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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 19
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, Fri., Mjrch H. im INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAA^(PM)-- AjJ Auto workers to push for reduced workweek By OWEN ULLMANN D E T R O I T ( A P ) U n i t e d A u t o W o r k e r s .President Leonard Wood- : cock said Thursday that a .push for shorter working ; hours without reduced pay rwould be the union's main .goal in contract talks this ^summer. · " Woodcock said a cut in · t i m e spent on the job . w o u l d increase cmploy- ' men I opportunities for 'thousands of UAW mem- '·-bers who were laid off ., :during the 1974-75 sales · .slump. '" He warned that the 1.4 : . , r n ( l l i o n - m c m b e r u n i o n | -^might strike over the issue "'if a "satisfactory solution" ·to i n d u s t r y joblessness was not achieved with company bargainers. However, Woodcock declined to offer any specific plan for reducing work t i m e , saying the union needed flexibility at the bargaining table "so as not to be locked into any one position." "The central theme of the 1976 bargaining has to be job security, and it has to be achieved by reducing the work time," he said in an o p e n i n g address to delegates at a collective bargaining convention. D u r i n g the three-day conference, some 2,800 presented to industry bargainers when formal talks begin in July. C o n t r a c t s c o v e r i n g about 850,000 a u t o ana farm implement workers in the United States and Canada expire in September. The UAW estimates that 75,000 jobs have been lost since p r e s e n t contracts were negotiated in 1973. Woodcock said w o r k time could be reduced by cutting the current 40-hour w o r k w e e k , t r i m m i n g overtime, the work year or the total work time put in by an employe. "Or it could be any combination of these to create more jobs. That's the key," he said. During a press conference a f t e r his speech. Woodcock would not rule out a push for a 32-hour week at 40 hours' pay, a proposal sought by several UAW locals. However, lop union sources s a y t h a t proposal is top radical and costly for serious consideration. Woodcock said the union also would p u s h for increases in the cost-of-liv- i n g wage a d j u s t m e n t f o r m u l a , company-paid supplemental u n e m p l o y - ment benefits for laid-off workers and pension benefits. He marie no mention of demands for a direct wage increase but said the UAW "certainly w i l l a s k f o r one." The average hourly auto worker currently e a r n s $6.76 an hour in straight pay and about $3 an hour in benefits. The payscale ranges from $6.53 for an assembler to $8.11 for the top-rated skilled employe. B e f o r e t h e current eon- Iract took cffecl, the average worker was paid just over $5 an hour in straight pay. In 1973, the union settled for a 3 per cent wage increase during each year of t h e three-year contract. The increase was lied into the national a v e r a g e increase in productivity. However, the cosl-of-living formula since 1973 has boosted worker earnings by $1.05 an hour. Woodcock noted that the economy's fragile s l a t e w o u l d discourage both sides from forcing a strike and require the union to "fashion our d e m a n d s with care." But he also noted that the Industry has recovered since last fall, and Its profits have been rising sharply. "We didn't come to 1976 to go backwards or to stand still," he said. "... this talk of strikes doesn't mean we're going to the bargaining table with a chip on our shoulders. We will go with sober determination for an equitable settlement." The UAW estimates it will have $175 million in its strike f u n d when contracts expire. A 10-week strike against GM in 1970 cost the union $160 million. LEONARD WOODCOCK "Sober Determination" -AP WlrJttaH delegates will whittle hundreds of contract propos- . als into a program to be I Consumers regain ^confidence, ready now to buy car . -NEW YORK (AP)- A -Sharp rise in plans to buy 'iiew and used cars led the · ·way in a steep climb in ^consumer confidence in · February, according to the latest survey by the ,. Conference Board. · About 10.7 per cent of 'J the families surveyed said ? they plan to buy a car in ^ t h e next six months, a · nine-year high and up '. sharply from Ihe 7.5 per · cen,t that reported such J intentions in December, · the Jeport by the private, J nonprofit research f i r m · said. « : T H E F I N D I N G S · "strongly suggest t h a t 1 America's long romance i with the automobile is far ^ f r o m over. Certainly if 'consumers f u l f i l l t h e i r " present intentions, we are in for a stunning auto year ; in 1976," said Fabian Lin- · den, the board's director ' of consumer esearch. . The board's Consumer .'Confidence Index, with ' 1969-70 equalling 100, was up six points in February to 93.3. The bimonthly sur- v e y , conducted for the board by National Family Opinion, Inc., examines the buying altitudes of 10,000 families across the country. A m o n g the February survey's other findings: -- About 32 per cent of those polled believe their incomes will rise, the most o p t i m i s t i c r e a d i n g in seven years. -- More than 22 per cent tell employment prospects will improve in the next six months, up from 20 per cent in December. - For the first ttme since mid-1974, more persons felt the economy was "good" rather than "bad" -- a 22 per cent to 19 per cent margin. A m o n g gloomier read- i n g s , the survey found s l i g h t l y f e w e r families planning to buy m a j o r home appliances. Also, v a c a t i o n p l a n s cased slightly from the last survey in December. ;GM to cut 1,600 jobs at Ohio plant Knlgbt News Service ; D E T R O l T - G e n e r a l · Motors announced Thurs- d a y t h a t s e c o n d - s h i f t ; operations at its Lords; t o w n , O h i o , a s s e m b l y '- plant will be indefinitely ^suspended, elfective next ' Monday, to reduce inventories of its slow-selling ' Chevrolet Vega and Ponti.- ac Astre. '. The shutdown will result in indefinite layoffs for approximately 1,600 hourly workers at the assembly p l a n t a n d a n u n d e t e r mined number at the adjacent Fisher Body Division · fabricating plant. The Vega and Astre are two of only lour GM car lines that are selling in '. lower volume in the 1976 ; model year than they were 1 at the s a m e time last · year. 1 It has been a slow sales ·.year for almost all of. the ; industry's subcompacls. State drivers break record :; for gas use - SACRAMENTO (AP) ; Californians set an a l l - · time record for gasoline .-use in January when 847 · million gallons were con- .sumed, state officials said ·Thursday. I The S l a t e B o a r d of .- Equalization reported that ^the January figure was 4.7 · per cent greater t h a n 'January 1975 and a whop- xping 11.7 per cent increase ^ovefr January 1914, the * peak of the energy crisis. ' The 7-cent-a-gallon tax ^on refiners, importers and ^wholesalers brought the * stale $59.3 million in Janu- ,-ary, Ihe board said. 1 Although January was a ·record for the monlh. it .·was a 4 per cent decline ·/rom the nearly 883 million gallons consumed in ·December 1975, the board Isaid. IShop where the bargains vire . . . today's Classified lAds. Use them to sell too! 'HE 2-5950 but the Vega, which has been harder hit than most, is lagging 41 per cent behind a year ago. Astre sales are off nine per cent from their 1975 model year pace. The Lordslown p l a n t has been down this week lor inventory adjustment It had been producing 1,160 cars a day on two shifts and production was to have been resumed on Monday at a rate of 1,120. But elimination of the second shifl will reduce d a i l y production to 680 cars. Ford Motor Co.'s Melu- chcn, N.J., plant, which also builds subcompact cars, is scheduled lo be down next week, idling its hourly work force of 1,300 for one week only. Ford Pintos and Mercury Bobc a t s a r c p r o d u c e d a t Meluchen. At the same time, the No. 2 automaker will recall 275 hourly workers at scattered manufacturing and assembly plants from indefinite layoffs. Both Chrysler Corp. and American Motors C o r p . a r e scheduling n o r m a l assembly operations at all of their U.S. car and truck plants for next week. \ Easy to Find I Buyers for I Hard | to Find Car ·'· Chuck Johnston. 5229 Cora- iijlite Ave., billed his '64 S Chevy wagon for sale £ through an Independent :·: Press-Telegram Classified ·:· ad as "hard to find." :·: Maybe the car, but not a ·;· buyer! Shortly after Ihe ad : : : appeared, the wagon was 2 sold. ij: finding buyers for j u s t ·:· about anything from rare ·: cars !o old garden eo/jip- :· mcnt is easy when you de- ·Jpend on I n d e p e n d e n t : : Press-Telegram Classifieds. 432-5959 is the ·:| number to call to place :·: your ad. P r C i 1-373-* [\^1 rational WHEN THE FIR FLIES KELLER ALUMINUM WINDOWS Sturdy anodUod frames. Myriads of sizes (wall, maybo half a myriad), Keller moans good. 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Tempered glass. 2x4 2x6 2x8 2x10 2x12 4x4 4x6 4x8 4x10 4x12 8 FT. 1.2O 1.84 2.8O 3.44 4.24 2.8O 4.24 5.52 6.96 8.56 10 FT. 1.5O 2.30 3.5O 4.30 5.3O 3.5O 5.3O 6.9O 8.7O 1O.7O 12 FT. 1.8O 2.76 4.2O 5.16 6.36 4.2O 6.36 8.28 1O.44 12.84 14 FT. 2.1O 3.22 4.90 6.O2 7.42 4.9O 7.42 9.66 12.18 14.98 16 FT. 2.4O 3.68 5.6O 6.88 8.48 5.6O 8.48 11.04 13.92 17.12 18 FT. 2.7O 4.14 6.30 7.74 9.54 6.3O 9.54 12.42 15.66 19.26 20 FT. 3.OO 4.6O 7.OO 8.6O 1O.6O 7.OO 1O.6O 13.8O 17.4O 21.4O INTERIOR DOORS 1 H" THICK BY BO" HIGH HARD BD.MAHOG. ASH 24 7" 28 8" ao 9" 32 10" 36 11" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" 11" 13" 15" 17" 19" BIRCH 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" PRESTONEII ANTIFREEZE 33 GAL. WHILE STOCK LASTSI Hollow core doors with 4 dtlloronl laces (llko Barotlci?) Roady lo mount with your hlngos, otc. Koeps I ho radiator from froozlng In tho winter, and from boiling ovor In tho aummor (or la It boiling In tho winter, or?) UNFINISHED BIRCH PULLMAN WITH TOP You can finish it In whatever stylo you llko. 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CONCRETE MIX About a buck a bag (ralhor a calchy slogan, oh?). For around-lho- houio concrete work. 99 AMERICAN WATER HEATER Glass-lined and guaranteed. Complete with shut-oft valve. 00 7AOO OO°° / Tf«GAL Tf TWG 1x6 DOUGLAS FIR SHEATHING What I! I was to toll you that I don't know what this stull is used lor? (Wo wouldn't bo surprised.) FT. WATER HEATER HOUSE You have a house, the dog has a house, why shouldn't your water heater? 19 88 BELLFLOWERI CARSON I LA MfflADA IHWRNGTON I SOUTH GATE 17326 WoodruH I 2045 E. Cawbn 112841 Valley View I BEACH I DOWNEY 17326 WoodruH I 2045 E. Carson · I2B4I Valley View i BLACK I WWIIJtJI I B l k . N o r t h I Bajween Wilmington I Corner Impertal I 19122 Brbokhur.l I 5645 E. Fire.tonc OlSwrVSl I ^Tollr I ('TM^Tilo I C~«*£?* I «' 3 ' «*» TORRANCE 25415 Crenshaw tmiUtlYD. I ^ 10 -flJx WEEKDAYS 9to9 SAT. 4 SUN. 9106 AdOood thro Mar. 4. 1978

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