Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 46
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C-lfc--lNDCPENDENT (AM) Lew teece, CeM., We«., Fek. tt, 1N» PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM) LOGS- An · indicates B-W. Other shows in color. KNXT ChMtwIZ KAIC Ck«Ml7 KCOf CkMwl II KNK ClNMHieM KHJ Channel* KWHY Chanml 22 KTLA CkMMlS KTTV ClwHwin KCET Ckmntl2l KMEX CNWMI34 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,1969 it PAID ADVERTISEMENT 6:30 2 Literature of England 4 Women As People: "In Later Years" 7 *Teachers in-Service 11 'Frontiers of Freedom 7:00 A.M. 2 Biological Revolution 4 Today, Edwin Newman, Nixon trip 7 Exercise with Gloria 11 Mr. Wishbone Show 13 Felix the Cat 7:30 2 Douglas Edwards 7 Morning Show, Nelson 9 It Is Written (relig.) 11 The Flintstones 13 Hobo Kelly Show (R) 7:55 2 KNXT News 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 9 The Big Babysitter 11 Mighty Mouse Show 8:30 5 Cartoon Time 11 Popeye Show 13 Winky-Gumby Show 9:00 A.M. 2 Lucy Show, L. Ball 4 Snap Judgment 5 *Leave It to Beaver 7 Prize Movie: "Pal Joey," Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak ('57). 9 *The Real McCoys 11 Jack LaLanne Show 13 Rocky His Friends 9:25 4 Nancy Dickerson 9:30 2 The Beverly Hillbillies. 4 Concentrat'n, Clayton 5 *Movie: "Count of Monte Cristo," Robert Donat ('34) 9 *Marshal Dillon 11 *Dennis the Menace 13 *Say It With Art 9:45 13 ^Spanish II and I 10:00 A.M. 2 *Andy Griffith Show 4 Personality, Larry Blyden, Shelley Winters 9 Movie: "Good Morning Miss Dove," Jennifer Jones, Robt. Stack 11 Truth or Consequences 10:15 13 Soc. Sec. in Action 10:30 2 *Dick Van Dyke Show 4 Hollywood Squares 11 From the Inside--Out 13 'Robin Hood 10:45 7 Nixon in Europe 11:00 A.M. 2 The Love of Life 4 Jeopardy, Art Fleming 7 Galloping Gourmet: "Lamb Rolls Ruakura" 11 Sheriff John, Lunch 13 The Romper Room 11:25 2 Douglas Edwards 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Eye Guess, B. Cullen 7 Anniversary Game 13 America! "Vermont" 11:45 5 Johnny Grant Show 9 Doug Dudley, News 4 Edwin Newman (11:55) 12 NOON 2 Boutique, Steve Dunne 4 Hidden Faces (serial) 5 Cooking with Corns: "Irish I.amb Stew" 7 *Bewitched 9 Tempo, Roy Elwell, Bob Dornan, Richard Dawson (to 3:15) 11 Jack Latham, News 13 Bill Johns, News 12:15 5 Cartoon Time 12:30 2 As the World Turns 4 Days of Our Lives 5 Stingray (puppets) 7 Funny You Should Ask 11 *Movie: "Paris After Dark," George Sanders 13 Dialing for Dollars 1:00 P.M. 2 Love Is a Many- Splendored Thing 4 The Doctors (serial) 5 *National Velvet 7 Dream House (game) 1:30 2 The Guiding Light 4 Another World (serial) 5 *Dobie Gillis 7 Let's Make a Deal 13 World Adventure: "Bayou Country" 2:00 P.M. 2 The Secret Storm 4 You Don't Say! 5 *Love That Bob 7 The Newlywed Game 11 *Movie: "Man Who Walked Alone," Dave O'Brien ('45) 13 *Movie: "Blonde Ice," Leslie Brooks ('48) 2:30 2 The Edge of Night 4 The Match Game 5 Cooking Around the World, Bee Byer 7 The Dating Game 2:55 4 Floyd Kalber news 3:00 P.M. 2 The Linkletter Show 4 PDQ, Dennis James 5 "Highway Patrol 7 General Hospital 13 Felix the Cat 28 "Cancion de Raza (R) 3:15 9 Ted Meyers, News PERKINS J«4w Mile* S P.M. --DURANTE ft KNOTTS DO THEIR THING. Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts co-host the Music Hall. On the bill are Jane Powell and the Baja Marimba Band; Ch. 4. TELE-WES 3:30 2 Lucky Pair, Geoff Edwards, Kent McCord, Margaret O'Brien 4 Mike Douglas Show 5 Divorce Court 7 One Life to Live 9 *Movie: "Black Scorpion," Richard Denning 11 *My Favorite Martian 13 Hobo Kelly Show 4:00 P.M. 2 *Mr. Ed, Alan Young 5 *0zzie and Harriet 7 Dark Shadows (serial) 11 Pay Cards! Art James 4:30 2 Movie: "Violent Men," Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck ('55) 5 Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Pat Crowley 7 Bill Bonds, News 11 George Putnam, News 13 Bozo's Big Top 5:00 P.M. 4 KNBC Newservice 5 Dick Carton, News 9 Groovy Show, Morgan 13 *The Addams Family 5:15 28 *The Friendly Giant 5:30 7 Frank Reynolds, News Report on Nixon trip 9 Rat Patrol, Christopher George, Hans Gudegast 11 Donald O'Connor, the Four Steps, Pat Morita 13 Gilligan's Island 28 Misterogers Neighbors 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, J. Dunphy 4 Huntley and Brinkley (full hour, with Nixon trip report) 5 Steve Allen Show, George Jessel, Lou Holtz, Joi Lansing, Ferrante Teicher T THE 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE if "CHEAPER by ik« DOZEN" In Colir--CLIFTON WEBI 9 I Spy, Robert Gulp, Bill Cosby, Nancy Wilson, Greg Morris, Malachi Throne. 13 Batman, Adam West, Ida Lupino, Howard Duff 28 *What's New? 6:30 13 Voyage to Bottom of . Sea, Richard Basehart 28 "Talks with Parents 7:00 P.M. 2 Walter Cronkite, News 4 KNBC Newservice 9 What's My Line? 11 Password, A. Ludden 28 *Most of Maturity 7:30 2 Glen Campbell Good- time Hour, with Buffy St. Marie, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, John Byner, John Hartford, Pat Paulsen. 4 The Virginian, James Drury, John Mclntire, James Olson, Don Francks (in dual role), Cloris Leachman. A lynch mob, formed under pressure, is after a farmer who killed the unsavory land grabber who foreclosed on his mortgage. 5 Lost in Space, Billy Mumy, Kurt Russell 7 Here Come the Brides, Robert Brown, Bobby Sherman, Bridget Hanley, Will Geer. Fearing her grandfather is near death, after being caught in a mine cave-in while hunting gold in Seattle, Candy has a piece of her jewelry melted into what looks like a nugget 9 Movie: "Rebel without a Cause," James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo ('55). 11 Truth or Consequences 13 *Perry Mason, Burr 28 *Cancion de Raza (R) 8:00 P.M. 11 Hazel, Shirley Booth 28 The City Makers: "Welfare Reforms," 8:25 5 World of Sports 8:30 2 "THE GOOD CUTS" comedy * HIT OF THE SEASON! Bob Denver, Herb Edelman, Michael Constantine. When a film company uses the diner as a setting for a murder story, Bert gets the acting bug. 5 Win with the Stars. Allen Ludden, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Marshall 7 Movie: "Lost Command," Anthony Quinn, Alain Delon, George Segal, Claudia Cardinale ('65-lst run). French survivors of Dien Bien Phu are sent to "pacify" the Algerians. 11 Merv Griffin Show, Arthur Godfrey on overpopulation, Selma Diamond, Mary Taylor 13 Beat the Odds, Johnny Gilbert (game show) 28 Book Beat, Robert Cromie: "They," Mayra Mannes 9:00 P.M. 2 The Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen, Max Baer Jr., Ingeborg Commercials Very Seldom Canceled By GEORGE ERES TV-Radio Editor The current issue of "Action," the magazine of the Directors Guild of America, devotes a special section to the television commercial, which confirms what the general viewing public knows -TV shows are just shills for the commercials. Admittedly, this is "in" stuff for the people who are involved in making commercials, but it has some interest to the viewers generally because it puts TV in perspective. One of the articles, by Carroll Carroll, who writes on commercials for "Variety," notes: "No one can ever lose sight of the fact that although television is the greatest means of communication since the invention of the wheel, and a force that can simultaneously enrage millions of football fans and fariy tale fanciers, it is primarily and most importantly a helluvan advertising medium. And as such it has helped to enlarge the cinema and has extended the tail-gate of the old medicine man's wagon into your living rnom Fast! Fast!! FAST!!!.!.!." WHILE I yearn passionately for a commercial that will simply flash on the screen and announce a product and what it will do, the trend is all the other way. It is not enough to just show the product. It's gotta be a production to grab the audience and hold it. In fact, states Carroll, there is often a question in the mind of the view exactly what is being sold. " . . . Many, many corporate commercials . . . Gulf Oil's and Western E e l e c t r i c ' s among others . . . are beautifully shot and leave the looker full of awe and wonderment. He mentally mutters, 'Aw, come on!' as he wonders what the spots want him to do. Fren- quently all they're secretly suggesting is that he buy a few shares of stock . . . The first thing a TV viewer does is try to figure out -- and sometimes it ain't easy -- what the commercial wants him to do . . ." SOME OF these little movies are illustrated in "Action." One of them, a three page layout in color details the creation of a washing machine commercial in which one of the firm's r e p a i r m e n is stripped of his chevron, his pencil broken to get across the message that the firm's repair man was liix in his duty and drummed out of the corps. This little episode has a built in booby trap for the sponsor. Another firm was quick to come out with a commercial showing its repair technicians sitting around knitting because there was no need for them to go out on service calls. THEIR product just didn't require servicing and there was no need for SS Corps discipline. The planning that goes into one of these little spots, the number of people involved, the money spent -- it is just too fantastic! It is not only fantastic. It is depressing. Nobody in his right mind helieves any of this stuff anyway. E v e r y o n e who ever watched a commercial knows the difference between promise and the performance. But this Commercial Gap is another problem. The strange thing about all this nonsense about commercials is that they work. You very rarely hear about a commercial being cancelled. The medium's not known as commercial TV for nothing. * * * * "Laugh-In" again topped the Nielsen ratings for the two week period ending Feb. 9. Other shows in the Top 20, in order, were: "Gomer Pyle," Harlem Globetrotters. "Bonanza," "Gun- smoke," "Beverly Hillbillies," "Family Affair," "Mayberry R.F.D.," Glen Campbell, "Bewitched," "Julia," "Here's Lucy," "My Three Sons," "Green Kjeldsen. While a blonde secretary sets her cap for Jed, other stenographers rush to "psychiatrist" Jethro 4 KRAFT MUSIC HALL if Jimmy Dur«nti, Don Knotts, line Powill plus the Baja Marimba Band, in hour titled "Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts Do Their Thing . . . Also." Songs, skits, piano tunes, monologues, a bullfighting sketch, and a walk-on by Bob Hope with a 76th birthday cake for the Schnozz. 5 Olympic Wrestling, Dick Lane 13 Run for Your Life, Ben Gazzara, Ernest Borgnine. Paul spends. Christmas Eve with a lonely cab driver. 28 *Your Dollar's Worth: "Prescription Drugs -Prices and Perils." 9:30 2 Green Acres, Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Roy Roberts. Lisa starts a petition to get hunting laws changed to protect the deer. 9 Ted Meyers, News 10:00 P.M. 2 Hawaii Five-0, Jack Lord, Joanne Linville, Nancy Malone, David Sheiner, Bea Richards (pt. 2). In L.A., the public sentiment in her favor, McGarrett takes the phony doctor to court, where he introduces the mother of one of her "naturology" victims. 4 The Outsider, Darren McGavin, Carrie Snodgrass (in dual role). Ross traces a missing beauty, and finds her involved with a vicious extortion racket and LSD. 5 Dick Garton, News 9 'Marshal Dillon 11 George Putnam, News 13 That Show, Joan Riv- ers, Herschel Bernardi 28 *Guten Tag (german) 10:30 9 *Movie: "Toys in the Attic," Dean Martin, Geraldine Page, Yvette Mimieux ('63). 13 Bill Johns, News 28 *Art Artists (BBC): "War and Peace" 11:00 P.M. 2 11 o'clock Report 4 Tom Brokaw, News 5 *AIfred Hitchcock. 5 *Movie: "Special De- 7 Bill Bonds, News 11 Liars Club, Rod Serling 13 *Movie: "Courageous Mr. Penn," Clifford Evans, Deborah Kerr 11:30 2 The President in Europe. Recap of Nixon's day in London and Bonn. 4 Tonight, Johnny Carson, Dean Jones, Billy De Wolfe, Bob Newhart, Roslyn Kind 5 *Movie: "Special Delivery," Joseph Cotten, Eva Bartok ('55) 7 Joey Bishop Show, Shelley Berman, Lou Rawls, Dale Robertson, the Mob group and George Bums 11 *I Love Lucy, L. Ball 12 MIDNIGHT 2 Movie: "Guns of Fort Petticoat," Audie Murphy, Kathy Grant ('57) 11 *77 Sunset Strip 12:20 9 *Mqvie: "The Disembodied," Paul Burke 12:30 13 *Mpvie: "Strange Illusion," James Lydon 1:00 A.M. 4 KNBC Newservice 5 Community Bulletins 7 The Late Report 11 From the Inside--Out 1:30 11 "Movies: "Devil Daniel Webster," "Oklahoma Kid" and "Mr. Universe" 1:45 2 *Movie: "Come Get It," Joel McCrea, Walter Brennan (36) KUC-TN XHI-UM KIIG--HI MIO-UM KOAI-ISM un-- att KFWt-MI KGIS-1I2I XC»-ll9f KCrj-1131 KCIt-MI KW-»J» KU--UN KIEV-I7I KUC--ill Ilin-llt KTTM-IMI W-II7I KWU--IIN wot.--ISM imm--tMt KIEL--1111 KWtW--ItM KKD-- H9t XIII--INt KM.A--mi XTU--IM XMC-DM WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1969 S p.m., KNX--NHL Hockey: Boston Bruins at Kings 8 p.m., KOGO (600 kc)--WHL Hockey: Gulls at Portland immiimimimmHiimmmiiiimiimiiiHimiiiimmiuiiNimimiH tmniiiimiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiimiiiiiiii Martin Luther King Holiday Plan Backed WASHINGTON (UPI) -Rep. John Conyers, D- Mich., said Tuesday his office has heard from 300,000 persons in support of a proposal to declare Jan. 15, birthday of the late Martin Luther King Jr., a legal holiday. Conyers held a news conference to make the introduction of legilation that would turn the idea into law. The bill was cosponsored by 23 other House members, including Reps. Alphonso Bell, R- Calif., George Brown, D- Calif., and Don Edwards, D-Calif. Acres," Wai Disney, Red S k e 11 o n, "The Good Guys," Thursday movie ("Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"), "Daniel Boone" and Monday movies, "Dragnet" and "Follow That Dream." "A Midsummer Night's Dream was 88th in the standing and down at the bottom of the list of 116 shows was the Joey Bishop Show. 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