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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, February 21, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY v f?REE PRESS 'The sEock: was followed )byi an. InflM; Donald 'clung .to 'the edge, of the .nlte suspense.- "Perhaps It 'lasted''for -boat and'scrambled in.'"He saw the <wo seconds. The .cruiser drove { a . mBZe d recognition flame out on Wa's through the waves like some sea moa-'' "" ' »ter that had received a'deadly thrust •wucathed. ttheh, with a detonation that was 'lieard from Samburgh to Sutherland, >«fae went sky-high la tumbling ruin. Ikmnld, within the conning tower, saw ••» blur frost the mirror" of the .perl- "•cope. ~ '* • '.-.-..•' . / •, : ' .. Another second r passed^ Then- .the •VSS went reeling nhder the'terrific lorce of the explosion. She spun found under the waves and thrilled as If she herself faced-disruption. ". The bilge-pumps c cleared her diving tanks. She rose, . nose upward, scent- Ing the air; her stern followed, and "She lay awash in the water once.more. 3Che hatches wore removed. Not a vestige of the cruiser was to be seen.- : . She had sunk -la less thaa three minutes. • '-'-.But hard by, not three-quarters of : o. mlie.tb.port, a.pillar of smoke, lit •cp by flame, curled out of the Beotia's hatches. Deeming her the submarine's decoy, the cruiser's gunners, had riddled her with shells-from the'two'12- tach guns at the bow. She seemed to stagger through the smoke that wreathed her. She was dying by 'fire, and water, too, and the twin elements! in.their eternal conflict, recked nothing, of her. human freight. And Ida was ; there—Ida, doomed to perish,'if she were not already dead, unless help speedily came! , Donald, took the helm. The F55 rushed through the waves in the direction of the Claude liner, which listed hard, to starboard. , Two :boats had , already been, launched, and . bobbed ridiculously heslfie, her; others remained high up in the air, impotent, because the list prevented their being lowered, and dashed themselves to pieces against the hull as they swung "from the shattered dsivits. .As the F55 drew near the ocean •eemed to open. Silently, softly, the convexity of the hull slipped down and •was lost to view as the sun's edge foes Into the horizon. A swirl and r..1" the, nofei> pt tne^wo'TJoats; and floU-like figures that bobbed in the water. - A gasp of horror went up from the throats of the seamen, clustered upon •the deck of the F55, as the swirl sucked down the boat that was the nearer to the maelstrom of the wreck. It sucked . down with all its living freight and,. spewed. .it forth into the air again, end pn— ;einpty. The engines stopped; .The submarine glided in. . The single boat seemed -empty. No ! There was a woman aboard, and a man pulling wildly upon one oar. . Donald took in the situation instantly. -He turned to his aid, Davies, a Jlttle, keen-faced middy who was making his first voyage in command ol •men. "Tow us, or run for .Fair island!" fee cried.' Then, flinging off his 'coat, he leaped. A few strokes cnrrjed him, to tha •wWrllng boaf/Arid/now he realized that he had known. all .aiong that tha face. He knew then that she loved him, and' his 'impulse to se'lze her In his arms was almost ungovernable. . : • But at the' same Instant, looking past;her Into, the ,800, he .experienced •the same illusion that had beset him within the house in ' Baltimore, and again outside (Itrrrthat of a woman's misty; form Outlined upon the,'water! Donald made tf cup of his hands. \ "Davlesv 'fling: 'but a rope I" 'he bawled. . : But the submarine was some distance, away, and :In,- a moment a wall of fog, came down, blotting her out. Ida ' Kennedy watched Donald with approval. She had always liked him; shaken, as she was now, his advent seemed the work of Providence. She had questioned her heart before she sailed,, for. she : had known;- that her future was of -''tier >own 'choosing, whether it was to be spent with him or-no. — . ....... .. " , Donald continued to-call loudly, but the F55 was drifting in the mist and quite .invisible. It was in fear of this ^sudden happening that Donald had told Davies to make for Fair island if he could not get a rope to the boat. "Fair isi'nrid," less than six' miles .away, :^'>ya^. , the -secret rendezvous wher.e"/fh"e'i'6]il-slup./and' biplane were to await 'tlie F55, the 'former to replenish fuel supply, the latter to accpaipany. her back to the mother ehip. ' ' I Donald picked up a pair of oars from the. bottom. He realized that he n-ould have to pull toward Fair island alone as. soon as. he- got an inkling of Its direction, with the cliance of being picked up by the submarine when the Cog cleared. But it was approaching sundown, and the probabilities of their spending the night in the boat seemed strong. He sat with the oars in the rowlocks. As he allowed one to drift through the water he discovered, to liis surprise, that it was apparently plunged into a mass of some j'ellylike substance. He dipped his hand into It nnd scooped some of -it up. - --- BILL TO PERMIT 2.75 ,BEER Congressman Minahan (Dem.) of New • Jersey Also Asks for 10 Per Cent Wine. DEAL FOR SHIPS Had llo Agreement to Sell German Liners to British, He Says. SENDS MESSAGE TO SENATE NOTICE ., ss; in - Mr..' a!nd v Mra/Hait.CliaTk 1 >and,-',chil-v//-^'';'"": '"'" :; VTT~- .'. - .-'.-". - •'- dren : oll'ttUinjOcaineUip-'Suiwa^ s 'few dayVvisit. ••'..-' '•-,;. / :•'• "• •;•'.• . '•' ii' /•?; 'P'/^^a^ler,. ..County ;eierkt;i_ Mike : DUlow>ot Carfcondale 'was- a'•: and for, the County aridWState: afore Cobden Yisltor'bne day?Utre=pa»t,iveek. sald >- DO, ^HEREBY: CERTIFY -''that Fount Giinti, who is-worktog-at West' f- ^ ;; Ethertoa 'did-gn the: days: here Frankfort, camevhpihe Friday with the! ; , lna£ . ter : set'i.fprth ;between the hours flu. He Is getting along nicely.- ',/.• -: °f 9,;o'clock:.av m.-and;fo'cldckvp; .m:, /School.ciosed: this week "onaccount,/ 0 * ' the - r( >!?Pective. days,,-,5urchase,'at' of flu.: A-number -havebeett?flerlouBly"|. -public -auction .atvthe- C6.urt:'Hpuse, in ill but no ^deaths; ,, / , ,/V;' • /' I Murphysboro;-. -in-said •/..County," the James Fbiwley," who" was taken. to/. Lands- and;. Town.Bota betow: described, Holden' Hospital -:a-t Carbondale "Mast:, situated ,in;ahe-said.Cojinftr, of Jackson, ' week, died Saturday '. and was-iburiea', "HvtBe taxes,-;,special (assessniehtis;. Inhere Monday,'- V" • .'' : . : : '''-..: l : er 9* i !<:, a P a costs .due ;therebn.;; for the •n .Tr.M.An^-.*.-. n .lm.; !n..iw'nwVjnn* '«* Vear. A: 'Df Nill^tepn: TTlin^rcwl: an j\ • Q<iw_ Washington, Pel). 21.— Amendment of the .Volstead prohibition enforcement net so as lo permit the states, hy referi?ndmns, to authorize stile of 2.7o per cent heer find '10 per cent wine, \vas proposed in u hill introduced by Representative Miiiahan (Dem.), New .Tersey. •"My Bill," said Mr. • Jtynnhnn, "merely provides for a Kane, reiiSfjnnlile nnjl logical method of entorcing'-tlie .prohibition .constitutional .amendment. "It is utterly repugnant to the American spirit to impose arbitrary and rigid restrictions as to their persona! habits upon the American people ; in a particular community! wnen they are 'manifestly contrary, to the .wishes of the people of that community." There Was a Woman Aboard and a Man Pulling Wildly at-One Oar. girl in it was Ida, miraculously saved out of the great company of those who | bad died, His heart beat a pean of' joy; at the sight of her his love awak- , ened, and he knew that this was'no • transient passion, but an enduring one. But just as he reached'the boat he saw the. sailor at the oar stagger blindly toward the edge.. It seemed as if he -were being dragged overboard against ails.. will I 1 He whirled his arms and ^plunged into. the. deep with a hoarse *ry that rang out far above the waters. j CHAPTER V. ••-•!•- '..'''. '•'••'—'••••'••' 3& '.j .The Sea of Jelly. w ••' He,sank llke;a;.stone. No glimpse of Jibn cooid : be Lad.-' No rescue was-posr - : Feb. 16. Mrs. A. L. Harshai is visiting relatives. in- Murphysbord. . iMr.ana Mrs.W.A. Seyferth of Murphysboro spent .. Saturday- with .their son, Chas. Seyferth's, fam'ily..The Seyferth children, who have been -SB* ously ill jWith measles .and pneumonia are .improving..,' .Dr. F. B. Hiller' of' Pin'ckneyville was -here Friday aud removed the- tonsils for-Marea Woodward and Opal Wisely. ... The last news from Harry Grain was the doctors thought him out of danger. T: B. Thomas, manager of the Allard-Rude Mer. ., Co., was . detained a few days last iveek at 'his home in Murphysboro oil account of illness. tors. England and grandson, Geo. Harrison of Gorard are visiting their daughter and -aunt, ^Irs. Roy'Allard, and -family. .*..-' Miss Prudence Seyferth of MUT- physboro was a visitor here Sunday. Theodore -and Walter Harsha oE Dowell spent Sunday with home folks. Prof. Cupp will take his high school pupils .to . Carbondale this week to at-teiid the' "Farmers' and Household Science institute with the object of promoting .the work in agriculture. The funeral of the nin'e monthhs old daughter of Mr. and Mrs—Will Oreek- paum -was held ' at the "U. B. church Saturday. Rev. "W.-Q. Albert officiated. Interment in . the German -cemetery near DeSoto. The babe had :me,asles then a relapse, developing pneumonia. Miss Lucinda Carlisle, county Sun-' day schaal field worker, 'held an efficiency conference for Vergetfnes township workers .here Sunday evening. Those in attendance were Luther. Bradley, ~ Ben" Porter, -Roy vAllard,. Claude Bradley, Mrs. W. F. Robersori, Mrs. Bessie! Bradley, Miss Vesta Schimpf ;and Mrs: Mildred Robinson. Miss J , Car lisle •will. ,go. . into , asyL -hold. i efficiency conferences 'in ' every vtown- .siiip in'the county, doping to standardr "••ise/tlie county. j_ .'A- . •:• ' ••.'••'.' ' ''••' ; '- Trankmito '/With "Not* a Copy of an ~ Important' Propoced' Agreement In ~ ; Effort to Furhl«h~AII Infor^ \ i matlon on/Subject. ~ Washington, Feb. 21.—-President Wilson In reply'to Senator Briuide- gee's resolution, informed the senate ajat he had 'not' 1 entered''"into'-''any 'agTeement' or : uhderstahdlng wlth'bftV cTals'of Great'Britain'concerning the 'sale - of former German'<llners; seized In, American ports^:: nor; ! luuL he-entered' ; Into j any .agreement far understanding with respect: to what disposition, should: be made of/them by .the United.'. States. .' ' /.'/ At the'saine time he transmitted to the"senate a copy of a "proposed agreement" : between the allied and- associated governments at-Paris; 'under which each is to retain as its own :"the complete title to and use of all ships captured,. seized . or . detained during the war as a war measure," and to .."own the same free from any claim of any of the allied or associated governments." Pian of-Distribution. This agreement further provides that In case the ships so retained by any allied or associated government are Jn excess of the claims of such governments for war losses in merchant ships such government shall not make a claim for. a share o£ other ships ceded under the treaty of peace. Ships so ceded will be distributed among the other governments on the basis of ton for ton and class for class of the ships lost and-not replaced by the enemy vessels seized or captured by them during the war. It also provides that since the ships to be retained by the United States, Brazil, China, Cuba and Siam would exceed their claims for merchant tonnage lost the cornjnissiion shall determine a reasonable value of the excess and that those countries shall pay such sums to the commission for the credit of Germany in making reparation for -war losses of merchant ships. The' president said that while he felt -confident that congress would make the disposal of the funds to which he had agreed he had as authority to bind It to that act,-"but must depend upon its taking the same, view in the matter that Is taken by the 1 Joint signatories of this agree-' ment." Text of Message. The president's message .to the senate; follows: •'.'•• "I have tlie lionor to acknowledge the receipt of a resolution passed by th'2 senate on FQbmai.-y 14 requesting the president to inform;. that, body 'n-aether any. nnd if so,;what agree- ment'or-understanding exists between him nnd officials of Great-Britain concerning the disposition byl.'^he United States of America of jthe German ships which the shipping-Board is proposing to'sell, or \vhich were acquired by the United States afteVthe termination ' of hostilities - between said 'United States' and the central European Teutonic powers.-' j ; ' "The ships for the purchase of which • bids have been aiked by the shipping board, were raten over" -by executive orders issued;.pursuant, to the .Jdint.-.resolution of \ congress o'f May .12, 1917, authorizing {the president to take over for!'the United -States the possession anditltle' o'f any ye'ssel within its Jurisdiction, under enemy ownership, or unbersthe registry of an enemy country.' (The gov- ieminent of-:the . United •, States Js-_,-not in. possession, of any ex-Gsrman veS- sels. except, those taken,-over under this resolution. ' I "Under" an armistice agreement between the German: government .and the allied and associated:powers certain German vessels were pken over primarily for the transport j>f food to Europe, including Germans nnd for the transportation of troops. OC the tonnafr'e. so taken over, .corrain passenger vessels \vere fillncjiSsd to tlie United States temporarily f|r the purpose of' repatriating Am^-ican soldier's. When the transportation of our troops was-completed!. S'liGse vessels were nil surrendered In accordance with tlie ngreemenMiifler which they were temporarily v aIBJcate<l .to .this government for Knch- use. "There is not nor 1ms cliere been any agreement o_r untlbrsi|indinK he ; tween the -president of,, the United States and officials of|Gr^at Britain concerning the .sale of Ihe.W-Gerriiiui: vessels in possession ^i(, (he United States, nor .is, there anj^aareeinent or- understanding with rel^eSt to what disposition shall be nlade of those .ships by the United Staief ; Gives Full Infoi-rnation. • "I believe the . abovei information- fully.,?answers the: senate inquiry. However^ I am transmitting herewith a draft of a .proposed* auderstanding in regard to ex-enemy {merchant tonnage^to which I haydigiven- assent, subject to,..future; actioii. pi:.-congress,' T> • ;; who/is-^working at Mounds;: .came, up andjspen't-.Sunday here; with'.his \rtfe..•"!••:' • . •••'.....:•• :.•••>.-;, -. Ktrs.' LaVyer-r.Tweedy.", was::;burted here Sa.tur,day.'; ,She 1 i.eaves.a < and 6, children; the youngeBt'.J"-*" week ehteen;';X«nd;'prior, years if,'any)- and paid as purchase money;;pn'; each trabt or: lot the; total' amount .'ot< ^^taxes, special assessments, /interest'/' aid' costs thereon as stated herein opposite' 'the ' I^UllULDUt- WJ«p JT U U11&T7D 1< JM.OI- " «W . - „ - . ;. - — — 7 .— -r-. — -—jj. — M.'tf." «—-V, "** old. Much .sympathy .is fe'lt' : for description cf ^each: tract;,dr lot. • isliand'and children::'!'/: '/"': : 'Date df.Sale-4June I0fl918.' y s ;v the husTJa-nd'and ch'il ,., . .. •>Mrs:Wili Spouce died'bere' Thursday. . 'Peseription-vjCity or. Village:, of .Car- bonaale.j pafcland Heights Addition. Bast 8ide;-8'ewei7'.!dt:-'49'.''.T ""•-'. --.'-.. • Ait any. time latter,.' the ^eipirationbt twoj years • af t^r the ' I this iale the; above-named purchaseri bis heir B She was taken to Pomona for: Burial, •• - ' '• •' • '' •'•-••'••• '-. •'•" NEW HOPE;, Feb.. 16. On. account' ot-the fluvscare church . _, „ at New Hbpe was Hot: quite, so well ? r aligns, will upon apphcatioa and """ 1 •attended W"e hope for. ibetter-attend- compliance; wnn the provisions of law i ance-next meeting.-/- i/'/v . , .pertaining;-'thereto^h Opal and Sibyl Grain of S. I.-N. ,TT. ^.. ^conveyance 4 ,__ spent over. Sunday with home, folks , 'ateiierein described which shall have * •-.<•:•: •»•-.,.*_,-v./ !_...••.:_*. ,.,: not been redeemed; on account of /the blizzard/ and ill health they will '.not .return to school for a few days • ' v Floyd Hushing of ; Cburaty U-ne . viait-' ed New^Hope schbol'.Friday. ' ' ^. Provided,, that £ he holder of .this certfflcate take, out said deed as entitled by l * w - a ? a - ?J e * he same, for recfrf d : w'ith- ' n ° ne V from and after the time .. Mr.- and' Mrs; Harvey Gentry of 'this' for/exemption expires, the slaid c.ertifl; ' ' . place attended the-' funeral of v their'. .^ e ° r de , ed ?°*- th f sale upon, •brother-in-law, Perry Cannon, : Satnr- lt -« ' baBed,,shall, from- and after/the • expiration of such one year be absolutely null. ' day. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I' have unto' set-iny- hand- aud • affixed : my- of- Wje are sorry'to learn of the serious ill-ness of.Mrs.- Lottie. Craig.She will ! be remembered as Lottie Gentry .of ., •-..... , -~ . - -this place. She has: pneumonia: ficial seal., JJoneat my office mMur- Rev. McMiim returned - home ''..Sim-- » h j s * )0 ' r0 ' £."> IWh day of June A. D. rlav havinir tn close his meetinsron Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen. acc y ounrof E the to ***** j '• raXOTDD. .THIBJlOth day^'June A. D. 1918 of J. M. Etherton,'the sum of One Dollar and 35 Cents/the amount of purchase money on. the- aJbove tract'or lot qt. land. ' - '•::• • j •'•',. ..J-H.Boos, . ; County Collector'; Tacksoa County, Illinois. ' Floyd -Wray was in Brogress-on business a few days last week. N. J. .Grain and sonv Bernard, were business visitors in Carbondale Friday. ''. " -. r , .• .Joani Watson and son, Myron, took dinner at G. D. Wray's Thursday. : Mrs. Albert Rendleman is able to be up-at this writing; . DUTCH VOTE TO JOIN LEAGUE Second Chamber- Also Interprets Phrases of Holland's Adherence to the Pact. The Hague, Feb. 21. —The second chamber of the Dutch parliament voted 57 to Ti, in favor ot Holland's en- tranffe to the League of Nations.' -At the .snme time it adopted- a resolution ^placing interpretations on nome phases of Holland's ndheren-ie to the lengne.' ' ' TAX SALE NOTICE Assessed in the name of L. R. Harrington.. TAX SALE NOTICE State of Illinois, Jackson County, ss. •I, H. -A.-.Hagler,. Couaty Clerk-, <in and. for the County" and State aforesaid, DO. HEREBY' CERTIFY That Albert Twisdale did on the days hereinafter set forth between the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock ;p. m., (ot the respective days,- Purchase at public auction; at the' Court House,, in Murphysboro, in said County, the Lands and Town Lots below described, situated in the said County oJ Jackson, for the taxes, special assessments, interest, and costs due, thereon, for the. year A. D. Nineteen Hundred and Sev-' enteen (and prior years 'if any) and paid as purchase money on each, tract or lot the total amount of taxes, special ..^assessments, inter.estT-.and"' coats' State of Illinois, Jackson County, ss; I thereon as stated: herein opposite'the/ I, H. A. Hagler, County •' Clerk, in . description of. each tract or lot. and for the County and State afore-1 Date of Sale—June 10; 1918. said, ..DO HEREBY CERTIFY. That I Description^City .or village o£ Po- J. M. Etherton did on the. days here-j mona, E% sectiqn..2, town 10, ranges, LAUK4 K. OtTKOPATIMC PHYftlCIAH Uiud»r-Nteho!« BMg. W, W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL Of PICK DR. J.W: BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUIUMlfe • to 11 A. M. >nd t • P. • HAMILTON & BRADLET I" *t L*w "1 K! H*w HmnlKon MMtaf DELIA CALDWELiv M. IV -v ; . , M«ANAIO.Y< BIHLDINQ • 211 W«tt Main «tr*«( IMIe* Houn-lta lu A. M.i * t» 4 ft, •, CARBONDALE GANDY ! KITCHEN -• Horn* Made Candle* and lev 'Telephone *44 Y ECONOMY GOAL J. B: WOOOS,-PROP. Wuhed Nut, EBB «nd Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN «ET OUR. PRICE* ' Phone: 342 K HvO.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRV SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH1 EYE XM Tnted QIIMM nttort Virginia Bldg. Cirfcoftdata, IN, F.L.LINGLE,]VLD. <Hn»rcl Pritctlo* •ttantlpn to Ey«, 830-2, Offle*; inatter set forth between the--hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., of the respective 'days, 1 'Purchase, at public auction at" the Court House, in Murphysboro, ' in- said County/ the Lands and Town .Lots below described,' 322 acres. 'At any time a£ter ;the expiration of two years after the date of -this sale the abovo named purchaser, his heirs or c-ssigns, will upon application and compliance with the provisions of law situated in the said County o£ Jackson, pertaining . thereto, ~ be entitled to a for the taxes,, special assessments, interest, and costs due thereon./for the year A..D. Nineteen Hundred^and Seventeen (and prior 'years- .if any) and deed of conveyance for 'any real estate herein described which shall have not been redeemed; , Provided, that unless the. holder of this certificate paid as purchase money oh each tract i shall'take out said'deed as entitled by or lot the total amount"of. taxes, spe<> I law, and file the same for'recoird with- ial assessments, interest and costs J in one, year, from and after the time thereon as stated herein opposite the description o£ each tract or lot. Date of Sale^-June .10,.:191S. . Description-r-City. or Village of Carbondale,, Reg. Addition. Sidewalk Imp. No. 2. Bal. 144 ft. oftVf. side lot 627. At any time, alter the.expiration of two years .alter the date'of this sale the above named purchaser,, his* heirs or assigns? will upon application, and ; , compliance with the provisions of law pertaining thereto, be -entitled; to a for .exemption expires,- the s4id certSfl- cafe'C'i- fieed and the- ; sa'le upon which It is based, shall, from and after the expiration jof such one year .be abso lutely nulK : ,IN. WITNESS' 'l : have unto set: iny '; hand and affixed- my official- seal;- ' -Done "at my 'Office, in, Murphy sborq; this 10th day of June A..D. , .Hundred, . and, , Moiiey'back-wiliioufL If HUNT'S Salve.fails in the treatment of ITCH.'ECZElilA ., RING WORM;.TETTER OP, ol&eritching «ldndiseases. Try a 75 cent box st our ri«k. ' -' HEWITT'S DSUG BTORR CHICHESTER SPILLS ^-fS-v .THE DIAMOND BRilmT-TVr ^ cs.ast.AlwRa ^ SOLD BV MGfiGTS eEMWHESr RECEIVED, THIS'10th' day of "June - D- 1918, °f Al T.wiedale, the «um' of deed of conveyance, for-'any .real es-- Twenty- J six 1 Dollars aiid 16 Cents', .the tate herein described which)shall have -amount -of/.purchase 'money on '. the not been, redeemed;.- 'Broyided,(.that unless the : hofder of this-: certificate shall take' out said deed ^s entitled by law, and file the same for record within one year, .tram .and after the time for exemption expires, .the said'certifi- cate or deed^and the sale upon'which; it is based, "shall, from/and after the expiration of such one year be i absolutely.- nulL '• IN WITNESS WHEREOF, .1 .have unto set. my hand and;affixed iny, official seal. Done at "my office Tn;Mur-, physboro, this lOtfi day of June,A. D. Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen.. . RECEIVED, THIS 10th,day of ; June A. D. 19iS o'f J. M. Etherton, the sum of Thirty-eight Dollars and. No Cents, the amount .'of purchase money on'the above tract or lot of land.' , ; — .' J. H. Bobs, : County Collector, 'Jackson County, Illinois. • . \' -;' .,.-..Assessed in the .name of G. R. Huffman. • • ' \ -. ••' . '.' . .' above tra'ct or lot ot land.- A:', v . .'.r -"• -. : -• . /'•/ : . .'.-. J:."H.'Bpos,/. County, Collector, Jackson ; Couutyj Illinois; •'.•.';. • : Assessed in the name of James P. Jack. TAX SALE NOTICE DR. H.H.RQTH Practice - limited to Disea«es of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT it Over Woolworth Store, ; Murphysboro, III.- MEXICAN BANDITS FREE DEAD tife is a burden when the body is racked with pain./ Kverything worries x arid 'the victim .becomes despondajj and downhearted. ^To bring bacUNt\ e sunshine: take MEDAL Tb« nafiocal remedy of Holla 200 years; it U «n enemy of » suiting from lddn«y, liver «nd troubles. All drugeiite, thrM - State of Illinois, Jackson County, ss. ;, I, -H; A;''Hagler, Coiinty : Clerk, in •and. for,the County and State -aforesaid, D'CT HEREBY . CERTIFY That I. W. Dill did on, the days hereinafter set forth between, the hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., pf -th^; respeptiye days, . Purchase at 'public .aac'tipn.,at the Court House; in Murphysboro,' in said . County, the Lands and Town,Lots below described,! situated in the said: County of Jackson, for th.e taxes, special-assessments, interest, and,costs. due thereof for the year-A. .'!>.' Nineteen Hundred-and Seventeen ('and prior .years if any) and j paid as, purchase m-on,ey on "each, tra'ct -or lot the total amount-of taxes, special, assessments,.. interest and costs .thereon as., stated .herein opposite .the. description of .each tract;, or lot: ' ; Date of Sale—-June/iO, 1.918.!. . ^Description—City or V-iilage of Car- .bondale, Thos. G., Cla.rlc'-'SJ D. w%': 10 • Lot' .No-i -addition, Lot 10. A .'-.:. ;;-.'.'''At' any time i after the' expiration- 6f r two'years after the. date. ; ot this/sale the .above named-; purchaser,"-his heirs or as-sifrns; will upon' application and compliance'witK the provisions pertaining- thereto^ be. ehtitied, to 'a 'deed pf conyej-«tn'ce for'..any ..real es- jtate'hereip described which sh^all'. have nf>{ beea ''.redeemed; Provided,-'that) ranza Will Be unless the .holder ;qf; this- certificate ' •-•-•• shall take/out said dee^ as'entitlediby- law, and file "the- same for record With- i —.'- *._i.:•'-—"—_ 'f.'f ' ' ' ' -— ' •-- • •- ' " - - lutely null.' : • .. •" " IrT WITNESS WHEREOF, I (unto setrmy hand aBd;aflixed my ot- •'flcjat seal.-:-Done at my<office lh-Mni«. physboro, this: 19th day of-June-A. D. • Ndneteen-Hundred- .and. Eighteen 'RECEiyED, TH1£ iOth day of Jun» A. D. 1918, of L W. Dillv the sum or Two Dollars and 36 Cents, the amount of purchase money-'on the' above tract or lot of land.' /. , . J.H. Boos, ' County. Collector, Jackson County, 1 Illinois. './, : . -'. Assessed' In the name of F. M ComD- ton. ,-' ;._-.' • ..... r • Wilson-, W. Adams Is Released - by •Brigands, Who; Demanded $25,-* •'.'•'- GOO Ransom. . New York, Feb^ 21.— Wilson W. Adams, an Americiii] .iniae s'liperlntend- -ent, lias- been '.rel en sod" (he bandits > who. kidnaped '. him for ransom -from'""- "tlie .Prpvidencia mine in Mexico,, and" . has arrived; safe! yV at Salrillo, accord-": ing-' to-.': a ic'/egr'am received by., the / Anierican , Motnl company, Ltd.. his • employer.-. . . ", ••. .. ^ Tlie bandits', demanded fHJi.OOO 'ran- Kom; but the. "telegram did -not say whether- the inoney had he«n'paid or" ' 'Whether Adams' release was foi-ceti ,. by; Mexican, government-' troop's,, who- were knovon to be' in pursuit. • OBREGON NEW MEXICO HEAD Report in London Says President Gar- : j ,,in onei; year^'from. an'dV atterAthe.-'tliine: for exemption expires; the. said cerOfi- | cate or-deed-and the sale, upon: which Ijt is-based, shall r ;trom (aiid-aJter the expiration of s^ch one year be alwo- •* n ' '•ffy. : ? - •; /i'-y^ipvTf!:!^'^-?*'"^'«v/'*??? ? London,,; Feb. 21.-^-lt-:.'was reported^ ion the-.i'istock exchange -that President CarraBza of Mexico is.;retiringJifrom office to-be succeeded by GeneraUObre- gon, according to the Financial Time*,

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