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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 19
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j GRIFFIN EYES PREP |: DASH MARKS: PAGE G2 ; ":; Wion. HE 5-1161 -- Cloulfl.d No. HE 2-5959 The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper Edit*** by DAYIUWIS LONG BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, MAY 21. 1957 £ :STANFORD, OREGON, WSC OPPOSE BRUINS* ' ' ' -^ .. . " · · . ' ·· ' · ' ' ' " · , . " ' · ' sidn by 5-4 Vote POTPOURRI: D e t r o i t L i o n officials privately feel that thev "clinched" the NFL's 1957 Western Division champion ship fully seven months ahead of schedule last week when they obtained John Henry Johnson from the San Francisco 49ers In exchange for defensive backs Bill Bow. . man and Bill Stlts. The Lions lost the division title to the' Bean last year by only H half-game and Coach Buddy Parker frankly admitted that the club's failure to win was due to. the' lack of a fast powerful. running threat up the ' middle. This glaring weakness ' bogged down the whole offense. · Meanwhile, the defense mainly · accounted for the team's string · of victories. ··- ,,,· - . L»on Hart, who was switched from end to fullback In an at- , tempt to solve this problem, was .' exceptionally strong . . . but far ·! too slow to get Marled. ," Johnson not only Is .one of the ·' fastest backs In pro ball, but ' also Is an'outstandlng blocker-- .1 a talent needed by pro fullbacks to protect the passer. ! The 49crs were lured Into glv- ' · Ing up Johnson for much-needed ,1 defensive help. Detroit has been · rich In defensive backs and " could well afford to give up both IBC WINS ROUND Tunney to Testify in fight Monopoly Case ""· NKVV YORK Un_(Jen* Tiinney, former heavyweight boxing champion, will be the International Boxing Club's first wltnen today In it* case against a Federal ruling branding IU operations In violation or anti-trust laws. Announcement of Tunney's appearance was made Monday as hearings opened on the government's suit against the sprawling IBC and Its officers. The I BO won a point In opening argument* before presiding Federal Judge Sylvester J. Ryan. Ryan, commenting on a government proposal that IBG officers holding stock In Madhon Square Garden Corp. ho compelled to dispose of their holding within six months, ·aid! "Frankly, I don't look with favor upon any decree coqv pelllng (them) to throw their stoek upon the open market because not only they might be,penalized but It Is-also possible that others, not Involved In this case, would suffer substantial losses." v Walters Set^ for 4-Minute'Club' Bowman and Stlts, both of JOHN HF1MRV inHVjnv whom .hniilrt hnl.i.n «.« v IUtU\ MRJXlil JUH«!UN whom should bolster San Francisco considerably. Title Clincher? ^ IT DIDNT TAKK lone for the comedians to capitalize on the Copacabana Incident Involving several Yankees. For Instance, Bert Lahr, posing as a baseball manager being Interviewed on TV, was asked what advice he could give to younc ballplayers. One bit of advice, of course, was to "stay out of the Copa," ·' For some reason or another, top ranking athletes have long been tageti for abusive remarks from fans when In public places. ' It Is quite common, for Instance, to see a tipsy fan "choose" , a fighter, a husky football player, etc., while under the Influence. It appears that some uncomplimentary remarks probably started the Copa Iracas the other night In which Hank Bauer was accused of slugging another patron. Mickey Mantle, who was at the Copa hut wasn't Involved » In the .lugging Incident, WM ready to clobber a giiy this spring In Florida. During the ballplayers' golf tournoy at Miami Spring* · Just before spring training opened, Mickey and Bobby Morgan were ilttlng In the hotel lobby watching TV following the, . day 1 ! action. Grouped around the lobby television set were a few other , players as well as several more people. "Hey, Bush," Morgan said to Mantle, who was closest to the sot, "switch to another channel, will you?" As Mickey reached for the knob, a stranger, about 6-3 who apparently didn't recognize the Yankee star and who mistook If you really want to pick a winner, go talk to the horses they'll tell you around the pad dock, but If Friday night's upcoming "miracle mile" In the Coliseum Relays Is any criterion LAST EXTENSION , Morgan's use of "Bush" as Mantle's real name, yelled "Hey Bush, don't touch that channel," · Mantle's head, whipped around. ' He was furious. Being culled "Bush" by a friend Is one thing to a ballplayer, but by a total stranger It's another. ; · Mickey picked the guy up by the armpits and pinned him . to the wall and growled, "What's with this 'Bush' -routine!" · . Only when the startled gent said "What's tho matter, Isn't ,' that your name?" did Mickey sec the humor of the situation. He Immediately calmed down and apologized, ·' ' · " * * * CALUMETS GEN. DUKE Is still regarded by racing people · « the top three-year-old of tho year although he had to miss · r the Derby and Preakness. Paul Ebelhardt, manager of the Calumet Farm In Kentucky, reveals that "we all agreed Gen. Duke had possibilities as a weanling, and especially so as a yearling. "You can spot a good colt's potential by his willingness to _ do Just a bit more than you ask him ... and do It In a nice way. · "I'd compare colts to business executives. If you sn a businessman under tension and pressure who Is Inclined to he Irritable Mid wastes his time In petty things, then you wouldn't .. expect him to be as luccessful a, the executive who takes ; strain and siren In stride. , . "Looking at It from this basis of comparison, Gen. Duke not -· only acted like one of the best 'Bull Lea's we ever had at the Y ; farm, which Includes some of racing's all-time greats, but as a yearling he was way ahead of the group during his training Moore Given July Deadline . (IRANI) HAI'ins, Mich, (UP) .--Floyd Stevrns, president of the National Boxing Association, declared' Monday that Archie Moore had had his last extension and If he falls to defend by July 7 "we will take/ the necessary measure* to vacate tha light-heavyweight title. " "There li no chance the deadline will be extended," Htevens Mill. "If M o o r e doesn't defend by July 7, he will tfaen be suspended for 80 days. He must defend his title 'within that SO days or we will VHCate the title." period." -^TAN'HACK.E^NOEANDC^ · coach with the St. Louis Cardinals, reveals that the game again for the first time in 10 years.' and .now "I'm cloying . Stan goes on to say that,"! never realized until this spring how much pressure a manager is under. Now there are no linct ups to think about, no pitchers to change, no plays to call with the coqstam dread It won't come out right, no playcn to disci- pllne. no front office to worry about, no decisions to make 'on what pUyen to send to the minor leagues " A n d t e "I"" 5 ' 1 the ^"e"" 1 ^b "f «H for a manager . upl" "*** " " ***"* '° "" a Bauer to Appear in ' k N.Y. Court Today ^ .., NEW YORK UP -- Han Bauer of tho New YoVk Yan kees. and Edward Jones, a dell cntessen owner who alleges tha the ball player beat him up on May 16, have been ordered to appear In the prosecutor's of flc» today. » , . ,, - . . . Assistant District Attorney Karl Grebow, who made the an nouncement, said If Jones c°es through with his Intended com plaint against Bauer, It will have to be done on the bails ol a civilian arrest. , . ' . . . , - Bcecham Subs-' , WASHINGTON Wu-The cast . changed again Monday for'thfe Friday's in-round bout at Capitol Arena as welterweight Jimmy Beecham subbed for Injured Randy Sandy. Beecham, of Miami, will meet Virgil Aklns. ranking: welter contender CRACK AAU5' PLAYS IN L.B.; '. The Uenver-Chlcagn Truck- en, one of the leading AAU basketball teams In thit country, will play In Long Beach next December 2» and SO, it was annournrd Monday by 1'at Ahrrn. , 4 ,.., ... .. , The Truckers, coached by Johnny Dee, formerly of Alabama, will stop off hero on a H'est Coast" tour starting l»te In December In Seattle. They'll appmr In a pair if doubleheaders In Long Beach which also will Involve Lock- .vcr'n and Klrhy'i plus Mother team y«t to he named. Angels Buy Hemricj Face Ports Tonight The Portland Beavers, rated as pre-season pennant threats but struggling In seventh place, Invade Wrlglcy Field tonight to start a seven-game series with the Los Angeles Angels. The Beavers ere slowly, but surely climbing up the PCL lad der. They split a six-game scries with the Angels a week ago at Portland and now trail fourth place L.A, by 7H games. Bob Alexander (2-3) will pitch against the Angels' Ron Negray (1-3) tonight. / The Beavers Monday re-pur- chasod outfielder Bob Borkowski from the Angels, who in turn bought outfielder Bert Ilemrlc from Montreal. Borkowskl, who hit .289 with Portland last year, had only a .215 mark In 29 games with the Angels this year. Hcmric, 28, hit ,299 In 117 games with St. Paul last year. In other series openers tonight, Hollywood Is at Sacra mento, Vancouver at Seattle and San Francisco at San Diego. even the ponies wouldn't give you the straight dope, Merv Lincoln, the 23-year-old Australian school teacher who Is heir apparent to John Landy as the Southern Hemisphere distance king, has followed the lead of his rivals in picking somebody else to win the race, "I should say'Derek Ibbotson of England and your, Jerome Walters are the men to beat," Lincoln told the track and field writers In their weekly luncheon Monday, casually ignoring the fact that he has run 3:59.0 while Ibbotson has run "only" 3:59,4 and Walters hasnl yet cracked four minutes, counting a 4:01.2 relay leg to his credit. THE FOUR foreigners In Friday's field are all members of the sub-four minute club,* which tias to date snooblshly excluded all American candidates from Wes Santee down through the amateur ranks. Walters' coach, Joe Mangari, said Jerome would "definitely" be ushered Into the group Friday night. Incidentally, M a n g a n murt be quite a conscientious guy If he tutors Walters nightly In the 1 and 2 a.m. workouts the Strlders star squeezes In between school, work and sleep. The other two sub-fours In the field will be Brian Hewson of England 1 (3:59.5) and Hungary's jtszlo Taborl (3:59.9), now a U. S. resident. ..... Homers Rip Cards · M. . · ,, ..· , -, · ST. LOUIS UP) -- Gangling Don Drysdalo won his thltt game without n loss as the Brooklyn Dodgers thumped the St. .Louis ,Cardinal) Monday night, JO-4. Home runs by Carl Furlllo, Duke Snider and Sundy Amoros dotted the Dodgers' at tack. The 6-5 Drysdale sailed along until the eighth Inning when he loaded the bases on a double, a single and a walk. With the Dodgers leading. 9-2. manager Walter Alston called 'or slick Clem Lablne, who let n a run on a sacrifice fly by Hal Smilh and walked Hoble Undrlth with the bases loaded before Retting the side out. Furlllo batted In two runs In the seventh on a double and smacked his solo homer In the ninth off of Larry Jackson, the fourth Cardinal pitcher. Furlllo's three RBIs tied him with Hank Aaron of the Braves for the league leadership with 29 each. It was the Cards' . fourth straight defeat, ' - BrMklr* SI. LOT| AM II II A AM H O A nilll.rn.2b 4 2 3 It Blinfni..2b 4 3 3 4 Itr.fl..» A 1 4 3 D.rk.H f, 1 t '. Itnlrt.r.ff 4 1 0 (I 4 1 10 3 Furlllo.rf 4 3 3 0 Moon.If ft 3 4 (I IlodfM.lh ft a T n Boy«r,3b 4 0 0 A Amoroi.lf 1 1 4 0 rurtKhm.rr 4 3 1 0 Wilktr.e 6 3 T n H. Smith,. .1 1 ft I Zlmmtr.3b 4 o 0 3 B. Nmlth.ef 3 n t n lry«lll*,p 3 0 1 O b*ronp.r O rt 0 0 L«bln.,p 0 0 0 0 r-Men.nltl n o n I o o n 0 Wthmrl.r,) 3 0 2 2 Ilek«on,p n n 0 0 - ' n-nchnfltM 1 (1 0 0 . D.vii.n n n n i d.ljindrlth O o o o Jltknn.p 0 0 0 0 PCC Accepts SG, Cal, Washington 'House Cleaning' ROCKY BKIDGES / May Be Nat Regular ' Tottt. 3f II 27 to Total. 3il 11 2T Ifi *--jmtmd.d out for Dltkaon In Ttrr*d for D. Q. Rmlllt In Mo* e-- r.n for Coot*r In 8th; d-- w.ik»4 jot II.yl. In «th. nnMklyn f IM Inl 401--11 !··«!» _ I4HI Ml flln-- 4 -. -- Murt.l, Boy.r. Zlmm.r. BBI -- fnld.r 2, llodg.i, Atnoro. 3, Furlllo 3, W.lktr 2. lu.lll. mnnlngh.m, H. Hmllh, Lnndrlth. 3B--llod.M. Furlllo., (lllll.m. Knort 2, fiunnlnnh.m, Mtmn. 1IR_-- flnld.r, Amnro.. Piirllln. .... , Uuilaj; 'hllli.rn'- ft ... llndgra. Lnn*~Rfnok!yn T, St. fAUlf 10 BB-- Dry.d.1. J. Ijihln. t, -- · Ubln. |, 'Wrhm"." 3. Jutmt'TM"tt£- i )r r" l «'« «-T (f.c.d 3 b.ttr. In nth) ·..bin. 1-J, Wihm.Kr T-(Hi. IHrk.oL - - · - - -. FR_ SPOKANE, Wash. TAP) -- UCLA was saved-from expulsion from the Pacific Coast Conference Monday by a two-vote margin. Five schools favored UCLA on the ballot; four turned thumbs down. Six must favor expulsion to make It effective. Last August, the presidents of the nine member schools ordered the four Institutions which were on probation to present proof at this spring meeting that their athletic houses were In order. If this proof was not satisfactory, they were to be "excelled from the conference as of August 1, 1957." The conference accepted the ART HOCTTEMAN Purchased by Orioles Bridges Catches On WtiliNats I - S . D.»l. 1.1, Jtckxin 3.1 h "---1.1. 4-4, Wihmrl.r t.l Him J.ekwn 1-1. PB--H, K m l t h ... llrrH.I. (3.0). l.p _ 3-3) v If--B.lllnf.nt J.ckowikl, Cr.w- ford, Vtnton. T--3.02. Alt.--13.731, 2-ffit Blank by Johnson BALTIMORE .W -- Connie Johnson pitched a brilliant 2- hitter as the Baltimore Orioles edged Kansas City, 2-0, Monday niOM TIIR I.ANKflt rotrd (unanimously) Jll C 1 . limit Hblt. Ir.rk Unlit, of op fl.ld performs , . . u'hit. Mt · . lon.l J.yr*. record In winning th. Ftoulh.rn O.I 220 low hurdlM In 22... f.itMt In In. world thll ····on. nd mlmo won Ih. 1(M In ft « . . MalJ.ll thttw th. j.v.lln to ft POn nir.1 r.e ord o( 33« fi.l. Ttt Inch*, bin litirt hli .ibow .nd m.jr not eomptli Krldiy night. 'mrt.el. mil. 1 ' wlll/W ti.tlnn.l!]r .1 «:SO ' ' ' ' ' · r«. will .._ *.rnmp.nrlng, th. reports of Washington, .Southern California, and California on unanimous votes of 9-0. Oregon, Washington ' State Stanford and Idaho opposed acceptance of the UCLA, report. Jackson .. - -~t , / '}.;.,' « Rejects. TitleOffer NEW YORK UP--Promoter Emll Lence was rebuffed Mon- PRESIDENTIAL order night to icrles. sweep the two-game Johnson faced only 29 batten as he set the A's down In order In eight of the nine Innings. One of the three men to reach base agalnt him was erased on an attempted steal. Harry Simpson's 1 second In nine slnclc nnd Billy Himter'i double In the sixth were the only hits off Johnson.' Gus Trlandos' single scored Bob Nleman. who had doubled, for Baltimore's first run In the Tito Francona extended of th. np w. dr.wn from th. n '" hitting streak to nine games, irirlnt r.l.y. Unnd.v whtn MN slnrrlfi In th« ·Iwtk ~~ I chn.ti.n'. ou.rt.t withdraw of ·"» wide In the sixth scoring . but th* I/O* An «ut .hough. ._ _ . d.f. Jogflnfk. mil. to w.rm up Ml4r« running 10 440. In .bnut (13 .Miondi *" rton-.tftp JOfflttnif l.p. tn b« , An«'..^ir Mtjr mil. concllldMl pulled miiMl* au(|*r*4 tor N*v 2 ma PHI H'«w(hMi«Mi , . . Afl ihare* th« p*n1lnf 440 r*«H of 3»,» with T**a* t »nolh*r tntrr, and wai aipMl*4 tn puih th* rvrord-hnfdln* l^nnrhAmt In th* . . '. Howtvtf. hwhtir Mnr run In th* 100 yard rfuh. will tlUI PCI. NOTEH--(Mini tmlnd »hort ·ton Kfb LMllrfll on option from Inilon ioion . . i*m..ilo purrn.^n j i y..r-uld .horl.lop Ar4l. HllMlt .nd f" "· If won tMBfinRn FUlnltri. 'fir 11 ; M from ... ItMU"with T34H.' Hlfh-tll p*«^* .th th* Ho Ion · lii 1(451. Th* Bolon. · 1*0 told ln(.«li1*rflUll'i«ldrr HHII HM. Mtrw In Mltl* Hork , . , Ran flf brought Hi nultr to lh» l.f»| of 21 bv r«l*iiB.nf_ milrluhi nl !*·** of rHlftt»« 4-mm» ·· ft 11 4-1 r*e«rd and ft a.S« ERA. Nats Shade: Tigers in 9th Bob Boyd with the Orioles' flna WASHINGTON 'Fit* Sports Card ll.n. H.'-J-f--H.^lywood p»rk, l i l t lUwlHill _ Biivtri-Aniili, WrUUr Irlil, h r *n. l~ r«rf»--Pin'PitiiK Audllorlum, !3n TMn. Frtli rlMthaM --. SI. 'Anthonr'i VI. iwlhnriK, cir Bli»olll. I.BCC. P». "N»»k_gpMltl tlu, lUlir. Wllion, UO f.m, , ' Ford Named ApjiPs · ' Best Pro Athlete NEW YOHK im_Doug Ford's spectacular victory In the Masters tournament Monday earned the Yonkers, N.Y., golfer the April award In the S. Rae Hie kok pro athlete of the year poll. Ford finished far In front In the balloting by, sports writers and sportsoasters. He received 35 first place votes and 152 points (on a 3-2-1 basis). Tony Anthony, New York light heavyweight contender, was second with 58 points followed by Ted Williams, S3. .,, Sports on Radio-TV ] 1 p.m. «;w p.m. RADIO Jndln.-R4 «o«, KHPC, {ioiiyp.rk luW. Kn : .... .._ B..«.r..Antlll, kMt-ti »IM Jim. si«n.B(Xon» KABI'. · p.m. tEL£VIStON *· ·'' · · ,, s ....-;r-rj ; fc' Gerald's'plnch Infield single with the bases loaded and one .out In the nln'.h Inning scored Pete Runnels and gave Washington a 2-1 victory over Detroit 1 day night. Pete Ramos held the Tigers to four hits as the Senators snapped a five-game losing streak. , , Frank Lary, who suffered his fifth setback against two wins, gave up a single to Runnels to set the winning rally In motion, t h e n hit Roy Slevers. Herb Plews sacrificed and Jim Lemon was purposely passed before Al Aber came In to face FltzGerald. IMtrrit AH H n A Wwhltltli AH H O A P.Bollni.Jb 3 0 3 4 Yo.l,3b Ku.nn,» " Boon.,lb B*rtol.,3b K.llni.rf Ilk'. . Kkllll Tmrka.p lltinl«r,3b b.TmrM'n,fl tMmilrl.M Twin NMI.M 0 » J l o o o . n o 0 0 BrlHw*«r.M J 1 14 . 3 D (Tl I (Complltd from AP ind UP) Trade winds blew a storm of deals and rumors around the major leagues Monday, featured by Washington's acquisition of Rcdleg Utility infleider Rocky Bridges and Baltimore's purchase of veteran pitcher Art louttcman from Cleveland. Bridges, put on waivers by Cincinnati last week, "will be given a shot at the regular job at shortstop or second base," a Washington spokesman said, Bridges, now In his seventh year In the majors, hit .211 in 71 games for Clncy last year. Ills best year was in 1955 when he batted .286 In 95 games for the ,Rcdlec». He jolni catcher Lou Bcrberct, another Long Beach product, with the Senators. * · · · · f ' IIOUTTEMA.V. 2», WHS sold to the Orioles, for $20,000. He was used In only three relief roles this year and last year had a 2-2 record In 47 Innings, His best seasons were m 1949 and 1950 when he won 13 and 19 games with Detroit. . Cleveland signed veteran first baseman Eddie Itoblmon. 36, as a free agent, Robinson, who THE said: "Any member Institution now on probation which falls to pre sent to tho conference on or before the regular spring meet Ing of the conference In 1957 evidence satisfactory to a majority of the , faculty athletic representatives Indicating that the athletic program of the Institution then Is and will continue to be operated upon a sound basis on strict accordance with all conference rules and policies and by personnel In whose Integrity the conference may have confidence, shall be expelled from the conference as of August 1, 1957," D, Glenn Scaborg, conference spokesman, said at a press con fcrence the reports of the fou schools were presented oral); .EACH D K N C H I B K I ) t h method of operating Its athlctl department at the present. Dr Seaborg said he could not dls close the seasons of the minor!!, for disapproving, the UCLA re port. He said that, as Callfor nla's faculty representative, he was satisfied that the UCLA athletic staff "Is prepared to ad' here to conference rules," The probations stemmed from Illegal unauthorized payments to SC for day In Tommy his cttcmpt (Hurricane) to sign Jackson, athletes, Washington and were placed on probation two years and UCLA for three years. California has nearly completed Its one year probu tlon. · · · · : WASHINGTON AND SC each have one year to go and UCLA Is on probation for two more years. All except California arc denied the right to participate in the Rose Bowl game. The report came at the close top ranking contender, for a, title .fight with heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson, Lence, · who has Patterson lined up for the title defense, said he offered Jackson 20 per cent of "everything"--gate, television or theater-television--but ;hal Jackson's manager, Lippa Brcrfbart, Insisted on a. guarantee of $150,000 plus $25,000 or '.raining expenses. ' · "Whoever heard of a dial- enger demanding a guarantee or a chance at the title," said ^cnce, . . "Tile television people want tackson," said Brcidbart. "He's he big attraction. I told Lenco we'll take $150,000 guarantee, plus $25,000 expenses against ' the guarantee of 20 per cent. I want the guarantee on the line," , Cus D'Amato, manager of Patterson, tins snld the champion won't fight for the International Boxing Club. FACIrlC COAST ollprood J/ .n 22 ou««r »__,, 21 Jl II . I i. r«. 14 ,«« 15 .Wt In .fifn l» .Ml · In -lt!» 20 ,474 3| .144 2« .31 joint session of and athletic dl broke Into the majors with the Indians In 1942, was released by Detroit last week. Other deals: ouirnu.r iMhr n*i l .nd |Hirfh.Md out* lilqtr KranN Knt«» from Portl.nri of « t'CL. Knw., 3«. will b4 uiM m.lnlf .· . plnch.hllUr. )!· hit ,313 · I Till', lut M*r with IS hom*ra .nd KHIl, rillU.IFH-- RoulhMw piictur H.rr»» (old frlindf h. tupKll to b. of tho first faculty men rectors. Seaborg said another Joint session Is scheduled for this morning; but he would promise no report of action from that session. Also meeting here are the «-- Lln«d out for Hmllh In I Ftlwl nut for O.rr.r In Ith' oui for flr.ff In pth, .r, Nlrm.n. RB^-Kt.ennft, ' HP--n'tittt- Pow.r-Rmlthilltinter. CKy 3. Mlllmor. ». HB_o«rv.r J. Trurki f. Johnwn I. fto--o.rv.r J, Truck, i Jihninn 4. HO--O.rv.r T.T, Tmrk. I - l R * Kn.-n.nrrr 1-1. Tnirk. l.j. V/IIci Pllrh-Tnck. 2. wr"-JohtiK,n TM " ,P-- Oir»» ma 1 "' . (3.31. U-- llnrl-r, tdi tr.dMl ID Cln«, min.f.r " !·!· th. t.Ik .. ".it Idl. rumor." th. n.d. m.d. .n un.urc.Mful bid for Ji In 1P53 wh.n h. w.i with th. r.rdln.U. RMlltR. f.n.r.l mini ll.b. !'··! r.fu.«d lii pommrat. rHHVK»-M.r,.«.r frrd Huvr ... mil. h. I. trying tn df.l for .n out* fl.ld.r. Ol.nU.' rtahhir Thwni«i. rkurk Ti AHdr Pitk. .r. twltlnit . «o .tan. If to rn.ll. . trad. ,. n ^, m.j nil up iith.r nnbor Tiltvl (.33(11 or rUr H»h»»r»r (.3731 Irom th. Br.vtf* Wlrhltm f.rm club. rr.iirm.blr IHin Murltor or th. Th. Br.Y..' thr*. l.ft*. _ . . . . . 1 1 3 4 1 S 3 H.rKw.rr 3 1 1 o 3 1 8 O 3 3 12 n 3 o S 0 ^I.T.rrlf j n 1 0 i 3 1 S 0 3 II « I I 1 (1 0 3 1 0 1 H.Bolllns,!! 3 0 0 4 0 0 0 0«,p 3 0 0 2 4 0 1 9 Plw.,2b 4 0 3 0 |.«mon,rf Mlll«,c[ 4 1 3 0« Icoiu.i . 3 0 3 I ..FltiO.rld WORLD'S BEST TO PLAY Kramer Completes Plans ior Pro Tennis Tourney ' LOS ANGELES UR--Tennis promoter Jack ' Kramer announced completion Monday of negotiations for the holding of his Tournamrmt of Champions at Forest Hills, N. Y, July Abtr.p Tol«l« 31 4IH II 3T T 37 11 II--On. out whvn Mnnlnir nm Moral. .--nlnflMt lor *rb.r.l In .th. IM MO «*»-- 1 vnlnftnn , IH 4M Ml--1 -- M . Bolllnc. HBt--BOOM. I'Hwi. -n.i.lfl 7B_Kunn. H.rioir »"'- --. lp--Ku«nn.Bon.| l*»ry.r- Boll-noon.; lleil*** LOB--P.troll «. WnilHnnton T. BB--Lurr », R.rno. 3. Sfk-- L«ry 3 Rnmoi 4, Hf-- Ltry Abir 1-ti R4KH-t.. HBP-- L. 16-21. Kramer ··"H, 1-ti K*ER--t*rr_ 2-3.« i-1. -Larv IBI.v.rit, PB--HntiM. WP-(3-J). I,P--Urr (J-SI. O-' - HIPP. Klc«. ~ Rominil." st.Vtni. - All,-2,^.' July said that » Jackpot of $10,000, largest tiver offered fur » professional tournament In the CnltiMl State*, would be tha prim for thu six bTMt tennis players In tha world. Flvn of the players definitely et for the tournament are Pnneho domain, world's pro oliainplon; Ken, last yuar's world amntenr chmnplon; Ttmy Trabert, 18M Htnateur nhmnploni Frank Hdilnniiin, 1931-32 \vnrld'. amateur champion ·nd 1'nnrho Hegura, Thn sixth player will bit rllhrr Kramer or Dlnny Palls who will stage their own private elimination round. The tournament will be a. round-robin with each of tha' six pUylng etub other over the seven-day schedtile. ,. ... football coaches and basketball coaches of the conference. SEABORG SAVED his UCLA bombshell for the close of the 'Irst press conferences of this four-day meeting. Seconded by Bernle Hammcrbeck, assistant .ithoufh pbiji commissioner, the tall scientist i«rib.d strode Into the 'press room and began reading off lomc/elclblllty decisions. One of these was "Gene Anonymous," a University of Wash Ington athlete. Scaborg said the boy had disclosed lo Washington officials that he received $25 from the Greater Washington Advertising Fund--the organization found guilty a year ago of making "under the table" payments to athletes. In view of tho small amount nvolved, "Gene Anonymous" was forgiven and he was rein stated to full eligibility, The sport Involved was' not revealed. The conference also adopted a new regulation that athletes must carry 12 hours of studies to be, eligible "for competition. This means that students must tctually be enrolled and may not use extension courses as a basis for eligibility. «tti .... .n DI.RO ...... ________ Potll.nVT _____________ .ci.m.nlo IXH Ahurlm .t H.n rtln. Hr.ltl. .1 V.nrouv.r I 2 , r.ln. (Only i.rttrl Kh^tultdl. * tlwnr. T«Ml|h! fortl.nd (Al.a.nrirr 2-31 vi Tx4 ni.l.. tNMt.r 1-31. wnil.y rwid, S:lft p,m. V.neouvrr (Bimtwritr fi.2 it Br.ltlt ·Vlrnr o-O). Hollywood (R.ydnn 4*2) il S.en- · ntn IOitnb.uKh :|-4I. fl.M fUorUrt o3) It 4.H Pttio (Mrflti 4-2). A M K R K A N IJiAtlfX tl I, I'rt. fin _ M T .T2'l ^ I T 11 ,*1«l 2 IT III .«30 N.w Vulk ... Detroit Roilon i... Cllf B.ltlmor. .... W.rhlncltn In 1.1 .AIM ]« In 24 ,4m .4IIT Mwdw'i Mr..II. B.ltlmnrt 2. K«ni.« City 0. " - W..hlnitlon 7. l*lrnil 1. * Clo.l.nd .t N.w rotk. r.ln. Ctikngo It R04tqfl, r.ln. lwnr. Twl.y n.v.l.nd it BO.IOO--Hynn (4-3) vi. 81.Ur (3-1). ntf .t W.ihlnilon (nlcht)^ Kvlln«r I0'3) v« r.Hru^l I 2 - I I . Ctilc..o. .1 N.w York l n l | h t -- Wll- n ( 4 - i l v«. flliirdlv.nt (2-3i. Dvlrolt .t B.lllmor. ( n i f h t ) -- Bu«- nln| (]·!) vi. kloor. ( M l NATIIINA1, l,.Afll'K tV I, ft, (IB nnelnnitl , ., ]T 10 ,700 in .Ml Phlrlf. .... Plltiburih .M. '. H« Ixiuli 21 . .1171 . 4 4 * .413 .2«0 .21. 3 2't I 1 *. M't Brooklyn 10, tOnty MnHul.41. (llfnr. Tod.r T19W Yolk .1 Chlc.fO--UllUr (0-0) r., Runh (0-41. Brooklvn -t PlnrlnnMI (nlcht) -· rodm (3-21 .1. Jrfrro.l f l . l t . Pittsburgh .t MI. I^MII. iniRhl)--Pur* Itr (3-31 «·. McDlnlil (2-1). Ptill.drlphl* .t Mllw.ulir. (hlghl)-w l.nford f|.l| V.. Conlry (0-1). Boxing'Results Miller, Thornton Qualify in LA Golf ' Recreation Park's lluth Miller Monday shot an 81 to tic for second In the qualifying round of the Los Angeles City Women's ·__: Golf championships. Miss Miller I"' was second to Medalist Darlena Hough's 79. Miss Hough plays ' out of Candlewood C, C,. Eollne Thornton, also ' from ·' Recreation Park, qualified with . «n 82. Today Miss Miller meets '·]. Bcrnlce Vance and Miss Thorn* _· ton'meets Annamae Hutchison . n the first round of match play *· on the Harding Course at Grit- , ' flth Park. Al ?4.w Twk (Ml, Jillrk*.) Mcllrtd., ISn Trrnton. N. J . B..m.noff, IB\ (101. Al PltUblflh-- lUrDnn stubbi. Plltirnirih. TKOd r.rundo S l». Il.Ir ( » , I I I H , . , Al !·»· OrMHH -- rairlir , «1U, Niw, riM. A4 WIIILmi, u!i La* AnsitM (10), International League v V .v.n. 4-4, Richmond S-t, , . . . ; ·' · oronlo 7-1, Ho«h«it*r O-l, · Cohtmbu. 6, 3. ,,-*'* ' ' , .t Hontt*.!, rain, ·

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