The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1957 · Page 18
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 18

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1957
Page 18
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dltptJeHes Bf th* g in* mm m aptffe t ttttpt «*0atth Ig ffSto • rW«l oJtfcaBS tbtn* CAMELS |RK —/W-» Ai yoli fftsdWiy ohW WeK ! th* first straftgei* farther, th* lighted marfluee of MadlMn Stuart GiM$j««iei into view, tft ffle same i^Mlettefs that haft *»« flghti and «tf» . « 7:3« . f . Ktiy •ew York ttusad*.. • « ill seats long Una Wait* not yet 1 pjn. but t ^already stands out- f pun entrance* Ho tis- .... tffeeded to get IB. 1 AI- though'«tn« sections ate M-' tat chtirch-sbwuKtfed «, at least hattofthe iMOOttttfa are held otieft each night ft* people who Just walk in. A« ih* well-mannered crowd moves inUde, you notice that th* Garden has undergone a few subtle transformations. Strips of cardboard cover the beer tigns. A Bible shop hat been set up in a checkroom. At the west end of (he Garden if a hig platform, about 10 feet above the arena floor. Decorated with potted plant*, it 1* furnished with chairs, an electric organ and a piano. On a harrow promontory extending from the front of the platform, surrounded by a wrought iron fence, is the mahogany pulpit. From the front of the pulpit - • "-1 first row of folding ia • 300-foot space — room for several hundred people to stand. The rows of chairs are divided by aisle*. sections are marked reserved for eoun< ministers, for the blind, for the deaf to whom the sermon is translated by an expert In sign language. Ho One Smokes No one tells you not to smoke, but you sense that it wouldn't be appropriate. And aa you look around the fast- filling auditorium, you notice there la remarkable unanimity ~n this conclusion. Throughout the two hours you Garden, you will single match-flame in the distant, darkened bal- ' BEETLE BAH.ETZ WSSSti* INTO CIHTRAL PARK Tf ' "la my oplaloia" ta)ri SecreUufy ' »f Defaaaa "tte Ltaatitl dec* Us epkillable. The best the Armed Might *f the U.S.A. east 4« U eoatata the moniter bk : Ctatral Park, aa4 starve U tn with signs selors, for CD/ ABNEB turn to page M. The choir — 800 woman in white ahirts, swells out in fa- mils*, worda of "Blessed Assur- Barrowa gently coaxes you to Join In. I you sooo Ihe whole crowd is lag. Familiar 0errice Two man hymns ... a prayer by a local minister ... a BOOAftT "DAAK PASSAGE" W*TCH •la •BOW Writer Attends Mating Of Qraham's NY You also wfll listen in vain for coughing, whispering, throat-clearing and chair-scraping that usually go with a big crowd. The**) people have come to witnetSf or perhaps to experience, religious conversion, and they am waiting ... some reverently, some curiously, an quietly and expectantly. .There is a paper-bound "crusade hymnal' 1 en your seat, and promptly at 7:30 choir director Cliff Barrows tells you to men in and sing- tfy strtt,.. the Scripture is read" [ ftftgUfth clergyman . . . offering u taken up in eaftSboard lee buckets. - itt the «ervie% hat been Sejrt for the sheer site of SnOir *DQ CfHi grfiJi^ tf Oft***jitgt «hat ymi'd find in any Baptist cfturch on Sunday mofningi , You have been waiting for Gfaha* Id make a dramatic- eft* .Btrt now you »] """i on the pi , In the prelliHlftar- • ww everyone else. .".:'^; . At 0:10 JWrii without fanfare W introtfucttiott, he gets up and waUtt Quietly to the pulpit, He Is, as advertised, a hi«d- *6m* matt, with hawMlMlSa- tttfe* «nd wavy blond hatf thai En&1te§ hint look y6unge^ tHah Ul* Mjreir*. HU suit U Well- perfectly pressed. _je hold* a limp-back Bible In hi* len hand and from it he rtad* his text iit'a loud, cleat voice that never reaches a shout A portable microphone hidden In his tie clasp came* his v^ic* to the loudspeaker sys- ttovea Aefott Platttf m TStt move* back and forth aeros* the platform as he talks, 8* gesture* frequently ad vividly ... you count 23 different hand movements in the (pace of oae minute. ~ •• The message, tonight as al- wayt, is the Christian plan of salvation, as Graham reads it id his Bible. . . unadorned— rnddc^H "We irt ill linnets." he declares again «fid again. Abundantly documenting this fast ire examples of the pride, lust, selfishness, greed and worldll- ne»* which infect the lives of all men . . even the pious "Including the speaker." .And "the wages of sin U death." Graham does not invoke the image of everlasting lire, but neither do*» he put lightly over the doctrine of final judgment the "Sentence of eternal death* which await* the unrepentant sinner. at*** latltallon Now the evangelist U Inviting you to make yout "decision for Christ tonight... haw "before you l«av« the building." The choif Begin* to sif ' ly. It is the old revival "Jfuat as I —" ftea." Fof Afound 80 Lake Methodist Men got up early enough l*at Sunday to attend t brfeakfaft at tne church be- nhttg at 7 a«. fh* event, which is the first of three such breakfasts planned fof the year, Waft Sponsored bf the Men's Bible class and Wit served without charge. Speaker was Rev, Gsrnett ft. House, pastor of first Methodist Church at Ssy City. He talked on whit the church his available to offer. Dating the program. Bill Butk* expressed appreciation fof the work done by the church'* two ministers, Rev. Basil Jones and Associate Pas- Sermon Subjects £13 Told For Sunday am> an excruciatingly long mUute, it «««nu that thli time, ho one i> coming forward. Then a teen-age boy walki forward, sobbing quietly. An elderly man with gleaming bald head cottet from the side. There is a smartly dressed wo< inafi in a mink stole . . . and a platinum blonde who could be a showgirl a tough- looking kid in a leather jacket and ducktail haircut, , a boy and girl holding hands . . now they are coming by fives and tens ... too many to count . , It is a deeply moving sight. <H.jct — is ih»N«» York "cm- sad* a sueem.) Free port Supermarket Has Pope As Operator Jess* fops, former assistant) manager of the Brazosportj Henke Store, is the new oper. ator of the Freeport Supermarket. The store wa* former!'. known as Tipton's Superma - ket, and was bought last mo:u.i from th* former owner, Leland L Tipton. The store i* located at 3M Broad Street in Freeport. Since taking over the store, Pope has carried out a remodeling program that include* new ice cream cases and new refrigerated produce Pope waa with r store* for two and a '• Originally from Tur his came to Brazosp:. attd has with worked thi Dow. He Is a racks. • Henkei " years.! . Tex, i 1948, 3 yrars! veteran,' wifk two years' service in the: Marine*. He and his wife Ruby, who works for Dow, live at 808 Azalea in Lake Jackson. Th*y Eighty Lake Jackson Methodists Attend Early Morning Breakfast mews thu **»*, w». Lucille t fed A vocal tolo and pahied by Ai Duftt. Hulon Km* was Rev. i£. ft. Freeland of the Gulf Priairie Presbyterian Church has announced the serntoh topics for both serv- ses this coming Sunday. the text of the Sunday morning talk will be taken from Act* 26:19 End will be entitled The Whole Gospel Warning." The evening sermon, taken from Matthew/ will be "Prayer Changes Things." t. O'KWf*. «*« .._ prepared *nd ierv** tflWK* Ot supervision of Rurus 1 with Vine* HoiaBfl if coo* *nd Red Ba*ief ifig. G. a crist wit is ttaH* of cleanup and Shep MettttWu , «f SB was publicity th W. d. Gfeeon i* the class. tm *y* . Cafta. - ft*. State Policeman GedMe mi. selis called th* "fort" Whtie chasing a ttolen ear. In hli radio report relating the efetts he Mid: "H*T1 «.urn ove* 1»* fore .we catch Mm* A IK* minute* later Balitll* maul* ed: "He flipped." Th« flcfM boy* were escapae* fre+ft IR» Merlden School fo* Seyt, TOf weren't hurt. T A Milwaukeean told a dU vorce court judge hit spent $200 for repairs to chair which originally only 37 cent* Wt always <«d ray, it isn't the original fettt but the upkeep. TELEVISION LOG KPBC-f ChtAael »—KOtJL-TV ChanjWl 11 rtBH-TV Channel 1»—KUHT-TV Chaaael t have one chfld, IS-moatb-old David. Two Get Star Scout Rank In Lake Court Of Honor Five advancements In and 10 merit badges were presented in ths Boy Scout Troop 311 Court of Honor held at Christ Lutneran Church in Lake Jackson recently. Two Star Scout awards were presented to Roger Sumlln, the Senior Patrol Leader, and to Charles Bteftler, Troop Librarian. Second class scout awards were presented to A. C. Wiley, Butch Smith, and Rickey Rohbins, Theae awards rank the scouts wfll be recorded. It will remain with the troop as a permanent record. Eighteen members et Troop 311 will be attandlnf the second summer at Karankawa near Wast Colum- Jime 13. These under me guid. bis through boys wut oe ance of adult leaders. B. C Giew Jr.. scoutmaster, and Morris Springer, poet adviser. In attendance for the week Indicate that the boys have of outdoor activities and eraft- taken their first advancement! manshlp lessons will be Roger In scouting. no Court merit merit awarded nine ed to Berry badge*. Firemanihip badge* were preaentedj to Robert Killan, Roger Sum-! lin. George Smith, Roy Patin! and Roddy Berry. Public speaking badges were award- George Smith, Roddy and Roy Patin. Berry waa also given a reading merit badge. The Court of Honor Included Roy Patin ST., Billy Berry, L. H, Sumlln and Bob New. ton, who are all registered Kouten of this troop. Representing the sponsoring institution, Christ Lutheran Church, were X. t. Ludwig, Bob lamest, and C. R, Frederick. An "honor log" was introduced at the meeting in which any advancement in rank of Sumlln, Robert KUian, Roy Patin, George Smith, Bruce Steffler. Charles Stefflar. Rod. dy Berry, Ricky Bobbins, Donnie Sellers, Tommy SeL len. Robert KHett, Wayne Standard. Fred Krenske. Butch Smith, Brad WUHans/ Dbert Shelton, Sklppy Springer and Brian Walters. 9FrwportBoy$ At Karankawa A weak of fun with plenty of outdoor actlvjtiM 1| now being enjoyed by nine mem- ban of Boy Scout Troop 441 of the First Baptist Church of Freeport, under the adult supervision of L. B. Brown. The bgys checked into Camp Karankawa, near West Col- umbla r Sunday and we now swimming, cjnoeinft rowing, and enjoying athtr Scouting skills. ^ In attendapee at tea camp are Edward Robarson, Sonny Pool, Wallace Murrell. George FAnk Abjhlar, Ton. County Girls Study At WJC Three Weet Columbians axe among the eighty-two students enrolled in the first summer school leaalnn at the Whaiton County Junto* Col. lege in Wharton. Attending this session will be Christine Smith, Ann Baugh and Nan Baugh. During the coming period, course* will be offered in mathematics, Eog- lUh, history, government snd economics. Naturalised dUMBa of the United States are entitled to all privileges except that ot becoming president. WAUT-AQS W/V6-HOME BACON mi. flMMBiWf * iWWrT pRiVwl %s *W, jjt WEDNESDAY 4:00 (2) Star Performance (13) Kltirik'* Party 4:30 (2) Looney Town (8) Mathematics Ul) I Led 3 Lives 5:00 (2) Roy Rogers (8) To Be Announced (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 <8> To Be Announced (11) Sports tt Weather 5:43 <8> Frontier To Space 8:00 <2) World At Large (8) The Friendly Giant (11) My LAtle Margie U3) T. V. News 6:10 (2) Today In Sports (13) Weathergal «;!» U) Channel 2 Newsreel (13) John Daly and the News (8) Magic Doorways 6:2$ (2) Weathercast 6:30 (2> Helen O'Connell (8) To Be Announced Ul) Spike Jones (13) Disneyland 6:45 <2> NBC News 7:00 (2) Kraft Theatre (8) Featurette (11) The Millionaire 1 JO <8> Geography of Conflict (U) I've Got a Secret (13) Navy Log •:00 (2) This Is Your Ufe (8) Kuht Fourth Anniversary (11) 20th Century Fox U3> Wednesday Night Fights 8:30 (2) Stage Seven 8:45 (13) Morris Frank Show 9:00 (2) Masquerade Party (B) Great Idttas (11) Arthur Godfrey Show (13) Orzie and Harriet 9:30 <2> Father Knows Best <8> Frontier To Space (13) Ford Theatre Show 9:45 <8i Sign Off 0:00 (2) Science Fiction (11) The Tracer (13) Movietlme U. 8. A. 0:30 < 2) Final Edition News (11) Late Show 0:40 (2) Weathercast 0:45 <2> Mann About Sports 1:00 (2) Tonight 1:51 (13) Late News 13:00 (2) Sign Oft (13) Sign Off 1:35 (11) News HeadUnea 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn THURSDAY 8:25 (11) Morning Hymn 6:30 (2) George Roetner • (11) Rural Reveille 8:45 (2) George Roetner 6:55 (11) Island Headline* (13) Sign On, Anthem, Prayer • 7:00 (2) Today , (11) Captain Kangaroo (13) Sountrack 7:25 (2) Today's Weather ,,. 7:30 (2) Today (8) Life Sciences 7:45 (11) 11 Video Lane 7:55 (2) Today In Houston (11) News 8:00 (2) Home (11) Garry Moore Show 8:15 (8) Industry On Parade 8:30 (2) Home (8) The Sculpture . (11) Arthur Godfrey Tim* 8:35 (2) Window in Hems. 8:00 (3) The Price la Rttnt (8) Man and the Ana, (11) Strike It Bich 9:30 (2) Truth or Cons*- - quences (11) Romper Room 9:45 (8) Sign Off 10:00 (2) Tic Tac Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (11) Love of Ufa . 10:30 (2) It Could Be yearn) Search For To- -'• morrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 10:43 (11) Guiding Light 11:00 (2) MovUJData , : (11) Amos *n Andy -V- 11:30 (11) Aa The World Turn* 12:00 (11) Our Miss Brooks- • (13) Tumbleweed Tim* 12:30 (2) Tennessee bale 1:00 (2) NBC Matinee Theatre . (11) The Big Payoff (13) Afternoon Film ' Festival •''" 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby 2:00 (3) Quean For A Day,(11) Brighter Day . 3:15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night '" (13) Action Calvacaa* 2:45 (2) Modem Romanaaa 3:00 (2) Comedy Tim* (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Winners Circle (II) Kraxy Xat Theatre VOTE FOR Q. L. "Mac" McKay candidate for CANAL COMMISSIONIR Bruoa River Harbor Navigation DiBtriot JULY 6 1. Z will work for another railroad to port. 2. 1 will work for & freak water supply, thereby having water for new industry. 3. Z thai! fight for equal freight rate* abolish discriminationa against oar port 4. Z would work toward building another road to the harbor thereby relieving heavy trucking traffic in Freeport, 5. I am heartily in favor of expaniiott of the port, both present and future, 9, Z will work in harmony with oth« uUaaioaera for the b«ttemwnt Navigation Diitrict. VQTS ANZt W* Tiff wMWi 4wpij|HKP *•«& ."> J 'U

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