SALES 8, INSTALLATION Slorm Wir.dowj k Door D*^d Bolt I/icla -- Rrp?-cem(nl Wndo'A-* -- Screen! fr Replace broken Glais . , 521-8198 WRECKER MIDWAY WRECKER SERVICE OH 71 N. JofcnMn Rmd 442-5381 24 HOUR SERVICE

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