Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 27
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ATjw*HWJT, mwsuw in- ».*» OKK 4A1D SUe CAME M ~ BUT mr * ffSHIOUTA6AIH AHAtfUOUfT 1ATZZ AM $0 OH THE TICKr I KEPOKTSKf WHY ItlfT THAT pour MI / 5«e ware KVW me OT AK MIS9J6 *H£ WA6 THEK LAST fJ/SHf . i w AW PAY fso mr ixutef FOX MCONP.MffG TO THE. CLUB ALBUM -JPT£Z V IT CLOSED. 1-c BRENDA STARR ttV J YOU CHILDREN WHEN I VWAS YOUNG I WAS TA06HTTpBETH(JlFTy--A ENNY SAVED 1$ A PEMNV EARNED-I GOTA i j ( HOW CAN \V£HAV£ v ^- MONEY FOR OUP -SPEECH ON THRIFT MAKE AN IMPRESSION OM you ? BLONDiE IT KATIS y *kY If WAS AN f HO' Wft THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS JUNE 3, I960 THEY MUST ) WONDER J WHY I'M FREE THE ANIMALS LOOK SO SAD CAGES NOW I DON'T FEEL 50 GUILTY But Henry, tbtfs why I spend so much money--so you won't btvt to worry tbout it." SHE MUST BE DOIN BETTEK THAN NINETY./ REX MORGAN OH-1 THOUGHT YOU MEANT THf FORWARD CCOUT.' VERY 1 QUIET, SIR. BUT I CAN see THE RLUE BEETLE BAILEY o. ANYTHINQ YOU KEEP AWCY FROM ME? ! -I WHY, WHAT'S THE MATTER? HIM NEVER:TO SPEAK TVOU OUST OONT EVEN" TO MB ORPHAN ANNIE ,.. 9VT IT WC»U HARP TD SXfUAIN TO fOO*- MM AU4TIN - \VHO AT TH!* MOMS NT U£« B01JJP AP 6A66EO THEN IfMK W6 H*Vg FIXf I IT SO PCTKT V.V3N L0« fid PM5NT LSAVE WiTM ME ON MV N£XT A*«6N.«NT IT TOO.' WAS JHe 7 Wf NT POIN' CAttV TELL ME WHY Is Sea Lion Akin To Sea Elephant? PI \M IN Win » valuable prize. Send your question, name, addrm and age lo TF.IJ. ME WHY! care of this paper. The Brl- tannica Junior, 15-volume encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded for the ieiier selected in the case of duplicate questions, the author of 'Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: ANNE DONALD Richmond, Va. The order of seals includes the fur seals, sea lions, heir seals, sea elephants and walruses. They might all be considered "cousins." They stand halfway between typical mammals, such as dogs and cows, and the other sea mammals, such as whales and manatees. Seals are descended from land mammals and so are not fully adapted to aquatic life. They can not stay in the water all the time and their young must be born on land. Seals are divided by scientists into two groups. The hair or earless seals include the common harbor seal, sea elephant and sea leopard. The eared seals include the sea lions and fur seals. The chief difference between these two groups is in their cars. The fur seals and sea lions have little pointed cars. The hair seals have no external ears. The sea elephants are by far the largest of the hair seals. Full- grown bulls are sometimes 25 feet long and weigh over a ton! It is not on account of their size, however, that they are called elephants. It is because of the short, wrinkled trunks on the ends of their noses. Their hair is gray- brown except for a patch of white on their necks. Sea elephants were once common all through the southern oceans. But their fat bodies yielded so much oil that they have been hunted mercilessly. Now they are found only off Lower California and about Antarctic islands. Next to the sea elephants, the largest of all seals are the sen lions. They sometimes exceed 10 feet in length. The short ears of sea lions make them different from hair seals. Also their necks are longer. Their fore limbs are triangular paddles and their hind limbs are web-toed feet which do not turn back like seals' feet. Because they are made this way, they can use all four limbs on land. They can easily climb up rocks and cliffs. * * * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Teacher: What are the products of Cuba? Pupil: I don't know. Teacher: Where do you get your sugar? Pupil: We borrow it from our neighbors all the time. » # # Teacher: How do you spell "inconsequentially"? Willie: Wrong. * · * The Puzzle Box RIP KIKBY LAREDO BIG BEN BOLT i SNUFFY SMITH A train is half a mile long. It pulls out of the Maplewood Station and just as it leaves the station * man jumps aboard the rear end of the train. He walks forward in the train as it goes and reaches the engine just as the train enters the Oakwood Station, four miles away. How far did the man ride? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. S«nd yonr trick*, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age *nd ·*· dress. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of im- portanl events in every field will be awarded far the letters selected each week. STEVE CANYON By-Passed In Census RIVERSIDE, Calif.-UPI-Mrs. I A. Harold Wishart, complaining that she and her husband have been passed by census takers in 1940, 1950 and 1960, quipped, "The assessors never seem to miss us." PAINT BRUSH SALE! 20% OFF i) Take yecr pk*»f the pile! AH sizes... an brands. Nytont, avM ftchefc. AMERICAN PAINT AND GLASS CO. 2I7 N. 1st Avc. T*S. MA HOti) ASCOT WrSCe I WOULDNTKNOli) WAT CATKOWTOPUrHIMlN. DON'T em KNOU) HI5 BRtfO... /HAVE YOU EVER / THOOSHTOf ENTE \ IN A PCS V rr · -'-' i\ ' · - P,'" .\r!.iT.\5r Ii' HIM !M TH'«! JT THIS TIME-.., STAY HERE" LWTU SHOOTING LHREDO THERE 5 THE WVER. r Gor 'LL GO FOR BROKE OM PEI?. HE'SPACXIMS^ STiCP WHO WEv^R WObJ A tMC6 rieriKlVENTE TRACKS' r-- I FIVE BUCKS OM SILK ^ YOU CM READ, i SlSEM. SHE STILLS BUPDV-SHE'5 HUMORED 70 OME ? SUCKER /ANDSPIDES, SAME. klUMBEI? OP H4IUE5 THE PATGY. THE POPE -THAT'S ME! I PllNT SEEN HIDE NOR HfllR OF NO NEW BED5TID-- THftT SHORE IS NEWS TO ME, ELVINEy HOW 00 VE LIKE TH' NEW MfilL-OROER BEDSTID YORE MAN SNUFFV GOT YE T'OTHER DAY, LOWEE1Y ? / Wh«W.' THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE.' IVE KNOWN RAMIRII \ WAS HIS CHIiMSSISTANT. '5 PUIN HE BUT rT'SCARED THE DAVU6HTJOUTOFMt. r WHAT'J.HAOHTIPME, VWAT IV« WtAPID, II KUNHIWS INTO JO/ME KMJYTHATKNtW/W. OfOY, AA11 nurvw/ THEFlRiTTIMp: smcr HWENTI lEENTELUNS WICUIIIWA5 PlRKCT? BUZ SAWYER MEBBETHEV'S BEYOND THEM RJNNTY LI'L 5NOW-00/ERED BUSHES-- V-6NOW-COVEFUED BUSHES, NOTHING.'.'-- THOSE ARE HAM AROMA IS GROWING MORE AND MORE DEUCIOUS.'/- WE MUST BE-NEAR THBM. r / LIL ABNER J association with Judy seems to have a personal slant as well as business one." She's trie one 1 havs nothing to ofrer. 3 ·; R.if enr.5 H?v/ Vr- !l!a!!or ; A cozy little place, Mr. Orubb. Clean and inviting. thing in this scori GASOLINE ALLEY IF 1 DISTURB HER, SHE MAY BECOME FRIGHTENED AND FALL. APPEARS TO BE GOING THROUGH SOME RITE FOR HER GRANDFATHER SEEMS MORE THAN SHE DICK TRACY / 6Wt ( A C V OR TWO - ! HOW CDOLP HV- 30O,OOO" TIAA PA'a'sE'b TW-b CAVE. MM QUtCKLV WHM soo.ooo OLO, KING AROO i

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