Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 11, 1962 · Page 2
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 2

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
Page 2
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Wed, April I I , 1962, Page 2 Cuban Refugees Double In '61 MIAMI (UPD-District Immigration Director Edwnrd P. Ahrens said Tuesday 33^123 Cuban refugees came to Miami in 1961, Movie Sfuntman Badly Injured PHOENIX, Ariz. (UPD-Movie stunt man Bob Morgan, husband of actress Yvonne De Carlo, was reported in fair condition today at Good Samaritan Hospital where IB is recovering from injuries. Morgan fell under a moving railroad car near Superior, Ariz.. ' during filming of a scene from more than the numbers for 1959 Ui e Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie and 1960 combined. 'How the West was Won." America's No. One TV Genuln* Handcraltea ?pEKVICE$3AWR chassis NO PRINTED CIRCUITS! Good stock of BLACK WHITE TV, also NEW COLOR TV UNITED RADIO TV 426 H STREET EUREKA HI 2-2002 ·Believe ItacNoM SEE PAGE 15 FOR EXCITING DETAILS COIN BANK FOR YOU Cute as Mr. Thrift himself...this gay "Uncle Sam Hat" bank is a practical reminder for you to save regularly at Humboldc Federal. Drop in for your free bank today. HUMBOLDT FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 612 G Street · Eureka, California · Phone Hillside 3-2263 Hours: Mon.-Thur. 9a.m. to 4p.m. · Frl. 9a.m. to 6p.m.* Closed Sat. Home of Mr. Thrift ,. , , - tRS near the Umbilo . ?\e., in Durban.So.Africa, WALK BAREFOOTED OVER GLOWING- COALS WITH IRON SKEWERS STUCK THROU6H THEIR TONGUES AND LEMONS HANGING ON HOOKS THRUST .INTO THEIR SKIM -YET THEY NEVER SUFFER. . BURNS AND NEVER BLEED THE CHURCH TOWER of Vnpun, Finland, FORMS PART OF THE CIT/ WALL AND IS LOCATED 350 FEET AWflY FROM THE CHURCH IRON FLOWER NATURAL LIMESTONE FORMATION in the iron mines of Erzberq Austria , . , . . , By The 'Dr.'^George F. Marking Secretary, the United Luthera Church In America Written for UPI In Lent Christians "go up Jerusalem" as did our Saviou and concentrate on His messag His mission and His sublime ma iery over sin and death. F members of the body of Chris "Jesu, priceless treasure" is m jestically more than the title of lymn or an anthem; it is, to owed by an exclamation poin heir spontaneous and continuin ribute to Him who reconcile man to God and recreates man a i son of God. Self - denial, Tenunciaiton an ! asting may be tirst steps on th jCnten pilgrimage, but they ha 1 .ranscending consequences on when they are done gratefully an jheerfully to the glory God. "Anoint thy head, and was :hy face," says our Lord. And H gives the reason: "Tnat thou a pear not unto men to fast." Anyone who journeys throuj the Lenten season, with his min and heart focused sharply on th saving Christ of Calvary, com to the triumphant day of resu rection tenderly mindful that 1: sins have been rolled down in the empty grave of Easter, fo given and lost from view foreve May Be Buildup Russians Soften Talk On Berlin, Bui Observers Still See 'Collision Course' editor's NOTE-Sovicl soft talk, notably In Geneva and Moscow, recently has led to speculation hat the Communists may be easing their position on Berlin. To learn whether this speculation iad atijj, basis in fact and. whether a real hope for settlement of the Berlin crisis existed, United Pres International paged its diplomat! correspondents in London, Gene va, Berlin, Moscow and Washing ton. The f ollowlng dispatch re ports their findings. . B y PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst THE HILL AND HILL DISTILLERY CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY · BOTH 86 PROOF - BLEND CONTAINS 35%, STRAIGHT WHISKIES, 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. and about the people who enjoy it Discriminating people have long selected Hill and Hill as their favorite bourbon. Its rich Kentucky flavor is patiently mellowed over the years. Also comes in a satisfying light blend. HILI and j J The bourbon with the flavor of America BLEND The United States and the Soviet Union s t i l l are on "collision course" in Berlin despite the absence of any new Soviet deadline and an apparent willingness to talk. The fact that Nikita Khrushchev has issued no new threats against Berlin and has displayed an ex- Iraordinary caution may only be the build-up to new Soviet pres- Tuesday following a stroke, sures for a summit session late in the spring. The above is a capsule of the findings of United Press International diplomatic correspondents in Washington, Berlin, London, Moscow and Geneva. There remains no indication when U.S.-Soviet talks will be resumed despite U. S. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson's departing statement in New York Sunday that the Berlin news had been a little better" in recent days. Here is what the UPI correspondents say: Washington, Donald May --Top administration officials stress the continued seriousness of the Berlin problem, calling it a "collision course" involving vital interests of Russia and the United States. The Geneva talks of Secretary of State Dean Husk and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko produced no forward motion from .he basic Soviet position. · Fires Turned Low Moscow, Robert .Korengold -If the Kremlin currently has .urned the fires low under the Berlin problem, it c e r t a i n l y hasn't turned them off. The Russians are considered able to turn up the heat at anytime they be- ieve the West might need prodding." Berlin, Z a n d e r Hollander -"Khrushchev's threats in 1959 and in his talks with President Kennedy in 1961 now are getting only ip service without a deadline. But U .S. officials point out thai he treaty threat was withdrawn only a f t e r the United States LENTEN MESSAGE NATIONAL OBITUARIES FT. BENNING, Ga. (UPI)-R ,ired Lt. Gen. Maton Spragu Eddy, 69, commander of the 12 U.S. Army Corps during Wor War II, died Tuesday night at th base hospital. CHICAGO - (UPI) - Salvatoi De Lorenzo, 63, onetime pugili and racetrack habitue known the sporting world as "Sociel Kid Hogan," died Tuesday. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI)Jesse Galloway, 97. retired geol gy professor at Indiana Universi and the nation's first teacher micropalcontology, died hei Tuesday. EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (UPD- Arnold Brophy, 35, award-winnin education editor of Newsday, th Long Island newspaper, die .alked tough and said we would continue to hold the Russians re-i sponsible for the East Germans. Ml this could be for the purpose if laying a groundwork for a late ;pring summit." Geneva, Wellington Long--"The Soxiets budged not at all from heir previous challenge to Western rights in and access to West Berlin. So long as the Soviet chnl- enge remains, there is a strong lossibilily that morale in Wcsl Berlin will sag, with a resulting Irop in investment and production here. So far, morale has been ligh." London, Karol Thaler--Both the 'nited States and Russia appear o have reached a tacit under- landing in Geneva that while no nmcdiato peace settlement is easible, nothing should lie done o make things worse. Russia ap- cars to have realized that if she ushcs too hard, she might go ver the brink nnd cause nuclear ·ar, which to all appearances ne docs not want." From thcso findings it is possi' lie to reach certain conclusions --While no agreement on Berl s in sight, the United State ough reaction to Soviet threat las convinced the Russians tha action against West Berlin cou! .ouch off a nuclear war. --However, the initiative in Be in still belongs to. the Russian By a continuation of hot and col actics, they believe time is c heir side and that eventual] West Berlin will become a dea city. --The West may have gained certain tactical advantage in th Rusk-Gromyko talks in Geneva Some diplomats believe that whe Gromyko suggested an interne tonal complaints board on th question of free access to We. ierlin, he was accepting Russia responsibilities there. From Washington, Donald Ma reported: Officials here say the U. S las three 'vital interests' in Be in. First, the presence of Wes ern garrisons there. Second, ai ·ess. Third, the economic frei dom of movement of West Berlin "The latter point now is bein ;iven new stress. There is uspicion among many official hat Soviet harassment in the ai 'orridors is not being conducte »ith any real hopes of challengin iccess, but rather as part of ong - range campaign to wea town the spirit of Berlin and t liscourage businesses from local ng there. "In answer to this the Unite itatcs is trying to encourage U.S irms which have operations i: Germany to open branches 1 Vest Berlin." COMING! 34th ANNUAL BALL Cranncll Volunteer Fire Dopt. CLAM BEACH HALL SAT., APR, 14 TOM FIELD'S Dixieland Music DANCING 9-2 Adm. $1.00 HOT DOGS, SALAD COFFEE SERVED IN HALL Go Call Your Daughter, Ma! , X X X 75 * * « « Jimmy Darren's Going To Die Again By ERSKINE JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent KAUAI, Hawaii - (NEA) Hey, there, Ma! Call your pon ailed daughter on the double f read today's d i s p a t c h aboi James Darren. You may ha\ seen Jimmy as the maehinegu lappy kid in "The Guns of Nav rone," but the pony tail set know lim a lot better. He's driven 'em wild with tw recent recordings, "G o o d b y Cruel World" and his current hi 'Her Hoyal Majesty." He was a o the guy who romanced Gidgi n "Gidget" and in "Gidget Goe lawaiian." Powdered coffee mixed wit jreasepaint gives him the color o Waikiki B e a c h boy. Blac grease gives his hair that Ha vaiian shine. The broad nos :omes via rubber plugs in no rils. There even was talk that h dialog might be written in pidg English until someone remem icred that in the story the char acter he plays j u s t graduat rom Stanford University. Th ended that. . If you haven't yet called you daughter, ma, you better becau: .his make-up bit leads Darren lis death. He .is accidentally stabbed an ;illed during a big four-day lua n the film. Your daughter will do a doub flip over that because the poo kid got bumped off in "The Gun f Navarone," too. I imagine it won't be long b ore the pony tail set is picke ng Columbia studio, where Jim ray works, about this dying bi But if your daughter is out ther carrying a sign, "Columbia Un air to James Darren," don ilame me. I don't write mov; icripts. Daughter, at least, will have chance to see Darren live it u 'Diamond Head" with Yvett OH, MYRT! MIDLAND, Tex. (UPI) - Th arm, dairy and ranch news co umn of a Midland newspaper entitled "Dirt, Squirt, and Quirt. · TONIGHT -- from 6:45 UGLINESS ii GOOD For YOU 10, tlio FILM FESTIVAL it prelenting you with TWO OF HIS BEST I ALEC GUINNESS Clynis JOHNS- Valerie HOBSON · FAMILY NIGHT! Bring the entire family -- AIL FOR 90(-- KENNETH MORE-DMA WYNTER HOUND Doc FABIAN-CAROILYNIEY| *~Starts TOMORROW * WILLIAM HOLDEN SATAN I ciirrnuWFRR J^^^Jj^^JB m»c E NUYEN NEVER! ·: SLEEPS! .nd . . . INOBID BERGMAN "SOODBYE AGAIN" way son Mimieux. They have a mad whirl in the SS Lurline on their lome from college and it's a big scandal because her rich family if missionary ancestry is opposed o Hawaiian blood. Just before Jimmy is kilJed al he luau, they do a Tahitian court- ng dance hotter than the coals under the roast pig. At least it's a [real way to go, if you have to Darren told me he's had it with he "Gidget" films. He's eager for tigger things, like this "Diamond lead." There are plans now for 'Gidget Goes to Paris" but, says )arren, "I don't think I'll be going. I don't want to wind up 20 tears from now in 'Gidget Goes o the Moon.' " Recreation Highlights Thursday, April 12, 1W2 Ross, Hammond, 20-30 and Car- Playgrounds open from 3:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. -- weather permitting. .Arts and crafts program at 20-' ,t 30 Playground -- 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Folk Dancing -- 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. -- Marshall School. Teen Club -- 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. -- Marshall School Swimming -- 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., families; 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. -- adults only -- Eureka High School Pool. Burl Players -- 7:30 p.m. -William Carson Building.. Girls Basketball League -- 4:09 p. m . _ Municipal Auditorium: Valientes vs. Dukes. -NOW! · DOORS OPEN 6:45 BBBBHHHiHHriBMBiR a side of life you never expected to see on the screen! llliSlBIIIIIB! FOUR WOMEN CROSSED HIS PATH...HALLIE, KITTY, TERESINA, AND JO. THREE OF THEM WANTED HIS LOVE... ONE OF THEM ; WANTED HIS UFEI ADULT PICTURE! ewrrise discretion the immature to see it. a new kind of love-story starring LAURENCE HARVEY CAPUCINE JANE FONDA ANNE BAXTER BARBARA STANWYCK A COLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE * Starts . . . 7:20 - 9:35 as "JO' LAST TIMES TONIGHT! FEATURE STARTS 7:20 · 9:40 STARTS THURSDAY TWO DAYS ONLY! 2 BIB HITS ROCK HUDSON CYD CHARISSE Island OUTCASTS! Desperate LOVERS! BOB HOPE out to kill you... WITH LAUGHS! /W" WM/E! /3Ob JESSE JAMES COLOR.,,,..-. en iliinnr RHONDA FLEMIN3 WENDELL. COREY

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