The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 8, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1906
Page 4
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QuMdy mile™ Sour eoated ie*-?! ion K or •-•-•< and t •.-^^ CatarrletsE muc-lns niMliI'rsn sorelhront. . r «r. If Made br H , stvcptvn ' C. 1. ' oil It's tio tl fl i ' if pt-i.'l. Sugar- i> i '« r "'fcs' ra ' lil - ist.niit relief in Catarrh — allw n m:i I Soil, lical !i !(»>"•! carjjle . Lunrell, Mass. Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANBOCUU1ST Eye €ar Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye. Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. CUSSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side So.. Phones 8s and 21 HOGS 5 TO 100 LOWER CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Oct. 5—The live stock market for today,ae reported by Clay, Robinson & Co., was as follows: Cattle—Receipts 23,000; market steady. Hogs—Receipts 6000; market 5 to JOo lower; bulk §6.35 to 86-12M: top §6.473^ Sheep—15000; weak. Chicago, Oct. 8—CattJe—Re- ceipts 30COO; market steady to lOc lower. Hogs—Receipts 33.000; 5s lower: t^p 8(5.75. market Positively Removes Freckles CLEARS AND BEAUTIFIES THE COMPLEXION. MBS BESSIE MTTXFR -writes: LEWS, 8.0., Jan. 10,1906. "I am so delighted •with tbe results of your Nadinola. Of the many preparations I have used, Nadinola is the first and only one that will positively remove freckles, clear and heauufy the complexion. I can't say enough in praise of your exquisite toilet articles. I find them to De all that you claim for them." Sincerely, T. E. SALLEE MARRIED. T. E. Sallee of this city and /Mrs. Mary Williams of Lucern wore married at the homo of the bride in Lucerne Sunday afternoon. The bride and bridegroom are expected to arrive in this city this evening. Mr. Sallee is well known here being proprietor of a feed and coal store on South Locust street. The wedding was asurprise to Mr. Sallecvs mau_v friends. Immediately upon thtrir arrival ! here UIP couple will goto Mr Salioe's home on Trenton avenue where they will reside. Bright Modern Thievery. A nesv idea in stealing was reported to the Kansas City prosecuting attor- | ney one day this week. A woman gave her feather beds to a cleaner, weighing the feathers before and after, and found that they came somd 30 pounds short. It is not possible that there could have been 30 pounds of dirt in them, so .-:he claimed that thai amount was sloien. THOUSANDS OF ST. LOUIS ARE AROUSED BY COOPER Removal of Parasites by use of bis Medicene Comes as a Kevelation. It Slow March of Music, takes time for some operas Thousands of other ladies have used NADINOLA and recommend it as superior to all otter preparations for removing discolorations and beautifying the complexion. Price of Nadinola 50c. and $1.00, always »t tfie leading drug stores. Prepared by National Toilet Co.. Paris. Tenn. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy, N. J. S wetland Drug Co., and others. corns to England, but Gluck's to 'Ar- NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage & Transfer Line. I arn now located at M. W. Litton's Livcrv JJanti. All Calls will he promptly attended to. | OFFICE - - - - sir. I RKSTDK-NCK - - 48 HKKKIETTA HOTEL No. 411. TELEPHONRS mide," beloved of Marie Antoinette, probably establishes a reconl in this respect. To be exact, "Armide"—produced at Covent Garden last night— has taken 120 years to reach our shores since its initial production in Paris.—London Daily Mail. For nice In Boston. distinctions in the English" even the Philadelphia lawyer might learn something from certain street car conductors of Boston. Thoughtlessly and lightheartedly I said to a conductor the other day: "Do you go to Blank street?.' The answer came: "No, but this car nasses that street.".. ... ^B Kind You Have Akays Bougn? Bears tbe SJgcatare Great. Reduction in All Departments. St. Louis Mo. Oct. 7—Tho remarkable results that are being accomplished in St. Louis by L. T. Cooper have become a topic of universal interest during the past week. Reports that preceded his visit t this city told of Mr. Cooper's great success in the east. But the man and his medicine did not attract widespread attention until the beginning of his second week here. Then, the interest in him became very noticeable and has steadily gathered head way until his preparations [are now beiutf s-old in enormous quantities and hi.s head- is a most interesting which to spend a half quarters place' in hour. People are coming from all parts of the city to see him. The young man ana his assistants arc- surrounded by swarras of humanity from early until late—some to toll what has been accomplished for them by the Cooner mcdicim>; others to buy tho remedies. Perhaps nothing has done mo Tito arouse the interest thsm Mr. Cooper's statement concerning in- PERSONAL AND LOCAL Guy Mansur of St. Louis spent Sunday in the city. Russell Cieary came in oft the road Saturday night. William beeper of Avilon was a business visitor in the city Monday. Charles Crossen of Kansas City, spent Sunda • with his ,-nother in Chillicothe. 1 Mrn. N. J. Swftland will pponil several days in Kansas City thi- last of the week. F F. Weber left Monday aftor- noon for a three days trip through Northern Iowa. J. M. McGee returned Sunday eyeuing'from Jefferson City where he has been oi) busine-s. Mr. and Mrs. S N. Norns will leave tonight for St. Louis when they will attend tho horse show. Rev. J. M. Bailey of Frankfort, Mo., will arrive tonight for a visit with Mr and Mrs. J. N. Crutehcr. Mrs. John Weldon of Moadville, who has been visiting friondH in Chillioothe returns home Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Li ago of Donison, Texas sire in the irtv '! e gu-ists of Mr. and \Ir.-.Frauk Platter. ri. P Ncwlind came homo Mond,-iy mornTng, from Excelsior Springs, where he has spent sever al days. (\fler tho grip, pneumonia or typhoid fe'~er, take Hood's Sar- fMprilla—it restores health am! strength. Caleb Hoyt will leave Tuesday morning for Kansas City where ho will spend several d-iys at tho ho-se show. Mrs. Robert KeUo3" of Winner - ternal parasites, or tape-worms, as j polls, Minn., is in tho city visiting O ' UR MILLINERY IS CERTAINLY SUPERB. Our trimmer is a pattern trimmer, so we don't buy any patterns. We have the largest stock to select from; we sell cheaper; we have the best trimmer; we sell . all kind from 25c to $25. If you dont get the benefit, it's your fault. CLOAKS and JACKETS at Greatly Reduced Prices. One lot Kimoni Cloths, 2 to 9 yards, regular ]Sc. now- .. lOo One lot lOc brown domestic, 2 to !» yards, now 7;,c Outing Flannels per yard . 5c. 7Uc. 8"';c and lOc Men's $1.2o and $1.50 Duck Coats, nmv $1 00 Men's heavy black hosiery, rejfuliir loc. now lOc Men's light wool hosiery, regular '2~w, now 15c Men's fleeced underwear, regular iiOe. now 39c Great bargains in Gloves, Mitts. Boots. Shoos. Overshoes, Felts and Rubbers.' All go in this sale below a whisper of competition. Lartre No. 10 Grain Scoops at Warranted Axes 75c ?<i Flint ynns now $3.98 Warranted Razors .... 75c S4 Ri lies, now $2.50 Trunks. Suitcases. Telescopes and Handbags at a price to close out. WINDOW GLISS Another Glass Factory shut down and we got the contents. .SEE PRICKS. SINGLE STRENGTH 8x10 .... ............... 5e- 9x12 ............... 7c 10x12 ..... ............... He, 9x14 ................... Sc 10x14 .................. We 12x14 .............. ..... HV 12x10 ............... .. 1.x- 12x20 ................... loc lOslfi .................... !2c 10x24 .................... loc 14x20 ................... 17c 12x24 .................... ]7c 16x20 ................ ... 20e 10x28 ................. Oc 12x2S .................... 20c 25c 18x22; ................... 2-5c 10x40 ................... 3Ue 14x32 ................... 35c 16x32 ................... 40c 14x24 ...... ............ 20c DOUBLE STRENGTH 2llx°4 2K2.1 22x2-S 24x:>2. I<ix42. 24x40 si- oo $1.00 32x42 ................. *]."•' :jii.\.V) ................. $1.75 IS.xiill ................ $2.00 ."«i.\44 .................. $2.00 42x4* .................. S2.75 Putty, por It, ........... 3J4c Glass cut to order. YOURS FOR BIZ they are commonly called. At the commencement of his visit to the city, he claimed that those creatures? were rcspopsible for much of the ill health of this generation ; he claimed that a large percentage of all chloric stomach trouble w-as caused by them; he stated that the use of his "New Discovery" medicine would prove his theory to be correct v as it would remove hundreds of these tapeworms before he left the city. These statements seem to have been,completely verifies. "During the past two weeks hundreds of people who have been taking the Coopo; preparation for some form of stomach trouble have been relieved of one of these parasitey. Inconsequence, Cooper and his theories have been growing into greater prominence each day. i'r. Cooper's statement that a general lassitude was the surest indication of this trouble scorns to be correct. Statements by people who have had this experience seem to be much alike. All saying that a feeling of e-strem weariness and a lack of energ, which they attributed to stornac trouble had afflicted them. A statement of this charactei which is almost identical with a those givea by people who havi had the same oxptriance is as fo! fows: Mrs. B. Prengel, living at JOf St. Ferdinand street, who was re lieved of one of these parasites bj the Cabper preparation, when seen by a reporter, said : "I have been in poor health fo s'x years. I was in a general rundown condition; I attributed thi to stomach trouble, as I had a very irregular appetite, and woul have a bloating sensation after meals. My chief trouble was tha I felt tired all the time, even in the morning after a night's sleep, would wake up feeling no more refreshed than when I went to bee? I had dizzy spells and would see spots bsfore my eyes, and the, least exertion would tire me... It was an effort to attend to my du ties and even my mind seemed dull and sluggish. "My eyesight has been getting poorer lately, and I noticed that my memory Was not as good as it used to be. If I stood for any length of time I would have a dull pain in the lower part of my back and if I ascended the stairs quickly my heart beat very rapidly. "I tried oyery sort of preparation, hoping to throw off this dull feeling. I heard so much about i this man Cooper, that I decided to try his preparation. I bought two bottles of New Discovery. I took only a few doses of tke preparation and a tapeworm left my system. It was about fifty feet in length as near as I could judge. Now I know what has been tho matter with me ell these years and 'I am sure I will be all right again." The success of these new preparations in St. Louis is confined Mr. and Mrs. Frank Platter, South Locui-t street. Mr. an-i Mrs. J. L. Nowland and children left Sunday for a ten days' visit to his parents in Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs. E Johnson, B. J. Meek, Miss Meek aud Miss Flay L.tton spent the day nortn of Chula, Su:idi\y. Mrs. Joel Smith returned Sunday from an extended visit with relatives in Denver, and other Colorado cities. Marriage license was issued late Saturday evening to Harry S. Reynolds and Miss Adah Hundley both of this chy . Mrs. Ella Recco and daughter, Miss Raeburn of Braymor spent Sunday in tho city tho guest of Mrs. Eftie Wallace. Rev Gcorgo P. Sturges returuecl Sunday from St. Jofeph where hi: has been alteading tho Mothodiat conference. TUMORS CONQUERED SERIOUS OPERATIONS AVOIDED. Unqualified Success of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound In the Case of Mrs. Fannla D. Fox. One of the greatest triumphs of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the conquering of woman's dread enemy, Tumor. ' The growth of a tumor Is so sly that frequently its presence isnot suspected until it is far advanced. ">0e 70c 70c Toe 75c * 7oc AT N. Y. RACKET CKILLIGOTHE, HO. The only blacking for Gas Ranges Dissolves Rust as water dissolves salt! Is applied like paint, so saves daubing' and polishinj:! Shines Itself and dries in 10 min= utes 1 Is waterproof and greaseproof! One application wears for months and saves much hard, dirty work, time and money. Nothing else is anything like it and nothing else is "just as good." Sold by JOSEPH BATTA and MINTEER & WILLIAMS. ble, but the medicino si? cm a to l.-c remarkably successfully in cases of rheumatism, Mr. Cooper ascribes this to the fact thatstcmach trouble is indirectly responsible for many diseases, rheumatism being among them. v Children eat, sleep and grow after taking Hollister's Rocky Mountain. Tea. Brings rosy cheeks, laughing eyes, good health aud strength. A tonic for sickly children. Tea or cablets, 35 cents. — N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Itcli on" human cured In^.TO uijmitos si,..-.' WOOLEOKD'3 SANITAKY Lor: ox. TWs Col. H. \V. Graham left Monday for Kansas City where he \vjll at- lecd the horso show which id now going on at that place. John II. Taylor went to Brook- So-called "wandering pains" may come from its early stages, or the presence of danger may be made manifest by profuse monthly periods, accompanied by unusual pain, from the abdomen through the groin and thighs. li yon have mysterious pains, if there are indications of inflammation or dis 1 placement, secure a bottle of Lydia EJ. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound right o.way and begin its use. Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass., will give you her advice if you will write her about yourself. She is the daughter-in-law of Ly-dia E. Pinkham and for twenty-five years has been advising sick women free of charge. Dear Hi's. Piukliam:— " I take the liberty to congratulate you on tho success I have had with your wonderful medicine. Eighteen months ago my periods stopped. Shortly after I felt so badly that I submitted to a thorough examination by a physicmu and was told that I hod a tumor and would have to undergo an operation. " Soon after I rend one of your advertisements nnd decided to pive Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. After taking five bottles as directed the tumor if. entirely gone. I have been examined by a physician and he says I have no signs of a tumor now. It has also brought my periods around once more, and I am entirely well."—Fannie D. Fox, 7 Chestnut Street, Bradford, Pa. , Bright's disease, that there was no change in his condition Monday. Lloyd Gunby, who is attending the State University, arrived home Sunday in response to a telegram announcing the ci^ath of his grandmother, Mrs. VV. E. Gunby. Miss Nanuy Walker returned Saturday night frond au extended visit with her sister, Miss Katharine Walker, who is a nurse in the University hospital atKausaeCity Attorney J. E. Watkine has returned from a two week's visit to Kansas City, Jelferson City and Lincoln, Nebraska, in each of which places he has been transacting important business. Mrs. A. C. Eubanks of Milan is in tho city the guest of her daughter, Mrs. G. B. Korr. Mrs. Eubauk will leave Saturday for Jefferson City whore she will spend sever il days with relatives, and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Mortionr Dowell, who have been toUriag the wrest on account of Mr. Dowell's health, returned to Chillicothe Sunday field Monday and returned to i and went direct to their home in .\looresvilieintheafternoonforthejjackson township Mr. Dowell Democratic spoa king. Mr. and Mrs. B. AH'Aoc of Macou are r-xoectod here this week oa a visit to A, McVoy and family <md other relatives. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures radically — that is, it removes the roots of disease. That's better than lopping the branches. Mrs. Harry Milbank loft Monday morning for Macon where ?ho will be the guest of relatives aud friends for several-days. John Hill and family returned Saturday from a vide to the State Fair at Sedalia, which Mr. Hill p'onourced a big success. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Martin, who have been living on North Elm street, have moved to the Wilcox property on East Calhoun. Ed Switzer and Kay MoN.illy arrived homo Saturday night from Kansas City, where thoy have seen spending several days. Fred Conger of Wichita, Kas , arrived Monday morning toattoad the funeral of Mrs. W. E. Gunby, which was hold this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Pringle will leave Tuesday for Columbus, Ohio, where thoy will spend the winter with relatives and friends. Attorney S. J. .Miller went to Brookfir-ld Monday iiiorniiii; to irg'ue a case which was tried in ho Linn county circuit court Saturday. Dr. A. P. Miller of Burlington, o..a, arrived Monday on an ox- ended visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. i 1 . Palmer, South Washington treet. Mrs. L. S. Tharp of Meadvill.-, who was the guest of Mrs. Laura Girdner Frances over Sunday, re- urned to her homo Monday njoru- was g'roally improved. Elder R. E. Gallithan of Galla- Lin was in tho city today. He is holding a revival at Lock Springs.' There have been sixteen additions to the church in the ten days the meetings have been in progress. Five candidates were baptized in the river near there yesterday afternoon. - C PTB the yaaturo of * tha Kind You Havs Always tough! CAMPBELL SCHOOL Report of Campbell school for tho month ending October 5. No. of pupils carolled 32 average daily attendance 23. No. of tardies 10. Those present every day were: Vergil, Blanche and Wiliie Williams, Ester and Elsie Rinehart, Fleta Hoffman, Qeo. Shields and Stella Coburn. Visitors during tho mouth were: Florend and Homer,Coburn, Olen Runkle and Nancy Osten. Very Respectfully, John R. Martin, Teacher. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOB. SALE buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Ground 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf falle. JSoldibyijjs JS JJ.ISJwatkind J;/-UK-(ji Miss Eva iMcluturtl aTTTi Mary Vest returned Sunday afternoon rom Kansas City where thoy ave been the gusata of lady riends. Mrs. Bert Hogen .loTt Monday -norniug for Kansas City where ho will attend tho hoVso show and isit relatives an,l friends for soy- iil days. A. J. Griffith, of Pittsboro ndiana, is in the count, v visiting is brother John of Jack' -on town- hip and buying hors.-ii' f° r tno astern market. Word was received fr.v.a l bedside ot" J. A. Carmichaei,; is contipfid to his home j_ For sale—Cottage in Oraves- ville, three lots, two weils, everything in good condition. Price b550. Will cjko tuum-and wugou or cow as part payment. William Mitionholter, at County Infirmary. For sale—A top, single buggy almost new. Also set single harness. Will sell ota bargain if ta- ke.u nt onco. 283dt.f n-Tui in;t liumbi-r Oo.— For sale—1-room house, 4 blocks from Masonic temple; in first class condition. Inquire at this fitllco. 2odtf FOB BENT For Rout— 7-roora house la good repair. Seymour tno ~Threc light comfortably hmitml rooms for rout. Bank of Chilli- cothi) building. ( " w BOOM AND BOABD Good room and board for •10(5 South Elrn. two. dlw For rent—Furnished roonr'fiSar square. Apply at this office. o4d6t Exptrlments In Cheap Living. A reverend gentleman of New Yorli, who has been described as the "housetop evangelist." announces as the result of an experiment conducted on himself while working in the harvest field—not the harvest of souls, but of wheat— that he found six cants' worth of food per diem sufficient to sustain life. \Ve can beat that in San Francisco, where the daily emergency ration issued to refugees averages in cost four cents. The housetop gospel must get off the roof.—-San Francisco Call. False Logic. Attorney General Moody, discussing a legal point, said: "That is strikina but false logic. It reminds me of t conversation I once heard at the sea shore. A man in a striper! bat.liins suit was running on thin, pale legs over the hot white bench toward thf cool wati-T when a friend, sei/ing him by the ami, said: '\Vlin.'' Are you going in to bathe just, after a !>•:,ivy lunch? Why. you will be diij\vii(.-4.' 'Oh, no; not at all,' replied the other. 'I ate nothing but fish.' " World's Treatment of Women. Xo less a scholar thuri Herbert : Spencer said: "In the hUl.ory of hu ; inanity the saddest part concerns lt-j self with the treatment of women.: Cannibalism, the torturing of pri ers, the sacrificing of victims t'j ghosts and gods—those have l»:on but! occasional, but the treatment, of vvom- i ap has been universal u:id constant.! Tho amount of suffering she has borne is beyond the imagination." Proper Interior Decora':orl. Mrs. Mary L. liookwalter. .n a tall; | the other day on the subject, of in I terior decoration, said that, "the av-' erage home is a jungle of imrelrued things, most of them a burden to the housekeeper, the maid aud tin; bread winner, to say nothing of the guest.' 1 Correct lines, harmony of color aud restraint in ornament were among the things she recommended. K do not call your attention solely to <mr low price s-any an quote ineaninj/Iess 's. Itathnr would we you he conscious of ncontrovertible fact lothes to which our pricfs are. attached sent the most nnte- fashion-,-'! <>t fadrii's which :IP-' aim-it with the hour or i- i.-i-r ru'vorui it. '.j ave fi(;Vfl- t'Xpi'l'- !;i- l:istii!vfs;iti-ifac- l'h i:i()lh*-T \ mi n i appn-ciiiti- them f\;-n iiKtre than <t\:i- ri-L r u- 1)0 to $27.50 \V.. ,. li l;KI.')K SIFl-' I! AT. \Vilniii l!ni^.' Shirts. WEST SIDE SQUARE. Modern Punctuation. By a scandalous shifiir.g c>!' the bu; den 'of authority, nobody iitii'.rtnates an}' more, it is all thrown u|..n; tin printer to ilo his bcsi. In t!i« ar; preservative the custom varies. SOUK- offices insert a comma after every fifth word, punctuator:, .vhtTi after '.lie seventh, which is open, or free, punctuation.—N". Y. Sim. c/ety Civjbs j The Sound of Arms. Military expenditures of the pal countries of she world were as fol lows in 1901-.": Vnired Kin^'lorn $157,798,190; IniHa. $!00..'.7>:.I70; Aiis tria and Hungary, $i7,!i7D.V'>'J; France 1136,993,715; r.ermany, 31<U,:!US.i::r,: Italy, ?57,2iifi,70i): Japan, Si::;.y::7.2S.l; Russia, $194,^OS,020; United Si ales $113,843,865. No Tidal Waves on Great Lakes. Thcre->are no real tidal waved or. the great Takes. Occasionally v.-aves of astonishing height roll in upon tin shore, where there is r>-> .-^nnn, bu' such phenomena are n."t ; :i any penxt tides. They are the re.-r.i'.t of gre;i! atmospheric pressure, far from the places where they are obscrvcilr ur <>:• distant tempests. Cigarette Wins in the East. Says a writer in the Pekin;: anrt Tientsin Times: "The cUavet-i- has caught the popular favor in tie east and far east, being a smoke seeaiing ly peculiarly adaptable t.i Asiatics. The long-stemmed pipe is giving way everywhere to the cigarette." The '-."ji.O" c!ub met i'or the Brsc ; time with Mrs. Harry Milbauk, i S.\t ird'iy afternoon. After the ! u.-iial i-.uinber of tjaini-H, the bust- , ESS served elegant refreshments. The iiijrne^t .-eore was made by .\Ire. Jjhn Hawlt-y, who receivad thf eluh spooa. Mrs. Eylenbarg w:js the guest of honor. i t t The Domestic science club will meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. H. B. Hewitt, West Calhoun street. Before and After. The same man who pro?ends thai he lilies to row a girl for three hour? In a hot sun when they are c\\-fj&a<: will be foutiil lying in a dhady hammock after they are marvif.U while she la getting him something ~uod tc eat in a boiling hot kitchen. Monument to Ovid. A monument is about to be erected to the poet Ovid at Sulmona. the ancient Su!mo of Samiiium. a movement for the purpose hnvins been set on foot by the Italian poet, Gabriele d'Annuzio. High or low, Japanese Women. or simple, the Japanese wife is above reproach, the incarnation of faithfulness and devotion—magnificent in her loyalty to the duties of her state.—Fortnightly Review. The Keen Observer. "That new farmhand of yours used to be a bookkeeper." "How do you know?" "Every time he stops work for a minute he tries to put the pitchfork behind his ear." Reason Alone Supreme. Great attachments make one accomplish dazzling deeds easily, but they do not change temperament; reason alone controls behavior.—.Madame de Genlis. No sickly women or weak men will ever regrot taking Hollfstor's Rocky Mountain Tea. It's brought happiness to thousands of homes. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents.—N T . J. 'Swetland Drug Co. Eddie Foy,t!ie eccentric comedian who is featured in the big .•Jr;ubert production of "The Earl ,'itui the Girl," ivhic'lr comas to %:e Luel a tomorrow nij;ht, is well and favorably known to local theatre patruns who will welc-imo this opportunity to see tho funny fellow again. There are many other favorites in the strong cast supplemented by H iarge. chorus of unusual beaut, [and grace. Foy enacts the roio of a do^ f incier who is i iduoed to im;)3rjo j ito aa etr! imiwjire that the real oarl is being sought by a "circus strong woman," who'accusses him of jilting her dauuhtcr. The production throughout will bo one of the most elaborate and prodigious yet presented at the Luella. Ss its now se'ling. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew whst Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do i'i>r them, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of the p t?t. Dr. .Shoop's H-'Stoiative reaches stouiich troubles by its direct touic action upon the inside nerves—-the true stom-->c ; i nerves, stomach uiscroos or weakness, fullness, bk>ating, belching. We recommend and sell Dr. Shoop's Restorative. The N. J. Swetland Drug Co. OF PERFECTION Is what we claim to have reached in "OUR OWN" blend coffee. We buy this coffee green —have it roasted and do our own blending. OUR PRICE IS ONLY 25G. THE POUND. OUR. GUARANTEE: You purchase one pound of "OUR OWN" blend Coffee and if you do not find it equal to any coffee sold at 35c the pound (you to be the judge)we will cheerfully refund-your money. Does yojir grocer offer so liberal a proposition? WM.SUMMERVILLE'SSONS The grocers that sail good coffee Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TEeWATTON STUDIO THE BANS-NELSON < Iti'promliTion) Moving I'u-tuivs of the World's Most Tci-rilii- Contest. THURSDAY! 1 OCTOBER... * * THE GREAT SUCCESS Written by Lottie Blair Parker Author •"Way Down East" \ mm With other Subjects of Comedy and Adventure*. An Kvuninir of Woniiur and Amusement. 25, 35 & 50 Cts. A Play That* Wffl Live Forever Th- most original, unlmrknpyi'd and clt- or Southern life ever written. 1 27 -REMARKABLE CAST -27 Musslvi- Pruclui'tlon Complete In i Every Detail. i OVER TWO MILLION PEOPLE HAVE ! 8EENTHI8RAY .......... _ I PRICES: 25,35,50,750, $J SentSulc Wi>dnL'.-iiIiiy»n. m. NKLLIK TUESDAY Q OCTOBER. W SAM ®> LEE SHUBERT INC., Oil. r the Merry Kn.srlish Musical Whirl The Earl and the Girl WITH EDDIE FOY AND 75 OTHERS. Catchy Songs, Beautiful Costumes, Gorgeous Scenery, Pretty Faces. ..$1.SO I.OO Seat. Sale Monday, 9 A. M. Free List Suspended ;/i

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