Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
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Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 17
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\ "' --.¥ ' _ -' _... _ Badgers, Bulldogs Bare Teeth AsTumas Stalk Casa Grande ., . . . By, HCGH,KEYES , ; BISBEE, Oct. 31.--If the.pattern-of things,in thelpast,means,anj thing,-ttie^Bisbee^Punias^ are in, for a" jqugh ^Friday -night this wee When-they meet the pulverizing Casa~Grande,,Cougars"in Casa Grand - The Pumas.'playing with their greenist teaman'years, have'splitteve in-six games, white Coach. Shanty,.Hogan's 1 putfit ! "has 'runiroughfsho over all-comers^some of which h a d l ~ i ''"."Vj-;- been'touted, as tops in state class B f f f f ) ftf\n football: Bisbee ^Measured the.,' Safford Bulldogs last week 27-20, "but the ·win was .far from "being anything one could classify as easy. And ·while the Pumas were doing it, Casa Grande turned .on the power to -level^-the Coolldge, Bears -by a basketbafl score. So the outlook for -the Dlcusmen .in -this week's grid picture is far from rosy.- Waldo Dtcus, r e a l i z i n g the potent attack of Casa Grande may ruin what little front line .defense he has, put his team's nose to the grindstone yesterday "afternoon and plans to keep-it there. He hopes for a line,capable of warding .off the crushing thrusts of those classy backs with which Hogan has been blessed. May Be Worthwhile . There is a slim chance that 'hard work maj' prove worthwhile because many of the lads on the Puma outfit this year were,beginning their prep grid careers when Shanty was serving as ; Dicus' assistant several years back. And from the way the boys ars looking at-it, they, want to demonstrate to Hogan come. Recede With Damage High just how far. they have They all want to scuttle Hogan's dream of .an undefeated season. Reports have infiltrated this area that Casa Grande has three men who can outrun Hartley" Hicks of Blsbee. That's making' quite ' a statement--and like the man.from Missouri--we'll have to see it first because Hicks can fairly get up and go. . The Eisbee version of; the flying saucer has racked up ·13 touchdowns in six.games so far and has .gobbled \\p 1,055 yards from scrimmage, which everyone must is fair' country football, has also had several TD agree Hicks ..... i dashes called back or his total would be even higher. -May Be Out Again Blsbee maybe-handicapped again this week end- by. the loss of Right Half Tony Silva 1 , who has missed the last two Puma games" because of'illness. Silva is ;the type of ball player who not only gives Ms heart and soul to it, but'plays so hard and is such a competitor that he serves as an inspiration ' to his teammates. Dicus . praises Silva's ability very highly. Silva, BHS stu dent body / president, is an especially fine defensive back and if he Is forced "out of the Casa Grande contest too he will be sorely missed. Sllva probably will be replaced by hardhitting Kenneth McElyea, the sophomore who has shown much promise in .the last .few Puma outings. Not only .can McElyea run when the need arises, but his blocking and tackling are good. Bisbee coaches are expecting great things from-this boy.- With the possible' exception of SilVa and barring any practice injuries;' Bisbee should 'go into the game against C. G. in top shape physically and mentally., Badgers Face Bulldogs While the Pumas are away, the Douglas Bulldogs will play host to the fading Tucson Badgers. And here again, if things continue to go as they have, Tucson may find Itself in, for another .of those bad nights which have become almost common. - . - . " · Douglas proved it was to be contended with by scratching out a win over a visiting El Paso Cathedral squad last Friday night. Tl»i Bulldogs have a way of getting so hepped up when Tucson comes to town that nothing they do is much of a surprise to their followers. There have been times In. the past when the Badgers, sporting clean slates, had them marred, in Douglas by a''fighting crew that just wouldn't say die. Otis Coffey,' who plots the Bulldog intrigues, has a-big, powerful, fast ball club again this year and may set the Badgers back on .their heels again. With big Arthur Lawrence', lead- PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 31. Muddy river flood crests swept lixt broad valleys of western Orego today after claiming five lives an. leaving untold, damage in i m'ountai: reasl Headwater streams that --hai driven 2,000 people from home over .the week end : were -rscedin, almost as fast as they had swirlei out of their banks.iSomej.communi ties were still, isolated behinc looded roads and broken or unsaf bridges. Many families in -rura southern Oregon .were marooned a third day. The evacuation _ of a Coquille valley'farm family 'led yesterday, to the drowning of Leo A. Landive 35,",and son Dan, age '9, Landive's wil'e,. another son and : neighbors Joe Howanick and Torn Iverson struggled ashore when a rowboa: capsized in the churning river. Two of the other victims per Ished in the same wild. Oregon coastal range river earlier. May 'Bo "Worst Flood Chief Higlnvay. Engineer H: H BaMock said, damage to roads and bridges of southern... Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua. and .Cpquille' valleys may be the worst ,in'history. Roads:' were-. undermined ..'by the flash flooding after storms': hac rolled in off· the Pacific, day and night for almost a. week.. , . Storiesrof heroism and the terror of racing surging water .came oul of towns.which caught the brunt of the flooding. .At: Myrtle .Creek, still partially isolated, C. L. Linaquist told of realizing his plight ^vhen he saw a neighbor's chickens float by his house along the Umpqua river. "We ran out the door 'and : just barely had .time to'get our car out onto the highway. We stopped by the bridge over the South Umpqua Just in.time to see our. cows going by," Lindquist, related. Tosses Rescue Rope Ike Orr of Riddle tossed a: rope over an.,overhead wire to lift a woman from a taxi roof where she clung .as the water swirled upward. She was swung free-just-as the cab started rolling downstream. '·. National guardsmen rescued crippled War Veteran Robert Newton and his wife as the river poured into their car. ' . . Hundreds of the 2,000 homeless two days in the stricken Roseburg area along.the Umpqua and Eugene in the Upper. Williamette valley were moving back to their, homes. Some families faced heavy ^damage. 24 Cases In U. S. C o u r t Benson BENSON, .Oct.,-31.-( Mrs. Aletha Dunn, and Miss Margaret Robbfns will-return this'week to" their home In San. Diego after,' a week visit here. v .Mrs."Dunn lias ,'spe'nt part of Lesion ^Auxiliary President Mrs. Dorse 11 ~-Ju · . - " " - . , , «/ , i \ ' - - -» . , Telh Year's Aims At Safford^ Vis'it's Bisbee the time^'lri Bowie;with 'her sister Mrs. ''Lois Thomas, "and Miss Rob, bins /has-been,.a -guest pf. (Deputy Sheriff-and'Mrs.' Clarence.-Post. ,' ' Mr. and Mrs. · Grant Judd,. St David, are parents 'of a daughter, bora at'l:30-a x jn. Oct. 24.-The'-infant weighed 6.pounds. 12 ounces and has'been'named Sylvia Elaine. Mother and baby, who were in Benson maternity home,. returned to :heir home Saturday. " Russell Moore left by automobile unday for his former home, Mansville, OKio, to spend a two-week vacation.' There he will visit his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Rusiska, and their two sons. At Cleveland a visit will be with his mother, Mrs. Sadie Moore, and- at Geneva-on-the-Lake, a' stop will be with his sister, Mrs. Carolyn Butz. Mrs. George Atkins departed yes- erday by motor for Pacific Beach, Jalif., .where~'two' ..weeks'-;will be spent with her brother-in-law and sister,.Mr.'and Mrs. Jack Heintz, and son. While there, visits will be with -her husband, Lt. George Atkins, whose ship Is docked at Jan, Diego. Lt. 'Atkins was recalled o service early IT September. Mrs. Atkinsfspent last nightjn: Phoenix s guest of Mr. and Mrs.' Cooper Shapley Jr., f o r m e r Benson esidents. SAFFORD, "Oct; 31.--The ,Swift-Murphy and Cervantez-John- units of, the American Legion auxiliary were^liosta to Mrs. Faye Dorsett Mesa^auxiliaryjdepartment'president, Thursday night. Preceding the meeting; Mrs., Dorsett was honored af a dinner "in the Star 1 cafe, attended, by officers-of the two 1 units. The." meeting opened "at'8 "p.m., according , to-.ritual, .with* rMrs. Mamie Woodruff vice-president"'of Swift-Murphy unit, presiding." ", · '^.Because -this was-a special, meeting, business was'-dispensed ';ahd Mrs. Dorsett "jwas Introduced/"She expressed appreciation to the Swift- Murphy' and, Cervantez-John units for their ; support in electing 'her president. Mrs. Dorsett reported the American Legion convention In Los Angeles this month at the Ambassador hotel. She stated Arizona was well represented at the meetings and In the parade. She outlined auxiliary, alms:fof the-year and -urged" several membership drives in order to procure every eligible person. She said delinquent members should be visited personally and urged to renew their membership: ' Mrs. Levcll To Visit Mrs. Dorsett said Mrs. Levell, national vice-president; will officially visit the department of Arizona 'at:the midwinter. conference In Safford Jan'.'20/arid 21. Mrs. every Dorsett auxiliary expressed hope would become familiar with, flag etlquet, knowing when and 'how"to display It and the proper salute.- ' "''She'" concluded-""by. stating 'tha the,district convention will be helc in-Mesa next July and expressed her thanks^ for the courtesies e tended her"while she was here.,Bed Jackets .Finished. Mrs.' 1 Woodruff- announced th'e bed Jackets were all,completed?except, fcir name tabs' As soon as they are done they will be sent to the Tucson-veterans' hospital. She urged Jhat .gifts for .the gift .shop be brought'in as soon" as possible-that they can-be mailed to Tucson. Mrs. Ramona Lee, president of the Cervantez-John-unit, Solomon, expressed"- her appreciation for being'able to 1 meet jointly for this visit of Mrs. Dorsett ard for cooperation, she received on,,the refreshment. .committee, Hostesses were : Mrs., Edward Castro, .-chairman, and. Mraes. Alvin Krupp, Henry Clifford and Angelito Erchendia of Swift-Murphy init; Mrs. Arroyes^'Mrs., Michelina, Mrs.: Echendia and Mrs. Placencio of..the Cervantez-John unit. Pumpkin pie and hot cider : were served. -Mr. and Mrs.;W. J. Getzwiller re-' urned last .week from- a -turkey lunt at Alpine, Accompanying them n the hunt were Mr. and Mrs. )ave Young, Tucson, -who remained or-the desr season.. Mr. Getzw-iller hot a turkey. Coroner Rules t)eath Suicide Coroner Clark H. Johnson yester- ay ruled the death of Jarr.es fucker, 37, of 707 S. Bean ave.. a uicide. - , City, police said they, received at :05 ajn. today-an hysterical- tele- hone call from Mrs. Julia Tucker, ife of the Southern -Pacific rail- oac! engineer, saying her husband ad just wounded himself,. Police found-Tucker still alive; ut .with a wound in the head. There was a : .38 calibre' revolver ontairiing- one shell which had een fired and. five loaded cartridges. Tucker was removed to a hos- ital, where he died. .. . -Police said Mr.,and Mrs: Tucker ad -been .married three months. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L: Tucker/334 E, 16th St. Mrs. Tucker said he? husband as despondent over financial mat- CAP Will Act Band, Units Will 0 V 1 ! * Take Part In Fair n ( C h a r t e r BISBEE, OcL-31. -- A meeting of the.Bisbee civil air patrol;has been scheduled for ' t h e . "Bisbee, airport at 7:30 'p.m. tomorrow,. Crodr. ' Al Vawter announced yesterday.-'''· ' Vawter said all senior members were urged to attend. Application forms will be completed and maile to national headquarters, seekin a charter as a full squadron for th Bisbee organization. He. also pointed out that becaus the unit has recruited enough' sen ichool Cast For Comedy* Selected Twenty-four of the 38 cases on the U. S. district court calenda toda)' were up for arraignmeni trial -setting and vcaiver of indict ment. ·' · · The other 12 were moved for dis missal or -temporarily' deferrec pending ' the defendants' . paying their fraudulent claims for readjustment allowance. 'Judge -How ard C. Speakman presided. Richard Nosle, AVho is charged with murdering an Indian on ; reservation, will appear for trla on Nov."22. Carl.King Noline, an Indian charged with . assault with dangerous weapon, will be on tria" also Nov. 22. Ing s pack of shifty, hard-driving backs from behind a big, hard- charging line, Douglas could roll right over Tucson. Terra* Annex Change Asked ·A revocation of an old petition filed by property owners about three years ago was filed today -with the city' clerk to withdraw the 'initial request]for improvements in the Terra annex. Today's petition was signed by 30 property owners in the area ·vho asked that'the : first petition requesting, curbs and paving be withdrawn' and. that, the city .engineer stop'all preliminary work on that section of the project. In 1947 the .property owners petitioned for- improvements consisting of sewer, paving and curbs. The sewers -have been installed, but the other improvements are itlll on .the'drawing boards, but will be ready/for, action very soon, the city engineer reported.- The % new request by a portion 1 of the area's property owners asks that all paving and curbs on Stewart avenue, between Broadway and - East Eighth street, -and on East Ninth and the annex, project. The city.%ngineer's; office reported that the new^. request had 'not been checked yet to determine if It "carried a sufficiency 'of-signatures to block, the" Improvements. Trial Set Xov. 24, George Edison Dewey, charged with assault with a . dangerous weapon, will be on trial Nov. 24 Two other trials were' set on narcotics counts, one for. violating the Dyer act and one for. assisting -with - the migration of contract laborers. Appearing for .arraignment were Tenth : ; streets within be deleted from -the William A. Boling and William D. Napier, who are charged with selling nontax-paid. liquor, operating 'a stHl' and carrying" on business of .distiller. They- pleaded not-guilty and: the court appointed an : attorney. 'Three, cases .-.involving seven Indians, who all pleaded'-'innocent involve possessing liquor on 1 Indian reservations, · . ;. ; Pleads Guilty -Lloyd Lee pleaded guilty to selling liquor to Indians, and will be sentenced Nov. 8. Also arraigned were three men who pleaded innocent to-violating narcotics laws, one who pleaded innocent to violating the federal food and drug laws and" one who pleaded innocent to forging and passing two- treasury "checks. Five men waived ,:indictment, pleaded guilty and will: be sentenced Nov. S, Loreto V.' Carrillo and Raymond Arthur Neff waived indictment on narcotics countsrtwo Mexican nationals.-: waived indictment for violating immigration laws and Carl Mlller/for violating; the Dyer act. BISBEE, Oct. chool thespians have selected 'the ast for 'their production i of William RODS' stage comedy, "January Thaw," which will be presented at the Lowell school auditorium Dec. 1.. The cast,. which will be directed ior. members to needed to meet the.'quot as-. a; squadrni cioes not -mean that membership, ir the organization will close. . ' ."We'll accept anyone who 'i willing to join. And the more w get the better off we will be ir the event anything ever happens Even if it doesn't, and. '.of cours we are all saying prayers .that-! won't, the training the --member will get in handling emergencie: will. always be of value to them, 1 Vawter said. · ; - . - ""A lot of 'the kids in the distrlc have · Just about given up hop of us ever starting oilr cadet train ing program, but I'd , like to le them- know that we'll start it. th very minute, our' charter is granted which will- then give .us permission to get thfim organized' and ready for their training in the basic lei sons .- of .aviation,'^ 'he .added. " know they are interested," he wen on, "and If they'll just 'have little more patience with "us promise every one of them that i won't be too long now before "w start, their program, as well as th training of the senior members " Officers of the local CAP hav reported many requests by high school students concerning joining the unit, which will offer boys a PPC rating upon enlisting Ift the army if they complete the cade training program. The completion by Miss high school faculty, is »s follows: Mary Louise Stensrud as Marge Gage, Henry Kendriac as^ Herbert Gage, Louise -Henricks. as "Barbara Gage,- Frankie Holland as. .Sara Gage, Chloe Noble as Paula Gage Dudley Walker, as .Jonathan "Rockwood, Helen Pilarczyk as Mathilda Rockwood, John LaRue as Uncle Walter, Gerald Guess as George Hustead.r Billy Munsey as Loomie, Marion Frost as Frieda, Leo Pavlovich .as Matt . "Rockwood, and Clarence Dupnick as Carson. ·-.., . The cast will practice daily until 5 ,-wn.cn wm ue ""="=" of this " p ro £. am wiU a l so Barbara Reavis of. thel them frQm ^ klng ^^ tralnlng jn he armed forces. Refreshments will be served aftei Dec. 1. ' Resjerved seat tickets for :'the production are on sale at- the 'Ball irugstore in Bisbee. feckless Driver Pays |150 Fine BISBEE,' Oct. 31.--Bisbee Chief of Police Clarence Malley. repprted four arrests-'in' the"' city- over -the veek end. One/ on, a reckless drlvj ng-charge cost the violator $130, assessed-by S. A, Scherrer, Bisbee ustice. -'According to Malley, the driver peedlng. east on .Slag Dump hill langed through a guard rail on the ide. of. the highway and 'plunged hrough a shed provided as shelter or waiting bus'passengers. Luck- ly, there were na prospective com- mutere In the shelter or/their.trans- portation may have.been of.a dif erent-nature. Another arrest was made for not laying a muffler on an automobile violation of the, state highway ode:. There have .been-several, ar- e'sts made in the Bisbee area by oth city police and State Highway 'atrolman A. L. Holly for this of' ense in recent weeks.. A promise that more -will follow unless muff- ers are installed ; is made. Two persons were taken to jail or imbibing too much and becott- iig too hilarious in their actions. the 'meeting tomorrow. Club Hears Talk On United Nations · BENSON, Oct. 31--Mrs. C E. Morrison.-chose the United Nations as her subject when she spoka to .Benson, Woman's, club, members-at their regular meeting Thursday afternoon.;.She was Introduced;by Mrs Frances Peterson, ' program chairman. Also heard on the program;was a report by Miss Rosalie Goss, Benson Union high school'senior, of her attendance at' Girls' state in June. ,She .was introduced by : Mrs. George Rylance,. American Legion auxiliary president. The woman's club contributed · to , the ; fund in helping defray Miss Goss's expenses during her'week in Tucson. Mrs. Russell Moore, club president," presided and spoke briefly on the southern Arizona district workshop last Tuesday at Casa Grande. She was accompanied on the trip by Mmes. Morrison, A. G, Smith and-J.-W-.-rLaster. At the meeting Mrs; Morrison was .'appointed district guidance 'director. : Refreshments were served by Mmes. W. J. Graham and Caroyln Folley,, hostesses. BISBEE, Oct. SL^Bisbee high school's band, twirling squad and color guard will leave next Monday for the 1 ; state fair in Phoenix. 1 :,The Bisbee'. group, is scheduled tc participate in the. parade in Phoenix on - Tuesday, Nov. 7. It will return home Wednesday night, Nov. s:-·'·".'- .' ,-····· . · · · This year's BHS band and auxiliary units have, been', mentioned by many as the finest in many years.l ' 1 ..'.. . ". . . . '. ; -." : .;.-,. ','·- An. offer-'was .rejected recently by;- school, officials .to - have the band attend" a western high school band celebration -'in- California. Offers for participation in the Phoenix Salad Bowl on New Year's day, .as well as 1 El /Paso's Sun Bowl, have been turned .down, ;. , .; :Thls" summer the,band-toolc'part in a, celebration. in Cananea; Mexico, and won high praise; from officials of the 'Mexican fiesta. BISBEE, Oct. 31.--Tne " L. A. Engie Jr., post" American- Legion auxiliary will entertain the department president, Mrs. Faye Dorsett, Mesa, tonight in the.Legion home on'her official visit. , Tha Bisbee' auxiliary will serve a banquet in honor of the visiting official at 7 o'clock. Mrs. Dorsett has an-"outstanding record with the auxiliary. She has been, active In the' auxiliary 10 years since joining It,in Martinsville, Ind., in '1931.. In 1935 she move'd to Mesa. She served as the Arizona- delegate to the national American Legion auxiliary convention in 1947. During 1947 and 1948 she acted as .committee woman from, district 1. In 194S and 1947 she served as chairman of the poppy sale drive. She ^was :chalrman;of the-American- ism--committee.in-1948 and 1949; She was also vice-president of the department and served as membership chairman. While on the membership committee , she exceeded Doth the department "and nationaj[ quota In establishing' an all-time high record in recruiting new members; One k of Mrs. -Dorsett's' favorite Drojects in the Legion auxiliary is in the field of rehabilitation and her , achievements have been numerous and needed. Mrs. Bev Byerly is-chairman of the food committee , fcr tonight's affair, with, Mrs., Rose Nichols in charge of table decorations. Mrs. 'Mary Kolts is/president of the, .Bisbee auxiliary. .Golda' Cook s:first vice-president and-Nora May Nystrom, second vice-president.'" Shower Fetes RecentBride . BENSON, Oct. 31.--Mrs. Ronald J, MacKenzie, Jr. was honor .guest at a wedfling-;shower at 7 p.m. Fci- day in the home of Mr; and Mrs Boy "McGoffin, with Misses Lee Atkins and Betty Garber, hostesses · Floral' arrangement throughout tile spacious living room was by ijrs. W. J. Getzwiller, aunt of the honor guest. : Mrs. MacKenzie; ;th'e _-former Miss Jo 'Jane 1 Getzwiller, received. lovely gifts. ·Guests Included : Mines.- .Vernoh Arnold, George Kempf, Winifred Hell-wig, Fred' McCommas, Fred Tatum, John · J. : Timmdns, - John Nash, Emory Huntoon, Charles dakley, Floyd Hightower, James A., Brown, Robert Dillard, F. J. Benedict, Tom Adams, Page Lee, W. J, Herndon and Marion Getzwiller, Wiley Langston, George Seeley, John F. Richards, W. B. Wood, R.: : J.:.MacKenzie, Archie Judd, Pete Radovanpvich, J. A. Garber, George Atkins, Rex Glenn, Martin Lohman, Harold McGoffin, Bill Welch', Lamar Bingham, J. A. Hibbs, Pearl Allen, R. L. Henderson, Fannie Redfield, Ray Kenworthy, A. G. Smith, Joe. Schmalzel, Roy Miller, Alberti Brown, Harold W.-L:*F.'Jones,, and Ed Bronwn and daughter, £dine., 7 ~, . r .From, Tucson* were Jtmw. N. jr.'* Roberts,- -Freds; Tatum '.and-, Ann- Holden. Cake, cookies and punch w e r e served, , - , .. has a stake in voting 102 ... YES Tucson's population is growing. Thousands of children overcrowd our ^schools. - The state must assume some of this tax load. Your tax paying neighbors i T u c s o n ; Amphitheater and Suhnyside Educational' Associations.. Winners At Bisbee tea, Bridge Event Are Told ,;BISBEE, Oct. SI. --Misses Mary Kathrine Mitchell, Esther Louise Smith and Esther Schaffer' entertained' with a .bridge .tea in the YWCA, Blue- room Saturday after- nooni ' . : A. fall motif was. carried out in tallies, and 'flowers. The tea table centerpiece.was of gold and bronze chrysanthemums, green fern and bronze-ribbons. Mmes; G. Moon':and Hazel Makin presided. . .' ; · ' . -. Bridge winners were Mrs. Robert Beaton,: Mrs. Herbert' Stuart, and Miss Barbara Reavis. ' ·' Your guests hiow ROMA i WINE © 1950 ROMA WJNE C0, f FRESNO, CALIF., Kaiser Wins Waiter DeLux* 4-Dow «* World's Highest Honor! For a bridge luncheon lobster salad Is always popular. -Use~ it ir. frozen or canned form and accompany the salad with' potato chips. Serve Boston cream cake with a chocolate frosting for dessert. Wf PHOTOSTAT. PUBLIC RECORDS TUCSON BLUEPRINT CO. 40 W. Congress Ph. 2-4447 Freden Calculators Sales Service Walsh/ FUNERAL COSTS True-costs-of the last-500 Tunerals conducted by Park'ar-Kerr_ -'Mortuary: 228 Complete Funerals including Csslcet -- Cost up to $199 167 Complete Funeral* including Casket--Cost $200 to-$499 105 Complete Funerals including Casket--£ost $500 and over PARKER-KERR Serving Tncson 5S*¥earg 219 North Stone Avenue -*- Dial 3-3321 Awarding of famous. Grand Prix d'Honneur a dramatic tribute to Kaiser's Anatomic Design! Ameqca has hailed' the 1951 Kaiser as its ' most beautiful sedan. This award makes it official--all over the world t In coiapetilion with' the most expensive. American, British, French and Italian cars--roasy of them custom-built-- the 1951 Kaiser sedan won the Grand prize at the recent Concours d'JElegance antomobfle ·exposition at Cannes, France !Considered by leading automobile designers as the world's highest honor, tlus «ward is indeed a dramatic tribute to Kaiser's Anatomic Design.-.Tbi* is proof' indeed that Kaiser's new principle oi motor eac design blends beauty, comfort, ease of handling and safety far better than any other car in the world ! Visit your Kaiser-Frazer dealer now! Go for Kaiier's Anatomic Ride today! You too will agree it's the world's most beautiful car... in every respect! ·On* '/ botf^l* OJM 13 mtxlftl. Sf^a-Mftu Dm* avMalat in all a tan OHt Built to Better tne Best on the Road I O.J.GILLESPIE Republican Tor CONSTABLE Ajo, Lukeville, _ Santa Rosa, Sells -wiMiPt rts»itj! Your gaze sweep} the landscape because Kaiser'i Anatomic' Design provides larger iriodows and windshield, slimmer, tiant-back corner posts... eliminates "blind spots"!' ' - · Prizi-fkllll ratjl Anatomic Desist provides a Tucfcaway Tire well... puts tte spare tire under the Isg-^ gage space not in it! The result is mare luggage room...]erel and' uncluttered. Prtzi-Wlniii Cimilnci I Anatomic Design provides High-Bridge Door:, extending up into the roof...eirtr«- wide, lounge-comfort seats... spa- ciotis head «nd leg room that maiei every ride a pleasure I- frtzi-rtrtl Fi»w)Beciujeit achieve* : tteproper ratio of weight to hort»- poicer, Kaiser'*'Supertonic High- Torque Engine it Ameriu't mott* efficient povrerhoujtl Smoother, thriftier powerl; All over the world...this year it's clear...Kaiser's the car! ·nil imu-ruia uui COIUOUTI» TUCSON EQUIPMENT CO. 49 W. Drachman Ph.4-0424

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