Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 7
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un ·«* MM. w*., J.n n, iwi INDEPENDENT (AM) * RgESS-ltlEGRAM (?M)U-7 Cory says Calif ornians cheated by 7 oil firms - · . v · / . . · , . Claims better mileage possible ^ith controls . , . -rig. Nader hits easing of auto emission ruMs By GIL BAILEY Our National Bureau · WASHINGTON-California State Controller Kenneth Cory Tuesday · attacked the operations of major oil .companies in California, charging that both the state and the consumers are being cheated by joint operations of seven .major 'companies'.-:--.;.-..- -··Vv..- ··; "$ased, on extensive investigations, I can . Jtejtjtty- that. the oil indus- ' Calif omia. is an which is and (j been carefully 'and , VCosely 'controlled and i'jcwrdinated by a small SgSSip; of integrated-' oil , "epfjrpanies. In short, the ;jil:jndustry in California w v a t e l y regulated,". a Senate subcom- .. on antitrust and .. . integration £and; economies of scale fiiM-he petroleum industry "have benefitted the . ^consumer through lower |priees, improved quality, · »and greater continuity of ^supply," replied W.T. !:Slick J r . , senior vice ^president of Exxon, I BOTH CORY and Slick ;:were speaking, of the Jjoint operation of -fefin- . 3ng and pipeline facilities by the oil companies. . "We conclude t h a t . there is ho free market for crude oil in which a willing buyer and a will. ing seller cpn independently bargain. Most of the crude oil is kgp;t singly within the se- ^jt, group of seven: pro- · jduced by .them, ; singly !fanS~ jointly, .and sent 'ei- t h e r d i r e c t l y to the producer's own refinery or traded a m o n g the companies within the group without reference to the published 'market . price,'" Cory said. ,,. · :.As a result, the new state controller 'said, the state of C a l i f o r n i a , which; has oil-producing lands along with of Long Beach, 'lhas -lost something over $100 million' on this basis in the last five years 1 ' on the Long Beach Harbor production alone." "Vertical : integration ' allows : improved cobrdi: nation "and planning and ... thus reduces risk," Slick said. "This, in turn, results in lower costs and g r e a t e r assurance of p r o d u c t quality, ' a n d ; availability," AT ONE point in .the continuing debate over oil-company practices, Cory/commented, "Per-haps the computer was . t e l l i n g us something when it spelled out the name of Exxon with the double 'x' in it." . · He proposed that "the business of. transporting oil ought tq;'be;taken out of th e hands of. jhose companies who are more . interested in using pipelines to control the price and marketing of oil than to simply deliver oil..." -.: : · - . . Cory said: "No one can possibly argue that a principal force toward recession w a s not the manipulation. of, energy costs..If w e , a r e to .re- stoie a icasonable balance of suclfcosts within our economy; Xvithin the little time-we have left, then legislative action is ' necessary to provide an industry structure that will'.perform in the;free- enterprise tradition." 'No commission and no court can dictate an efficient industry structure as well as the com-. petitiy.e market can and h a s in petroleum and energy activities," said Slick. * · , ' .';. , ;Cory said the seven c o m p a n i e s -- E x x o n , Texaco, Union Oil of* California, Mobil O i l , Shell Oil, Standard Oil of California and Atlantic Richfield--control more than half the total California oil produced:· ·· "Beyond t h a t , how- e v e r , the independent production,, i n c l u d i n g that owned by the state, cannot get to market un: less it goes through the p i p e l i n e system,"- he said. . . Watienl can't recall ^pen-heart surgery . (AP) ri''Paulk," : who Sras^stabbed:. in 'the: \chest and underwerii f bp;e'n-heart surgery without anesthetic, sal up in his hospital bed Tuesday and said: "I don't r e m e m b e r the operation at all." · Paulk, near death when brought to Santa Monica Hospital Medical Center §unday n i g h t , said he r-emembered being at- facked by three youths as Ije and his wife strolled in P a l i s a d e s P a r k a f t e r dark. l! I knew I h a d been stabbed," Paulk said. "I reached down, and I could see the blood." That's the last thing he remembers. "Just gradually everything turned: kind of gray, and'Jhen faded out," he saitjy "I. don't remember theSsperation at all." 5-ES'ist action by a pa- JJajpdic team and a sur- geort was credited with s a v i n g Paulk's" life A h o s p i t a l spokeswoman said' surgery to stitch up t h e k n i f e w o u n d in P a u l k ' s h e a r t ; started within a minute after.he- was b r o u g h t i'hto the hospital emergency, room. ( The surgeon, Dr. William G. Plested, decided that anesthetic would be too risky and any delay would m e a n death for Paulk. He took no time to ; ''go. to an operating, room but immediately cut open Paulk's chest, spread the ribs and stitched up the puncture in his heart. It took eight attendants to hold Paulk down during t h e s u r g e r y . T h o u g h unconscious, he.squirmed v i o l e n t l y b e c a u s e ' 6f " p r i m i t i v e . . motor reflexes,", s p o k e s m e n said. They said Paulk was given morphine to lessen h i s pain. · · ' · ' - ; ' ; »,,?.,%*· . . . . . s,-.«».': t "fl T · lUiputation delayed; *j p«a: · . · 1 ' ' has pneumonia « SNTURA (UPD --Surgery for removal of a 'legTias been postponed indefinitely for a woman ·who was stranded in heavily wooded mountains for six days following an .auto accident earlier this ;month. '; Mrs: Barbaralu Wilson, 46, contracted pneumonia Monday. Her physician, Dr. D a v i d Perlmutter, said the a m p u t a t i o n i operation would be postponed until she is able to withstand the surgery. MTS. Wilson's o r d e a l began Jan. 6 when her car went off a road on California 33, North of Ojai. She lay helpless and injured at the bottom of a canyon for six days until two teen-agers who were hunting in the area found her. She told authorities that on Jan. 10, two days before the youths found her, she sought help from a man walking his dog on the road 500 feet above her. She told police the man told .her he didn't want to get involved and walked away. / - · The California Highway Patrol said Tuesday it was still unable to locate the man. .. . · Pilot dies in crash of home-built plane RIVERSIDE ( U P D - A small single-engine plane crashed into a hill about two miles north of March Air Force Base Tuesday, killing th^ lone occupant. The Riverside sheriff's office described the plane as "home-built." The name of the dead pilot w a s withheld p e n d i n g notification of next of kin. Get fresh oiithe telephone. For the market hcart'si you Utiarantml fresh chickens, call this inmilvr, (215)598-8791 WASHINGTON (AP) Consumer, advocate Ralph Nader Tuesday said the Ford ^ ' administration's own analysis showed automobile f u e l e c o n o m y could be raised 40 per cent by 1980 w i t h o u t relaxing tighter auto- emission standards set for 1977 and 1978.' . ' . ' " Nader released copies of a previously secret Federal.Energy Administration (FEA) analysis as the E n v i r o n m e n t a l Protection Agency (EPA) opened hearings on a re- · quest by the automakers to postpone for one year the standards scheduled . to go into effect in 1977. . .President Ford has pro-. posed slightly . tightening. up current'standards and then imposing a five-year freeze. . . Nader released what he said was an executive summary that showed the course chosen by Ford was not favored by any of .the government agencies that were at an energy-; briefing at Camp David, Md., late last year. .Nader did not testify at. the EPA. hearings, but distributed his papers to newsmen there. '·- : ; ,T.he 1977 .standards-, would reduce hydrocar- '.·' bon emissions to ..41 grams per, mile, carbon · monoxide limits to 3.4 ; grams and nitrogen oxide ;to;2 grams. ., . '. · " . i :.Chrysler Vice President Sid Terry told the hear-'/ ings, expected to last ; three weeks, -that those ; requirements would increase new car prices by ·' $200 and set back the na- . lion's drive for fuel econo-., my while having, little . .beneficial effect on air.! quality. . He said the standards also would harm the nation's balance of. payments because automakers would have to nearly triple imports of rare . metals such as platinum that are used in emission- control devices. Terry said EPA estimates showed air quality already is improving as a result of current emission standards and said this improvement would continue as older cars are phased out. The FEA 'analysis released by Nader considered 'previous studies done by the EPA and'the Department of Transportation,, a study by an but- side consulting group and previously secret projections .on fuel economy, measures done by. the domestic automobile industry. It concluded that. e.yen with all presently projected, emission requirements. and safety-related, meas- ures, "a 40 per cent gain in new car fuel economy still appears possible.;" · Nader, in ,a letter to ' Ford, said the FEA study ; "clearly discredits the stated heed to relax vehicle, safety and .emissions',' standards' to,obtain 'a 40 : per cent gam i n ' f u e l economy. ' ' ' "According to this analysis, the industry average motor vehicle fuel eeonp- ' my in 1980 with full implementation': · o£ safety 'and ' emissions'standards' with : only a moderate shift in : production to small Icjlfs will be ] 9.8 miles pej 1 j»$l- lon, br'Q.2 miles; gjr gallon more than your^sn- nounced voluntary goat^" he said.': - . . '.' , ··/· !« - ' ; ·I-.'.S.T. . "It is. information such as this that convinced ; ;.t|ie Federal Energy Administration to object to deferral of the statutory hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide v e h i c l e emission standards in automotive emissions policy papers circulated at,the Camp David energy meetings, "Nader said. CATAL1NA 'FOR AIL INFORMATION CALL (213)547-5030 AVALON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Announces 2 Outstanding Restaurants in Lakewood Center - 4419 CANDLEWOOD 634-3612 · Serving Luncheon . 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