Independent from Long Beach, California on February 2, 1960 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1960
Page 7
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WHAT PET are you want- Ing? Check the offers in Classified today, and perhaps find just what you're after. (Aqytrllatmtnt) Shoulders and Legs Ache ? r.ONG BEACH -- Poor circulation, joint paias. varicose veins, hardened arteries, phlebitis, muscle spasm. Doctor normalizes the systems of the body by his different application of treatment, assist 1 moves congestion, n e r v e s quiet down, better sleep, desire to work aKain. For appointment and information, call GE 8-2l03. Di. Duncan D.C.. Offices, 2501 E. Broadway. Death Notices GOGGIN--Gary L., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Goggin of 448 Orange Ave., died Monday. Surviving in addition to parents are brothers, Wendell and Alar;; grandmother, Mrs. Alberta Hamm. Private service Tuesday, Dilday Family Funeral Home. ter, Mrs. Ruth MacFather. Service Tuesday, 2 p.m., Gamby's Mortuary in Lomita. Military service Thursday, 1 p.m., Ft. Rosecrans in San Diego. KELLEY (Wilmington) -of treatment, assist' pains to leave " , , ' V ,~ e T ,,on joints, muscles relax, circulation , c ?| Alfred Wayne, 46, of 1329 Marine Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are wife, Zana Mae; mother, Mrs. Van Vel Kinburg and father, A. A. Kelley; sis- JACOBS--Donald D., 54, of 2280 San Francisco Ave., died Saturday. Surviving are wife, Rosetta; daughter, Mrs. Florence Peyton; mother, Mrs. Ora Blair; brothers, Gilbert and Grant. Service Wednesday, 2 p.m., Sheelar-McFadyen Mortuary. and Front-end Service | i MuTflers'and Tail Pipes ^ Shock Absorbers^ Headlight Aiming Batteries and Battery Service DRIVE WITH SAFE BRAKES we'll do all this... n Pull all 4 wheels and inspect v brake linings and drums. ^ Check grease seals and wheel ^ cylinders for leakage. £·} Clean, inspect, repack and adjust front bearings. r£Jk Add brake fluid if necessary. pa Adjust brakes on all 4 wheels ^ for "like new" efficiency. (j± Road test brakes to assure proper operation. CHAMPION TIRES size 15.00-18 C.7O-15 7.1O-1B 7.GO-15 OLACK' 11.95 14.8S 10.25 WHITE* 1S.9B 17.9B 19.96 DILLEY--Mrs. Flora Esther, 91, formerly of 1864 Lime Ave., died Sunday. Surviving are cousin, Mrs. Herman B. Junther; niece, Mrs. Margaret Thurmond; nephew, Joe Bowers. Service Wednesday, 11 a.m., Miller Downey Mortuary. MITCHELL -- Mrs. Naomi L., 44, of 2116 E. Broadway, died Sunday. Surviving are husband, Edward; father, Dr. R. P. Bradford; daughter, Miss B r e n d a brothers, Homer R. Bradford. Wednesday, 3 p.m., Downtown -- 7th Locust ter, Mrs. Marjorie Morris; brother, William Ehrman. Service Wednesday, 3 p.m., Mottell's and Peek Third and Alamitos Chapel. E N S W O RTH -- William Knapp, 50,-of 4122 Centralia St., died Saturday. Surviving are wife, Beverly; sons, Richard and Barry; brother, Lewis; sister, Mrs. Ellen Ward. Serv- ce Wednesday, 10:30 a. m., 'attcrson Snively Mortuary. OSTERTAG (Lomita)--Mrs. Amelia Prather, 87, of 1914 W. 262nd St., f o r m e r l y of g Beach, died Saturday. Surviving are sons, Millard Foster and Foster Prather; daughter, Mrs. Alice Bern- lardt; brother, William H. Stafford. Service Wednesday, 2:30 p. m., Holton Son Mor:uary: Jean Alexander; Oliver W. and Service Patterson Snively Mortuary. NEELY --Clarence, 57, of 5236 I.orelei St., died Mon day. Surviving are wife, Ethel; stepdaughter, Mrs. E u v a 1 Wattelet; two brothers. Service Wednesday, 2 p.m., Mottell's Peek Mortuary. SYLVESTER (Seal Beach) --William Henry, 82, of 224 7th St., died Saturday. Surviving are wife, Frances; sons, Gordon F. and Clarence L.; daughters, Mrs. John Daley, Mrs. Lyndell Lawson and VIrs. Stanley Deutsch. Service oday, 2 p.m., Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary. JONES--William Fred, 53, of 2959 Eucalyptus Ave., died Monday. Surviving are wife, Doris V.; daughter, Miss Jerilyn Jones; son, William W.; sister, Mrs. Janice Wolf.-Private service Wednesday, Dilday Family Funeral Directors. MYERS--Leonard L., 73, of 925 W. 4th St., died Sunday. Service today, 1 p.m Dilday Family Funeral Directors. THORPE --Mrs. Hattie V., 87, of 1031 Pacific Ave., died Thursday. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Thelma L. Paynter; son, Uriel. Private service under direction of Dil- dny Family Funeral Directors. MacLEOD--Mrs. Ida E., 78, of 5023 Bellflower«Blvd., died Monday. Surviving are sons, Don R. and Kenneth N. daughter, Mrs. Margeurite Davidson. Service Wednesday, 10 a.m., Dilday Family Funeral Directors. YOUNG--Mrs. May A., 90, of 1612 E. 7th St., died Sunday. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge of arrangements. BROWN -- Frances C., 70 of 331 Marker Lane, died Monday. Surviving are daugh- Half Million Indians Greet Voroshilov CALCUTTA (UPI) -- An estimated half million persons Monday lined the streets along the eight-mile route into the city from Dumdum Airport to welcome visiting Soviet President Klimet Voro- shilov. The welcome was not as warm as that accorded Soviet Premier Khrushchev's visit to the city five years ago. INBODEN (Granada Hills) --Verne, 71, a former Long Beach resident recently of Granada Hills, died Sunday. Surviving are ^ife, Grace; son, Drew; daughters, Mrs. Fred Taylor and Mrs. Bonnie Jean Snyder. Service is 10:30 a.m. today, in Noble Chapel, San Fernando. Ship Arrivals, Departures -- lArnetlcon Trader (Ikr) Bollnai (Nor) Carrlllo (Dul _ Cruzeiro Do Sul (Lib) Ccllno (tkr Dusseldorl (Gcr) Dlno (Ml) ,, Dona EdlejLlbJ (ComD!led bv Marine Exchange) ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT ·irth Out l« S«ll 160 tndef. i;/ Feb. 2 2 P^. ^ .... For- t m F.b 4 t . 338 Feb. 1 _.., Feb. 1 .... Indef. Inael. Feb. 3 __TM2I2 . .107 LB-U Forest (Bod _.. Georpe Olson . Geestemunde (Ger) .._ Hol-Yu (China) Humboldt Woodsmen (Boe) Ibcrvllle ,, ...,, _ ,, IcTho Standard (tkr) . Mold.mgcr (Nor) ,,,..,,....__.... Mormnciun Maid-oca (Pan) . 124 Feb. 1 107 Feb. 4 ----LB-18 Feb. 3 __. 158 Feb. 3 ~--122 Feb 3 -- ,,_ 78 Feb. 1 _._ _ ...... 101 Feb. 2 ,,.,,.,, __ ...... . LB-33 Feb. 2 LB-10 Feb. 2 369 Irdcl. LB-78 Feb. 2 180 Feb. 3 _ Rotterdam ,,,, Eureka .,.--. Puerto Armuillei , , San Fran' _ , ... , i- El Seoundo Ensenoda Son Fran . San Diego Bandon ,____ Coos Bav . San Fran San Frin Toledo Son Jyan Et Seoundo TM.._. . Seattle . San Diego , Yokohama Naess Exulorer (Db-tkrj *-v--» ·--· -- -,----;- Moru (Jap) 180 Feb. 3 Yokohi Oiweoo Tronsporli-r (Br-tkr) 119 Feb. 3 ..._ Talara Poolo Tosconclll (III) ... U3 Feb. 3 San Fran Pglnt Sa r (tkr) ,, ,, 118 Feb. 1 Oleum P. T. Leader" Z-JZ -- ~ '« Feb. 1 San Fran P. T. Builder ,,,,',, II. .!_.___ »6 Feb 4 San f-'ran *innt.i Mariana LD-W Feb. 2 . _ .-_ .-...-. San Fran Sprcestelr. {Ger)~_TMTM.LTMZ IUxB-U Feb. 7 _I Le Havre Texas * t "·?' Feb. 2 . San Fran' .'aranflc'r' (Nor) " , . LB-34 Feb. 2 Antwerp Wmnlpcg (Fr . 330-D Feb. 3 Le Havre Bvron D. Benson (tkr) _...1_50 Feb. 1 *"" Pacific Unlly (Br) ^Santos Maru (Jap) _".".3M Feb. ? im..--1» Feb. 1 _,, 1 iii . ii eb. 2 --i _1 San Dieno Honolulu London . Yokohama VESSELS DUE MONDAY Veistt Berlh From Operator Antlro Cace (Lib-tkr) 151 Hntnatn. Bch. Orion SiT CL. Bunker Hill (tkr) LB77 Portland W, H. Wlckersham t-to. Chas. S. Jones (tkr) LB76 Morro Bay Richfield Oil Corp. Feb. Elria (Ift) 231 Ssn Francisco Italian Line Feb. Espcroi (Grk) Anc. Seattle Triton Shoo. Co. Feb. Illinois LB22 Portland States Lines Feb. Kvoloku Maru (Jan) 145 San Francisco Mlfsul Line Feb. Ldke Palourdc (Lib) 46 Kuwait Barracuda Tank CD. Feb. Marine Snapper 229 Brooklyn Luckenbach Line Feb. Snuno Maru (Jap) 163 Tokuvama lino Kalun K.K. Feb. " 58 Sallnn Crur Grace Line Feb. Anc. Norfolk Saaue'nav Shoo. Ltd. Feb. Anc. Coos Bav Cnlmar Line Feb. 228 Duncan Bay Crown Zellerbach Feb. VESSELS DUE TUESDAY Berth From operator Due Anc. Norfolk G. M. Llvanos Feb. Anc. Porlland Carras Ltd. Feb. 135 Redwood Cltv 0. J. Olson Co. Feb. Ape. Vancouver Good Wind S.b. Co. Santa Fe Sunrana (Nor) Losmar Trollcgaen (Nor) vessel ArcManoelos (Lib) Alexandra (Grk) Cvnlhla Olson Cicanthcs (Lib) H. D. Collier (tkr) LB7A Kckhlkar Louis L. D. (Fr) Mlnneiola (tkr) New Market (Ikr) Narranderd fSwd) President Tail Prcsldcnl Taylor Pioneer Main Point Roycb (tkr) Ttockholt (Nor) Woodvllle (Nor) .. . Slandflrd Oil Co. L. Dreyfus Co. LBJ Lc Havre _. .. ,,. 172 Estero Bay Texas Inc. eb. 168 Anacortes Trinidad Corp. eb. 21CE San Fran. Pac. Australia D. eb. 155 Manila American Pres. L'ne eb. LB31 San Diogo Arncr. Prei. Line Feb. 3 215 Yokohama Am. Pioneer Line Feb. 2 3? Porl Spn Lull Pac. C. Tr^nspt. Feb. 3 LBI3 San Fran Grancolomblana L. Feb, 3 332E New. Orleans Fcrnville Line Fib. 4 For San Francisco Portland Mandalav Bch. Ensenoda Trieste San Francisco San Dlcuo Kuwait San Francisco Kawasaki San Francisco Yokohama Porl Newark Ocean Falls Sail For Yokohama Balboa Redwood Cltv New York Moss Landing San Francisco Porl Argcles Anncortes Sydney New York San Francisco New York Slockton Buenaventura Manila repare for dentist The problem child in the ental office is the one who s not been prepared by his arents for his first visit to e dentist. So says Dr. John J. Gibson, ental Health Week (l r eb. 7) chairman for the Harbor islrict Dental Society. "Usually the problem child the one whose first dental sit is postponed until he is tween 6 and 12 years old," r. Gibson said. The child's first dental visit lould take place no later ian the age of 3, he said. "Parents should start pre- aring their children for the rst visit to the dentist long advance of the event so iat the youngsters are ready sychologically," Dr. Gibson ated. Adm. Barjol Dies PARIS (UPI)--French Adm. Pierre Barjot, naval deputy to European Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Lauris Nor- stacl, died Monday at the age of 60. He had undergone several serious operations within the past few months. New Formosa Road TAIPEI, Formosa (UPI)-A 120-mile highway, the first to connect eastern and western Formosa a c r o s s the island's rugged mountain spine, will be opened to traffic in April, officials an- 'nounced. FAMILY CAR INDEPENDENT--Page A-7! .ong Btich, CUM., TgMdiy, Fib. J, I'll "The road slipped from under me!" out For ill medelt inri malm, Guirinlnd Friiti S Full Powir, -- Ton Quillly Stook -Mill Ordm Acctplii ASSOCIATED HEARING AID CENTER "Cordlen Heirlnc Aid Deiler" 622 Pine LoncBtlch 12 HE 2-0453 SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY Our regular size $2.50 leather half SOLES $ ?°° af^0tn9n*f ONLY «tl per pair Put on your shoes while you waif or shop Nuway Shoe Repairing 649 PINE AVE. Esf. 1920 HE 7-4086 It J I'FORD STARTIME" TVs limst hour In living color Tuitdiyi on NBC-TV car that's medium priced in everything but its lower price tag . . . leads the field in looks, in l u x u r y . . . with spirited performance that's pure Thunderbird. Leads in re-sale value, too. FORD -- lh» Finttl Fords of o Lilelimt " FALCON -H* New.jfn Forrf · THUNDERBIRD-The VVorW* Mott Wanted Cor FOKD DIVISION, BY FORD proud display today at your Ford Dealer's KK YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED I'ORD DEALER |U^- \M by walking more carefully If's possible you won'/ nave an occ/c/en/ /n/'s year . . . but don'f trust your luck! It's much wiser to invest in the ACCIDENT INSURANCE offered as a reader service by the INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM ONLY 5Qc A MONTH! 8y driving more slowly towing wfat you're "up to J*i-, M « t AGE LIMITS 1 TO 79 Registrar Agent, PAYS FOR MINOR" ACCIDENTS* tueh tu outs, burns, etc., when tlwre is no disability. AI * An for Expense of Doctor fllD.UU at $3.00 per visit. $10.00 for X-Ray Expense $25.00 M A X I V U M ·PAYS f,Ort- : SERIOUS .ACCIfNTS;, ft ^ or Total Disability at $30.00 U ,, mont |, f or 4 , non ' t | is . n for Hospilal Expense at J5.00 U a day for 60 .lays. $ 10.00 for X-Ray Expense 9 10.00 for Ambulance Expense $440.00 MAXIMUM PAYS FOR FATAL ACCIDENTS SfiOO.OO Death Benefit, first month yon are insured. Increases $5.00 each month policy remains in force for SO m o n t h s . . . up to $750.00 C A U T I O N ! IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A POLICY WITH THE NATIONAL CASUALTY CO., DO NOT SEND IN ANOTHER APPLICATION! i National Casualty Co., i Independent, Press-Telegram i Long Beach, California I I apply for "Accumulalive" Accident Insurance, fo become I e f f e c t i v e day policy is iisucd and dated. I understand that it | t a k e s aboui 10 dayi to issue a policy and agree ( I ) to pay fh« | premium of 50c per month! { 2 ) designate person who collects | for my newspaper as my messenger Jo deliver premium to above I office; (3) that policy will automaficoliy expire if I foil to pay I premium when due. Insurance does not cover persons who have I lost both hands and feet, or the sight of both eyes, i || I FOR FIRST POLICY IN FAMILY -- Send no money. Pay carrier 50c each m o n t h at the same time you pay for paper. I NOW SUBSCRIBE TO THE INDEPENDENT. Higher Benefit* for Auto and Pedettrian Accidents $620.00 maximum for lerious accidents. (Disability Benefiti j increased to $300.00 at $50.00 per month for 6 months.) j Aoo ii c anf« FUN Name $1,500.00 for fatal accidents. ($1,000.00 Death Bonoflt in- creases $10.00 each month you are insured--for 50 months.) j Even Hlohor B»n«flt« for Other Specified Accident*. | G FOR EACH ADDITIONAL POLICY IN FAMILY -- En- close $6.00 Annual Premium with each application. Q I NOW SUBSCRIBE TO THE PRESS-TELEGRAM. {Pnn! oiven name like "Heifn M." Jind l Aoc ,._.._ _., Phone No... IKei* , . loit both handi or fut ; 0 M of both · rritM liniftli rt of «rfi»r b»ntfrlf m ·i-ri ofur ith birtr-etay. N« f«tU KXCFfTIONS-- B*n«nt) paid In ettofdo'K* w «hlch it rM«wobU el oetioi ·( Company Doti · rood yard cr iroln «K»PI «i fert-payhs ^o («nn KM 7600U ti H · m**j f» r«. | Address - - - I (Mreel anrf" No. or RFD) (Cilv and Slate) I Name one hcncfit^ry, cither a blood rrtahon, family member or "Eslaft* I I Name ol Binfificiflrv - Relationship ,, (Pr.nt oivcn nam* like "Helen M." and last name) Many of your friends and neighbors already have this insurance. Why don't you sign up today?

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