The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 11
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 11

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 11
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Friday Morning, September 22^1978 Jfefo* 11-A* The Way It Was... TRANSPORTATION ISN'T the same as it used to be. This wagon is taking 12 Va tons of hides to a boat to be shipped to Germany to a tanner to make leather. Other loads in 1928 went to the east coast for the same treatment. Photo submitted by D. S. Tramonte. Our Readers Say Letters To The Editor (From Mark Neuweiler, president, Santa Fe High School Student Council.) The Santa Fe High School Student Council would like to express its views pertaining to the article which clearly stated "O'Connell-Santa Fe Meet Tonight." We feel that our basic rights have been violated. Why is it that every time we play O'Connell or any other team, the newspaper article shows signs of negativism toward Santa Fe? While reading the article, we almost forgot that we were playing O'Connell. If this is the effect you wanted, you nearly succeeded; but our school has so much spirit we never forget who we are going to beat. Two years ago the Ball High School Student Council hosted a workshop entitled "The Invisible Student." For many months we remembered this theme and stayed with it. In your article we were the Invisible Team. Why was our line-up not mentioned? No names of any of our players appeared, and the fact that we won last week (7-0) against Daytonwas not mentioned. Please, in the near future, try to mention our name, which is Santa Fe. MR. NEUWEILER: The News apologizes to Santa Fe High School for the sins of omission in the pre-game story. We hope you feel that our story after the game gave Santa Fe its due attention. We received several letters, but we are publishing only one because repetition would serve no purpose. We appreciate your letting us know how you felt, and we promise that we will do everything possible to eliminate the possibility of such writing goofs in the future. With the solid support of the students and the Santa Fe community, the Santa Fe Indians have a lot going for them and should be winners this year! —The Editor. (From Susan McGraw, Galveston.) According to one local radio newsman, State Senator Babe Schwartz had the pleasure of holding a mosquito-free political rally at Sea Wolf Park last weekend, while folks in much of the rest of Galveston County swatted and itched. I find it amazing that mosquito control can find any number of excuses not to spray Galveston Island's west end, but can run right out to prepare for the Senator's gathering. Maybe next week Mr. Schwartz can hold a rally in my back yard. (From Kenneth ay Douglas, Dickinson.) I would like to report to those citizens of Dickinson in the aeas of concern that attempts are being made by local officials to repair and improve streets. Hopefully, not just one street, but all streets in those dusty areas will be improved. This long-awaited activity by county government will serve to demonstrate to these citizens that local officials and elective government does care about them and their problems. With the incorporated village of Dickinson having its legal problems, it is unable to collect taxes. Thus, it is unable to do anything about the street and drainage problems. I welcome this effort on the part of county officials concerned to help to help those citizens with their street problems. I am calling for increased activity and communications between local government and its citizens, by effectively working together and communicating on all issues of mutual concern. Let us hope that this is the beginning and when it is finished all sides concerned will gain something from it. Most of all, we must understand that any government — local, county, state, federal — derives its strength from those who elect it. Since The Galveston Daily News has instituted "Our Readers Say" into that fine newspaper, more citizens have been able to gei. their views out in front of the general public. I commend you and The News. Please keep up the good work. JEAN ADAMS TEEN FORUM TRUST: (Q.) Ronnie and I have been going together now for nine months. He says he loves me and I love him. But he IB constantly bugging me about other guys I have gone out with and he thinks I'm in love with any guy I even look at. He also doesn't want me to go out of my house unless I'm with him. He says it is because he doesn't trust me. How can I gain his trust in me? Guarded in New York (A.) Ronnie has a bad case of a disease that is not simple or easy to correct. You may never be able to get him to trust you completely. All you can do is to assure him of your loyalty and your full devotion to him and hope that the facts will finally sink in on him. If his obsession becomes too heavy a weight on you, you may have to give him up. Living with a deeply jealous person is more than most of us can or old boy. Many parents feel the way she does and I do not condemn them for it. Be content now with being Tommy's friend. Maybe in a year or two your mother's rules will change. Talk to her periodically about them. (Have a problem? Write to Dr. Jean Adams, care of this newspaper, P. O. Box 2402, Houston, Texas 77001. Copyright, 197«. United Future Syndicate-. Inc. AQUAWORLD WE DISCOUNT EVERYTHING BUT QUALITY) Sale Good Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 Gallon Wood Tone Tank *5" 20 Gallon Tank »12 M Air Pomp * 1 Tetra Squid Flakes 7/8 oz <1" 10% OFF ON ALL MEDICINES 3 hr'J. 00 LyrttMlKoKtt.3hrtl.00 GoMRtk 15f*r'1.00 Tiger tar* 6ftr'1.00 lrickSworis....4ftr*1.00 OPIN 7 DAYSAWIIK 4103 AVI. f 7*3.3482 MOM.-CAT. IliM-ttM - »MWAT WE KESEKVS THE RIGHT TO LtMITt 11 WITH EACH PUBCHASS YOU GIT FREE EXPERT ADVICE " RANCH & HOME Products . Inc. 4317 BROADWAY - CASH A CARRY SEPT. ft 16 CLOSfD SATURDAY KMEMBCR CHEMICALS FHDS-FftTIUZfK~PlANT$ HAS SEEN OUB BUSINESS fOR OVER 36 TEARS WE DON T HAVE IT IF IT S NOT THE BESTI should bear for long. LATER: (Q.) I know and like this guy Tommy. We go to a certain club. He does too. One night my family had to leave early. I really did not feel like leaving early, so Tommy offered sae a ride later. The problem Is I'm 14 and he's 18. My mom ftifaka I'm too young so the •mid "Definitely not!" I tried discussing this with my mom but she still won't change her mind. Please help me! •Refused in Alabama (A.) Your mother didn't have to put it so bluntly, but she was on solid ground in not wanting you, at 14, to be out late with an IS-year- ALL DAY ON 5 SATURDAYS - AlSOSKOAU WUKROM PHUT THRU TNUR5MT. DIMMING POOL CARE WATCH KM Oi» FUVTWAMOM IF YOU DON'T TRY US, Wf BOTH LOSf. A n*gl*ct«d pool now wilt cost you more I.TJL OUM - MUkTK It* - SNA A3 - TBT KITS - AUAEdKS - »tt. 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PRETEND TO GIVE i YOU A TV / BUT MRS 8UMSTeAO-WE CANT aVE YOU A TV FOR — f OPENING A $1O ^— -1 ACCOUNT.' ; AMP AS POTEETANP COACH gRAUNl/r WONDER IP DR.BENN/WU COURttOFACTION WHICH I WILL TAKfr IP THINGS GBT NO, PRESIDENT AMY WORSE/ GUSTME! I FEAR REAL ALL WEEK BEFORE THEMAUMEe OLEN- TANGV GAME THE AKMAfifDPON WILL SEA PAY '&6HOVICU! AP^^N'LV BRASS KNUCKL£5J ?Su2LL UNDER YOUR V2ZSStt HANPTAPE? WHO CARES.' LET'S SCALP EM.' TROUBLE WHEN ICANARRAM6E Steve Canyon ?OVER WV DEAD BOPV/ HE'S ROBIN HOOD-ROMEO -AMP CASAMOVA ALL . FROG AMD I MARY BROWKI HAVESTAR5IK1 THEIR E> CHRIS. I'D TO MEET THIS MR. FROG, BUZ. / ~T LONELY.. HAPPENS Buz Sawyer YES-AMD LIKB MOST CONTAGIOUS THINGS, NOT AT ALL HEALTHY. LET'S GO HOME,SON. KILL AND uzz. SHE AND LITTEL KILLED MY WIFE," JUNIOR SAYS. REVENGE- iT's LIKE ITS CONTAGIOUS- BLAMES US f=OR HER HUSBAND'S DEATH Dicktracy Jog PLENTY Of= AiR, G00D RrtY, OPPORTUNITY LUJM&H TiwB TO DRbP APPLE PEOPLE. USUALLY rr's ABOUT The Born Loser JUST ARRIVED - LONG LASTING, REDWOOD BIRD FEEDERS ROM MOW M THI TUM TO P1AMT SHALLOT ONIONS OMM OMOM Yl M ROUHO RED SH ALLOTS ,£ 7fc WHITtSHAUOTS Lt Me 1.M PROBLEM NUMBER SIX... v HOW MANY GALLONS OF CREAM CONTAINING 25% 8UTT£R FAT AND MILK CONTAMN6 3 V£ BUTTER ..OBTAIN 50 6ALLON5 OF CREAM CONTAININ6 12^% BUTTER FAT?" SETTLE FOR PUSH-UPS ?

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