Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 7
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The World Around 57 Killed in Jordan Desert Flash Flood | 'AMMAN, Jordan W) -- Fifty-seven persons | were reported killed and more than 3,000 left f| homeless Friday by a flash flood in the desert area 'jjE of South Jordan. King Hussein and Prime Minister $ \Vasfi Tell rushed to Ma'an, capital of the region, | to supervise rescue operations. I . . Much of Ma'an is built of mud brick, the water || washed away houses and buildings. Until Friday South K* .Jordan had been suffering a drought. % The water destroyed bridges and washed nut part I of the highway connecting Ma'an with Aqaba, Jordan's '* only seaport. Ma'an is 110 miles south of Amman, Jor- | dan's capital. J * I Monument Remains to Fall Apology to Union by AMA WASHINGTON W) --'The imerican Medical Association AMA) said Friday it sincerely egrets distributing thousands f-recordings that falsely de- licted a labor leader extorting political contributions from union members. "All copies of the tape recording . . have been stroyed," the AMA said in a retraction that was part of- a settlement of a libel suit filec y Paul Normile, an AFL-CIO United Steelworkers official. 'As a result of its exhaus tive investigation, the AMA s now satisfied that Mr: Nor mi|e did not make the speech n question," said the retrac tion published in the AFL-CIO and to be printed late in the AMA Journal. * * * * THE AMA also paid Nor mile $25,000 in an out o c o u r t settlement of hi $400,000 libel suit, informec sources said. Normile is director of th Steelworkers' District 16 ii Pittsburgh. His lawyers sail he was falsely identified a "semiliterate bully" wh threatened union members t raise political contribution :o fight for medical care leg islation in Congress. 'No ifs, ands or buts," say the hard voice in recording distributed by the AMA, "w a buck from each worker! during April at the gate. For, those that don't want to give, you shop stewards can always let them know there's still a graveyard shift. They'll kick in." Normile is a soft-spoken man who uses virtually no slang. The tape recording and phonograph records reproduced from it were distributed MOSCOW W)--Communist authorities-are a,llow- | by the AMA's political arm, I ing the preparation of more matzoth in Moscow bak- :% '·- * '-- »»-j:-»i r~i:*i- Z , cries this year, Jewish sources reported Friday. ]| j/i They said the supply available for Passover will ~ 5 easily exceed last year's 60 tons and will he the great- sj ij 'est since matzoth was banned in state shops in 1951. j| ;?j The traditional unleavened bread is being pre- | | pared in synagogue-operated bakeries with government p ^ approval. The flour is provided by members of the con- t gregation who save it from the few holidays when it f is'available in stores. . ' 3 ft DUBLIN (UPI)--The government Monday will dy- K, namite Lord Nelson's Monument again to finish the g demolition job caused by bombs set by unknown per- § sons, it was announced Friday. JJE Army demolition experts will do the blasting. |" A statement by Prime Minister Sean Lemass said | the explosion would knock down the stump of the % pillar that until last Tuesday was topped with a statue J; of Britain's naval hero, Lord Nelson. f · The square stone that the 134-foot monument ft stood on also will be destroyed. ||. The first explosion, which police suspect was | touched off by the extremist Irish Republican Army, j ^ blew off the statue of Lord Nelson and the upper part 38 of the pillar, cascading tons of rubble into O'Connel [ j5 street and shattering scores of windows. No one was jp hurt. , | Protesting Students Evicted I BARCELONA (UPI)--Police Friday held an esti- I* mated 30 "intellectuals" after forcibly entering a mon- Vi astery to evict some 400 students who had locked J; themselves in to form a "free" university town. '$ An American identified only as Berger was among 8 the group of men detained by police. Others included p the dean of the Barcelona University faculty of archi- % lecture, Catalan poets Salvador Esprui and Joan Oli$ ver and painter Antonio Tapies. « The arrested men had joined the students, 300 men . k and 100 women, in sympathy for their formation of | £ a "free" student union opposed to the government-con- y trolled university union, the SEU. g Before moving in, police declared the monastery ·fl a public place, and notified the archbishop of Barce- ft lona. Russ Permit Matzoth Baking imb, ONI., in., M«ii ii iru INDEPENDENT-Pagt A-7, Reagan Flays Federal Grip on Pri SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-- Ronald Reagan called uport irlvate industry Friday lo batlle the "infinite danger" of rowing federal government. "The might of the govern- ·nonl is awesome," said Ihe tepublican gubernatorial candidate. "We have got to act 'nst. We're running out of time." Reagan made Ihe remarks in a speech to about 500 per sons attending the annual meeting of the Western Wood UNRULY LEGISLATOR SPANKED Gov. Philip H, Hoff .of Vermont shows the GOP - controlled legislature there's more than one way to handle the he spunks Rep- Kenalene Collins on Statehouse steps in Montpeiler, Friday. She had opposed several of his bills in the special session scheduled to end today. P r o d u c t s Association. He urged the group to join with other industries, such as pri vately operated utility firms, In combating federal power. "The time has come," he said, "for more control of the government by the people instead of more control of the people by government." * o * * REAGAN cited a d o z e n nreas where he felt govern -AI wirtpnuo j m c n t wns encroaching on I business nnd individuals. !I De Gaulle Strike of All California Sees U.S. j Farm Workers Urged Out in '66 PARIS ( U P I ) President'agriculture workers "into the 20th century." ·,arlP, dr. n n u l l n W m:u!n! "We're; not going to get, ' ~^ SACRAMENTO (UPI)--A statewide strike against all farm crops was urged Friday by the Delano grape dispute header as a means of bringing about legislation In boost Charles dc up h ics cie u a u n e luis macic. good )e g isl(llion u n t i l we haveUoverty program it makes me illchl is mind to gel. all U.S.; a geiiera | s t r i k e in California Lick because nothing's going ei e nt js nlnnf": nnrl hiisns niifl'jtii/1 iwn rtr lln-pp nlhrr ,. u., n ,m,. » im c...;,t "Mrtnolttve Aerojet Signs Union Contract The United Steelworker Union, AFL-CIO, and Aeroje eneral Corp. have reache an agreement on a new con tract covering G50 productio and maintenance workers ei gaged in space and ordlnanc projects at the company Downey and Fullcrlon plant Terms of the contrac which runs u n t i l Aug. 3, 190 include a wage increase ccnls an llour rctroa troops, planes and bases ouHand two or three other lo happen" he siiid "None live lo Ju| y I9G5 ' an nd[l of France by the end cf this'stalcs," Cesar Chavez said.! of .], e money's going to get : ~""' "'"'" """" "' ll ""' M ° year, 1 informed sources said : "We're encouraging a general as particularly critical of ' overnment efforts to obtains lore land' for parks and rec-'. ' cation. ,:;: ·?, He also deplored theVac'y , vities of a number of fed.f; ral agencies, charging thar 10 U.S. Employment Serylcej; 'as attempting to "take bve£ 1 employment compensation," . f- I the American Medical Political Action Committee during the height of the congressional battle that finally resulted in legislation providing medical care for the aged. * K * * AMA fought the administration legislation, while la- ; Cardinal to Stay in Hungary | $ VIENNA (UPI)--Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty, who | V took refuge in the U.S. Legation in Budapest when p ^ Soviet tanks crushed the Hungarian rebellion more ji if than nine years ago, has no intention of leaving ·) " Hungary, reliable sources said here Friday. | ·-: The 74-year-old Roman Catholic primate of Hun- | ~% gary:was serving a life term in a Communist jail when i ~£ the revolt erupted in the fall of 1956. He .was released | j?; by Hungarian freedom fighters but sought asylum in jj the U.S. Legation when Soviet forces intervened and I 'riday. De Gaulle also is reported o be taking the stand that here is no room for negotia- ions. He is willing to discuss nily the "housekeeping" de- ails created by the withdraw-; al of the U.S. forces and the Canadians as well. i bor unions, Steehvorkers, ported it. including the strongly sup smashed the rebellion. New. Orleans Classes Go on Despite Strike The AMA said it believec in good faith at the time that the recording was an authen tic reproduction of a speech made to a local meeting of the AFL-ClO's Committee on Po litical Education. Walter Hughes, executivi director .of the Pennsylvania Medical Political Action Com mittee, said he bought it fo $20 in the dark of night from a man he knew only as "Cousin." strike in California." Chavez, speaking to a fundraising luncheon for Delano strikers, had harsh words for President Johnson's War-on- Povcrty. "Every time we hear of the THE SOURCES said the: ·rench leader has drawn up 10 hard-and-fast timetable. 3ut, they said, the schedule lie has in mind would call for withdrawal of French officers from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commands within weeks, evacuation of American and Canadian bases in France and withdrawal of French forces in iermany from NATO command by the end of 1966. He Mother Wins\ $430,000 ic Legs Loss LOS ANGELES (CNS)-- A West Los Angeles mother of two was awarded $430,000 damages Friday for crippling injuries to her legs in a freak traffic accident. A jury of seven women and five men awarded the sum lo Mrs. Josephine Magec, 44, down to the farm workers." Chavez also said form workers were victims of racial discrimination. "We have two strikes against us. We're farm workers and n minority group -Mexicans, Negroes, Filipinos. I'll bet if we were Anglo- Saxon it would be different,' [he said. * » « » "SOMETIMES we get s a d j that the Okies and many of the people who came from the South no longer are farm workers." · Chavez indicated he was lional eight cents in both May I960 and in May 1967, plus new extended layoff benefit plan, i m p r o v e d pensions, icalth, and life insurance, an expanded dental program and Good Friday as the ninth holl' day. n the country" and criticiz-. ig the "harassing power" of. 1C internal revenue service.:', Reagan w a s questioned bout the candidacy of Los · Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty for lie Democratic nomination . or governor. Referring to a recent trip ";; y Yorty to Southeast Asia;-' ·' leagan said, "I'm glad -to.. I ·mow that conditions in Viet.- ,\ ''Iain are su safe he can at- · \ "ord Ihe time to run for gov- '· '· ernor." " , He added that the Democrats were "now c u t t i n g 1 . themselves up and I'll do eV-- erythlng I can to help." · : * * * » REGARDING proposed federal plans for a Redwood National Park in Northern Cali- , fornia, Reagan said he hadn't . fully studied new bills; now;. 1 before Congress but that, he'' ; favored a "common sens£ ·; limit" on the program. ' " He explained that both ftiA i natural beauty of the .area · and Ihe economic needs] of \ the lumber industry shoul'd ; be considered. He added, "a ; tree's a tree -- how many nib're'-"" do you need to look JAVA LANES Jil till llH»«i Wrf. I M, i»nl utKltliiiit IrMti" , WILDER BROS. I. PACIFIC COAIT 6E 3-1414 also wants NATO's Supreme after three hours of delibera- Allied Headquarters (SHAPE) near Paris and Central European headquarters at Fon- tion in the Court of Superior Judge Stevens Fargo. tainebleau moved out within MRS. MAGEE had sought NEW ORLEANS /P-- Most New Orleans schoolteachers ignored a teachers' union strike-call Friday and each of the .city's 124 schools conducted classes. Less than 500 of the system's 3,900 teachers skipped classes in the city's first teacher strike. * 4 * UNION officials had estimated 1,500 or more teachers Belts Favors Oil Fund for College Use SACRAMENTO iffi-- "Cali fornia bonds t e n d to be in over-supply, forcing the interest rates up," State Treas nrer Bert Belts said Friday in praising a proposed plan to finance college and uni versity construction f r o m tidelands oil revenues. The Senate Finance Com mittee approved a bill Thurs aay giving excess tideland: oil revenues tn a s p e c i a fund for higher education construction. The first $1 million in oil revenues woul go to the California Wate Fund and the City of Long Beach would continue to re ceive its share. The measure w a s Intro diiced by Chairman Georg Miller Jr., D-Martinez. Belts said Friday he favor pay-as-you-go f i n a n c i n { vould take part. They also ad predicted the strike would isrupt the school system. Local 527 of the American 'ederation of Teachers, AFL- MO, ordered the strike in an ffort to force a collective largaining election. Four oth- r teacher organizations de- lounced the walkout. Whether the strike would :ontinue next week or be called off was uncertain. * » # * A SCHOOL board tally listed 407 teachers absent. Nornal absence among teachers on a Friday is 150. Police said 62 pickets, some of them carrying antischoo xiard signs, appeared outside 23 schools. Most of the strikers were Negroes, who make Junket Hit by Monagan SACRAMENTO three years. = * * * THE EXTENDED deadline for removal of the two NATO headquarters is due to t h e complicated logistic and other problems involved, F r e n c h sources said. Permanent representatives of all NATO member countries except France met in emergency session in the Bel_ As gian delegation headquarters $950,000 from the Quickway Trucking Co. Her attorney, Richard L. Oliver, said the woman will eventually have ler legs amputated due to the injuries. She is now confined to a wheelchair. The accident occurred Aug. 21, 1963, in Westwood. It was testified that a truck lost its brakes and rammed into a bus waiting at the intersection. sembly Minority Leader Rob ert T. Monagan Friday de manded that the Brown administration cancel a Resources Agency meeting at a Coronado resort hotel. Hugo Fisher, agency administrator, scheduled the meeting for March 17-19 at Hotel Del Coronado, near San Diego. \ call on Director of Finance Hale Champion to see that this expensive and unnecessary jaunt Coronado scheduled touched off by De Gaulle. The meeting lasted two and a half hours. It was agreed they would meet again earlyj next week. preparing proposals to be pre-, sented to Gov. Edmund G. Brown and the current legislature. He said he wanted legislation enacted to extend tn farm workers the same rights enjoyed by industrial workers. He said these 'included a minimum wage, overtime pay, a ban against child; labor, unemployment insurance, Social Security coverage and the right to organize nto labor unions. Chavez is leader of the National Farm Workers Associa- :ion, a group which has been striking three dozen Delano GRAND OPENING TODAY 11 A.M. lo 9 P.M. ALL YOU CAN EAT Including coKee dessert Friday to discuss the crisis The bus was knocked for- FREE ORCHIDS for the ladies grape growers for six months in protest against wages a n d j labor conditions. The dispute' also has spread to shipping docks and products manufactured by Schenley Industries, which has large Delano grapeL holdings. OPEN 7 DAYS A \Yi-EK ' 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Dally ·· 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Sunday r : D A L E ' S --'i B R O N Z E BROILER 1490 LONG BEACH BLVD. I LONG B5ACHI ward, striking Mrs. Magee as|| she crossed the street. CASH B U Y E R S check] Classified Ads for stereo components. Sell yours quickly.l Just dial HE 2-5959. WALDOW · .PLUMBING HEATING "' 24 Hour Emergency Service j* Repair * Remodel A Residential t Commercial ; RUIO DIS9MCHED TUCKS 630 Cherry -- GE 3-0943 STEREO at LESS THAN DEALER'S COST! to the Del is canceled and for Sacramento," up of local 527's membership of 1,400. The only class disruption occurred at Green Junior High, where only seven of 56 teachers showed up. Seventh and eighth grade classes were sent home. NOW AT DOOLEY'S! Repaired Tijuana Airport Reopened TIJUANA, Mexico tffl--The Tijuana Airport opened Friday to all aircraft after being closed because of holes in the runways. A Mexican airline, Aero- naves de Mexico, said that all its flights are now operating out of Tijuana. Aeronaves h a d received Bond,sales totaled $535 mi lion in 1965 and $630 million the year before and "probably will total about $600 permission to use Brown Field in nearby San Diego, but the Tijuana Airport was repairec before arrangements w e r e said Monagan, a Tracy Republican. He said the meeting can be held just as well in Sacramento, saving the cost of transporting and housing "dozens of $20,000- $27,000-a-year men to such a far off place." MONAGAN also cited the! Democratic governor's fiscal conference in Palm Springs late last year and said: "It is an indication that the administration has no inten- ion of tightening their belts, md displaying a concerted ef-' : ort to keep expenses down."! Monagan said he wondered If Fisher "has failed to realize [hat the governor's office is in Sacramento and reports by ils agencies can just as easily ! made in the Capitol . . . " Fisher's announcement said that reports will be given on water development, fish and game management, parks and recreation, conservation and 'the role of boards and com million this year," he said, [made for planes to land there missions in improving resources administration." NEW 1966 GENERAL ELECTRIC PORTABLE COLOR TV Here's G.ll.'s New Porta-Color TV that only weighs 25 Ibs.! Has "MAGIC MEMORY" reference controls that take the mystery out of Color TV tuning! DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE FM/AM STEREO FM/RADIO WALNUT CONSOLE FREE 90-DAY SERVICE AND FULL GUARANTEE A,\ 8-SPEAKIIR, 80-WATT SOLID STATE DANISH MODL'RNf' CONSOLE with -l-spccd record clunker. 2--exponential horns, (wo 12-in. woofers and four 3'/2'' n - conc tweeters. REG. VALUE 500.00. Dooley's Sensational LOW PRICE! 348 00 FREE DELIVERY, IQ-DAY SERVICE l» YOUB HOME and FULL QUABANTK DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH BIVD..-NORTH LONG BEACH MOB.* Fri, »·»; lues., Wed., Tlmrj., Sot. »-6; Snn.10-5 FREE STEREO RECORDS with Ihe purehiK of any sterfo console at Doolcy's! DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH BlVO -NORTH LONG BEftCH Mon. Fri., 9-9; Tues., Wed., Thvrv, Sof., 1-4; SMB., 10 to 5

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