Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 10, 1972 · Page 39
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 39

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1972
Page 39
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47-IUgl Ettnje-r'or Salt On TU « ilinw plage, So ntrcn willi 8« awes »eed.e( and frrt flud fi. nuo uipmilty Droller l" «M Iniil" l » l o , nil ·.momsiio, new cniil mem,. Ex fn well mill 3 Uodroo ";»»·,, Aliiin. 0,100 0 ( wMe "in we }!"", "*« W deep pond, Thl» ; l«v« f r i l l , O|»M lol.iip Hint' li l e ' f - w i l l trmlo'for no o J o o k ' " ' ' Vo llow " Murvelous 50 vcnr old homo llmt'a improved with HBO. ;owhor» In" »tnl ? l ImrdweqU. iloori,bulll.lni heRlliM nystfiiW and 60o in hour would (to n lime v n r l of he nur. ohiiso price In iilmiilnjt nliriiM. f oworlnu trtca, llowew. In "no! tho properly allows Ihrotighout the owners lovlnff coro. 2 lovol 01 on i n rw»y to (ho 3 bedroom, up. «la rs, 5 bedroom! In all. y r i It c o l o r . Onrnue,-Floor ipnco "" ' y ° U '" hunTlS 1 "]?!?"^ 3 t"'" 1 '' 00 " 1 ' hom «; bullt-lns, lou ol stornro, enclosed 1 dpiiblo Biirnjo, natto. excellent con. dltlon. din n . l i n k fVe cmbr«oei JJSfiSS... 1011 . 1 """ " foa ' Landscaped, shndcd ncro on 71 privnle Mali pond, loo] shed, iz'x ii n ; oh| le. h °mo In Bond eondlllon. »11 furnished. Prlco 512,500. Less t h a n 15%' down payment, 2'Acres near Wliulow with new 3 bedroom h o m o . kKclicn, llviria room, cnrpori, Duy as la win, wc fi la ho drilled by seller (or 810,800, Owner will finish to stioclfkullons, MS" , n ? w a '""'mom on lot uo'x 100, lols nt Ehndo, enclosed 2 car HHrnec, Hi baths, Woodburninc ilrcplnce. lols or bullt-lns. city utilities, Priced nt n b»r»nln.'$16. 780. Terms. Owner reduced ' price to »i7.0JO Around.ItOO.nq. fcet'of floor spaco In' Oreenliind, 3 nlc«,«liod bcd- rptims, large, living area, utility ·Mil. 2 atom-jo rooms with out- ildc entrances, central heat, nt. Inched earnto . N e a r l y .% of nn acre, city·ulllltlra, Owner says lo move It, Coll u« today lor m appointment. · ' Unimproved tracts of all sizes with down payments as low at $100. NEWLIN REALTY CO. West Fork, Ark. LAZENBY TffO bo'drodni'homc, city walar, natura U4), on 1'spre, J milts Nerlhwcil o. Lincoln. 824-5H1 Thrtt · tadroora, tenet: ESTATE PROPERTY Seven roomi, older riome, 114 bathi, Needt redecorating, -'ci pronorty for riorion Intereited in rAtorlng, Excellent location, clo», in at 410 K, Wiuhlnglon, Price $18, 500. . FAUCETTE HEAWORS IMS N. Sylvia Dnnforth niohard I;, Mnye G. C. FdUccttfl Vlnlnln Boweri Joe Btcktu · Vol ShsfJ) OKlc« 442-233! Bcs. . Res. 442.830 2tM. 442-654' Ret. 442-891, tiedroom brick, lify bath to mile, J1W60, Siiflnsiliili!,-small .d««n COnlact Bill Taylor, Ceiilor 8lrDet,.AVcs IVjrk, ArJc. Also oonflrfild block hdm v«ry nice, wllli all. furniture, J12.000. bedrooms and family rooirt, UDOO d6rfn 'rhrfre lols,. Or call Jtar«firtt TaJ-IoI 1 k 6jaO a.m., 412-9211 Faycltov|lle. Jin rent homo West fork. W 4 : a rrtonlh partly furnished, lo couple, no child re. -FOR SALE BY OWNER Three Ijcflt'OOtn, Colonial brlc' home on 4 acres 6(f Hwy. 16 Wesl 5 minutes from University, ISv baths, total oleotWc, fended back yard. Must icll, $38,000 or best ol for. Assume nets and owner will carry part ot balance. Phone 442-8592 Ppft EBICI Real nlci 3 bedroom hom In 'Lincoln. Carport, largo storage bide atorm Cellar, Immedlata postedslon. 824 MOUNTAIN INN BUILDING FOR SALE Building contains 26,5/2 aq ft an lA ulluated 6n 11,118 St|. ft. al land Bulldlnc has 100 (t, Af frontuR Oh East Center StriJet. Priced i*ea inn ably. 'SCHUUZ TAYLOR Property Mahafierniint Specialists 29 East Center 521-2717 K«fry Sohull* Phil Tayla 442-S523 .121-201)1 Money makinu business on 1 highway. Grocery. Iced and hard wore. Air conditioned. Grass J101 OuO in 1071. Including 3 bcdroo~ brick home with central heat .11 air, Home IB Just 0 years old. butldinj tf'xCy, ana 30'X30', ftlor room 20'xSO', onolher iiO'xao'. / going business celllnx at the M twee o( SW.C05 plus Inventory Small down payment will liaiidl plus inventory of flrourtd $12,oiM Call for appointment,' NEWLIN REALTY CO. West Fork, Ark. NEW OFFERING Neat two bedroom home, large lo jwrdcn, attached garage. Lovt living atmosphere, sot jusl. rig for quiet.cornier!. $15,500,00, LAZENBY Red! Estate " Company 1015 N. College - 521-670 Col. Art McAnarney I'CBlcr Davis K«li Lazcnby Bill Lazcnhy SJI-11 · 412-S4 FARMINOTOS) S hodrooms, kitchen wllh brcal i«t room, dishwasher, jurlifll esrpcltd floors-- level lot-- Price netow $i a. ooo.oo. SPRINODALE 3 bedrooms, l!i bnlhs, kllchc with enllng nrca, partially onrpo (d, RO'xiSD' lot -- clean «ml ncn Priced bolow |U,060,00. GREENLAND ' nr 4 bedrooms, 3 bMh.i, l«ri "ortnlfon room, tundook -- "ortnlf M7 N, Collom ~- Olllat Sll Tuiwiicr no«. llod«e -W TM»ny JIU^KC. ... g(l Durham tics. S21-7: £*UI Kltlior Itei, M 3*1 iMlllnoworlh net, 4 't AOnKH, H!,CO«"r.lp»cl(y hmlUr lifvn ·yt«mAlln efjulivmenl, ellv vf\\at, nalu ««. I bedroom tnrnt, (M-wi, 21-1 iJ.Ji $al* VIEW THE' VALLEY .. -- -- »-- If n irirl »" |)n;islorl,'non" «"iTs"rio living town -- formiil dinln« "· Nice k l l u h e n w l l l i nil Duilt* ni -- Two lull tmtlia -- Uonble cnrnorl.wllh worktlioii - Miiny cxlriiK Include wooj burntni Ironlaqe, covtreU nullo wllh bai'beqtio, fenccil y»rd -- wall 10 will carpeU enrl-drnpei In- oludfd, Owner . anxloui for 'liilck sale. I'rlco $31,00000. Im- rncdlnto |iosKM«lon,-C»ll u* today, qrilca 4(2.1591. , NEAR ROOT SCHOOL CHOICE 'I'lUtKK B!5DRb6iW BniCK -- QIUCK l'OSBESfil0^f ·-" Lnrue HvinH room -- paneled family room with flrenlace -Formal t, informal dlninif nrea -- Lnrge kltohen with Ml txillt. iru -- Two tiled b»th» wl«U nnilics -- Altichid carport 'Illi sloraga -- Central heat tid nlr -- Curpetlnx fc dr»pe§ - Hxlrn large lol with bSBll- 11 ful plnntlnii tree. -- Df- "·'*.ly.'J.'vl"? - Priced Call u nl.. only Wa.SOO.M lay. Office to- (INCAID COMPANY REALTORS . eorite W. Lewlj 4«-7«s Iko U. WaUon 442-871! ugh Klnoirt (21-8034 OMEY UVINO hrco bedroom Brick Frame cntrol hcnt Air, Den, Carport U ot hardwood Ohlncll, ItartBO l^posn], Awnlnfis. one and 6iil ilf baths. 90'xl65' Jot cloie to .oIA. IdenI location, Real Estate Company 015 N. College - 521-6700 ol. Art McAn»rney 351-265! eitei' Davit 521.444 en Lazonby 442-8*4 1U Lazrmby , . 442-M3 taker- Freeman 618 N. Coljege 521-1300 Va are' In the Business to Ml nd Ihat'a what we dol Da you «ed to Llfffl , THIS WEEK FEATURING 23,600,04 #flS3 Ptrfoot location 'Norlheas oth with thtu sDollsts 3 bedrooir bath Brick liome, Ccntrftl dip nn( oat,, 2 cur garage. Oloie to s onvenlenocs. teller moving to thte a your goldon opportunity to ativ ey. . . . : dall 581-1300 Sakcr- IriTiiian 618 N. College 521-1301 Nlte« and week ends call: PHUllnn Mi'KlHney 521-15' Barbetta Blakemora 521-B03 ames Bakor : · · 443-487 atMs Ffdcman H2-43! 'an Hensfln 521--66( WE WOHK . . WB OfiT RESULTS 'he Best Home Buys ., , . . Before- Your Ey, BARGAIN TIME! Now it Is Only $16.000. Brand «« brick. 3 bedroom home. Cenlf air hefit. Beautiful car|)6ttn 3ininp; area patio. Happy Ho ow School District, ' boas company real esbala 2800 N. Colleso -- 521-W3 alter seven: one Garrelt LISA LANE HOMES LAUCB tOTS, NEW :;ORTKBAS AREA. Three Bedrooms, dLshwas or . disposal l',3 baths, landscape Se finished yards, central air. ca lotcd. pallo, all brick, distlnetlv kitchcn-illning arc 45 East, lust oast Dillon's Market. Watch for slg 12(1,150.00. LEWIS BALDWIN MEADOWS Almost nn acre of woorled Ian with Ihreo bedroom brick hous Brand new and ready to move, in now. l',a hnths. kitchen vvl Modern Maid range, carpeted H Ing room, cnrnori nil (I storage, $lt 800,00. JUNEWAY TERRACE Turn norlh on Jurteway Tcrrai off Ash Street for this new thri iHjdroom brick homo. Central a carpeted, beautifully panelled k clicn family room, \\'i baths, cnr carport, lots of Insldo nnrt oil side slorngn, finished y«rd lnrj;c lot, f|lilcl neighborhood:. $29 250.00. LAKE HOME frtiml for permanent homo wl fishing and swimming almost your own front yard. Only twc m l n u l f s drive from Fnyeitcvllle b e a u t i f u l Ucnv-0-Rnmn Park. Tu bedrooms, balh, Inrjlo panelled 11 Inn ronm, Inrgo kllchcn fo dlnln nrca with electric stovo rnd r frifferntor, carpeted, deck, lar shncly lot. Priced at only 512,5(10.' !01 North Or CBS 2 Blocks Welt of Hr.lTilay Inn Knyotlovillc, Arkar.val (collect) 10J.J7 (collocl) MO.J 1 78fi.3( Nltfti: M. If. .Isokton Ile'on Jnokion John Cnrrtonlor Kllen C«rpent«r , MI8.1 THIS ONBI 0|M» lo V verr-lly, Ttvn borlroom linui« ivllli knn l n o hiiln-!n cnbtnnl*. 1'olnl nrlct 1473 tvtnlniN Sal* Acres on lvem*nt -- 1 biitrm "o nccdi work -- · Told Prloj eoc. 0 Avros Alioui 2U mln Knyetlc. lo -- Sprln«« -- Vnllty «nil hllti Btono homo, «* T«nint , lisa (Needs work) WxBO' Burn -:s thin »280. p«r «ort. Acrcn -- Ltvel -- 2 Ixidrm n- vt «tono houie -- Don. DlrJnt -- vino -- Brtikfist nm -- W«ll- ·II c»rpol» -- .it f r u i t tr«» « s old, Well fencd »nd vroM, nood. Perftct ««l-up for con, nt»d llvhd, Heal Estate 01 'N,'Collide;.". 521-7218 WB HAVa OTilERB. Wl Advertise Only Exclusive LUllnis SaU O Uinxjtn houn W own«r, iirci loomr, lrnlin, new orMl, ntw pilnl, e lol Wtjlr.ilwi. J'hcmj Mi-KM . . , ::ar ^JirAifo. non-fiei, 1'A bntlu I wo*l(d loll. »19,OW, U'tWlt. · llowiiy, 5 room, 3 ntlu, ulllKx* 1 MOOM «:,lor home In rrnlrlt p;ov». eft 'J Mi. iM.m tcinii can b* irrtnui Ftionl «7,KJ-JSM, Qrlnby, KlllffJtl. FOR SALE Consider Th«« V«lu«ij . N«r UofA and «'·)* iiohols' .4 br,, 2 bsllu, fenced yard In (Mr, Priced to «ell. , '," ,,V : ; : t .lolsi Southwell il»5(M In Rolling 1 IJKO. . ity, J, D. U Y««m RBALTO Phone 442.2 . , , 27*1} Center Mrtct HELEN HELP US Nice Girl Feels She's Losing Out By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Ullilll»l!l!!illliJ!lllilkillll!l|ll!!l!ini BAP! ',' · , ' . ' · , ' · / ' ; '.''. ·' ·/'Bo a rilco lllllq girl ami I'll buy yo4,som! bubblo jjurn." "Do nlco al tho dontfal's and h e l l tllvO;yoii a balloon." flo. nlco,In school and got good' grades and you'll got, that Mfiw rlfrtaa " · Nertriwetf Arkonw.* TIMES, Thuri., Aug. 19, 1972 AHKAKtAt .'- "t now "Go out wllh Hint nlcq hoy and you'll got lo woar your,s£W " · ' uny Ede ( I d l e Ho Eden _in 0tm6yer P»ul DivU 443-57J1 (21-2083 443-2113 Iroony. 114 'b'slM, -flrtl Ins, klch«n/d!n|njf com' INCOME PROPERTY er home looted on School ct, Apartment! leaned (or fall, onod C-2. $18,000. , SCHULTZ TAYLOR 'ropetty Miniftmtnt 29 Ea«t C«nt»r 521-2717 Three . pjice, bullllni, binitlpn. " Over .'l,3pp"*i''fir oTlTvjni'i ·'····'·p'Hon*'-"'- crry Schultz 442.8S23 Phil Taylor 521-2564 .$2J,5pO ; : 4 AOnun wllh 3 Ixdroom houe »na b.Ui wah vrAiKet and dr'er hookup «nd i b«rn locAicd between J E!prrn|deii K.j.|U«v|][|. 114,900, ,'Ho wasn't no nice? Oh well, keen on · being nlco yourself and you'll rincTtho right guy." All my Ufo I've had tills "be nlM : junk handed to mo. They ew'U Tnva "nice «lrl" every- Ul n*,,Wlll turn out just great. . Well, rnaybo It works with bubble Bum and balloons, but wo would appreciate a contribution Instead lo your ·fuvorile charity or cause BO thai, because of our marlago, life for others may be a lilllc boiler. Peace." · Prelty neat, huh? -- Impressed Dear Impressed: We're Impressed,; loo. (But somehow, we doubt iha^ this will slart a trend; too many people still "glvo a hool about Iho loot,") -- Helen and Sue COUNTRY ESTATE pacloUl, contemporary 3 bcdroocn, bath home on 1 acre. Fully car- Mod with centMl he«t »nd air, (any extrx not usually found in ic modern home. REMODELED bedroom home 'in Ilk* new con- Itlon. On oycrfilze lot. A lot of vlng space for. the Jow -price, inmedlau poweuton.' Hoggard Blackston 117 ACRES - . ; ; . · : T Room itone home with modern kltohen «nd bath. Oooa well, Cen- tr«l heat, 3 pondi. Near Ml. Oiy. ler. 7/10 mil* from.Ht, 71, »39,6«, Term* «vallsm«, Wmitow. Phon» 634-3105 BY ONVNER Urjta t bidrMffl, 9 full balhi, 1 yesr bid. On · targe tot In nice area close Id School N.H. FirepEtCf, Una deck end lols of txlrai owner lnvwr sna mutt nil, Call lor ippolnlrhMI, 8 u.m. to B p.m. Phona 443-4624 Tom Taylor 'aagy Bluoktton ob .Blackaton . O. 442-5871 ·7S1--2118 A uniciue lolling for thla »ltracttv(! vhite briolt home, 3 bmroomi, ,2 Utility find tOr«X« tObnla. i oaf- lortt «nd 1 lioHige. Sot-tened in ront porch tho thtlr* width ef louse. r(*w earp«t in living room, plu» other ctrtiettn*. C«ntr»l he«t. An a«r» of BMUHtul UnaieapM «rd next to a Targe bluff, McK lower garden, ilowerlni »M *nd earlhs fruit t«es«, ifirubjt, well sodded blue BUM lnwn, AH biena- d to make ft one of ih »f»tt(Mt pots «round. The prlo« IK $11,980, )rlve down arid look, you'll llkt NEWLIN REALTY CO. Weit ICork. Ark. FOR SALE 9 Ranch Drive . S Bedrtiojyis, t bath*, living and dining room with fireplace, shsg carpet throughout, Modern kitchen. Landsospod corner lot, Low.SOt, 442-84S7'after 7 p.m. 8h«wn by Appointment Only ' White D O B » Xtidtrinlp Of ^d» 1 I WITHIN HOPPING DISTANCE TO UofA The perfect, Iflottlon, four bedrooms, ' two bathi, n*w ehef car. boys Isn't tho same as Handrlhls good kid a candy bar," . , I'm "nlco" and I get hurt, Tho folia; end up saying "You ore too/nlco." In other wotd«, Tm bored with you." I tried being nlco In another way to the boy I really (ell (or. but he Just t)80l me and now he's with a loudmouth who probably novor , earned anything for being "nlco." So send this "swocl thing" a Wg bouquet of roses. For a nooby prizol She sure found out "nice girln don't winl" -Swearing Oft Dear S.fJ.: I'll bet Ihere isn't a basically "nice," gdod-hcarled (therefore somewhat easily- duped) person In the ivorld who at some time or other hasn't mourned, "Nice guys don't, win!" -- and resolved to get tougher. · But they seldom join the "black hats" because t h e y aren't built that wy and, though you won't believe It now, they usually come out winners in (he long run, . . . .That Is, if they aren't nii8hovor«, · but learn to be se- loetlve. -Helen Swearing Off: . . .Especially if they aren't pushovers and learn to be selective! ' ' . : · : · , · Don't change thb.woy you are, Just be careful In choosing your Mends: "Nice guys" sometimes get hurt because they're attract- ca to ','nbt-so-nice guys," who use them. .Smarten up but don't be bitter. -- Sue Dear Helen and Sue: Hooruh for "Rcapeolable Pa rents" who learned from their kids that pot Isn't harmful am arc for legalization, While I was in Panama for 18 months, 1 smoked grass al day, every day, with no bad effects. . . . · · Believe me, If everyone In thi world would have a Joint be foro going about dally tasks there wouldn't bo a war to pro test, ·· . · · In addition, Helen and Sue have you ever stopped to as! yourselves what the Indians ha In those peace pipes while tho wore trying to gain freedom andjieace from the white man -- For it Dear For It: Your last question Isn' Eisele Asked To Modify Some Jail Standards ·'LITTLE ROCK (AP) - U,8, District Court Judge G, Thomas Elselc was asked Tuesday to modify some of his ordera ro- g a r d l n g the constitutional standards of the Pulaskl County Jail. ' County Judge Frank Maokey. ihorlff- Monroe Love and Jail lupti 0. A. Allen filed the mo lion with Eisolo. Inmalp plaintiffs In the case filed a request for additional relief. ' The 'request oulllnec! various: ways Iho defendants allegedly, are not obeying Blsole's orders. ' · . Elsole declared -, Iho Jail un constllutlonal last year, · The defendants argued thai they had modified some of Els olcs orders out of necessity nut Elselc' said they could no modify his. orders without -his permission. . The defendants ly the best recommendation (01 pot. W h i l e tho .Indians-go peaceful their country g o ''took!" - Sue Dear For It: I don't think much of you noxt-to-tho-last sentence olthor If everyone 'were constantly stoned the world might go u in smoke, Drifting smoke, tha is. -- Helen wcro IflId lo fllo motions !y 'ucsdiiy concerning tho modi- 1 Icatlons thoy sought,, ;'.; Eisolo Is to hold A licaHiiK' ator this month on why all or 1 ;, omo of Iho dofeiKlanls should lot bo held In contempt of court for falltiie to carry out Is orders. In their motion Tucsdoyvlho dcfondanls asked IhrU F,lselo modify hl» order concerning Iho number of free-world personnel/ necessary at tha jail anil his order lhal "no outgoing mall of detainees Is lo bo read or In-; Bpecled In any mannor," Medali Struck · AUCKLAND, N,Z, (AP) ~ Wedals commemorating Hie", murder by Maoris of French^ explorer Marlon dit Fresno on Juno 12, 1772, are being struck jy the Auckland Numismatic Society. Du Fresnc and some of his crew were killed In the Bay of Islands for Infringing sac rod Maori rites and undermining Iho power of local chiefs. mrdals--10 gold, 200 silver and 300 copper--depict j.Tho Du Fresno's murder, and his two ships, Mascarlna 'and the Marquis do Castries. ADVE IVTf BEMENT-Don't Scratch That Itch! USE ITCH-ME-NOT- IN JUOT IS MINUTES, if th« itch needi icrttchlni, your SOo back at any drug counttr. Qutck-rlry- Ing ITCH-MK-NOT quiets Itoh In. mtnutet; kiln germs to .speed healing. Fine for -eczema, Ins tot bites, foot Itch , other lu'rfac* nuhei. NOW. nt all drug counter*. pet, ittn MIGHTY MITE Cozy two bedroom home only eight yeara old on one acre of level a inside city, "you. can't hardly these no more." $12,OOC:oo. LAZENBY Real Estate Company 1015 N. Colle(|» - 521-6700 Col. Art McAn«W«y [.osier Davis 'cn Lazerra Bill Lazenby 391-265* 521-1-H! New 3 Bedroom Homes located jn Fciyet)evil!e and Sprlngdclle Harrison Davis Builders 524-4883 FOR SALE By Owner Like new brick and frame, 3 bsd- toorn house In nice neighborhood for children. Large yard. S17.000, Call 267-3864 VBIIY large a-roftm boUss on over li acre hillside 161. fenced. S360 late feet livlnn space. Large /rent porch. larg« ilindeck In rear. Carpeted 1 , 524,900, Greenland. 5211522, COUNTRY CORNER 10 ACRES 40.000 broilers, 3J Acres In nra«'« 3 bedroom home, Wells, ponds city water and natural gas. No bitter soiuni 20 ACRES 3 Bedroom homft, barn, corrals grass,, water. All you h«ve to add In tho cBltlo. Fayellevllle school! and telephone. 235 ACRES f»,000 brollon In flood houses. Fins home, crecK, Well! «nd »tock pontis Just right? Call the ranch hand Vern Tlcevw buy or sell. 52I.I3C4, nitcs 521. Baker- Freeman 1618 N, C6ll« 0 e 521-1300 laroe to b« dinlngroorri, «ppr«:i»led, be SCHULTZ TAYLOR troperly Management SpecIalUt* 29 East Center 521-2717 Kerry SchuUz Phil Taylor 521-2964 Dfttr Hani Here's a new thing In wedding armotmcenicrits. These two doivt Blve'a Hoot about glftsl we jusl received an Invitation to the wedding of a college friend. Enclosed was a little engraved card which read: "There are millions of poor who are cold and hungry and there are so many inequalities that this makes us .aware of our riches, Therefore,- if -you had planned to jjlve .us a gift, IMMACULATE . ; · ; Th*e« )}*dr60rri *fl6)t Vifleer. with Centwl Mt»t te Ait, B«wlhg noem. Attached ' Oarage, l«r|« fenced yard with outside building. Piutrl carpeting throughout, beauttiul paneling. Paved street BullUn OVerUI, (able top range, Disposal, Deluxe living at down t6 price -- 518.SOO.W. IAZENBY E«tdtft Cempany 1015 N, C6lleg« - 521-6700 Col. Art McAnaMey Letter Davis Ken Ltienb? Bill Lizertby «2 vm NEW USTINGI ftulst, f«nycnl*nt loeMlan 6r thin 3 BA, one birch-paneled nd could b« an office, stainless steel oven and f»nje In oh^eriul kitchen, And all for only $lfi,50b. To iee, Call Paulino McKinney ot 511-1300 or nltei -at 621'IfHft, Baker- Freeinan 161$ N, ColUjs 52M300 REAL RARITY Fonr Bedroom Brlolc. ono fc on6 hnlf bA hs, completely rcaccoi»t4 t | IriiWii, l»r«« atlnoned jurigo norlh «* * vc LAZENBY Raal Estate Company 1615 N. Colliflt - 521-6700 Col, Art MoAiwmy L6i)t«r DAvl, Ken I^zcnby Dill Lf!4nb/ flil-MU ^ll-m 42.«S« 42.H3» UNIQUE CONTEMPORARY Architect 'designed Iwo I«V»I ton- IMIlMnr/', rartnr find itMVt t[Mt, slluAIM On KocAtA lot wllh trjAfrlH* cent view, jrtvet private HfJtl wilt ot sisilium l-'inl level lim iari» living roatn StfllK native slona fire-, place, dining room, large masl£f bedroom, bnix, ml W I I H llu»h carptl, Inp, Indlrccl HsliMnfT, floor lo ceil* Jnlt wlndQws, custom draplt, opin BcJm celllnits, deluxe carpelcd kll- chBn Wllh BllnltAlt gleet a^lrAnc-69, Second livcl HAS 2 carpeted b«d' rooms, study or den tvllh prlvalQ pnlrflncc, large family roorn wllh llitpFacc, flAd bar, Intercorf) a n d rn- terimnrninl unll, tile tliatl,. halh With Ihowtr, larcc iilinty rCOm wllll UUlllln cabtncM, pallo. larlte frncM hick yard, ccnlfnl heAl ani »lr, 3 car cjrporl. fMrn bo«uj, In all w e a l h f t r |Vol! Immcdlaie occilftancy, prlcetl n n H e r FO. Phone ownalr 412-317B A GOOD OFFER In what this ovVflef Is lOokliiK /or on this 2 bedroom tt Urjfa den or 3 Uerlroom lioui« on Ml. Senuoyiti -- Mi b«lh -- IM- MBDIATB POSSE3SIOJ--very lltlla yard mowing became of tho beautiful {round cover nnrt Inrec trees -- PANORAMIC VIEW -- LISTED AT ONLY $10.000. Cell 141.4313 for appointment, POTBAST REAITY CO. 443*4316 IN WEST FOUK down to . buyer. Strtol IA b« r»v«4. prlc. iin*M ndi ilylM to ohaoM from, 1 bUcVi toutri ol High School. GARLAND SMITH UI4M3 '5000°° REWARD Will b» paid for Information Uodlng lo th« orreit and conviction of the ptrien er persom reiponilbl* for tampirlng with Arltantai Wc»t*rn Gas Company'* Natural Got pipeline or dlitributlon facilities, Informants wiihlng to remain anonymous may call any local law enforcement official er Arkanwi W«itern Gas Company or writ* P.O. Bex 4218 In Fayetteville, give a numbir made up by 1h«m which will be known only to the Informant and the person they give It to and an address cir phone number where they can be contacted. If after investigation, the facts supplied by the Informant lead to the arrest and conviction, the Informant may then receive the money by disclosing the number known only to him and the proper officials, Arrangements will bs glv» the money in such a way se the Informant may still remain anonymous. · . Arkansas Western Gas Company Going Away To Co eg e?^ THEN YOU SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SPECIAL OFFER OF THE NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES: 9-MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION POSTAGE PAID Anywhere in U.S.A. (R«g. $18.00 Value) You Save $3.00 Gel (he Back»io*(ollege Special N O W . . . THE NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES V/ILL BE STARTED ON THE DATE YOU SPECIFY . . . Jutt Ilk* a dally lerUr from n»mt ~ ntw* about Ihs peoplo onri hnpMnlngi In end around r^y»tt«vlll* a n d Washlngron County -- th* «M hbmetown. 0« «V«ry IMU* of the TIMIS iw 9 month* for only $15.00. Sptctal Offer Oocd Until S»pt*mli«r 30, 1972 THE NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES P, D. Drawer "D" Fayeltsvillo, Ark, '/2701 Send Ths TIMES At Your Spocidl Collage Rale of $15.00 for 9 Months Starting ...f. · · · · Nome . ...I.,.,.-. ,.!.,. - . . . . . . . Addrrjss .,-.-.,. .-.,.t r.t -.-.'.t. . . . City ,.-.,. -, T . .,-,. -,T ...T. r . T , , *, .... . T ..... T , . Check or Mortey Order Enclosed Notice: All Moil Subscriptions Must Be Paid In Advance ,

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