Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 6
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P»g« A-6-- INDEPENDENT ' "'"·· s1 - Mtrth "· '"« London Zoo's Panda Gourting in Moscow "... . . . B y JOHN WEYLAND ' .'MOSCOW W^-A panda named Chi-Chi arrived in Moscow Friday from London to get married to a panda named An-An. They are the only two giant pandas in captivity outside the bamboo curtain and by a stroke of good fortune, Chf-Chi is a female and An-An a male. x .Tfw wedding won't take plac* for a time since manmade rules require Chi-Chi to spend 20 to 30 days in quar- ' antipe. After that, she'll move ; in next door to An-An for a "period of courting. Crti-Chi, a 238-pound bundle of feminine charm (panda version) came to M o s c o w a b o a r d a "Panda Special 1 ' plane on which she had the first-class compartment HEY. KIDS! SATURDAY MATINEES Approved Children's Program It. l^nurt st»c.SE I.IMI BELmoni OPEN 12:15 ^^ "AIIOTT COSTEUO MEET CAPTAIN KIDD" Plus "ATLAS" All .Color plus Cortooi B ft V OPEN 11:1! "ZORRO RIDES AGAIN" --riui 'THE BASHFUL ELEPHANT" -- loth Color Pl«i Cartoons NEXT WEDNESDAY $f AAAOO POSITIVELY GIVEN AWAY 1 10,100 Jackpot OR $300.00 $200.00 $100.00 AND 8 $50.00 PRIZES WEST COAST OPEN NOON ' Nataue WOOD CHRiStOPHOF I PLummer | '|H WKUU-KUIUOAH PROOUCTK»T i ^ inSiDG Daisy cunrer erself. The humans aboard 'ere in tourist class. CHI-CHI made high-pitched toot-toot" noises as she was aken off the plane. Dr. Oliver raham-Jones, chief veterin- ry officer at London Zoo, aid she napped on the flight, trolled around a bit and then 'erit back to sleep. "She was ored," said Graham-Jones. She didn't know what to do." An-An was not on hand to neet Chi-Chi, but awaited her t Moscow Zoo. There was a arge crowd of humans on and, though, including a So- iet delegation, many repre- entatives from the British Imbassy and quite a. delega- ioh of reporters. the romance of Chi-Chi and An-An has caught the fancy f even the staid Soviet press, vhich usually sticks to pic- ures of tractors and stories more noted for statistics than mman interest. Vechemaya tfoskva (Evening Moscow) devoted a long story to the af- ! air, complete with pictures of :he bethrothed. CHI-CHI and An-An never lave known love. The experts fear that if they are thrown together without a preliminary get-acquainted period, heir emotional wires might ;et crossed. Then, instead of romance, the first meeting c o u l d produce blows and loodshed. The coming "in a r r i a'g e," alas, is doomed to end unhap )ily, even if it is love at first sight and a perfect match. Music Overamplified but Waring Pleases By DANIEL CARIAGA Voices from our collective; past seemed to haunt us Thursday night as Fred Waring,, now celebrating what he claims to be his 50th year in the entertainment business, the low of the evening. We have never admired the nonsensical setting of Tschai- fovsky's "Nutcracker," by Waring, and the performance of the opening March on this brought his troupe of 38 to occasion changed . our mind Municipal presented Auditorium and a music variety show to a large and happy audience. The program offered, as ex- jected, the popular and semi- :olk songs, the loose arrangements and readaptations, the medleys and montages in which the Waring organization has- specialized during 25 years we have heard them. not at all. The quasi-paet who made hash out of Lauretta's aria from "Gianni Schicchi," (any lyric that starts out, "Oh, adored beloved," has already gone loo far), is in the same class. * * * * AND AS FOR a Swingle- type bop realization of the C minor Prelude from Book One of "Das Wohltemperierte It . featured, besides the Klavier," it's a good, if not :hree months. Then it's back to the London Zoo. 1CBM Tesl-Fired V A N D E N B E R G A I R FORCE BASE (UPI)--A Minuteman intercontinental bal Jstic missile was launched Friday in one of a series o1 operation test firings. The shot, an apparent success Air Command team. "275 Atlas!* M?., Ic' \ CREST frtlPzffciri.fA4-18H_ I OPEN NOON --Ar» wir«pl»to ORANGE SHOW QUEEN Sherry Roese (center), 17-year-old blonde from Downey, has been crowned queen of 1966 National Orange Show in San Bernardino. Princesses are (from left) Pam Pall of Norwalk, Gigi Dahl of Costa Mesa, Lynda Cain of Barstow and Cynthia Ann Green of Brea. Sherry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Winford Rawlins, is first blonde to win title in nine years. She won over 41 other contestants. FDR Yacht Figures .9-Million Suit in LOS ANGELES (CNS) -- A suit charging vio- ation of escrow instructions nvolving the sale of the late President Franklin D. Roose- Chi-Chi can stay here only velt's yacht was on file in Superior Court Friday, The former owner and form er manager of the Paso Robles Hotel filed the suit against a Fresno socialite, her sister, the St. Judge Hospital Foundation of Tennessee, and the Union Bank of Los Angeles. K. C. Tressler, former owner of the hotel, and L. J. Midgley, Tressler planned to renovate the yacht, making it a shrine for Roosevelt and exhibit it throughout the country with he and Miss Pagliasso to share the profits, the suit al leged. The suit seeks $1.5 million from the sisters and $400,000 from the bank and the foun dation. The yacht was first pur based by Elvis Presley, an onated to the foundation vhich later sold it to Tressle nd Pagliasso. was'conducted by a Strategic the former manager, charged Tony Curtis ackLemtnoa NatalleWOOd SLWESDVrWO? u TbeGreat Race" EXCITING CO-HIT ELVIS PRESLEY HftRUM SCARUtt that Miss Marie Pagliasso ordered Union Bank to put title to the yacht, the Potomac, in the name of her sister, Miss Augustine Pagliasso. The suit alleged escrow instructions ordered title was to ibe given to Midgley, who was to hold it in trust for Miss Marie Pagliasso and Tressler, after they purchased the yacht from the foundation for §62,500 in 19G4. 1ST TIME TUtTNEI AN1NHERT.1 '."hl'l'lEIIEl" ' *** 'THE PAWN BROKER ,,,. "DARLIHC" .ffi, Fil. V.rii S.rl.| Sirltr 411.11*1 · Jtrry Lewh -- Tttir Curtil '". "BOEING BOEING I 12535 Us Ato.ilcj Blvd.- FOXROSSMOOR, 7\\ OPEFVJMS -- JK'lltf ^7/ \V* 7 317 flit OCflA Blvd.. Lw \ IMPERIAL / OPEN NOON . "BEST ACTOR" ROD STEIGER 1HE iWNBROKER' ?i '-- (( KING 4*11 C»t S«c°nd Sl/««1 \ BELMONT ·J»EST ACTOR -- ROD STEIGER '"THE PAWNBROKER" DORIS DAY* 1 --ROO TAYLOR "·DO NOT DISTURB- 3*0 Miin Street \ BAY 5-1123 '* · OPEN IMS '· - ' 1 1 ACADEMY · ** NOMINATIONS ; «SHIP OF FOOLS" r "CAT BALLOU" !. · IN COLOR BELLFLOWER DIEL (laitlit Lltl) TO 1-1111 ··mat m rims" 'THE »H[BIC»«IZ*TIOII OF EHILT" OOWHEY HOUWALK MERALU, TO I-1III ir fMt'lt Klllltl 12 4 P.u4"HEROES OF TELEMfRK" "WHERE THE SPIES ARE" HEW AVERUE, 0w«l WA Mill il, II--"INSIDE DAISr GLOVER" "SlIUDHT IN HEM TOBK" NORHUK, Xinrilk lil-EHI e»i, u--"MADE IN HEW ronn" · · e i » t l N » » T I KID" F.EDONDO tlACH FH "THE HILL" ANAHEIM linOXHUBJT fJI M4« i, nil Hll!«(l I P.M. "JACK, THE GIANT KILLER" "FIBIT KAI III IMCE" GARDEN GROVE "MADE III PXBIt" "CKCimTI HO" JE Mill WILUINGTOH Dl (!«illr li[l) TE 4-1411 "in 11 loan ETC" "SEVEI WOMEN" SAH HDHO I T B A N D ( A l l lili ilk 'OJIJT tio»[«" KINC BAT" 7ORRAHCE UNITEt HBTIiTS III t Cm !!S «!! "MADE IN PAAIS" ·THE TDOUIU WITH K * B R T " U Mlri Alufci, FirllKM UN Mil "HAD, HAD, HAD WORLD" " PARAMOUNT, mil Pirinf. HI t-M4 "REO LINE lilt" "L*OSKI»0 JOV taV(N, S» W. Wilkl«l««, Wtllll ItAVEl AOHINlr THE WMll UE, Fllltrillt l!!n5» "DO NIT DISTUHI" "tit FROM THE IEICK" ROXYHTM "LORD JIM" J MAYDEN--Y. Det»RLO-COlor "SHOTGUN" '^ssswmiraawsr" ·TABOOS of the WORLD' AGE 3 TO 22 YEARS KIDS WANTED TO AUDITION FOR NEW TV SHOWS S« ledepeident and tren- Telegram .WetliMsdar Theater Pages or call far Information 426-6493 JIMMY LLOYD PRODUCTIONS ARTIST MANAGERS PALACE X PINE AVE. PHONE HE M!1 3 SMASH HITS OPEN t:» A.M Boll Hopt--Tuesday Weld' "I'LL TAKE SWEDEN" William HoliKn--Ulli Palmer 'COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR AUDIE MURPHY-Color "ARIZONA RAIDERS" Paramount Pirant. t Cwpl, Blvd., "RED LINE 7000" ADM. -- and -^ "LAUGHING 20'S". PER CAR FBI Wants Ken Kesey Back in U.S. SAN FRANCISCO UP) -- A ederal warrant was issued riday charging novelist Ken iesey with unlawful flight to scape marijuana prosecution \ government attorney said is extradition from Mexico vill be asked. The FBI asked for the fugi ive warrant. Kesey is re orted to be in Puerto Val erta, a resort on Mexico' "acific coast. Kesey vanished while un der $2,200 bond after being charged with x marijuana pos session. He was arrested las Jan. 19 on a Telegraph Hi! roof top with a 19-year-oli irl companion. CAROLYN^Adams was con victed Feb. 28 after a two-da trial. A probation hearing scheduled for March 21. Only two days before hi arrest with Miss Adams, Kese lad been sentenced in Sa Maten County to six montl in the county jail for mar juana possession. He wa [reed on $5,500 appeal bom Kesey is the author of th best selling "One Flew Ove the Cuckoo's Nest." Burns Is Warned Anderson Aide SACRAMENTO UP) -- Se ate President Pro tern Hug Burns, D-Fresno, is the cc chairman of Lt. Gov. Glen Anderson's re-election cam paign, Anderson's office a nounced Friday. TWO HITCHCOCK THKRUM ^*** p tS** ATLANTIC J ;'MARNIE" and $ 12:3 o ^SfJuL? "THE BIRDS" U°* N J5?iSi ART w Jimes Stewirt · M*urtu\ O'H«r« "RARE BREED" "WHERE THE SPIES ARE" DAVID NIVEN ********* » OPEN 5 1 P.M. INUOUS OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE Tin fifii »rt tfs whi kr*qH ynll TASTE OF HSNEY an* TDM JONES now trie /TT..3I PETER FINCH ^ - RITATmNGHAM., GIRL WITH GREEN EYES Thuri. ll.SI; Frl. OK STAGE 211 UME HE 7-357 Chekhov's "UNCLE VANYA" Sll. II.M Skldtflt BUM Curlaln S:3t P.M. Ford Weds TV -Actress March 27 HOLLYWOOD ( C N S ) -- ctor Glenn Ford will marry c t r e s s Kathryn Hays at talkative Waring and an efficient band of musicians, 15 vocalists, all seemingly capable of performing solo chores iri a limited number of styles. SOME OF THE singers are under 20, some of them veter ans of many seasons' touring. Whatever their backgrounds, they all project vitality and self-assurance. What they really sound like, or what the instrumentalists sound like, we cannot tell. A battery of microphones and sound e q u i p m e n t strewn about the stage and operating full time, obscured our sense of aural perspective. Worse than that, it assaulted our ears for over two hours with more sound than we find pleasant, more loudness than 'we think necessary. The first portion, entitled "The Magic of Music," and comprising over 10 songs, all midde-aged and familiar, like Waring .himself, was predictable and pleasant. * * * THE SECOND, a parody of original, idea, but should be done by a musicaian, and performed by singers at home in ·»th styles. Waring's singers are at home in neither. Two fleet-fingered instrumentalists contributed flashy solos during the program: Bobby Day, who plays banjo and al least six other instruments, and Donna Anderson, whose specialty looks like an accordion but plugs in like an electric organ. Miss Anderson seemed to be the only member of the company willing to turn her volume control down as well as up. Showtimes ,,ia -Raldtn," 11:3?,. 6:2), I'll Take SwccJen." 2:07, 7:W, 1, 5:«, 10:30. "Lord Jim," 10:M, 3:25, 8:41, 1;S7. "Taboo* a tht World," I2:3J. , 5 : 5 5 , 11:11, 4:10. "Sholgun," 1:57, 7:13, 12:29. a present-day folk-rock television show, had more life, ie Westwood Community partly because its material hurch on March.27, it was nnounced Friday. The couple announced their ngagcment shortly b e f o r e hristmas. A spokesman said a small eligious ceremony attendee y close family friends will e followed by a reception t Ford's home in Beverly Hills. Ford, 49, and Miss Hays, 0, will leave for a morith- ong cruise to Honolulu and he Orient on April 1. j * if * IT WILL be the second marriage for both. Ford is di- orced from actress Eleanor 'owell. His son, Peter Ford, 21, will be best man at the ceremony. Actor Don Murray's wife, Betty, will be matron of honor. Miss Hays' daughter by a rior marriage, Sheri, 7, will )e flower girl. The couple will both report for work at Universal Studios on May 1, where Miss Hays s making a television series, The Road West," for NBC. Ford will start a new film. iad more possibilities, partly because the guise of parody didn't work. With Waring's "Five-Minute Music Festival," which opened the post-intermission portion, musical standards hit TOWNE "B^h.ParlJ.-J^W, :!«. "Rock.A- to Murb«r Yai flKEUUOOD "4 5 2 5 3 0 i-: i :i«i3 SATURDAY MATINBE . OPEN 11:M A.M. ContioEoul [Lilt Ctmpktt Mallnet J:ll P.M. Film Producer Files §l-Million Suit in Blast SANTA MONICA (CNS)-- A $1,118,921 suit, brought by film producer Hall Bartlett, was on file in Santa Monica Superior Court Friday against the owners of a home where he claimed he was injured last Dec. 20 when a water heater exploded; Bartlett charged he was "seriously a n d permanently injured while visiting actress Rhonda Fleming at her home at 9554 Hidden Valley Road, which she rented from John Woolf and Robert Koch. The two men had filed a suit Monday against Miss Fleming and a real estate agent for $5,000 rent on the house. ElUS Dtktrah Williy "SERGEANT DEADHEAD- L flKELJJOOD GA 5.2530 MOI i cusi Tlwalrc With the New look Evening Show After 4:15 P.M. ANN-MARGRET LOUIS JOURDAN EOIE ADAMS Boris Karloff Kesthig LOS ' ANGELES (CNS) -Veteran actor Boris Karloff Friday was reported "convalescing satisfactorily" at :ood Samaritan Hospital. The 78-year-old actor underwent minor kidney surgery at the hospital two weeks ago. --PLUS-- CALIIT TRWCf! CRU.IT SWCK'HG! -MUlr CSEOfTHI wcsr DCIR.TTIM ACTORS CIRCLE n 311* PHet, Stlnwnl SMn ptntrvilttm 4H-DM "NIGHT OF THE AUK' "FOR SUPERIOR USED CARS" HEY KIDS! SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY -- OPENS NOON BIG ALL-COLOR SHOW! 2ND BIG LAFF HIT! JERRY LEWIS in ROCKA * * * * * [ PACIFIC THEATRES 1* * -X -K IScKflCI FFellM · I:M P.M. STUDENTS SI.SO CIRCLE ©MOT9RSII* "AT THE TRAFFIC CIRCLE 1 · , I9K Ltkiwood Blvd.. Ct I-M6I THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE 135 t««r A»MU« RtttiY«Hgin 43Z- Lyle Tolbot in 'LOVE KISSES' On Stan TIIR. »nd S«ni»y I P.M. · Frl, int Sat, 8138 P.H, OMMUNITr GE 1-0534 -- 5021 E. ANAHEIM "HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS" ·THURS, 7:45-$S.Offl FDU $i}»-JJ^Ol SAT, S5JI ANDRE BALOGII Amaiing Child Violin Virtuoio Coming MARCH 20th--2:30 P.M. OIVK PKItFOH^IAXCB OI.Y! Long Beach Municipal Auditorium (Concert Hall) TICKETS $2.50, $1.50 ft SPECIAL RATES FOR SENIOR CITIZENS * For RenrvotioM Humphrey's Muilc -- H E 7-378? OPEN NOOK All Color t Action! KIRK DOUGUS "HEROES OF TELEMABK" "BRIDGE. ON. THE RIVER KWAI" *iBinuitnn. GA 3-1171 All Coloi! NATALIE WOOD "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER" "HOW TO MUHDER YOUR WIFE" HMHKttlUMI K 4-3307 OPEN 11:30 All Color! WALT DISHtrS "UGLY OASHSHUNO" "CIRCUS WOULD" CHILDREN S»«» SUITS AT CK D R I V E - I N T H E A T R E S All Cl« Aclllll KIIK OtlfBLAl "HUSl! OF miNARX" "IBIIII lit IHI KIBK tOUCLI! "HEROES OF TELEHAK" JE 4 6 2 8 2 ANN-ktARERET UAB! IN PARIS" "CUUINIATI KID" «tll Eitirliliiut! ALL COLOR! · ATALIE WOOD "I»!P! P1IST (LOVEI" "SUNDAf II IEW 10RK" All Tliri'! "1HE »««Rr" ·HOI III A CUE" SI.SI Pir Clrlul ALL eCLOJ! ·»IYA LAS VEOAI" "WUO't KIKDIMI THE tTOIIE" SI,SI ir timil CO*** All Ciltr t AcMnl KIRK DOUtLAI "HEROES OF TfLLUARK" "IBIOO! ON THE RIVER HW1" Htl\ EllHlllKIMll IATALIE WOOD "IISIIE IIIIT CLDVER" "SUNDAT II IEH I O R K " "IR1IDE D*IST CLOVER" "SUNIAT II NEW TORK"

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