Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 3
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Brother Juniper "I'll bet he doesn't bite HIS fingernails!" Blue Lake Freeway Plan Given Priority By Board A group of Blue Lake citizens appeared yesterday at the Hun holdt County Board of Supervisors session to ask that supervisor include the Blue Lake Freeway in the "A" category of th 1 annual request to the State Highway Commission. Wava DeMotte, Blue Lake newspaper publisher, presented letter from the Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce which said tha the freeway had been approved by supervisors in 1957, and lo dal there has been no action. Val F. Meyer, Chamber president, pointc out thai Highway 299 between Blue Lake and Arcata is extreme! hazardous and many accidents have taken place on that stretc of road. Ann Landers ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS A traffic count indicates that 6000 vehicles use the road daily. It was also pointed oul lo Ihe group that lumber interests are anxious lo "get things done." and two persons are delaying starling construct ion of new motels until the freeway question is settled. Supervisors agreed to place I Blue Lake Freeway on the cou ty's "A" schedule. A hearing on eslablishment of single family residence - agricu lure zone at Bayside was co tinued lo next Tuesday after s pcrvisors agreed to make change in the recommendation e made by the Planning Commi sion. . Edward Nielsen, property ow er in the area who has foug the issue, asked the board to r duce the zoning setback on th west side of the Old Arcata Rpa to 120 feel, rather than 300 fei as requested. He said he wou "go along" with a master zonin plan, bul did nol like spol zonin He pointed out that there ha been little construction in the Ba. side area for the pasl seven year and whal building there has bee consists of homes. E. M. Pctterscn. board chai man, said he felt the 120-feet re quest was reasonable. Supervisor Sam Merryman J objected lo the entire zoning pla because, he said, when zoning i planned there should be provisioi made for all types of develop menl, i n c l u d i n g commei dal a r e a s . Merryman name Azalea Hill as an example. H maintained that this large are TONIGHT i:00--The News by i With Jack Mortimer. iTls-Huntley-Brinkley Report. 4-30--Dicte Tracy Show. 7:00--Everglades. 7:30--wagon Train. .B:3D-TOP Cat. 9-00--Hawaiian Eye. 10:00--Naked tily. 11:00-- ABC Final Report 11-15--News Final. Ihso-Tonignt tin Color). TOMORROW 9:1S--Romper Room. 10:00--The Price Is Right (in color) 10:30-- Education: Music. 11:00--Tennessee Ernie Ford. 11:30--Yours For A Song. 13:00--Camouflage. 12-30--Window Shopping. 1:00--Day In Court. 1:25--Mid-Day Report. 1:30--Bingo. 2-00--Jane Wvman Snow. 7-30--Seven Keys. 3-OO-Queen For A Day. 3-30--Who DO YOU Trust. 4-00-American Bandstand. 4:50--Dick Tracy. 5:00-- Ranger Mark. St30--Mr. McGoo. KIEM TV 3 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1961 5:30--Yogi Bear. fi:00-- News 4:lQ-WealhGr. 4:15-Doug Edwards News. 4:30-The Deputy. 7-00--The Price Is Right, 7:30--The Alvin Show. fl:00--Window On Main Street. 8:3ft--Checkmate. »-30--Dick van Dyke Show. 10:00--Armstrong Circle Theatre. 11:00--News and Weather. THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1H2 J:J4--Search for Tomorrow. 3:40--Guiding Light. 3:5S-CBS News. 3:00--Brighter Day. 3;15-Secret Storm. 3:30--Edgo ol Night. 4-00--Commander Astronaut. S:00--Sketch-Pad. Slid-Roy Rogers, t: 00--News. 4:10--Weather. K.RED «« KC KIEM THURSDAY: Local Now* 7:45, l):00p, 5:000. Mutual Newi on halt hour. Standard School ol the Air 11:00. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather t:4B, 7UJ, ll!»p, 4:l!p, "SIP- n-.W. FAA Fifing Weather 7:3", 7:1S|. Slock Market 7:SS, SUCp. State Employment 1:54. Eureka Pollco liM, Farm Advisor IJiMp. Flih «. Oamo l:!4p. Hlgtmily Patrol 4:S«p. was all zoned residential, and n provisions were made for a sho| ping cenler, schools, or "anylhin else." He contended that this i not the right way to plan, an limits proper development. N. J. Lund. Planning Com mission chairman who was a tending the session, pointed ou that citizens in various areas as for specific types of zoning an "get it." He added that there ar commercial areas in Bayside. Merryman answered that th Bayside cutoff which links the 01 Arcata Road with Highway 10 is heavily travelled, and has large commercial potenlial. Su pervisor Norman Robertson sail tlie single residential zoning "cai always be changed," and Merry man countered by saying "thei we'll have irale citizens. " "I believe we should conside the desires of the people," Pet Lersen said. The proposition was tabled, am the hearing will be continued ti next Tuesday to allow a new de scriplion of the area to be drawn up. Late yesterday morning, Rober Madison, counly fqresler for Ihi last two years, tendered his resig nation. He told supervisors, in his [elter, lhat the only reason he was leaving was due to a better opportunity, Madison will be affil ated with a paper concern in Oregon. Ford In Decision Against Cardinal DETROIT (UPI) - The Ford Motor Co. has abandoned plans to iroduce its small Cardinal aulo- nobile in the United States be- ause of a swing by the American onsumer to larger and fancier ars. Board Chairman Henry Ford If said Tuesday night that after 'long and serious consideration" t was decided not to build the ar here this year. The reasons, Ford said, were market conditions and other fac- ors." Another executive explained hat "the time isn't right" for anther small car since sales of tiny mport models are slumping. Sales of foreign cars here ropped from 610,000 in 1959 to ',000 last year. Most of the de- line has come in tiny cars such s Renault. Only Volkswagen im- roved its record. Dear Ann Landers: You are supposed to be a big problem solver. I am 11 years old and I have a big problem for you to solve. I am loo kind-hearted. If the kid next to me wants lo 'borrow an eraser I say yes. If the girl across from me wants lo borrow some notebook paper I say yes.. These people know good ami well lhat they need certain supplies to do their school work. Yet they are always running oul of stuff and borrowing from me. · I- guess you might say my problem is I can't say no. Please help me.--JOHN Dear John: No is a perfectly respectable word--and you should learn, right now, how to use it. Everybody runs out of something at one lime or another. It is always nice lo help a friend who is in a spot. There is such a thing as being a shnook, however. If the same person tries lo borrow from you three days in a row I should tell him "I have to buy my supplies and it's time you bought yours." Dear Ann: My problem isn't original. Tnere must be thousands of olhers in the same boat. What's Ihe solution? I arise at 5:00 a. m., fix lunches and breakfast for my husband and myself. He gels up at 5:45. At 7:00 a. m. 1 wake Ihe two children, dress them, feed them and take them upstairs to the baby-sitter. I then dash lo gel the 7:50 bus. (My husband rides with a friend.) ' After work I rush home, pick up the children and start supper. My husband gets home an hour before I do but he has to bathe, shave and read the evening news. After dinner and dishes I do some cleaning, washing and ironing. My husband meanwhile is in his favorite chair watching TV and .drinking beer. At 8:00 I slop whatever I'm doing and get the children bathed and ready for bed.. I then return to my cleaning and ironing: By this time my husband has had several cat-naps. By 11:30 I'm ready to collapse, so I bathe and prepare for the next day. At midnight when I finally fall inlo bed, my husband gets romantic. I can't afford to quit my job. What do you suggest?--TIRED Dear Tired: I'm surprised you aren't dead. How long do you think you can- keep on with a 19-hour-day? Your husband should help you with the dinner dishes and the cleaning. He can also give you a hand by bathing Ihe children and pulling them into bed. From your description it sounds as if he doesn't touch the kids with a slick. With his help you should be in bed by 10:00. And since he wi have been pilching in, too, he won't be quite so zippy every nighl Dear Ann Landers: I'm 20 years old and I work as a punch-pres operator. I make very good money for a girl my age. This fellow I've been going with since September is the bcsl looking guy who ever hit town. He's built like Hock Hudson an has a voice like Rock, loo. Unfortunately he has had some troubl hanging on to a job. I've kept up the payments on his car an gave him money for room rent a few times. He is very appreci live. Please don'l get the idea that he's a sponger because h isn't. He's just had some lousy breaks. When he's loaded he talks about marriage, but when he's sobe he avoids the subject. I'd give my eye-teeth to marry this guy How can I do it?-SOFT-HEARTED Dear Soft-Hearted: He doesn't want your eye-teeth, honey, hi only wants your financial help and the pleasure of your company My advice is to drop him, unless you want to continue to pou: your hard-earned dough down a bottomless well. To learn- how to keep your boy friend in line without losing him, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Necking and Petting-And How Far To Go," enclosing with your request 20c in coin am a long, self-addressed, slamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Sem Ihcm lo her in care of this newspaper enclosnig a stamped, self addressed envelope. HUMBOLDT STANDARD Wed., April I I , 1962, Page -3 WEATHER Mrs. Annie J. McKinnon Dies At Trinity Hospital One of the founders of the Trin- ly hospital, Arcata, Mrs. Annie McKinnon, 92, died early this morning at the hospital where she lad been residing for 15 years. She was born Annie J. Richard, member of the pioneer Richard amily, on Nov. 22, 1869. Following her marriage to Dr. George W. McKinnon, the couple ounded the original Trinity hos- ital. The hospital site, 13th and 1 streets, Arcata, was the former location of the home of Mrs. IcKinnon's parents. In 1927 the ospital was sold to the Sisters f Orange, but Dr. McKinnon ontinued as a staff doctor until is death some 20 years ago. His ·ife began her residency there as patient five years later. During the Depression, Mrs. McKinnon was actively involved with ·elfare work in the Arcata area, tribute to this service Mrs. IcKinnon was given the honorary He "Arcata's Angel" by resi eiils and businessmen. The found r of the hospital was also a mem IT of St. Mary's Catholic church nd the Altar Society. Only one of the couple's two ons is living, Harold R. McKinon, an attorney in San Franisco. The other, Wilfred McKin- non, was a physician. Mrs. Mi Kinnon also had two sisters, Mrj Elizabeth Barry and Mrs. Josephine Spring, both deceased. Rosary will be recited Thursda with funeral services and Requiei Mass following on April 13. OUR ANCESTORS by Quincy OAS Losses Heavy, But Terror Rages ALGIERS, Algeria (UPI)--Tin European Secret Army Organiza tion (OAS) suffered heavy casual lies in fighting Tuesday with the Moslem National Army of Liber ation in the mountains south o Algiers, military sources reported today. But OAS gunmen stalked through the streets of Algiers and its suburbs during the day, shoot ing down Moslems at random. By noon, eight Moslems had been killed and one wounded. Three Moslem-owned shops were dam aged oy plastic bombs, a favoriti weapon of the OAS terrorists. The reported clash between the OAS and Ihe Moslem units near Duperre, about 50 miles south o here, was the first since the Al gerian cease-fire was proclaimec last month. Leaders of the Alger ian nationalists had urged Moslem civilians to refrain from violence to avoid any action thai vould jeopardize the Algerian peace settlement. Military sources said it was believed thai at least 30 OAS commanders were killed in the clash with the Moslem army units. They said the OAS band was the rem- lanls of Ihe force headed by ex- Col. Jean Gardes which suffered n heavy defeat in Ihe Ouarsenis Mountains lasl March 29. The sources said 10 OAS men were captured by Ihe French Tuesday but gave no details. They said no official announcement will )o made until the prisoners were ntcrrogated. By United Press Internationa! San Francisco Bay Area: Fail through Thursday. Not much tern perature change. High today San Francisco 70, Oakland 73, San Maleo 76, San Rafael 78. Low to night 46-51. Westerly wind 10-21 m.p.h. in afternoons. Northern C a l i f o r n i a : Fai. through Thursday except patches of coastal fog night and morning Liltle change in temperature. Mt. Shasta-Siskiyou area: Fai through T h u r s d a y . Slightl; warmer. Sacramento V a l l e y : Fair through T h u r s d a y . Contjnued warm. High both days 77-84. Lov tonight 45-53. Gentle wind. Sierra Nevada: Fair through Thursday. Slightly warmer. S a n J o a q u i n Valley: Fair through Thursday. Liltle change in temperature. High both days 78-84, low tonight 45-54. Gentle wind. Salinas Valley: Fair through Thursday. Little change in temperature. High both days 72-80 low tonight 40-45. West to norlh- wesl winds 8-15 m.p.h. in afternoons. High today and low tonight al Salinas 77 and 45, Paso Robles 80 and 42. Santa Clara V a l l e y : Fair through Thursday. Litlle change n temperature. High both day; 75-81, low tonight 43-49. Northwesterly winds 8-15 m.p.h. in afternoons. High and low at Hollistei 80 and 43. M o n t e r e y Bay Area: Fair through Thursday. Little change in temperature. High both days 65-70, low tonight 43-48. Westerly wind 8-14 knots in afternoons. Fort Bragg and Vicinily: Fair through Thursday except patches of morning fog. Little change in temperature. Northwest winds 10 18 knots near coast Northwestern California: Fai through Thursday except patche; coastal fog nights and morning Litlle change in temperature High today and low tonight a Napa 83 and 44, Santa Rosa 8C and 42. Northwest to north wine 10-20 knots near coast. Couple Escape Flames In Early Morning Fire An elderly Elk River area couple was forced to break out the windows of their bedroom to escape a fire which destroyed their home early this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goodwin were unhurt in the experience. Eight regulars and eight volunteers of the Humboldt Fire District No. 1 department battled the flames for three hours and 30 minutes. The house was completely engulfed when the call came at 1:58 a.m. The Goodwins were awakened by the sound of other windows cracking under the intense heat. The heavy loss reportedly is covered by insurance. . Albuquerque Atlanta Bakcrsfield Boise Boston 3rownsville Chicago Denver Detroit Fairbanks Fort Worth Fresno Helena Kansas City Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York Oakland Oklahoma City 'hoenix ·ittsburgh Red Bluff Reno iacramento Salt Lake City Ian Diego San Francisco Seattle ipokane 'hermal Vashington High Low Precip 73 81 78 57 59 88 44 50 56 33 86 70 49 58 71 81 41 80 63 72 54 87 61 82 65 81 53 67 68 53 54 93 70 .26 .05 Okay Nomination Of Whizzer While WASHINGTON (UPI) -- T h e enate Judiciary Committee today nanimously approved the nomi ation of deputy Ally. Gen. Byron I. (Whizzer) White, Rhodes schol- r and former all-American foot- all star, as an associate justice f the Supreme Court. The 44-year-old official won an ccolade of endorsements from White as- considered ongress, not the high court, to e the instrument of change in American system. Deadlocked Cohen Jury Dismissed; 9-3 For Acquittal LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A mis- (rial was declared Tuesday in I murder conspiracy trial of Mickey Cohen and four others accused of slaying a gangland debt collector. A jury of 11 women and 1 man reported to Judge Lewis Drucker that they were unable to reach a verdict in the case against Cohen, Joe De Carly, George Perry, Roger Leonard, and Sam Frank LoCigno. The five were accused of luring Jack (The Enforcerl Whalen into a San Fernando restaurant and shooting him to death. LoCigno admitted shooting Whalen but said it w a s ' i n self defense. The jury reported it was "hung" 9-3 after nearly five days of deliberations. Court allaches reported the jury favored acquittal. Drucker set April 18 for either scheduling of a new trial or oilier disposition of the case. "I'm disappointed," said Cohen, who is free on $100,000 bail pending appeal of his income tax conviction. "I don't understand how there could have been anything but an out-and-out acquittal for some of the defendants anyway. LoCigno seemed more pleased than Cohen. "It's wonderful, we were never guilty of anything," LoCigno said. State Assembly bearing Daemon On Budget; Draw Poker On Spot SACRAMENTO ( D P I ! -- T h e Assembly nearcd a decision today over the budget while a Senate committee was ready to make a near-final judgment on draw pok- and Senate reapportionment legislation. Before the Senate Governmental Efficiency Committee (9:45 a.m.) were two of the most important bills this session, a measure to outlaw commercial draw poker )arlors in Gardcna on a vole of .he people in Los Angeles County and a bill which would give Lnsltution, the budget session failed Angeles. San Diego. Orange, Santa Clara, Alamcda and Snn Francisco comities more reprcscnta tion in the senate. The prognosis was: Budget maybe: reapportionment, no draw poker, yes. By far the most Important is sue before the lawmakers wa. Gov. Edmund G. Brown's $2.£ billion budget. Originally scheduled for a 30 day maximum under the Const! ommittee members. J them that he Gen. Clay Leaves Post In Berlin BERLIN (UPI) -- Gen. Luciu D. .Clay left Berlin by plane to day for Washington to discus with President Kennedy his resig nation as the chief executive' )ersonal representative in Berlin On his departure from Tempe] hof Clay said, "It appear hat the tensions of the Berlir iituation have eased, but I see no solution of the Berlin problem n sight." Informed sources in Washing on said Clay has informed thi President he has "successful!; inished" the mission he was sen o do in the divided city. The sources said, it was quite possible he would continue to serve as a presidential adviser on Berlin and make occasional trips here. THE FAMILY CIRCUS, by Bil Keane -V "They'll either have to chango the design of the hobbla skirt or ths design of tlie street cars!" Iridescent fingernail polish is derived from gmmlnc, waste product found in Ihe nir bladder of sardines. "Well, if all the kids are napping, can your father come out and play?" Cancer Takes Film Figure NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Call IUPD--Michael Curtiz, academ award winning motion picture c rector, died Tuesday night afte a long bout with cancer, he wa 0. Curtiz had been hospitalize briefly last August for laboratoi .ests. The Hungarian-born Curtiz, wh won an oscar for bis direction "Casablanca" in 1943, was credi ed with making stars of such pel sonalities as Errol Flynn, Dori Day, Ann Blyth and Joan Cray ford. Born in Budapest on Christma Eve, 1901, Curtiz was an alread distinguished European directo when he came to this country o July 4, 1927. Besides his Oscar for Casablan ca, which starred the late Humph rey Bogar, he won an award fo the short subject "Sons of Liber ty" and had five academy nom inations, for "Robin Hood," "Fou Daughters" and "Captain Blood.' Although bo'rn in Budapest am having a European background Curtiz was chosen to direct pic lures of such completely Ameri can background as "Mammy,' "The Jazz Singer," "Under a Tex as Moon," "Cabin in the Cotton.' "Dodge City," "Santa -Fe Train,' Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "White Christmas." Tarzan Stuck With Gas Bill LOS ANGELES (UPI)- Holly, wood personalities have long been noted for their often-astronomical inancial settlements and many a eading man has come away from he divorce courts with an ancmii vallct. But Tuesday former · filmland Tarzan" and famed swimming tar Johnny Weissmuller added a lew slanl to the cinema separa- ion. He and his wife. Golfer Allenc ates Weissmuller, agreed to a ettlement that provides for Mrs. Vcissmullcr to receive $25 week- support and for the former movie jungle king to pay a ?74.33 itility bill.' RETIREMENT SESSION A session of the Police and Firemen's Retirement Fund Commission was to · get underway arly this afternoon in Ihe con- crence room of the City Hell. Larry Yost is commission hnlrmnn. The regular session of he commission March 22 was nd- :urncd lo 1:45 p. m. today. I Lie Test Traps Father; Admits Fire Fatal To Girl SAN ANSELMO, Calif. (UPll- San Anslemo police revealed Tuesday that McDonald Huffm, admitled setting a fire which resulted in Ihe dcalh of his 11-year- old daughter, who ran into their flaming home to look for her cat. "I did it because I was mad at my wife," said Huffman, according lo police chief Ray Buch-, iguani. The admission came afler the 35-year-old San Ansclmo man took a lie detector test. Fire raged through the Huffman home March 24 and Huffman's daughter, Donita, fearful for tlie life of her cal, dashed inlo the flames to rescue him. Huffman raced afler her, receiving severe burns on his face, arms and hands in a fulile effort .0 save her. The cat was found outside alive, jut so severely burned it had lo -e destroyed. Huffman was held without bail on a charge of arson of an in- labited building. Buchignani em jhasized lhat "Ihis is a man who ind no intention of killing his daughter." Chamber Group Takes Up Access In Grouse Creek Members of the Natural Re- o'urces Committee of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce this after- loon were to discuss the proposed icccss road into the Grouse Creek rainage of Six Rivers National 'orest. The 4 o'clock session, according o the announcement by Chairman ,arry Marshall, will consider full se of federally owned lands in ic areas of forest products and ccreation. County and Forest Service of- einls have been invited lo attend le session. The proposed road would lap irgin stands of Douglas fir, as ell as opening n new segment f Six Rivers to recreation seek- i'S. Ilumholdt Bay nrea timbermen ing have supported the proposal ir a road into the area, since would allow timber lo be ·ought directly (o processing lanls, rather than having to he ikon on n longer and indirect route. to produce an approved spending program for the stale because of a stalemate between Republicans and Democrats in Ihe Assembly. Although Democrats oulnum- bered Republicans 44-34 in the lower house, 54 votes are needed for final approval of a budget. In the first budget session, the Democrats fell short by 9 voles of passing the budget and Brown was forced to call a special session to work out a compromise. Initial efforts to effect a budget settlement failed because of GOP demands that the budget be cut by $20 million. But Tuesday, both sides appointed five members to meet in "truce team" effort lo work out a compromise. Tuesday nighl, leaders of both Jarlies reported to the lower house that "we are making real jrogrcss but we need a litlle more time." However, (he shaky efforts lo vork out a compromise were given a setback by GOP standards iccause of a speech the governor made last night to a meeting of Democrats in Fresno. Brown claimed the Republicans vere blocking his budget "for po- ilical ransom." He labeled his ipponents as "Republican extrem- sts" who were "trying to save heir political skins." This drew a blast from Assemblyman John A. Busterud, chairman of the GOP caucus in the Assembly. "The governor has deall a serious body blow to the efforts, being made to work out budget cuts acceptable lo both parties," he said. "It will do little, good for the group of negotiators from both parties to continue their efforts if the governor is going to keep up his battle of emotionalism." Appointed to the Democratic .nice team were Assemblymen Jerome R. Waldie, majority leader; Robert W. Crown, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee; John C. Williamson, Bakersfield; Thomas M. Rees, Los Angeles and Pauline Davis, Portoln. Republicans named Glenn E. Coolidge, Felton: Don Mulford, Berkeley; Howard J. Thelin, who speaks on fiscal affairs in the Assembly for GOP gubernatorial candidate Richard M. Nixon; Houston I. Flournoy, Clairemonl and Clark L. Bradley, San Jose. Poker, reapportionment and the Budget were the only major issues standing in the way of adjournment of the session which began early last February. WANTED 1 m.n, 25-40, rlepondible credit rating and reputation. Above »vor4]« w»(jei. Mult h» In poii- liftn In buy nr fin*nc«i tiuttr. Cill Eurek* Rev«r«n.e Cn. tnr information nri appointment. HI CARPET OF THE MONTH DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile Reg. 1373 Sq. Yd. h 11 73 . yd. :ludai imtalUiion pud MONTGOMERY WARD 4th i HI 3.3033 F Sti. Eureka

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