The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 31, 1952 · Page 12
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 12

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1952
Page 12
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Twelve THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Sunday Morning, August 31,1952. Radio Program KMBC—980 WUAF—610 KCMO—810 WHB—710 SUNDAY 1:30—KMBC—String Serenade WHB—Blues vs. Minneapolis (Double header) WDAF—Symphonic Adventure KCMO—Lone Pine 2:00— WDAF—Elmo Roper KCMO—Around The World KMBC—Galaxy of Hits 2:15—WDAF—Intermezzo 2:30—WDAF—Bob Considine KMBC—Music lor You KCMO—Singing Americans 2:45—WDAF—TEA KCMO—Dale's Orchestra 3:00—KMBC—Band of The Day KCMO—No School Today WDAF—The Falcon 3:30—WDAF—Martin Kane WHB—Tunes & Scores KMBC—Pick The Winnei 3:45—WHB—Second Game 4:00—KMBC—Godfrey's Houndtable KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Hollywood Playhouse 4:15—KCMO—Guest Star 4:30—KCMO—Backstage At Starlight WDAF—Whitehall 1212 KMBC—Bob Trout And News 4:55—KMBC—News 5:00—KCMO—George Sokolsky WDAF—Eonald Jordan KMBC—Golf Tournament 5:15—KCMO—Monday Morning Headlines WDAF—News: Sports KMBC—Music 5:30—KMBC—Weather; Sports WDAF—First Nighter KCMO—Time Capsule 5:45—KMBC—News. Sports 5:55—WHB—Scoreboard 6:00—KMBC—December Bride WDAF—Concert KCMO—News; Sports WHB—Peter Salem 6:15—KCMO—Music Hall 6:30—KMBC—Doris Day Show WHB—The Shadow 6:45—WHB—Band of Weeks 7:00—KMBC—Frank Fontaine Show KCMO—Marching Music WHB—Family Theatre WDAF—Meredith Wilson Show 7:3(N-WDAF—Best Plays KCMO—Hour of Charm WHB—Proudly We Hail KMBC—Playhouse 7:55—WHB—News Comments 8:00—KMBC—Meet Millie WHB^-Theatre KCMO—Drew Pearson 830—KMBC—Inner Sanctum WDAF—TEA WHB—Scores 8:45—KCMO—As Others See Us 8:00—WDAF—Mert The Press WHB—Bands for Bonds KMBC—Bond Program. Music KCMO—Paul Harvey 9:15—KCMO—Gloria Parker 8JO—WDAF—American Forum WHB—Chicago Theatre KCMO—News: Sports t:45—KCMO—Masters Orchestra KMBC—Adventurers In Science 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—Billy Graham MONDAY ti:00—WDAF—Wayne King Show KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Lone Hanger KMBC—Club 15 6:45—WDAF—One Man's Family KMBC—News WHB—Today's Hits 7:00-WDAF—Railroad Hour KCMO—News KMBC—Horatio Hornblower WHB—Blues vs. Milwaukee 7:15—KCMO—Songs For America SNIPERS IN KOREA—From a front line foxhole in Korea, two 25th Division soldiers survey the terrain for signs of enemy movement. They are PFC Jack E. Barrow, RR 1, Leavenworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Darrow, and PFC Eugene L. Saj, Amsterdam, N. Y. Both are assigned as riflemen and snipers with the 14th Infantry. (US Army Photo) Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bretthauer and three children of Texarkana, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Halcoub and son of El Reno, Okla. have all I been guests of their parents Mr. | and Mrs. James C. Brown recently. Friday evening a picnic was : held in their honor. ' Mrs. James Mathews and her •mother Mrs. Ireland returned Sun- ; day from Erie. Mrs. Matthews has returned to her work in Leaven: worth. j Miss Grace Boman, Dr. and Mrs. ! Livingston, of Chanute and Rev. | and Mrs. T. F. Rudisill were din- jner guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. •Alleman, Monday. Sunday afternoon callers in the J.C. Young house were Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Lycer, Melrenanne and L.D. of Paola, Mrs. Velma Brown and Miss Mildred Young of Kan;as City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Norris of Council Grove will come this week end visit their son and wife Mr. and Mrs. William Norris. Mrs. Paul Thibedeau and three children have gone to San Fran- :isco where she will be joined by her husband. From there they will 70 to Tokyo, where Thibideau is Rationed. 7 -JO—WDAF—Music KCMO—Chicago Signature KMBC—Arthur Godfrey 8:00—WDAF—Telephone Hour KCMO—Encores At Eight KMBC—Romance 8:30—WDAF—Band of America WHB—Tunes and Scores KMBC—Steve AUen 8:45—KCMO—Speaker WHB—Baseball Con't. 9:00—WDAF—Music KCMO—Music BV Roth KMBC—Walk A 'Mile 9:30—WDAF—News; Dangerous Assignment KCMO—News; Sports KMBC—News: Sports 9:15—KMBC—Curt Massey KMBC—Elmer Davis WHB—News Comments 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Organ Concert KCMO—Back To The Biblo WHB—Serenade WDAF-TV Today 12:00—Telenews Weekly 12:15—This is the S.ory 12:30—The Living Book. 1:00—Wild Bill Hickok 1:30—TB A 2:00—Lone Ranger 2:30—Summer Theatre 3:00—Studio One 4:00—Cisco Kid 4:30—TEA 5:00—Pulpit Portraits 5.05—News. Weather. Sports 5:30—Your Lucky Clue 6:00—Toast o£ The Town , 7:00—Information Please * 7:30—My Little Margie 8:00—Summer Theatre 8:30—Playhouse 9:30—Dr. Fixum 9:45—News "^ 0:00—TEA 10:30—This is Kansas City 11:00—Plainclothesman MONDAY 6:00—Quiz Kids 6:30—Music 7:00—Mr. Peepers 7:30—Robert Montgomery Theatre 8:30—Hollywood PJayhoouse 9:00—Playhouse 9:30—Theatre 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 30.00—Foreign Intrigue 10:30—News, Weather, Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre Three former Michigan State botball stars are members of the Spartan coaching saff, including backfield coach Steve Sebo and assistant coaches Hal Vogeler and Don Mason. Lansing Maine Mixture Answer to Previous Puzzle ifnr. J. C. young Mrs. Sherman Grouse and sister Mrs. Harvey Harrison were in Kansas City, Friday. j Mrs. Harvey Harrison and daughter and Sherman Crouse Jr. I left Monday for Washington, D.C.I where Mrs. Harrison will join her! msband. The Harrison's have re-1 cently 'returned from four years j stay in Tokyo. j Cornelius O'Cournor have sold their property in Lansing and will move to Lincoln, Nebr. j Mr. and Mrs. Marion Reynolds | of Warrensburg, Mo., were -week; end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Invin D. Will and family. They also visited in the H.R. Linniger house. Mrs. Helen Leonard is now employed in Dr. Kindred's dental office. HORIZONTAL l,5_Maine 1* nicknamed — State" • Utopian Ulroquoian Indians I J Gratify 13 Ringer 15 Note in ; Guide's scale • :|6 Playing card |8Age IB Youngster* II Dower • property tZSand J3 Mollify 15 Middle (law) 26 Drone bee «7 Spring (Bib.) 88 Indian mulberries 29 In the past month (ab.) 30 Amphitheater 33 Timeless *7 Regulars (ab.) SB African : antelope £9 Sea eagle ,40 Mimic 41 Lift 43 Air (comb. form) •6 Pesters 48 Fish part 49 Change 50 Head (Fr.) 51 Youths 3 Educational group (ab.) 4 Direction 51 Allowance for 'waste 6 Narrow inlet 7 Lamprey- catchers 8 Tasteless alkaloid 10 Conductors 11 Epic poetry 12 Fondles 14 Ratio T £ A M A l_ A R S C A T O K R A R A V E T O 1_ A M E A !_ 1 M E S O M E R T 1 O E S '//* \ R E s s 0 A yv\ £ i> •/:•. s T A ^ E C> A V E S O T A K U '». } S. M N E R E- 1 \y % •//: NV b: G A U O H R G ''•':• L> 0 O R S '"; E M O 5 A M R C E P>, 1 M S E T V A N E t> ^ E 1_ A 1 E E L. S £ E 1_ A B (J R A T E T O E 0 r-4 O T E A M O R S E R S S T E T L_ A T E SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES for CROTON WATCHES "Since 1878" Here are two specials for the ladies: BETH MODEL, 17-JEWEL 1.4 Carat Solid Golr> Case with 2 Diamonds, $39.75 WINSOME MODEL, 17-JEWEL 14 Carat Solid Gold Case with 10 Diamonds. ?71.50 All beautifully boxed, All Fed. Tax Included. USE THE TIMES-CLASSIFIED 30 Arabian 31 Meal 17 Diminutive «£ 32 State of Ronald needing 20 Cars ' 33 Blackbird 22 Docils 34 Expunged 24 Indian Weight 35 Scoffs 25 Unit of length 36 Weights of 27 Maine's capital India 38 Pierce 41 Pit 42 Relate 45 Natural channel FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR LOAN THE MANUFACTURERS STATE BANK The Bank of Friendly Service. •Diamond Rings •Wedding Bands •Costume Jewelry •Silverware 44 City in Maine •Baby Jewelry, Cups •Watchjands •Birthstone Rings •Lockets •Pearls VERTICAL t Cushion t Form a notion T , H TTLE * TC> HELP OKAY, BE HERE AT TEN TONI6HT. WE'LL TELL YOU TH 5ET-UP THEN! SWELL! COUNT/HEY, THE(?E'£ ME BO. 5PIPER!/$PIKE KE66S I'LL BE HERE-/ AND WE GOT ORDERS TO PICK TM UP! GOOD! I WAUT TO MEET THAT LITTLE $PIKE '" JOB WE-R E PM-UM'f BACK WITH , lift WU'T JUUEMILE COURT EfVSY! THEVIIEGOT BILLVl AL50 FOIMP WVCARl C'MOU! TWtG GOOKIW? FUASH. T STRA OLYGOW, «X>E,THAT'S JUST WHAT I DUNNO...BU1 I'LL TELL YOU THIB...6ITT1N' IN THE MIDDLE OF IT WAS THE 4 BEST-UXXIN 1 DOLL YOU EVER SAW... ...AN 1 THERE WASN'T ENOUGH MATERIAL IN TH' OUTFIT SHE WAS WEARIN'TO FLAG A HAND-CAR. 1 _... MY STARS, FOOZY, JUSTUOOK.'ALLAT ONCE TH'SKY IS FULL OF PLANES.' —Attention- All Veterans Have you joined or renewed your membership in a Veteran's Organization? If you haven't, do so now! They need you—you need them—to help keep your Veteran's Benefits for you! The Byron H. Mehl Post No. 23 American Legion Urges You To Join Its Ranks In This Fight All Veterans, Including Veterans of The Present Korean Conflict, Are .Eligible For Membership in The American Legion. Your American Legion Helped Secure Your Veterans' Benefits Including The G. I. Bill of Rights. HELP YOURSELF AND YOUR COMRADES BY JOINING YOUR AMERICAN LEGION POST! Get On The Band Wagon — WE ARE GOING PLACES! The Following Listed Business Firms in Leavenworth Have a Representa- * tive in Their Firm to Take Your Application. Go in this Week and Ask For Him, JOIN OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP! American National Ins. • Co. Ray Cantrell ^ A&P Super Market James W. Cotter Alster's Clothing Store - J. Alster American Printing Co. Don Doyle Bacon Shoe Store Howard Bacon B & G Motor Co. H. A. Gercken, Jr. Barlow Cigar Co. Russ Whitaker Barnes-Collard Mtr. Co. A. H. Werly Behee Paint & Decorating Co. Bob Behee Bell Laundry Inc. Jack Elliott Perry L. Black Motor Co. Jay Beard Blackman Men's & Boys' Shop Jim Thompson Boley Motors F. E. Honeycutt Boling Motor Co. Paul W. Strand Boone Law Office Colonel H, Boone Brueggen Shoe Store Fritz'Heim Campbell Bros. Arch & Arthur Campbell Clark Motor Co. A. G. Clark Cline Mattress & Uhp. Co. Wm. E. Cline Cobb's Ice Cream D. W. Zink Collins Flower Shop Hilda Collins, Auxiliary Cook's Lockers Harry A. Cook Cook Paint & Varnish Co. J. Nicholson Country Club Beer Distributor . R. Q. Lenox Cross Grocery John Cross Dave's Clothing Store Dave Romanik J. C. Davis Undertaking Co. Robfe C. Bollinger DeCoursey Creamery Co. J. R. Boyle Dolsberry Appliance Store Billy Holtzclaw Earl's Place Joe Kinerney Economy Glass & Mirror Co. Richard T. Weyer Ed's Cafe Max Roemer Esplanade Tavern Richard Dubach Fidelity Insurance Agency George Bernhardt First National Bank Ted Gordon Frank's Tire & Supply L. J. Faulk Garfinkle Furniture Co. Mayer Garfinkle Geiger Cement Co. Caryl Parks Gold Nugget Jewelry Gilbert E. Harris An Entire New Cabinet of Officers Has Been Elected For The Year '52-'53: Commander, Bill McDowell Vice-Commander Norman Brown Adjutant. Karl Whicker Finance Officer, B. F. Glascock Chaplain, Rabbi Jerome Rosen Historian, Fabian Mulling Sgt.-At-Arms, Joe Carson Goodyear Roofing & Heating Merle Euler Grape's Poultry E. E. Grape- Gronis Hardware & Seed Co. John Gronis Harris Bros Cleaners j Eddie Davis Herber's Card & Gift Shop •Val Herber Hibbs' Farm Service C. C. Montgomery Hobbs' Insurance Agency George Hobbs Hutto-Gilkeson Nash Motors Chris Gilkeson The Kansas Power & Light Co. Harry Koblitz Kaplan's Men's Shop J. W. Fuller The Klotz Agency Ray Klotz The Kroger Store Lester D. Roe Lambert Lumber Co. W. A. Lambert Leavel Motor Co. O. W. Leavel Leavenworth Auto Supply Phillip Thoos Leavenworth Chronicle Lloyd Smith Leavenworth Dairy & Creamery George Seita Leavenworth Floral Bud Hinz Leavenworth Fruit Store Frank Sorrentino Leavenworth Mutual Bldg. Loaning and Savings Assn. L. W. Staley Leavenworth National Bank Vic Shalkoski Leavenworth Sporting Goods Elmer L. Huhn The Leavenworth Times John H.- Johnston Leavenworth Wholesale Meat Co. E. K. Hallaux The Luehring Motors' Inc. Lewis Larson Lewis Truck & Tractor . Co. Floyd LaGalle Marshall's Auto Store Doyle L. Nichols Masterson Bros. Willys Frank Masterson Mehl & Schott Drug Co. W. G. Read Moore Insurance Agency Bill Moore McCool's Baby Furniture George E. McCool McGuire Clothing Hudson McGuire Olive Radio & Elec. Serv.. Bud Olive Parker Amusement Co. Paul Parker B. R. Phillips Furniture Store B. R. Phillips Poggemeyer Jewelry Herman Poggemeyer .Raymond Record Shop Walter Raymond Reyburn Hardware Co. Mrs. Mary Lambers (Aux.) , Roche Cleaners C. M. Olson , Rolo's Auto Brake Service John (Jack) Rolo H. Ruegg Insurance Agency Henry Rnegg Schrey Motors Gene Wentworth Sexton Funeral Chapel Howard Berry . ' . ; Sickel Furniture Co. Ralph Sickel Sprague & Powell, v Genl. Contractors , Bert Sprague S & S Sales & Service Earl F. Snodgrass Sumpter Funeral Church Raymond E. Spellman Superior Printing Co. Ed Wettig The Suydam Agency H. G. Sawyer Swann Hotel William B. Madden Tarbet Super Market Doug.Tarbet, Jr. Tarnawski Sheet Metal Works Frank Tarnawski Toffler Loan Office Morris Rosen Torch Club Stance Zielinski Van Osdell Flower Shop Jake Leintz .Vosseler Cigar Store T. L. Vosseler, Jr. W'eeks Bros. Welding Harry Weeks Western Auto Associate Store Charles Porter Willcott's Pharmacy Walter WiUcott F. W. Woolworth'Oo. C. D. Ogle ' Joe Zielinski Beverage Co. Ted Laboda Attention Business Finns Not Listed Above: Due to the short time in which the above listing of firms was compiled, and with a limited number of workers, everyone in Leavenworth could not be contacted. However, no firm was overlooked intentionally. Anyone wishing to be listed in future advertisements may call No. 444. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE BYRON H. MEHL POST NO. 23 AMERICAN LEGION

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