Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 40
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 40

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1972
Page 40
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40 - · Northwait Arkan»a'i TIMES, Thurt., Aug. 10, 1972 FAYtTTIVILLE, ARKANSAS Label It'People Gap' Instead Of Generation Gap ' ' By 1 NANCY . . ·/ Tho_YoiilH Sorylrn ' lV?uch' 6f llie n Ijflk'of' a ''"gencr- n gap" Ihcsc days appears to tte ' unfounded, according to a'rec'ont survey' of college and high school " students. While -there Is'a wide'varicty of subjects which divide the nation's youth and 'their elders, the kids polled seem to have reached an understanding with Ihe older generation. : 'A. .vocal minority. '.stresses a difference of opinion on such mailers ,. as morality,' values, styles of dross, politics .and drugs, but in general the.youlhs and -their parents are -meeting each other h a l f , way.- Perhaps it is. the uncertainly of a future gap: between today's young people and Iheir own children that has tempered the current -division.- : ' ··· · · ' ' A 'substantial majority of 65.5 per cent, or two out of every three kids polled, say they have . no 'trouble relating to their parents' generation. , ., · A "generation gap" Is the widest in the !. Northeast' and West but contrary to popular opinion the distance is greater between higli school students and .their -parents than; college students, and theirs.-- . '''.'."'' Furthermore, . more Iwaii- 25 percent of those polled say 'they- relate lo their grandparents "very. well" and nearly 50 per cent r-elate to them "fairly well." '"·-· ' -.. ' , MOST DISTANT When asked on what matters they and the older generation are most distant, Val Schronen, 19, of Dayton, Ohio, responds, "Hair, dress, and sonie- 1 ; moral codes." "Drug use', as i a , social and not legal issue and the use of marijuana. Also 'sexual permissiveness," declares Susi Yaffe, 22, of 'Santa Ana, Calif. "They think' everyone-., with long hair is a hippie," says 'Vincent Rienzi, 16, of Nutley, N. J. "Freedom, music, writing, entertainment in general, fashion styles of all types, attitudes lo- ward politic.5, " sex, · dru'gs, respect for older, people, ".are the topics of disagreement expressed by Kimberly Korman, 17, of Fraingham. Mass. - ADMIRE More -Iha'n half of 'the youths queri.ed, report, that . t^ere is someone in .particular of .the older generation whom (hey especially admire. , "My sociology teacher, he has a good head and is very open-minded," rehinrks'Aliceri'McG'rath, 16,'of C h i c a g o . "My grandfalher because of his individualism and self-made philosphy," adds M i c h a e l King, · 17, of Framlngham. -··· : : · "President Nixon," says Fred WalscJi, M, of · Mclairle, La., "He is a very strong man, he does: what he^ says.he's- going lo do and doesn't cry on Icier vision."-And John Wayne" wins the respect of Kerry Pearson^ 18, qf Ft. ·La'uderdatei Fla., bocaiise "he,believes : in what I belleye In --!America."' IN THE FUTUItE - tt^o out 'of five 'youngsters polled don't foresee'another generation gap in Ihe future between ' themselves - and t h e i : r children but a large percentage, 38'peb'cent of the boys and 30 pei; cent 'of-th'e girls, express un- certainty'about its development. : The kids', responses, while often centering around/^the issues .'that, have recently defined the generation 'gap, also reflect individual ; differences common lo all ·age-groups regardless .of their' .gfcnerjtipni Suggesting that H'"is aifiefe'nces between '· individuals and : not 'generations' that is : significant', Sam Veltri, 22,.'of pulley, N;J.", says,' : "The ' m e a n i n g I of independence and .rights of /a person in-America"-is'the issue aL.stak'e. And there have been differences about that idea since this- v dernpc'racy'i.was fqimded. TEEftACERS ON WHEELS : ByMlCHAEL'LAMM Dear Mike: · '.'·' There's a dry, clicking noise coming out of the exhaust system of my, .1970 Abbassador. I've just had Ihe exhaust-pipei muffler', and: tailpipes^ changed and I thought that would.take care of it, but it : still has ' this loud click on acceleration. What gives? , . . - . : , '..' ' .. CLICKY ' Sounds like 'a loose exhaust manifold' or ;Wear i; in/your heat- riser valve pivot, where it passes through the'manifold."' Dear Mike: : · / . ' · · · " The front of my ancient but very faithful 1957' MGA roadster b o b s - u p arid down Hike'a cork whenever I drive over- bumps. The car has big lever shocks up front, and these can be re- For Teens Frank Fads About Sex For Teens ,IJy JOY STIIXEY NEW %YORK (AP),,~ Mario Tlmmd , plans t o ' w o r k lehlnd « camera us a professional; '(i.'..'. photographer iomcllmo in tho future, but ag !ho High''School'Cove? Girl for [072 she's keeping busy In tronl of " SEX.'AND THE TEENAGE GIRL, by Carol Bolwin (Lancer--95 cents) . , - Curiosity ^bout 1 sex begins early in life and many young swingers in the new, generation are asking'why they should wait for lomorrow or 'marriage to learn about it. . · .'· Carol Botwin's outspoken book on this .subject discusses and describes the facts of life from A to Z, but with stern warning -- as a lecture from big sister. Girls' are advised, to stop and think before getting involved in a situation that can result in bitter 'aftereffects and burdeh ; some problems. Is it merely a quest for; iddnlity, popularity, trying''to ..please- a ' b o y ; anger at ·'parents?' In' other : words, donlt- take : the ' mallei", of' sex lightly. - ' ! ' · · ' · ' . ' · ' · ; ' The · a'u't li or : ahs w e rs. va't'ious questions that .haunt- girls' in adolescence gives examples of Situations that can lead into or away from a sexual situation. She mentions the merits of. good grooming, sensible dating behavior, the differences in- the Body structure of male and female. Some of the discussions are intimate enough to cause Ihe most modern of p'arents to blush, though today's kids probably will · not. For clearness, scientific terms are generally substituted for t h e vernacular. This book with all ils frankness should, however, lune girls into . the facts of life', and, perhaps, keep them from turn- ing'on too soon. HELEN JOSEPH filled 'with special fluid. I've refilled them 1 but :the bobbing continues. Is there any way to repair these : shbcks, and if so how? . · · -- - . ' : ' : - , . ' . - BOBBY ! They can't be overhauled you have lo replace them^ Each unit.costs about $50. (You can write .to-Mike Lamm at Room 601, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020.) Cover Girl: Likes Both Sides 01 Camera tho camera at present.' : : .;;. In nddlilbiv ! lo -'.'having- ·· her picture oiv t h e \ q o v c r ' q t l Co-Ed Magazine's October 'issue'-and being foaliircd Inside alpjig .with the .other finalists,-'the ;; 17-yoar- old Cincinnati-girl has just been I apd visaed 'relatives-In GeVma- ny nbl ioiig «gp',...- . ' . . . " ' i V , . ! '^'Tha. ktds "niy ago 'there seoinciTmoro home tind family- brlcntedV hot' 1 ns inaUiroIRS we are," she rechlls.- "Here tecn- a'gcrs .'seem, move: JndcpeiwjeHt." ''As fd'p the girls'.she met here vfip''.wcre also cdmpellng'in th'd contest, 'slid -found .Ihcve, \vns basically a strong simiiailty. "1 _ ,, _, a leading model 'agen by hero. ' ' " v !, ''·''E'vcntu'all I. will 1 go ' t college v but I had alread decided to lake a yeai' ) ; out before .starling, 1 ' say's -i the b r.o w n - h a i r ed.beailty^who graduated from high scliqpl in June. · ,'Sh'o' ·'- Vvon '·'·'.$ 1,000 e d u c a t i o n a [-scholarship in addition to a new- waVdfqbe in tlie contest sponsored by-'Cp-Ed and Noxell Corp; "It's all so exciting. I^can't grasp any ; of this; at all; [that any .of it has .happened.;!? _. when I s e e ' m y . f a oe on the magazine it will all. hit-me,' she adds.."This |s my first trip to New York, arid what 1 a'way lo come here!" . ' ;'·'; BORN IN BERLIN 1 '.Ena-Maria, who was born in Berlin and came to this country with ; her parents when she .was 2, still speaks German fluently think We' all have the. same kind 6f- ; cohcenis arid a,re nlljn- tdroatea.; in the same lliirigs," she notes. She" believes 'that tliere'is no generation gap per'se; but-thai there Is (igapjiv. personalities and Comrmimpatipn , In ·-.·many families. """/' .'·'CONFLICTS' "There . ' a r e , 1 Sbrifllcls in growing' up .and..everyone has ·fee||ngs · that · differ ! from her parents 1 ';;"'explaihs''Ena-Marla, ·who lias a younger brblher. '-.-'I believe' .I'm. 'actually' closer lo my mother and father th'an riiy friends; are to theirs, even Jhotighv.'thdy don't argue. , as '- ' fop Records Of The Week TOP RECOEDS OF: T ; H E WEEK as compiled by Nancy Gilbert, .based' on reports of leen-agers themselves,:are: ; Wayne' :'Newton'si';,."''Daddy Don't^Valk So Fast"'.breaks into the Number 1 .spot this week. "Alone · · (naturally) · Again'.' .by Gilbert, O'Sullivan moves into second posilion, followed by the Looking Glass and "Brandy."./ N E W - ADDITIONS: J i m Croce's first single, "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," Is perfectly polished and should be a hit all the .way. - .·'·.' -·;'·". Argent is. the group that evolved from-;the old .Zombies, and deserve to he.proud-of this already'giant in England, "Hold Your Head Up.": , - , "Baby Let Me Take.You In My Arms" is tlie. follow-up to Detroit Emeralds last big. one, ''You Want It You Got It." T h e . R o l l i n g S t o n e s newie, '-'Happy," features-Keith Richard, .doing lead vocal honors. , . ' , . . - · - . ' · · " 0 r_d i h a r i 1 yHhe.teeti-ager "wears,"'6nly mascara and.eye shadow., to ,accent :H er startlingly-blue eyes. "But if I'm 'gpinBito be in contact -with' more people I add., blusher and lip gloss.-" 1 ;'.'Though " s t i l l .Ioiig,' hei- hair, parted down the. mid die arid-,'worn straight; lost fbiir inches when it was/styled .in a". Ne\v" York' saloif during her visit here,/'I \yasireally scared .when he started cutting,-" . she admits'... · · - . · · . ' Ena-Maria, who ,is 5 feet/5. ^eights;-110 pounds. : "At least I did before New'York,'" ! she la\]glHs.- !: ."Ive been doing a lot of .exciting things like going ho tliealor, but enllng Is on op.of \)v) list,",; .· Sho wns orlginnlly considered acting «s n .career. As. n no'mber of Thpsplnns in hlgn school she was ·luriont_dlrecto; of "Oliver" and Slrcelcm Earned Desire" anil sinned In Tyanmllon." Sho also nm- ·ornTfld . In ''TnmtnK, of t o for the City 1'wks Commission, . , , ."Aclln« In nno of the host ways of uwlerslmidlu« pooplo, you really havo : lo conimunlcii o ilio fcolin«s nmriimos'.lhouillils of imothcr porson,' sho explains, "But now Ivo'itccUlcri to go Inlo plwlBrni'liyi'-*' 1 ' 1 TM. is another form of 'commwii ciitlcn one I'd certainly 1 llko Involved !»· ffiitio.. liml litivo' dune somo h r r wor!ttt'-« 'Enn-MiivIs, slio 'likes c 'o ou sit ni' simicbmly." ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS BUFFEI EVERY ipAYvATHOOH AND NIGHT Bring th«ifamilyi Children iiiidcr six free . . . ' Chltdreh six and over can «noy a delicious child » plate for'only'$U5 i /.'AslnHs $1.60 at noon and $1.95 nt n|ght, TheiBoon bjitfcl Is'servcfl at 11:15 lo Is45 and the night liutfflt from 4:30 lo 8:30. ; v- ! - ··'· '·'· "V'.v BUFFET SPECIALS , . ; : - . . - . , -··' Our ch'ct'-'vill cnrvo yoiir ; favorlle cut of stancl- ln£ round of roast beefi or Bar-S ham, or you can select one- of 'four different enirees every nny. ,Wo will · have plenly'ol delicious snlads, relishes and vegetables for you to' choose from for only · · $1.60 nt nqori and S1.95 at night and Sunday noon. Gladys Sdincman will provide organ mus|o for ymir.dliilhg enjoyment every Thursday evening and. : Sunday noon. . Mr, anrt Sirs. Ty Reed cordially .Invite you to visit yiur-HOLIDAYilNN. Olir Holiday Room Is wailing lor ybiir conventions',- banquets, luncheons, meetings, coffee, dances whatever your needs may foe. PI on; now to visit us s o o n . . . 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