The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 1
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M n today 0. S. tnflft&J> i 4*« &^..* UUL* Kt^riJi _.. f lite* have pui pr«!ft,rt . U> stond trial Ift * Wtirt for *l*yin| ft ~ aft en tft * Girafd ifitet toid t»« ate, a Jipinae tbuft jor Levm ha* Isfeft « friend to me iftdl'i can't .-__._ ot anyo»s else 9SBW do * bitter job of ttkc •pla-ee," Glratd told * 0, frard flatty aid 0* tetdms . 1ft Japa« also hatf that trial in t Japanese -would b* Levin'also d*hl*/l ti« _ pressure en Olfafd. 21* a jtpedalfct , ,, of killing Mr*. N*%« *Wle guarding a mill* Confusion over what tad said aiose amid mtse rin? range ficar Tokyo, SM w*j «truck in the bs<* c«rtrid« fired frafti "•Hep. Omar Burleson ^^*hr; K - '-a'u'wKe urea fma*de laUflcfier on Aflft rifle OlMtd Claim* A«eidtftl tnT^CaSele^rf- } *^ti? fl ^t* Cairo frwfl .from Sj^Preitt&SS J* nbspttal in Alexandria for or-[»id. flew to Cairo irwfl, from Syria, the comm foreign Affairs Committee said rt« v.oiild call in Defense Japane^ have charged Girard enticed Mr», SI Oethert and officiaTK ot tn« cafr'who was trying to'pick State Depsrtmertt in art of th« Gllard eitt. EgJ-plianaordan d alolrtitli critU that h'sa fired the fsttl »hofc Ueitttn DficheH a* *oon «* —-T-t "-— -• . ..*-v. »nt jnvni BMVU Qnfra claimed her Heath was ...—.,„.„ „; the BratoHa City Council agreed on a firm of appralier* to inventory tax properly at a council we* this week, but will hold up the edfttract until the school board decides one Vray or the "»theMn4he same plan. If the trustee* agree on co- iprilMl — agreement to turn Gl* ard ttver to a Japaieie court of trial on murriaughter charges touched off an Mlar* lafjbhal controversy and hi* a«jb'er* worked long part mid. nupt In Wa«hli)gton today in attempt to bring him back Jhe United State* for a re- vflV of hit ca«e. that Girard claimed ,~~ v >. and M*J. Stanley F, UMn, hi* Army advlsett were 'potting pre«ure on him wf* in Waihintfon bv -.nan for hi* attorney. —-,, Ctrroll. and in Ottiway i by'the .">ldi«r> brother, Loui». "KU Gtrard told hist brother he had been advised by hi* i Brazotport Post No. 847* Ar«v»apROMited «d>-iser, Ma. .j veteran* ot Foreign Wars ox- ' Tor , L * vW that.Jje should go .(tend an invitation to fill vet* tofore a Japanese* court be> V| '*~*ig»v service) and their «M<se if be dbtet he would ea W attend a free Ii»h sup- j «rt » .very *tlff act tence from *t the fake Jackson Pavil- U>e United StMw under an i. 0 ! 1 fS^.^L''^ 0 ^- 31 Armv court ftartial." Jo-.n In**I kht**Ma.«tt»«4J^^.a> JL^^A-.**^^ ' <%_!«•• •>*_.,*. S«t At Sweeny Old Oriffln,j . spoketm-.n '^ T by telephone and that the «ol Sfiantwerert "/•*" about %-hether iptinf to per- i government. -LATE BULLETINS- ' WASHINGTON — The Mouse Appropriatiodl feoTn- '"mittee today slashed nearly ttt million from Ike'* public "• program. If the Houee okey* the bill wlttWut ;, they will have cut over $4 billion from -*-• " lj "" of nearly IM billion acted on menu JEgypt addition back British was cementing it* 'Family" *~dd SA 1 * 1 t*o-Western LebiWSf y (the government informed .{#» that it would support I Malik, the LebaAett- ' _ minister, In hi* canjfe ' the port «tf Peign for a high FORT WORth — the hfgh«t crest of the CotBttdo a JUKT wunm — Tne raajnwi cr«i w me unoraao internal affairs. AUSTIN —m— Gov j River, now moving downstream, today threatens lowland* Jordan, In a move to itnmuvo Daniel Wednesday signed Ifrom Austin to the Gulf. , \^^ t S$J52&5*'S!!! ,!? w , a '"«* ««X - Wn . could-remove any mines that, 4 , . , „ might lie jn the watenvay. The I I fftnif I MU/ J Greek-owned tanker World 1 "HI fit* aVWVv Jury struck a mine In the Harbor Wednesday and recent! -slight" damages. fttfUia Accuse* Lebanon and Soviet relations chined further with official' Lebanese accusations that Bus-! da had interfered in Lebanon's internal affairs. T s Signed Daniel id uTvl »nJ:, i • """ , , law a traoic safety bill a 12*.2*1* * f British commeiclaltauthoriz** the establishment ;—»— ^ plane* to use the Amman air- a Texas traffic safety cbundnr PARIS — Radical Soeiallrf Maulce Bourge*-«auno- |port. . Th* law became Jfec^i Cry became the heed of France «fcd •overameat tfnce ' "^" - — " - e«ecuve> 'World W;<- II today with a tepid 2*0 te 1M vote. There wm no applause in the half-^Bpty <a»mber of Deputfe* when the victory of Hie WASHINGTON — Sottt^etpeM may iitk tor aa toi- mediate 'vote on 'heir -jut^^wlll 1 «««n*ttaot^lo ' " lion t GREENSBORO, W. C. — Rodney engineering 'student. be«m ciaase* white student to enter a in the South. - r • ff &£*!*> , . jrfftfi*'*!!** Foi(bt Import over the p.n Around Brazos port TH* OINX MARKWYg , ' have a • today. , i lUbe- ^ 'the mayor and _ the latest control pro. fern. * , tty chief complatot mad* hy Mayor J. JL Stow dog >raer* were b ' taWHvenieneed ,J» ,„ their, dog* wbtvh had placed in the pound, * ;«v Tfee «oufteil was dijasTMniJed ttullto aim* had bww piaoaS at me pound to infiB»»^^ ewqar* when the poundki be there to releaw-^ogj, f Is Set lot of thinking had already gone, int« the mep and that **» t '-'^tL (' fM^fJ^n •<••* NEW YORK — BtUy Oratam aey» York cruaade "will definitely eod JuJy, Jl." BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Four Wor« Ulur It vew*. an* claimed through their attorney today th^t a -blind. Ing light" used in a top secret wer operatton against Germany made them aterite or oOMrwii* ajenetteally defective. Ode saya ht i* sterile. Tb* ottMT three have fathered two children with Heft p*)ataa aad MM with e «"' '«w oecame eiiecuve* was the third Ku» .immediately and Daniel calw er meeting since the,the first meeting of the cc ' •K^i' «C..'l ? «frived to'dl'a executive committee Egypt Friday for a medical Friday ' SSS 1 * »< * h «»W«« 1 »" Ale*- "1111, • bUT eslablUhw . tiorrcspotulttit drlvy to reduce *lh€ Jordanian^, government I able Sept. i, „ [private traffic safety organSE iy ttons. It i* authorised to acceSt private contributions to si ! plement itate funds to be ix ( I IlKlA fiAM* 1 4 «• —•- - j--"^i TT-— -»v|v< WAI* *II«V ' -— www «>.**IB« *.»» n«»tl V*V«^ .^^K««MV"*PIW •»* Wllll • S??^! 1 * W « / rom ^ Ulu ' club foot - The » - "* t^ing to contact oOn* ntemben of nln«; Engineer W. O. Parker their armored w^mM,. ttje.mei&i,, council members (Micaied thatl^ty*, they would be available. l* 1 ^*^ ra. been avellahle and was paid for by the city. It was volea to table the ...requeit an^^Bscuas u with the ^'TherepUnrang. board. • tlerr/from several whole- gasolrae dealer* were sale " 1 *"* Among/,tbe- ether Items ta- ten up by "--' a'How Houston Hrh*d been de- .permit <or « Z&S&&&& i h ,?«!*««r.*« more thinking should go Into;, th« toning plan since, he felt,'4 the ltd,uus th , J. talk ler* to learn more were included in their armored regiment AUSTIN — Gov. Price Daniel aett May Ma MW insurance commission would *««d out ~th« Jew Moain. ing illegal operator* who have brought «acn«tt to Trataa and the laduatry," ^—— at midnight — r •a.iVaasinstion 'plot on the ousted Bgyptlan military attache, 14. Col. Feud Mil el. * i , d the —-—• »«« •»i«v6l AuZf Att'tbsi Mme time It expeUed JUlal. Egypt retaliated by expelung the Jordanian amb* ' ~ move that brought v~o., , (Weak in diplomatic relations^ Jordan said HlUl "encom aged" a Jordanian army private to kill members of'the royal family and promised financial and material support. The Egyptian officer said he was obtaining^SjjjgUes and money Daniel said the . Ing would "make , plan* for the immedUte, r ^ gram of the council lad pef- ticularly to launch a drive 0 «. ,,, coundl'a executjye^c composed ' TT-^'I •---"--^- MJ «Ayv*tui9 nunwr^is comnoaaa or n «^ V e J ^:? 1 *^'Sr M , dor; ' V cSjmamlSSTlfomlr nave (hat hmi»h« .i... . rlfon j f ^ diactor; ot the partment of PubUi Safev,' chairman; State Highway Uneer DeWltt C, Grter; > J. W. «dgar, commls.1 education; and-John ^ J and the c cltjF might be, tf« up" by rtrict lenlng, CoungiUnan Smoky Johnsot who he* worked on the KJT iiun »wr «j nnw ««^ wunvo on in» d alace the ling map, commented that U ju«o felt that then ahould Ifc more than the prteent one -a d*r — from A to i ^ when perwn* could their aogs. and toat DOS- someone elee beside* •eeretary •*• Y*-.Ye*k, alio be «uthorU»d to «» ,»«« M4 iwue -eoipt*. 1 complalot of - —-•<->. -* jitw'mti* w* Mifumuia a tank for-city'«se - Yorar estimated that by hav, mg a dty tank, about ftOQ per •nonth eould te saved on gas. ohne tost* ' After a mittee co--. and Smoky eil voted? road and this; track to fill in a L Angleten sfter the*_ completed • Brockmsn derided, - Anothw crete from a com ot J«hnMm I, the coun. ,.. the cojuity , fJtotment tor > toekton East in the ra'Jrosd tf »W and to ..Hf on the Old , Anjf fund* left - (tttjecta wre the council „ that ol re 1 bri«jg. which i"!l»?.»J«f?- Ung >& *• iff * "^ t»f« he «nd f •iwy r ''^r y» <•• i mtist )>*f me Storms Into Shaw Wife temp«ratura wan expected *crw i*»y W.t there was Jity of ihower* in last M«, r by tornadoes, ball and. r ,-_--—« it«w strip of .^ r Irom the PsflhaadJe to arouai ^Austin Wadnstday. ^T . Pevernl tornado** wete-ri? miVyW <n the Austin |twafl» roisters and i . played around Im • at Hutto, nertheas* , . whiT» mar* reported U Taylor, , fort othfr Teqca* towaa. No rains wer« «„_ , IrasMport or Braxoria, < Wednesday but *kj«» ' ' a 1 the while t*» " S -, f y f^

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