Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 19, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1976
Page 11
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3 Z KIDS'PAV AT BALL PARK...CHILPREN AWIITTEP fREE, AND EACH CHILDTO RECEIVE SOUVENIR BASEBALL CAP..'!.,.THAT'SIT,MARCIE! PON'T CASE FOR MY LATEST PESIM, HUH, SIR? THAT'S HOW WE'LL SET THE CAPS FOR OUR TEAM. 1 iR^ CONSISTING Of A BUNDLE OF FIR MOSPROCE SUCKS THftT WftS PREPARED f OR USE MR SALT MINE IH HAUSTATT, AUSTRIA, 4.SOO YfARS AGO INSTRUMENT -the MUSIC /UNCUe KBCOGE HA OOT-OONE HM5ELF THIS TIME. HE'SCONVECTED HIS 645 STATIONS TO SELF-SERVICE. WHAT'S SO ODD ABOUT THAT? ARE LOTS OF ' 1 R_WvP WUR OWN 'CMS STATIONS AROOMD. TAW SA\JVERS\/VELL NOW 1 THOUGHT^ LOOKIM'FOEA \ I KNEW EVERY AV.ERIC*) . TEflCHER.ORA V l M THE COUNTRY. NO OFFENSE, OLP BOY, BUT I GUIANA HftS NO EXTRADITION TREATY WITH THE U.S. CONSEQUENTLY, AWV OF OUR "NOBLE" COUNTRVMEM FLEE HERETO ESCAPE THE LAW. ·6* BR1DE -ACROSS THE AFUKIfc'AC RIV6R IN PERU, 6WLT BV WE WCAS ABOUT 1350 AND SP/W NWS A150-FT. C,Kf. WKIW US6 FOR MORE 7HAN500 YEARS PRESIDENT WILLIAM HOWflRD TAFT IN 1910 IM ft BASEBALL GAME BETWEEN THE WASHINGTON SENWORS AUB PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS, STARTED THE PRESIDENTIAL CUSTOM OF THROHINS OUT THE f 1RST BALL FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope i!..;.'i:'inir. ! ii..-''!.'.'Ji:!i'j; i :l i:"i;;"i!i:,ii;' ; r Look tn the section in which your birthday comes and f i n d what your outlook is, according lo iho stars. FOR TUES-, AI'IUL 20 ARIES (Mar, 21 to Apr. 20) Influences favorable in part, but day \vil! require more ^f- Eorl, steady application of i,ur s k i l l s and knowledge Cooperation with others v i t a l . TAURUS (Apr. 21 lo May 21) With a little ingenuity, yov !:·:;:;; i'a » :''a,:s i rthwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 19, 1976 · YI;T[I;VII,I,I:, AH KANSAS ESTER L COLEMAN/M. D. hildren Can Have tdmach Ulcers I just can't believe it, hut c were tolri that our 10-ycar- cl daughter has a stomach ccr. No one we knosy h a s v e r - h e a r d of such a thing, ould the doctor \K wrong? Mrs., N.J. car Mrs. E.: Trio fact that your friemls are nawarc thai stomach ulcers do ccur in children should nol ncicM-mim- your faith in y n u r actor's diagnosis. Stomach and ci'joricnal ulcers hce thought to be the private ropcrty of adults, are being ecri [nore frequently in . y o u n g hilrlrnn and adolescents, M a n y children w i t h "bel Tamps" are now being studied uoro aetivdy to find the exact can s G. The re has b c eu, for coupled w i t h psychological^ -support, becomes essential. Is it possible for a cold {$·* ast for rnonlhs? I seem to na\5f.J the symptoms and just can 4 ? 1 got rid of them. f^ Miss E.E.W., Pa. -j-' Dear Miss W,: ;» It is h i g h l y improbable that : , any infcelirjn would stay fo't-. oiig time, n tendency t o j be uncovered. minimize these complaints, a n d j even consider them to be more anciFul than real.- Children, like adulls. such a long lime. Infections a r g j cither cured or progress and 1 ' s h o w more complicate^ f evidence of disease. . W The chances are great tha^i the symptoms thai you complaifv* oE are probably allergic in* origin, rather than infectious.'f-\ illy The. possibility of a chronic) · "* infection of the sinuses must* be considered. With X-rays dtV the sinuses, this possibility canj J u p i t e r influences m s t i m u l a t e your interests a callings, and your personal should make itself felt in t i 1 Jght places. A ilny for vanccmentU C A P R I C O R N (Dec. 22 to Jan/ Your intuition, foresight and refle.\es should he a peak how, but don't li:t .pencris of difference or lethargy cause ^ you to offset good influences. caii'niake 'a" bright"new"place' A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21 to Feb. 13) for yourself now. Use a practi-: . tton'l .become f l u f f e d over cal' arena for trying out ideas be to re putting them into e f f e c t . G E M I N I (May 22 to J u n e 21} In all endeavors, consider the o:ig-range view. Don't put a lot oT time and effort into undertakings which seem to , . iffcclcd by .the relationship between physical and -emotional iroblems. U is recognized that ulcers in children may -be related to emotional stress and the pressures of school or family life.. . . " .', When the possibility of ah ulcer in a child occurs to the doctor he uses t h e s a m e methods of study as he docs My mothe r a woke one a f n j a n d complained of pain in leg. Of all things, they ' cr^ fourfdJ , a fracture. How can this' happdri} without an injury or accident!^ Miss B.L..AImnJ Oear Miss 1..: .*·! "Spontaneous fractures" canj. and do occur without injury irr Ieople whose bones are bntllel. atid have diminished calcium.'^**' There arc a .number of r.on ; flit ions, such as 'osteoporosis^? and "psteomalacia," assnciatc with adults. X-rays with barmnr w[lh i oss of c ; v icmm.. - ft can quickly reveal the presence In Ule c j der |y f lllcsc arc spms of an ulcer. O f th c conditions that might It is then that intensive at- account for tiiis nnusnal ' ' : " tcntion lo the physical problem, I of fracture. ticklish situations. Your gooc judgement should fell you hou to overcome, And your i n n a t e sense of h u m o r will help you to moll opposition. PISCES (Fob. 20 lo Mar. 20) An average day, yet some your mlercsts will be available new opportunities for fathering -- some .hidden,', some fairl clear. Listen and look carefully YOU BORN are ah Aries Taurus cuspal (one born as the Stui was entering T a u r u s ) and as such, combine Hie out s t a n d i n g traits of both Signs ., _ . Y o u * liavp Die ambition lueiiccs now stimulate business] aggressiveness, ' i n u i g i n a l i m and E i n a n c i a l matters, indicate aiid i-esouvccfuiness uf . the ' · · " with the ob- - M ItllllMIIIEinilltllllilllllLIHiEllllElllllirilllEiLMUliK^ 3 JAY BECKER On Contract. Bridge iTop Record Holder to Hesters' Individual Championship Play) " ' " wo. West r u f f e d and cashed lha ig of . hearts, so D'Alelio, inexpectedly, "wnnL down one. The outcome was altogether different when iVcvv Zealand sat North-South. .-The b i d d i n g went: West dealer.: East-West vulnerable. NORTH 4v K J 10 9 5 4 A K Q 10 3 WEST *6 ;i V A K 1 0 9 8 5 EAST V Q 6 2 4 _ 4 J 9 8 7 5 2 * K 1 0 7 63 . SOUTH * A 8 7 2 V J 4 3 . · 6 4 4 J 9 4 2 South West 5* Pass Sooth 4* .Pass Pass 1 Pass of dia- North East 2 * ' 4 * 5*- · - 5 ¥ 54 Pass 6 V Pass . - . ' Pass N o r t h uled the king mends. Oechirer ruffed, played a spade, and made twelya tricks after ruffing a spade in dummy and drawing trumps," Italy thus gained 1,330 points on one deal. :itd even better on tha fiand in its match aguinsfc Brazil. They made five spades doubled (650 points) at one table, and six hearts doubled (l.CGfl points) at the other table.- Similarly, Jumaica gained 1,250 'points by making fiva clubs at one table and fiva spades doubled at the other were some other in which a team scored a game or slam with both thc North-South cards vmrl East-West cards. The deal c o n f i r m s t h e that when both EterceJy it's one more- when defense when [a snvall loss, t h a n to pass or with Hie ace 'double too soon and risk a large ig "e hands OK PKR/tKHKAKXITMR. KlXOffS FIHAl PAVS. I POtfT ItHltl WE OF WVR. lOP Wf£HOS VWSAWZHEJVSrSKOMlSA tatt-re/som m vets, M wss HOT 1/ISABSKtATIONFKDM THE StSRM-tKIM 5, tAMEK, THE VSKf CONJINIiew PLA6IK1HG MM! \ immediate success hut have no lasling value. CANCBR (June 22 to July 23) :S L u b b o r : n irisislcncc on siickiiig to.nld practices without r e g a r d f o r n e w a n d more fitting ones could he a big drawback now. Look forward! LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Highlv beiiefic solar new opportunities worthwhile goals. VIRGO (Aug. 2-1 to Sept. 23) . Your judgment is usually more [nan keen enough to help In handling situations, but it stinacy and materialism of the Timrean. You ,ai'c less selfish In an the Aricn, more warmheartedly giving as in (he Taurcaan. With all this varia- mav now, when you COULD unusual complications. LIBRA (Sept. 24 lo Oct. 23) experience cmotinnal conflict b u t , once having acquired understanding Cfirc needed in .scientific and [ o f self, technical matters. If you stop shank) \invft n happy life. You usual creative abilities North Db!e 4* 54 Pass knowingly, however, net fine gains. i SCORPIO (Oct. 2'! (o Nov. 22) ! Carefully evaluate f u t u r e and ciuilri extrfi!. especially, as a painter, designer, i n t e.r i p r decorator or theatrical en- outdoors is outstanding and you ake a n a m e an ' agriculturist, mind, and lake past experience volatile Ihan'others. For exam horticulturist or botanist. BirLh expedient may not be the course. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 2U flato of: Dinah C r a i k. m'atch between Italy novelist: Lionel Hampton, / NATCHERLy?-.BUrSHE]SA VO' 15 ^ Sr^AW6ER [M TCWWr- Zealand during the Bridge Olympiad. The bidding at Hie first table Grossworet By Eugetw Sbeffer - I SHOWIW MEf?-HOSPIT7\Liry went' as shown. Pabis Ticci and n Kitchen item 23 Drone 24 Ending for ban or man J35 Operated "26 -- as a halter 27 Limb . 28 Female ruEf 29 Beetle 31 Egyptian god 31 Ranks 35 Miss Horne 36 -- Yutang 37 Biblical mountain 33 Kind of jar iO A king of Israel 41 Placed 12 Grafted (Her.) 43 Tableland 41 Hartebcesl 15 Arabian chieftain 46 Congers 48 Spasmodic twitch 3 Expression of approval 4 Mexican blanket 5 Heavenly body 6 Winglike 7 Alcott's "Little --" 8 Fabled beings 9 Nimbus 10 On liploe 11 Diminish 17 College official 19 Size of type Italy, and West ( F r a n k Lll) led 40 City in New York 13 Sea cow 17 Injunctions i9 A European capital 0 Ceremony Equal: comb, form ·2 Seed covering 53 The -- of March 51 Container 55 Sailors DOWN 1 Slender 2 Agave fiber club uvmi »« ···. ~i^ ...~.~ .. ..... - loublcd. Bast (John W i g n a l D l i n doubt and be w i l l i n g to suffer found the winning ic look the club and played a diamond at trick loss. LAFF - A - DAY SfOP'COWPLAINIMS,' ,UOTS Of PEOPLE- Avg. solution lime: 27 min. you soys EITHER SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT// 1-17 Answer to Saturday's puzzle. "Keepgoing. I wanl.lo see how you can wash j u s t ONE hand." WANT ACTION? K^ IT'S ABOUT TH= f COURTING HABITS Of N . THE OCTOPUS NO, 6UT r IMAGINE THEB='S A LOT OF HANP HOLDING Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS for best results, give full description aw star! your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel il when -results are obtained You'll only be charged for the actual number of days tho ad ran.

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