Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 11
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Trickery, Hate Laid to Hill Legion By VINT MADER Charges on which Signal Hill American Legion facts trial for it* life win hinge on a claim that its leaden i n v o k e d parliamentary tricks to make a platform for hate messages. The Independent learned exclusively Friday. A charge that meetings "would be adjourned, colors retired and Legion caps removed" and then the stage given over to racists is contained in a California state Legion committee report that had been kept under wraps since last June. The majority r e p o r t , which largely forms the basis of a 10-page indictment against the post, was released by C. Eunice Monroe, the post commander. along with a more lenient minority report. The 10-page complaint, which would confiscate Signil HilTs charter as a Legion post if it is sustained by a state Legion court scheduled to try the post April 4, accuses Signal Hill of committing "an of the acts specified, designated or found in said report" that was made by two members of the three-man' special committee. The majority report, rendered by Marcus Muskat. chairman, and Clarence Byson, recommended that the Legion's California department commander "take appropriate action to forthwith revoke the charter of Signal Hill Post 490 ..." The minority report filed by the third member of the special investigating committee, San Diego Attorney George Fisher, agreed with a cumber of the majority's allegations, but r e c o m mended that the post first be closely observed during six m o n t h s ' probation. Then, Fisher wrote, "should these matters cot be eliminated, proper charges be preferred against the post and a trial had." The two reports arose from a hearing at which Mrs. Monroe said she and other members of the Signal Hill post testified for four hours June IS. 1963. their sworn evidence being recorded on tape. The Muskat-Byson report was dated June 19 and Fisher's June 21. The hearing was held in Patriotic Hall. Los Angeles. the some site to which the post is summoned for its trial on the formal complaint issued by William K. Kreitz of Inglewood, California department c o m- mander, and Jack A. Stockman, of San Francisco, department adjutant. The Muskat-Byson document, which is attached to the complaint ai an exhibit. is the only of the two re- port mentioned by Kreitr and Stockman B o t h reports, though, concur that "the chief objection presently" is to Col. William P. Gate, leader of a shadowy group of armed guerrillas known as the California Rangers. Both condemn as "improper" an address they state Gale gave to post members March 19, 1963. Full-Time Watchman Guards Single Dollar ; By MARK CLUTTER A security patrolman stands constant watch over a lone silver dollar in the Municipal Auditorium. It is just a plain 1911 Canadian buck. It is the sole occupant of a glass display case. The patrolman stands watch because the dollar happens to be worth $100,000. It is one of three of its kind known to exist in the world. The Long Beach owner prefers to remain anonymous- Bandits like to know the names and addresses of people who own such valuables. · · · · THE COIN IS far and away the most expensive cf the many expensive items in the first annual Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exposition, which opened Friday and will continue through Monday. The show, sponsored by dealers Ray Lundgren of Los Angeles, and "Trader" Sam Frudakis of Long Beach, is big business. There are 117 American dealers, five Canadians, two Mexicans and a Briton present Frudakis estimated the coins and stamps on display have a total market value of $9 million. "We hope to do about J5 million worth of business," he said. · » · · THE SOUTHLAND is the heart of the numismatics business, he said, which in the country as a whole amounts to more than SI million per day. As an example of the scope of the business, he pointed out that teletypes link 700 dealers. "One of the coins of greatest interest now is the Kennedy half-dollar," he said. "The proof coins have been over-subscribed. Right now they are worth $3 each, although they haven't yet been issued. They will rise to $10 up to J14 in a few weeks, dealers think." LBSC COEDS Nine Vic ior Queen oi Hearts Nine Long Beach State Co! lege coeds will compete for the title of Queen of Hearts! at a charity ball Feb. 2S to: close out the 1964 Long Beach Heart Fund campaign. Candidates are Pat Parker, Barbara Konisar, Dianne Eos-' co, Lynda Williamson and Uonnie Thornton, all of Long Beach; Susan O'Neill, Garden Grove; Dianne Curley, Dow-j r.ey, Mary Lou Batrg, Los Alamitos. and Shelley Lessm, 1 Torrance. Dorm Manager Sought in Theft of Coeds' Rent --*!·« Photo $100,023 DOLLAR is displayed by Mrs. Dorothy Geisherscn, of Philadelphia, at the Long Beach Coin ar.d Stamp Exposition now in Municipal Auditorium. The rare Canadian buck, guarded by special police is one of three known to exist M. F. Joseff Seeks Demo Nomination Mark F. Joseff, Downey attorney. Friday announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for Congress in jthe 23rd District. Joseff described himself as conservative on the right to own, sell and lease property. He took a survey in the 23rd District, he said, and learned the majority of the people [are opposed to. any legislation similar to the Rumford Fair Housing Act. "The function of govern- Assessor Promotes Local Men Independent TTtr SimlfilaniTt M FtHftl Mor«rw" brvifHiprr **, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 22. I9M -P»ge B-l HYDROGEN-FLUORINE FUEL Douglas Urges More Power for Rockets A new upper-stage rocket booster providing 30 percent more thrust was proposed here Friday for all U. S. rockets by scientists of the Douglas Missile and Space Systems Division. Douglas scientists said the new rocket would bum a combination of liquid hydrogen and liquid fluorine. They described this as the "ultimate" in today's chemical rocket fuels, and would replace the ccmmonry used oxygen-hydrogen fuel. Although designed as a top stage for the Thor family of missiles, the new vehicle could be used on the Atlas. . Titan and Saturn launch rockets. The rocket stage would be 10 feet in diameter and SO feet in length. It would be powered by a single hy- - drogen-fluorine engine generating 35.000 pounds of thrust. U would be fueled by 15 tons of propellant. . 1 P-T Ln Anockl lur«M Four local-area men serving ment is to provide security with the county assessor's of^i f o r each individual in fice have been promoted to^ um ?". a ? d Proper n S positions as principal apprais-: Jo f, eff1saul - .. . crs j Although the purchase of County Assessor Philip E., a tome !s ' m °" e sense Watson announced Friday the;P r °P ertv *** jt " mofe ' men were among 17 in his ««rcise of the deepest kind of human right," he added. real estate division to be ad vanced. Clinton E. Evans, of 2315 "A home is not merely a Charlemagne Ave., has been^* 11 * promoted to principal appraiser for Regional Office 15 collection of wood, and plumbing put ton a parcel of land. 15 Testify Fired Officer Did Good Job in CHP Fifteen members of the^was fired from the CHP be*|California Highway Patrol cause he didn't respond to said Friday they considered a,pressure and failed to write f veteran member of the force enough tickets to please hisj fired for inefficiency a "good supervisor*. . 1 " '? 'TM' P U « of !l n S .l its in! P" tion - TM* cement, officer." A hearing dealing wiih a request for reinstatement cf Thomas J. Mulligan, 38, of Costa Mesa, was continued until Thursday at SuXl aja. in the Orange County Corn- in the Long Beach County Building,-415 W. Ocean Blvd. . , . . . He had been holding the posi- «"**»* - t J m P cred ,*^ - - tion en a temporary barfi , Joseff . Mld i he T "^ v""! ; . , , . of our time is the nght of| . . JACK E. MOTLEY, of W^ family to ««:« «d oeeopy -«n«t»n, | its home, free from any mter j iference by either public agen private associations." fice 1!, located at St, Downey. He had been act ing principal appraiser at the Pomona office. Daniel Blatt, Los Angeles, After two diys of hearings attorneys for Mulligar, fired [Dec. IS after eight years as !a member of the CHP, began their defense arguments for reinstatement, dent of the Downey Chamber Under questioning by at Chosen E. F, McCulIum, past presi- Office 13 at 212 S. Acacia St, Compton. He had been acting principal appraiser. Leonard J. Wheeler, of 1*827 Turlock Road, LaMira- da, becomes principal appraiser at Regional Office 14 at 1019 S. Pacific Ave, San' Pedro. i Watson said the appoint-Uj meats are aimed at staffing! J regional offices, as far as pos-j| sible, with appraisers who | lire! in the area and are fa-| J miliar with local conditions.! 4 Realtors, has been named.California ,--,,-chairman of the chamber's Association, all officer! called zoning committee. ill be in charge of Regional of Commerce and Board ofjtomey Loren Smith of The " - - · · - · " " " State Employees vail officer! called! to the stand said they considered Mulligan a good officer although he had the reputation as a writer of few traffic tickets- Mulligan has contended he Cdnsalvcs Unopposed J Joe A. Gonsalves, freshman' J assemblyman from the G6lh £ District, will be unopposed 4 for'.the Democratic p a r t y , nomination in the June pri-!| mary as no other candidate' ON STAGE -- -Oh Men, Oh Women," 8:30 p.m. Community Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St. Take Her, She's Mine," 8:30 p.m, Mag- |]be 75 percent effective nolia Theater, 2400 Mag- ' - - - - - nolia Ave. "Irma La Douce." 8:30 pjn.. Off- f'night. 'Stop Smoking* Clinic Starling A revolutionary five-day stop smoking" clinic, said to LBSC Lifts Seal Beach Hall's OK By ANDY PARK Seal Beach police Friday issued a warrant charging two counts of grand theft-felony .for Frank Silone, 33, manager of a Long Beach State College - approved off - campus coed dormitory. Silone. and his wife. Joan. 25, were managers of Larsen Hall, a lanai-type apartment building at 1310 Electric Ave, Seal Beach. The r e s i d e n c e housed 17 coeds during the faU semester and 13 had registered Feb. 3 for the spring 'semester. Silone is charged in the warrant issued by the Orange 'County District Attorney's of - fice with "misapplying in ex- 'cess of $200" in funds re- 'ceived from two girls for room rent. · · * · INVESTIGATION by Detective Sergeant A. R- Chase of · the Seal Beach police re- 'vealed that: --The S11 o n e s have not been seen at the hall since Feb. 17. --A student manager of the hall had to get a bank to cash a check made out to the Silones to buy food for the hall. --Electricity in the hall had .been turned off by the Edison Co. at the close cf the fall semester, and was still off when the spring semester started. --Silone had served a prison sentence from Aug. 26. I960 to June 29, 1963. for forgery and had escaped from Chino minimum security [prison, was recaptured and sentenced to San Qucntin. j --Only a personal interview | had been required by LBCC 'officials before certifying Mr. land Mrs. Silone to operate A 22-year-old visitor from England filed a $150.000.Larsen Hall. darnape chim Friday apainM the City of Um~ Beach for Fran * B o w m a n , L B 5 C injuries suffered in a traffic crash involving a taiicab and housing coordinator, said Fn- a fork-lift truck. | !*»* that every effort was John H. Stothard, of 71 j, jre(1 in the mi ^ p i in . 15 being made by the college t» Partick L a n e , Sunderland, 1 ' p i _. ...,,,,,, in , h , Kirhrr lrelOCate the P .. · charged the city with negli-^" P *° A ' f n u t m the '"'^college-approved h o u s m p . gence in allowing a danger.; 451 TM'- |Those in financial straits who ous and defective condition.) According tr the police re- lacked rent money were be- IHe said he was gravely in- port Stothard was a passcn-,' n S "ded by the college, ger in the cab. which collided ^ w TM n f' d . . . with an overhanging section | w A LETTER sent Thurs- of the truck. The vehicle is day to the parents of Larsen -- Sl«tf PtlfltB ON THE BEACH are Long Beach State Collese coeds Jerri Perez, 17, front; Sherrie Lauerman, 18, of Whittier, left; ar.d Joell Woods, 20, of Redlands. The girls were among 13 coeds forced to move from a Seal Beach apartment- dormitory Friday when the manager left town with their rent, and left them unsupemscd. The college was providing the coeds with housing Friday. $150,000 Claim by Visitor From England Names Cily previous trials, begins its sec-j ;|ond run m Torrance Sunday: Broadway Theater, 211 line Ave. CONCERT -- L o n g Beach Symphony Or- submitted a declaralxm of in-' ; chestra. 8 p.rrt, Miliikaa ^ offered without charge all tent during the filing period.'^ Hfgh School auditorium, f Torrance Recreation Center/ of voters. '.' · -: ^-.,.....-,.-.-..»-.TM.-^'drona Avenue. f ! The program, sponsored ( J by the Southern California | Council of Seventh-day Ad-! .ventist Churches, will be UNUSUAL IIEACII SHELLS Beachx^mbers zre finding a different kind of shell on the strands at Sunset Reach and Sun'side these days, like these six unfired .30-caliber cartridges plucked up by Liz FitzGerald of Sunset beach. She turned them over to Orange County's sheriffs office Friday. The shells apparently are contained in sand and mud dredged from Naval Weapons Depot, Seal Beach, and dumped on the receding beaches. ftO DEGHEKS I.H. Wariiu'.-l in the III owned by the city but leased Hall coeds. Bowman said: ' -- It was H) degrees in Long Beach Friday, and if you would have preferred a little warmer weather, you v.-ould have had to leave the continental VS. to find it. Honolulu was 83, but that hardly counts because it's so much nearer the Equator and, cf course, it isn't on the continent. Maybe it was too warm for you. Well, you could have had the other extreme. At International Falls in Minnesota, it got down tl I7belowiero. The weatherman says it'll be warm again in Long Beach today, with a high near 79. JHall am removing Ijrsen from the . . . list of (o a sevedoring firm, police M * approved housing. i Stothard was treated at a j -| irn Kn y t( inform you hospital for cut* on the face that all minor students now and a possible skull fracture, residing in Larsen Hail will The cab driver, Arthur Wil-,** required to _move to ap- son. suffered minjr head bc-V 10 TM*^ .erationj, and | era tor, Frank injured, police reported- Satellite Will l'a«* Ovr r I-ong Hrac h to approving their management cf Larsen HaH, Bowman said. They were vouched for ,by the (Hairs) previous own- 'er, and Mrs. Silone'l foster- father, a USC professor. The 37,700-pound Satunvvouchcd for her." satellite will be visible in Bowman said no financial tLtmg Beach skies at 6:31 p.m. or character check was made .today and at 609 p m. Sun- because "nor.e is required" 'day. "We are going to review I It will appear in the southour procedures to prevent land move toward the north-] any recurrence cl thil sort of 'west on an elevation about 16 ( thing. however," B o w m a n degrees above the horizon. [said.

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